The Arkayz Bible

This site contains pornographic fiction written by J.N. Aitek. If you are underage or easily offended, please go to The Child Health Site instead.

White Scones and Toddler Sex for Christmas (Mg ped scat) [15K]
A father makes scones with his little daughter before Christmas.

Pareto Efficient Child Sex (Mg ped rom oral bd ws) [105K]
Philip, a teenage pedophile, finds the opportunity to get very close to a young girl he has been spying on.

The Allure of Virginity [370K]
An 18-year-old boy falls in love with a 9-year-old girl.

The Little Girl at Church (boy gi Mm slow cons pedo oral) [91K]
Keith suspects something is wrong at his church because a sad little girl there is behaving strangely.

Yummy Little Boy Poo (Mm ped nc scat ws) [39K]
Returning home by train, Philip finds Mark and his young friend Tommy. When little Tommy gets off at a train station and enters a public toilet to relieve himself, Philip follows him inside.

Dr White's Culture Lecture (MFg nc ped rape scat ws) [31K]
A single mother faces difficulty with an academic.

The Pride of a Worthless Housewife (MF ds) [27K]
A housewife attends a dinner party.

Erotic Fiction Hall of Fame 2007
This is a collection of good erotic fiction I have read in 2007. I have briefly reviewed each story and have ranked them according to quality.

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