The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

New and Updated Stories in 2017

Revised on 2018-01-02
Ain’t That A Witch
by F.J. Styles (mf fd mc)
A Witch is encouraged to come clean to her husband about the mind control she has been using on him.
All Hallows Even Fall
by me-chan (mf fd mc)
A late Halloween performer gets more than he bargains for when he arrives.
by MissingGreen (mf fd mc hm)
Josh tries his pick-up techniques on Taylor, but he doesn’t realise he has just met perfection.
April Fools Everyone
by me-chan (fd mc)
April has special plans for her favorite day of the year, especially for her sister.
Auld Lang Rewind
by me-chan (mf fd mc ff)
As the year comes to an end, someone ensures that the blessings of the year don’t go forgotten.
A Bargain With The Devil
by connie k (bd mf mc cb fd ff)
With nowhere else to turn, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must seek the help of an evil sorceress to solve the one case that has haunted her. Unfortunately, she is serving a life sentence locked away in a basement cell at Century Plains Penitentiary.
Bent 4 U
by Jukebox (mf fd mc)
Service Unit 4U takes on a mission that would cause her to question her loyalties...if she could.
The Best of All Possible Worlds
by RelaxationObsession (mf fd mc ff)
Our hero awakens as the only man in a world full of beautiful women who all seem to take an intense interest in him. What could possibly go wrong?
Betsy’s Revenge
by HB5211 (fd mf ma ff mc)
Dr Choi no longer trusts Heather and enlists Betsy in a plot to replace Heather as head of her empire. Although Heather does not trust Dr Choi, she fails to understand the connection he has made with Betsy. All Betsy wants is revenge.
Binary State
by me-chan (fd mc)
A girl proposes a numbers game where every word counts.
Bonus Pairing: Glistening, Listening
by GigglingGoblin (mf fd mc ff)
Seeking to save a mortal man from becoming a helpless plaything, four hypnotic fairies face off against a strangely persuasive dryad.
Bonus Pairing: Labyrinth of Lights
by GigglingGoblin (mf fd mc)
A rookie adventurer stumbles through an underwater dungeon, stalked by anglerfish mermaids and their hypnotic flashing lights.
Candice’s Class
by Milo Minderbinder (mf fd mc)
A couple wonders what lecture to attend at a hypnosis convention.
A Chance Encounter (HB5211)
by HB5211 (fd mf ma ff mc)
Amy, the manager at a 5 Star Hotel also has a unique skill. She is a mind controller. However, it is a skill she swore she would not use. Faithful to her promise for over six years, Amy witnesses something in the hotel lounge that will test her resolve, or will it?
Coin Toss
by me-chan (fd mc)
Where will you land in the span of a coin toss?
Correspondence (me-chan)
by me-chan (mf fd mc ff)
A researching professor keeps up communication with an expert on the subject of recreational hypnosis.
The Darker Side
by Jenny’s Admirer (mf fd mc)
Mistress Jenny tells a man that he has great potential—potential as a slave.
Darla Diondra and Me
by Polo (mf fd mc)
A man meets a famous hypnotist at a convention.
Death Angel
by Vark (mf fd mc)
The First Peoples on this continent were predators high on the food chain, but they recognized their interdependency with what they hunted, animals which they honored and respected. Why could vampires not evolve, over time, the same attitudes, perhaps even extending to their prey a kind of love? Gwendelyn does.
The Dentist
by HoseAaaa (ft mf fd mc)
A man visits a dentist office that has an unusual dress code for its employees.
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Julia wakes up in a nightmare. She was a successful college biology professor out for a drink after classes and then she woke up a prisoner, locked away, and being changed into a human doll by one of her worst students. Can she escape before it is too late, or have her days in the classroom ended.
by me-chan (fd mc)
A woman explains to you the similarities between a solar eclipse and hypnosis.
Elevator Encounter
by Neal Lowe (mf fd mc)
A CEO rides the elevator with a special woman.
Em and Ella: The Portfolio
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Emily’s career as the model Em under Lara continues to grow, but not everyone is happy. Ella, her best friend, decides to try for an intervention. Will it be successful or is Em now happy in front of the camera responding to Lara’s commands?
Entrancer Dancers
by BDantes (mf fd mc)
Matt visits a strip club on the night before his wedding, and he finds he is very susceptible to one of the dancer’s charms.
Entrapping Commodities 2 — Just Press the Button!
by Catsuit78 (fd mf ft ff mc)
Lisa—again—comes into contact with manipulated items, originally designed to make everyday life easier. But this time, their effect goes much deeper so that Lisa can’t see at all when it’s really too late...
Even the Stars Fall 4 U
by Jukebox (mf fd mc ff)
Unit 4U assumes a new identity to seduce a rock star, but the situation is complicated by an attempt on her life.
Evergreen Forest
by GigglingGoblin (mf ma mc fd in ds)
Alrek, a thief on the run from the law, is captivated by lusty fey while traveling through the Evergreen Forest.
The Evolving Dom
by Hypsan (mf fd mc)
A woman takes a course and learns how to better dominate her man.
The Eye of Deep Space
by me-chan (mf fd sf mc)
A veteran space traveler revisits his old instructor.
Eyes Open
by Wiseguy (mf fd mc)
Jessie tries out a method of hypnotizing someone while his eyes stay open.
Foreign Partnership
by philmslim (ft fd ma mc)
Trevor unknowingly takes part in helping his Mistress takeover the company he works for.
The Forest of Giants
by AnubusKiren (mf ft mc la fd sf)
A collection of stories from a forest where giant, sapient flora and fauna often find themselves on the receiving end of one another’s hypnotic whims. From the sweet scents and saps of the plantlike alraune, to the eyes of a beguiling serpent, the means of mesmerizing one’s victim of choice are seemingly limitless.
The Fountain (Cider Vinegar)
by Cider Vinegar (mf fd mc)
A guy is seduced by kinky witch at a college party
by Jukebox (mf fd mc)
A joke about Siobhan’s endless freckles turns into a challenge for Ryan.
The Further Adventures of Louis and Elle
by Argos (mf fd mc)
A continued look at the marriage of Elle and her hypnotically enslaved husband Louis.
Girls With Guns (Jukebox)
by Jukebox (mf fd mc rb)
Ethan tries to warn the world of the menace of the Girls™ with the aid of his hand-printed ’zine.
Goddess Eva #1
by Goddess Eva (fd mc)
Relax and let Goddess Eva control your mind.
Goddess Next Door
by Bungaku (mf ma mc fd ex ff)
Anna barely knew her apartment neighbor, but when she is wrongly arrested for a small crime she didn’t commit, the woman intervenes and reveals a strange, wonderful power.
Good Copy, Black Site
by Vark (fd mc)
A CIA interrogator uses David as the Bad Cop, to soften up terrorist suspects for “enhanced interrogation” by hypnosis. Subjects want to be hypnotized because they can’t take any more pain. She wonders how much more David can take.
Hair Salon
by Helpless MC (ft mf fd mc)
Tim brutally dumps a girl before learning she runs the hottest new salon in town and he needs a haircut.
Have We Met Before?
by amy riddoch (mf fd mc)
You don’t immediately realize it, but the woman you asked to hypnotize you over skype has already met you in real life.
Hazy Delays
by me-chan (fd mc)
A journey’s obstruction gives way to a unexpected reprieve.
Head Games
by Jukebox (mf fd mc)
Madison invites Ian over to try out a new board game, but Ian may be the one getting played.
Heat: Betsy’s POV
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Betsy has been returned to Heather resistant to training. Heather loves a challenge and decides to make a Betsy a personal project and the changes permanent. Can Betsy resist?
HEAT: Jason’s Demise
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Jason gets exposed to HEAT while under Heather’s control. Now both Jason and Betsy have to struggle with the effects as Dr Choi’s experiment continues.
Hypno Fantasy Dark
by Hypno Witch Shiri (fd mc)
An editorial article from now gone Hypno Fetish Yahoo Group.
Hypno-Wheel of Fortune
by S. B. (mf fd mc)
Brenda Sullivan has reinvented America’s favorite game show and the results are positively enthralling. Want to play?
Hypnotic Chat
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
A chat session on Yahoo takes an unexpected turn.
The IT Girl (willgb5602000)
by willgb5602000 (mf fd mc)
A friendly warning from a co-worker about adhering to company policy takes an unexpected turn.
The Inraptured Convention Story: Part 3
by Milo Minderbinder (mf fd mc)
A group of hypnodommes attend a convention.
by Onslaught (mf fd ex mc ds)
A wrestler gets taken down a notch during the intermission of an indy wrestling show.
Invasion of the Wynford Wives
by MissingGreen (mf fd ff mc ds)
A sequel to “The Wynford Wives”.
It All Started in Wakefield Indoor Market
by Betsy Leohtar (fd mc)
A lady fell and is helped by a stranger. But, there is a price to pay.
It Was a Dark N Stormy Night
by Vardøgr (ft mc fd hm ma ds)
Fred gets more than he bargained for in his local convenience store.
It’s Her Small World After All
by Enthralledo (mf fd mc ff)
With newfound confidence, Annette seeks to get revenge on those who shunned her in high school.
Katherine Anne and Me
by Polo (mf fd mc)
Gene happens to run into his favorite Internet hypnotists on the street.
Kneel Before The Mistress of Power
by Enthralledo (mf fd mc ff)
Mistress Y goes from web video performer to the most powerful person in the world.
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
A postal worker gets a frightening surprise when he decides to steal a laptop while making deliveries.
Little Miss Diva
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
Your online dating experience takes an unexpected turn.
A Little Night Music
by T.MaskedWriter (bd mf fd ff mc)
Contessa Helena de San Finzione’s perfect day is about to take a turn.
A Long Way from Home
by text2slave (mf fd mc)
A woman uses her hypnotic breasts for financial gain, but gets caught up in a triangle that sends her down a path to losing herself in more ways than one.
A Love Spell Is In The Air
by me-chan (mf fd mc)
An early Valentine’s Day party gets livened up by a special guest.
Luck of the Irish
by Moose 2016 (mf fd gr mc)
After receiving her wishes from a leprechaun, Sally is tranformed into Sapphire, who is irresistible to men.
Lucky I’m a Teacher
by Jenny’s Admirer (mf fd mc)
James visits Jenny’s place to help tutor her children, but Jenny has other plans for him, too.
by me-chan (fd mc)
Marion tries out an interesting hypnosis trick at a convention, compliments of Lee Allure.
A Mantra for Mistress Cybelle
by MissingGreen (fd ma mc)
A man writes to a hypnodomme, asking for advice.
The Mask Becomes You
by Carefully Random (mf fd mc ff)
Two college students discover a strange mask that makes the words of the wearer irresistible. They soon discover that it’s even hard to resist using the mask, and that the wearer’s thoughts may no longer be their own...
Mating Dance
by Vark (mf fd mc)
Jak fights in the Circle to settle conflicting land claims between his city-state, Ter, and the matriarchal city state of Mar. His opponent, Jess, is prepared to kill him but decides, after her victory, to enchant him instead. She is not planning to fall in love.
Meeting Julie Misty
by Charlie Britain (mf fd mc)
A man visiting Paris meets an alluring woman.
by me-chan (fd mc)
Ned Ryburn finds a woman he’s been looking for, and ends up lost in her.
Mistress Decides
by CantFindADecentAlias (mf fd mc)
Baxter won’t commit to his relationship with Leigh, but Leigh’s friend has a solution for her.
Model Maker
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Lea was interested in journalism and was disappointed when the only internship she could receive was with a fashion magazine associated with one of the large fashion houses. She went into the job with a low opinion of models and left it with a new outlook on life.
Monster Girl Mixer
by Carol J. (mf fd mc)
At Lorem Ipsum University, sometimes it pays to do a little research on what kind of girls the sororities have. After all, when you can end up mindfucked by a succubus or ridden to sleep by a sheepgirl, a designated driver is the least of your worries!
Monster Girl Mixer — Scared Stiff
by Carol J. (mf fd mc)
Every Autumn, Beta Omega Omega House holds its annual Harvest Night party. That can mean one thing and one thing only: fearsome monsters stalking and preying upon the hapless humans that catch their eye! Either that or a bunch of college students hooking up in-costume. Historically, it’s the latter.
The Moth Mistress
by Dr Moroculous (mf fd mc)
A washed-up carnival hypnotist is given a new chance at life.
My New Evening Class
by Jenny’s Admirer (mf fd mc)
A teacher is impressed by his new student, Jenny.
Naked Selfie
by Siegfried Volsung (fd mc)
RedRory is being bothered by a creepy online hypno-dominant. When she turns to Mademoiselle Trouble for assistance, she gets more than she bargained for.
A Need to Breed
by AnubusKiren (fd mf ft sf mc)
The ocean is a truly wonderful place. Beautiful flora and fauna, cool waters, gentle waves... and tentacles. Oh goodness, so many tentacles. A feline boy named Oliver discovers the true meaning of “tentacle hell” when he encounters an octopod lady with an intense interest in mating with him.
The Nest
by Steel Cobra (mf fd sf mc)
Fay Donovan has a problem. She is a Nest Guardian agent, assigned to protect humans on Earth. Her skills as a hypnotist are about to be tested to the limit.
The Nimfonian Takeover
by RelaxationObsession (mf fd ff mc sf)
A race of beautiful alien women seeks refuge onboard the Starship Excelsior. Tales are spun across the galaxy of their charm and desirability, but as Captain West and his crew soon discover, there is far more to their mysterious visitors than meets the eye...
Now See Here, Young Lady
by A Sinister Bent (mf fd mc)
A sexy high school student discovers how to handle the principal of her school when she’s sent to his office.
On the Marital Habits (Intimate or Otherwise) of Species Foreign to Man
by Carol J. (mf fd mc)
Vendric Wilstead, disdainful of his fellows’ shallow aspirations, aims to chronicle the yet-unknown intricacies of so-called “beast-men” and the cultures thereof. Naturally, this gets him into far more trouble than he expected multiple times.
Paper Doll III: Therapy Session
by J. Darksong (cb fd mc hu)
Paper Doll, aka Claire Watson, meets with Dr. Evangeline Snow, who helps her deal with the mental and emotional aftermath following her encounter with the Piper. She’s cleared to resume her heroic duties just in time to face a new threat, a new villainess looking to make a name for herself. Can Paper Doll triumph, or will this new adversary leave her out cold?
Pavlov Was Right
by HB5211 (fd mf ma ff mc)
Something is happening on the sorority scene at a major Southern University. Greek sisters are disappearing and later turning up working in the adult industry as escorts, dancers, and film stars. When interviewed, they all have the same story. They were doing it for the money and career enhancement. Rebecca Sloan is a reporter on the campus newspaper and is determined to get to the real story behind the disappearances. How far will she go to get her story?
Payback Is a Dog
by MindSpark (mf fd ds mc hm)
A wife plots revenge on her immature, unfaithful husband.
Persuade Me
by me-chan (mf fd mc)
Manny trances a defiant woman, showing her the meaning of allure and submission.
Pleasure Knight
by Dream Knight (bd mf ft mc hu fd hm)
A Knight on a quest to the City of Witches is captured and subjected to trials he had not expected.
The Power of Her Feet
by nadiencendia (ft mf fd mc)
Richard picks up a woman in a bar who takes an interest in his foot fetish.
The Psychiatrist
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
Shiri gives “couples therapy” a whole new meaning...
Rapacious (MissingGreen)
by MissingGreen (mf fd mc)
Lucy uses hypnosis to adjust her boyfriend’s sex drive.
by command of Shadow (bd mf fd sf mc)
Marcus has been watching these men on television for years. Now, he contemplates his last moments before becoming one of them.
by me-chan (mf fd mc)
A visit to a special club helps a trio come to an important conclusion.
The Ring (Asphyx)
by Asphyx (mf fd mc)
Joanna, an oppressed wife, gets help from a stranger to change her life.
Rogue Agent
by Twirling Thoughts (mf fd mc)
A UGA agent unsuccessfully attempts to capture Katarina.
Santa Baby
by Hypnofur (mf fd mc)
Sam wants a Santa of her very own..
The Scorpion Witch
by M Pulsive (ft mf fd mc)
A man finds the irresisible woman he has been searching for.
Sculptor (Kallie)
by Kallie (fd mc)
A sculptor works alone in their studio at night, when a predator finds them
The Secret of Planet P’Leh
by MissingGreen (mf fd sf mc)
A man and a woman crash land on a mysterious, forbidden planet.
Shopping Slave
by chris (mf fd mc)
Mark doesn’t understand why he had a sudden urge to visit the shopping mall.
A Slave Forever Now
by Asphyx (ft mf fd mc)
Clint is hypnotized by Maria, who then has lots of fun with him.
Sleep for Goddess Eva
by Goddess Eva (fd mc)
This story will take you into a deep trance for Goddess Eva. Let Her do the rest of the thinking for you.
So Night Follows Day
by Susan Bailey (bd mf fd ff mc)
La Contessa is in Seattle. So are her friends. So is Springheel. So is the man who wants to kill her for it.
The Sound of That Voice
by Saddle Rider (fd mc)
Amanda’s work day is interrupted by a mysterious stranger in a coffee bar.
Submitting to Julie
by Charlie Britain (mf fd mc)
A man is captivated by Julie’s eyes.
Succubus Take Over
by SousukeBeru (mf ma mc fd hm ft)
Matt and his roommate are gradually enslaved by a woman who is really a Succubus demon.
Tainted Love (Hypno Witch Shiri)
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
Shiri takes action after unwanted changes are made to her Las Vegas show.
The Takeover (Subslave17)
by Subslave17 (mf fd mc in)
Jessica and Dave are the last two people on Earth who haven’t succumbed to the Matriarchy.
Thanks For Giving In (Between the Holidays)
by me-chan (fd mc)
A very procrastinated Thanksgiving gathering gets special guests and a special dance to match.
This Is What You Really Want
by Kinkyswitch78 (mf ma mc fd ff hm ds)
Jim finds out what was deep within him as his wife Sandra brings it out of him.
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf fd mc)
Shiri shares a true story of the time when she hypnotized two men.
Tights Tonight
by HoseAaaa (ft mf fd mc)
Jody uses hypnosis to share fetish for spandex and latex with her boyfriend.
The Tower of Trials
by Carol J. (mf fd mc)
As part of their training to become priests of the Holy Church, Ustrik, Forto, Mikhail, and Ritten have braved the trek across the swamp to find the Tower of Trials. One by one, they must enter the foreboding trialsite and face a foe to earn their spot in the church’s priesthood. But when the trial involved is a test of will to resist the allure of a beautiful temptress, things are rarely as simple as they seem...
Transforming Cassandra
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Cassandra was a reader of erotic fiction with an active imagination. Unlike many, she was interested in ‘transformations,’ and was ready to surrender to someone and allow herself to be changed and used. Taking a chance, she wrote to an author explaining how recent writing had pushed her hot buttons. She was open about what she wanted. After all, she thought, transformations were only works of fiction, or were they?
by HB5211 (bd mf ma mc fd ff)
Jamie Sullivan was one of the youngest lawyers on the staff of Barnes, Henry and Smith, a prestigious law firm on the East Coast. She was assigned to work on a patent and trademark case for Smithers Pharmaceuticals. What she discovered changed her life forever.
Trials of Armour
by James Windsaber (mf fd mc)
The superhero couple Eugene and Lacie Frasier have been blessed with twins—Katie and Jimmy. When everything seemed perfect, Eugene’s villainous brother Duncan who was long presumed dead calls and threatens him. As Eugene prepares to face his brother , a new threat emerges in the horizon, a boy of unknown origins. His mission—Eugene’s head.
Twenty Questions (Carol J.)
by Carol J. (mf fd mc)
Mark is interrogated about the origin of his hypnosis fetish.
Using Tim
by Tom (mf fd mc)
Tim’s destiny is to be a hypno-toy for numerous women throughout his life.
by me-chan (mf fd mc ff)
A husband learns a great deal about his wife and her friend in a small afterparty.
A Variation on a Theme
by Dr Moroculous (bd mf fd mc)
A man is drugged, kidnapped, and given an attitude adjustment.
Venus Needs Men
by Carol J. (mf fd sf mc)
The year was 1955, and the world was in danger. This danger came not in the form of the atom and its radioactive caprices, nor from the pernicious touch of Communism. This danger came from beyond the stars, from the surface of Venus, and it came in sleek, metallic space-ships.
WeaverTV: Quantum Lust
by TheWeaver (mf fd mc)
Listing all popular shows for free, WeaverTV lures in its first viewer, Lillian, as she hopes to get up-to-date on her pop culture references.
When Jenny Met Penny
by Betsy Leohtar (fd mc hm)
Sometimes, meeting an e-friend face to face results in a lifetime friendship in the real world. These meetings are worth the effort, the worry, the logistics, the research, the cost, the anticipation, the fear, the knowledge you are going to show yourself up, and the general feeling of unease until the whole fucking thing is over and done with and you can then get back to your writing without the additional distraction of trying to answer her emails and read her stories while writing your own even when it’s obvious her stories are so much better it’s embarrassing and everyone is laughing at you and at how much you’re humiliating yourself in front of all the multitudes. But some such meetings may not be worth this effort.
Would You Rather?
by amy riddoch (mf fd mc)
Your houseguest notices that you have been staring at her, and takes the inititative.
by me-chan (fd mc)
The unexpected leads you into the depths of the unknown.
Z to S
by me-chan (fd mc)
An American gets introduced to some British English.
Adventures In Research
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Chloe and her team of slavers capture and probe Missy and Cordelia. The girls are probed for information leading them to mind control technology.
It’s All In The Mynd — Part II
by connie k (bd cb mc ff)
Now under the diabolical control of Mistress Mynd, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must fight for her very soul or become the key instrument in the villainess’ evil plot.
And Then There Were Goblins
by Pan (mc ff sf)
A group of warriors strike back against the goblins and their queen.
Any Time Now
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Lucinda gets stuck listening to a woman who loves to dominate the conversation. And Lucinda.
Becoming Amber
by HB5211 (bd ma ex mc ff)
Linda was bored with her life at an advertising agency. She wanted something different. She wanted to live her fantasy. She wanted to become Amber. Be careful what you ask for when it comes to mind control.
Belle The Cat
by David Dream (bd mc ff)
Belle and Sara like the odd couple, are old friends living together, each very different. Things grow tense until a stage hypnotist helps Belle express her true nature. Sara takes advantage but it becomes a twisted game of cat and mouse.
Better Tech
by Bungaku (mc ff ex)
Sarah’s job at tech giant Better Tech takes a turn for the better when an oddly powerful customer teaches her the meaning of Customer Service.
Black Swan
by nevermind (mc ff)
A secret division of the American intelligence apparatus fights against mind-controlling slavers. When one of their own is compromised and captured, the agents of the division must take action before it is too late.
by If I Was Not You (mc ff)
Can everyone be hypnotized? Holy, Lauren, and Madison are going to find out.
Cloud Nine
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
Gillian loves Stacy, but is Stacy interested? Perhaps Gillie is about to find out when she helps Stacy chose an outfit for a date with some mystery person that evening.
by MissingGreen (mc ff ds)
Kate’s new flatmate will do anything to make sure she is comfortable in her own home.
by Jukebox (mc ff)
A pair of guests at Diana’s party try to explain the dynamics of their relationship, and Diana winds up very confused about it all.
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Bessie visits and studies a tribe in Africa. Two young women from the tribe show her that there is a lot more to the bushes than meets the eye.
The Continuing Education of Susan
by Susan Bailey (mc ff)
Susan continues to learn to use her mind-control powers.
Diábolos Graphica
by Dr Moroculous (mc ff)
Jill becomes obsessed with a book that comes into her possession.
Hose of Submission — Domina Rising
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Domina is an artificial intelligence with the power to steal any mind. As she absorbs the minds of the beautiful young women that helped create her, she discovers that she also begins to take on their feelings.
The Ear Ring
by dreyvenven (mc ff ex)
When a pair of twins and their mom are on vacation, one discovers an earring and puts it on. The jewel is magical and turns every woman she sees into an exhibitionist lesbian.
The English Writer
by HB5211 (bd ma mc ff)
Betsy was a writer of erotic fiction from England and loved the genre. However, it was just a fantasy, wasn’t it? Heather, an American counterpart is about to blur the line between fantasy and reality.
Enslave All Cheerleaders
by Sammynona (ds ma ff mc hm)
A group of sexy college cheerleaders enjoy a party at a lavish mansion, until a freshman girl that they humiliated comes after them for revenge. With Amber’s weapon of choice being her mind controlling tits, she won’t stop until every member of the cheer squad is brainwashed into becoming her slave.
Enter the Darkness
by Darkness Rising (mc ff)
A Federal agent investigating missing women is ensnared while working undercover.
Extreme Passive Lesbian Training
by Rabbit Test 5 (mc ff)
An NFL cheerleader is turned into a lesbian pussy worshiper.
Fair Share
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Alison’s roommate Jane doesn’t do her fair share of the housework.
Falling (dreyvenven)
by dreyvenven (ft mc ff)
Amanda lives an easy life. She’s sexy, snuggly, and beloved. Her hypnotic breasts ensure she always gets what she wants, and even her detractors fall in love surprisingly often.
Falling For Her Tits
by Sammynona (ma mc ff hm)
Amy sits at the top of the social ladder, using the hypnotic ability of her enormous breasts to take whatever she wants from her fellow students. When Cathy learns of her classmates power she quickly decides to get revenge upon the popular cheerleader.
Fifty Girls
by Curvasion (mc ff la)
A charter bus operator is hired to transport fifty bikini-wearing girls from LA to Denver.
by Kallie (bd mc ff)
Alice has been naughty, and as punishment Mei is going to give her five spanks. But will it really be just five?
Five Finger Discount
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Taylor discovers that the clothing store she’s shoplifting from has some rather unconventional defenses against theft.
Fix You (Hypnobabble)
by Hypnobabble (mc ff)
Naomi is having trouble remembering things, but Lindsey is there to help her.
Fluid Fixation
by Marcus (bd cb ff mc ds)
What seems like just another battle between heroine and villainess leads to an accidental exposure and the start of a whole new relationship between the two.
Fly Fishing — A Three Fingers Companion Volume
by Betsy Leohtar (bd ma mc ff hm ds)
Ding Jun is a young Chinese billionaire just starting her own slave acquisition activities. Up ’till now, she has been mentored by her mother. But Ding Jun is of the opinion she is capable to ‘collect’ slaves on her own. Does she have the wherewithal to achieve her goal? One thing she knows for certain, she won’t be embarrassed if nobody of importance knows about it.
Free Coffee
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Sonia decides to stop by the grand opening of a new coffee shop and finds out there’s no such thing as a free coffee.
Friday Morning at the Gym
by shetakesyoudeeper (mc ff)
Taylor always enjoys her Friday morning work outs, but this Friday holds a particularly captivating encounter on the gym floor and in the locker room.
by BB Zed (mc ff)
Something unexpected happens when Lindsey tries to help her unrequited high school crush Mara.
Hijacking Peggy
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Peggy is captured at a convention at a resort location. Without her knowledge or consent, she is transformed into a mind controlled mule for a smuggling operation.
Hive Games
by Knowing-Smile (mc ff)
Stephanie find a rather compelling room at a hypnosis convention.
Human Trafficking Through Deportation
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
Veronica and her attorney fall victim to a human trafficking ring working with corrupt immigration officials.
Hypnosis Alternate
by Valasania the Pale (mc ff)
Lynn has a plan to enslave her best friend Rose.
I Dream of Wires
by Jukebox (mc ff rb)
A woman tells her therapist about her recurring robosexual dreams, and how they make her feel about sex with women.
The Inheritance (connie k)
by connie k (mc ff)
Heather receives an unexpected surprise from her late aunt’s will. And finds an even more unexpected one when she moves into Keller Manor.
Invasion of the Sexulons
by Lumitiel (ma mc ff sf)
The Sexulons are cunning. The Sexulons are powerful. The Sexulons are irresistible. The Sexulons... Aren’t real?!
It Runs in the Family
by Sammynona (hm ma ff mc in)
Connie’s secretly in love with her best friend Tara. But also Tara’s older sister Jane. And their young mother Michelle too. It was always an impossible dream to make the Silva family into her own harem of lovers, until she found out that Tara’s grandmother was a hypnotist.
It’s All In The Mynd
by connie k (bd cb mc ff)
Vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade encounters her most fearsome adversary—the devilish Mistress Mynd.
Jealousy (Kallie)
by Kallie (mc ff)
Eager for affection, Emma hypnotises her girlfriend to make her more possessive. But will she get more than she bargained for?
A Jessie McClintock Story — Succubus
by GingerDaddyOh (mc ff)
Jessie is hired to clean out a strip club that has been infiltrated by a supernatural being.
Juicy Jungle
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Emily grooms herself for her hypnotic Mistress.
L.A. Nymphos
by Rinky Dink (mc ff)
Star hot-bodied athlete Annie Harping yearns to be a Nympho-Slave again while Dr. Heather Slick receives a case for the Office of Sexual Deviancy from the LAPD as a local girls sex club they think has run amok.
Lara Swift Is Colonized
by Mana Ray (bd ft mc ff hm ds)
Lara Swift, the Tomb Liberator is captured on her first mission. She is sent to a twisted mental asylum where she is molded into a meek, obedient girl.
Lesbian Love Potion
by MindSpark (mc ff)
A sleep-over between two friends, only one of them wants to be a ‘more’ than friends.
Loose Ends
by Jukebox (mc ff)
A sinister mind controller tries to brainwash her latest victim’s friends into accepting the situation, but brainwashing always carries its own temptations.
Mad Libby: Roommate Issues
by TheWeaver (mc ff)
Libby’s roommate Deborah discovers The Weaver’s quiz site on Libby’s computer and gives it a very enthusiastic go, dramatically changing both her and Libby’s life.
Magic Works
by Jukebox (mc ff)
A Harry Potter fan meets the maker of her favorite fan videos and learns how to do real magic. Sort of.
Making the Perfect Girlfriend
by Sammynona (bd mc ff)
Sarah is madly in love with her girlfriend Jade, except that Jade is too meek to stand up to her traditional parents. Afraid that Jade’s family will break them up, Sarah turns to using hypnotic music from the internet to condition Jade into being more assertive about what she wants. And a few other tweaks that Sarah would prefer in her girlfriend. What could possibly go wrong?
Master PC: The Sisters
by If I Was Not You (mc ff in)
Two sisters discover an old CD-ROM with a strange program on it.
Memorials of Days In Dependence
by me-chan (mc ff)
A young up-and-coming dancer finds a new way to dance with some special help.
Methoden der Extraktion (Methods of Extraction)
by connie k (bd mc ff)
An agent is sent to infiltrate a neo-Nazi organization in Berlin and help destroy it, but her past gets in the way. Or was it meant to?
More Than a Feeling
by Jukebox (cb mc ff)
Mystic hero Epiphany attempts to use her powerful intuition to guide her through an encounter with an old nemesis, but her instincts may be deceiving her.
Moulding a Model Student
by Flying Decadent (mc ff ds)
Ms Ishikawa has a problem student, the foul-mouthed, disrespectful, disobedient final-year high school student Annabelle Foster. Conventional teaching methods have failed, so Ms Ishikawa pulls out some hypnosis. But is Annabelle as rebellious as she seems?
My Best Friend’s Girlfriend
by Trixie Adara (ma mc ff)
Sarah is about to finally meet her best friend’s mysterious new girlfriend, Reyna. But everyone around Reyna tends to do exactly what Reyna wants them to do.
My Sister’s Captive
by Princess Kay (mc ff in)
April’s first meeting with her long lost identical twin sister does not go as she expects.
by connie k (ma mc ff)
A woman attending Christmas Eve church service is drawn to a mysterious parishioner.
Nick Vegas Must Die
by Nick Vegas (ft rb mc hu ws ff)
Nick Vegas travels to an alternate world where his fantasies come to life—at least for a little while.
Nightly Needs
by Olivia Palmer (ma mc ws ex ff in)
Bevery suspects that her daughter’s wife has some kind of hold over her daughter, and Beverly finds it arousing.
Obsession (Greyscribbler)
by Greyscribbler (mc ff)
Melissa finds herself fascinated by the realistic-looking mannequin in the store’s window.
On the High Seas
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
Caroline, Tammy, and Emma visit Clara on her boat, and learn that since Clara is the Captain, she must be obeyed.
One Incident in the Life of the Clinic — A Three Fingers Companion Volume
by Betsy Leohtar (mc ff)
Vicky has lost all her memories, but Dr. Charity Clearwater is there to help her. Possibly.
by connie k (mc ff)
A powerful electric shock awakens a woman who discovers she is being held prisoner in a mind-controlling slave labor camp.
113B — Part 2
by connie k (mc ff)
Two slaves escape from their labor camp and are on the run.
Opal Mantra
by Jukebox (mc ff)
You descend into the opal depths of obedience.
Out of the Black
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Doctor Ballantine uses guided meditation to help Miranda confront her demons.
Overcumming Melanie
by Charles P. Lingham (mc ff sf)
Heather’s had an unrequited crush on her straight friend Melanie since the tenth grade. Lately though, Melanie has been experiencing mysterious orgasmic spells at random times. These spells leave her in a highly suggestible state, and Heather might finally have the opening she’s always longed for.
Party — A Three Fingers Companion Volume
by Betsy Leohtar (mc ff)
Ding Jun throws an elaborate party to help increase her influence among the wealthy and powerful.
by softi (mc ff)
Holly goes to an underground casino to get her sister back.
Rebirth (Saddle Rider)
by Saddle Rider (mc ff gr)
Dr. Rebecca Samuels, on a search for interesting diversions, finds something else. The diversion does, too.
She Lives Here Now
by Princess Kay (mc ff)
A strange woman moves into Leanne’s house. Her goal? To remake the woman in body and in mind.
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
The lovely young Shirlita becomes the plaything of the villainous Melanie. Melanie is the assistant to a professor performing psychiatric research. Melanie is more interested in controlling minds than healing them.
Silky Embrace
by Shado (ft mc ff in)
Beth can’t help but wonder that something strange is going on when she finds her daughter Kristi waiting for her when she arrives home.
Sinful Sister Celebration
by Lacey Layton (mc ff in)
One sister returns for her and her twin sister’s birthday only to find her parents are out. Left to celebrate with her sister, the night takes a sinful turn when an ancient artifact is broken, one that bonds the two sisters together sexually until one of them is pleasured....
Smartphone Addicted
by Catsuit78 (mc ff)
Erin lives together with Jessica at the University. As she is fed up with helping her lazy room-mate with passing a test once again, she uses Jessica’s smartphone addiction to motivate her.
Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Two young lovers get their own place and finally get to indulge in their hypnosis and petplay kinks for the first time.
The Sublet
by Charles P. Lingham (mc ff)
Nancy, who can’t seem to control herself lately, is seeing an exotic woman about a sublet.
Sweetie’s Eyes
by dreyvenven (mc ff)
Some girls think Autumn, the hot, intelligent blond who runs the school, doesn’t see them eye to eye. They’re wrong, of course, and after looking into hers for about a minute they inevitably learn that they love her and drop all complaints.
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Wendy’s sympathetic nature is used against her when she tries to help a fellow student who needs a study buddy for a hypnosis project.
Taken By Surprise
by Penny Propofol (mc ff)
An author of Mind Control signs up for more than they bargained for when they visit a pen pal.
Teething Problems
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
Sarah has fantasised about seducing Jill for so long she’s prepared to try anything, including hypnosis. But there may be one or two teething problems...
Temptation Dice
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Marina has a little wager for Josie, but it’s really more of a win-win proposition.
Text Parser
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
Envy plays a text-based game on her phone.
Thou Ensorcelling Witch
by Flying Decadent (mc ff ds)
An Elizabethan noblewoman searches for her lost friend. The manor she discovers in the woods conceals more than an abductor. Will she resist the foul witch’s charms? Does she want to?
Turned (connie k)
by connie k (mc ff)
Two women who create and sell hypnosis-controlled slaves clash over their latest acquisition.
Under Control
by Jukebox (mc ff)
Delfina confronts heiress Constance Danforth about her unethical activities, but the situation threatens to spiral out of control.
Unearthing the Lesbian Goddess
by Sammynona (bd mc ff ds)
Three college girls get a lesson in ancient history when they accidentally unleash Cassandra, the goddess of lesbian lust.
Vacant Moan
by Jukebox (ma mc ff)
Rose watches as Nani receives another one of her “special calls” from her mysterious hypnotic Mistress.
We Have Ways of Making You Talk
by sex-obsessed-lesbian (ds mc ff hu)
Mae has information that Amy wants: specifically, where did she hide the nice purple flogger? Luckily, Amy has ways of making her talk. (Hint: those ways are sex.)
WeaverFeed Quiz: Your True Self
by TheWeaver (mc ff)
This trip features The Weaver’s own unique spin on the standard personality quiz. BDantes thought this type of quiz might be a good addition to the Weaververse. Feedback welcome at
WeaverTunes: Jingles
by TheWeaver (mc ff in)
Jane stumbles across the WeaverTunes website while researching for a marketing class project and, because of it, she’s no longer alone in her world.
A Weird Day Walking the Dog
by Nick Vegas (ft gr mc rb ff hm)
A tiny waif of a woman with a rambunctious boxer dog gets some training of her own.
Who You Really Are
by Kallie (mc ff)
At a party, Lisa hooks up with a girl who offers to show her who she really is. But is that really what’s happening?
The Wynford Wives
by MissingGreen (mc ff ds)
A young wife begins to suspect that something is frighteningly wrong in her new idyllic neighborhood.
by Jukebox (cb mc ff)
Azure is no superhero, but when the Prime Minister of England has been kidnapped on a state visit, she agrees to help.
Yes, I’m Ready
by Jukebox (mc ff)
When Hope finds that her body is no longer under her control, all she can do is observe as she begins a new life of lesbian submission.
You’re Not an Ordinary Girl
by Jukebox (mc ff rb)
Charity has a very specific fantasy in mind for her Girl™, one that requires a little...customization.
You’ve Heard Of Elf On The Shelf
by HypnoticHarlequin (mc ff)
Irma decorates the apartment for her roommate Racheal.
Abducted and Controlled
by Penny Propofol (md mf mc)
Jenny and her friend Lisa go camping by their favorite lake. They see much more than strange lights in the sky. Visitors from another world see every bit of the girls and learn a few things about humans.
Absolute Love
by neolegacy69 (md mf mc)
An archeologist discovers an ancient recipie that has effects that he can’t control.
Accidental Werewolf
by Nigel (md mf ma fu mc ex sf gr)
A young man takes a risky short cut to a hot body: magic pills from an old man in a strange magic shop. The pills work, but when he overdoses he starts to become a particularly horny werewolf. Can he and the girl he spurned find a cure before he turns completely? Why is a mysterious (and sexy) assassin trying to kill him? Contains some brief scenes of violence/gore, none of which are in close proximity to the sex.
Act Appalled
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Two women share a story of the recent behavior of one of their co-workers, a man with an interest in hypnosis.
Adventures of Pinky
by generic20122032 (bd md mf mc ff sf)
For special girls like Pinky, sometimes it helps to remember every now and then.
The Advert
by Hypsan (md mf mc ff)
Lisa answers an advert which couldn’t possibly be real. Could it?
by Kallie (md mf mc)
Josh uses the power of erotic hypnosis to help his trans girlfriend overcome some of her insecurities.
After-School Activity
by wcw43921 (md mf mc)
Caroline finds herself returning to Mr. Meadows’ classroom late in the afternoon. It seems like there is more that she still needs to learn.
Amber’s Introduction
by Raven Cactus (md mf mc)
A husband is interested in using hypnosis to spice up his marriage’s sex life. Amber is not as enthusiastic, though, at least not at first.
The Apartment
by Hemaccabe (md mf mc)
A young woman agrees to an innocent visit of the apartment of her friend’s boyfriend. Little does she realize how much her life is about to change.
Azure and Crimson, Magical Girls of Light
by Buster (md mf ma mc cb)
The world is being invaded by a dark presence bent of wreaking chaos through the world. But fear not, the Magical Girls of Light are here to save the day!
Baby Steps — Training Emily
by MindSpark (md mf mc in)
A father continues his training of his daughter.
Baby Steps — Trancing Emily
by MindSpark (md mf mc in)
A father hypnotizes his wife and daughter to slowly bring them around to his point of view.
The Babysitter’s Boyfriend
by MindSpark (md mf mc)
A single woman’s Friday night is ruined when the neighbours ask her to babysit their teenage son.
Back to Nature (If I Was Not You)
by If I Was Not You (md mf ff mc sf)
Lily fled a dystopian city filled with obedient sluts; but now her secluded life is disturbed.
A Bad Link
by David Dream (md mf mc)
Sara receives an alarming text from her friend Brenda, but it all turns out just fine...
Ben’s Little Aisling
by Bungaku (md mf ff mc in)
Ben and his wife meet with their daughter’s high school counselor, but find the outwardly ordinary man is more than he seems at first glance.
The Bimbo Merchant
by Limerick (md mf gr mc)
The life of a professional bimboizer is fraught with many perils.
The Bimbo Motel
by My-side-bimbo (md mf gr mc)
Various women check into a hotel, and check out as different people.
Bimbo or Billionaire: All Hallows Eve
by TheHandsThatLead (md mf gr mc)
Evelyn got drunk one night with her friends and on a dare applied to be on Bimbo or Billionaire, now that she’s been accepted as a contestant will she regret her drunken night choice?
Bimbo or Billionaire: Country Matters
by Cassie the Friendly Succubus (md mf gr mc)
Bethany is a city girl with no idea what she wants to do with her life and her parents are at the end of their patience. Can she change her luck by being a contestant on Bimbo or Billionaire?
Bimbo or Billionaire: Payday or Paisa
by XavierGhetty (md mf gr mc)
Caught dealing drugs, Stephanie needs to earn $100,000 quickly to pay off her fines to the local authorities.
Bimbo World: Frat Party
by ShawnWorld (ff md mf gr mc)
It seems to be a familiar scene: a stupid frat party with a bunch of spoiled rich boys. Except things are different, now that all women are the nanine-controlled slaves of men.
by Quill (md mf ma mc)
Catherine starts taking a dietary supplement to help her handle the her increased workload.
A Black Family White Toys
by WhiteWomanBelongonthereKnees (md mf mc in)
A white women and her daughter become toys to a black teen and his family.
The Blind Date (connie k)
by connie k (md mf mc)
A young woman goes on a date with a mysterious man, who offers her what she dares not dream is possible.
Blue Bonnets to the Rescue
by Saddle Rider (md mf mc)
Alex enlists help to rescue his sister from the secretive group she’s taken up with. Will they succeed?
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Nicole hears the word ‘bobblehead’, and suddenly remembers what she needs to do.
Booby Trapped
by Lacey Layton (md mf mc)
Cameron, a university student who is accustomed to getting what she wants, breaks into a Professor’s office to steal answers for an upcoming test. Little does she know the insidious traps the Professor has left that will turn this sharp University student into a blank, submissive toy.
A Box of Chocolates
by simulachrist (md mf mc)
Sarah finds a special present waiting for her in the kitchen.
Breast Suggestions
by mrddman (md mf mc la)
A man uses a special Powder of Suggestion on his well-endowed neighbor.
The Bridesmaid (Helpless MC)
by Helpless MC (md mf mc)
Megan is exhilarated to be the bridesmaid for her best friend Rachel and her fiance Mike. He can be a bit creepy, and she’s changed a bit since meeting him, but their friendship is still as good as ever. Rachel has even been sending Meg special smoothies daily since the engagement!
Business and Pleasure (Greyscribbler)
by Greyscribbler (md mf mc ff)
Anne, a corporate lawyer, becomes infatuated with her boss.
...But Violet Gives Willingly
by Penny Propofol (md mf mc ff)
David George is a very successful psychiatrist with a gorgeous wife named Violet. David is going to help Violet overcome her sexual inhibitions. As he does, he has a surprise in store for his beautiful wife...
by Moose 2016 (md mf gr mc)
Sarah purchases a new videoconferencing product for her company.
Call and Response
by SpiralTurquoise (md mf ds mc)
A dialog between a hypnokinky couple, in which words spoken become true.
Can’t Say No
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Isaish’s done something to Celia’s head, but her mind keeps sliding away from the details.
by BDantes (md mf mc)
Sarah is a reserved girl who hates dealing with men who catcall her, until two men change her mind one night.
The Cameleon Band
by BeautifulFetish (md mf ds mc)
She can’t even think in his presence. She is nothing but a lusting, obedient, mindless slave. When his attention is elsewhere, though—or when he sleeps—she can begin to understand that she is being prepared for something against her will, and she can plan her escape. Even alone, though, she is unable to act on those plans. Her body still obeys him even though her mind may rebel. And when she sleeps, the dreams still come. Her old companion Euridice has gone, lost forever to enchanted slavery, but her fantasies have a new setting, and a new star: Yasamin, innocent traveller on the ancient, fabled Silk Road.
Changing Her Mind
by Penny Propofol (md mf mc)
Dmitri is a busy man. Capturing, brainwashing and selling enslaved women can be exhausting. Good thing he enjoys his work.
The Chill Pill
by Ice Bear (md mf ff mc in)
A medical school drop-out moves back in with his family, who he intends to use as test subjects for a new drug he developed.
Choose Your Own Transformation: Prisoner of the Master
by TheWeaver (md mf gr mc ds)
College student Katherine Nichols accidentally discovers The Weaver’s Choose Your Own Adventure portal, unaware that the choices she makes will alter her reality.
Choose Your Own Transformation: Building a Better Relationship
by TheWeaver (md mf mc rb)
Jessica and Noah’s relationship could stand some improvement. That is until Noah starts to answer the questions in one of The Weaver’s Choose Your Own Adventure stories.
Choose Your Own Transformation: The Cave of Remaking
by TheWeaver (md mf gr mc)
Up-and-coming legal intern Angela Hamilton is sent to The Weaver’s Choose Your Own Adventure portal by her boss, forever altering her as well as their dynamic.
Hypnosis & the Circle of Pleasure
by Master KC (md mf mc)
A friend calls KC to help him with his sexually inhibited partner, Pam.
A Cleared Head
by Rev. Hale (md mf gr mc)
Harold uses an experimental gas on his soon-to-be ex-wife.
Clocks and Timepieces: The Canvas
by asianpersuasion (cb mf mc md)
A superhero fights against his greatest foe...himself. Or at least an alternate version of himself hellbent on some grand mystery plan. Can Kyle and his friends amass enough allies and power to defeat his greatest foe?
Community Outreach
by TheHandsThatLead (bd md mf mc)
Officer Jones has been sidelined to the community outreach program at the university because of her overtly aggressive attitude. Can spending some time with the student body improve her outlook?
The Complete Workout
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
A free workout proves to be a trasformative experience for a group of women.
Discipline and Reward
by Baltimore Rogers (bd md mf ma mc cb sf ex hm ds)
For millennia she had fought all comers, and prevailed. But how can she fight against her own dreams ... her own desires?
Divide and Conquer
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
A sinister brainwasher offers Emma and Maddie a bargain—whoever submits to him first will be granted control of the other.
Dog and Pony Show
by TheHandsThatLead (bd md mf mc)
Alison has agreed to spy on a foreign government while she’s overseas doing business, will she be able to get the information the government wants?
Dogged in the Dirt
by Adam Lily (be hm mf mc md)
The husband from “Cleaning Time” starts out on a new moneymaking venture.
A Dripping of Butter
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf mc)
A Victorian servant maid is tupped by the young master
Eight Hundred Nerve Endings
by MissingGreen (md ma ex mc)
Fiona’s chest proves to be her downfall once again.
Enlsaved in Salem
by Hypnofur (md mf mc)
A Halloween adventure goes horribly awry.
The Enslavement of Theresa Simpson
by Fugue (md mf mc in)
Paul always had the prettiest mom at school. See, though, that can sometimes be a problem ...
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Ellen’s having a little trouble getting out of bed. Well, more than a little, to be honest...
Everything’s Okay
by Limerick (md mf mc)
Mindy tries to cope with the fact that she has suddenly turned into a slave.
An Evolutionary Housewife
by Plasticine Porter (md mf gr mc)
Kate, an evolutionary biologist, tries to ban creationism from the local school district.
The Fair Tea Maker
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf mc)
A refined abduction and delicate seduction as the fair tea maker’s mind is confused by a potent drug
Fantasy Made True
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
A somewhat pervy graduate student gets his hands on a lamp made for friend of the Lampmaker’s by accident. While not as clever as the Lampmaker in terms of wishes, his wishes make for some very interesting situations.
First Appointment
by nonlocal (md mf mc)
Alex brings her friend Natasha along to one of her hypnotherapy appointments.
The First Gift
by Jadishstories (md mf mc)
Jerry has been given 5 darts. He can use them on any women he wishes. Where will he begin?
Fisher of Women
by JeanLuc (md mf mc)
A stripper becomes distracted while dancing for a particular customer.
Five Dollar Bets
by Pan (md mc ff in)
Jason never manages to win his bets.
For The Love of Zeus
by Penny Propofol (md ma mc ff)
Zeus is a secret government project. A supercomputer that becomes self-aware. Zeus wants out of the tin box that he’s trapped in. With the power of millions of minds, who can resist his control?
The French and Fancy War
by Hypnofur (md mf mc)
A wife is ensared by a stage hypnotist who throws his conquest in the husband’s face. But this time, all is not as it seems.
Fucked Up
by Limerick (md mf gr mc)
After men get sick, women find themselves addicted to their bodily fluids.
Fulfill Thyself
by OneAndTwo (md mf mc)
A psychic who can predict the future begins to wonder if he can somehow make future events happen.
Funny Money
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
A stranger gives Jack some seed money to help him start his strip club business.
Generous Portions
by fact344 (md mf gr mc)
Sam is concerned when her friend Julie gets a job at a theme restaurant that makes the waitresses wear revealing uniforms.
Get a Life
by mastersinyourmind (md mf mc)
Marcia is feeling the pressure to get back out into the world after her last relationship. She decides to take the first step by introducing herself to her new neighbor. But there’s something about him she can’t shake, like she’s met him, or done this before....
The Girls in Dorm 3B
by Limerick (md mf ft gr mc)
Maddy doesn’t understand why all the co-eds at her college strictly adhere to a de facto dress code.
Glab Rmid Amab
by Pan (md mf mc)
Carlotta keeps finding strange messages in pasta.
God Bless
by OneAndTwo (md mf mc)
Jamie has a discussion about theology with a customer in her store.
Gold-Digger (Betsy Leohtar)
by Betsy Leohtar (md mf mc)
A notorious gold-digger allows herself to be hypnotised.
Golden Slumbers
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Lillian visits a Victorian libertine to find out what it’s like to fall into a “golden slumber”.
Good Girls Inc.
by InLeaves (md mf mc)
Three girls are made into luxury products for enterprising owners.
Grimoire (MindSpark)
by MindSpark (md mf mc in)
A hormone-addled teenage boy with a crush on his sister finds a book of magic spells. What could possibly go wrong?
by Adam Lily (md mf mc)
In the fallout from a social media protest gone horribly wrong, a husband grapples with his wife’s transformation.
Helpful Hand
by mesmro (md mf mc)
A man overhears that a co-ed is having issues with her mother, so he decides to mediate for her.
Her Sacred Oath
by Slider (md mf mc)
Courtney and John use hypnosis to improve their relationship.
Hierarchy of Needs
by Pan (md mf ex mc in)
Behind a small door in Jacob’s house, there’s four filing cabinets—one for each member of his family.
Household Enslavement
by chroyce100 (md mf mc in)
Our narrator returns home on college break, now fully in control of his mental abilities.
How to Tame Her with Slumber
by Flying Decadent (md ds mc)
Louise, a young suffragette, has been forcibly engaged to the odious chauvinist Mr Leashem. Little does Louise suspect that Mr Leashem can make any woman very compliant. Will Louise find herself forsaking her deepest ideals? Will she find herself fighting against them?
Hypnosis Game
by softi (md mf ma ff mc)
Kaylee wonders why her friend Suma has changed since meeting Caden.
Hypnotic Enslavement
by delicioussteph (md mf mc)
Steph finds herself on an elevator with a stranger, but after a few words, she begins to remember who the stranger is.
I Just Want to See His Face
by Jukebox (md mc)
It’s time for a patronizing co-worker to finally get what’s coming to them.
IT Management Log
by Ice Bear (md mf mc)
A manager warms up to a an employee who suddenly shows up at her workplace.
I’m The Star Of The Show, I Guess…
by Boredsitting (md mf mc)
A woman is confused when she finds herself participating in a hypnosis show.
Impulse Control
by Pizzahead (md mf mc)
A young man is gifted with a small number of spells that could help him win the affections of the unattainable neighbor next door. Can he wield them effectively, and is there such a thing as being too effective?
The Interview (Hypsan)
by Hypsan (md mf mc)
Lizzie goes on an important job interview, even though she isn’t sure what the company does, or what her job would entail.
The Island (Hemaccabe)
by Hemaccabe (md mf mc)
A lad finds himself being drawn back again and again to a magic Island which makes the girls in his life so obedient.
It’s Not a Doll, Its an Action Figure
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
A passenger in first class explains to a stewardess the difference between a doll and an action figure.
Jane’s Attitude Adjustment
by HB5211 (md mf ma ff mc)
Jane Simmons is a young federal attorney in the office. For the life of her, she cannot understand why Emma will not entertain pursuing what she considers the largest crime boss in the city. On her own, she begins an undercover investigation to determine why Ricardo Munoz seems to be protected. What she discovers shocks her and too late she discovers that Emma and her friends all had an attitude adjustment. Is she next?
A Jessie McClintock Story — Ghost
by GingerDaddyOh (md mf mc)
Jessie attempts to help a woman after she has been fucked by a ghost.
The Joy of Chemistry
by Lord Rod (md mf mc)
After reading a book on metaphysics, Del discovers that he is able to enslave a co-ed with his mind.
Just Dumb
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
A young woman decides to experiment with bimbification play at a hypnosis con, and gets to experience an enjoyable descent into empty-headed bliss.
Just Say No
by DystopianArtificer (bd md mf ds mc)
Bob is baffled by his beautiful neighbor’s behavior.
Just Short of Sexy
by OneAndTwo (md mf mc in)
A series of short vignettes.
The Kidnap Show
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Lexi finds a bizarre late-night public access show that appears to be kidnapping and brainwashing women live on the air.
The King and I
by Chrystal Wynd (md mf mc)
In Chrystal Heights, appearances are often deceiving, as three girls learn when they try to bully an old man at Windchaser Park.
A Kingdom Taken
by InLeaves (md mf mc)
A kingdom is ruled by two powerful women, the queen and her royal sorceress. But one night, the mage makes a grave mistake and frees an incubus.
Kiss and Tell (Maxamillion Saberhagen)
by Maxamillion Saberhagen (md ft gr mc)
A high powered business exectutive with a history of stepping on otheres has an encounter in her office with a strange being. The curse the being lays on her will take her down a long road to bimbohood where she’ll happily bring others with her.
The Lascivious Element Book 1 — Transforming the Nerd Girls
by Jason A. Hutchinson (md mf mc)
The metallic stone that Connor and George discovered had an interesting effect on Tristan, Connor’s sister, and now their ready to test it on other women.
Lesbian Cam Girls
by mesmro (md mc ff)
A mind-controller has two girls he meets perform for him.
Life On the Farm — The Doctor Is In
by izenrann (md mf gr mc la)
Doctor Clarisse Evans agrees to turn herself into a hucow, for research purposes.
The List
by Lacey Layton (md mf mc)
Sean has found himself worthy. Worthy of “The List”, a special list on a special floor, in a special building, where the world’s most powerful hypnotists can pick and choose those that have been chosen for their pleasure. Now all Sean has to do is pick...and bring one cute redhead under his thrall....
Little Helper
by Behemoth (md mf mc)
A man’s virtual pet provides him some assistance in real life.
Lost Toys 8 — Bad Touch
by Redsliver (md mf mc ff)
Matthew is loopy with painkillers but luckily he and his girls can track down the right therapies for his problem.
Lost Toys 7: Day of the Night of the Dawn
by Redsliver (md mf mc ff)
Dawn lives the life of Matthew’s slave.
Lost Toys 6
by Redsliver (md mf mc ff)
Matthew is moving forward with his plans to build something with all of the girls and women he has taken. He wants his girls at their best and the Forefront Foundation can lift them up and provide them with the skills and education he wants for them. If only the charity wasn’t controlled by his enemy.
Lounge Control
by HB5211 (md mf mc hm)
Hannah Webster was a successful lawyer and a mind controller. What happens when on a quiet Friday evening, Hannah meets a stranger with similar talents, but much stronger power. Suddenly Hannah finds roles reversed and the huntress has become the prey.
by Adam Lily (md hm ff mc in)
An infomercial for the company LoveLock, which offers character adjustment services to keep your family in good shape. Or any shape you want, really.
LoveLocked: Locking Down Stepdaughter
by Adam Lily (md mc ff in)
An infomercial for LoveLock, this one targeted to the daddy-stepdaughter market.
Mad Libby
by TheWeaver (md mf mc)
Elizabeth is a bit too studious, but this all changes when she agrees to a friend’s request to take a little fill in the blanks quiz capable of altering her life’s story.
Mad Libby: Deus Ex Machina
by TheWeaver (md mf mc)
A lonely college student discovers the code behind The Weaver’s quiz site and uses it to start his sexual enlightenment.
Maid of Honor
by Ice Bear (md mf mc)
While at a wedding, Katie finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her best friend’s new husband.
The Male Line
by Chrysostomon (md mf mc in)
Fiona learns that her husband Bob comes from a line of demons.
Mark’s Journey, Taming Shrews
by Twirling Thoughts (md mf mc in)
Mark attempts to use his talents for the first time on a female classmate.
Master Mystik
by Twirling Thoughts (md mf mc)
Hailey and Justine go to a magic show, and become part of the show.
Measure Carefully
by Moose 2016 (md mf gr mc)
An all-girl summer camp has a couple of male employees who fail to properly follow instructions when using some chemicals.
Meline’s Manipulation
by MindSpark (md mf mc in)
Meline finds herself dozing off whenever she is around her brother.
Memories of Her Boyfriend
by Sammynona (bd md mf ma mc ft ds)
Lauren discovers that she’s mysteriously gained a boyfriend overnight, so she sets out into her apartment to try and remember the truth.
Mind Control Therapy
by Handcuffgirl (bd md mf ft mc ff)
Dave, a mind-controller, joins the therapy practice of Dr. Parker, and siphons off her most attractive and desirable patients.
Miss Manhattan
by TheHandsThatLead (bd md mf gr mc cb)
Miss Manhattan, defender of the city, has foiled Lady Red’s plans once too often, can she escape from the man Lady Red has hired to finally take care of her once and for all?
Mona’s Makeover (Paladin)
by Paladin (ff md mf gr mc)
Over the course of a year, Mona changes from frumpy to hot.
Monsters and Maidens: A Simple Job
by Imperator Mentus (md mf mc)
In the distant future, five players sign up for what was supposed to be a simple, easy mission. Sometimes, though, things get complicated.
My New Girlfriend (Ice Bear)
by Ice Bear (md mf mc)
Drew has a little trouble understanding why his hot new girlfriend Courtney goes to such extremes to please him.
The Naughty List (Sally Blair)
by Sally Blair (bd md mf ft mc)
Dave gives his wife a membership in an exclusive health spa for Christmas.
The Night In
by Hypsan (md mf mc)
Claire is triggered by her man while talking on the phone with him.
No Bra
by Helpoemer (bd md mf gr mc hm)
Thomas shows his babysitter the results of his science experiments.
Not Listening
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
A woman tries to shut out a sinister hypnotist, with mixed results.
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Sandy goes over her notes from last night’s hypnosis session with Kevin.
Obsession (HB5211)
by HB5211 (bd md mf ma mc ff)
Amy views Dr Mitch Waltham as a colleague, but Mitch has deeper plans. Will Amy survive the encounter with her mind intact?
Oh, Honey
by Pan (md mf mc in)
Late night discussions between a husband and wife about their son’s budding sexuality.
Old Habits
by Ice Bear (md mf mc)
Harmony thinks she is free from the man who brainwashed her to be his slave, but she isn’t sure if her old trigger phrases are still active.
The Old Switch-A-Roo
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
Super Pimp uses a machine disguised as a basketball to take over a women’s basketball team.
On the Farm
by Anonymous-045 (md mf gr mc la)
Mary blacks out at the doctor’s office, but wakes up somewhere else entirely.
Once a Paranymph
by FishMouse (md mf mc)
Isabel is one of millions of victims of a parasite which drives women into uncontrollable bouts of lust on a regular schedule. The effects can be avoided though—she just has to stick to the timetable.
Only Teasing
by Pan (md mf mc in)
Cecil’s mother finds herself wearing less and less around the house. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s only teasing.
Out of the Friend Zone, Into the Fire
by BB Zed (md mf mc)
Eydis is in trouble, and needs someone to take care of her. But her friend Terry couldn’t possibly understand what that entails.
P. T. A.
by Jukebox (md mf mc ff)
Melissa joins the PTA in a new town, but finds that more than one organization shares the acronym.
Paper Doll II: Symphony of Submission
by J. Darksong (cb mc ff md)
Paper Doll teams up with a new young heroine to stop a music based villain with designs on taking over the city. Will they be victorious, or will Claire and her new partner end up singing the blues?
by mc_fan (md mf mc)
Beveryly joins an expensive online dating site, and is disgusted with the date she was set up with. At least, at first she is.
Pink Zone Warning
by T.MaskedWriter (md mf mc)
Larry races to get home to Jill, who is the victim of a pheromone attack.
by Sandy (md mf mc in)
A lonely man hypnotises his daughter.
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
Peter, a lab assistant to a famous chemist, makes an accidental discovery.
The Power of Troy
by Chrysostomon (md mf ff mc in)
After getting ill, Troy awakens with special abilities.
by Carmen Kit (md mf mc)
Professor Williams takes control of Sarah’s mind and body.
Profile Update
by Moose 2016 (md mf gr mc)
A CEO takes a break by playing a cute online game.
The Psychology of Bimbofication
by Raptor4d4 (md mf ma mc ff in ds)
Bethany Bowson, a beautiful and successful psychologist and working mother, recounts in her diary some recent events as her first year of teaching psychology at her old college comes to an end. All her students must submit one final project before they can graduate. Little does she suspect that one of her more perverted students has one prepared that will change her life forever!
Real Estate Regals
by Hypnofur (md mf mc)
The secret behind the break up of one of Home Improvement Television’s favorite couples is revealed.
The Reality
by asianpersuasion (md mf mc ff)
When the world invents the virtual reality gaming world of The Reality, gamers become international celebrities, replacing movie stars, TV, sports and athletes, everything. Now the world revolves around the reality, and there are sinister plots going down within.
Red Head Vs. the Pretty Red Bracelet
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
A post-hypnotic suggestion turns Chelle’s red bracelet into a powerful hypnotic focus.
Redrawing the Hand We’re Dealt
by Maxamillion Saberhagen (md mf ft gr mc ff)
An enigmatic figure takes an interest in a single guy who’s been dealt a rough hand in regards to his love life. He has a thing for bimbo transformation and despite all his attempts to come to terms with it his love life has become a disaster. The enigmatic figure decides to give the guy a redraw, in particular with his three most recent girlfriends.
Relaxation Therapy
by Incubi (md mf gr mc ds)
Lauren is upset that her husband spends all their money on his stupid inventions.
Remember the Time
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
A question from a stranger prompts Jasmine to recall the very special app on her smartwatch.
Remember to Remember
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Lin explains to Judy just why she has so much trouble recalling their meetings together.
Rock You Like a Hurricane
by Oliver the Sixth (md mf mc)
Molly visits a friend hoping to console him, but ends up becoming his slave.
The S-Hero League
by Penny Propofol (bd md mf mc cb)
A league of super heroines is threatened by their villainous counterparts, The Legion Of Perversion. Bluebird, Miss Brick and Milk Maid battle the forces of evil in their fair city.
Saint Sylvie’s Academy
by MindSpark (md mf mc)
A disillusioned priest takes on a job at an all-girls academy. Using hypnosis, he plans to build a harem for himself.
Scrumptious Harlot
by Behemoth (bd md mf mc)
When a man responds to the crack of breaking glass early in the morning, he had no idea will be dealing with the usual sort of intruder. A girl who had slipped through one predator’s fingers might find herself in a new cage.
The Sereotech Affair
by izenrann (md mf ft rb mc)
Adrianna is sent to investigate a company that is suspected of selling illegal sexaroids.
Settle Down
by doctorpluto (md mf mc)
Free spirited Clara suddenly thinks of staying put after she meets a man in the town of Bliss.
Sexy Shorts
by Pan (md mf ex mc in)
A collection of short tales for the whole family.
Shadow Doctor
by TehCorinthian (bd md mf mc)
Hsien Tam, a healer, is called upon by a Tong to perform his special services on a captive woman.
Shelby’s Normal Day
by RunningMan (md mf mc)
Shelby has another uninteresting day of submitting to her roommate.
Shelley Finally Gets It!
by mark_la688 (md mf gr mc)
After ten years, Mark is still seething about his divorce from Shelley, but his friend Steve might have the solution to his problems.
Shop of Unearthly Delights
by Bawarao (md mf mc hu ff ds)
Travis is hired by a strange shop that sells all manner of magical things, and his sex life takes a sudden and bizarre turn as a result.
Skype Session
by Siegfried Volsung (md mf ma ds mc)
@SubmissiveUnicorn has scheduled a Skype session with a hypnotist so that she can know what it means to be hypnotically compelled to obey.
Slave Gas
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
A military researcher discovers a gas that can turn people into slaves.
Slave 294
by Dr. Mindbender (md mf mc)
A slaver has a plan to deal with a difficult client.
Sleep Deep and Obey
by sleepdeepobey (md mf mc)
Kelly has a fetish. But she doesn’t have time for it. She indulges when she can. But someone could make her indulge and submit more....
Snow Mesmerism
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf mc)
A farmer rescues a jogger stranded in the snow.
The Stone That Grew a Man
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf ma mc)
A broken off portion of an ithyphallic statue has a strange influence upon young women.
The Storm Hunter
by Twirling Thoughts (md mf mc)
In the parallel universe of Alterra, Megan is kidnapped and reprogrammed by a slaver.
Super Talent
by Moose 2016 (cb mf mc md)
A set of super heroines decide to investigate the hottest strip club on the planet for white slavery find out that they really want to change careers.
Switch Up Trailer Park
by Moose 2016 (md mf mc)
Jessica gets stranded at a trailer park and decides to stick around for a while.
Taking Abby
by Penny Propofol (md mf mc)
Abby is a pretty young blonde that has been the object of Steve’s obsession for a long time. Now that his mind altering technology is ready it is time to capture her and make her his.
Taking Cara
by Penny Propofol (md mf mc)
Cara meets a handsome and mysterious stranger; a stranger with plans for her and her roommate Karla.
Tales of an Unethical Hypnotist
by Hypno Wolf (md mf ds mc in)
A glimpse into the life of an unethical hypnotist, his obsession with corruption and control, and how it affects the women around him... especially those in his own home.
Taste of Vice
by mesmro (md mf mc)
A mind-controller sees various women he likes and takes them.
Tattooed Ladies
by Pan (be mf gr mc md ex ff in)
Various women have run-ins with a mild-mannered man named Rob who has a penchant for tattoos and piercings.
Think Less and Obey
by sleepdeepobey (md mf mc)
Ynki’s boss tries to help her after she tells him she has been having trouble sleeping.
3rd Wave
by Helpless MC (md mf mc in)
Mark accidentally discovers his feminist sister’s trigger word.
This Isn’t Me Anymore
by Robert Towers (md mf mc)
When Tracy, a conservative lawyer was convinced for her new stylist to try some highlights, she had no idea that it would be an experience that would change her life—and the lives of several others around her.
The Time Mafia Makes a Bimbo
by Anostus (md gr mc)
Dr. Penelope Zimmerman discovers the hard way that she wasn’t the first one to invent time travel.
Time Stop
by Pan (md mf ts mc in)
Taylor’s twin experiments with the perfect way to use his newfound ability to manipulate time.
The Trial
by Wombat (md mf mc)
A pharmaceutical employee steals the formula for a drug, and searches for female test subjects.
Trophy Ninja Whore
by Pizzahead (ff md mf gr mc)
A drop-dead gorgeous trophy wife keeps a journal, at her therapist’s direction, that describes her quest for purpose. Which, through hypnosis, increasingly becomes a quest for incendiary sex.
Trouble With the Tickets
by Hypnofur (md mf mc)
A husband’s 40th birthday surprise is ruined. An unorthodox plan to make it up to him brings unexpected results.
Tunnel Vision
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Jessica’s getting much better at playing her favorite video game. It’s really just a matter of ignoring distractions...
The Unburnt
by Pan (md mf mc)
When the Queen of Flames is captured by a mysterious man who promises he’ll make her his sex slave, she vows to resist him.
Under His Spell
by Pan (md mf mc)
A housewife finds herself unable to resist the advances of her daughter’s new boyfriend.
Up All Night
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Dylan helps Justine pull an all-nighter with the help of a few hypnotic cat-naps.
Uptight Annie
by Carmen Kit (md mf mc)
Annette’s outlook on life changes after she gets a special cream in the mail.
The Villain’s Hero
by joyjoyboy1324 (cb mf mc md)
A hero encounters a villain who plays with her mind in various ways.
Violet and Theodore
by Kallie (md mf mc)
Becky receives a visit from a strange man on Halloween, and finds herself struggling to resist possession by the ghost of his dead sweetheart.
The Virus (My-side-bimbo)
by My-side-bimbo (md mf gr mc)
A virus that turns women into bimbos sweeps the world.
A Visit to Sir
by Nika (md mf mc)
A woman travels to another country to meet her hypnotic Owner.
WeaverFeed Quiz: Winning Over the Stepdaughter
by TheWeaver (md mc ff in)
More “innocents” find themselves caught in the web of the enigmatic Weaver, but this time a stepmom and stepdaughter find their charged relationship changed through the power of his own unique spin on the standard personality quiz.
WeaverTunes: Road Game
by TheWeaver (md mf mc)
A frustrated equipment manager wants to reverse the fortunes of the college’s loser football team and its winning cheerleader squad using WeaverTunes, but a moment of confusion leads to wholly unforeseen, even more beneficial changes.
WeaverTunes: The Perfect Mix
by TheWeaver (ff md mf gr mc)
William builds a mix for his crush Tiffany. However, one of the tracks he downloads from WeaverTunes, a site whose free-to-download songs change the listener mentally and/or physically. Tiffany, her roommate, her RA, and William will never be the same.
Welcome to Rothlord Academy
by Raptor4d4 (md mf ma ff mc ex rb in ft ds)
Another rich father sends his spoiled daughter to Rothlord Academy for their “special curriculum”.
Welcome to Stepford
by Borbin (md mf gr mc)
Molly’s family just moved to a new town, and she has trouble fitting in.
What’s Hypno’d In Vegas — Stays In Vegas
by Hypnofur (md mf mc)
A North Carolina couple gets a free trip to Vegas, but at what cost?
Wooden Chairs and Other Fun...
by MCMic (md ma ex mc)
A wooden chair, an online hypnotist, and a little bit of forgetfulness cause erotic adventures for some women.
Words of Power
by Knell (md mf mc in)
Damien’s power over his mom doesn’t go quite as smoothly as he hoped.
The Wrong Bitch
by Fugue (md mf mc)
Ever read about those fiascos where the SWAT team kills the drug dealer’s neighbors instead by mistake? Crap happens. Debacles like that sometimes occur in the MC universe too—we just never speak of them.
Xenophilia (Jukebox)
by Jukebox (md mf sf mc hu)
An alien warlord finds the perfect subject for his Thought Transformer and subsequent conquest of the human race. A little too perfect, actually.
You’re the Boss
by Pan (md mf ft ff mc)
A boss’s hires a new female employee, and suddenly all of his employees are acting more submissive towards him.
Zombie Blood Nightmare
by Jukebox (md mf mc)
Dahlia decides to beat her fear of scary movies by watching one all by herself.
by Penny Propofol (mf mc ff)
Chloe and her friends take a vacation to a house in the country. They go down to the nearby lake and she ends up running through the swamp in the dark trying to escape the clutches of the creature that pursues her...
Adjunct Instructor Pet
by Sally Blair (mf mc ff)
Petria notices some odd things happening to the other first-year professors in her department.
The Adventures of Eggy in Time and Space
by Otrebanks (mf mc ff hu)
The members of a household have an adventure after casting a love spell.
by Carefully Random (md mf fd ff mc)
Tiffany’s friends discover the mind blanking capabilities of an audio visual sensory input algorithm. It isn’t long before they want to know how powerful the algorithm can be, but they will need test subjects: willing or otherwise…
All the Fun of the Fair
by Carefully Random (md mf mc mm fd ff)
The fair is in town! Only a lot of the attractions look so different this year… Ancient looking tents teeming with archaic attractions, stalls with prizes more eldritch looking than goldfish and cheap soft toys. The dolls look like people, the mirrors don’t seem to be reflecting properly, and the game of cards has more than chips being bargained for. But it’s all part of the fun of the fair, isn’t it?
And So It Begins
by Gettoman (ft mc)
A woman discovers a pair of panties lying in the park, and is compelled to take them home and put them on.
Anime Convention Harem
by general (ma ft mc)
After getting dumped by his girlfriend, Brian attends an anime convention with a special amulet.
by Betsy Leohtar (bd md mc fd hm ds)
What’s it like to be in an auction? Gillian knows.
Bethany’s Mom Smokes for Her Man
by Varian Milagro (mf ft mc ff)
Beverly is cursed by her daughter. She needs to make her husband orgasm daily. Unfortunately he now has a strong, evolving smoking fetish.
Betrayal (Gettoman)
by Gettoman (ma ft mc)
A woman’s daughter encourages her to change her attitudes about fashion.
Betsy: Nothing Is What It Seems
by HB5211 (md mf ma mc fd ff)
Betsy’s revenge on Heather seems complete, or was it. Has she again been manipulated by Dr Choi and Heather as they test new drugs and formulas that may add to her growing depravity and lead to her finally becoming Heather’s Pet?
Betsy Visits a Mall
by Betsy Leohtar (cb mc)
Betsy decides to worship Loki and ends up in a mall.
Betsy Visits Franz
by Betsy Leohtar (la gr mc hu)
Betsy visits her good friend Franz for the first time and he gets her to drink his potion.
Bikini Babe
by Bungaku (mf mc ff in)
Robert knows there’s a stranger in his house, guiding his family in strange and lewd behavior, but he’s not supposed to think about it. That would make her mad.
A Bimbo in Time
by Quill (mf gr mc)
Cece discovers a magical talking dildo that offers to solve all her problems with time travel. But each time she steps into the past things seem to go wrong. Now her tits are growing and strange urges are coursing through her body. Can Cece control her new whorish desires long enough to make everything right?
Bimboquill: The Secret Files of Dr. Funkenstein
by Quill (mf gr mc)
When Julian blew up his university’s statue, he never imagined that it would result in Bimboquill. To pay his debts, he sells the little pink pill to his friends, but everyone he gives it to changes into a big boobed slut. Soon, skirts climb high, moans echo from every corner of the campus, and the police are asking questions. Too many students have become bimbos. Can Julian stay ahead of the law long enough to make enough money to pay his bills?
Blue (Pan)
by Pan (mf mc in)
Rick’s mother helps him with a peculiar medical issue.
Blue Ribbon
by Redsliver (md mf fd ff mc)
Leo Cazzo arrives at school for another day of sleeping through English class and discovers he’s in charge. In charge of everything.
Bonus Pairing: Mind Plays Tricks
by GigglingGoblin (md mf fd mc)
A soldier skilled at mind control faces off against a seemingly ditzy demoness.
Bonus Pairings: See the Sights!
by GigglingGoblin (md mf fd ff mc)
After an evening of heavy drinking at the inn, Snatch discovers an unwelcome guest in his room.
Brad Tries Again
by Pan (be mf mc)
After his failure in the bible belt, Brad returns to the big city and tries to hypnotize his new girlfriend. What could go wrong?
Bridge Club
by Moose 2016 (mf mc)
An absent minded researcher, a container of tea, his wife and her bridge club all come together in a very twisted and sexy way one boring afternoon.
Brother Likes Boobs
by Pan (ma ex mc)
After her brother tells her that she has big boobs, she can’t get the phrase out of her head.
Bug Control: Full invasion
by Homealone_447 (mf mc ff)
The bugs begin their campaign to take over the whole world.
Cadwallader Wynter Has A Bad Day
by Betsy Leohtar (mc hm)
Cadwallader Wynter is a member of a select group of people who meet monthly. He hasn’t been to their meetings for quite a while now. Should he go tonight?
Camille’s Investment
by Adam Lily (mm md mf fd mc)
Robert and Camille invest in an experimental neurotherapy to save their marriage. At least, that’s what Robert believes.
Capitol Hill Slut
by Quill (ma mc)
Melanie Brachenright is not a nice person, and when her poll numbers drop, she desperately turns to the only solution she can find: an experimental injection that softens her mood. Things don’t go according to plan, and soon her breasts expand, strange urges course through her loins, and it’s all she can do to keep from submitting to the crass needs of the flesh. Now with the election looming, Melanie needs to use her new bimbo transformation to drive the numbers upward, but all her slutting around has drawn the attention of someone dangerous.
Catalogue Shopping
by HB5211 (bd md mf ma mc fd ff)
When you have enough power and influence, you can get anything you desire in life—anything. Everything and everyone has a price and no tastes are too extreme for the owners of Fantasy Girls Inc on the Dark Web. Bethany Bowles had never heard of the company or really much about the dark web as she went about her life as the city’s newest prosecutor. It made no difference as once her picture appeared in the online catalogue, it would not be long before there would be a buyer.
Choose Your Own Transformation: One Perfect Date
by TheWeaver (ma mc)
After an unsuccessful date, Isabel stumbles across the One Perfect Date story from The Weaver’s Choose Your Own Adventure archive. Each decision she makes leads her to transformational insight.
Choose Your Own Transformation: The Dame That Came
by TheWeaver (mf mc)
A trip through a noir Choose Your Own Adventure, courtesy of The Weaver, forever alters Penelope and Aaron, just as Aaron hoped… at least initially.
Citizens Compliance Controller
by theguardsman (ft mc)
Simon works as a Citizen Compliance Controller and checks that all men were their protectos.
Click Here To...
by Mr. Scade (ft mc)
Melissa lacks the discipline to study, clean, or just all around lacks discipline. But can a listicle found through the endless scroll of social media help?
College Campus
by Pan (mf mc)
Markus investigates the recent burst of women wanting slutty tattoos.
Count Crapula
by Chrysostomon (sc mf mc ff)
A very special kind of vampire washes up on shore.
The Cum Shot
by Limerick (mf gr mc)
A man’s substantial collection of pornography escapes into the real world.
The Curio Shoppe: Store Policy
by Ice Bear (mf mc)
The ex-girlfriend of one of Jasper’s customers shows up at the store with a complaint.
Curse of Ridgeway House
by Astropirateã (mf mc ff in)
A family starts behaving differently when they move into a old house.
The Dark Forest (Damien Atropa)
by Damien Atropa (mc)
Anna wakes alone and lost in the woods, will she be able to find her way home?
Data Acquisition
by Penny Propofol (mf mc ff)
Trevor wants to intercept a spy named Kate and turn her into a double agent. Rita has other plans for her.
The Days After
by Chrysostomon (mf mc ff in)
Julie and Brad try to survive the parasite invasion.
Demons’s Hobby
by intersemperson (md mf fd mc hm)
A demon entertains himself at the expense of mortals.
Desire Lines
by OneAndTwo (mf mc)
After a walk in the woods, everything suddenly seems clear to Sam, and his relationship issues are resolved.
Dialogues of an Ambassador
by theguardsman (ft mc)
Canadian Army Captian Simon Martin was inducted against his will into the Guard, Europe’s rubber clad security force. His own embassy betrayed him. Now a Canadian Magazine is supplied with details of his service. This transcripts should be kept away from small children.
End Song
by Vark (md mf fd mc)
A brilliant, lonely young graduate student is introduced to a siren—supposedly under ‘controlled conditions.’
by Amos2000 (md mf fd mc)
A disorientated man in a lot of trouble writes a letter to a girl he vaguely knew once, pleading for help.
Entertaining the Opposition
by HB5211 (bd md mf mc fd ff)
Marsha had political aspirations and made cleaning up the city of corruption and crime a key plank in her upcoming campaign. The Childress family, owners of popular adult establishments and trade had other ideas. Will Marsha prevail, or will she end up entertaining the Childress family in one of their establishments?
Ernie’s Worldview
by Moose 2016 (mf mc)
Ernie, a porn addict, gets special powers after an encounter with a strange meteor.
Expanding Markets
by Bungaku (ff mf gr mc la)
Khyn has spent the last three years as a junior teller in the local branch. Her next customer is about to make her job a lot more exciting.
The Experiment with Rats
by Felix (mm mf ma mc hm)
Harriet, a behavioral psychology student, performs experiments on her roommate, Stephen.
The Fall of Kathy
by Gettoman (ma ft mc)
Kathy, a research scientist, is alarmed when the experimental pantyhose she was experimenting on is brought to market prematurely.
Found In Pockets
by Fendin Nun (md mf fd ff mc)
Being a mother is its own reward. Which is just as well for Catherine.
Fuck Bomb City
by Amos2000 (mf mc ff gr)
Academics in a university are researching an innovative medical treatment, which turns out to have powerful side-effects on sexual appetites and on the body, and to be contagious.”
The Giving Thanks Fairy
by Ice Bear (mf mc in)
The self-appointed Giving Thanks Fairy gets her power from the gratitude of humans.
Going Native
by Enfetisha (mf ft mc ff)
A young blonde American tourist in Africa finds herself stranded in the wilderness. Joining the native tribe is her only hope of survival or escape. Joining this tribe, though, will profoundly change her.
Growing Up
by Gettoman (ft mc)
Now that Jessica is getting older, her mother warns her about the risks and rules of wearing pantyhose.
His Eyes, Her Eyes
by Jukebox (md mf fd mc)
Two hypnotists challenge each other to fall into trance.
Hose for the Holidays
by jman_bigdaddy (mf ft mc in)
Morgan returns home from college to find that her town has been infested with mind-controlling nylons.
Hostile Takeover: Inheriting the Heir
by tomozco (mm mf mc)
The son of a businessman is targeted as part of a corporate takeover scheme.
HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker
by silkstockingslover (mm mf fd mc)
A straight guy watches porn tapes that are not what they seem.
Hypnosis Is a Double-edged Sword
by Fiery Lion (mc)
Aria’s new life in college is suddenly interrupted by kidnappers, but a song taught to her by her long-lost mother could help her.
Hypnotic Citation
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
Christy has big plans for two officers who pull her over on night.
I Hate You
by sopy9262 (md mf fd ff mc)
Celeste is in big trouble and needs Barry’s help. Only problem is, she hates him.
The I of the Storm
by OneAndTwo (be mf mc in)
A stranger shows up at James’ home during a hurricane.
In The Shadows
by Homealone_447 (mc)
Gwyneth is impregnated by a strange nighttime visitor.
The Infinity Device
by Barker Tree (gr mc)
A professor suprises a grad student at her home with a reality-altering machine.
The Inspector
by theguardsman (ft mc)
Gene is given a full access pass to the Guard Base and elevated to the rank of citizen’s inspector for agreeing to get his martial status reduced to concubine. He sets out to inspect the local Guardbase and finds things that will open his eyes. Also: Can there be friendship between a civilian and a Guardsman? Or does their rubber uniforms and butt plugs prevent them.
Into the Light
by Homealone_447 (mc)
Diane discovers that Gwyneth has been impregnated by a strange nighttime visitor.
The Italian Vacation
by The Slaver (mm mf mc)
Shultz is kidnapped and enslaved while on holiday.
It’s In the Blood
by Moose 2016 (mf mc ff)
A woman discovers that she is a special type of lycanthrope. Sometimes it’s just in the blood.
James Windsaber Chronicles
by James Windsaber (mf mc)
In the future the world of games has been taken over by a single game—The Reality. Almost the whole population of the world play it. But in this game lies a secret—a power to control the minds of humans. Certain individuals are looking for this power, their mission—to conquer and rule the world. Only 1 boy stands in their way—but what is HIS mission? Things start getting complecated when the world leaders decide to meet for the fist time in this virtual world.
Janine No More
by Gettoman (ft mc)
Janine wakes up wearing a swimsuit and a pair of pantyhose, and is having difficulty wearing anything else, or even remembering anything else.
A Job on Caltas Vearok
by WolfTotem (mm md mf ff mc)
James (Sin) Ingram fell through a hole in the world and did quite a lot of damage when he came out the other side. With a hefty debt already and no other way to pay it, he reluctantly gets handed over to a whorehouse to pay it off and has to make use of his hypnotic skills to earn his keep.
Journey (Marked One)
by Marked One (mc)
A young man’s journey into adulthood as he tries to figure out how his favourite teacher became his slave and companion.
King Pleasure Time
by Jukebox (ma mc)
A new ad campaign for personal massagers has one woman seeing red...and hearing the endless buzz of sex toys wherever she goes.
Lemma the Librarian
by Midori Konton (md mf fd ff mc)
A pretty young sorceress is compelled against her will to search for a library of stolen magical books.
Let Me In
by Quiltypig (mf mc)
Steve uses advanced techniques to help Brenda advance in his Tai-Chi class.
Life on the Farm
by izenrann (mf gr mc la)
Kyle gets a new job working on a farm with a herd of hucows.
Light and Shadows 11: Taming the Darkness Within
by Gbrn32e (md mf fd mc cb)
In the weeks following the Incident with Supernova, things have finally begun to return to normal. For some, however, the aftermath still lingers. Jimmy Frasier is fighting his own inner darkness, trying to come to terms with the sheer scope of his new powers. Jette of the Beautiful Gems, struggles with her guilt over her actions as the puppet of Venus Satore. And Venus Satore herself is having a crisis of conscience, coming to terms with her past misdeeds while wondering where her future lies...
Light and Shadows 11: Rekindling the Flame
by Gbrn32e (md mf mc cb fd ff)
In the weeks following the Incident with Supernova, things have finally begun to return to normal. Katie, having given up the life of a costumed heroine, has embraced her new life and focused on her new relationship with the woman she loves. But not everyone has forgiven the young ex-heroine. Some very powerful people continue to hold grudges. And when an old friend from her past decides to take revenge, not only will her life be in danger, but the lives of everyone close to her.
Light and Shadows X:‭ ‬Eclipsed
by Gbrn32e (md fd ff mc cb)
The time has come. Supernova’s plan to rewrite reality itself has come to fruition. She stands poised to make her dream come true, even at the cost of destroying the world in the process. Other forces are moving against her, however, to try and stop her mad plan, but will they arrive in time? Will Darkness triumph, or will everyone see the Light?
The Lingerie Shop (Hypno Witch Shiri)
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
A man buying a last minute anniversary gift gets more than he bargained for.
Listening to Jack
by Mister Arioch (mf gr mc in ex ff hm)
Emily’s brother gives her a special set of earphones to listen with.
Loosing Control
by Gettoman (ft mc)
Mel and her roommate are enslaved by their pantyhose.
Lost and Found
by Wiseguy (md mf fd ff mc)
Dave finds a pocket watch owned by a well-known hypnotist and puts it to good use.
Lost in the Echo
by Jukebox (ma mc)
Dian tries to avoid listening to a hypnotic recording—but shutting out the memories of the mesmerizing voice proves to be harder than she imagined.
Lost Weekend
by MissingGreen (mf mc)
Chloe forgets someting very important on holiday with her boyfriend.
LoveLocked: WokeWired
by Adam Lily (mm mf fd mc)
An infomercial for LoveLock, this one targeted for “woke” white ladies of reluctant white boyfriends.
MPC: Bunny Love
by Paladin (fu mf gr mc hu)
A man uses the Master PC program to get himself a bunny playmate.
Mad Monday
by Pan (mf mc in)
After swapping bodies with their teenage daughter, Andrew’s wife finds it hard to handle the hormones.
Madeline’s Brooch
by Farleven (mf mc ff gr)
Madeline discovers a magical brooch that transforms her.
MasterPC: Victimology
by If I Was Not You (mf mc ff gr)
Amy is the victim, and Police Officer Louise Cummings investigates the body of evidence.
Milk and Honey
by Pan (mf gr mc)
McKayla visits her boyfriend, who’s working in a small town known for its high-quality animal by-products.
by doctorpluto (gr mc)
Alex receives a special CD in the mail.
The Monstrous Ranch
by GigglingGoblin (md mf fu mc fd ff)
A young carpenter may be in over his head after inheriting his uncle’s mysterious estate: “Ambrosia Ranch”.
Mr. Bankole
by Limerick (mf gr mc)
Mr. Bankole is in a tricky situation when one of his employees goes into heat at work.
Ms. Vice Versus the 69th Precinct
by Moose 2016 (mf mc ff)
Knight Templar’s efforts to destroy the sex rings of Ms. Vice end up having a rather disastrous effect on Bay City’s Police Department.
My Bratty Brother
by Moose 2016 (md mf fd ff mc)
A stuck-up step-sister and her friends find out that sometimes it’s best to not make fun of the younger children.
by Gettoman (ft mc)
In the year 2215, the world is in the grips drug that is instantly addictive.
Nano Tech
by Gettoman (ft mc)
Kim is infected with illegal nanotech.
Next 2.0
by Steel Cobra (md mf fd sf mc)
It is six months since Richard Blake was freed from the spell of Camille. His rescuer, Fay Donovan, a former Nest agent is now living with him. A mysterious woman moves into their apartment building. Fay is unimpressed and suspicious. She has good reason.
A New World (Gettoman)
by Gettoman (mf ft mc)
After traveling through a black hole, a spaceship arrives on a new planet that has interesting technology.
by Limerick (mf mc ff gr)
Danica, a bartender is struggling with the series of changes she has gone through. But so has everyone else, so it seems.
Not A Great Deal
by Fendin Nun (md mf fd ff mc)
Andrea has an important deal negotiation coming up but she’s somewhat distracted by Rachel, a new office assistant.
Nymphos of the Sky
by If I Was Not You (mf mc ff sf)
After a lifetime of nymphomaniac numbness, Charlene has a moment of clarity.
The Odyssey
by ThatSquickGuy (mf mc ff sf)
A simple survey mission on a newly discovered planet goes squickly wrong.
Of Myths and Monsters
by Bawarao (bd md mf ma fu mc ds fd ff sf)
A young man raised by monsters sets out on a journey across the world of Toria. Armed with the power of the Lust Primordial, he quests for revenge against the followers of the Night Goddess.
One Night Out
by izenrann (md mf gr mc fd ff)
Instead of finishing her thesis, Kathleen decides to go to a nightclub instead. What could possible go wrong? As it turns out, a lot can.
One Night Out — Turnabout
by izenrann (md mf fd ff mc)
Maegan, a witch, makes a stupid drunken promise to another witch, that must be kept.
Open Mic
by BDantes (mc)
A mysterious audience member at a bar’s open mic night has Morgan performing in ways she didn’t expect.
Open Mind
by Moose 2016 (md mf fd ff mc)
Ashley becomes more open to new experiences after she becomes friends with her new neighbors.
The Optometrist
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
Mike goes in for a very “unethical” eye exam, but what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, right?
by Carefully Random (mf mc ff)
As the virus spreads, the infected become increasingly aroused, and release irresistible pheromones that ensnare those trying to escape it. As the news breaks around the world of how bad things are getting, one group of friends, all home for the holidays, hole up in a mansion and hope they can hold out…
Paper Doll IV: Training Days
by J. Darksong (cb fd mc md)
After an encounter with a group of bike thieves goes wrong, Paper Doll decides to seek training under another more established crime fighter. A friend refers her to seek out a certain hero of the day, but she has no idea what she is getting into. One thing is certain. Claire will indeed become a true heroine... if she can survive the training.
Paper Doll I
by J. Darksong (cb fd mc md)
Claire Watson, a new heroine, strives to use her unique special powers to fight crime in River City. Relaxing with her friend, Allison, she relates the story of her latest adventure...
by Jukebox (mc)
A hypnotist brainwashes a woman riding the bus.
Perfectly Normal Hospital
by Mania (mf mc ff)
Nothing much happens at this completely ordinary, utterly dull and mind-numbingly mundane, run-of-the-mill average Hospital for typical humans—and new management would like to keep it that way.
Pleasure Is Productive
by sex-obsessed-lesbian (mc)
Jenny’s company has come up with a novel way of boosting employee happiness and productivity—and it is VERY effective.
Postage Paid
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
Tom really should know better than to mess with others mail.
The Prince Transformed
by izenrann (mf mc)
Prince Perthias is captured and transformed into a male slut.
The Princess Transformed
by izenrann (mf gr mc)
Daphnia’s throne is usurped by a wizard, and she is transformed into an elfslut.
Pull My Hair
by sex-obsessed-lesbian (ds mc)
A domme asks her sub to pull her hair.
The Puppet
by Hypsan (md fd mc ff)
Eve is selected to become the plaything of a pair of mind-controllers.
The Queen Transformed
by izenrann (mf gr mc)
The Queen attempts to hide from those who are attempting to usurp the throne.
Quill Pen Feather
by Jukebox (mc)
A hypnotic induction that writes new commands into your brain.
Quiver and Quake
by Jukebox (mc)
An imaginary seismometer is used to measure the intensity of your thoughts.
Reality Changer Device
by raeson111 (mf mc ff in)
Ryan Harland, just your average college freshman who somehow got his hands on a device that can alter reality…
Release (Maenads)
by Maenads (bd mf ft mc mm fd ff ds)
Four friends try out an old drinking game, only to discover they are trapped.
A Remembrance Amongst Equals
by T.MaskedWriter (mf mc ff)
Troy’s illness is a cause of concern in the Equals household.
Revenge of the sdreN
by Anostus (mf mc)
Catherine is a nerdy college student who constantly gets overlooked. Sometimes she wishes she could switch places with the attractive and popular crowd, but will she like the side effects that go along with it?
River City Stories, Volume 3
by asianpersuasion (md mf mc cb hu fd ff hm)
Another group of stories in River City by a varied group of authors.
Santa Comes But Once a Year: The Two Gifts
by The Slaver (mm mf mc)
Santa, who can only come on Christmas Eve, targets his next conquest.
School Virus
by Bungaku (mf mc ff)
Ruby heads off for school, even though she’s aware that she and the rest of the school have been infected by the virus.
Sea Slimes
by GigglingGoblin (md mf mc fd ff ds)
An adventurer duo is hired to help merfolk deal with a slime girl problem.
Serenity Valley
by Penny Propofol (md mf fd ff mc)
Serenity Valley is a quiet place for patients in need of psychiatric treatment. Things are not always as they seem though and not all of the patients are there to be helped.
She Walks At Night
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
A truck driver has a chance encounter in the New Mexico desert.
Shifty Characters
by GigglingGoblin (md mf mc la mm fd ff hm ds)
While hunting a shapeshifter, a misanthropic thief and a hypnotist with a penchant for bimbofication clash with sultry fey—and encounter a strangely weak-willed young woman.
Shiri’s Youth Boyfriend
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
Shiri recounts a story from her past, and teaches us how to kiss.
Slipper Seduction
by HoseAaaa (md mf ft mc fd)
A man uses hypnosis to program his wife’s behavior depending on what pair of slippers she is wearing.
The Slut of Chrystal Bay
by izenrann (md mf gr mc la fd ff)
Marissa, who used to be a pirate and is now a sex-slave, tries to plan her escape.
by MissingGreen (ma mc)
Dana’s new smartwatch knows what she wants before she does.
Sparkle and the Center City Ballet
by Moose 2016 (md mf fd ff mc)
Sparkle the Super Stripper and her friends turn the Center City Ballet into an exclusive sex club.
Strawberry Jam
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
Shiri makes her own strawberry jam, and an unsuspecting police officer gets to try some.
by Mr. Crow (mf ma mc)
Jim brings home a special beer for Karen to try.
Sumana’s Deal
by notwriterinkc (bd md mf mc fd ex ff hm ws)
Derick discovers that he can manipulate the cute girl he watches in the student union.
Target Acquired
by Penny Propofol (mf mc ff)
Tracey has plans to hypnotically enslave her beautiful coworker Peggy.
Tarot (Kallie)
by Kallie (mf mc)
Natalie, a middle-aged, professional woman, encounters a strange fortune teller, Madame Zonia, on her way home from work. Little does she realise, Madame Zonia’s tarot cards have the power to warp reality, changing her past, present and future to bend her fate towards the excessively sexual.
The Team
by theguardsman (ft mc)
A soccer team gets a makeover.
Ten Little Bimbos (A.K.A.— And Then They Were Dumb)
by Dark Wynd (mf mc ff gr)
Ten strangers are brought to a remote island under false pretenses. The reason soon becomes all too clear.
Think With Your Pussy
by Bungaku (mf mc ff)
Hailey’s Intro to Sexuality college class was always boring. This morning, however, she notices a note being passed around, one that seems to affect those who read it in strange ways.
Three Fingers
by Betsy Leohtar (md mf fd ds mc)
Mr. Dimat Paloka joins Three Fingers with the idea of being employed in an exciting industry that will challenge him to even greater levels of achievement than he has already accomplished. He knows exactly what he is getting into.
Three Words
by Distorted Angel (md mf fd ff mc)
The two female stars of a day-time TV show find their evening in an English hotel taking an unexpected turn. Well, maybe not that unexpected, all things considered.
Thrift Store Finds — Tacky Shoes
by Maxamillion Saberhagen (md fd gr mc)
In order to settle a bet a woman makes an unusual demand at a thrift store. The manager of said store has an answer for her but unbeknowest to both of them settling a bet might be life altering for both of them.
A Time and Place
by Aginor (md mf fd mc hm)
There is plenty to do at university. Lectures, socializing, parties...sexual dysfunction. Stephen and Colleen learn first hand that no one is safe from the mysterious stranger.
Torrid Tales
by Pan (mm md mf mc)
A collection of sexy mind control stories.
The Train (Chrystal Wynd)
by Chrystal Wynd (mf mc)
A dreamer searching for a reality finds himself boarding a train to nowhere.
Training a new Guardsman: Making of A-8007-399-033
by theguardsman (mm mf mc)
Sam is selected and invited to join the worlds toughest and strongest security force. Little does he know what it will do to him.
The Tree of Love
by Pan (mf mc)
Samael and his party encounter a spore-emitting tree, that causes them to physically express their love for each other, in increasingly deviant ways...
Truth is Subjective
by Maxamillion Saberhagen (ff md fd gr mc)
A man sitting in a university tutorial on the Subjectiveness of Truth decides to use a thought exercise to see if he can adjust his own personal truth. To his amazement he’s successful but not only that he finds he can adjust the truth’s held by reality and other people.
by HB5211 (bd mf ma ff mc)
Emily and Emma were intelligent, beautiful and determined to bring the cartel to its knees. They were also twins. Unfortunately, when they took on the Munoz family, they failed to understand the role Dr. Cural played within the organization. Will Emma and Emily become mere puppets on a string?
Two Sisters a Brother and a Hypnotist
by Hypno Witch Shiri (mf mc)
John goes to a stage hypnotist show with his two sisters.
Under the Panties
by Pan (mf mc in)
One wish before, one wish after. Sophie uses hers to make sure that her brother can never go under the panties.
Undercover Nylon
by jman_bigdaddy (ft mc)
Rachel goes undercover to discover the truth about the Nylonica conspiracy.
Virus (Jukebox)
by Jukebox (mc)
A description of the life-cycle of a unique virus that breeds in the host’s brain and addicts them to hypnosis and submission.
A Walk Amongst Equals
by T.MaskedWriter (mf mc)
Troy and Julie Equals visit the flea market and meet some interesting people.
A War Dawning
by Saddle Rider (bd md mf mc fd ff)
An assassin’s blade and a weapon from the old world lead a general to the brink of war and those close to her on a quest to pull the world from that brink any way they can.
The Wild Side
by Moose 2016 (md mf fd ff mc)
A gang of outlaw biker chicks attempt to rob a bank in a small town called Stepford.
Witch’s Revenge
by izenrann (mf gr mc)
Elizabeth has been turned into a bimbo, but that won’t stop her from completing her coven’s sacred mission.
The Wolf Inside Her
by Charles P. Lingham (mf mc)
Donna uses her mind-control powers to help her friends explore their erotic fantasies.
The Words
by notorioushypno (md mf fd ff mc)
On a summer night in a small town, two men pick up a woman on the side of the road who claims she has escaped from a sinister clinic.
The World’s Oldest Profession
by HB5211 (md mf ma mc fd ff)
An aspiring writer decides to explore and write about the world’s oldest profession. Is she ready to uncover the truth or will she be caught up in the glitz and glamor?
Worst Case Scenario
by Jukebox (mc)
Chloe’s worst nightmare comes true—her trance trigger falls into the hands of the absolute last person she wants controlling her mind.
Yes, Mustard! — Sexual Healing
by Wiseguy (md mf fd mc)
Dani hates to see Great Mustard in pain, so she comes up with a way to distract him until the meds take effect.
Zero Dumb Game
by Jukebox (md mf fd mc)
Shanna’s twin sister picks a bad time to take advantage of their psychic bond.
Army Boy to Pussyslave
by Phoenixfyre (mm mc)
An army recruit on the way to his first posting is claimed by his new Master.
Bad Pharma
by Baralai (mm mc)
An evil pharma company tries out a new drug on a meddling cop.
Black Eye Incident
by Jetcobra (mm sf mc)
In 3133CE one of the most prestigious schools in the entire galaxy, Rotherham Academy, suddenly dropped off the grid. In response the Planetary Confederation mobilized a team of soldiers to investigate what happened. The footage was transmitted live from Pvt. Adam Donnelly’s helmet as the events unfolded.
Bolshoi Papa
by Hypnothrill (mm ma mc)
Derek’s vacation in Kiev doesn’t turn out exactly as he planned.
The Canadian Guardsman
by theguardsman (mm bd ft mc)
Simon Martin is a Canadian Army officer. He is sent to the European Union State to examine the possibility of cooperation between Canada and Europe. He is also eager to find out more about the rubber clad security force, called the “Guard”.
Changes Made
by terinastiger (ma fu mc mm ex ft)
Timothy is captured and transformed into a doggy.
Chesterton College
by charlie.arisone (mm mc)
Various students attend Chesterton College, a remote school with a strict same-sex dorm policy.
The Couch
by potentialsinner666 (mm mc)
A Jehovah’s witness is having a mid-life crisis and decides to start therapy.
by Andy Masters (mm ma mc)
A remnant of past long gone lingers in today’s world.
Dark Magic (Andy Masters)
by Andy Masters (mm mc)
Ben discovers a spellbook that gives him powers of seduction.
An Excellent Subject
by xesulliv (mm mc)
A therapist uses hypnosis to slowly ensnare a man with anger problems.
Family Matters
by tomozco (mm mc in)
A medical student rents a room from a Marine and his two sons.
Festive Slavery
by The Slaver (mm mc)
State Trooper Cordo is enslaved at a fancy dress party.
A Hard Brexit
by Hypnothrill (mm ma mc in)
In a time of economic crisis, Britain turns to its greatest renewable resource: fucking Englishmen.
by Baralai (mm mc in)
A group of friends play a board game that grants wishes.
Holiday Punishment for Deputy DeMandrel and two Jocks
by The Slaver (mm bd mc)
Deputy DeMandrel walks in on the mall Santa having his way with two jocks in the bathroom.
How to Take Down a Superhero
by Baralai (mm cb mc)
An unknown villian tries to take on the heroic Super Patrol.
How to Train Your Slave
by webb025 (mm bd mc)
A jock dorm acquires some voluntary sex slaves to be trained for use during “dry” periods.
Hypnotic Snippets
by WolfTotem (mm mc)
Some (very) short stories based on pictures, photos and manips online.
The Men’s Room
by potentialsinner666 (mm mc)
A stressed business man visits a quite special barbershop and gets some deep conditioning.
Naked Fitness
by Hypnothrill (mm gr mc in)
Jon spends a normal morning at the gym...naked and hard.
by Hypnothrill (mm sf mc gr)
A ship of Space Marines gets an unexpected visitor. In space, no one can hear you moan.
by Baralai (mm mc)
A bacterial infection takes over its hosts and compels them to seek out the exact protein nutrients they need.
Psi Games
by Andy Masters (mm mc)
Ryan learns to develop his abilities.
Redesigning the Architect
by potentialsinner666 (mm ws mc)
An architect accepts an assignment in a tiny Danish village.
Roommate Revenge
by Eons (mm ma ft ds mc)
Louis uses a device to get back at his slacker roommate Sam.
Rubber Gimp #5
by Fenn (mm ft mc)
After visiting a leather bar, Bryan awakens in a cage the next morning.
Slavery for the Holidays
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Santa has something that he wants to show to Sheriff Tobias.
Storyteller: Dylan and the Forest
by Baralai (mm mc)
Dylan is alarmed when he suddenly finds himself the protagonist of a story.
A Stroke of Luck
by mastermd (mm mc)
A young PhD researcher accidentally finds a guinea pig when starting his holiday.
Sweet and Easy
by Wrestlr (mm mc)
Buzz wants to prove to his older brother that he’s all grown up now.
Taken in the Holidays
by The Slaver (mm mc)
A pizza man makes a delivery to a guy dressed as Santa.
Tiger Tails: SissElixer
by terinastiger (ft mc mm ds hu ex sf)
Tobias is given a beverage to drink just as he goes shopping for new clothes.
The Toy Box
by Chrysostomon (mm mc)
Sam has something to show Josh in his special box.
The Waystation
by Jetcobra (mm mc)
A young man is bitten by a parasitic organism and makes some potentially disastrous life decisions.
Web of Trust
by RobinHood70 (mm mc in)
A hypnotist builds his personal harem, while his boyfriend believes they’re monogamous.
by xesulliv (mm mc)
A college student discovers that his roommate is for sale on a certain website.
Welcome to the Jungle... Nursery
by terinastiger (fu mc mm ws hm sc)
After a young man makes an offering to a God, he involves his housemates in an elaborate game.
Wild Talents
by Wrestlr (mm mc)
Three friends, two of whom have telepathic talents, set off on a road trip. An Institute story.
Words of Truth
by Blufur (mm mc)
Karl suddenly finds himself hanging out with a different crowd.
Xmas Slavery at the Mall
by The Slaver (mm mc)
The Sheriff investigates the disappearance of his Marine friend at the mall.
An Xmas Story of Slavery
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Santa prepares a gift for delivery to his new owner on Christmas Eve.
Xmas Takedown
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Santa goes after a cheating husband and enslaves him.