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All of the stories on this site are original material, written and copyrighted by me, unless otherwise noted. This site contains adult material, so please read the Warnings & Disclaimers before you access any other content.

The stories on this site are separated into broad categories. The stories on the Hypnoerotica page feature the consentual use of hypnosis between partners as part of their lovemaking. Fans of hard-core mind control will find little to their liking here, but that's what the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive is for.

Pleasure Cruise is a series of hypnoerotic stories written by artie, myself, and other contributors. The series centers on the concept of a Caribbean cruise catering to fans and practitioners of erotic hypnosis. The series is its own world with its own rules and characters, so I made it a separate category.

Stories on the Romance page are, as you might expect, of a romantic nature. So are nearly all of the Hypnoerotic ones, but the Romance stories don't feature hypnosis or any other particular kinks. Many of them were originally written for Ruthie's Club, where I contribute under the name Mark Wiseman.

From time to time I will post an unfinished story as I work on it. When I do, the In Progress link above will take you to the latest posted version.

If you like what you see here, that's great -- feel free to let me know. If you see something that you don't like, or have an idea on how to make a story (or the site) better, I'm open to hearing those ideas as well. You'll find a Feedback link on the left sidebar of just about every page for that purpose.

This site and most of the stories on it would not exist if not for the friendship and support of several people:

  • artie, who's been my friend and mentor for years
  • Dryad, who knows how to inspire me when I need it
  • Dreamfire, who knows when to kick my ass for maximum effect