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This section of the Coyote's Den contains male stories with sex, i.e., gay.  Guy on guy action with spanking and sex.

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The Stories

Guest authors:

The Slave Boy Game  The start of the Game.

Beelzebub         German translation
new Verbotene Früchte  Eine deutsche Übersetzung aller drei Teile von Master Cutie  (M/t,t/M,​​Prügel,​Gürtel,​Haarbürste,​Stange,​Paddel,​Rasur,​Rollenumkehrung,​Sex)  In der U-Bahn sieht ein älterer Mann einen Jungen und ist fasziniert.  In seinen Träumen zieht er den Bengel aus und bestraft ihn.  Der Junge hat andere Pläne und er bestimmt die Regeln.  Es entsteht eine dominante/submissive Beziehung.

Gadfly, J.O. Dickingson, Jon Hold, Sawyer
St. John at the Party  A joint effort with me.

Jon Hold
Santa Cums Down the Chimney  A prequel to St. John at the Party

Cody's Awaking  (M/M, spank, shave, sex)  An alternative version.

Mike Ward
Window Box Lad – Part 1  (t/t,spank,sex)  A lad gets to dominate his brother.  The prequel to Part 2

Steam Train
Life Sucks!  (t/t,spank,hairbrush,age regression)  Spike tells of his feelings after he is struck with "false puberty".  A sequel to Revenge Is Sweet
Life Really Sucks!  (t/t, spank, role reversal, sex, regression)  Spike's perspective on life as he is forced to endure more extreme punishments from his other victim, Joey and how his buddies came to his rescue!  A sequel to Payback Is Sweet

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