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FYI: I've got a small Email list for anyone interested in being notified when I post a new story. I send all my Email BCC and am very careful NOT to share my Email list with anyone. If you'd like me to add your Email address to my list, just let me know - zebulon@fastmail.ca.

Welcome to the erotic fiction of Zebulon. I generally write stories which center around the misadventures of one or more healthy, young-adult, female characters who get caught up in sexual situations way beyond their control. They are often repulsed by what is happening to them, but find themselves strangely attracted as well. The sex in my stories is usually non-concensual, at least at first, but it generally avoids being violent or brutal. (I did say, 'generally.' Some of my sex scenes are violent but the 'brutality' is not overly graphic - for me, that's not the point.) I also enjoy lesbian and bondage themes, so these are usually central in my writing.

I first started writing erotica out of a sense of discontent. I would occasionally come across erotic writing which I found very stimulating. But the vast bulk of writing I found was not to my taste. I am not generally excited by stories of cartoon characters, space aliens, witches, incest, bestiality, scatology, and a thousand other things. Of course, I'm not normal (whatever that means) either. But my kink runs in other directions. I like heterosexual sex well enough, but usually with some FF and a few ropes and chains thrown in. I'm not terribly interested in MM sex, but can write some if the plot calls for it.

All of which goes to say, like almost everyone else, I wasn't interested in about 90% of the stories I found on the web. But much worse, the great majority of the stories which did appeal to my kinky taste turned me off because of the writing quality. I was distracted by poor grammar and numerous typos. I was even more distracted by ham-handed writing styles which concentrated on coarse, vulgar, and unimaginative physical descriptions of sexual activities. Most of the stories I found lacked any erotic punch whatsoever.

I might have given up entirely on reading porn but I had come across the paperback works of Geoffrey Merrick. This was great stuff and a kind of revelation to me. Later I discovered the stories of Deirdre, and then Parker, on the internet and I loved them. I only wished there were a lot more of it. [BTW: If anyone knows of any other authors who write similar materials of similar quality, please let me know.] Eventually, I started writing some of my own stuff just to see if I could do it. Much later I discovered ASSM and ASSTR and decided to post some of my work to see if anyone else liked it. Based on the Email I've received, many do.

This web site will house all of the stories I decide to post. These represent my own crude attempts to produce erotica which appeals to my kink and is written to maximize the erotic pleasure of reading. Feedback is extremely welcome. The Email I receive is very valuable to me and is held in strict confidence. I do not pass any Email addresses to anyone for any reason. And while I enjoy praise I also welcome critical suggestions.

And I really mean that. I honestly enjoy receiving critical, thought-provoking feedback as well as words of praise. And I finally received some quality suggestions from a couple of other authors who seem to feel the same way about it. It's a joy to correspond with them.

All the materials on this site can be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper credit is given, (2) I am informed of where and how to find it, and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is being posted.

As of this writing I have completed four novels set in the same world. Each is of similar length. I am now working on a fifth. I will submit everything to ASSM and ASSTR as I complete the final editing of each segment. There are also a few short stories. I hope to write more as time allows.

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