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Have you ever tried to give up an addiction to Catfighting and sexfighting, my droogies?

I've gone three months without watching bikini clad megababes grapple and fight for my viewing pleasure. I've tried to refrain from thinking, remembering, or fantasizing about it. I've even gone six days without masturbating. The brothers in my Sexaholics Anonymous group say this is the only way. But in my dreams, I recall the past, and often wake up to find my dick pointing at the ceiling. On those days, when I am lucky, I can just manage to jump into the cold shower and smother the flames of the Fever, temporarily.

Oh, I have had my doubts about the Cat Scratch Fever. That lustful desire to see two women fight each other madly for the pleasure of men. Is it an addiction, as my S.A. sponsor, Bob A, claims? Or does the A in his name simply represent Asshole? If so, then there may be little that I can do, if indeed I was born with the Fever in my blood.

From Me and the links to the stories below

During my life I have been married to a Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese and currently a Filipina and have had relationships with other Vietnamese, a Filipina and a Thai. Some of these free Asian catfight stories and Asian sexfight stories are loosely based on fact from what I have seen, been told by friends, relatives or witnesses of the participants, and the remainder are what I would like to see, based on my experiences with Asian women. Most of the stories involve Asian women competing sexually or physically to be better than another: something fundamental, essential and inherently more important to Asian women than to Westerners. Most stories refer to older Asian women's intrinsic pride in their womanhood, and their natural, built in determination to stay young and still compete against a younger women's beauty.

WARNING: This site depictions of nudity, sexual contact, sexfight stories, catfight stories, lesbianism, domination, humiliation, violence and other adult themes and in a few stories death. If you are offended by such images and descriptions, or if you are under 18, please do not enter.

If you are NOT offended by nudity and sexual situations, and you are OVER 18, then read on

Originally I posted these stories at my free website where you may see these stories, but I am in the process of shifting them  to ASSTR, and will be adding new stories.

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Sega:    from Romania who has allowed me to Asianize his brutal stories. English is not his main language but a great writer of long death fights