Daddy's In Love: Chapter 10
By Cactus and Kachina

It was past midnight when Dan awoke, still nude from the night’s earlier events. Blinking away the sleep from his eyes, it took a moment for him to realize where he was and what exactly had taken place. Then he noticed what had woken him up. On either side of him he could feel the warm, nude bodies of his two young lovers. To his left, Heather slept soundly, her soft breathing like the whisper of a little angel. To his right, however, he could hear Jennifer panting heavily, her body shaking the bed lightly. Careful not to frighten his beautiful daughter, but somewhat concerned, Dan whispered to her.

“Babygirl…are you okay?”


As his vision began to adjust to the moonlight filtered through the window, Dan could see his young daughter lying on her back; her knees bent and spread apart, both of her small hands rubbing fervently over her naked cunny. Her wetness was audible, and Dan turned to his side to face her as she slid her own body closer against his. With one hand he began to caress her inner thigh, watching intently at her lewd actions. As he examined more closely, he could see that one of her fingers was digging anxiously at the tiny hole between her bare, immature cunny lips.

“Daddy, I want my cunny filled! I want it filled so bad!”

Dan leaned closer and kissed her forehead, whispering so as not to disturb Heather, who continued to sleep at his other side.

“Your cunny is still small, babygirl. It will take some work to make it big enough to fill right.”

Jenny practically squirmed against him, her hips now grinding against his hand which had moved deeper between her spread thighs. She could feel his fingers pressing between her damp lips.

“Use your fingers, Daddy…uunnghh…please fill up my cunny!”

Without another word, Dan began to kiss and suck at Jennifer’s warm mouth, and her little tongue quickly pressed into his own. Using his middle finger, he pressed against her cunny hole. Any apprehension or worry of hurting her was lost in his intense lust and the pleading of his beautiful young lover. With a slow firmness his finger began to spread her walls, her tightness offering some resistance but her wetness more than making up for it as he wormed the finger deeper into her. As he brought his mouth from hers to take a breath, she pressed her face into his shoulder and cried out.

“Oohhhhh…make it fit, Daddy!”

Dan could feel her hot tears against his skin, but she didn’t cry or beg him to stop. His little angel wanted so badly to be filled that the growing pain between her legs meant little in the face of her desire.

Dan’s own carnal desires grew along with his darling’s, as for the first time he felt the incredible heat and tightness of her compact vagina. Unlike fingering Heather’s rectum, this was far more emotional for the man, for he knew where it was leading. Soon he and Jenny would consummate their unholy love for one another and totally cross the line of the forbidden. Dan knew that after sexual intercourse with his daughter there was only one step left. If it ever happened they would venture into the ultimate taboo. In the not too distant future, together they would go where very few incestuous loves dare enter.

He laid his head on her flat chest and gazed down the smooth plane of her tummy. The soft bluish light of the moon only further enhanced the wispy down-covered perfection of her undeveloped body. He could hear her heart beating rapidly now in anticipation when the tip of his finger nudged her hymen. Jen’s tiny fingers brushed through his hair as she coarsely whispered, “That’s it daddy...that’s my cherry, isn’t it?”

“Yes baby girl.” He answered softly, knowing it was more she had learned from the girls’ little sex club.

For a moment they lay quietly, lost in thought beside her sleeping friend. Dan could feel his lover’s pulse gently caressing the finger that sat soaking inside the superheated confines of her love-hole. He felt her lips in his hair as she pushed her boyish hips up and into his hand. Dan wanted to thumb her tiny clit but decided against it. Both of them had to concentrate solely on expanding her vagina in preparation for a cock most adults had trouble accepting fully. His eyes took in her plump, silky mons already formed enough to accept the pounding thrusts he knew she would demand. Inwardly he smiled knowing that the fruit of his loins was a child that already showed no limits toward the deviant sex he craved, and that once breached, she would live for as well.

Again she humped her skinny pelvis impatiently, crying softly. “Come on dad, rip it....please daddy, I need it in me so bad!”

His hot breath washed over her perky nipple. “No baby...not yet. First I need to stretch you open more, sweetie. You can’t possibly take my cock until I know I can get at least three in you.”
“Probably four or five daddy, as fat and long as you are down there!” she giggled nervously. “Whatever daddy, do whatever it takes to make me yours truly. know...wanna be your woman, father. Please, please make me yours!”

The loving father was more concerned with the horse-like girth of his daughter-making cock right now. Once her hole accommodated his plum-sized glans and the first inch of cartilage he could gradually feed her a couple inches at a time. Eventually he would achieve his greatest fantasy of entering her uterus. He read tales of other child lovers who described it as a cunt within a cunt and he knew that if he suggested it his love child would encourage him.

“Soon baby girl...soon.” Again he prodded at the thin tissue that proclaimed she was his. Her moans grew stronger as the walls of her cunny seeped steadily, and she braced to have her membrane sacrificed. That was to be done by the cock that made her, he decided as he pulled his finger out of her greedy hole. Now as he reentered her it was with two fingers. It was tighter than anything he had been in save his wife’s rear, yet surprisingly she was accepting it. Two fingers were about the girth of a normal man, he mused. She needs to take in four, Dan decided. Again glancing down at her frail body bathed in the moonlight he felt a desire and love like no other before. Her skinny legs were drawn up and spread obscenely apart to give him room to access her holy place. The light shimmered off the silky hairs on her legs.

“Pumpkin, daddy’s going to go slow here. I want you to get used to two and in a bit I’ll add another finger.”

Even as he could almost feel her pelvic bones beside her obscenely stretched vagina she breathlessly urged him on. “Ohhhh...more daddy! Fuck into me...I can take it daddy. I will take it...all of it!”

Heather stirred slightly. Neither father nor daughter noticed - the happenings between them now surpassed all other cares. If Linda had walked in on them now it would make no difference to them anymore. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Linda would soon become a small part of their new life together.

Dan’s heavy balls were again churning and cooking another load of fatherly semen in his sweating, hairy sack. The club-like appendage began expanding and lengthening along the silky skin of his child’s flesh and she too felt the heat of her paternal lover’s organ. Dan finger fucked his child gently, avoiding her blessed hymen and fought the temptation to thumb the darling’s clit. Her skinny hips flexed again and in so doing began a wave of contractions in her vagina as it involuntarily sucked his fingers deeper. Dan only hoped her hips would expand to take him all the way. It would probably feel like she was giving birth he thought, and found that vision thrilling. He was not going to try and enter her with a third finger. It would be easier on them both if she topped him this first time and judge for herself just how to proceed. Would the thick roll of his foreskin even pop into her once he met her virginity?

No matter how they coupled he knew his body would dwarf the diminutive preteen.

“Jenny my darling...are you ready to do this? Consummate our love?”

Her little fingers reached for his cock and she quivered inside. The massive girth and length of her fathers fuck enthralled her when she had blown him and jacked him, but now imagining it going up into her belly frightened her.

“Daddy...I want this up my cunny. In my butt too daddy, someday soon. I want to be the best lover you ever had.”

The bed shook and sagged as Dan turned over on his back with Jen in his muscular arms. He could feel her cunt hot and wet against the flesh of his belly. “Scoot back darling.” he whispered, placing his hands on the perfect flatness of her chest to guide her. She did and felt the succulent foreskin leave a trail of slimy prefuck across her boyish butt as she positioned herself. Now sitting with her pretty feet touching either side of his hips she and Dan took in the sight before them. His fingers traced the hardened tips of her teeny nipples as they soaked in the glow of taboo. The scene was surreal to the forbidden lovers as Jen in her all knowing way made it even more so. The light glistened off the special ring on her finger as her hands held the prick straight up. The tip of his cocksnout reached a point almost half way to her breasts and to both lovers it looked as if he would be close to fucking her very heart!

“Oh my god, father.....”

“Shhh....pumpkin just hold daddy straight up like your doing and get up on your knees as high as you can.”

His eyes glazed over with love as she tried to do what he commanded and even then she could not yet position herself. Not to be denied she let her strong gymnast legs take over by raising her young body up the last two inches to clear the glans. With one slender hand aiming the gristle at the partially gaping hole and her other on his abdomen for support she looked in his eyes and smiled. She so wished she could just cry out for him to impale her womb yet refrained, “Now do I go down a lil’ at a time daddy?”

“Oh god, my darling lover. I love you more than you will ever know, pumpkin.”

“More than mommy?” she husked as she lowered the steamy opening of her blossoming fuck hole onto him.

The first touch of his daughter’s wet, hot inner chamber on his foreskin brought a groan from him. This was it! This was the culmination of incest to the utmost. Full blown genital intercourse between a father and his daughter had begun.

Heather stirred and opened her eyes. It took a moment before her brain absorbed the lewd scene beside her. “Ohhh” she hissed in disbelief. Jen looked at her young friend and grinned her endearing smile.

“Uh huh, Heath’. You got up just in time. I don’t have the freeskin or the head in yet but you wanna watch up close? All the things we dreamed of with the girls is gonna come true Heather, and I’m the lucky first one of us I bet.”

Dan’s little girlfriend swallowed and nodded her head in disbelief as she maneuvered closer. She could see Dan’s balls larger than ever and what looked to be a foot of veiny muscle which her best friend was about to impale herself on. The masterful organ had marveled the child from the first time she had watched him pissing with Jenny’s help. She had also been blessed to actually fondle and suck his perfect prick and now the daughter-making flesh looked positively godly. Even her young, inexperienced mind knew that if ever there was a sex assemblage by which all others should be judged it was Dan’s! Already larger in real life than any the children had seen in porn it now looked even thicker and longer and more menacing poised just at the tiny entrance to her vagina. Close to a full foot of veiny gristle culminated in a wide hairy root as thick as her wrist. Below that lay his sack seemingly as large as a grapefruit and the two egg sized sperm-makers the leathery, wrinkled scrotum protected. She knew that even as she gazed upon the miracle that they were actually cooking and manufacturing billions of living seeds of life for his only child. And hidden under the musky mass lay her adult boyfriend’s hairy butthole and the lusty thoughts she harbored about the male orifice.

The incestuous father was in heaven. Not only was he about to finally commit the most pleasureful sin of all but he was going to have the child of strangers watch him do it.

“See all of my dads cock for my hole Heath’? It looks so in need...just like my cunny is in need of it and his yummy sperms. Watch me and help me be a good daughter.”

Dan watched in rapture as the little girl’s hand ventured forth toward the unholy coupling. Her dainty fingers coursed softly through the thick, manly pubic hair at the base of his cock meat and gently grabbed the horny stalk at the wrist-thick root. This freed up Jen’s other hand which she quickly used to reach behind her to lovingly cup and weigh the heavy bag of balls. The muscles of her thighs corded as she lowered another bit of her virgin birth hole onto the cock that brought her life. Three pairs of eyes focused on the erotic ceremony unfolding before them. The bluish moonlight lent an enchanting vision as Dan’s glans began to breech the child’s vagina. The great foreskin began to roll back as almost half of the apricot-like meatus wedged ever slow slowly into Jennifer. She bit her lip and held back a tear as the thickest section of her father awaited her next move. Heather was now even closer to the action. While still gripping the veiny root, she held her breath just knowing that soon she would probably see her little friends tummy bulge out with grownup cock. She wondered if she could get away with putting her finger or maybe even her tongue into the man’s butthole once they began the illegal fuck. Heather watched in breathless wonder as four separate streams of oily fluid began oozing slowly down the strutted cartilage. It had to be a combination of their prefuck juices. Jen’s immature cuntlet was seeping more than Heather had ever caused it too and it mingled and married with her father’s own sauce as nature herself aided the wicked mating ritual.

                                                * * * * * * *

Linda had to fight off the urge to smile around the musky slab of boy meat that was using her mouth to jack off with. The hardest part of these delinquent gang rapes, aside from the planning stage, was acting outraged and unwilling. She knew from lessons learned on her first attempt that if she didn’t at least try and resist the boys they would soon lose some of the savage brutality she craved. Men, and boys in particular, were lazy and in reality they would prefer to save their energy for fucking. The moment that happened she would lose the thrill of being physically abused. To that end she would occasionally try and force the filthy boys cock from her mouth only to be rewarded by having him grab her ears and slam his heavy balls into her chin again.

Seven sweaty hoods waited to use every orifice in her body for the next eight hours. That was three more than last time, she thought as she savored the sights and smells, and by her best guess would result in at least twenty more loads of highly potent juvenile semen. The fact that she was fertile and would be accepting multiple seedings over the night did not even enter her depraved pedo mind.

Grayson called out suddenly and her smoky eyes shifted on him and tried to focus past the thick nest of pubic hair in her face. He was lazily jacking his hog and yelled, “Ryan, hurry up and load off down the bitch’s throat you fuck! We got other things in store for the whore.”

Linda looked up at Ryan as he leered down at her and yelled out, “Sure thing boss. You heard the man Linda. Now I’m gonna choke fuck you a bit and feed you a nice hot meal.” The flecks of his spit hit her face to punctuate his command as Linda worked her throat muscles behind the heavy glans head. She reached up to cup his sweaty balls in her hands and listened to the leader’s further orders while awaiting her first dinner of the evening.

“Yo Tyler...out in the shed. Get that fucking bat...the aluminum one and see if there’s some oil or something around. We gonna see how much baseball bat she can take up her ass.”

The boys were rapidly becoming out of control and Linda shivered in anticipation. This would be the best night of her whorish life by far! It would soon get better.

Ryan began to feel his balls churning as Linda slaved away at his feet. Her once perfect makeup and lipstick were already a joke. The tears from his first stab down her throat had smeared her eye shadow and his ribbed prick had smudged her whorish lipstick from hot to clownish. He laughed as she rubbed her creamy loins together, trying to get off solo while he used her mouth-cunt. “Mmmmm.....that’s it you cock sucking slut! You fucking think you are better than us huh? Making fun of our cocks, you fuck?”

Linda looked up through watery eyes and shook her head, feigning an apology as he began to skull fuck her in earnest. With every slap of his meaty balls against her chin the moment drew closer she was hoping he would at least give her a taste of his load. The cheating, kid-loving mother dearly loved comparing the taste and texture of semen. As she felt the boy’s hands twist in her hair for the final onslaught she heard Tyler yell out behind her.

“Hey guys, I got the fucking bat and some kinda grease from the shed! I get dibs on forcing this up the MILF’s ass first, 'cause I found it!”

Ryan felt the hot vibrations of her groan at the wide base of his cock and laughed again. “Hear that bitch? Now get ready for your ass to be destroyed, but first get a finger up mine and work my prostate baby. Your about to get a nice meal of my slop.”

No sooner had she begun to carry out her command when she felt her hair being pulled. Just as her finger began to worm into his tight butt the organ flared wildly in her throat. His first jet hosed straight into her esophagus and quickly she backed it out of her throat. Ryan was too busy feeling her slender finger massaging his gland to object and she was rewarded with a second wad even thicker and with greater force than the first. This one caught her unprepared and she choked, coughing up a pearly stream through her beautiful nose. Her eyes were watering as her belly filled with hot jizz. One hand worked his husky, horny nuts while her other probed his steamy ass-tube. She was now oblivious to all the filth spewing out of his mouth as he verbally degraded her. Her eyes flashing around as she tried to sum up the sordid scenes taking place while sucking the last dregs of what would be the first of many meals of cum. Tyler walked over and sneered at her and from behind his back he produced the baseball bat and a tin of white grease. Linda felt an orgasm building up in her as the realization sunk in. With all the confidence of the delinquent he was, Tyler calmly scooped up a glob of grease and began applying it by the handful along the impossibly thick aluminum club.

She was beyond belief at how perfect this gang fuck was turning out. Ryan had finally begun to soften as she nursed on the last teaspoon of load. Her discerning taste buds compared the taste to countless other males she had digested. She was just about to tell him how rich his gift was when he hissed down at her. “Now clean your palate Linda. You must prepare for the next sample while Tyler opens your backdoor. I think you’ll enjoy the taste of this.”

She felt her first cum tear through her body and fought off fainting when the scalding hot piss began to flood her mouth. Swallowing as fast as she could she looked up in total resignation at the youth. Surely he must have read her mind. The salty stream of piss emptying down Linda's throat became too much, and with Ryan's cock still stuffed in her mouth she couldn't help but cough and choke. The urine burst from her mouth as her body heaved, soaking the adolescent's cock and thighs. Though she hated to do it, Linda had to spit the prick from her mouth. As she bent her head in a coughing fit, the still-spraying piss began to soak her hair. The boys around her laughed and jeered. Now on her hands and knees, Linda worked to catch her breath. Her panting became a sudden gasp, however, as she felt the cold metal of the baseball bat shove against her raised asshole. Behind her, Tyler was on his knees with the improvised dildo, using one hand to spread her creamy cheeks apart while the other guided the bottom end of the bat, thick with the grease from the shed, against her puckered anus. It only took the slightest of manipulation - indeed, Linda's asshole had accepted much over the years - until the flared tip at the base of the bat slid into her rectum and her reddened sphincter squeezed around it like a trap.  Ryan still stood before her, one hand tangled in her messy hair as he watched Tyler make use of the bat. The air reeked of piss, sweat, and sex, and Linda couldn't contain a thrilled shudder as the bat twisted and pressed deeper into her musky asshole.

Jon and Rick kneeled on either side of the retching teacher, each one's fingers digging and prodding at the sodden gash between her thighs.  Michael and Eddy, the half-brothers, sat on the edge of a nearby bed.  Through the soaked strands of hair that hung plastered over her face, Linda could see that the two were busy jacking eachother off.  Clearly the delinquent pair had been experimenting with eachother before and saw the night's debauchery as a perfect place to let loose any such inhibitions.  If the other boys noticed this as well, they clearly saw no reason to comment.

As the aluminum bat continued to press deeper into her colon, Linda's knees began to tremble.  One even began to slip from beneath her, and the motion had Tyler and Ryan grabbing her by the arms and legs to flip her onto her back.  The thrilled teacher panted as her view of the ceiling was obscured by the leering faces of her young charges.  From somewhere beyond her vision she heard Grayson instruct the others to make room, and then watched as his own smug face loomed over her. 

"How about we give this cock-tease some of the real thing?" he snarled, and Linda groaned as the small fingers spreading her cunt were replaced by the thick head of the leader's impressive tool.  Jon and Rick used their now-unused, sex-slicked fingers to fondle at their own immature cocks above her while Tyler abandoned the baseball bat to stand above her as well, letting the crude implement sit halfway buried in her flexing rectum. 

Linda whimpered as she saw the black boy take a hold of his dark prick and aim it at her heaving tits.  Michael and Eddy seemed to sense his intention as well, and the two broke off from their mutual masturbation to move above the toned body of their teacher as well.  One after another their cocks began to spray, their bladders emptying onto her stomach and chest.  The gang all laughed wickedly as the pissing boys waved their fleshy hoses about, their streams crossing and splattering from the soaked hair of her cunt to that of her head.  The sob Linda let out was easily mistaken by the boys as one of despair, when in truth it was quite the opposite.

As the moon arced slowly above that isolated cabin in the woods, the delinquent students raped their teacher again and again.  Fluids of every kind stained the floor, the sheets, and the depraved teacher alike.  The fruition of her careful manipulations would remain a high water mark in her life of illegal dalliances for years to come.

                                                * * * * * * *

Dan could feel Jennifer’s hot breath against his lips as she hovered above him, her eyes gazing between their coupled bodies at his throbbing member jutting between her thin legs and up into her immature loins. Her small body trembled with eager delight, and most assuredly a sense of anxiousness, Dan thought. Below her spreading girlhood and his steely prick, Dan could feel Heather’s tiny hands trembling as well, surely for the same reasons, as they cupped his balls. Soon he could feel the fleshy tightness around his cock throb and press as Jenny let her meager weight draw her even lower onto his prick.
“Uuuhhnnn Daddyyyy…” she squealed, and as her feet slipped back and her knees fell to the mattress, Dan felt the sudden pop of flesh against his glans and the flood of warmth as her hymen snapped.
Jenny’s panting became a sob of painful relief as she collapsed atop her loving father, her lips pressing into his neck and her warm tears wetting his skin. Her childish ass still pressed lewdly into the air above his remaining inches, Dan cupped the alabaster cheeks and massaged them firmly, guiding his daughter’s hips along his length. The sudden sight of Jen’s splayed cunny lips gliding slowly up and down along her father’s first few inches made Heather gasp, and her fingers squeezed roughly at his balls. Dan hissed in slight pain at her more-than-gentle manipulation, and moved one hand behind the young girl’s head.

“Gently, Heather,” he said, and the slight pressure he applied had no trouble convincing the preteen to press her face between his legs and begin licking and kissing at the tender sack. Her tiny tongue slid hotly along the wrinkled flesh to the base, and his asshole became tantalizingly close to her mouth. With barely a thought, she let her tongue dive between the spread cheeks to the hair-lined hole and licked it with a breathy sigh.
Jennifer’s sobs turned once more into heavy pants and mewling as she began to guide her hips more fervently against her daddy’s hot prick, and soon the pain in her depths subsided and her juices practically drooled from her walls. The experience had seemingly come to a head for Dan as, for all it was worth, he fucked his little girl. Although a mere three and a half inches was all she could take inside her, Dan knew that her insides would grow to accommodate his entire length in time, even if it meant piercing past her cervix and into her immature womb. Indeed it was all he needed at the moment, and it wasn’t long before he was baptizing his daughter’s fresh insides with a thick load of cum. Both he and his daughter let out a cry - his a cry of pleasure and release as his cock squeezed jet after jet of seed into his little girl, and hers one of delighted surprise. The pearly cum that so fascinated Jenny felt like a warm flood within her as it filled her delicate cunny. As Dan's orgasm finally died off, he and his daughter breathed a collective sigh of contentment as their bodies relaxed. Heather sensed that things had come to a finish and crawled beside Dan, who brought her close against him as Jenny laid her head upon his chest. For the second time that night, the three secret lovers fell asleep together in the moonlight.
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