I'm known as Libertine, and this site is a launchpad to what I've written on the web. I love to hear from readers, whether it's glowing praise or constructive criticism, so feel free to get in touch. My email address is available at the top of the page.

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Short single- or multi-part stories, some light-hearted, some dark.

Four Verbs and Robert Jan 2009 Tina thinks creepy co-worker Robert has done something to the receptionist. And she's right. 2793 mc, mf, md
Honey Chile May 2008 Deep in the woods, Angel discovers a strange and wonderful new form of life. 3667 mc, ff
The Folks Upstairs Feb 2008 Tessa's inconsiderate neighbours keep her up all night. 2594 mc, mf, md
Signing Off Jan 2008 Jenna must get rid of her hypnosis fetish before it wrecks her life. 7654 mc, mf, md
Change Room Feb 2005 The weird colors and throbbing sounds in the fitting room affect the type of clothing that Kristin wants to buy. 6330 mc, mf, md
Slumber Feb 2005 The irresistable Cassie has a night of hypnotic fun in store for her new friend Sandra. 3606 mc, ff
Falling Off Course Jan 2004 On her way to a job interview, Jenny is doomed by a delectable distraction. 3162 mc, ff

Flash Fiction

Sex and mayhem in one-thousand words or less.