cuckquean: n. A woman whose husband is unfaithful; female cuckold.

closetquean's stories

Like a Natural Man Part 1
Like a Natural Man Part 2
Quean for a Day
Pleasure by Proxy
The Rationalization Imperative

Cuckquean stories have one central theme in common: her man fucks other women.
Other than that one common feature, cuckquean stories may include the most vanilla of threesome action to the most depraved visit to the humiliation station. Characters may change to include jealous wives, helpful wives, voyeur wives, cruel husbands, thoughtful husbands, vengeful girlfriends, maids, babysitters, sisters-in-law, mothers-in-law, caught, cheating and so on.

I am also working on an ASSTR collection of cuckquean stories, which will be available soon. ENJOY!

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closetquean: a cuckquean in her place