Good Wife University (GWU)

  Intro Intro & Table of Contentsno sex
  OneA Cry for Help MF Ds bond
  Two OrientationFF Ds
  Three Tina's TestsFF bdsm nc
  Four IntroductionsFF Ds
  Five Placement Testing IFF Ds toys
  Six Placement Testing IIFF Ds spank
  Seven Placement Testing IIIFF Ds spank mast
  Eight Test End/Class BeginsFF Ds mast FM oral
  Nine Self Pleasurbation 101FF Ds mast
  Ten Preparing for a 3-Day PassFF bdsm MF mast
  Eleven Friday Night FrightsFF MF bdsm
  Twelve Darlene's WeekendMF rom
  Thirteen ToyzFM FF bdsm oral
  Fourteen GeezersMF rom
  Fifteen Katy Falls in LoveMF rom
  Sixteen Sundaycaution
  Seventeen After Hell WeekFF Ds rubber anal
  Eighteen ContemplationFF sweet
  Nineteen Ready for a Weekend PassFF Ds
  Twenty Sweet LibertyMF FF
  Twenty-one On the BeachMF oral outdoors
  Tweenty-two No Bikini AtallMF FF outdoors
  Twenty-three Wild Weekend SaturdayMF anal rape caut
  Twenty-four Wild Weekend SundayMF
  Twenty-five Communications 301FF Ds
  Twenty-six BDSM 301guess
  Twenty-seven MassageFF Ds mast
  Twenty-eight Monogamous PolygamyFF Ds
  Twenty-nine Games People PlayFF MF bdsm
  Thirty Ace is the PlaceFF bd
  Thirty-one CopsFF bdsm
  Thirty-two An Early Graduationorgy
  Thirty-three Senior StudiesFF bdsm
  Thirty-our Independent Study IMF
  Thirty-five Independent Study IIMF exhib
  Thirty-six Graduationorgy

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1998 & 2000
by bobbi jo

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