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Bitch in Heat {F/M-dog FD MF} codes

Synopsis: A somewhat non-traditional love triangle between a boy, a girl, and her dog.  Woof?!

Boring Legal Stuff: Under the terms of the Byrne convention all works by this author are copyrighted. Re-posting, redistribution, inclusion in another work, or any other use of it is strictly prohibited without the express, written permission of the copyright holder, except that it may be posted as part of a review or posted to a free-access, noncommercial archive sites.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction then LEAVE NOW! Please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work may engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other activities depicted herein.

Bitch in Heat {F/M-dog FD MF}

Cast of characters:

  • Phoebe Howards, a 29-year old CPA.
  • Ralph - her 21-year old live in boyfriend, College senior, and track star
  • King - her 3-year old Alaskan husky dog.

My limp cock felt like an overcooked noodle having just come out of the furnace of Phoebe's still pulsating cunt. She had completely exhausted me. My chest was heaving trying to catch my breath. I felt like I would pass out.

She lay back legs spread wide looking almost the same as when we'd begun. "Come on big boy, I'm not done with you yet. I want more." she taunted. More!?

We had been going at it for almost 3 solid hours. I had just shot my fifth load. Phoebe had climaxed at least three dozen times. I was totally wrung out. So I pleaded with her, "I'm sorry Phoebe, I can't. Please just let me sleep. I have an early class tomorrow."

Her eyes flashed as her face hardened. "You wimp," she said in disgust, "What good is screwing a young stud if he can't keep it up?" Phoebe spread her legs wide and called to her dog, "Here King. Come to momma. I have something juicy for you."

King was Phoebe's Alaskan husky. He was a huge dog, at least 140 pounds, but very friendly. He looked at me before moving.

King and I liked each other a lot. In addition to walking him twice a day, I fed him and played with him. I'd always liked dogs and knew how to treat them. I think King liked me more then Phoebe. As far as King was concerned, I was the Alpha male, the leader of his pack.

"Damn it Ralph! Why is he looking at you? He never used to give a shit. So, say something to him." Phoebe snapped impatiently.

"Go ahead King," I said, giving my permission. It was what he'd been waiting for. As far as King was concerned, Phoebe was my bitch. He needed to be sure I was done fucking her before doing anything.

King jumped up on the bed and buried his big nose in Phoebe's snatch. She had trained him to do this since he was a puppy. King sniffed all around her crotch. Then his huge tongue came out and began licking Phoebe's pussy.

It made her hotter to talk dirty even if King didn't understand a word, "Yes! Use your slimy tongue. Lick my nasty pussy. Make me cream for you." Phoebe started moaning and thrashing as his tongue drove her towards more orgasms. Between King and I, she would be sated, just barely. Every week I was with her, she seemed to want a little more loving.

I was too exhausted to thing about it now. Even in all that noise, I fell into the "sleep of the dead".

I woke up early because of the hot wet tongue licking my face. King was ready to go outside to do his business. I went to the bathroom, peed, quickly washed off the sex smell, and got dressed.

After giving King a quick walk and refilling his food bowl, I managed to sneak back out of the house before Phoebe's alarm went off. Otherwise, my tired cock would have to perform again. I just wasn't up to it if I was going to get through my long day.

I felt a little guilty, but if I kept missing classes because Phoebe kept me home screwing then I'd flunk out. I chuckled to myself, unsure who I felt worse about, Phoebe or King.

"What the hell was wrong with me?" I thought. A 21-year old man running away from a sexy female willing and eager to spread her legs for me. And a great fuck at that. The best in fact that I'd ever had.

It was the dream of every male college student in the country, and I was afraid that I was about to lose it. Phoebe had been making noises over the last few weeks that if I couldn't keep up with her that she'd soon go looking for a "fresh slab of meat". She wasn't subtle about things like that.

I had an hour after my last class before track practice, so I got a cup of coffee, found an empty table in the student union, and tried to remember how I'd gotten in this situation.

The Friday before my senior year in college started I was hanging out at the sports bar used by the track team. We were celebrating being the varsity team after waiting for our big moment for the past three years. Throwing darts, shooting pool, drinking beer, and generally raising hell. It was a great party.

Again I noticed this older woman checking me out. It wasn't just me. There seemed to be six or seven different guys she had been looking over during the past half-hour.

She was in the dark and too far away to see much except that her clothes were a lot more expensive then any college girl would wear. Also, her blond hair was up in some fancy hairdo that older women like. Then it was my shot so I turned back to the pool game.

A few minutes later I noticed that all activity around me had stopped. When I turned, there she was. Her finger was moving in and out of her mouth as if she was sucking a cock. It was incredibly sexy to watch. In less then a minute, my own cock was standing at attention.

She kept at it, letting us have a chance to look her over. I saw a tiny woman, maybe 5'2" if you subtract what looked like 5" heels with dark eyelashes, dyed blond hair, and small tits. Under the pool table lights I had a good view of them. She was wearing a red dress with a plunging neckline with showed off her small cleavage to best effect. It was so sheer that I could also see the rest. There was no bra. Her nipples were large for such small tits and they were just starting to poke outward through the thin material.

Maybe 27, 29 year old? Certainly older then my 21-years. It was hard for me to tell in that dress with the purple lipstick and matching makeup.

She was in good physical shape for an older woman, skinny, but with nicely rounded hips, maybe 32-21-35. Her legs well formed and looked longer then they actually were under what had to be wearing the shortest skirt in the bar. I wondered if her panties had been forgotten with her bra. Was her pussy already wet? I started wanting to find out.

Then I realized that she was staring only at me. She must have liked what she saw. I was proud of my 6'1" body. I kept it in great shape exercising every day and running on the team. The college girls often told me they liked my big muscles, broad chest, and tight ass.

They loved when I pounded my hard meat into their tight young twats. It didn't hurt that I'd developed enough control to hold off my own climax. I was more then enough to push these girls to more orgasms then they could stand. When I saw they couldn't take it any more, I release my own climax into their sated bodies. No one ever went away unsatisfied.

When the woman before me saw my recognition, she sashayed over to me. Everything moved when she walked. This woman knew how to use and display her body for men. It was a pleasure to watch.

"Wanna dance big boy?" she asked. I must have waited too long to answer. The next thing I knew, her small hand had grabbed my cock. She turned without release it and led me onto the dance floor. Of course, all the guys I was with were hooting and hollering at the exhibition.

She turned again, grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. Unfortunately, even in those heels, she was a head shorter then I. Her pussy was pressed against my thigh. My cock was pressed against her belly. That didn't deter her. Her succulent body pulsated against mine, rubbing her small tits and pussy against me. I could tell how excited she was getting. The air smelled of her sex.

At 6'1", I towered over this skinny little waif. Her slight body was dwarfed by my bulk. I outweighed her by more then 100 pounds. Yet she was the one setting the pace.

"What's you name," I asked. She answered, "Later. There's something more important to do first." Reaching between us the pulled down my zipper and fished out my cock. "Youíre a hot little bitch, aren't you?" I prompted a bit annoyed. It felt like I was getting a hand job as we danced.

"You have no idea, big boy. Now lift me up so I can kiss you properly." she directed. She was light, less then 100 pounds so it was ease for me to lift her as instructed. When I did, her mouth latched onto mine like a lamprey eel. She forced her tongue into my mouth. It was like she was trying to suck the life out of me, but I gave back as good as I got.

She broke the kiss and looked in my eyes. I had the impression that I'd just passed a test. She wrapped her legs around me and said in my ear, "Slowly, VERY slowly, lower me." She wriggled against me, but I was concentrating on lowering her and didnít pay attention.

She had never let go of my cock the entire time. Surprise it a bit inadequate for what I felt next. As I lowered her, she guided my cock directly into her open steaming cunt. "Yesssssssss," she gasped, impaling herself as I continued to lower her. There had been no panties. Nothing at all blocked my entry.

I pressed her back against the wall for support. I noticed now that while we were dancing, she'd maneuvered us to the darkest part of the bar. This must be what she'd planned all along. Of course, I'd heard about older rich women picking up young guys, but this was the first time anything like this had ever happened to me.

My hard cock fairly slid all the way into her cunt until we slapped together. She wasn't that tight, but when I felt her inner muscles clench and grasp as my cock, it didn't matter.

I held her against the wall as I eased my cock about halfway out and then back in. I wanted to just leave the head in, but was afraid that I'd pop out entirely and look like an inexperienced jerk. It still felt fantastic as I began pumping.

"You fuck so good, big boy. Now you better kiss me," she said. I wasn't about to turn her down at that point. It was a good thing. As I was shortly to find out, she was a screamer.

She matched my rhythm, but almost immediately tried pushing me faster. That was OK with me. It couldn't have been more then 2 minutes later when I felt her legs and arms tighten around me. She tried using her legs to pull my cock into her as deep as it would go.

I felt her entire body stiffened. My cock was held for a moment in the vice-like grip of her contracting cunt. Then a shudder rippled through her entire body. All the air in her lungs seemed to come out of her nose and mouth with the scream that I successfully muffled with my mouth.

Her body relaxed. I mean totally limp. It was like holding a sack of wet cement. I supported her entire weight with my hands under her ass. Fortunately, being on the track team I have strong leg muscles.

She broke out kiss and rested her head on my shoulder. Keeping a firm grip, I kept pumping into her. She had cum, but I wasn't close yet. And I wasn't going to let this chance get away.

In less then a minute I felt her cunt muscles come alive again. We had a repeat performance. She humping furiously against me until climax then resting. I decided to hold back and see if it would happen again. It did, twice.

The last time, I was too far-gone. I felt that familiar pre-orgasm tingling. I clamped my mouth over hers and began pounding into her. I was so turned on that stopped being concerned with her. I was only thinking of my own impending climax.

I started ramming into her soft cunt like a pile driver. I 'm surprised that I didn't flatten her or push right through the wall. She might look like a frail little flower, but the horny slut kept right up with me, matching my thrust for thrust, punching her twat against me. When I felt her climax, it set me off. I shot a huge load into this hot bitch.

As my cock softened, I let her feet touch the ground. My cock slipped out. She complained, "Not yet stupid! Quick, give me a napkin off the table." She jammed it under her skirt to wipe off the juices running down her thighs.

Realizing the insult, she batted her sexy eyes at me and in a contrite voice said, "I'm sorry big boy, you were incredible, but as soon as you pulled out everything started leaking out. I don't want it to ruin these shoes. I paid a fortune for them."

She bent down and licked my still exposed cock clean. She dried it with another napkin then gave it another kiss and put it away for me. Getting up she put her hand back on me and in a sultry voice asked, "Is your little soldier ready for more tonight?"

I turned back to my buddies. They had watched everything even if the rest of the bar had not noticed us. I smiled and waved to these guys who were just standing there with tongues hanging out. "Sure," I replied, "Do you want to do it here or go someplace more comfortable?"

"My place. My car's parked out front." she answered taking me by the hand instead of my cock this time. She had a bright red Jaguar XK8 Sports Coupe. It must have set her back at least 70 grand. "Want to drive, big boy?" she asked. "You bet."

She gave me the keys. Like a gentleman, I help her into the passenger seat then got behind the wheel. It was a joy to drive. It handled like a dream. I loved the quick turns and the feeling of power driving this car gave me.

I didn't have a destination. The glory was in making the trip. It must have been close to an hour later. When I turned to thank her. She had been watching my exultation the entire time, just smiling.

"My name is Phoebe Howards. I'm a CPA, a Certified Public Accountant" she revealed, "You'll have a chance to thank me fully after I get you home." I followed her directions to get to her home. It was only about 3 blocks from the campus.

Lots of people think CPAs are boring and think only about money, not my Phoebe. Accounting was more of a hobby, something she used to pay the bills. Her real interest, perhaps "obsession" would be a better term, was sex.

We spent the whole weekend fucking. When we took a break she'd put on a sheer black nighty. I'm sure was designed to make me hard again. It worked. Not wanting to disappoint, I pulled the nighty off of her and drove my cock back into her wild cunt.

Phoebe had a thing for younger men. She told me about how a woman reaches her sexual peak at about 30, but a man at 18. Her sexuality was still increasing, mine slowly going downhill. Still, I had passed all her tests and was just what she wanted. Monday afternoon, I moved in.

I had always been a "breast man". I loved girls with big D-cup tits, squeezing them, sucking them, and feeling them crushed against my chest when we fucked. Up until now, I wouldn't even go out with a girl smaller then a solid C-cup. With Phoebe, that didn't matter. Her fiery twat and tight ass more then made up for what she lacked up front. All were exercised several times daily.

When Phoebe wore anything at all around the house, it was something designed to encourage me to attract attention to her chest. She liked outfits that had cut outs for her rack. Her little A-cup tits seemed even more sensitive then their bigger sisters. She always wanted me to touch them, pressing them against me if she felt they had been ignored too long. Never once did she push away my hand regardless of where we were.

What a year! Mornings spent in classes. Afternoons running at track practice. Evenings being shown the upscale side of town by Phoebe. And nights, nights were spent fucking.

I had lost my virginity as a Junior in High school. I'd had many women since, but Phoebe knew a lot more about sex then I did. She showed me what she liked, oral, anal, a whole variety of positions that I'd never conceived.

On weekends and vacations, she liked tying me up and riding me to several orgasms. Phoebe was always trying to beat her "orgasms in one night" record. I was left tied up unless I had to go to the bathroom. Phoebe enjoyed falling asleep right on top of me, holding my limp cock inside her.

She wake up horny during the night. I'd be kissed. massaged, and squeezed by her inner muscles until my cock hardened. Then she'd ride me, implailing herself again and again on my tool. She seemed inexhaustable, crying out with one orgasm after another until I shot my load into her talented twat. In minutes she'd be back asleep, still holding my cock inside of her. This might happened once, perhaps twice during the night, but recently the frequency was increasing.

At first, I could keep up with her easily. We did it at least once a day, every day. Her monthly periods only meant that we'd need an extra towel or two. She'd suck me until I was hard then pull me on top of her. The windows always had to be closed so her screaming wouldn't wake the entire neighborhood.

Phoebe wanted to screw every morning too. That was fine with me. I usually had my best hard-ons in the morning. You'd never know we'd screwed a few short hours earlier. She'd be bucking and thrusting her cunt like someone who hadn't had sex for years.

At first, Phoebe really enjoyed when I ate her pussy or paid attention to the rest of her great body. As time went by, she rushed passed the foreplay. Now Phoebe wanted my cock in her pussy or her ass as fast as possible and as long as possible. I couldn't understand why she was behaving differently then ever other girl I'd known.

After four months together, she began waking me up in the middle of the night, every single night with her lips wrapped around my cock. We had both slept naked since the start. As soon as I was hard enough, she'd roll on top of me, impale herself on my cock, and demand to be fucked until she'd climaxed a minimum of three or four times. It didn't matter how tired I was. Phoebe seemed to be able to keep me hard until I finally came inside her. She could keep it up for hours.

That was hard on me since I had pretty full days. Fortunately, I was young and had lots of energy. What better way to spend it then by fucking an exquisite horny woman?

Phoebe worked at home most of the time. As a CPA she set her own schedule. If she needed to recover from a night of wild sex it was simple. She could just take a nap in the middle of the day. If she got horny during the day while I was gone, King was there to satisfy her.

It's true that guys think about sex constantly, but compared to Phoebe I felt like a monk. If she didn't walk around the house nude then she'd wear a sexy outfit bound to make my cock stand up and take notice.

More and more whenever we went out, she wanted be fucked in the restaurant or a nearby alleyway or anywhere with the "risk" of being caught. If she were wearing anything underneath then she'd just push it aside and demand to be taken on the spot. This would just get her warmed up for the "main event" when we got home.

Phoebe always wore clothes to maximize the sensuality of her body. Dressing outrageously so people would stare was a common occurrence. She'd wear tube tops that barely covered her tits. Short skirts with no underwear were the norm. She'd rub up against me until she felt me get hard. The only way I could get her to stop was to press her against the wall and ram my cock up against her mound. She'd smile and say, "That's what I was waiting for, big boy."

It wasn't enough for her. Pheobe would keep after me until I took out my cock and drove it into her waiting cunt. It was up to me to find a place we wouldn't be seen. She seemed to like it better when some matron spotted us fucking. I just didn't want to get thrown into jail for "public indecency".

Phoebe moved in a way that commanded, "fuck me". I couldn't say "no" to her. She knew exactly what buttons to press, pride, inadequacy, macho, horny, fear. I knew I was being manipulated, but was totally caught in her web. It was like I was a male black-widow spider, being used for sex and then killed. I was no more able to resist Phoebe then that the male spider was able to resist its mate.

On the face of it, it was nuts. Here I was eight years younger and in great physical shape. She was this little 5'2" slip of a woman. I was almost a foot taller and could twirl her around in one muscled hand. Yet she had conquered me easily with her inexhaustible pussy.

Now after six months together, she was waking me up 2 or 3 times a night, demanding sex. I just couldn't keep "burning the candle on both ends". It was having a serious effect on my grades. If my GPA fell any farther then I'd lose my eligibility to be on the track team and maybe flunk out completely.

The smart thing to do would be to leave Phoebe, but I knew that was impossible. She was like a drug that I was hooked on. Yet I had to do something. The answer came from my buddy Hal. He was the smartest guy on the track team; a biochemistry major with a 3.9 GPA.

We were comparing the stuff we were doing in class. He told me about his research project on pheromones used by female dogs when in estrus. Yes, the correct term for female dogs really is "bitches" when they're in heat. These pheromones signal the male dogs to mount a fertile bitch. The response of the male is pretty automatic.

I had been confiding in Hal a little about my problems with Phoebe. "I feel just like that boy dog, being expected to automatically perform by my horny bitch."

Wait a second. Yes! It was sort of perverted, but it might be the answer that I needed. I talked Hal into getting me some of those pheromones.

Two days later Hal delivered in the form of a squirt bottle. "This is powerful stuff," he warned, "One squirt will be enough."

That evening, I had made every excuse I could think of NOT to fuck Phoebe when we went out to dinner. She wanted to do it at the table, in the bathroom, in the alley, in the car, in the park, anywhere. I promised her something very special. "You better deliver, big boy." She said in a threatening way.

By the time we got back to the house she was a little desperate and very frustrated. Phoebe was used to getting her way. That meant getting my cock inside her. As I closed the door she kicked off her shoes and stripped off her dress in one motion. As usual there was nothing underneath but her lovely skin. She pressed me against the wall with her hand on my cock and demanded, "Now it's time to deliver as you promised."

"Right." I said as I lifted her naked body off the floor and carried her to the bedroom. I placed her down on the bed, but kept hold of her wrists. These were tied with the rope she usually used on me. "What the fuck do you think you're doing Ralph?" she snarled.

"Turn about is fair play, love." I teased. "You bastard! I'll make you pay for this." She threatened. Ignoring her, I dove between her legs and began sucking her pussy. Phoebe quickly forgot everything but the feeling of my tongue and lips on her sex.

King came in and watched all of this. Nothing she said would make him stop me. He had heard her cry out and curse me many times before. He wouldn't think of protecting Phoebe from me. I was the alpha male and she was my bitch.

What a hot bitch she was. Having her tied down was unusual, but made it hotter for both of us. We fucked like this for better then two hours. I was just coming down from my third climax. Of course, Phoebe was just getting warmed up. She wanted more and expected me to provide it.

I was tired, but not exhausted. The fact that she was tied down did nothing to lessen Phoebe's relentless sexual demands. I wanted a break, but there was now a way to give Phoebe what she wanted at the same time.

I got pulled out of her, got off the bed and tied Phoebe's legs well apart. She was now spread-eagled and completely helpless. "You better get back in there if you know what's good for you big boy." She growled.

I opened a draw and took out the bottle that Hal had given me. I gave Phoebe one squirt over her soaking pussy hairs and another across her breasts. "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded.

I ignored her saying, "Here King. Go to momma. She has something juicy for you." Just as he had many times before, King hopped up on the bed and began sniffing Phoebe's snatch.

Angry that I, not she had called King she said, "If you're not man enough to fuck me, I'll let King do it." She didn't know how right she was. Phoebe put her head back and closed her eyes waiting for King's tongue.

The change in King was almost immediate. He kept sniffing Phoebe's pussy instead of starting to lick it. I saw her penis emerge from its sheath. It kept growing and growing. When it reached full size, I judged it was an inch or two shorter then my 7" prick, but a lot thicker.

He looked at me, waiting for his Alpha's permission. "Go ahead King."

King moved up to position himself, placing his front paws on Phoebe's small breast. His nose bent down to smell her chest. The pheromones I had squirted on Phoebe confirmed that this hot bitch was ready for him.

Feeling King's paws and hot breath on her chest, Phoebe's eyes opened. "King what are you doing? Ralph something's wrong. Get him off of me!"

"There's nothing wrong. You're such a hot bitch that you need more then one male animal fucking you. King here is going to assist me in satisfying you." I taunted.

She looked between King's legs and saw his big tool hanging down. Realizing that what I had said was true she began cursing, "You shithead, get this fucking animal off of me immediately. I'll kill you. I'll cut off your fucking balls with a dull spoon. I'll kill both of you."

With his prick hard, King was in no mood to accept this tone from any bitch. He growled, bearing his teeth at her. This scared the hell out of Phoebe. King had never acted this way. She realized that this massive animal could rip her throat out in a second.

Her mouth closed, her eyes wide, all she could do was watch helplessly while King mounted her.

Phoebe's vulnerable cunt was completely open and well lubricated from our mutual cum. As fat as King's cock was, he had little trouble pushing his tool into her.

"Ooooooohhhhhh," Phoebe gasped at the sensation of being violated. "So thiiiiiiickkkk, so haaaarrrrrddd", she moaned. The aroused, hot bitch was completely into it already.

"Good King, good boy, give it to the bitch." I said to King as I moved up to Phoebe's head. As many times as King had watched me fuck Phoebe, he didn't seem to mind when the roles were reversed. King's prick was now fully embedded in Phoebe's twat. He started pumping slowly and then with gathering speed.

I grabbed for Phoebe's distended nipples and began tweaking them between my thumb and forefinger saying, "Phoebe is a bitch in heat. She loves being fucked by a big dog's cock. Tell me how much you want it."

"Nnnoooooooohhhhhh," she moaned trying to resist the feelings. "Tell me," I ordered, squeezing her nipples painfully for emphasis. It was too much for the transfixed woman. King's fat cock kept pistoning in and out of her vagina. Phoebe resistance crumbled under the onslaught of sensation. "Yyyyyeeeeeeessssssss, I looooovvvvve it." She moaned in surrender.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh, I'm a bitch in heat."
"Who loves being dog fucked?"
"Mmmmmmm, I love King's cock."
"Do you love Ralph's cock?"
"Oooohhhhhhh, Ralph's cock, any cock, every cock."

I got up and returned with the video camera. We often recorded our sex to watch later. This was too good to miss. I had her repeat everything for the camera. I captured every angle, her face, her breasts, and her cunt as King reamed it. She came many times for the camera. After about 20 minutes, King howled and emptied his spunk into Phoebe. That triggered a screaming orgasm for Phoebe.

King dismounted. He licked her pussy a little and seemed to enjoy the taste of his own spunk mixed with hers and mine. Then King got off the bed and began licking his penis clean.

My hot bitch, Phoebe wasn't done yet. She was insatiable. The sight of King fucking Phoebe had made me hard again. I rubbed my manhood against her slick snatch, "If you want more hard cock then tell me how you feel."

Phoebe told me how hot King's cock had made her. It was so nasty and forbidden, totally different then when a man fucked her. She tried to resist, but he just kept ramming it into her until she had to surrender. His cock wasn't as long or as good as mine was, but it was thick enough to get her off.

She forgave both King and I. "Enough to do it again?" I asked. She blushed crimson. It was rare for anything to affect Phoebe like that. "Yes, soon" she whispered.

With that I untied her and flipped her over to take Phoebe from behind. I made sure that King was watching. The next day, it would be his turn again.

Between King and I, we managed to keep Phoebe sexually satisfied. My grades improved. I was even accepted to graduate school.

Phoebe seemed more relaxed, happier. She started to wear more clothes that I liked and didn't always insist on being the one to call the shots. We continued going to places like the park at night, strip, and screw.

It turned out she enjoyed being tied up. Of course, she still enjoyed tying me up, but now we alternated.

Unfortunately, the graduate school was across the country. Phoebe had her business here and couldn't afford to leave. We had a tearful farewell.

I left behind King and a supply of the pheromones my hot bitch would not be completely frustrated for the next few months. I doubted that it would take her longer then that to find a new young stud, or maybe two, to replace me.

I have a new live-in girlfriend in graduate school. I reverted to my D-cup standard and she likes cats, not dogs. I still keep in contact with Phoebe. It turned out that she needed 3 guys to replace me even with King around. What an ego boost that was!

After she hit 32 her sex drive settled down to a more normal level. Phoebe settled down and got married to another accountant who was only 2 years younger then her. She felt the pressure of her biological clock. Her first baby is expected next month.

And no, for those who don't understand biology. Phoebe never did have a single litter of puppies.

Oh yes, almost forgot. King was a great dog. Her certainly had a way with the bitches, if you know what I mean ;-) Eventually, he found one of his own species. In fact, Phoebe said he ran away for 3 days. A few months later he was a proud dad. King, Jr. is the spitting image of his dad.


* the end *