The Brady Bunch Incest Files

By Brian Brady <>

The Incest Files is a fanfic seriese that follows the premise that Greg and Marcia Brady were secretly lovers throughout most of the run of The Brady Bunch and the spinoffs. Some of the stories also involve Jan and Peter. How these stories work is that they are connected to (or listed as happening between two) eposodes of the original Brady Bunch seriese, and a couple of the spinoffs. They take a scene or two from the episode and use that as a startig point and tell us what we didn't see. Stories that are not linked (blue and underlined) in the left columb are not complete. If you have any ideas as to how to develop these stories or for stories not listed here, email the author. If you have any questions, read the FAQ.

NOTICE: IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS KIND OF THING, DON'T READ IT!!!! This wasn't written with permission of anybody invilved with the show, and I'm sure they think I'm one sick bastard for writing it. Such is life.

"The Meeting" [incomplete] Takes place prior to "The Honeymoon" and tells the story of how the Brady kids met the Martin Kids -- with a focus on Greg and Marcia. [Sorry, no sex in this one. Just a little teen and pre-teen anxt.]
"The First Fight" During "A Clubhouse is NOT a Home" Greg and Marcia have a fight, and their first embaressubg body contact. [Sorry, no sex in this one. Just a little teen and pre-teen anxt and kissing.]
"Vote For Me!" All the things that happened during "Vote For Brady" that we didn't see on camera including how Marcia really thanked her brother for not allowing Rusty to start that rumor about her, and how he thanked her for "reconsidering her candidacy" and allowing him to be elected. [Sorry, no sex in this one. Just a little teen and pre-teen anxt and some making out.]
"The First F***" This story details Greg amd Marcia's first time and how their affair started. When completed, this story will include the back-story flashback parts found in "Insomnia."
"The Tape Recorder" Remember that episode where Peter was tape recording the other Brady kids private conversations ("The Private Ear")? Well, there was another thing that he over heard that we didn't hear in the show that was considerably more embaressing.
"Greg's Triangle" Some scenes that we didn't see from that episode where Greg voted for another girl for head chearleader instead of Marcia.
"Benedict Arnold" With Warren Mulayney and Kathy Lawrence together, Greg and Marcia "make up" proporly.
"Sex on the Beach" What happens when you get a horney Greg and Marcia together in an exotic (not to mention romantic) island locale? The title says it all.
"Menage a Jan" Greg and Marcia -- looking for a little excitement -- share a Menage A Trois with JAN!!!!
"Drop Dead Johnny Bravo" Takes place during "Adios Johnny Bravo" and contains a "fight" and "make-up" between Greg and Marcia over he signing with the agent without her.
"The Liberation of Jan Brady" Jan introduced Peter into the little game of Family Incest. At the same time she had finally found a way to distinguish herself from her siblings.
"The Photo Session" Greg talks Marcia into posing for his camera so that he can practice being a professional photographer, but befire long the session turns into something more "erotic."
"Insomnia" Takes place during "The Brady Girls Get Married" Greg and Marcia can't sleep and spend the night before her wedding reflecting on their past relationship and contemplating the future.
"The Anatomy Lesson" While home from college on semester break, Marcia gives pre-med college student Greg an anatomy lesson that he will never forget.
"Tough Times" Jan and Peter are having problems with their respective relationships and find solace in eachother's arms -- and Jan's bed.
"A VERY Brady Christmas" What happens when Greg and Marcia are caught under the mistletoe during the family Christmas reunion?
"You Make Me Feel" Marcia and Wally are having problems in their marriage, so she turns to alchohol . . . and her brother Greg.