Erotic Stories

By Beating Off Bob

This is an adult site, not intended for those under the age of 18. The concepts and emotions portrayed in these stories are complicated enough that even adults have a hard time dealing with them sometimes. While you might think it would be fun to read adult literature, if you’re not ready for it emotionally, it can fuck up your life. So don’t go any further if you aren’t an adult. That’s the best advice you’ll ever get on the net.


A word about my pen name: A lot of people are a little ‘put off’ by my pen name at first. Just think about it for a minute, though. They call these "Stroke Stories" for a reason. All I did in choosing a pen name, was be honest. And it’s a name that fits with the subject, after all. Read a few stories. If you react, the way I react when I write them, then I don’t think my name will be uppermost in your mind any more.

I write stories primarily about young love, often in an incestuous setting, and almost always involving pregnancy or the risk of pregnancy. These stories are fantasies and, like an action adventure movie where guns never run out of bullets and it’s just fine to kill pert near anybody, they are not intended to suggest that any of them could be lived out realistically. It’s all pretend, folks. It’s fun to think about, and to watch, but don’t try this at home.

Thanks for reading.



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To get started, try out Who The Hell Is B.O.B? This is my signature story. It uses a story to explain my philosophy about writing what is – let’s just admit it – smut. This story combines humor, hot sex and common sense to tell you what I think erotic writing is useful for.


Blues Stories

Blues stories, generally, involve some angst, and a reluctance to believe that the anticipated sexual acts could actually happen. Passion generally overcomes the reluctance, leading to a happy ending. I actually never know whether a story will be a "Blues" story until it’s done. They have a certain quality to them that announces itself somewhere along the line. I don’t set out to write a Blues story. It just happens.

The Cheerleader Blues 46 KB

The Hot Tub Blues 26 KB

The Kindergarden Blues 23 KB

The Blind Date Blues 193 KB

The Chaperone Blues 219 KB

The Last Wish Blues  360 KB   

The Orphanage Blues 550 KB

The Sexual Education Blues 622 KB   

The Tutor's Blues 35 KB

The Witness Protection Blues 31 KB

The Tomboy Blues 51 KB

Bob's Twisted Fairy Tales, Naughty Nursery Rhymes, and Erotic Fables

Usually based on traditional tales, I have updated them for adults, to add in those parts that traditional story-tellers couldn't tell. As there is some violence in traditional tales, there is also some violence in some of these.

Cindy Ella – a twisted fairy tale 44 KB

Goldie Lox And The Three Behrs – a twisted fairy tale 44 KB

Jack And Jill (The rest of the story) – a naughty nursery rhyme 19 KB

Little Bo Peep – a naughty nursery rhyme 43 KB

Little Red Riding Pants – a twisted fairy tale 29 KB

More Fun With Dick And Jane – an adult primer 11 KB

Pinocchio - a twisted fairy tale 74 KB  

Sleeping Booty – a twisted fairy tale 59 KB

The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe – a naughty nursery rhyme 68 KB

General Stories

Stories about incest and/or young love, or the discovery of passion. Most lead to pregnancy, usually desired, and all with happy endings. As a general rule, the shorter ones are "stroke" stories, while the longer ones have more extended plots and character development. The long stories have sex that’s just as hot ... it just takes a little longer to get to it.  

A Haunting Love 556 KB

Arden and Gloria - A Summer Camp Romance 100 KB 

A Treatise On Masturbation 9 KB

As The Wind Blows 30 KB

Balling The Babysitter 118 KB

Be Careful What You Wish For 101 KB

Birthday Babysitting – A Present for Sis 58 KB

Bobby's Good Deeds  327 KB     

Breeding Season At The Rocking R – Version Alpha 107 KB

Breeding Season At The Rocking R – Version Bravo 178 KB

Breeding Season At The Rocking R – Version Charlie 185 KB

Broken In By Brother 32 KB

Buffy, Goes To Camp 37 KB

Buffy, The Erection Slayer 230 KB

Bunny And The Slopes 200 KB 

Cattleman’s Lament 414 KB

Centerfold Daughter 38 KB

Chrissy’s First Date 30 KB

Daughter’s Reward 15 KB

Doctoring Brother 35 KB

Double Dating With Brother 21 KB

Familiarity Breeds Sister 21 KB

Family Boot Camp 103 KB

Feeding Petunia 44 KB

Flossie's Revenge 1,000 KB (Posted 30 Mar 07)

Footballing The Girls 23 KB

For Love Of Nature – Chrissy’s Story 57 KB

For Love Of Nature – Kelly’s Story 151 KB

Getting Into The Scene 30 KB

Glamour Shots For Daughter 20 KB

Growing Up In Healy 17 KB

Happy Trails With Sister 26 KB

Her Cherry Is Gone With The Wind 38 KB

Horsing Around For Halloween 33 KB

How R.B. Miller Got His Name 23 KB

How Ronny Throckmorton Was Saved From The Indians 97 KB

How The Women Got Plastered and Patrick Got Busted  103 KB   

It’s Only Incest If ... 25 KB

John Deere Green 40 KB

Jungle Virgins – How Jane Met Tarzan 44 KB

Jungle Virgins – The Barrister’s Trial 108 KB

Kammi Learns How 50 KB

King Dong 156 KB

Kissing Cousins On The Farm 52 KB

Knocking Up Sister’s Best Friend 49 KB

Learning The Family Secret 56 KB

Like Father, Like Son 21 KB

Little Sister’s Sculpture Project 29 KB

Locker Room Nymphs 26 KB

Love On The Range 84 KB

Lucky Sister 31 KB

Mandy’s First Hair 13 KB

Molly Springs A Leak 21 KB

Mr. Wilson’s Lessons 39 KB

Mum’s The Word 79 KB

Night Of The Pregnant Cheerleaders 55 KB

Peeking At Sister’s Tattoo 26 KB

Prick Van Winkle 999 KB

Re-Union  92 KB  

Riding The Team Bus 16 KB

Running Man’s Sister 32 KB

Saving Private Brian 129 KB

Scoring With Sis 32 KB

Shaving Daddy 23 KB

Sleepover At Misty’s 40 KB

Storm-damaged Daughter 21 KB

Stranded Daddies 318 KB 

Swapping Cousins 49 KB

Telling Mandy "No!" 36 KB

The Best Thousand Dollars I Ever Spent 197 KB

The Book Model 29 KB

The Bride’s Hairdresser 16 KB

The Feather Bed 37 KB

The Little Red Bike 51 KB

The Making Of A Cocksman 376 KB

The Passion Of Art – Version Alpha 88 KB

The Passion Of Art – Version Bravo 101 KB

The Passion Of Art – Version Charlie 157 KB

The Passion Of Art – Version Delta 120 KB

The Ranger’s Sister 42 KB

The School Marm 59 KB

The Surgical Answer To Virginity 16 KB

The Teacher’s Conference 68 KB

The Towel Girl’s Punishment 20 KB

Uncle Bob Stories

The Uncle Bob in these stories is not the same guy from story to story.  To be perfectly honest, I used the name "Bob" just because that way I didn't have to think up ... and then remember, a whole bunch of names for uncles.   This is more a collection of stories about uncles and nieces, with a few of Uncle Bob's sisters thrown in for fun.  

Bath Time With Niece 21 KB

Being Nice To Uncle 23 KB  

Bra Shopping With Uncle 36 KB

Broken In By Uncle 33 KB

Fiddling Around With Uncle Bob  306 KB    

Knocking Up My Niece 35 KB  

Marci Gets A Pussy Bath 28 KB  

Megan Makes Her Move 35 KB

Miss September Is His Niece 19 KB

Mustang Niece 29 KB

One On One With Uncle Bob 110 KB

Playing A Round With My Niece 50 KB

Pleasure Central 69 KB

Pumping Niece 20 KB

Skating On Thin Ice With Niece 17 KB

Rubber Dicky, I Love You 165 KB

Teasing Sister, Teasing Niece 84 KB  

The Not-so-ugly Duckling 31 KB 

The Shelby And The Niece 47 KB

Trick Or Treat With Uncle Bob 138 KB

Uncle Bob, The Dick Donor 57 KB

Uncle Bob’s Baby Maker 35 KB

Uncle Bob’s Car Wash 58 KB

Uncle Bob’s Fashion Sense 27 KB

Uncle Bob’s Gas Station 81 KB

Uncle Bob’s Grain Elevator 26 KB

Uncle Bob’s Massage Lessons 56 KB

Uncle Bob’s New Camera 74 KB

Uncle Bob’s Tractor 19 KB

Uncle’s Lighthouse 103 KB

Series - Stories that are linked by a common plot thread, or which continue the plot from one to the next.

The Masters Project :   Ther story of how Bob's research into why people who had been married for long years seemed to look alike, and how his interviews with couples led to some VERY interesting situations.  Should be read in order.

The Masters Project (01):   Tanya

The Masters Project (02):  Ralph and Lizzie

The Masters Project (03):   Kent and Lisa

The Masters Project (04):  Hiram and Mildred

The Masters Project (05):  John and Jane

The Masters Project (06):  Micky and Susan

The Masters Project (07):  Randy and Kathy

The Masters Project (08):  Sabrina

The Making of a Gigolo:  The story of how a young man became an accomplished lover, sought by many women.       

The Making of a Gigolo - Tilly Johnson   NEW!

The Making of a Gigolo - Martha Thompson  New!