The Book of Arrowchild.

    Ye who know of me, and yet know me not:
    draw near and be told; for this be my true story.

    as told by Pamela Leigh Nichols.

    In 1993, when I was 13 back in Noosa, Queensland, the circle of six girls of which I was a member envisioned ourselves as mediaeval characters-- perhaps partly out of the 'Rapunzel fantasy'. [wink]. In the spirit of 'Dungeons and Dragons' we created a fantasy roleplaying world for ourselves, playing till late in the evenings when we ought to have been doing homework and throughout school vacation, sometimes all night. Using paintball guns or bamboo swords we often acted out the dramatic or action scenes in the beach preserve, and with wide eyes and spirited voices we began to learn a lot about each other's secret fancies.

    My character was Arrowchild, an orphaned 14-year-old who uses her skills of archery, healing, and deception to survive in the 12th century. I know the other girls put plenty of effort into their characters but mine was by far the most developed. And so, a little frustrated by the restrictions of a game too dominated by less imaginative girls, I began to write stories about poor little Arrowchild who must style herself as a boy in a mysogynist mediaeval world. The first one I finished, in September 1995 when I was 15, is given here.

    The following March an older school friend who was not part of the circle seduced me. No, don't ask! --my awakening was more clinical than sexy, but she definitely felt some sort of attraction to me and I was too naive to resist it. There followed a very uneasy mentor-student relationship in which she enlisted me to seduce six of her friends. That's right! --six different girls over one school semester. I was just too stupid to realise she was a coward, risking my reputation when she ought to have risked her own. The very strange thing is that I got good at it. And so began a very strange double life: playing risque but harmless games with my childhood friends and pursuing taboo sexual experiences which I could never openly admit. It culminated in my seduction of my best friend and blood-sister Vicki whose sweet heart would have led her into Armageddon after me. I have only been grateful she accepted it all as it really should have been: just two girls who truly do love each other, as friends and in every other good way.

    In 1995 Vicki and I applied for an exchange programme and were granted visas to come to America for half a year of high school. (In fact we came twice-- and the second time I made the fateful decision to stay on.) We found ourselves blessed with a very loving host family and the freedom to share a room and get to know each other-- however in secret it had to be. It is from this experience that I draw these stories. If they are not sexy enough or full of naughty language or even very 'politically correct' I apologise; but they are all true-- this really is my real life.

    * . * . *


    My host father, a man whom I have always admired and loved, was tragically widowed in October 1998. In June 2000 we were married, and along with my two wonderful stepdaughters we now have a delightful baby girl-- who has my blue eyes and my wavy blonde hair. [smile] Although these stories may suggest I have lived a really racy life, I do not think so-- I have essentially got it all 'out of my system' and am happy to be a good Christian wife and mother. I teach Sunday school and educate the girls at home, and together as a family we have a very genteel, old-fashioned, and mutually gratifying lifestyle-- not at all the sort of life most people might ever expected of me, had they but known--! [laugh]

    I am currently completing a book-length edition of my 'famous' private journal which I hope to have published soon.

    Stories from Pamela's Book of Arrowchild:

          The secret of Arrowchild. (Ff; mc; nc; 1st; f-solo; hist)
          Outdoor encounters. (ff; rom)
          Sexy Saturday. (ff; rom)
          Sexy Tuesday. (f-solo; rom)
          Two sexy days. (ff; oral; rom)
          My cruel Mistress! (ff; sm; rom)
          Private party. (Ff, ff; exhib; rom)
          My new panties. (ff; rom)
          Rainy day. (ff; rom)
          Wet cotton. (ff; rom)
          Sweet cheeks. (ff; rom)
          The full treatment. (ff; rom)
          Home alone. (f; solo)
          Wake up, make up. (ff; rom)
Other works:

          The 'Rapunzel fantasy', from my journals. An explanation about a girlish fancy-- probably more common than people want to admit! (Mf; rom; no sex)

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