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Last Updated Saturday, 2nd July 2005

That's it! We're done! The final chapter of The Nephelim has been released. Once we've gone through and checked over all the chapters, the entire thing will be added to the site as a single HTML file. Until then, read them individually, damnit.

I'd also like to suggest that the address-spidering anii who've been filling my inbox with crap for ages take a glance here. If you have a website, and want to stick it to the spammers, check the link out.


Once upon a time I had a whole hell of a lot of free time on my hands. Because the real world was never enough for me, I spent most of that time in a world of my own creation. A world that was better than the drab, dull, boring reality that everyone else got to exist in. A world that was all my own.

As an adult, the reality that couldn't satisfy me as a child has come alive. I now have a wife, a job - a life - but wouldn't you know it, the fantasy world just won't die. Now, instead of living in that world, I have others who can live in it for me. Characters, little pieces of myself, now enjoy the land of fantasy that was once mine. Seeing as I can't keep it inside my head anymore, I've put that world into this site for safe keeping.

Were it not for the medium of writing, I'm sure the ideas that scratch the inside of my skull would've driven me insane years ago.

Happy reading, and happy writing.