Bisexual male slut slaves

Bisexual Male Slut Slaves

Welcome The stories below are my own works and those that I have collected. They reflect my own sexual tastes, and therefore all except for two or three contain group sex and male bisexuality. Most contain some bdsm, usually femdom, and some added kink such as cum eating or watersports just for variety.

**What they do NOT contain is: Preteens or Kids, Incest, Nonconsensual sex (rape, torture, snuff), or scat (just too messy for me). So, don't bother looking for them.


Stories I Have Written

A Weekend at the Chateau Strafe--Part 1 Part 2

A couple receives an invitation from someone they've met online to vistit the Chateau. They become slaves who service the staff and guests. She becomes dom-in-training the next day, and (part 2) helps host the grand party/orgy on saturday night, complete with games and showers. (M+F, MM, M+F+, bd, ws, tg, bi)

Glimpse of a New Horizon --Part 1 Part 2

A couple's first visit to the "Disneyland of swing clubs"--a true story (mine). (Part 1: M+F+, M+F)(Part 2: M+F+, MM, bi)

The Sacred Whore

The prudish faculty of a university in Athens are seduced into appeasing the Goddess in an orgiastic pagan ritual. (M+/f, M+/F+, reluct, lite bd, drug) (Now also available in a BI VERSION).

Some Stories I Have Enjoyed:

(All of which are free. I add stories to the list regularly.(139). All contain bi-male action unless noted.)

(**= good, ***= very good, ****= best I've ever read)

Sorry readers!!--something’s wrong with my site and many of the links are not working...(I get “file:///c:/My Documents/New” as the link). Don’t understand the problem...if anyone has any ideas, please email me. Thanks..

Adult Bookstore Fun**-- He finally decides to go for it at the bookstore and isn’t disappointed. (Mdom/M, M+F/M, auth, intro).

Adult Bookstore Fun**--

African Nightmare** ----Five couples are abducted by a troop of rebel soldiers who fuck the women constantly. Their husbands suck out the cum as a means of birth control. (M+/F+, bi, interracial, auth)

The Awakening**1/2 --She arranges for a gang-bang, and he gets a surprise. (M+MF, auth, intro).

Award Dinner Orgy** -----Banquet where underclassmen service athletes and teachers. Unfortunately, all male. Very wet. (M+M+, auth, bd, ws)

Babes with Balls**1/2--Bi guy and wife service the shemale room service at a sex resort (ShemaleX2/MF, auth, mild humil, wife, mild bdsm, gs).

New--Bacchanalia***--The whole village joins in the celebration of the deflowering of the virgin by the satyr. Very pagan, very hot, but no bi. (M+F+, satyr/F, intro).

Balls to the Wall ** --Just whose mouth is that on the other side of the hole in the door? (MMF, intro).

Beach Fun **1/2 --He makes new friends at the beach; and, when they take him back to their beach house, the bikinis and trunks fly off and the fun begins! (M+F+, intro).

Becky** --He gets to taste some str8 cock when Becky makes Chad sleepy for him. (MMF, intro, drug)

Before the Wedding**--Warning!--This story does contain incest (tho the seduced parties aren’t aware it’s incest), but I felt it was appropos given current events. Basically, the priest initiates and impregnates bride and groom before each wedding. (MM, MF, intro, incest, preg, auth (priest!))

Being Humiliated and Loving It**1/2--So-so writing, but a lot of action in this story of a guy’s new wife who makes him do all sorts of things...take it up the ass from get the picture. (ShemaleMF, M+/MF, auth, humil, wife, gs)

A Belittled Couple ** --A gambler uses a couple when they fail to pay their debts. (MM, MF, auth, intro).

Best Friends, First** -- Three old friends share a dobie, then each other. (MMF, intro).

Bi Biker Gang Bang**--Gang gives it to innocent guy and their sluts at the bar (M+F, M+M, bd, auth, ws)

Bi Friends: By Accident? By Design?**--His beautiful Indian fuck-buddy orders her cousin to join in their fun. (MMF, interracial, auth).

Bi-couple**1/2 --He goes home with a horny couple he meets at a gay bar only to discover that she's in charge. (MMF, bdsm, femdom).

The Big Surprise ** --She heats up their marriage by tying him up, blindfolding him, and inviting over a stranger (MMF, bd, auth, intro-anal).

Bikers-get-to-it **1/2 --A couple gets it from a biker gang at a campground.(MMF, MF, MM, auth, intro).

Birthday Present** -- She knows just what she wants: to see her husband suck cock. ( MMF, intro, interracial)

Bisexual Orgy Ch.1** ----Jay shares his wife and himself with his friend. (MMF, wife=sharing).

Bisexual Orgy Ch.2**1/2----The boss laces the punch with an aphrodisiac and a good time is had by all. (M+F+, MMM,orgy,bi).

Blue Light Special** --girlfriends catch two men doing it at a clothing store and decide to join in. (FF/MM, bi, voy).

New--Boy Story **1/2-- His pain is his Mistress and Master's pleasure. Short and intense. (MMF, MFdom/M, bdsm, humil).

Boy Toys** -- Lesbian asks to watch a gay guy with his lover, then gets so turned on she joins in. (MMF, voy)>

Brian, Eve, and Rhonda Part 1 --2** --Rhonda gets her husband a special present for his birthday: Eve, a hot she-male. Eve moves in and becomes the Mistress of the house. (Shemale-MF, auth).

Carpark** -- While jogging in the park, he finds a young couple in the bushes. (MMF).

The Challenge*** -- A couple challenges each other to play increasingly kinky games until he finds himself at an "exhibition hall" with a bunch of other bound men and women, and learns to drink cum with a straw (among other things). (M+F+, Femdom+/M+F, bdsm, shave, wife).

New--The Changing of the Prude***-- A hot new girlfriend teaches a guy all sorts of tricks: bondage, cum eating, strap-ons, bi group sex with old friends ...(he thought they were conservative!). (MF, MMFF, bondage, intro, strap-on.)

Charenton*** -- The mansion’s mistress has perverse tastes which her servants and guests share. Everyone’s desires are fulfilled at the dinner party. The only thing lacking in this story is bimale action, though there are some strapons...(MFdom/F, MFF, M+F+, bdsm, humil).

Chris Ann, and Me ** --He meets an exhibitionist couple who like to play with vibrators in the bookstore and leave the hotel room door open. Excuse the grammar. (MMF, exhib).

The Circle**1/2 ---A couple is introduced to submission, bisexuality, and more by the masters of "the Circle." Stay away from the last few pages if you don't like extreme kink. Heavy M-dom. (MMF, wife, MM, FF, beast, intro, dom, gs)

College Boy-Part 1 --2**1/2 --When a BMOC tries to seduce a cute freshman, her brother's friend comes to her aid and turns him into their boy toy. (MMF, MM, auth, bdsm-spank, humil).

Coming Out**-- He meets a young couple at their daughter's coming out party and they introduce him to new pleasures. Only brief MM-oral near the end. (MMF, intro)

Company Cuckold-Part 1 --2**1/2 -- Peter gets a job with his wife's company only to find she's been servicing all the black managers. Lots of tasty cum eating but a bit heavy on the humiliation (for me that is). (M+/F, MM, MFdom/M, wife-slut, humil, interracial).

A Couple and Me *** --A tequila loving she-male links up with a horny couple. (shemale-MF, anal, mild-auth).

Coupons of a Mistress *** --His wife cashes in her coupons in a big way and arranges for a wild weekend with friends. The girls have a great time tieing up the men and putting them together in various ways. (M+F+, Femdom/M+, bdsm, wife, shave).

Creampie Reluctance**--- Biguy serves as maid at orgy, licking pussies clean and taking it up the ass. (bi, tv, orgy, reluc)

Cum Provider** ----College students make some money selling their spunk. (MF, Mm, mast, oral)

Dancing in the Dark** ----He receives a mysterious invitation to an orgy in a dark room. (MMMF, bi, intro).

Date Night-My Descent Into Slavery***1/2 --I don't usually care for cross-dressing, but this slave's tale is not to be missed. Chapter One is strictly Femdom-TV (MF), but from there on, more and more Masters and Mistresses get in the act using him in almost every way imaginable. Seven chapters. (MF+/M, mf-dom, bdsm, tv, humil, wife, intro).

Decadent friend *** --Marlene, a hot TV, gets gang-banged with her (female) girlfriend in the guys' john. (M+/F-TV, some auth).

A Degrading but Perfect Life **1/2 --After discovering his submissive side as a teen, he meets the woman of his dreams: one that will dominate him and force him to watch her with other men. (MF, MMF, MMFF, auth, MFemdom/M, wife, some humil.)

Dirty ** --She ties them to a tree and makes them do dirty, nasty things; and they love it (Fdom/MM, intro)

The Domination of Scott **1/2-- Husband catches Scott with his BBW wife and decides to have a little fun, along with the three swingers he picked up at the bar... (M+F+, Mdom/M, intro, wife)

Eager Students**1/2 -- Four teens get together for some kinky fun. Tied Tommy gets fed and filmed. (MMFF, auth, bond).

An Extraordinary Weekend** -- When seven friends spend a weekend at a beach house, inhibitions are shed...then the clothes come off and stay off...then everyone starts fucking everyone. Lots of group sex with a little bi towards the end. (MFF, M+F+, MMF, intro anal).

Fantasy to Reality**--They liven up their marriage by having a bi couple for dinner. (MMFF).

New--Fantasies**-- A couple goes to a new club, “Fantasies,” and has a wet and wild time. No bi but very wet. (F+/M, ws, intro, wife).

FemDom** -----She brings home a cum filled pussy and photos of her exploits to her husband everyday (lucky guy!) (M+F, MM, femdom).

First Time Bi **1/2-- He meets a hot couple on the internet that introduces him to the joys of bi-sex. (MMF, intro)

Fixing Pam Up** ----Pam and her husband are fixed up with two bi-guys by her girlfriend (MMMF, MM, wife, exh, intr, orgy)

A Fooled Husband*** -- Husband gets recruited by his wife to join in "the Cause," an effort to promote racial harmony by relieving the sexual tensions of black men. (M+F, MF, M+M, MFdom/M, wife, interracial).

Free Pubic Shaves **1/2 -- Their new unisex saloon has just opened, and they're anxious to show off their work. (MMFFF, shave).

Going Outside the Lines**1/2--A slut contest and strip poker lead to new experiences for two couples. (MFMF, intro, wife)

Golden Rod Spa*** --A well hung teen is introduced to bi porn production at a private spa. (MMF, MM, MF, exhib, mild auth/humil, intro)

Gym-Slave**1/2 ---A well-hung master shares his bi slave with a lady friend. "Short" story. (MM, MMF, auth/dom).

Helen, Roger, and Me Chapter 1 --2 --3 --4 --5*** --His co-worker talks him into joining he and his wife for some bondage games, unaware of what being a sex slave really entails. He's forced to serve at parties, clubs...(MMF, Femdom/MM, F+/M, bdsm, shave).

Homecoming**1/2 -- Sailor's happy to be home, especially when his gal's got a big black Officer's cock for him. (MMF, auth, interracial).

Husband Chapter 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6***1/2 --Peter decides to explore his bi and submissive tendencies with the help of his wife and a domineering stranger. The depiction of Charles, the calm, commanding Dom is not only captivating, but completely believable. If anyone knows how to get in touch with the author, Alcibade, please let me know so that I can find out if he finished it or will do so. (Mdom/MF, wife, humil, bdsm, voy).

Husband’s Anal Adventure**-- Series of 16 stories about a dominated, ass-fucked husband. Action varies from simple strap-ons to pairs of shemales and lesbians. Needs editing. (MMF, M+/M, FF, auth, shemale, fist).

The Illness and Affliction of Love **1/2 -- Two stories. Two wives with the same illness: being sluts for black cock. Two husbands willing to help with the cure by cleaning up the mess (and sucking an occasional cock). (M+/F, MM, humil, Femdom, interracial).

Initiation** -- Not bi or group, but tasty. He's initiated into the Magickal Circle by the Priestess with her strap-on and Sacred Goblet. Quickie. (MF, bdsm, ws).

The Initiation**--Mike must service three men and a woman to gain entrance to an exclusive swingers club. (MMMF/M, intro, auth, strap-on).

Intro to Slavery**1/2 --Their marriage's in trouble, so she leaves him with Mistress Victoria while she spends a week on the island only to return with Master Brett. (MMFF, Femdom/M, MFdom/MF, bdsm, humil, intro, wife.)

KKK, Grand Wizard**--A couple gets done for the first time by a group of horse-cock blacks. (Mdom/MF, M+/MF, auth, intro, interracial, humil)

Jacquie-A Cuckold's Story Part I *** --Boss discovers an employee's alternate, feminine, identity and uses it to turn both he and his wife into sex toys. Heavy M-dom. (M+F, MM, bdsm, humil, spank).

Jizz-Junkie** --After he gets a tast of his own, he's gotta have more...from the source. (MMF, auth).

Kathleen Finds Out**--When his wife finds out about his bi-sex philandering, she takes charge and joins in. (MFMF, mild auth, wife)

Kinky Afternoons & Cum-Filled Nights**--Swinger couples get together for lot of strap-on and anal sex. (MFMF, auth, strapon).

A Knight in the Royal Court** ---A knight reports to the queen, who quickly puts him to use. A royal orgy ensues. (M+F+, M+F, Fdom, bd)

Life of a Submissive Male Slutwhore**1/2 -- The title says it all. Gangbangs, shemales, gays, lesbians, and lots of cum eating. (MFdom/M, M+F+, wife).

Making of a Slave **1/2 --She turns the tables on her husband when she gets to plan the vacation, and makes him service all their friends. Includes a wet visit to the "potty box." (M+F+, MFdom/M, bdsm, wife, intro, ws).

Me, Claire, and Eric** -- He gets a penetrating introduction to his bi-side when his girlfriend's well-hung cousin pays a visit. (MMF, MM, intro, anal).

My Birthday Wish **1/2--The Wish: for her dutiful husband to service the well-hung Haitian greenskeeper.(MMF, auth).

My Wife's Black Lovers - Part 1 --2 --3**1/2 -- His wife discovers she really likes big black cocks while he discovers he likes to watch and clean-up afterward. Later, he realizes he really likes black cock as well. Pool table double gang-bang in Part 3. (MMF, M+/MF, auth, mild humil, wife, intro)>

A Night with Shana ** --A Texan hooks up with a shemale porn star and her roomie in LA. (shemalex2/M)

Northshore Park Part 1 --2 --3**1/2 --she introduces him to the joys of cock-sucking while blindfolded in the park. (MF, M+M, auth).

Owned Couple--Chapter 1 and 2***1/2 --Kate and Rich become slut and slave respectively when good neighbor Pat takes complete control. It gets much kinkier and intense as the story progresses.(MMF, Mdom/MF, bdsm, humil, intro, wife).
-- Chapter 3a and 3b--Things get hot behind the house and at the poker party when slut and slave are shared with friends. (M+/MF, bdsm, MM, humil, intro-anal, wife).
-- Chapter 4 and 5--Walking home naked from master's, they meet the neighbor boy and his friend. The boys are horny and full of beer. (MMFF, humil, wife, gs).
-- Chapter 6 and 7 --She entertains the whole football team with his help. Then the next week, they get pierced (M++/F, MM, bdsm, humil, pierce).
-- Chapter 8 and 9-- Rebecca does it to them with a strap-on while they're tied to floor by cock and clit (ouch!). The next week they travel to the frat house where they service men, women, and a St. Bernard. (M+/MF, bdsm, humil, beast, gs).
-- Chapter 10and 11-- When they’re pulled over the by the police, the officer finds new uses for his night stick. Back home, Rich gets it with a huge dildo, then plays dress-up. (MM/MF, bdsm, humil, tg.

Party Toy** ---A young guy interviews and is accepted as the new party toy for a group of bisexual swingers... he's very much the sex slave. (M+M, F+M, bd, bi)

Patti’s Arrangement--Part 1and 2**--She dreams of seeing hubby suck cock...then arranges to get her wish. (MMF, intro).

Paying the Ticket ** --His running one too many red lights leads to some new experiences (MM, wife=voy, auth).

Penny's Freaky Friends Ch.1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3** ----A man's invited to a party by his new friend Penny. He becomes a toy for her guests. (M+F+, MM, bd, auth).

Peter and Louise** -- He decides to have some fun with his employee and his innocent wife. Would be great with some editing, moves a bit slow. (Mdom/MF, humil, ts, intro)

Plastic Becomes Real**1/2--After a taste of his wife’s new strap-on, he’s ready for the real thing...after a wrestliing match. (MFMF, auth, strapon).

The Punishment ** --Prisoner is used as a model for a sexuality class (MMF, voy, auth).

The Rendezvous**1/2 --Couple recruits the hotel maid for some three-way action. (Shemale-MF).

The Reunion ** --She brings a present home to the Master: an old friend (MM, MF, auth, intro).

The Rescue**1/2 --The four hunters helped her survive in the wilderness after the plane crash. But, she's pregnant when she returns home to her loving husband and still happy to take care of her rescuers' needs. Lots of cum to be had. (M+/F, MM, MF, preg, humil, interracial).

Saturday Night*** -- She invites her husband to join her for her Saturday night gang-bang with a bunch of black studs, and he helps out as a clean-up boy. (M+/F, MF, MM, wife-slut, MFdom/M, humil, interracial).

Servcing My Ex-Wife (Ch 1 of 2)**1/2--When he reunites with his slut-wife, she lets him know who’s in charge...and introduces him to bi sex. So-so writing but lots of action. (ShemaleMMF, auth, humil, bdsm, intro)

She Pees** - When he finally lets her pick him up at the bar, she takes him to a kinky club where a special drink is served. No bi, but very wet. (M+F+, gs).

Shocked Into My Place **1/2--Unsatisfied girlfriend brings him home a black stud who turns them both into cum-craving slut bitches. (MMF, humil, auth-Mdom/MF, intro, interracial)

Show for Cindy **1/2 --In disguise, he puts on a show for a group of friends, sucking up every thing the guys (and later the gals) can produce. Very wet. (M+M, F+M, FF, voy, ws, intro).

Slave-Don: Part 1--2--3--4*** ---A health club owner dominates a bi couple; then in the final chapter, has them service a group of swingers. (MMF, MM, FF, M+F, auth, wife)

New--Sometimes You’re Lucky**--After his cute neighbor watches him serve as toliet to his boyfriend, she decides to join in the fun. (exhib, ws, auth, MM, MF).

Somewhere Over the Rainbow**---Very kinky but so funny I couldn't resist including it. Basically, Dorthy gets it on with everyone except her uncle and aunt. Watch out for horny munchkins. (M+F+, bi, gb, anal, best, voy, drug, mast).

Summer Seduction of 1981** -- An older couple introduce him to bi sex at a nudist camp. (MMF, intro, anal).

Superhighway-Orgy**---She answers his internet personals ad, then brings her husband along to give him a salty surprise. "Short" story (?not sure where the "superhighway" comes in) (MF, MMF, bi, cum eating)

Swapper**1/2--Once he turns on his wife wiht some Penthouse Letters from his semi, she’s ready for the swinging life which includes sissifying him for a group of partiers (M+F+, mild auth, intro, swingers/wife, tv)

New--The Swinging Lifestyle **--A loving couple's first swinging experience is an encounter with a bi couple (MMFF, intro, wife).

The Switch** -- She wants him to know what it feels like to get fucked, so she gets out her strap-on, then...(MFF, MMF, intro).

Switch Hitter**--A boring party with friends heats up, introducing a couple to new pleasures. (MMF, MM, intro).

Trifecta**1/2--He meets the couple in the bar, then has fun dominating the well-trained husband. (MMF, Mdom/MF, wife, bdsm).

The Truck Driver--1--2 --3** --Truck driver decides it's time for his first faggot blow-job, then later goes home to the faggot's wife as well. (MM, MF, auth, humiliation).

True Story** -- Black stud gets it on with Andy’s wife while he helps out. No bi per se, but some clean up at the end. (MFdom/M, wife, intro, humil, interracial).

Two Lads& a Lady**--He brings a friend along to help service the Mistress. (MMF, Fdom/MM)

Used To Entertain**--Three Dommes get together and force their male slaves to do it to each other. (MM, Fdom/MM, intro, mild bdsm, tv).

Visit to the Cabin-Chapter 1 --2 & 3 --4 --5*** --A couple makes new friends at the swing club, Jon and Sue, who are heavily into bdsm. Visiting them at their cabin, they make a committment: to service them and their friends all week long and in all sorts of ways. Tight bondage, lots of piss. (M+F+/MF, MFdom/MF, bdsm, humil, interracial, wife, ws).

We Become Swingers**1/2 -- Kristen is seduced into fooling around with her neighbor Carmen. Later, the boys join in. I suspect that, though not explicitly stated, this is a true story and that this is the Kristen who has compiled a huge erotica collection. (including the archive where this story is listed). Alas, M on M is only brief oral. (FF, MFMF, MM-oral, intro, swap).

A Weekend Invitation **1/2---A couple is separated on a weekend retreat. He has some kinky sex while she learns the joys of submission (MF, MMF, bd, bi, ws)

Weekend Servitude **1/2 --Master John and Mistress Kayla relieve his stress by using him for the weekend. (MMF, MF-dom, bdsm, ws).

Wet Dreams: StrangerThan Fishin' **-- When bi & gay guys get together with bi & gay gals on Castro Street, things get mixed up and hot. (M+F+)

Wife’s Cum Loving Husband**-- First in a series. He takes care of his wife and all her friends: male, female, and in-between. Lots of hot action; unfortunately, the grammar is so bad that it’s very hard to read. (M+F+, MF/M, auth, shemale, wife).

Wife Has Bang Up Time** ---Bi-guy arranges foursome for his wife. (M+F, MM, wife=sharing)

New--Wife in Control***-- She blindfolds him and has him service her and an unseen male for the first time. (MMF, humil, auth, wife, intro).

The following archived stories are from and require you
register to have access. Registration is free however, just follow the link.

All You Can Eat*1/2---Erotic buffet orgy. Short. (M+F+, MM, FF)

Asian Waves in the Frat House ***---A virginal guy gets introduced to sex with women and men with the help of an Asian beauty. Slow start, great finish. (M+F+, MM, bi, intro, lots of cum).

Bi-couple**---Martha and her husband blackmail a young couple into servicing their homosexual desires. (MM, FF, intro, femdom, wife).

Bitchslut*1/2 ---Man's fantasizes about his Mistress selling his services for $50 a pop. A quickie. (M+M, MF, femdom).

Buddy and the Great Fertility Rite**---Buddy is initiated by his fraternity brothers. No MM per se. (MF, (M+)M, cum).

Bye Bi Virginity**1/2 -- He meets a man on the internet and has fun discovering his bi side. His girlfriend ties him up to enjoy it as well. (MM, MF, MMF, auth, bond, intro).

Fulfiling the Wife's fantasy ** -- She yearns to see him with another man. (MMF, auth, intro).

Gloryhole**1/2 ---Wife introduces him to some new experiences in an adult bookstore. (M+M, MF, intro, wife)

Grocery Shopping**-- A couple picks him up while shopping, then they all make the swinging duo's motorhome rock in the parking lot. (MMF, intro).

Hanging Around** -- He attends a club where he's the entertainment, bound and blindfolded. (M+FM, bond, voy, ?intro).

Mark's Humiliation-Part 1 --2 --3 --4 --5 --6 --7 --8 --9**1/2 -- Jay meets Shaun and her husband Mark at a swing club: she wants to get fucked; he wants to be humiliated (and suck cock). Long story, could be great with some editing. Nice orgy with Mark servicing the guests, including his boss, in the last three chapters. (MMF, M+F+, MFdom/M, humil, wife)

Mistress** --She toys with her boy slave with the help of her man servant, Roland. (MMF, bdsm, humil).

Mrs. Johnson #1**1/2 --Teacher and her domineering, hung husband recruit young men from her college class and seduce couples through the Internet. He especially likes to give it to the jocks. (MMF, M+F+, auth, intro, humil).

Mistress Mimi's Pet** ---She brings a new friend home to play with her slave, surprising him. (MMF, femdom, intro, tg)

New--My Wife Turned Me Into a Queen** -- She won’t let him cum for two months, fills his ass with a plug, then has him service a gang of gay guys on the beach! (M+F/M, MFdom/M, auth, intro, wife, humil).

Things That Cum in Strange Places** --Trucking couple meets a kinky foursome at a rest stop who, somewhat forcefully, introduce them to some new games. (MM, FF, M+F+, intro, auth, humil, wife).

What Rre Roommates For? ***---Virginal college student has fun with his new roommates. (MMMF, bi, intro).

From the pen of Larry and Laura, bi swingers:

The Final Exam***1/2 ---A professor decides to offer a "practical" exam to the students of his Human Sexuality class in lieu of a written one. Short but sweet. (M+F+, MM, FF, bi, intro).

Liberty Call **---Sailor gets introduced to bi sex by a couple while on leave (mmf, bi, wife).

Anything Goes** ----Wild bi orgy at a swinger's club. A true story apparently. (M+F+, MM, FF, bi)

It's the Pizza Guy** ---He gets an unexpected bonus when he delivers to a group of swingers. (F+MM, bi, intro).

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