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2012-03-10 - My mind control story clean up project continues, here is another new one that I originally wrote for my friend Jo years ago: Mystic Valley. It's a little less mean than most of my ff stories, but I had fun with it and I hope you enjoy it as well.

2012-02-19 - Another longer mind control story this week. It started as one of my Deirdre stories, but I wanted go a little further, so I stretched out the naughty bits and ran it up to six thousand words. Be forewarned, many who like my regular material may be turned off by this one. It's an md mf mm story, so not exactly my normal territory to be working in. Here it is, titled Gift.

2012-02-12 - This time I've added a longer mind control story, titled Pain Management.

2011-12-03 - Two more stories are tidied and posted for your perusal: Draw and Purpose.

2011-10-07 - I continue to work through those old Deirdre tribute stories, here is Fascination.

2011-10-01 - Another quick update. Here is the ~25,000 word story I posted previously to ffcalliope's yahoo group. It's not going to be for everyone, as it focuses on that group's theme. The group is defunct now, as the creator has overcome his interest in the fetish through therapy (wtf? really? does that mean I need therapy too, lol?), but if I was going to sum it up I'd say it was mostly about men and women being inexorably drawn into fatal sexual traps of mostly evil women (big surprise that I was able to enjoy some of them). The death thing wasn't really my cup of tea, but the helplessness and evil women, along with the element of humiliation present in the "I can't believe I can't stop sniffing this evil bitch's perfect pussy" did work for me just fine. Long story short, I wrote a long story for the group, featuring plenty of smothering, mind control, humiliation and such (albeit, on the nastier side) which is now up here: Chamber of the Goddess. It's so long that I broke it apart into chapters, and direct links to the 12 chapters are here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve.

2011-09-28 - Back again, I'm posting some stories, old and new. Today added another one of my old Deirdre tribute stories, Tattoo.

2009-10-29 - I'm still working through a pile of stories and tidying them up here and there as I find time. For tonight, I've posted Pair, another of my unreleased Deirdre tribute stories from a few years ago.

2009-10-27 - Thanks to the readers who pointed out that my giant story at Traps-n-Perils had screwed up formatting in the text files. If you tried to read the story and found it a mess, try again now, the files should be fixed.

2009-10-21 - I'm tidying up a couple of MC stories I wrote years ago but never posted, along with a couple of FS stories that have similarly languished. For now, I've posted a ~25,000 word story to this unusual little yahoo story group called Traps-n-Perils. Traps-n-Perils is described on the front page by its creator like this:

This group contains hundreds of stories, written in a shared universe, involving many fetishes. The common themes are death, smothering, smell and humiliation.

These are stories where the bad girls usually win. Many are fem on fem stories, but there are also plenty of stories with male victims.

Hmmm, the bad girl usually wins, lots of panty/pussy sniffing, facesitting, and humiliation . . . if any of that sounds like bag, baby, then head over there and take a look. The recurring theme of helpless, humiliating need driving hapless victims to an extremely pleasurable destruction is pretty entertaining, IMO.

So, as I'd enjoyed that group's creator's (ffcalliope) stories over the years (thanks again to my most favorite Internet person for sending me there in the first place) I decided that I ought to contribute. So if you head over there you'll find a 25,000 word, 12 part story I recently contributed, along with some pretty hot stories if you're into the sort of stuff I've described. After I figure out a name I can stand I'll probably eventually getting around to posting that story here as well at some point. It's got bits of both mind control and facesitting fetish scenes, as well as a touch of humiliation here and there. ;)

October 17th, 2009 - Welcome to my new web site. I'll be trying to update with a bunch of stories as time permits. Read more below, but for the impatient, here is the link to a "new" story: Slope.

Be patient with me, I put up that note that I was going to be around again mostly to goad myself into finding time to tidy up some old stories I'd already written ages ago and post them here now.

The stories here will follow the sort that were usually posted under my cj pseudonym, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions will mostly consist of a small mountain of stories that I wrote as sort of a mini-tribute to Deirdre, one of my favorite authors from back when I got into this stuff on usenet in the early nineties. There was a Deirdre tribute thing going on a few years ago, and I scribbled up dozens of stories for it but just didn't have the time to push them through to completion (I know, I know, that sounds like everything I do on the web, right?)

I didn't try to write in her style, just to sort of do a half-assed amalagam of my overt nastiness and her overall format. That is, I didn't try to fully adopt her floaty, it's-all-happening-so-quickly sort of flow, but I did try to stick to relatively short length, usually 2500 - 3500 words or so and to her usual themes of discovered twisted desires. I also tried to follow what was obviously a favorite kink of Deirdre's, which if you've read her stories I'm sure you've noticed; she did love to have her character's asses see a lot of use. So don't be surprised if you find that many of the characters in these stories end up with a finger, a tongue, a penis or a toy up their butts. Finally on this subject, you'll be able to tell my mini-tribute to Deirdre stories by the fact that they're all titled with a single word, Deirdre-style.

The first story I'm posting for 2009 is one of those stories. It's called "Slope" and you can find it on the new stories page from the link on the left. I wrote it during a period where I was trying to jam out one short tribute story a day, and for a couple of months I mostly succeeded.

Also, I may post some stories I wrote, or partially wrote, for my favorite Internet person. They may be more bondage and happy-ending focused than my normal stuff, but I may throw some of them up here as well.

Of course, there will still be the usual vile and nasty assortment of forced lesbianism, facesitting, mind control and so forth ;)

So, here we go again. I'll be both posting new stories as well as gradually moving the stories from the old site to this one. This site may go through some changes as I play with the layout.

My time is even more limited than it was in the past, so I make no promises of any sort with regards to what I'll post when, or when, if ever, I'll be responding to any amount of email again.

If you're looking for the old site, you can find it in its entirety via the link at the left marked "my old site".