I'm packing up my bags and moving off to my own website. ASSTR's been a great provider, but I've been working on a blog-format website and I like it much better. I think it will encourage me to update more frequently. Expect to see links on this page migrate you over to my new site, as I do the conversions.
Hi! Welcome to my little webpage, such as it is. I've never really had a website before, so if there's anything you'd like to see, please do let me know.

All stories, naturally, are (C) copyright to Adrian Mailenna, for quite some years to come.

Special lost-catboy greetings to any YaoiCon visitors! Thanks to everyone who's gotten back to me.

Latest Update: November 2007 - As I said earlier, I'm migrating my writing to my new website, 1000 Gears. I'm rather proud of it, in my own small way. After I finish the migration, I'll leave this site up for a month or two before replacing it with a redirect. Bisensen-Ya's exclusive period to Intoxication has expired, so it's one of the first ones I put up.
July 2007 - I hit a little bit of a writing slump after my frustrations with Intoxication, but I'm working again. The YaoiCon anthology has been cancelled for this year. It gives me a little bit of a writing break and lets me get back to some projects that have been backburnered for a while. I'll update again soon, I promise.
January 2007 - I really need to make this stupid site easier to update. It's a pain in the butt. Watch for a total site overhaul sometime in the coming year. The teaser to Intoxication is up.


I don't do very many full-length stories, I'm afraid. At least part of this is that I try not to release stories that I'm not happy with, and I'm only rarely happy with what I produce. My general writing-motto was stolen from Hine cognac: Make little. Make it perfect. Generally, an editor will set a firm deadline for me, and I'll stop then. Seeing things in print finalizes them somewhat, and by that time, I've found a new project.

November 2004 Just the FAQ Just the FAQs
I've been getting random questions, so I decided to write a FAQ.
January 2004 Heat F/M(invisible), furry
I found a depressing 404 error and decided to see if I couldn't adapt the script to 'read' a story with delays in it, as if the reader were watching in on a cybersex scene. A friend of mine suggested the girl, I stole a page out of Hollow Man, and this is what you get. It's utterly lacking in plot, but I do like the timing and flow of the scene, so up it comes. Besides, it shows I haven't been completely idle.
2001-2004 Missing Pieces n/a
I wrote a few other short stories, and one chapter of something that might eventually become novel-length, but I can't find the files on my computer right now. They'll come up in time.
Sometime 2002 Elf and a Spottycat, Chapter 1 M/F, Elf and... yeah.
I wrote a few other short stories, and one chapter of something that might eventually become novel-length, but I can't find the files on my computer right now. They'll come up in time.


I fell into the yaoi fandom because I lost a bet. That's probably one of the more original excuses you'll hear. I was arguing with a writer-friend of mine about whether or not stories work more or less whether their pairings are straight or gay, so he challenged me to write a story for YaoiCon's fiction anthology. It got accepted, and as my forfeit I had to go (If I had lost, he would have bought me a subscription to some shamelessly straight magazine). I went to the con and had a blast, so I'm hanging around and carving a niche out for myself.
YaoiCon (October) 2004 The Tears of Anael Predominantly M/M, Tybalt, Prince of Cats (catboy) vs. just about anything that moves.
I've discovered a great fondness for the sensuous, highly romanticized feel of yaoi (and, admittedly, the sleek, vaguely androgynous bishounen-types that populate it). One of my friends convinced me to go to YaoiCon, so I got bored and spent a couple of weekends writing this one up to submit it to the con anthology.(Okay, this is a lie. It goes the other way around. Long story. See my YaoiCon04 report, Chronicle of the Lost Catboy, for a better explanation.) It was accepted and illustrated by the incomparable Tanko, who may have drawn one of the most beautiful androgynous little catboys in history. Update: Tanko put one of the Tybalt illustrations up on DeviantArt!
YaoiCon (October) 2005 DreamFever M/M, Tybalt, Prince of Cats (catboy) X Chalam, Sculptor of Dreams
I didn't get enough emotional bruising from last YaoiCon's fallout, so I returned and submitted more stories for their anthology. I had a great time again this year; if you care to read the specifics, I've written another con-report, Chronicles of the Lost Catboy! - Lost at YaoiCon... Again! When the dream-sculptor Chalam tries to find the meaning of passion by touching off long-buried memories, a furious Prince of Cats gives him far more than he anticipated. I'm not actually entirely comfortable with the way he reacts, and this story has a much starker, grittier feel than anything I've written in... years, really. Still, I can't bring myself to say that he'd do anything differently, so here you are.
YaoiCon (October) 2005 Wanting More M/M, Henri X B.T.
I didn't get enough emotional bruising from last YaoiCon's fallout, so I returned and submitted more stories for their 2005 anthology. This is my Fiction Contest entry, Wanting More. Actually, I was originally going to submit this to last year's contest, but I hit a major, major clump of Writer's Block, and even without it, this piece was stylistically exhausting. In any case, breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes you need to hurt before you can feel better.
YaoiCon (October) 2006 You Can't Go Back to Eden M/M, Kris X Nicky
The YaoiCon Anthology wanted to publish this one, but decided to hold off on it in favor of another Tybalt story. I'm happy for Tybalt's success, but I really think this was a stronger story, and I'm posting it here in hopes that it'll get some of the recognition it deserves. The drawing of Nicky was commissioned from Noux.
YaoiCon (October) 2006 Intoxication M/M, Tybalt, Prince of Cats (catboy) X Methyst, hapless bystander
This one isn't a particularly serious bit of writing; I was pretty much just taking Tybalt outside to play for a while because he didn't want to finish the stories I'd planned just yet. My editor and I disagree on some of the changes she made, and I do not consider the Envy version to be an acceptable printing. I apologize deeply to anyone who may have purchased it expressly to read my story.
I have included notes on the difference in the teaser file.
N.B. I am not, as some of you have asked, leaving the Anthology or abandoning Tybalt. The Anthology is on hiatus for the time being, but I'll probably still have stories to offer when it returns. At the very least, I want to hit a five-year running streak.


The Snapshots are a continuing writing exercise that I do, trying to capture images and emotion in as few words as possible. None of these is over 500 words; if I do my job properly, few will be over 300.

# Title Sex? Love? Loss? Cute, Fuzzy Animal-people? Words
1 Dream of Black and White Yes Yes No No 171
A girl who haunts my dreams when she feels like it. I'm not sure where she comes from, but I do adore her.
2 My Adoring Little Leopardess F/M Yes No Leopardess/Tiger 243
Comments: A tender little Snapshot. Not even an attempt at a plot, though. My friend Millia illustrated it! Doesn't the leopardess look wonderfully satisfied?
3 The Most Beautiful Creature I Ever Knew M/M Yes No No 473
Comments: My first complete m/m piece. This one has a plot. You can probably see the patterns that lead me to the yaoi genre later on.
4 Mother of My Children M/F Yes No Housekitties 296
Comments: I'm trying to present a good balance of love and lust. How am I doing? Update: Ayame did a beautiful illustration of this pairing.
5 And the Beat Went On M/F Yes No No 291
Comments: So far, the most explicit Snapshot. Vague attempt at a plot.
6 Graveyard No Maybe Yes No 98
Comments: By far the darkest and most depressing of the Snapshots. This is one of my favorites, and it even has a plot.
This story was the first moved over to my new website.
7 Is this love? No Yes No No 227
Comments: Cuddling! Sex without the cleanup!
8 Small Comforts No No No No 70
Comments: The shortest Snapshot, and a happy twist on the last two. Eddie makes an appearance. I don't think they'll get any shorter.
9 Flat M/F Yes No Yes 256
Comments: I'm actually not sure what to do with this one. I need a new title, and probably more. I do like tomboys, though.
10 The Sand and the Waves M/? Yes No No 287
Comments: Loving, gentle beach sex.
11 Teri's Collection No Sorta Maybe No Varies
Comments: At the end of October 2004, I met a girl, spent a few hours with her, and broke a three-month writer's block. Ultimately, she wasn't interested, but that didn't stop me from dreaming for three months, or from writing about how I felt. I've collected that work here.
12 One Miracle's Enough Yes Yes Sorta No 181
Comments: The girl who lives in my dreaming mind is getting annoyed with me, so I wrote a little story to appease her. I've noticed that most stories with girls losing their virginity tend to make them nervous, but boys aren't unless they're dabbling with other boys. So this boy is nervous about his first time, to make things different. Besides, she's a wonderful tomboy; it seems appropriate.
13 Lovers Die Together Yes Yes Sorta No 437
Comments: I got a little drunk.
14 Just Like This Yes Yes No No 319
Comments: More experimental erotica, playing around with making the words reflect the rhythm of the beautiful things they describe.
15 Please suggest new Snapshots! Sure A'course Whynot? Whatever 500
I had a few more Snapshots, but I accidentally deleted a few of them. Suggest more below, and I'll see about writing some of them for you.
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