Story List with Author's Commentary This is a list of my stories where I've written some material detailing my thoughts on them and some reflection about how I came up with them.

Links to other sites where I have stories not found here.

Legion of Super Heroes

Brainiacal Genius
Part one: Death and a Statue

Part two: Lamp

Part three: Powerless Slave

Part four: Messenger and Dogs

Part five: Babe

Part six: The Tour

It's Not Easy Being Green

Saturn Sucks

Paybacks Are A Bitch

Other Fan-Fics

Justice Club: Young Justice

Wonder Mike & Joan of Arc

GI Joe: Reunion Invasion

The Broken World

The Baker's Wager

Peter and The Wolf

Magician's Wolf
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Conventions of Magic

Wolf's Bane Prologue
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

The IYA Society

The In Your Ass Society Chronicles
Tales of the In Your Ass Society

The In Your Ass Secret Society
Part One
Part Two
Part Three: The Raid
Part Four: Vengeance and Some Emotional Crap

The Origin of the IYA
The Jet Lag Story


Secrets of the Bride

Reap What You Sow

Complex #533

Face of Perfection