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The primary purpose of this site is to provide a library, an archive in modern parlance if you prefer, to store my stories in a public venue.  There are a few stories written by other people which are related directly to my works and with their explicit permission, I have included them here.

Repeating what I said on the home page, all the material is fictional and mostly adult in content.  Kids please click here to move on.  Generally the stories are intended as erotic and deal mainly with domination/submission themes usually homosexual but also some heterosexual in nature.  In a few of the stories I have not specified the genders nor even the species of the characters.  If this is not of interest to you, is offensive or unlawful in your jurisdiction please go elsewhere.  Just click here to go to the Road Runner.

All the material here is COPYRIGHT just by its existence in a form that you can read.  You are welcome to browse here and to enjoy (hopefully) or sneer (alas) but please respect my rights and those of others.  Reposting even in a free site or any commercial use requires explicit permission.  You may download, print and share my stories but not for (monetary) gain unless you have prior permission.  For more information particularly in the USA, please look at 10 Big Myths about copyright explained by Brad Templeton.  The Berne Convention applies throughout the world although legal details vary by country.  Not withstanding the above, there are people who still ripoff and use these copyright properties for their own (and unshared) financial gain.  I have detected at least three places which have HIJACKED the entire ASSTR site.  I have countered that as best as I can and get you back to the real site with a notice.  If you encounter others (even single pages) please let me know so I can deal with them.

Although this site is free to use except for your own ISP and communication costs, it did require expenditures by the host, ASSTR, and they would appreciate donations.

There was an even greater cost that was to provide the intellectual material – the text which you read.  You can "pay" me and the other authors by sending an email (or two) telling me what you think – what is good – what is bad – even what my typos are.  If you wish to remain anonymous you can use the mail form to do so.  It is processed by the ASSTR server.

My site is almost entirely text but there are a few images lucking about that are associated with my stores.  For some, where thumbnails are available the default is to load them.  Click them for full size images.  The site requires Javascript to be active for the interactive stories but not otherwise unless you use the YourWay feature.  I have tried to make it user friendly for those with limited vision both with and without a text reader.  Please let me know if I've failed as I can make improvements.  Other than that, this is a pure text site and as it uses your own browser specified font and base size almost always it should be easy to read.  You can easily adjust the font size if you wish and still have it readable.  I have provided cross links between both story parts and related stories to speed your navigation.  If anything does not work with your browser or assistive reading device, please let me know so that I can fix it.  None of the files is more than fifty kilobytes in length and only a few larger than forty kilobytes so that they all should load promptly even with a dialup connection or a cranky mobile.

Rather than listing all of the stories here I only list the most recent in each category and have subdirectories for each category.  If you are a regular visitor, then this directory is probably sufficient while if you are new or looking for an old story, the subdirectories will be of interest.  Each story has return links to both and you may use the back button to get to the directory you came from.  Occasionally, there will be two subdirectories listed.

The section: Goldie's Tails has stories satirizing Goldie.  You know that naughty lass Goldilocks who trashed the Three Bears' House.  The stories are all parodies of the classic fairy tale.  My submission policy in this section is more relaxed and I encourage contributions.  (Please see the submission page for details.)  Stories by my guest authors are listed alphasbetically after mine on each subdirectory page.

Your Way

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a website easiest to read.  Now you can do something about it.  I have a control page that lets you set various parameters – font face, font size, margins and colors.  You need to allow a "local storage" to be set for this site and have JavaScript enabled.  The details are on the control page which is accessible by clicking on the logo to the right or on any page which has the feature.  The logo is always shown on the top right.

This site is HTML5 compliant as per the W3C HTML Validation Service so that it should render correctly in all browsers.

The story codes are pretty standard with the addition of LITB to indicate that the story is about the Leave It To Beaver, ST/TNG about Star Trek – The New Generation characters and NiS for the Naked in School universe.  My stories are generally stories that involve spanking and shaving in a peer or parental setting.  Many of my stories involve age play so they may be coded as, e.g., M/b when in actuality they are M/M.  I have sorted them by gender types as many people are concerned about that although I find the power play (domination/submission) more interesting and frequently involve role reversal.  The new marker flags recent changes and is shown in the subdirectory listings although not below on this page since only recent stories are listed.  The ASSTR Most Recent list does not have a mechanism to distinguish between new and replacement files which is why my old stories are shown in that list when I make corrections and replace the files.

This is the page to bookmark or to add to your favorite list; a control-d (that's apple-d for Mac users) usually works.  You should be using this https://www.asstr.org/~YLeeCoyote/Direct.htm even if you got here with another URL.  Using this link will force a new browser window and get you out of any framing operations.

I hope that you enjoy your visit here and take a minute to send me an email telling what you think or use the anonymous form.

Y Lee

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Gay stories with sex
Guy on guy action with spanking and sex.

Male stories without sex
Guy on guy action with spanking but without sex.

Mixed stories
All sort combinations of guys and gals with spanking, domination and more including sex in some.

Straight stories
Guys and gals mix it up but only with het sex if any.

Classic Coyote
Long ago, before the internet exploded, there were a few stories.

Goldie's Tails
Parodies of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Some of the stories have sex.

Different stories
Stories relating to castration and similar violent themes.

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