The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

New Stories in 2006

Revised on 2013-01-12
The Adventures of Rania
by Julien Sorel (bd md mf mc fd ff in)
A modern-day Arab princess is turned into a slave.
Alexandra the Great
by Hypno_me_please (mf fd mc)
Charles is hypnotized by Mistress Alexandra.
All Tied Up
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
David is surprised to see that a mother he knows is dressed in tight leather and high heels.
Alumni Parking
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man helps a rich woman find a parking space at a college football game.
Andy and Michele
by Darkmind (md mf fd mc)
Husband and wife telepaths like to play games with other people.
Another Affair of the Necklace
by Whyte, Colleen (md mf fd ff mc)
Gemma and Paula play dress-up.
The Aphrodite Organization
by Exx Zee (md mf ft mc fd sf)
Sylvia poses as an employee in order to infiltrate the secretive Aphrodite Organization.
Are They Blind?
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Ron doesn’t understand why the other guys at work think that Sarah is beautiful.
Atom Bomb
by blankpage (mf fd fu mc)
A soldier is captured by his supernatural enemy.
Aunt Rani's World
by Nialvan (mf fd mc in)
A young heir who has recently inherited his fortune is ensnared by his two beautiful Indian aunties who hypnotise and enslave him and then fleece him of his wealth.
Axiom of Eroticism
by Cerebralgreen (md mf fd ff mc)
Two detectives stumble across the dangerous world of erotic mind control.
The Bank Robbery - Emma's Encounter
by Tang (fd mf ft ff mc)
Mistress Cassandra returns to Emma's bank.
Barefoot Seduction
by nadiencendia (fd mf ft mc in)
A boy is enslaved by his posh sister, who uses her feet as an hypnotic weapon against him.
The Bastard and the Ghost Bitch
by Billy_Ray77 (md mf fd mc)
Just as he is about to take his next victim, a mind-controller is visited by his dead wife.
Betty's Lesson
by Good Boy (mf fd mc)
Mr. Roland intends to reprimand Betty for her appearance and her poor performance, but that all changes when Betty shows him the special toy she has.
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
The police investigate a complaint from a man who claims that a spell has been placed on him.
Bookstore Rescue
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is trapped at a women’s weight loss center.
Booty and the Badge
by A Sinister Bent (mf fd mc)
A woman stopped by a traffic cop finds an unusual way of getting out of a ticket.
Boss to Boss
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
James’s old boss shows him to his new boss.
Bottie and Soul
by Xenos (mf rb mc la fd ff sf)
Stephanie enjoys her new job as head of security and maintenance at Amatory Place.
Breaking Out From Under
by Socratese291 (md mf fd ff mc)
A cold war project gains consciousness and will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. The question is "What is it after?".
Breaking Wood
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Tim helps a woman get over her aversion to men.
Breast Takeover
by Sleeping Beauty (mf fd mc ff)
A group of businesspeople are visited by their company's rival.
by MCSizeMatters (md mf gr mc fd ff in sf)
Rick discovers that he is part of a breeding experiment designed to save the human race.
Broken Heart
by Mmw (mf fd mc ff)
Jenny uses necklaces to get revenge on Mike and Heather.
Captured at the Mall
by Latexman (ft mf fd mc)
Even while Tommy is absorbed by his fetish for women's boots, someone else is planning to give him a new and deeper obsession.
Cassandra — Vampiress
by JRParz (md mf gr mc fd ff)
Cassandra Seavers, a young "Super Model", is seduced & enslaved by a Master Vampire... and from that point on her life is forever changed.
Castle La’Cudra
by Robert Pissaro (mf fd mc)
A man finds himself in the castle of a seductive vampire.
The Change (Falenight)
by Falenight (mf fd mc)
Carrie introduces her boyfriend to her friend Lillin.
Change of Focus
by Rajah Dodger (md mf mc mm fd ff)
In order to improve his performance at college, Jack attends a creative energy weekend seminar.
Chateau Aensland
by blankpage (mf fd ff mc in)
Danny and Julie move into their new home.
The Chronicles of Esther
by Dou7gx (mf fd mc hm)
A man is slowly stripped of his dignity and self determination by a beautiful redhead.
The Chronicles of Sedition
by Vandenberg Comic Publishing (cb mf fd mc)
A beautiful thief conditions a superhero to assist her in her crimes.
Circles Within Circles
by valor6 (md mf fd ff mc)
Wally suggest sex therapy for his friend Walt.
Colors II, The Authorized Sequel
by JRParz (md mf fd ff mc)
Set in Wiseguy's Mind Control Academy universe, this is the authorized sequel to MichelleLovesTo COLORS story starring Leia Herron, who heads off to Puysegur. Little does she realize that there is great evil brewing, and she and her roommate are in for some arousing changes.
Commander Young's Last Stand
by Nialvan (mf fd mc)
An America soldier has been captured in Vietnam and is interrogated with hypnosis by four female intelligence officers of the People’s Army of Vietnam.
The Cost of Addiction
by Diana (mf fd mc)
Marina warns John that sex with her is highly addictive.
Coyote Arm
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is stalked by a woman he works with.
A Cure For Nail biting
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Rob visits his hypnotherapist for more reinforcement training.
Cycling Team
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A bicyclist uses a hypnotist to improve his performance.
Diamond Reflections II – The Mind Thief
by S. B. (mf fd mc)
A thief tries to steal a diamond necklace and ends up enslaved by it.
Diary of a Perfectly Normal Girl
by Villainy (mf fd mc ff)
Joan is shocked by the contents of her daughter Bobbi's diary.
Ding Dong Ditch
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
As Greg grows up, he notices strange things happen at the scary house next door.
Dr. Carpenter Does Aerobics
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Dr. Carpenter hypnotizes her aerobics instructor.
Dr. Carpenter at the Mall
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc ff)
Dr. Carpenter teaches Shiela how to get a guy to like her.
Dr. Carpenter Cures Arrogance
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Dr. Carpenter puts another man in his place.
Dr. Slut
by Anonymous-034 (mf fd mc ff)
Joanna is made to trade places with her maid.
by Fool's Page (md mf ft mc fd ff sf)
A Baroness is captured and fitted with a slaveskin turns her into a rightless, anonymous pleasure drone.
Egyptian Goddess
by webtraveler58 (mf fd mc)
The daughter of a Pharaoh becomes a Goddess.
Employee Spanking
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Ms. Stewart expects good performance from her employees.
Enchanting Diner
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is hypnotized by a large woman at a diner.
English Girl’s Revenge
by Sonya Esperanto (mf fd mc hm)
A Blonde English girl from college takes revenge on her Brunet American boyfriend and puts him under Mind Control and makes him her slave.
Enslaved by Mistress Alexandra
by Hypno_me_please (mf fd mc)
A man meets Mistress Alexandra, and is hypnotically enslaved by her.
Enslaving the Self
by sara castle (md mf ma mc fd ff)
A young woman finds that she is unknowingly leading herself into slavery.
Evilena -- Zen and the Art of Automobile Maintenance
by Mistress Evilena's Servant (mf fd mc)
Evilena's car gets repaired. Complication, confrontation, & consternation follow.
Exam Methods
by Ash100 (mf fd mc)
Nadine has a plan for doing well on her exams at college.
Exercise Benefits
by Rajah Dodger (md mf fd ff mc)
Clara and Ron conspire to help Shanna improve her self-confidence.
Fabrication Department
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Andrew is hypnotized by Geri.
Fairmaiden Under Mind Control
by Sonya Esperanto (md mf mc cb fd ff hm)
The superheroine Fairmaiden, who is always putting criminals behind bars, ends up as an obedient slave to one of her enemies, a crime boss.
Fantasy Fight Club
by Dou7gx (mf fd mc ff)
A novella about elves, troll and demons and the poor humans who get mixed up with them.
Fetish Bookstore
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is enslaved by a bookstore owner.
Finding Amusement
by Jarod Whitestaff (mf fd mc)
Several extraordinary people discover erotic hypnotism and even more about themselves.
Flashes of Silver: A Garden Anthology
by Alei (md mf rb mc fd ff in)
A collection of short stories and hot flashes.
The Freshman — A Lesson Learned
by A Nony Mouse (fd mf ma mc in)
Alex goes off to college, and is away from home for the first time.
Fridays at the Smiths
by VindalooCurry (mf fd mc in)
A husband feels a new sense of duty towards his family after a counciling with Dr. Dave.
Funeral Proceedings
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Steve pays his condolences to a widow at a funeral, but Cristina has other plans in mind for him.
A Game of Cat and Mouse
by Bad Penny (md mf fd mc)
Samantha finds herself the target of a skilled telepath. Is she talented enough to protect herself?
The Geas of Gwedhiel
by Decker (md mf fd ff mc)
Becca doesn’t understand her roommate’s fascination with role-playing games. After all, aren’t there better things to do on a weekend?
Getting Her Number
by TexTrance (md mf fd ff mc)
Erica wanted to have uninhibited sex without getting drunk, so she downloaded a hypnosis file from the internet. Maybe this will teach her to be careful what she wishes for...
Giving Herself to Charity
by Starcrossed (md mf fd ff mc)
A sceptical business reporter aims to find out the real story behind a rich benefactor but finds herself increasingly betraying her profession...
The Good Wife: Fire and Ice
by Decker (md fd mc ff)
Dr. Jefferson helps Sara realize what being a good wife is all about.
Guided Tour
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Judy hires Jeffery to take her on a two-week hike in the Rockies.
Halloween Princess
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Roy plays along when a woman at a Halloween party dressed as a priestess demands his fealty.
by zorkmeister (mf ma mc fd ff ft)
Steve’s domineering new boss sets him up on a date with a friend who will transform his life forever.
Heaven Health Spa
by Robotunit8 (md mf fd ff mc)
Stephanie must undergo a training programme before she begins her new employment.
Hell Hath No Fury Like Mrs. Claus Scorned
by Nymph (mf fd mc hu)
Ms. Claus has had enough of Santa's philandering. It's payback time.
Hi Fatty
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man goes from insulting his girlfriend’s roommate to being her slave.
Highest Bidder
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man answers an ad from a woman looking for a slave.
His Girlfriend's Massage
by Tamedwolf (mf fd mc)
Kara develops an enthusiasm for giving massages after Carl drags her to a spa.
Home of the Lilithbornes
by blankpage (fd mf ft ff mc)
Danny and Julie meet new friends at Chateau Aensland.
How to Make Your Cum Addictive
by Pause88 (md mf fd mc)
Frustrated with his girlfriend withholding sex, Thomas takes supplements to make her addicted to semen, with increasingly disasterous results.
Humor in MC
by Firest (md mf fd mc hu)
A collection of humorous flashes.
by Spearo (md mf fd mc)
Phil works for an organization that rights wrongs using hypnosis.
by Vysotskyfan (mf fd mc)
A hypnotic organization attempts to influence the outcome of an election.
Hypnotic Coworker
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Cindy's coworker lets her practice her hypnosis on him.
Hypnotic Juxtapositioning
by ghytrenas (md mf fd ff mc)
Tamara wakes up from a trance, with a naked girl on her couch, and a strange man at her doorstep.
Hypnotic Robbery
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Detectives pursue a burgler who hypnotizes her victims.
In Need of a New Slave
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A mistress goes out looking for a new slave to replace the one she just gave to her sister.
In Short There's Simply Not, a More Congenial Spot
by A Nony Mouse (mf fd mc ff)
Sorceress Morgana Le Fay visits Queen Guinevere and King Arthur's Kingdom Crumbles.
In the Pink
by NomdeSade (mf mc hm fd ex ff in ds)
Elizabeth Summers finds herself in a bit of a pickle: a beautiful woman offers herself up as her sex slave; being a psychologist, she attempts to help the woman and ends up in a highly compromising position of her own.
An Innocent Hug
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A new boss is hypnotized by his assitant.
Interlude with a Vampire
by MCSizeMatters (md mf gr mc fd ff)
A sexy young reporter conducts a late night interview with a wealthy man who claims to be a vampire. But these vampires don’t suck your blood; they suck your sexual energy.
Internet Insult
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A group of women plan to hire a personal trainer, but change their minds and decide to do some training of their own.
It All Begins in Dreams
by Stargazer (fd mf ma ff mc)
While Jack deals with a crisis at work, he is unaware of a more immediate crisis developing at home.
Katrina's Letter
by Jay Dee (mf fd mc)
Katrina describes her hypnotic relationship with David.
The Lady in Red
by The Worm (mf fd mc)
Joshua checks into a hotel run by a beautiful woman.
Lady of the Spring
by Bad Penny (mf fd mc)
Some things can't be tamed. Talan learns that the hard way.
Life Swap
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A dominant wife and a submissive husband swap places with another couple.
Liquid Latex
by lakeroost (md mf ft mc fd)
Colin's costume for a fetish party gives him special powers.
Look, Touch, Taste
by Bad Penny (md mf fd ff mc)
It's Alan's birthday, and Alice has gotten him a special present. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for Kim, she's the gift.
Lucy Westenra Never Had These Kinds of Problems
by Frustrated (mf fd mc)
A vampire parties a little too hard.
The Magic Mistletoe
by JRParz (md mf fd ff mc)
Jade finds her life changed drastically when her best friend Ashley places a magic mistletoe over her head.
Marathon Training
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is hypnotized by his masseuse.
Mark’s New Life
by airman1030 (mf fd mc)
Mark is captured by a group of women in a bar and reprogrammed.
Massage or Hypnosis?
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Nancy hypnotizes her neighbor.
Master PC: Angry Girl's Revenge
by Texas Mistress (mf ma gr mc fd ff hm)
An unattractive girl uses the Master PC program to get revenge on a man who rejected her and his girlfriend.
Master PC For Lovers
by Kaia Golightly (ff mf fd gr mc)
Ian tells his wife, Jean, that he is interested in Mind Control porn. She decides to learn more about it.
Master PC – The Protector
by TechnicDragon (md mf gr mc fd ff)
Ral arrives at college early to get away from a depressing home life. What he ends up doing is saving the campus from a long run of terror.
Mesmerizing Lips
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Rong’s sister helps her hypnotize her boss.
Mighty Isis
by Robert Pissaro (mf fd mc ff)
The Goddess Isis bestows her powers on a deserving woman.
Mike and Amy: Married to a Hypno-Nympho
by Eyeofnewt (md mf fd mc)
Mike and Amy attend and unwittingly participate in a hypnosis show, then, after the show is over, the remnants of the experience affect them in ways Mike doesn’t see coming.
Miracle Makeovers
by Robotunit8 (md mf gr mc fd ff)
Stephanie hopes that a makeover will improve her sex life, and it succeeds beyond her wildest expectations.
Mirage, Inc.
by Mesmeric Surrender (mf fd mc)
A businessman is enslaved by a lap-dancer.
Misdirected Love Potion
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A woman who sells fake love potions decides to use one on a customer.
Missing the Haloween Party
by Good Boy (md mf fd mc)
Jim ensures that his girlfriend really gets into her role for a costume party.
Mistaken Identity
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Roger abducts the wrong woman.
Mrs Benn: Lessons to be Learnt
by Rick SJ 87 (md mf ft mc fd ff)
Elizabeth discovers a mysterious costume shop can transport her into erotic locations.
Mustang Girls
by BluejayGS (md mf fd gr mc)
High school girls are reprogrammed to be sluts.
MyBot: Three Reasons
by NanoSlaver (ff mf fd mc rb)
Jamie and Ember have adapted well to their new roles of caring for a house full of sorority sisters, but a new software patch may make it difficult to do that job.
My Girlfriend's Gift
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man lets his girlfriend's best friend practice her hypnosis on him.
My Husband's Ex-Girlfriend
by Alisha Chen (sc mf fd ff mc)
Debi shows up at Janet's door, intent on getting revenge for having her man stolen from her.
My Most Difficult Client
by Dethpigfromheck (mf fd mc)
An accountant is enslaved by one of his clients.
My New Sporting Goods Store
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
James helps Clementine try on a new pair of running shoes.
My Time With Irena
by Jay Dee (mf fd mc)
Katrina's sister suddenly appears in a man's life, and she knows all the hypnotic triggers that her sister installed.
Mystania: Crimson Tempest
by Thantos69 (md mf fu mc fd ff in)
Sequel to Legend of Mystania. Kevin ends up facing one of Earth’s most infamous enemies with the help of some old friends and new. Can he protect both worlds and his newborn niece from the oncoming darkness?
The New Housemaid
by Robotunit8 (md mf rb mc fd ff)
Stephanie accepts a job as a maid for a couple with an interest in cybernetics.
Ninjas Aren't So Tough
by sara castle (md mf mc fd ff sf)
An assasin is captured while on a mission.
No Two Are Alike
by Creon Grace (mf gr mc ts fd ff in)
A stranger shows Clara how to control time.
Not Going Anywhere for the Holidays
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Roy's vacation plans are interrupted by a neighbor.
Nursing Nurse
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc la)
A beautiful nurse gives a hypnotic drug to one of her patients.
Nymphed in the Bud
by Dou7gx (mf fd mc)
A nymph is roused from her rustic lifestyle by the intrusion of an ignorant bandit.
The Nympho Choice
by Good Boy (mf fd gr mc)
After her boyfriend cheats on her with her roommate, Samatha uses nanobots to get revenge on both of them.
by Mudak (md mf mc mm fd ff ds)
Dr. John Smith has invented a new STD that programs people to be slaves.
Omega Girl
by J. Darksong (md mf mc cb fd ff)
A costumed Super Heroine saves the city from peril, unaware that she is being stalked by five sinister and shadowy beings.
Omega Girl 2
by J. Darksong (md mf mc cb hu fd ff)
After a year of laying low, an old enemy returns to have his revenge on Omega Girl.
On Cake, Ethics, and Unorthodox Requisitions
by Bad Penny (mf fd mc)
Karen tries to make their first anniversary memorable for her husband even though she's out of town.
One Hell of a Party
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Rick tries to avoid the woman who is trying to hypnotize him.
One Ugly Woman
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Sheila makes Dave apologize for some inappropriate comments about her appearance.
Only One Time
by Mesmeric Surrender (md mf fd mc)
Two psychics have a sexual encounter.
Out of Character
by Bad Penny (md fd mc ff)
Bobbi is hunting down the man who turned her into a bimbo. She's gaining too much ground, so he leaves her a little distraction...
Overnight Field Trip: A McCallow Tale
by Frustrated (mf fd mc ff)
Abigail's alter-ego Ashley manipulates the high-school tennis team.
The Paradox Hazard
by Jord (md mf mc fd ff sf)
Aboard a space station, a telepath has a competition with a girl who is immune to his powers.
Party Favors
by Zebulon (md mf fd ff mc)
Rhonda and Leslie get free tickets to a stage hypnotist show, and then stay for a party with the stage crew afterwards.
Passion Grades
by Captain Eazy (md mf ft gr mc fd ff in)
Fiona Sullivan is a totally innocent college girl… but she’s in for a very special education.
by le Duc de Kavaliere (md mf fd ff mc)
Zel and Nick's relationship involves lots of hypnosis.
The Perfect Interview
by Ash100 (fd mc)
Nadine's interview for admission to University goes extremely well.
by Good Boy (md mf fd gr mc)
Melanie gives Brad her special jewel, and permission to use it on her.
Personal Leave
by lost (md mf fd ff mc)
Some of the employees at Newpoint Marketing don't seem to be quite... human.
Plague Day
by J Swafford (md mf gr mc fd ff)
Sexual zombies are running amok all over the country…
The Pleasure Bunnies
by bw (md mf gr mc mm fd ff)
When Chris gets snubbed by his lab partner, Chris's friend Kimberly takes matters into her own hand.
Possessing Katy’s breasts
by J Swafford (mf gr mc la ff fd rb sf)
Katy finds her life is now controlled by her breasts.
Praise the Goddess
by Baralai (mm fd mc)
A female cult leader pushes straight men to have sex with each other.
The Problem with Unexpected Guests
by baubleheadz (md mf fd ff mc)
A research assistant agrees to have herself implanted with an emotion chip.
Psyche vs. Midas City University
by Decker (cb mf ma mc fd)
Our Heroine recovers from her recent Struggle, and reminisces on the early Days of her Power…
Psyche vs. The Lash
by Decker (md mf fd mc cb)
A telekinetic villain purchases a device that will finally allow him to defeat his telepathic foil.
by artie (mf fd mc)
Ed tries to figure out how his business rival Peter, and his assistant Christine, are so successful.
Quality Control
by Captain Eazy (md mf fd mc la)
When Myra threatens his job, cosmetics biochemist Blake offers to share his new formula with her, even though it causes certain . . . side effects.
The Race
by Tantric Legion (mf fd ff mc sf)
Evil alien succubi invade Earth.
Regretting an Insult
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Ben is made to regret the insult he gave to Christina. But then, he comes to appreciate what is done to him.
by S. B. (mf fd mc)
A broken, tortured man recalls the events that led to his enslavement by a member of a secret society of dominant women and all of his experiences while under her spellbinding power.
Revenge Chip
by twoeyes (mm be mf fd mc)
Matthew is implanted with a chip so that the girl in the porno booth can get her revenge on him.
The Ring of Hathepeth-Amun
by Captain Eazy (md mf gr mc hu fd ff)
Samantha is given a magic ring that reawakens in her the spirit of an ancient servant -- and mistress -- of lust.
Room 429
by FourLetterWord (md mf fu mc fd ff)
Interrogating prisoners in service of the State is more than it appears to be. Welcome to room 429. You are here because you deserve to be.
Safe Cracker
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc ff)
A hypnotist decides to learn to become a safe cracker.
Sailing Away from Reality
by Wind7sailor (md mf fd ff mc)
A husband that takes his wife on a hypnotic themed cruise to invigorate their sex lives.
Seduction by Lisa
by Mesmeric Surrender (mf fd mc)
A man wants to ask Lisa, a black woman, out on a date, but Lisa wants a different kind of relationship.
Seduction on East Monroe
by Mesmeric Surrender (mf fd mc)
Alexis hypnotically seduces a new neighbor.
Seductive Susan’s Gift
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man goes to a hypnosis show with his boss.
Session With Mariana
by Mesmeric Surrender (mf fd mc)
Joseph's life improves after a series of hypnosis sessions with Mariana.
Shadow and Light
by Salem (md mf fd ff mc)
A collection of shorter stories.
Shadow Play
by ghosthostblue (mf ma gr mc fd ff in)
A transformed Cindy braces for the worst when she learns that MagicThunder has come to the big city.
Shining Shards: An MC Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story
by Frustrated (md mf fd mc)
Katie is in a car accident. What happens next?
Shocking Results
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A Mistress goes to great lengths to hypnotize the one man who is resistant to her.
The Slavers
by Fool's Page (md mf mc fd ff sf)
Sandra is captured by alien slavers and is reprogrammed.
The Slavers in Pursuit
by Fool's Page (md mf mc fd ff sf)
The alien slavers continue their operations on Earth, confident in the fact that escape from them was impossible.
Snowstorm Rescue
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Dave attempts to rescue Rochelle from a cabin during a snowstorm.
Square Dance
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A large woman decides that Todd will be her dance partner.
Stalking MzDominica
by cloudstalker (fd mf ft mc hm)
A man decides to stalk MzDominica and turn her into his hypnotized slave.
by Xenos (mf ma mc fd ff sf)
A new PinkLink enabled weight loss program starts Marina Velasquez and her roommates, Jenna Carlisle and Kristy Reynolds, down an interesting path of decadence and corruption.
Steel Grip
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Dave is taken home by a female bodybuilder.
A Story of Jane (in the First Person Singular)
by BlackNight99 (md mf mc fd ff hm)
An innocent librarian, controlled by four beautiful witches, is made a pawn in a tangled plot.
A Studid Fucking Bitch
by pussy43 (mf fd mc ff)
Rebecca gets revenge on her husband's secretary.
Suggestive Sister
by Gloryboy (mf fd mc in)
A brother gets more than he bargained for when his sister develops powerful mind control powers and puts them to good use to make him her willing pet.
Tabitha's Revenge
by Gloryboy (bd mf fd mc hm)
An arrogant sexist gets put in his place, permanently, by the women in his life.
Team Parent Meeting
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Two single parents meet each other.
Telepathic Mind Controller
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
Dave is hypnotized by a woman at the gym.
by Gh (mf fd mc)
Jack is confused about his place in life until it all comes together with a purchase of an art poster. Is it his future? His past? Jack finds that love is timeless.
Terms of the Lease
by Archibael (md mf fd ff mc)
Kendra's landlord suggests that her roommate can help pay for the steep rise in rent that he is making them pay.
Terran Space Marines
by maslyfe (md mf mc mm fd sf)
Hunky Marines are captured by space-pirates and mind-controlled.
Therapy (Ned)
by Ned (mf fd mc)
An eighteen-year-old coed turns the tables on an unethical therapist.
There's No Such Thing as Hypnosis
by A Sinister Bent (mf fd mc)
A psychologist insists that hypnotism isn't real.
Things That Go Hump in the Night
by valor6 (mf fd mc)
An old man claims to be a 24-year old vampire hunter.
Third Time’s The Charm
by br0adband (md mf fd mc)
A two-time loser in love discovers that there’s more truth to the old saying than she ever dreamed possible.
Three Ways to Sunday
by Decker (mf fd mc ff)
Kate's relationship issues are catching up with her, drawing in her girlfriend and ex-boyfriend. Is hypnosis the answer?
Tickle Control
by Shadowrun (md mf fd ff mc)
A nerd uses his new mind-control device to get revenge on five girls.
Tiger Eyes
by J. Darksong (md mf ft ff mc mm fd rb in)
Shanna, a young orphan girl, discovers the truth behind her strange eyes, and her mysterious power, and comes of age in a bid to survive against those who seek to use her, or barring that, destroy her.
Tiny Bubbles
by Sylvia&Mickey (md mf fd ff mc)
Adam's mistress tags along when he goes on vacation with his wife in Hawaii.
by F. Diriger (bd mf fd sf mc)
A young woman in 2091 is hired by parents of a young man to provide disciplinary training.
Truck Stop Enchantress
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man is seduced and enslaved by a trucker woman.
A True Psychic Knows
by Cars, Guitars, Sushi (mf fd mc)
A salesman agrees to work for a Psychic.
A Turn of Events
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
What Stan thinks will be a one-time affair with his housekeeper turns into something else.
The Two Sisters with Emerald Eyes
by DeLarge (mf fd mc ff)
A father and daughter fall victim to a pair of identical-twin robbers.
Under the Bell Curve
by Rajah Dodger (md mf fd ff mc)
Chet accidentally discovers Peg's trigger phrase that turns her into an obedient zombie.
Unlimited Wishes
by Good Boy (md mf fd mc hm)
Mark was supposed to get three wishes, but he figured out a way to get as many as he wants.
Unlimited Wishes 3 - The Nice Guy
by Good Boy (md mf ma gr mc fd hm)
Craig is hesitant at first to use his new powers of wishing.
Unlimited Wishes 2
by Good Boy (md mf fd mc hm)
Sara gets unlimited wishes as a way of balancing things out.
Vegas Call Girl
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A prostitute enjoys turning her male clients into quivering pieces of meat.
The Vertical Event
by blankpage (md mf fd mc)
Daniel starts to hear voices as he checks into the hospital.
Wasn’t Enough
by JRParz (md mf ma mc fd ff)
A strong willed feisty lawyer learns through stages what it means to be tamed.
The Web Mistress of Dot HL
by William Pratt (ff mf fd gr mc)
Doug finds that dealings with Hell do not always work out as advertised when he summons a Librarian instead of the promised Succubus.
Weight Loss Clinic
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A man undergoes hypnosis at a clinic.
What Friends Are For
by Dreamreaper2k (mf fd mc ff)
Julia and Luke are having problems with there marriage till Sue shows them that a friend in need can be a friend indeed.
Window Shopping
by Abe Froman (bd mf ft mc fd hm)
After seeing her eyes for the first time, a man finds he will do anything to see them again.
by Greg Altmann (mf fd ff mc in)
Doogie discovers that he is the victim of a love spell gone awry.
by AphroditeY2K (mf fd mc ff)
Graduate students Sophie and Ellen are recruited by Prof. Sylvia Stein to enroll in her "innovative" PHD program.
The Wonder of It All
by br0adband (mf fd mc)
The old saying “Stop and smell the roses sometime” takes on new meaning for one person who thought life had passed him by. Unlike humans, however, Life doesn’t miss much.
Wrong Line Of Work
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
A kidnapper is hypnotized by his victim.
Yes, Nurse!
by Good Boy (mf fd mc)
Jackie gets even with Dr. Mills for all the work he piles on her.
You Have to See This
by Mesmer Eyezed (mf fd mc)
James says that the woman who works in a medieval store that has to be seen to be believed.
Yours, Truly
by Grant Armstrong (mf fd mc)
Amanda and Eagle have some playtime together.
by Captain Eazy (mf ft mc fd ff hm)
Cassandra wants to wean her boyfriend from an addictive video game. She'll do, well, ANYTHING....
Absolute Power (Warlord)
by Warlord (bd md mf mc ff in)
Abraham Lincoln said it best: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." See how young Billy handles this test as he confronts the others who have their own power.
The Adjustor
by bobwhite (mf mc ff in)
Michael works for a company that provides mind control insurance to government employees and to whoever else knows about and can afford it.
Advantage Slavery
by Rinky Dink (ma mc ff)
Fitness instructor Tracy is pleased to have beautiful tennis player Tatiana visit, but she doesn’t see the spray can.
Advantage Slavery: Vignettes
by Rinky Dink (mf mc ff)
A trio of tales involving fitness instructor Tracy and the EBX Corporation’s control of her.
Alice Through the Lusting Glass
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc ff)
No-nonsense tax inspector Pamela Harnet is out to nail Alice's man about his tax return...and she gets nailed in return.
Alien's Gift
by JRParz (ff md mf gr mc)
Graduating high schooler receives the Alien's Gift (the kind from outerspace). After having a lot of sex, he learns he isn't the only human to receive this gift.
Alien’s Gift: Tempest & the Twins
by JRParz (md mf gr mc ff in)
When Charlie Tempest receives the Alien's Gift, he sets his sights on a slew of gorgeous women to include identical twins.
The Aliens Gift II
by Ardin Resolute (md mf gr mc ff in)
The official thrilling sequel to the original Alien's Gift pits new characters against Colt - as the alien's gift is given to evil of the worst kind.
by Tabico (mc ff sf)
In the distant future, two lovers reunite, and speak of their time apart.
Always in Season
by Bad Penny (mc ff)
Lauren can't quite bring herself to regret making a trade with a fellow vendor at her local Farmers' Market. It wasn't like she was coerced or anything...
Ancient Desires
by Rinky Dink (mc ff)
Tracy and Christina’s visit to an Ancient Egypt exhibit becomes surprisingly personal. Voted a finalist for best overall FF Story of the Year on CSSA.
Androids R Us
by Robotunit8 (mc ff rb)
Stephanie turns Tracy into a robot.
Anneliese’s Bad Year
by Matt Penn (mc ff)
An executive is hypnotized by a program left on her computer by an employee.
Applied Hypnosis Lifestyle
by URN My Power (md mf mc ff)
A young man is free to use the hypnotic techniques taught to him by his father.
The Art of Following
by ghosthostblue (md mf ma ff mc)
A therapist begins a game of seduction, using his insights into a beautiful woman’s troubled psyche.
The Augmented woman
by S. P. Riley (mc ff gr)
A heavily muscular woman controls two women and augments them too.
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
Jenny’s last delivery of the day proves the most interesting.
by S. P. Riley (md mf mc ff)
A police detective investigates the mob hit of a man who discovered a pressure-point technique.
BimboTech: An Equal Opportunity Employer
by The Sympathetic Devil (ff md mf gr mc)
Eleanor interviews with BimboTech, Inc. and discovers they have an impressive benefits package.
BimboTech: Wiggle Room
by The Sympathetic Devil (ff md mf gr mc)
A strip club hires BimboTech to deal with a group of feminist coeds who are protesting outside their premesis.
The Box
by jessicablank (bd mc ff)
Anita discovers that Cindy is being imprisoned and brainwashed in Linda's home.
Break the Habit
by JAPA (md mf ff mc in)
Wanda has a bad smoking habit her son and son's friend help her break. Now she ends up craving ... She is a good mom. She is a good teacher.
Cannibal Cain
by YourName (bd md mf mc ca ff)
A man possessed by demonic forces goes on a sexual rampage.
Career Opportunity
by nwofns (ft mc ff)
A newly married woman is slowly transformed from an everyday woman to an outrageous hooker who knows no limits.
A Portrait of Carol, and the Training of Kim
by Nick Vegas (ft mc ff)
A divorcee undergoes a metamorphosis then takes revenge on the woman who lured away her husband
Celestial Enslavement
by Dark End (mc ff fu)
Amy tries to infiltrate Mistress Celest's mansion.
Change of Hart
by ghosthostblue (md mf ma ff mc)
A sex-obsessed man’s perspective on the ways that possession of a mind-controlling device corrupted his soul.
A Change to Ka La Ming
by Nick Vegas (mc ff)
Kelly is enslaved by a Filipina nail salon owner.
Cheerleader Challenge
by Robotunit8 (mc ff)
A cheerleader is visited by a ghost.
The Chronicles of Dare Doll: Dr. Nightingale I Presume
by Trent Wolf (md mf ff mc cb)
In 1930's Empire City, Darla Danforth is a star news reporter by day and a masked heroine by night. Her latest adventure pits her against a devious hynotherapist.
Class of 2006 Rulez!
by bobwhite (md mf ma ff mc)
Tim gives his classmates a gift to remember.
by CactusJuggler (mc ff)
An editor finds that an author's unusual language takes a little getting used to.
by Archibael (mc ff rb)
Carin is kidnapped and injected with nanobots.
The Consultant
by Antonio Bastinado (md mf ft ff mc)
Cassandra offers Erin advice on how to resist The Consultant.
Controller 12
by Frustrated (mc ff)
Shiela finds a strange strip of paper, and starts having vivid erotic fantasies.
Coping Mechanism
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff rb)
Lyssa has an unconventional plan for how to help her close friend Cynthia get over the loss of her lover.
Corruption (Nymph)
by Nymph (mc ff)
Alice is hunted by an ancient evil.
by 8-bit (mc ff)
Celia’s hypnosis of Allison goes very well—better than it’s supposed to.
by MzBarbara (mc ff in)
A hypnotist plays some games with her two young cousins.
The Crypt
by Queen Calafia (mc ff)
Chelsea enters an ancient crypt, and discovers that she is actually a Goddess whom all women must worship.
The Curio
by Jord (mc ff)
A mysterious artifact calls out to Natalie and arouses her.
Cybernetic Sleepers
by Robotunit8 (mc ff sf)
Stephanie is recruited by cyborganic alien lesbians to be one of their agents on earth.
The Dairy Unit
by Robotunit8 (mc ff la)
When Stephanie says that her most intimate fantasy is to be milked like a cow, a way is found to make her fantasy come true.
Dance Lessons
by Sleeping Beauty (mc ff)
A woman dances with another woman at a club.
The Darkling
by malys16 (md mf mc ff)
The inheritance that Hillary received from her weird aunt is actually an ancient demon.
A Daughter Only A Mother Could Love
by Azure Sky (mc ff)
A group of mothers and daughters volunteer to take part in a hypnosis show.
Dear Diary, Today I Met a Vampire
by hypnoololook (md mf mc ff)
A woman describes how she was taken by a vampire.
Different Kinds of Lovers
by Robotunit8 (mc ff)
A mermaid and a human tell the story of how they became lovers.
Dirty Book Club
by ghosthostblue (md mf ma ff mc)
Nancy doesn't like it when Kathleen brings his boyfriend Simon to their book club meetings.
Dog Pound
by Handcuffgirl (md mf mc ff)
A convict uses his mind-control powers on a female corrections officer.
Domination (Jypsy Jones)
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
Solitaire likes to control women absolutely and Sarah is very open to suggestion…
The Domme Meme
by Tang (ft mc ff)
Selina tells the story of how she was recruited to become a domme.
Dream Control
by Nineball (md mf mc ff)
Marie and Linda are programmed in their sleep by a coworker.
by malys16 (mc ff)
Jen gets lost in the forest, and is captivated by a beautiful aroma.
Electric Thimble Theater
by Tabico (mc ff)
A hard-working legal consultant in a distant city relaxes by watching cartoons.
An Encounter at the Ticket Counter
by Villainy (mc ff)
Katrina is affected by a blonde bimbo customer.
The Erection
by S. P. Riley (md mf mc ff)
A man can control women’s minds when he has an erection, but to what end?
by William Pratt (md mf mc ff)
A look at the life and times of villains and those who love them (whether they wanted to or not).
Evilena: Mistress of the Museum
by Mistress Evilena's Servant (mc ff)
In an alternate comic book universe, Evilena is a Sensuous Hypnotic Super Villainess. Amazing Girl learns just how powerful a black clad blonde can be.
The Ex-Girlfriends Club
by Mr Mr Master (md mf mc ff)
A man uses a powerful drug to enslave his ex-girlfriends.
Exclusive (A Strange Geek)
by A Strange Geek (mc ff)
An ambitious young reporter gets the goods on the shady dealings of a mind control pleasure company for the exclusive report she so badly wants.
A Fascinating Christmas
by PavlovsBelle (md mf ff mc hm)
A Christmas present gone awry has fascinating results.
by Wesley King (mc ff)
A demigod can control others, but doesn't believe that she can get ensnared herself.
The Fay and Her Knight
by Aerosol Kid (md mf ff mc sf)
Inana has nearly resigned herself to her fate, as she waits to be sold in a slave market on a strange planet. Then she bumps into someone, and hopes her luck is about to change.
A Few Short Stories About The Pleasure Bunnies
by bw (ff md mf gr mc)
A few interconnecting short stories about a day in the life of The Pleasure Bunnies Corporation.
A Fistful of Sand
by Doktor Gostel (md mf mc ff)
An archeologist performs an ancient ritual and slowly seduces his female students.
Fitness Training
by Distorted Angel (md mf mc ff)
The first thing that Heather notices when she enteres the fitness studio is the music.
Five Classes of Submission
by ghosthostblue (md mf ma mc ff ft)
A woman of society learns unexpected lessons in a life drawing class.
The Freeloader
by The Worm (mc ff)
Monica, a psychologist, has a plan to deal with her lazy houseguest.
A Gift from Jackie
by Elod Bob (md mf mc ff)
His sister-in-law's crush leads Josh into a world of adventure he could never have imagined.
Girl Sex Heaven
by Rinky Dink (mc ff)
Bridget from “Roman Holiday” thinks she’s found the perfect job working for Tracy, a lesbian nymphomaniac who has molded a health club in her image, but she finds politics is indeed divisive.
Going Down
by AmandasHypnoLips (mc ff)
A young researcher finds that lifts can take you to all sorts of places.
by trilby else (mc ff sf)
Seduced and brainwashed by the amazon civilization she found on Venus, Susan willingly follows her new Queen on a slave raid against Earth, where she finds herself caught up in a mind-control vendetta.
Gothic Lure
by Whyte, Colleen (mf mc ff in)
Sharon suggests to Mandy that she should dress as a goth if she wants to go out with Sharon's brother Kyle.
Greek Girl’s Fun
by Sonya Esperanto (be mc ff hm)
A woman from Athens puts her ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend under mind control, as well as that ex girlfriend’s mother, and makes them do anything she wants them to do.
Gypsy Charmed
by AmandasHypnoLips (mc ff)
3 college students attend the fair and are told exactly what their futures will be.
by Jypsy Jones (cb mc ff)
A mission for the Hot Blond Superheroines to thwart the evil Hypnotica goes as planned, only what was the supervillain’s real objective…?
Hail to the Victors
by BluejayGS (mf ma mc ff)
A co-ed is eager to join a winning basketball team.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
by bobwhite (mc ff)
When a popular girl rejects the son of the gym teacher, heads will... get shaved.
Hidden Desires, Awakened Powers
by AmandasHypnoLips (mc ff)
A girl in her final year of school discovers she has hidden desires, and the powers that are slowly awakening within her allow them to be to fulfilled.
Holiday Wishes
by amaranth (md mf ff mc in)
Two sisters compete over who will get to be Kyle's servant.
Holly’s Decision
by JRParz (mc ff)
Holly finds herself drawn to a female professor. When the professor makes her a very arousing offer, she is forced to choose between the right thing to do and the unthinkable. Her decision either way will change her life dramatically.
Home Invasion
by txhypnodegenerate (md mf ff mc in)
Dave comes home to find his wife and daughter sucking off a stranger.
Hotel Receptionist
by Robotunit8 (mc ff rb)
Stephanie accepts a job at a hotel with a futuristic theme.
The Hotter Than Hell Anthology
by Daphne (md mf mc ff)
MD-themed anthology by some of the EMCSA's most prominent authors.
How to Solve an Employment Crisis!
by Robotunit8 (mc ff)
Stephanie is recruited to become an elf and help out in Santa's workshop.
I Believe
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Erica and Maure receive some theological clarification from Diana.
I Can Explain Everything
by A Sinister Bent (md mf mc ff)
When a wife finds her husband in bed with another woman, he talks his way out of trouble.
by A Strange Geek (ma mc ff sf)
A teenage girl is trapped aboard a starship that is stopped by one of the most feared alien races in the galaxy.
Infernal Destiny
by Tantric Legion (md mf ff mc in)
A demon and his minions spread across the Earth.
Internal Affairs
by Xenos (ma mc ff sf)
Drew McGreggor spends the summer after high school as an intern at her mother's company, NanTech.
by The Sympathetic Devil (md mf mc ff)
A reporter interviews a porn mogul.
It's All Fun and Games ‘Til Someone Loses Their Mind
by The Worm (mc ff)
A woman plays a game at her ex-boyfriend's fiancee's batchelorette party. A very... special game....
Julie’s Hypnotic Erotic Adventure
by Adrian Jones (md mf ma ff mc)
Julie is introduced to hypnoerotica by her long-distance boyfriend.
by Sara H (mc ff)
Two agents are sent to investigate a suspicious health club and find less—and more—than they expected.
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Lily and friends go camping for the weekend, but have trouble getting a fire started. Luckily, Lily has just what they need.
Kitten Girl
by Ogawa (cb mc ff)
A very naive teenager decides to be a superhero.
by Mistressluv (ft mc ff sf)
Three women land for a vacation on the planet An-Kil-Le, where slavery and gambling are legal.
The Last of the Masters
by KP (md mf rb mc ff sf)
When a planet of women finally get fed up with being slaves to master after master, they attempt to make a last stand.
Layers (Or How to Make a Puss Café)
by Azure Sky (mc ff)
Midori convinces Cerise to go out clubbing with her.
Legend of Mystania
by Thantos69 (md mf ma fu mc ff in)
Kevin discovers that he has magical powers and command of the fairies.
Lesbos Crystal
by Storymaster69 (mc ff in)
Kara Davenport finds a magic crystal that grants her great power. But as the saying goes nothing is free. Find out what price Kara must pay.
The Lieutenant's Adventure
by Samurai Sword (md ft mc ff)
A young female Air Force officer invites herself on a guy's night out, but the evening is not what she expects.
Life: The Gorland Edition
by JAPA (bd md mf gr mc hm ff in)
A group of women play a board game based upon the world of Gor.
Lost in Translation
by Sara H (mc ff)
Maria watches a religious program on television, and gets converted.
by Azure Sky (bd mc ff)
Tara’s roommate starts to take her bondage modelling very seriously.
Mad Scientists' Convention - The Rejuvenator
by Robotunit8 (mc ff)
A mad scientist demonstrates her invention that shaves years off of a woman's life, but also has other side-effects.
Made for Pleasure (FF Version)
by Jay Petto (ff sf mc rb hu)
Ginger, woman of the future, takes a vacation to her private space station, where a malfunctioning computer decides to improve her sex life.
Make-over at Hairdom
by Mike D (mc ff)
A shy girl called Ann reads an add in a magazine for a make-over. She goes the hairdresser for the make-over and gets more then just a haircut and new make-up.
Making Them Do Things: The Show
by Mountain Man (md mf mc ff)
Can a woman be made to do things things under hypnosis that she would not do when awake? Cindy and Melody find out.
malcode: Annunciation
by Arclight (ft mc ff sf)
Some very strange behavior follows the spread of a new strain of code.
malcode: Visitation
by Arclight (ft mc ff sf)
Victims turn into helpless pawns when a predator stalks its inhuman prey.
Many Happy Returns
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Geneva shows up at Lisa's door, and sprays a strange liquid into her face.
Master PC: Rumor Mill
by William Pratt (md mf gr mc la hu ex ff)
It is Friday morning, and something funny is happening at Hübsches-Mädchen High.
by Spine (ff md mf gr mc)
A teenaged boy named Matthew suffers from a horrible life until one day when he gains the ability to change all of that.
The Memory Remains (Madam Kistulot)
by Madam Kistulot (cb ma mc ff)
Sarah LaSilvas's life grows all the more complecated as she wrestles with tangled memories.
Mesmerism (AmandasHypnoLips)
by AmandasHypnoLips (mc ff)
In Victorian England a young lady finds an interesting way to stop her companion marrying the wrong, or for that matter any man.
Michael: Fun with Suzi and Beth
by The Hedonist God (ff md mf gr mc)
Michael uses his powers on two married graduate students.
Milk Maid
by BevG (mc ff la)
Natalie notices some changes after she goes to live at a manor house with a group of other women.
by Nymph (mc ff)
Christiana notices someone different when she looks in the mirror.
by NanoSlaver (mc ff rb)
Heather loves her job selling pleasure 'bots, but when a new customer walks in, Heather learns you can do more than buy them.
My Cool Story
by Psionic_X (md mf mc ff)
A man describes how he achieved domination over women.
Mysterious Suits
by Catsuit78 (md mf ft rb mc ff)
Police detectives investigate a serious of robberies by men and women in silver spandex outfits—who can't remember anything afterwards.
Naughty... and Nice
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc ff)
Nick's slave wants Santa to bring her a new playmate.
Never Far Away
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff la)
Leah takes special care of Tasha while her owner is away.
New Assignment
by Catsuit78 (ft mc ff rb)
Nina is happy to get a new job at a mysterious biotechnology enterprise. But as she puts on the exciting but awkward company latex suit and acquires the strange company customs her life subliminally changes in a way she will regret having taken the job...
The New Home
by txhypnodegenerate (md mf ft ff mc)
A man mentally controls a realtor while looking at a house.
New Life (Robotunit8)
by Robotunit8 (mf mc ff rb)
A woman has her personality transferred into a sexdoll.
Nocturnal Interlude
by Madam Kistulot (cb mc ff)
A thief has a life changing encounter in an alleyway of Midas City.
Not Possible
by Distant Whispers (md mf ma ff mc)
A woman falls under a man's control after he accuses her of sexual harassment.
Not Your Normal Superheroine Story
by Master Miller (md mf ff mc cb)
Fantastic Girl is captured by a supervillain and brainwashed.
One Long Day in December
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
Tanya Covington’s first Monday morning at university in December proves to be one to remember.
The One Who Loves Least…
by JRParz (md mf mc ff)
The relationship of two lovely co-eds change drastically after a night with a mind controller.
by Wyld Blu (mc ff)
A woman can’t help but stare at a stranger on the subway.
The Perfect Job
by Cynthia (mc ff)
Ms. Ling interviews a new job candidate.
Perfect Wishes
by Billy_Ray77 (md mf mc ff)
A man gets three wishes from a Jinni and gives himself super powers.
The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey
by Yotna El'toub (md mf ff mc sf)
The cousin of a well-known Victorian detective takes on an unsavory case involving a woman and a scientist.
Power (ionofrao)
by ionofrao (md mf ft mc ff sf)
Mark is recruited to be the subject of an alien experiment about human sexuality.
Pranic Attack
by Xenos (ma gr mc la ff in sf)
A set of identical twins confront the reality of their existence.
Psyche vs. Fractal: Strange Attractor
by Decker (cb mc ff)
There's a powerful new supervillain in town, and she has the hots for Psyche.
by Hypnoslut (ft mc ff)
A young woman tries an alternative treatment for her insomnia, with unforeseen consequences.
Quality Controls
by Dou7gx (mc ff)
A famous spa and relaxation getaway is under investigation for suspicious criminal activity by the FBI.
The Queen Has Arrived
by J Swafford (mc ff)
A woman projects false memories for her own pleasure.
by Nymph (mc ff)
A hiker encounters a raven in the dark forest.
The Reality Machine
by Alei (mc ff gr)
Two scientists are have made the breakthrough of the millennium which will change to world forever. But what happens when things go wrong and someone discovers and alternate use for the device. Will reality ever be the same again?
by Tabico (mc ff)
A car accident leaves a handful of slaves in the possession of those who would free them.
The Released
by Tang (ft mc ff)
Valerie releases a demon.
The Rest of the Weekend
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Madison hoped Gracie knew other girls. Turned out, she did.
by Queen Calafia (mc ff)
The women from the Historical Society visit a spooky old house.
by lost (mc ff)
A Queen returns to claim her rightful place in society.
Rhonda Rings a "Belle"
by Nick Vegas (ft mc ff in)
Alicia is brought to be Rhonda to be a new foot-worshiping slave.
by Bad Penny (mc ff)
Lucy's rivalry with Tiffany changes when a new professor arrives at their university.
The Road Not Taken
by Tang (ft mc ff)
On her way to a librarian conference, Abi veers off into an alternate reality.
by Psionic_X (md mf mc ff)
Stacy introduces her boss to her new boyfriend.
The Romban Guest?
by Handcuffgirl (mc ff sf)
Ensign Carter is rescued by an enemy ship in the Neutral Zone.
Rose Miracles
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff)
When Diane visits her local florist to find the perfect Valentines Day gift for her lover, she learns that a rose with an unusual color can be twice as sweet.
Rose Petals
by Madam Kistulot (mc ff)
Faith is worried about her friend Desiree's involvement with a group of women she worries is a cult, and when she goes along with Desiree to see for herself it's not a nightmare, but all she could ever have asked for.
Secret Desires
by Psionic_X (md mf mc ff)
Three women in a dance club meet a stranger.
Silver Eclipse
by Madam Kistulot (ft rb mc la cb ff ma)
Silver's life continues as she learns more about her powers and her self, and in so doing attracts some very unwanted attention.
The Adventures of Silver Girl
by Madam Kistulot (cb mc ff)
A young super heroine Silver Girl's life is turned upside down when she recieves an invitation from a mysterious woman.
The Sisterhood of the Stonez
by Azure Sky (mc ff)
Lenore gets a special presenet in the mail from an unknown person.
Sister’s in Charge
by Gh (mc ff)
Shannon is not happy about being forced to take natural birthing classes on Monday nights. But by the end of the first class she and the other participants think it is the greatest thing they've ever done.
Sonia’s Punishment and Training
by Nick Vegas (ft mc ff hm)
A bitchy Londoner is taught new tricks when she visits LA and crosses the wrong Pack of Filipino teen girls.
by Joe Mama (ff sf gr mc la)
Hot blonde girl moves to LA to broaden her horizons, and they are broadened, indeed.
by Wesley King (mc ff)
A woman is kidnapped by her soulmate.
by Billy_Ray77 (md mf mc ff)
Dan uses subliminal suggestions on his wife, and they work so well, he goes a little overboard.
The Suite
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Megan, Olivia and Lyn participate in an experiment that isn't going precisely as they expected.
by Queen Calafia (mc ff sf)
Alien nanites land on the Earth and enslave the female population.
by Tabico (mc ff rb)
Angela, a policewoman, visits another city's police department as part of an exchange program.
by Decker (md mf mc ff)
Nikki has a talk with her rommate's boyfriend to complain about their loud sex.
How Porn Broke Into Tamara Divine
by bobwhite (mc ff gr)
A sweet, innocent Midwestern girl becomes one of the most famous porn stars of all time.
Terms of Contract
by Tang (ft mc ff)
Elizabeth is turned into a sex-slave during a job interview.
by trilby else (rb mc ff in)
A kidnapper uses hypnosis to control her captive, and begins modifying her behavior.
Through A Scanner, Blankly
by Xenos (mf ma ff mc sf)
A narcotics officer is fascinated by one of the drug users she is investigating.
Time Released
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Jordan gradually becomes 'friends' with her company's newest hire.
Towards the Week's End
by Tang (ft mc ff sf)
Stephanie, a pilot, lands on the planet of An-Kil-Lye and is captured by a slaver with a particular kink.
A Toy for Mrs. Claus
by Alei (mc ff gr)
Mrs. Claus can’t quite put her finger on what’s happening to her, but as Christmas approaches, she realizes that something needs to be done and soon … but what?
Training Diadem
by Marcus (mc ff sf)
An agent goes to a remote mountain location, in search of stolen alien tech.
by inferno (md mf mc ff)
A college student hypnotizes two co-eds using special stickers.
by Jypsy Jones (mc ff)
When Tanya goes to America for the first time she gets involved in some cheerleader trials, with predictable results.
Twisted Concepts: The Curse of the Animated Anomaly
by Thantos69 (bd md mf fu mc hu ff in sf)
A group of highly unlikely and even more highly immoral heroes have to stop a madman from turning the planet into a cartoon, or at least obtain the highest body count by trying.
Underneath it all
by amaranth (md mf mc ff)
Jeff discovers that his stepsister and two other girls have been given a drug that makes them obedient to anyone who gives them orders.
by The Once And Future Kim (ma gr mc la ff cb rb ft)
Jacqueline's wires get loosened up when an unexpected visitor introduces her to a new side of life.
Unholy Desire
by JRParz (ff md mf gr mc)
Jason stumbles upon a website where the spells really work! First, the captain of the cheerleading squad - then the cheerleader's best friend and fellow cheerlead, then the cheerleader's best friend's cousin, then a girl he always had a crush on. Get the picture?
by Ted Wood (md mf ft ff mc)
A mad scientists lives in a place halfway between fantasy and reality.
Voodoo Enslavement
by JRParz (ff md mf gr mc)
Cindy doesn't understand why she starts obsessing about her next door neighbor. Lisa wakes up one night after experiencing a wet dream about her boss. Both hotties find themselves undergoing a sexual awakening... how will they cope?
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc ff)
On vacation in Florida, Charlotte gets curious about a guy doing what looks like a magic trick in a bar…and before she knows it, the trick is on her.
The Wedding Party
by Unicode Smith (md mf mc ff)
Julie's date at the altar is in jeopardy when, on her wedding day, she encounters an evil mind controller who influences women with his breath.
What Do You Think About Me? Or: Carding
by Frustrated (md mf mc ff)
Shelley discovers that her college roommate is sleeping with a guy she knew in high school.
...What You Wish For
by NomdeSade (ds mf ff mc hm)
Be careful what you wish for, they say. A restorer of antiquities who is ground underfoot by his buxom boss and has a crush on the sexy innocent receptionist should have taken heed of that advice. And soon, the fate of the world will hang in the balance.
When Quitting Is Desirable
by pussy43 (mc ff)
When Melanie undergoes hypnosis to help her quit smoking, things go even better than she was anticipating.
Whetting Stone
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Elza is an underachiever. Kim, a mind controller looking for a challenge, wants to help.
White Boots
by Tang (mf mc ff)
Caroline becomes obsessed with a pair of boots she sees in an Amsterdam shop window.
White Boots – In Silke’s Footsteps
by Tang (md mf ft ff mc)
Amy thinks she sees her old friend Caroline as a hooker in Germany.
Whores de Ballet
by AmandasHypnoLips (mc ff in)
When Isabel asks an old friend for help in getting her daughter a scholarship she finds the price higher than she expected.
by Alei (mf mc ff in)
Strange things happen to Maryanne when she unpacks an unfamiliar box. Can she save herself before her life crumbles around her? Or are she and those around her doomed to be corrupted by the power of the Whoremaker.
Worlds Colliding
by Cafetray (mc ff)
Two TLCs become aware of each other. There can only be one.
by trilby else (mc ff)
While FreedomForce prepares to confront their hypnotic nemesis once again, their intrepid scout falls into her clutches, putting her training to the test.
by Sara H (mc ff)
Jane drags Barbara to a hypnosis show, knowing that Mistress Rochelle will have a new slave by the end of the night.
X All That Apply
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc ff)
Cortney fills out a job application and notices some very personal questions.
Z Is For Zeus
by Hugoland (md mf mc ff)
A archeology students gets the powers of the Greek Gods.
A-10: The Long Awaited Sequel
by Julian Winslow (md mf mc)
A man uses an experimental mind-control drug on a colleague.
by Lancebreaker (md mf ma gr mc)
One of the wishes that O'Shea makes backfires as a genie has her way with him, leaving him to deal with all the repercussions.
The Accidental Master
by Lord Skies (md mf mc)
A man finds himself the “unwilling” Master of a beautiful stranger.
Acts of Godfrey
by Ted Wood (md mf mc)
Jason receives various rewards for saving the life of a superior being.
An Agent Enslaved
by blueharvest1977 (md mf mc)
A Sector Authority Officer is enslaved and brought to the temple.
Agent of P.S.Y.C.H.E.
by John Smith (md mf mc)
The recruitment and adventures of Ivan Naroba, Agent of P.S.Y.C.H.E.
Alice Sin Wonderland
by Captain Eazy (md mf gr mc)
College student Alice meets a man who offers her enslavement...and a special kind of freedom.
The Alien God
by HypnoJoe (md mf gr mc ts hu in)
A teenager gets godlike powers, and uses them to control his sister and his mother.
All the Way Down
by Graz’zt (md mf mc)
An old man leaves a special gift for Matthew at the local store.
Amanda's EZ Dating Service Experience
by Justin (md mf mc)
Amanda signs up for a dating service, and finds that she fits the profile of every man who wants to date her.
Amissum Codex — The Book of Loss
by A. Acer Custos (md mf mc)
A man has the ability to possess other minds.
by Wesley King (md mf mc)
Carla is given a special massage as a present.
As It Seems
by Bad Penny (md mf mc)
Jill and Francine are students at a Catholic girls' school who begin to suspect that everything there is as it seems, and that they are not destined for a life of sexual slavery, unless they act now...
Assisted Seduction
by Starcrossed (md mf mc)
Jen Jackson works as a corporate spy. Strauss Corp, her employer, specialises in a perfume that aids seduction. She has been asked by Strauss Corp to look into a new company on the block...
At the Game
by txhypnodegenerate (md mf mc)
A vampire takes a victim at a baseball game.
At Your Service
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc)
Bill does a favor for a neighbor and finds himself more in control than he ever expected.
by URN My Power (md mf mc)
Amelie tries to cast a spell on Charlie, but it ends up being turned against her.
Barbie Girl
by Frustrated (md mf mc)
A man enjoys turning snooty women into sluts.
Becoming a Robot.....At Last!
by Robotunit8 (md mf mc rb)
Stephanie is turned into a robot.
Believe Me Natalie
by BluejayGS (md mf mc)
A team of military hackers tries to infiltrate a mass mind-control program.
Benefits of Teaching Astronomy for Airheads
by Bad Penny (md mf mc)
Madison takes ASTR 098 (Astronomy for Airheads) to fulfill her science requirement. She would have been better off in Physics for Poets, but she's not complaining.
A Better Body
by ArcadesSabboth4 (md mf gr mc)
May volunteers to test a new product that promises to give her a better figure without surgery.
Better to Show Respect
by Woolfighter (md mf mc)
Three girls' behaviors change after they make fun of a little person.
Betty Buckssome – Porn Star
by pussy43 (md mf mc)
A woman goes to a porno theater and is unable to stop watching the movie.
by AgainstMyWill (md mf gr mc)
A man secretly hates it when is girlfriend decides to lose weight.
Bimbo Body
by Jarnham (md mf gr mc)
Jack uses nanotechnology to give his girlfriend Beth a new body.
BimboTech: A Special Introductory Offer
by The Sympathetic Devil (md mf gr mc)
Julie is curious about the company on the 32nd floor of her new office building. Her curiosity proves life changing.
Binding in the Night
by Dr. Dementos (md mf mc)
Aidan ends up the master of the girl of his dreams. Will his dark side win out over his conscience?
Birthday Engagement
by Decker (md mf mc)
Callie is a slave, and a happy one. But her Master has a special surprise today, one that may change her life... again.
Bishoujo Land 2: Shining Stars
by NGMEZ (md mf mc)
Jake's hypnotic adventures in an anime dimension continue.
by Snick (md mf mc)
An actor in a haunted house show turns out to be more real than expected.
The Bizarre Case of Linda Wolfe
by BluejayGS (md mf sf mc)
Sometimes, rejecting your programming makes you worse than if you really went along with it all the while and the lack of mind control creates an even deeper madness.
Blackmail: Five Exposures
by Decker (md mf mc)
Monica's indiscretion was captured on film, and she'll do anything to get the pictures back. How far will William make her go?
Blowjob Mania
by Hungry Guy (md mf mc)
Around the world, women are demanding that they give blowjobs to men.
Booked For Life
by Gloryboy (md mf mc)
A middle-aged man uses hypnotic poetry to make two gorgeous college girls his kneeling, obedient slaves.
Bossing the Boss
by Fourscore (md mf mc)
Tom gives his boss a drug that her unable to resist him.
by Darkmind (md mf mc)
A stranger walks up to a woman and offers her a breath mint.
Bubble Gum Bimbo’s
by Dr. Fakes (md mf mc)
Ben discovers that the joke candy he bought is more real than he assumed.
Cascade Effect
by Master Bonzo (md mf mc)
Bill programs his teacher, who he gets to program other women for him.
The Catholic Convert
by worldclock11 (md mf ft mc)
Anne Marie is enslaved by a living latex suit.
The Champ
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
A boxer explains to a nosy reporter how he achieved his phenomenal success in the ring.
Charisma (Psionic_X)
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
A female manager is intimidated by her top salesman.
Charlotte Typed
by Tang (md mf ft mc)
Charlotte has an online chat with a rubber fetishist.
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Jonas describes how he obtained his extraordinary mental powers.
The Consultant (VindalooCurry)
by VindalooCurry (mm md mf mc)
A consultant visits a company and improves their business practices.
Copy Cat
by inferno (md mf mc)
Trish is dominated with bracelets.
Corner Booth
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Nikki is at the bar, looking for some action. And she finds it.
The Cream Coat
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf mc)
Gemma wonders why she's going to work wearing only a coat.
Crosses and Nots
by William Pratt (md mf gr mc)
It's not nice to swindle Keith. Or exorcise him.
Cupid’s Breath
by S. P. Riley (md mf mc)
A college student uses a mind-control drug to get the woman of his dreams.
Daddy's DVD
by Phred Pharkas (md mf mc in)
Susan's Dad gives her a "special" DVD that makes her realize who she really is.
Dark Thoughts
by Jeff Renolds (md mf mc)
Alex is a curious inventor when he accidently creates a mirror that helps him develop psychic powers.
The Deal (Psionic_X)
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Catherine investigates a mysterious millionaire who seems to control the city from behind the scenes.
Dear Diary (FourLetterWord)
by FourLetterWord (md fu mc)
Sarah gets something special for Christmas. And other innuendo.
Dexter Lends a Helping Hand
by valor6 (mm md mf mc)
A psychic interrupts a porn movie.
Dexter the Star Maker
by valor6 (md mf mc)
Dexter takes a picture of Melanie with his special camera.
Digital Lullaby
by The Worm (md mf mc)
Steve, a psychology student, uses a hypnotic CD to heighten a dowdy student's sex drive, in order to gain the affections of her hot roommate.
Do Me a Favor
by Jafar (md mf gr mc)
The party favors have an effect on the female partygoers who wear them.
Doctors Demise
by Anonymous-036 (md mf mc)
Dana's husband transformer her from a doctor into a whore.
The Doctor's Undoing
by valor6 (md mf mc)
William takes interest in a filipina housekeeper for a lady doctor.
The Domination of Rita
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Rita immediately comes into conflict with a new law partner.
Don’t Drink the Water
by Matt (cb mf mc md)
Ms. Americana goes after the evil executive of a chemical company.
The Doors of Her Mind
by Mountain Man (md mf mc)
Heather is led on a hypnotic journey through her mind, learning to give up control as she goes.
Downsizing Lisa
by Dan Collins (md mf mc)
Rod transforms a rival at work into his obedient secretary.
by William Pratt (md mf gr mc hu)
In his own dreams, Ed is the star. But not for long.
Eleven Pages
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
A man reads a self-help book, and gets phenomenal powers of persuasion.
Emmanuel and Sean’s Mom
by Sonya Esperanto (md mf mc in)
Emmanuel and Sean have a contest over Sean's Mom.
An Englishman In New York
by Ludmenkov, Boris (md mf gr mc)
A man goes on a business trip to New York, in spite of all the changes that have occurred in America.
The Enslaver
by Sebastian Blue (md mf mc)
John steals an invention from a mad scientist, and tests it out on his neighbor.
by Tullius (md mf mc)
Mandy goes undercover in an attempt to learn more about the elusive Hendrik, a man who adjusts women's attitudes professionally.
Escape (z119z)
by z119z (md mf mc)
A woman dreams of escaping her owner.
Everyone’s a Winner
by Wesley King (md mf gr mc)
Two girls are accidentally enrolled in a body and behavior modification program.
The Evil Empire
by malys16 (md mf mc)
Jim loves his job as a reprogrammer.
Fetishes: Catgirl
by catgirlslikefish (md mf fu mc)
Charlie's anniversary present turns his wife into a submissive, horny catgirl.
Fill Me
by jessicablank (md mf mc)
Alicia's slave training leaves her with a desire to collect small, round objects.
Finding Master
by Olorin247 (md mf sf mc)
The Psi-corps attempts to rehabilitate a freed mind-controlled slave.
First, Do No Harm
by Hypnotic Doctor (md mf mc)
Dave helps Lynn study for her medical exams.
Foot Massage 2
by nadiencendia (md mf ft mc)
The foot fetish masseur sees a good opportunity to seduce another client, and seizes it... with some unexpected results.
by BB Zed (md mf mc)
Grant tells Andie that he is going to hypnotize her into being his fuckbuddy.
Garden Party
by Distorted Angel (md mf mc)
A telepath helps his son meet a girl at a party.
Getting a New Job
by Archibald (md mf ft mc hm)
Nina’s new job turns out to be different, from what she had expected, but she is perfectly content with it.
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Tabitha, a rich and powerful woman, doesn't get what she expects when she hires Walter.
The Girl Who Was Called tammi
by White King (md mf mc)
In a nightclub, a girl has her old self taken from her, and gains a Master instead.
The Great Deal
by Anonymous-033 (mm md mf mc)
John is kidnapped by his stepfather Chuck.
by Synaptic Virus (md mf mc)
A man aquires one small dose of mind-control drug - a substance that makes its subject completely gullible. He decides to use the drug to ensnare a sexy subordinate.
Halloween Invasion
by RubberMan (md mf mc)
Women at a kinky Halloween party are infected with nanites.
Heart’s Desirs
by Pancho Lopez (md mf mc)
A man uses a spider amulent to hypnotize Arlene.
Her Story
by XtremeCSSA (md mf mc)
A young woman meets a man at a nightclub who ruins her for the rest of her life.
He's The Greatest Writer
by Wesley King (md mf mc)
A writer of mind-control stories on the Internet gets to live his fantasies.
Hold My Beer While I Screw Your Girlfriend
by The Worm (md mf mc)
A psychic mind controller has fun with a woman he meets in a bar. Once he gets her away from her boyfriend, of course....
The Hornometer
by Mudak (md mf mc)
For her birthday, Jason gives his girlfriend a piece of jewelry that controls her arousal level.
Horny Rolex
by Covert Ops (md mf in mc la)
The gold watch that a man steals has special powers.
by URN My Power (md mf mc)
An agent tracks down a rogue telepath.
Hypnos Univeristy
by Pancho Lopez (md mf mc)
A recollection of sexual adventures that are the hallmark of the prestigious Hypnos University.
I Need a Hero
by Captain Eazy (md mf mc)
A beautiful rich blonde girl seeks to be mind-controlled.
In and Sweet
by Frustrated (md mf mc)
A hotel receptionist keeps getting strange phone calls at work.
In the Heart of the Amazon
by A. Acer Custos (md mf mc)
William learns the secret of a mind-control drug from an Amazonian tribe, and uses it to get revenge on the woman who destroyed his company.
In Your Dreams
by Tullius (md mf mc)
A stalker has a talent, which he uses on his favourite glamour model.
Incubus of the Stone
by Canis Aureus (md mf mc)
Corrine has erotic dreams after attending a tea party at Dr. Gebhart's home.
by GrimTidings (md mf mc)
Kally's sister tries to stop her from marrying her overbearing brute of a fiance.
Japan Guide
by Wesley King (md mf mc)
Mary has just moved to Japan for her JYA year and it’s not long before she receives an offer she can’t refuse.
Jenny Loses a Bet
by ELPeterEL (md mf mc)
A stage hypnotist bets Jenny that she can't be hypnotized.
Kara's Survival Training
by Tamedwolf (be mf mc md)
In order to become a park ranger, Kara must undergo survival training with a mysterious man who lives in a cabin in the woods.
Kim's Tale
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
A stripper is controlled by a man with psychic powers.
The Kiss
by BZ"2" (be mf mc md)
Danielle is hypnotized by Dr. Svenson to act like a dog.
Lewd Dude and the Nude Prude
by BB Zed (md mf mc hu)
A mind-controller has his victim in quite a predicament.
Linda's Capture
by BZ"2" (md mf mc)
Linda volunteers for a hypnosis demonstration at a party, and eventually becomes a slave.
The Lioness and the Human
by KP (md mf ft fu mc)
An anthropomorphic lion meets a stranger at a club for anthros.
A Little Influence
by John Sulivan Ringo (md mf mc)
A teenager uses his power of influence to get sex.
Lucky Day to Be in Sweden
by Sonya Esperanto (be mf mc md)
An American male exchange student in Stockholm, learns that 99% of all the males worldwide have died from a virus and also to his luck, manages to acquire some Mind Control Powers, which he uses to his advantage.
Lustful Hypnotizing
by hypnoololook (md mf mc)
A man attempts to surrepticiously hypnotize an old neighbor.
Mad Scientists’ Convention — The Welcome Mat
by Mudak (md mf mc)
A mad scientist demonstrates his latest invention—a welcome mat that induces obedience.
Made for Pleasure
by Jay Petto (md mf mc hu rb sf)
Ginger, woman of the future, takes a vacation to her private space station, where a malfunctioning computer decides to improve her sex life.
The Magic Dick
by lakeroost (md mf mc)
A man's amazing new genitalia is examined by a nurse.
Mariana and Sage: RPG the Highway Patrol
by Mesmeric Surrender (md mf mc)
Mariana gets pulled over by a traffic cop on the way home to meet her hypnotic lover.
Mariana’s Surrender
by Mesmeric Surrender (md mf mc)
Mariana finds pleasure in surrendering to Sage.
Master PC – Child of the Program
by TechnicDragon (md mf mc)
A hot professor hints at Ral's destiny just before he leaves to go home and begin searching for his biological parents. Between encounters with a new group, the weird actions of his adopted family and a blizzard, Ral has his hands full as he tries to find out more about himself and why he has inherited the changes that have turned his life up-side-down.
Master Telepath In Later Years: Liven Up The Meetings
by Victor Ramierez (md mf mc)
Bob decides to hone his telepathic skills at his workplace.
Master PC: A Masters Betrayal
by black_kitten_blues (md mf gr mc)
Dave tries out the Master PC program on a distant chat-room friend, without thinking through the consequences.
Master's Pleasure
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Master's slaves describe their fantasy scenarios.
Meat Lovers
by URN My Power (md mf mc)
Katerina makes a pizza delivery to a remote location.
Megan's New Clothes
by Abe Froman (md mf ft mc)
Megan enjoys dressing up in the new clothes that her husband bought her.
Membership Dues: The Benefits of Membership
by Whyte, Colleen (md mf mc)
Judy joins an exclusive health spa, and gets a cute, perky personal trainer.
by Bad Penny (md mf mc)
Maggie wants to ask Bill why he's never bothered to ask her out, but she seems more interested in staring at his ring...
Metal Maid
by Robotunit8 (md mf mc rb)
Stephanie becomes a robot maid.
Michael: Fun with Danielle
by The Hedonist God (md mf mc)
Michael uses his powers to alter the reality of an attractive M.A. student.
Michael: Fun with Sandy
by The Hedonist God (md mf mc)
Michael uses his powers on an attractive professor.
Mind Control Interface
by youmeancoitus? (md mf gr mc rb sf)
Josh was nothing more than your typical college nerd, that is, until his drunken roommate pumped his body full with life altering nanos.
Mind Wipe
by Mudak (md mf mc)
A nightclub owner has come up with a unique way of exerting his influence over his female patrons, much to the delight of his male customers.
Mindfield (sara castle)
by sara castle (cb mf mc md)
Will any of the captured heroines escape The Enslaver's trap-ridden maze?
Mirror Ball
by Subtler Thansome (md mf mc)
A dull evening’s entertainment for Jane turns out more exciting than she expected.
Mom and Me
by Covert Ops (md mf mc)
An eighteen year old tries out his mind-control powers on his Mom.
by The Sympathetic Devil (md gr mc la)
Doris offends a wizard and suffers unusual consequences.
Ms Americana Fallen
by Sonya Esperanto (bd md mf mc cb hm)
Ms Americana investigates a drug cartel but instead of her triumphing against the drug dealers, she is the one who falls instead.
Ms Americana: The Mistake
by Sonya Esperanto (cb mf mc md)
The fabled Ms Americana who asks a boy to hypnotize her but makes the mistake of asking him to do it when his friends, the neighbourhood bullies show up/
Ms Americana: Programmed to Obey
by Sonya Esperanto (cb mf mc md)
Ms Americana asks a friend of hers to hypnotize her but does it at the wrong time and his evil landlord comes in at the right time, to threaten him with eviction.
My Awakening
by crobob (md mf mc)
A storeowner discovers his new power while lusting after his employee.
My Girl Imogen
by Matt Penn (md mf mc rb)
Mike wakes up one morning to find a living doll in his home.
A Nasty Little "Happy You Near" Tale
by ghosthostblue (md mf mc)
New Years resolutions can be a bitch.
Natalie: The Office Slut
by Bobbie Bazooms (md mf gr mc)
Natalie, a proper young lady, is hired as the office manager for Harden Construction Company. She is unaware of the other duties she will be expected to perform.
A New Addition for Dexter
by valor6 (md mf mc)
Dexter uses his camera on a policewoman.
A New Found Scanner
by Fiona69m (md mf mc)
Karl discovers his ability to manipulate other people’s minds.
A New Leash On Life
by Uri X (md mf mc)
Sue is tamed and controlled with a buttplug that contains her soul.
One Good Man
by txhypnodegenerate (md mf mc)
A man tells the story of how he was turned into a vampire.
Owned Teacher
by Sonya Esperanto (md mf ft mc)
A teacher in Canada comes under the control of one of her male students, and turns into his personal slave.
PH Factor
by A. Acer Custos (bd md mf mc)
A lawyer is kidnapped, raped, tortured and brainwashed.
A Parasitical Tale
by Jamie (md mf mc)
A telepathic parasite tries to get a woman pregnant so that he can posess the child as his new host.
The Perfect Proposal
by PavlovsBelle (md mf mc)
Belle can’t wait for the college shuttle she’s on to arrive back at her dorm’s stop, her boyfriend is waiting for her and she’s certain he intends to pop the big question. Unfortunately a fellow bus rider has chosen her bus as the opportunity to help the passengers re-think their lives.
Performance Review
by Distorted Angel (md mf mc)
Karen's new boss has some issues with Karen's professionalism at the office.
Permanent Changes
by Ludovico (md mf ft mc hm)
A professional telepath who spends the weekend in a motel room with a subject who is more resistant than he expects.
Persian Style Vengeance
by Sonya Esperanto (mm be mf mc md)
A Persian student puts his female Danish-American teacher under mind-control and makes her his obedient slave.
by malys16 (md mf mc)
A man must feed off of another person's energy.
Photographer's Assistant
by Billy_Ray77 (md mf mc)
Sammy uses his mental powers to help losen up a model with an attitude.
Pink Elephants and Yellow Boots
by Downing Street (md mf ft mc)
Clara doesn't believe the man in the next office when he tells her she will radically change her style in only one week.
Placebo Effect
by A Sinister Bent (md mf gr mc)
A woman's life is changed when she's persuaded to test a special new beauty product.
by Fool's Page (md mf mc)
Melissa is ordered to report for Erotic Processing by a worldwide government organization.
Please Smile
by Kaki Bangku (md mf mc in)
A photographer is hired to take pictures of a family.
Pool Haul
by Silver (md mf mc)
While swimming, a stranger shows Arlene a jewel of flashing lights, which reprograms her to be a slave.
Powerful Enough to Stop Time...
by Victor Ramierez (md mf ts mc)
A high school nerd is given unlimited powers.
Pretty Please
by Unicode Smith (md mf mc)
Young Billy's world spins out of control when the beautiful high school guidance counselor uncovers his mesmerizing machine.
Princess Sabina and The Kingdom of Hershin
by bw (md mf mc)
The Prince goes out in search of the woman he is destined to marry—the peasant girl Sabina.
The Product
by Lancebreaker (md mf ma mc rb in)
James has always been very happy with the Houseslave 3000 that he purchased from Slave Labs, even with the occasional glitch.
Professional Victim
by Pancho Lopez (md mf mc)
Tara tells you exactly what is it like to be a professional victim.
Proper Counceling
by Attacus (md mf mc)
Dr. Lien requires Sharie to watch a special documentary.
Psionic_X Rules the World
by Psionic_X (cb mf mc md)
A team of superheroes battles an extraordinarily powerful villain.
Psyche vs. Robotica: Only Human
by Decker (md mf rb mc cb)
Psyche has been captured by the mysterious Robotica. Will she find a way out before she succumbs to the life of a Drone?
Pussy Kat
by Jay Petto (md mf mc)
A stranger awakens Catherine's feline nature.
Radio Flyer
by Unicode Smith (md mf mc)
His hormones raging, young Billy is convinced he's in love with his older sister's beautiful college friend, Jessica. So he invents a mesmerizing machine to make her feel the same way about him.
Read The Fucking Manual
by Archibael (md mf mc)
Haven't you always wished women would come with an instruction manual? This instruction manual makes women come. Same difference, right?
Little Red Riding Hood
by Nab (md mf mc)
Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are hypnotized by the Wolf.
The Redhead's New Man
by Good Boy (md mf mc)
Carol's attitude towards oral sex changes when she agrees to go home with Dave.
by William Pratt (md mf mc)
Stephanie's sister gets turned into a robot.
by Bad Penny (bd md mf mc)
Anna realizes what she really wants when one of her handlers comes to renew her conditioning.
by valor6 (md mf mc)
A wheelchair-bound stranger has mind-control powers.
The Return of Yellow Eye
by Spidey (md mf mc)
A man uses an alien symbiont to control the women at his workplace.
Rick Summer, Ace Detective
by Angelique Bouchette (md mf rb mc sf)
An investigation of missing girls leads Rick to a company that makes sex androids.
by Downing Street (md mf ft mc)
Melody's new cellular phone keeps ringing, even when there is no one calling. She decides to return it to the little shop where she got it, which is in a large suburban shopping mall.
Rogue State
by Wm. Franklin Summers (bd md mf mc hm)
An idealistic young congressional aide sent to the warlord invested Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia to research the drug trade for her boss stumbles into a Diabolical Conspiracy that enslaves beautiful young women like her through mind control.
The Salon Hairem
by H2O2 (md mf mc)
A man with the power to enter other people's minds takes over a salon, and turns the staff into bimbos.
Scenario Five
by Decker (md mf ma mc)
An interview with a psychiatrist helps put a woman's life into perspective.
Secret Weapon
by Frustrated (md mf mc)
Bailee is attracted to a member of the college track team, who reveals his special powers to her.
Seeing Red
by Bad Penny (md mf mc)
Jennifer may have found her perfect lover. Or she may have found another Mr. Wrong. She doesn't have the best judgment when it comes to men.
Serena Meets a Vampire
by JRParz (md mf mc)
Serena, a HOT witch, meets a vampire at a Halloween Party.
The Show Must Go On
by valor6 (md mf mc)
A pair of newlyweds honeymooning in Vegas volunteer to take part in a hypnosis show.
A Simple Ghost Story
by Tamedwolf (md mf mc)
A man's wife is possessed by a ghost.
Slave Army
by Anonymous-035 (md mf mc)
Robert tests out his new mind-control drug. When it works better than he imagined it would, things spiral out of control.
by Dennis C. Lee (md mf mc)
Bebe wonders why she wakes up with a full stomach, and a weird taste in her mouth.
So You Wanna Be a Producer
by BluejayGS (md mf sf mc)
In the future, Hollywood has all of America in its thrall.
The Spanish Inquisition
by Jarnham (bd md mf gr mc)
Susie has strange erotic dreams while on a siesta at a Spanish villa.
Stage Fright
by URN My Power (md mf mc)
A group of women are at a ranchy nightclub with a stage magician act.
Stalking Angie
by le Duc de Kavaliere (md mf mc)
Claude hypnotizes a girl he meets in a chatroom.
String Theory
by Covert Ops (md mc in)
A nineteen year old is suddenly able to control his sister.
Study Day
by Attacus (md mf mc)
With finals approaching, time is running out for Dr. Lien to decide whether or not to enact a certain plan.
Subject MC5 Has Escaped
by A Strange Geek (md mf sf mc)
The subject of a government experiment in mind control escapes and flees his pursuers as well as his own personal demons.
Sucker Bet
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Reluctantly, Bernie bets Darrent that he can seduce his wife.
Super Fall
by Tamedwolf (cb mf mc md)
An evil businessman captures and reprograms superheroines.
Super Market Treat
by Explicit (md mf mc)
A telepath decides to have sex with a blonde he runs into at the supermarket.
by Archibald (bd md mf mc)
Two college girls are happy to have a master, who takes great care of their yearning for sex, punishment and general use. Things get even better, when they bring in a third girl.
The Teacher's Dreams
by Good Boy (md mf mc)
Eva finds herself having erotic and vivid dreams about one of her students.
That Old Time Religion
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
A man hypnotizes a Jehovah's Witness who arrives at his door.
That Would Be Wrong
by A Sinister Bent (md mf mc)
An unpopular college student finds an irresistible hypnotic pendant and is tempted by its power.
Theatre of Night
by Jay Petto (md mf mc)
Jenna is recruited into a strange theatre troupe.
And Then There Was Anita
by JAPA (md mf mc)
James finds some relaxing tea that leaves the drinker open to suggestions. Combined with Subliminal CD's his subjects become subservient to him.
Theresa’s Transfer
by The Sympathetic Devil (md mf mc)
Deep inside the pentagon, a secret has been uncovered that will change more than Theresa's position.
This Magic Moment
by A Sinister Bent (md mf ts mc)
A young man discovers he can slow down time, and finds a unique use for that power.
by Xenos (md mf mc)
Various people are affected by online mind-control porn stories.
Tiki Trouble
by sourdough (md mf mc in)
Colin makes an unusual purchase.
Topica Inc.
by Zuralistic (md mf gr mc)
Brad and Jenny take a boating trip by Topica Inc. while on vacation, and have more fun than they expected.
The Touch (Alisha Chen)
by Alisha Chen (md mf mc)
After Alex gets psychic powers, he discovers how his best friend and his wife betrayed him, and he uses his powers to get revenge.
Tourist Attraction
by Voyer (md mf mc)
While on vacation, Jill is hypnotized by a stranger at her motel.
The Train
by Maximilian Cummings (md mf mc)
A man influences two teenagers on a train.
Trying to Wake Up
by baubleheadz (md mf mc)
A woman keeps getting interrupted with gaps in time.
Universal Remote
by Dr. Fakes (md mf gr mc in)
What would happen if you got your hands on the ultimate remote control? Our main character is about to find out.
Vampire Hypnotherapist
by hypnoololook (md mf mc)
A vampire tries to protect himself from detectives investigating the death of one of his patients.
A Vase of Secrets
by Simon Says (md mf mc in)
While living on a commune, a teenager discovers a vase that has a strange effect on female family members.
The Verdict
by inferno (md mf mc)
Three gorgeous bank robbers are sentenced to the mysterious Area 61.
Wacky Wiccan Weed
by Ian Boheme (md mf mc in)
The marajuana that Eddie buys gives him hypnotic powers.
Warming Up Suzzie
by zmuppet28 (md mf mc)
Suzanne notices a feeling of warmth whenever she is around Chris.
Wet Dreams
by Psionic_X (md mf mc)
Anna has dreams about a stranger she sees in a coffee shop.
What Dreams May Come (MichelleLovesTo)
by MichelleLovesTo (md mf mc)
Alyson has strange dreams after she and her family moves into a new home.
What Girl Is This?
by A. Acer Custos (md mf rb mc ds)
Stan learns to love a real doll.
Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?
by Black Raspberry (md mf mc)
Synopsis: A strangely persuasive man finishes his studies in Tokyo and returns to the countryside to coach a high school swim team. When he decides to enjoy himself with one of the swimmers, he ends up with more than he had planned on.
Wishes Fulfilled
by gs6gs6gs6 (md mf mc hm)
Jealous of Cheryl and Craig's pending marriage, Mick uses a wishing stone to humiliate Craig and get Cheryl for his own.
Y Chromosome
by Sonya Esperanto (md mf mc)
Emmanuel, a Filipino-American high schooler and one of the last surviving males on Earth, puts his deceased friend’s mom, aunt and sister under mind control and has fun with them.
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Amazing Lace
by William Pratt (mf ft gr mc ex in)
Chuck writes a letter to Clubhouse Magazine about his sister and her amazing lingerie.
Anne Then
by 8-bit (mf mc)
Anne undergoes intense hypnotherapy with an experimental drug.
The Brotherhood of Thoth
by Gloryboy (mc)
Doug is inducted into an ancient, secret society of mind controllers and must choose whether to use the power to help people or for personal gain.
By The Garters, With Care
by Archibael (ma mc)
Katie Merchant needed some holiday cheer. She could tell, because no one was supposed to be this grumpy on Christmas Eve.
by bobwhite (mf mc)
Matt loves Aimee too much to use his talent on her, but what if she asks?
by Fool's Page (sf mc)
Tracy wonders what it's like to be transformed into a dollygirl.
Doll's Play - Stoneware
by Whyte, Colleen (mf gr mc)
An anthropology professor brings some ancient mating artifacts to class.
by blankpage (sf mc)
Kelera is hired to find a missing crew on the mysterious planet Viola.
by thrall (ma sf mc rb)
An interstellar thief on the run finds refuge in an alien complex.
I Want to Play a Game
by Wesley King (ma mc)
Three women are captured and must solve a puzzle before they are turned into bimbos.
Jesse’s Brand
by Night Wolf (mf mc in)
They left him for dead, but that wasn’t all they left him with.
Master PC: Aftermath
by Lancebreaker (ca mf mc in)
In the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, Farber finds what may be the solution to the world's problems, if he doesn't die first.
Metal Harvest 2.0
by Topaz172 (mf mc rb)
The Invasion took approximately 30 minutes. The survivor's only chance is a daring raid into the heart of the machine.
There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Traitor
by sara castle (ma sf mc)
A young female soldier is enslaved by the machines she is fighting against.
Night of the Sex Maniacs
by Psychtales (mf mc)
They keep coming back in a bloodthirsty lust for SEX... A group of people is trapped in a farmhouse, surrounded by a sex-crazed mob, who have only one thing on their mind: fuck anyone they meet and infect them with their horniness.
Reality Check
by Lorax (ma mc)
A man goes on the run as evil mind-controllers really do take over the world.
by br0adband (mf mc)
When the memory of a love lost haunts you every day of your life, how can you go on? Can that memory be used to propel you to great things?
Mind Control on a Saturday Night
by blueharvest1977 (ma mc)
A woman doesn't understand why she does the things that a stranger at a club tells her to do.
Something in the Water
by Simon Says (mf mc in)
A parasite attack Catherine while she is in the shower.
Strings Attached
by Darkside007 (mc)
Karen goes to work for a company with a... unique training program.
For the Submissive Chocoholic
by Dingus Guy (ma mc)
Jenny orders a special kind of chocolate from the internet, that comes with a detailed set of instructions on how to consume it.
Teamwork at Pullen Wagstaff
by Maximilian Cummings (mf mc)
Robert has a plan to get his two top employees from bickering with each other.
The Thought
by Hugoland (mf mc in)
An alien entity arrives on Earth to start a new hive.
by Firest (ma mc)
Alice keeps repeating her mantra.
by Jord (mf mc)
Laurel goes to a secret location to get her chip implant disabled.
Tuesday Morning at the Mall
by artie (mc)
Bob and Diane try out the latest generation of mind control systems at the mall.
What's Good for the Goose...
by Bad Penny (mf mc)
Lauren stages a private intervention with her brother-in-law to save her sister's marriage. Or so she believes.
What’s in a Name? (Julian Winslow)
by Julian Winslow (ma mc)
Brian and Wong secretly test out their new software on Melissa.
Wifey Training
by RH Music (mf mc)
Jane's therapist helps her to be a better wifey.
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Cameron is willingly hypnotized by a stranger he meets in Greenwich Village.
Against My Ruin
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Two kids meet on the beach.
The Allure of Well Formed Bodies
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
A group of young men share a summer house on the beach.
Between Two Thieves
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Julian learns that the way to his mind is through his body.
Brighton Rock
by Nexis Pas (mm cb mc)
A superhero and an arch-villian engage in an epic battle for control of England.
The Campus Blog Journals: Joey’s Brother
by cicero (mm mc)
A gay black student uses voodoo to adjust another straight racist roommate.
Christopher, Craig & Co.
by SoxnTies (mm mc)
The sequel to “Christopher & Craig” and “Campus Case Study”.
by Wrestlr (mm mc)
Synopsis: An old friend comes back to town with a new ability.
Corps to the Core
by RupeF3 (mm mc)
As Jason is due to leave the Marine Corps for civilian life, his old drill sergeant arrives to help him with the transition.
The Cult
by Ashan (mm mc)
Tom and Sanjay agree to attend each other's religious ceremonies.
Doctor Ryder and Mister Buck
by z119z (mm mc)
Dr Ryder enlists Mister Buck's help to test his latest trainee.
A Doctor's Art
by Ixtli (mm mc)
A man is examined by two young doctors.
A Doctors Art: Brotherly Love
by Ixtli (mm mc in)
Two brothers go in for a medical examination.
Faculty Steam Room
by Soundbear (mm mc)
Relaxing in the steam room, Tom wakes up and finds himself with a stranger and doing whatever he tells him to do.
Flight Fantastic
by Dou7gx (mm mc)
A military man gets to know a flight attendant a little better than he intends in Mexico.
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Peter tries to separate Martin and Daniel.
Forgive & Forget
by AgainstMyWill (mm mc)
Daniel's ex-boyfriend really wants to get back together, and he's not taking "no" for an answer.
From Band Leader to Band Master
by Jay Roberts (mm mc)
One note changes the relationship between a bandleader and his boys.
From US With Love
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Jackson is kidnapped by spies during the cold war.
by Tyrannosaurus Sex (mm mf ma mc)
Tim receives a spam email that teaches him how to have fun.
Goin’ Down On the Farm
by MTL Bear (mm be mc)
When Doc and Officer O'Grady go to the Old Miller farm to investigate an animal abuse complaint, the tables are turned and it's not just animals getting abused and mind-controlled.
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Kevin and Sven reconcile after a split.
A Hypno-Christmas Gift
by Mcgarguy (mm mc)
For your Christmas gift, you allow yourself to be hypnotized.
Hypnotic Prelude and Initiation
by Submit1950 (mm mc)
A man experiments with hypnosis, and hypnotizes his friend.
Hypnotic Turnabout
by Submit1950 (mm mc)
A man experiments some more with hypnosis on his friends.
In Harm's Way
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Two soldiers meet in the desert and react to the trauma of war.
Just For Alec
by au29 (mm mc)
Matt is hypnotized by his personal trainer.
Kennel Club
by cicero (mm mc)
A pro athlete learns who is the real top dawg.
by Petey [2] (mm mc)
A man is kidnapped and made to like boys.
Lance Storm and the Invasion of the Nastyons
by Wersgor (mm sf mc hu)
Four thousand MC'd men in one place makes for one hell of a party - until it's crashed by the alien Nastyons!
The Laughing String
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Nick is haunted by his lover's death.
The Life We Didn't Live
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
When two minds meet a dream becomes reality.
Little Friends
by MReyes8230 (mm mc rb)
A nanotechnology researcher convinces government bureaucrats that he needs more funding to continue his work.
The Lost Patrol
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Three soldiers are captured by a cult.
Metal Harvest Beta: Earth Defense Force
by Topaz172 (mm mc rb)
The Great Abduction took approximately 30 minutes, 121 million males, every man in England, gone. But that was forty years ago. Its 2045 and The Earth Defense Force is recruiting....and only specially selected candidates will do.
Neighborhood Slut
by AgainstMyWill (mm mc)
Aaron's new neighbors have a special present for him.
New Year's Sleep
by Zot (mm mc)
Eddie is hypnotized at a New Year's Eve party.
On the Couch
by Wrestlr (mm mc)
He always finds his therapy sessions arousing.
The Once And Future Gladiator
by maslyfe (mm sf mc)
A nobleman takes an interest in an injured slave.
Oscar's Orgasm
by Jay Roberts (mm mc)
A hypnotherapist helps Oscar with his difficulties reaching climax.
by Julian Obedient (mm mc)
Failed lovers re-establish their relationship, but with a diffrence.
The Power of Galaxy 69
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Space rangers are sent to Galaxy 69, to find out if they had any links with slave traders, that were raiding Earth colonies. Their ship crash-lands on a jungle planet just inside Galaxy 69.
The Prisoner
by maslyfe (mm bd mc)
The new Warden at the PPLA, Permanent Prisoner Labor Agency, plans to turn his inmates into sex slaves, for profit and pleasure.
Right, Rafe?
by RupeF3 (mm mc)
Rafe attends a series of lectures by a motivational speaker, and finds them very motivating.
by maslyfe (mm mc)
A hitchhiker is hypnotized by a trucker.
by Soundbear (mm mc)
David notices that the smell of another man at the gym gives him an erection.
A Season to Remember
by spandexracer3 (mm mc)
Matt is encouraged by the other members of the basketball team to switch sides.
The Seduction Engine
by Wrestlr (mm mc)
A soccer jock gets introduced to Doc and notices changes in himself and his teammates.
Side of Beef
by TrentsChum (mm mc)
A man agrees to let himself be kidnapped and reprogrammed.
by Wersgor (mm mc rb)
Ken and David discover that their friend Simon is a robot.
Soon to Be Anew
by lg45br (mm mc)
A man joins a secret organization.
A Story for Mike
by Nexis Pas (mm mc)
A cozy fire on a chilly autumn night, a comfortable chair, a glass of wine, a fine cigar--and Mike. What more could one want?
by maslyfe (mm mc)
A porn site webmaster uses hypnosis to get his straight male models more enthusiastic about posing for him.
System Upload
by Dreamreaper2k (mm mc)
Dave finds out why you should always be careful of uploads.
Taking Tabor
by cicero (mm mc)
A youthful warrior encounters an ancient foe who bears a special oil.
To Serve Their Country
by AgainstMyWill (mm sc mc)
Three Marine Privates undergo special medical tests.
Training Redman, a Bouncer, an Intruder and the Patrolman
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Dr. Sex attempts to train Redman, who is breaking free of his mind-control.
Training the Groom’s Friend
by The Slaver (mm mc)
After a would-be groom is turned into a sex toy, his best friend suspects that something is wrong.
Training the Pool-Guy
by The Slaver (mm mc)
The pool-guy attempts to blackmail the shopkeeper, but falls into his trap.
Training the Shop-Keeper
by The Slaver (mm mc)
The shop-keeper is given as a gift to a sex club owner.
The Transylvanian Twins
by Jay Roberts (mm mf mc)
A pair of twins seduces a college student.
The Trouble with Triplets
by webb025 (mm mc in)
A set of identical triplets joins a high-school football team with unusual training methods.
The Turnabout (Spandexlad)
by Spandexlad (mm mc)
When Tyler learns that his best friend is gay, he purchases a special DVD that he hopes will turn him straight.
Under the Big Top
by cicero (mm mc)
A smug young agent is sent by his boss to capture the evil criminal mastermind who is hiding out in a circus.
Under The Big Top Two: Jesse Drake
by cicero (mm mc)
A young brother goes under the big top and becomes like his big brother.
The Unwilling Sex-Toy
by The Slaver (mm mc)
Just before his wedding, Jeff meets a stranger in a restroom that he cannot resist.
The Weirdest Dream
by Dreamreaper2k (mm mc)
Greg has just woken up from the weirdest dream, or has he?
When It All Changed
by RedBlack (mf ma mc mm hm in)
A college student's life changes drastically when after enters his brother's room without knocking.
The White Lord Of The Jungle Valley
by cicero (mm mc)
A jungle man meets his match at last.
White Noise
by z119z (mm mc)
Mark purchases a white noise machine to help him sleep.
Words of Truth
by Blufur (mm mc)
Karl suddenly finds himself hanging out with a different crowd.