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Note: If you've come here expecting to see Artie's fine stories then you're in the wrong place! Don't despair. You can reach him here.

Fridaytales She asked me to do it. What can I say, I always do as I'm told. Especially if the teller is a talented, gorgeous ... I'll stop now before I dig myself a hole too deep to climb out of.
Stories The stories "wot I wrote".
Serena What happens when the girl of your dreams is the slave of another?
Jenny A man with a secret meets the girl of his dreams. Will the relationship survive?
Angel Follow a man on a voyage of discovery through his past life, in an effort to find out who he is.
Guests Some fine stories by others.
Flash Sometimes I'm just too lazy to write more. Occasionally the introduction is longer than the story!
Pastiches Now and then I enjoy reading someone else's stories so much that I don't want them to end. Here's the result.
Prisoner I've always liked melodrama, well fictional ones anyway. Rest assured I do have a complete outline and several chapters have been extensively plotted ... now all I have to do is actually write the thing!
Text only The same stories but in text format only. Of course you don't get the enlightening and oh-so-witty asides such as this. Still, life can't always be a bed of Roses, can it?.
Links "Oh what a tangled web we weave" - Marmion - Sir Walter Scott.(Yeah I know it's corny, but apposite though!) All good websites deserve a links page. Well this isn't a good website, but a links page it shall have!
What's New In his best Tom Jones voice, "What's New Pussycat? Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa!"
Contact Me There are contact forms at the end of each story - always give a reader one more reason to get to the end I say - but if you have a general comment to make then this is the place from which to do it.
An Explanation Why am I doing this? Click and find out!

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