Sex Is Fun

Sex Is Fun (codes ped incest Ffg Mf Mg Fm mfg )
This Story is for adults only who are permitted to read such
material. It is pure fiction and has little basis in fact.

"The big discovery” is based on my childhood. I really did run
 around nude in the woods while
masturbating and it was a
big surprise to me when I had my first ejaculation.

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The big discovery

    Jared was a shy boy, and didn't make many friends when he was a kid. He loved walking in the woods nude and running around with his dog. He did love his body, and was proud of it. He often sat naked in the woods, pulling on his penis and playing with his balls. It felt pretty good. He thought it was great when his penis stood straight out, and he would stroke it for awhile, making himself feel really good.

    As he got older, he stroked it more and more often. He did it wherever he could in private: in the woods, the bathroom, or in his bedroom. He had seen his sister naked before, so he knew where he wanted to put his penis. He fantasized about putting it inside girls, and was hoping to some day be able to do that. His fantasies included women, and girls his own age that he saw and knew at school. He got so he started masturbating every chance he got. It felt really good. He also found magazines, with near-nude women to masturbate to. And yes, he found National Geographic nude native pictures he would masturbate to. This went on for several years, until he was about 12 years old.

    He was so engrossed in his love of sex that he had dreams about it. One night, he had a particularly erotic and graphic dream about having sex with a witch. The witch had special powers, where she held him down with mental powers while he was totally naked. She focused her powers on his groin area, and his penis stood straight up. He was extremely aware of his penis and testicles. His total focus was on the great feeling there. She hovered over him totally naked, and he could see her vagina open up just above his penis, which was standing at attention. The vagina came down to the tip of his penis, and it sucked it up inside her. It engulfed the whole penis and started pumping up and down on it. Jared was in ecstasy. He was moaning with pleasure.

    When he finally woke, he was sweating profusely. He had an enormous erection and couldn't be hornier. He started stroking his penis, thinking about the dream. He kept it up for some time, and it kept feeling better all the time. He knew he should stop and get out of bed, but it felt too good. Then, as he continued the rhythmic stroking, a new, more pleasurable feeling came over him. He couldn't stop now. The feeling got better all the time. He felt the pleasure come over his shoulders and down his back. He could see his testicles move up in some sort of contraction. Then, without warning, his whole body spasmed. He had never felt anything so wonderful in his life. He kept stoking through it all, and all of a sudden a white liquid substance came shooting out of the end of his penis. He shivered and shook with pleasure for a wonderfully long time. He kept stroking until all the liquid was pulled out of his penis. Finally the ecstatic feeling subsided. He lay there with penis in hand and hot sticky semen all over his belly. Jared was so happy with the discovery he made, that he knew he would have to do it again and again, which he did and still does to this day.

    That was a big turn in his sexual adventures. He masturbated whenever he got a chance and wherever he could. He did it while walking outside through the woods, and in the house where he could find privacy. Any new girl he met, or some he just saw, became targets of his fantasies.

The Visitor

    Jared had a younger sister. Her name was Janice. She was just about 11. She had a good friend she talked to online all the time. The girl was a little older, though. She was 13. Jared didn't know how they got permission, but the girl was invited to come over and stay at their house for two weeks. She was a very pretty girl, and her breasts were starting to develop. He felt a tingling sensation in his groin when he was introduced to her. Her name was Bonny. The girls went off alone most of the time. They spent lots of time in Janice's room. When they came out in the evening, Bonny was wearing a see-through negligee that came down just below her thighs. The top of the negligee was somewhat opaque. She wore skimpy panties underneath. Janice had her tee-shirt and panties on, as usual. Jared was fully dressed, sitting on the living-room couch. When they walked in, his eyes about popped out of his head. Bonny sat down next to him, and Janice sat on the other side of her. Jared couldn't help but keep looking at her. He lost all interest in the TV show he'd been watching. After about 15 minutes, the girls whispered and giggled together and got up and went back to the bedroom. As they left the room, Bonny looked over her shoulder at Jared and smiled. His heart skipped a beat.

    In their house, there is an unwritten rule that a person's bedroom is private. Always knock when the door is closed, before entering. There are no locks on the bedroom doors. Father, mother, sister and brother always abide by that rule. So if someone is in his/her bedroom, they know they won't be intruded upon, and they can do whatever they want without interruption. Mom has knocked on Jared's door before and interrupted his masturbation. When that happened, he had plenty time to stop and put something on before she entered the room. Jared never went into his sister's room unless invited, which he seldom was.

    That night, Jared was extremely horny, but he didn't want to make too much noise if he started getting too excited, so he put on some music. Not too loud, but loud enough to block out any sounds he might make pleasuring himself. He completely undressed, with the intent of masturbating while thinking of Bonny. He left the bed lamp on, so he could see what he was doing. He always liked watching himself, while masturbating. His penis was already erect when he got naked, and he began to slowly stroke it. He wanted this fantasy to last a long time before he orgasmed. He lay back on the bed and began stroking, wishing Bonny was there to have sex with. This went on for several minutes, before he felt he was getting close, and didn't want to finish yet, so he slowed down. He lay back and closed his eyes and stroked slowly, while thinking of Bonny in her hot negligee. He actually dozed off for a short time, with his penis in his hand. When he woke a little, he started stroking slowly again. His eyes were closed and he moaned softly. It felt so good! He knew it must be getting kinda late, and he really needed to get his rocks off. He wanted to see it squirt, so he sat up a little and opened his eyes. When he did, he was so surprised to see Bonny standing next to his bed, looking down at him with a big smile on her face. She was still in her negligee. Jared stopped in mid stroke, and just stared at her with his mouth open.

    She half whispered, and said: “Don't stop now. You have a great cock”.

    Jared was so horny, he almost orgasmed right then. He stroked it slowly some more, and while he did, Bonny pulled her negligee off over her head. Her small round breasts had nipples that stuck out wonderfully.

    Then she said: “Stop. I want to help”.

    Jared stopped and let his penis fall back across his belly. Bonny reached over and delicately picked up his penis with two fingers and stared at it. She then wrapped her hand around it and squeezed. She then started stroking it. Jared was in ecstasy.

    After a few strokes, she stopped and pulled her panties down. They were damp in the crotch. She wiped them over her pussy, and threw them aside. Jared stared at her luscious love canal. She climbed over the top of him, and lay close to him on the other side of the bed. When she did, Jared noticed that the door was part way open, and he saw Janice looking at them from behind the door. Bonny motioned for Janice to come in. Janice slowly walked toward them, her eyes glued to Jared's cock.

    When she was right next to the bed, Bonny said: “Doesn't he have a fantastic cock?” Janice nodded her head. “Take a hold of it!” Bonny commanded.

    Janice slowly reached down and took his cock in her hand. It was stiff as a board. Bonny told Janice to stroke it, which she slowly did. Bonny said :”Faster, and all the way up and down.”

    Soon, Janice was stroking it quickly and all the way up and down, banging her hand down on his balls. Bonny was snuggled right up against him, with her breasts over the top of him and her pussy rubbing up against his leg.

    It wasn't long before Jared couldn't contain himself anymore. His body started shivering and shaking. He felt the ecstasy throughout his whole body. Janice noticed his heavy breathing, but kept jacking him off. Then he moaned and groaned as his load exploded out of the tip of his cock. It shot clear up to his neck and kept coming out. Janice dropped his cock in surprise and just looked. Bonny took hold of his cock, and kept pulling on it until there was nothing more to pull out. One big stream shot up on Bonny's face. Her face was very close to his cock by that time. Finally, Jared was done shaking and shivering with ultimate pleasure.

    They heard the bedroom door shut, and all looked at the door. Nobody was there.

    Bonny wiped some of the cum from her cheek, and licked it from her fingers. Janice was fiddling with the cum that was on her hand. Both girls began rubbing the cum all over Jared's belly and chest. Janice said: “Sticky.” Then both girls giggled. Janice kissed Jared on the cheek. Not to be outdone, Bonny bent over and kissed him square in the middle of his cock. Then both girls jumped up laughing. Bonny grabbed her panties and negligee, and they both ran out of the room.

    The next morning, when Jared awoke, he found that he had crusty dried cum all over his stomach, chest and neck. He smiled as he relived the last nights, or should I say the early morning's escapades , in his mind. He was hoping and anticipating more fun with the girls in the next few days. He lay there awhile, daydreaming. When he finally got out of bed, he pulled on his boxers and headed for the bathroom for a shower. After dressing in clean clothes, he went downstairs for breakfast. Nobody was around. His parents had both gone to work, and wouldn't be home for many hours. He got some cold cereal, and sat down to eat at the kitchen table. He heard someone coming down the stairs, and looked up. It was Bonny. She was in her negligee, but this time she wasn't wearing panties. Jared stared at her pussy, that wasn't quite covered. Teasingly, she pulled up the bottom of her negligee, flashing him a full view. She went to him and kissed him on the cheek, and said: ”When you finish eating, come up to Janice's room. Don't knock on the door. Just walk in;.”

    Jared finished his cereal in less than a minute, and took the stairs, two at a time, up to Janice's room. When he barged into Janice's room, both girls were there, stark naked. Jared looked at them up and down with a grin on his face.

    Bonny took him by his left hand and Janice by his right and walked him to the bed, where they all sat down. Bonny reached over and pulled his shirt off over his head. She said: “Stand up and take your pants off, but leave your shorts on”.

    He did so, and was standing in his boxer shorts. “Stand there!” she said: "Janice, get down on your knees in front of him, and pull his shorts down”.

    Janice did so, with a smile on her face. Jared had a raging hard-on. As his shorts came down, his stiff cock bobbed up and down, right in front of Janice's face. Bonny commanded: “Take his cock in your hand and lick the tip of it”.

    Janice hesitated a little, but did as instructed. That sent a chill up Jared's spine. Bonny then told her to put his cock in her mouth. She obeyed. Jared looked down at his sister, with his cock in her mouth. His heart was beating double time.

    Bonny had Jared lie on the bed on his back, and she said: ”Janice, I'm going to teach you to be the best at giving a blow job. Are you ready to learn?” 

    Janice said: “Yeah! I wanna.”

    Bonny: “Watch what I do, and you do the same thing when I'm done”.

    Janice watched intently, while Bonny licked all around the tip of Jared's cock, and then slowly inched it into her mouth. She was soon deep-throating him. She stopped and moved away and let Janice have a go. Soon, Janice was sucking his cock like an old pro. Jared was getting close to orgasm. Bonny said “Get ready Janice. You are about to take his load “

    Janice's heart was beating really fast with anticipation, as she tasted the pre-cum. She knew what she was about to get. Jared's body started shaking and shivering. His breathing was short and quick. Then that most wonderful feeling came all over his body, as his balls contracted, and his cock throbbed and released a gigantic load of cum into his sister's mouth.

    “Keep sucking!” said Bonny. “Suck all the hot cum out of your brother's cock.”

    Janice obeyed. Jared kept shoving his cock into Janice's mouth to her throat, as he exploded squirt after squirt down his sister's throat. Janice finally had to push him away before she drown in his cum. He took a hold of his cock and kept pumping it, and squirted more and more cum all over her face.

    Bonny was ecstatic, seeing all this. She put her mouth down on him and helped Janice lick it all up.

    Bonny said: “I think it is time Jared started giving us some pleasure too. Don't you think so Janice?”

    Janice said: “Yeah.” Bonny continued, and asked: “Have you ever licked pussy before, Jared?”

    He said: “No”.

    Bonny said: “Well you are going to lick us both out today. Okay?”

    Jared looked at Janice, who was rubbing her pussy and smiling at him, and said: “Okay. Yeah. I want to. “

    Bonny said she'd show him how, and proceeded to get Janice on her back, with legs spread. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, and told Jared to look close. Then she put her face down there and licked across her pussy. “Your turn.” she said.

    Jared went down and licked his sister's pussy real good. He liked the taste. Bonny was finger-fucking herself, while she watched. Jared kept licking his sister, while she squirmed with pleasure.

    Bonny stopped them in a few minutes, and said it was her turn to be licked. Jared went down on her, and started licking and fingering her pussy. Bonny started breathing heavy. She said: ”Finger-fuck my pussy faster”.

    Jared did as requested, using two fingers, ramming them deeper and faster into her wet pussy. Soon Bonny arched her back, breathing heavily. She moaned and shook and then almost screamed: “I'm Cumming!”.

    Her pussy contracted and throbbed around his fingers, and his face was all wet with pussy juice. When her pleasure throbs finally slowed and stopped, she pushed his head away and lay on her side for awhile. Jared and Janice lay down next to her, and they all rested for a few minutes.

    Bonny finally sat up, and said to Jared: “You want to fuck me now?”

    Jared said: ”Oh yeah!”

    Bonny lay back and spread her legs. Jared got on top of her and stuck his hard cock into her, and fucked in and out as fast as he could.

    Bonny said: ”Slow down a little!”

    Jared was just about to cum. Bonny pushed him out of her and said: ”Don't shoot that cum inside me! I don't want to get pregnant.”

    So he pulled away and started stroking his cock. Bonny said: ”Wait.” Then she had Janice come up behind Jared and take hold of his cock, and jack it off all over her belly, tits and pussy. Afterward, they all collapsed and lay in a pile of wet boy-cum and pussy juice. They relaxed again for about half an hour.

    Jared said: ”I need to take a shower.” They all needed to. So they all went in the shower together and washed and dried each other off. They had lots of fun doing that. Some body parts got washed more than was necessary. When they came out of the shower, Jared had an erection again. Bonny suggested they go downstairs and get something to eat. When Janice and Jared started to get dressed, she said: ”Hey! What you doing? We don't need clothes.“ Brother and sister looked at each other and shrugged. They threw the clothes aside, and all went downstairs naked.

    They made some sandwiches and got some juice, and sat down to eat at the kitchen table. Janice said: “You sure know a lot about sex, Bonny.”

    Bonny replied: “I had a good teacher”.

    Janice asked who the teacher was.

    Bonny said: “He is a very nice man. I've known him all my life. I promised I wouldn't tell who he is.”

    Brother and sister looked at Bonny with anticipation. She looked down, and then up again. She was contemplating whether or not she should say more. She didn't want to break her promise, but she really wanted to tell her friends, who she knew wouldn't tell anyone.

    Finally she took a deep breath, and continued: “When I was very little, I was interested in my body and I touched my pussy a lot. Well, I was at grandpa's one time. I often got to stay at his place, and I didn't know he was in the room, so I was rubbing my pussy. I did it for quite awhile, and when I looked up, I saw him standing there watching me. He smiled, and said: 'That's okay, Everyone does that.' So I rubbed it some more, while he watched. I said: 'Do mom and dad do that?' He said: 'I'm sure they do.'  I asked: 'Do you do it?'  He answered: 'Yes. I do sometimes, but it is a little different for boys than it is for girls.' I asked how it is different, and he said he'd have to show me. He dropped his pants, and I stared at his huge cock. Well, it isn't so huge, but it looked like it was to me, when I was that age. He took his cock in his hand and started stroking it. I watched intently. His cock got bigger and stiffer. After awhile, he stopped and let his cock hang. It bobbed up and down in front of me.”

       "I was really curious about it, and wanted to touch it. I reached out tentatively and touched it. Grandpa just stood there, so I took it in my tiny hand and held it. We then lay on the bed, to be more comfortable. He started stroking his cock again, so I started rubbing my pussy with my finger. Soon his breathing got louder and his body began to shake. I stopped rubbing and watched him. I was afraid something might be wrong, but he kept jacking off. His whole body shook, and he moaned, and then white cum came squirting out of the end of his cock. I was so surprised to see that, that I just stared. He kept pulling on his cock until he pulled all of the cum out of it. Then he lay back and closed his eyes, and rested.”

    "I finally got up nerve to reach over and touch the stuff that had come out of the end of his cock. It was all sticky, as you know. After a few minutes, he got up and went into the shower. I followed him in, and we washed up together.”

    "After that, I couldn't wait to go back to grandpa's again. Every time we were alone, we would get naked together, and he would teach me something new. He taught me how to jack him off first. Then, finally, how to do good blow jobs. First time I tasted his cum, I liked it. I think what really got me going was the way he made me feel so good, without hurting or forcing me. He asked if I wanted him to touch me, before he ever did. And the first time he licked my pussy, it was so wonderful. I asked him to do it every time we were together. “

    "He rubbed his cock on my pussy quite a bit, but he never fucked me until I was ready. He wouldn't have done it that first time, but I made him do it. I was 10 at the time. We were both really horny, and I was on top of him, rubbing my pussy all over his cock, like I often did. I knew he was getting close to orgasm. I held his cock straight up against my pussy and started the fucking motion up and down on it, and it started slowly going deeper and deeper inside me. The whole head of his cock was in me, as I sat down hard on it. It hurt some, but felt so good, as I force it deeper into my pussy. He couldn't stop himself. He held my butt and pushed hard up into me. I went up and down on his throbbing cock, faster and faster, and deeper and deeper. Then his load exploded inside me. I stayed on top of him, with his cock deep inside my tight little pussy for, I don't know how long. I think he was surprised I'd done that, but he never scolded me for it. After awhile, I got off him and saw all my wet juices on him. His cock was drenched.“

    Bonny looked around and saw that Janice and Jared were both playing with themselves, while they listened. Jared stopped stroking when she looked at him, and said: “That is really hot, what you did with your grandpa. Do you still have sex with him?” Bonny laughed, and said: “Sure! He's my best lover. I think you'll be better fuckers soon, if you do what I say.“

    Jared said :”I will. Anything you say, I'll do.” “Me too!" Exclaimed Janice. “Next thing we'll do is have fun with your parents!” said Bonny.

The Parent Trap

    Jared and Janice looked nervously at each other, and Janice continued: “Remember the door slamming last night. Who do you suppose shut that door, and what did they see before they shut it?

    Jared shrugged his shoulders, and Bonny said: “It must have been mom. She checks on us sometimes after we go to bed. I don't think dad would come upstairs.”

    Bonny: “Okay. That's where we'll start, then. She looked in Jared's room, and didn't expect to see us in there. What do you supposed she expected to see?”

    “Nothing probably.” Jared said.

    “Or she expected to see Jared alone, pleasuring himself,” asserted Bonny.

    “Really?' exclaimed Janice.

    Jared said: “Did she see me doing that before?”

    Bonny: “She probably did, and got turned on by it. Your mom likes watching you wack off, Jared”.

    Jared looked astounded. “Wow. That's cool. Wish she would help me, like you girls do. “

    “She will” replied Bonny.

    Jared and Janice gaped at her. “How will we get her to do that?” Asked Jared. Bonny smiled, and said: “I have a plan.“

    That night, the kids went up to their separate bedrooms, and Jared got naked on his bed. He left his door open part way and started slowly jacking off. As Bonny planned, Janice went downstairs and told her mom that she heard strange noises from Jared's room. So mom went up to his room to check on him. When she looked in, she saw him stroking his hard cock. Jared knew she was there, and started moaning like he was about to cum. He said, just barely loud enough, so his mom could hear: “Oh, I wish mom was here to do this for me, like Bonny and Janice did last night.”

    The door opened a little wider. Jared looked over to the door, and he saw his mother sticking her head around the door. He kept stroking slowly. His heart was beating wildly. Mom came all the way into the room and shut the door behind her. She walked over to Jared, and smiled.

    She said: ”You are getting to be a big boy, aren't you.”

    She sat on the bed and reached over and cupped his balls in her hand. Jared let go of his cock, and his mother took over. She stroked it a little, and then she went down on him and licked the tip of his cock. She slowly put his cock into her mouth and started sucking up and down on it. Jared was in heaven again. This was beyond any fantasies he'd ever had before. Mom was wearing a robe, with only panties on underneath. She stood up and took her robe off. Jared had never seen her tits before, and he was fascinated with them, large and round with huge protruding nipples. She put her breast to his mouth, and he started sucking on her nipple. She slowly stroked his cock while he did that. Finally she said: ”I love your hard cock, son. I think I'm going to have to have it in my pussy. She stood back up, and slowly slid her panties down, swaying her hips back and forth as she did so. Jared stared, wide-eyed. Her pussy was completely bald.

    She got back on the bed, and Jared was about to jump right on top and start fucking, but she stopped him. She said: ”First, I want you to taste it.“

    Jared smiled, got between her legs, and started licking her pussy. Soon she was squirming. She took him by the back of the head and pulled him closer. Jared could hardly breathe, but he kept licking and sticking his tongue as deep as he could into her hot wet snatch. He finally had to come up for air. His mom said: ”Okay, son. I'm ready to fuck. Put your hot rod into me now and fuck me like a whore.”

    They heard a giggle at the door, but ignored it. Jared got on top of his mom and rammed his cock inside her. He fucked in and out of her, faster than he had ever fucked before. Within 2 minutes, he felt the orgasm coming over him. His body shook, and his mom said: ”Squirt that hot cum inside me.”

    He groaned and shook, and exploded into her hot pussy. Squirt after squirt, he came. When he was done, he rolled off his mom and closed his eyes. She just lay there for awhile. Then she turned over on her side facing him, and said: “I saw you last night, you and the girls. That really turned me on. So when I went to bed I played with myself for awhile, until I accidentally woke up your dad.”

    Jared asked: ”What did he do when you woke him up?”

    Mom: ”He could see what I was doing, and it turned him on, so we fucked half the night. But Jared, don't tell dad what we did tonight!. This is our secret. Okay?“

    Jared looked down, and said: ”Yeah, right.” He grinned.

    Mom got up, threw on her robe, and went to the upstairs bathroom, and cleaned up. After she went downstairs, the girls went into Jared's room, smiling. Jared was still naked and had pussy juice all over his cock and balls, and he had pussy breath.

    Bonny said: ”See, you are becoming a great fucker. Two days ago you were a virgin. Now you are a stud. But there is much more you need to learn before you can be a great lover.” She kissed him goodnight on the cock again. Then Janice came over and did the same. “Goodnight stud.”

    The plan was going as expected. Bonny had Janice, Jared and their mother under her control. Just one more to go, and that part would be easy. Or so she thought. Mr Carter was a conservative man, who was raised a Christian and, although he never pushed his religion on his wife and kids, he still had his moral values he had been taught as a child. He knew his wife was not religious at all, and when he had brought the subject up in the past, she had ignored it and changed the subject. He had never had any qualms about any sex activity his wife suggested between the two of them, but he never had extra-marital sex, or even masturbated, when she wasn't with him.

    Bonny never realized that, so her plan had a flaw. Instead of consulting with Mrs Carter, she made her plans all on her own. She had observed that Mr Carter took his shower at about 5pm. He used the shower in the master bedroom downstairs. So she and Janice sneaked into his room, while nobody was watching, and disrobed. He was in the shower and hadn't seen the girls. When he finished showering, he came out into the bedroom, toweling himself off, and saw the girls naked, standing in front of him. Bonny put her finger in front of her lips in a shushing motion. He quickly wrapped his towel around his waist and diverted his eyes. He was a mild-mannered man, and rarely got upset, but this was a surprise he wasn't ready for.

    He said, in a bit louder than normal voice: “Holy shit! What do you girls think you're doing? This isn't a coed bath house. Put your clothes on and get out of here!“

    Janice got tears in her eyes, and Bonny stood there with her mouth hanging open. Bonny finally said: “But Mr Carter, I thought you would like seeing us like this. We wanted to please you, not upset you.“

    Mr Carter : ”Well you did upset me. Now get dressed and get out of here.”

    Janice was crying, by this time, and pulling her clothes on as fast as she could. Bonny hurriedly put her clothes on too, and the girls ran out of the room and up to Janice's room.

    Mr Carter yelled: “Marsha, get in here!”.

    Marsha Carter was in the kitchen at the time, and went running into the bedroom. She saw the girls, half-dressed, running up the stairs. “What is it, Mark?” she asked.

    Mark said: ”Do you know what those girls just did?”

    Marsha shrugged her shoulders: “What did they do?”

    Mark: ”They were in our bedroom, naked, and waited for me to come out of the shower.”

    Marsha snickered and laughed. Mark said: ”It isn't funny. I don't know what got into them. I think they saw me naked too.”

    Marsha could hardly keep from laughing. She finally composed herself and said: ”I'm sure they know what a naked man looks like. I don't think that was too much of a shock to them.”

    He said: ”Marsha, That's not the point. Why were they in here naked? Bonny is a bad influence on Janice. We have to send her home.”

    Marsha said: ”Now, now. Bonny comes from a broken home, where modesty isn't as stringent as in most families. I'm sure it is just natural for her to go half-dressed, or even naked, whenever she wants, at home. It is new and exciting for Janice, however. Bonny probably told her you wouldn't mind.”

    Mark said: ”Well it sure scared me. I thought they were there to … to... well you know.”

    Marsha laughed again, and said: ”You afraid they were going to seduce you and take away your virginity? Did you see how gorgeous Bonny is, with her cute butt and perky titties?”

    Mark: ”Stop it. You have a talk with the girls and tell them that isn't appropriate behavior in this house. And“ He lied. “I never noticed her titties.”

    Marsha said: ”I'll talk to them. You upset them badly. I saw Janice crying.”

    Mark: ”I didn't mean to make her cry. I just wanted her to be dressed.”

    Marsha left the room and went upstairs to Janice's room. She knocked on the door, and said: ”Are you alright in there?”

    Janice opened the door slowly. Her eyes were red from crying. Marsha walked in and had the girls sit on the bed in front of her. She pulled a chair up, and sat down facing them. Marsha said, with a tight smile on her face: ”I know what you were attempting to do. Did you get a good look at him naked?”

    Bonny said: ”I didn't see much. He covered up too quickly.”

    Janice said: ”He scared me too much, so I covered my eyes and got my clothes on.”

    Marsha: "Well, take my word, he has a magnificent body."

    Bonny: ”Does he have a big cock?”

    Marsha laughed again: ”If you really want to know, I'll make sure you see it. Okay?"

    Bonny: ”Oh yes.“

    Marsha: ”Mark is very conservative, but he loves me very much, and I can get him to do almost anything I want him to do. I told him you come from a family that goes nude a lot, and that he scared you with his attitude. I'm sure he regrets his reaction. Tonight, after supper, when he is sitting in the living room, we will put my plan into place.”

    After dinner, Jared went upstairs to his room. The girls then went upstairs. Marsha went into her bedroom and came out, completely naked, and walked over and sat by Mark. Mark was wearing pajamas. Mark looked at her, surprised, and said: ”What are you doing?”

    She said: ”After what happened earlier today, I thought it appropriate to make Bonny feel more at home by being more casual.”

    She put her arm around Mark and kissed him on the cheek. Soon the girls came walking into the living room, naked as the day they were born. Marsha whispered into Mark's ear: ”Doesn't she have perky titties?”

    Mark turned red, and couldn't help but look at Bonny. Bonny came over and sat on the other side of Mark, while Janice sat in a chair across from them. Janice sat with her legs slightly apart, so Mark could see her pussy. They could tell he was very uncomfortable, but the females loved it. Marsha said: “Now, isn't this more comfortable? Clothing is too constrictive. I think I'll go nude around the house from now on. How about you, Janice?”

    Janice said: ”Yeah. I like going naked and seeing everyone else like that too.

    Jared didn't know this was happening, and Marsha told Janice to go call him. Janice went to the top of the stairs and called Jared. When he came downstairs, he still had his pants and shirt on. He came into the living room and stared at everyone.

    Marsha said: ”Son, we all decided to go nude. Do you want to join us?”

    Jared looked at each of them, and at the confused look on his father's face. He finally shrugged his shoulders and stripped naked in front of them. He went over and sat down by Janice and put his arm around her shoulders.

    They all sat there like that for awhile. Mark wasn't moving at all. Marsha had her arm around his waist, and had her other hand close to the fly in his pajamas. She rubbed her hand across his cock through the pj's, and could tell he was starting to get hard. She whispered in his ear, but said loud enough for all to hear: “Your cock wants to come out.” Then in normal voice: ”Don't you feel out of place with clothes on? Come on, Bonny. Help me take these off of him.”

    Marsha pulled the pajama top off over his head. Bonny got down on her knees in front of him, and started pulling his bottoms down. He didn't resist. They had him stand up while Bonny pulled his pajama bottoms down. He couldn't help himself. His cock was sticking out to almost full erection. Marsha smiled, while Bonny's eyes were about popping out of their sockets. Bonny said: ”Wow. Your cock is a lot bigger than gram m m, I mean, bigger than I've ever seen before.”

    By this time, Jared was finger fucking Janice, while Janice was jacking him off. Mark noticed that, and his cock got even harder. He sat back down, and Bonny reached forward and took his cock in her hand and started stroking it. She looked at Marsha, and Marsha nodded her head. So, she licked his cock and then put it into her mouth and started sucking on it. She stopped before he could cum, and looked up at Marsha again. She said: ”Mrs Carter, I really want to have this enormous cock inside me.”

    Marsha just looked at her and didn't say anything. Marsha stood up to gave Bonny room to straddle Mark. She guided his wet, stiff cock into her hot, wet hole and started fucking up and down on it. Soon she was moaning and panting. Mark was ramming his cock deep and fast up into her young, wet, hot pussy.

    In the mean time, Janice and Jared had come over to watch closer. Marsha was rubbing her pussy, and motioned for Jared to follow her back to the chair he'd just left. She had him sit down, and she got on her knees in front of him, and took his cock in her hand. After stroking it a little, she took it in her mouth and started sucking. Jared didn't last long. He was soon shivering and shaking and squirting his cum into her mouth.

    Janice was sitting next to her dad, with her arm around his waist, while he was fucking Bonny. She took his hand and guided it between her legs, and rubbed her pussy with his fingers. Soon he was finger fucking Janice, while he was mounted by the hot, young Bonny. When he saw and heard Jared cum in Marsha's mouth, he couldn't hold back either. He erupted into the hot hole of the nymphet, who seemed not to be able to get enough. While he did so, his finger rammed deeper into his daughter, and she screamed in pain as her cherry was popped.

    She whimpered and hugged her daddy harder: “Don't stop, daddy. I want you to fuck me next.”

    Bonny fell forward onto Mark, in exhaustion. Mark relaxed too, but still kept pushing his finger in and out of Janice. Marsha and Jared were sitting together now, watching them.

    Mark looked down at his daughter and stopped fingering her. He brought his finger to his mouth and sucked her juice from it. He smiled, and said: ”You are daddy's precious little girl. I'll give you anything you want. But I think we all need to rest up for a little while.”

    Bonny slid off his lap and sat next to him. His cock was now soft and wet. He leaned back and closed his eyes. He felt a hand take a hold of his cock, squeezing it. He opened his eyes and saw that it was Janice. He looked at her and smiled.

    There was silence for awhile, while Janice kept playing with her dad's cock. Finally Marsha said: ”Well it looks like everyone got satisfaction except me."

    Bonny walked over to her and whispered in her ear. Marsha smiled and nodded her head. She lay down on her back on the carpet and spread her legs. Bonny got down on the floor, putting her head between Marsha's legs, and started licking her slit. Soon, Marsha was squirming with pleasure. As Bonny finger-fucked her and licked her, Marsha started arching her back and moaning.

    While they were doing this, Jared was stroking his cock slowly. Janice had her dad's cock standing at attention again, and she brought her mouth close to it. She licked it up and down, and then she put it in her mouth. Mark couldn't believe it. He looked down at his little girl bobbing up and down, with his cock in her mouth. She stopped and looked up into his eyes pleadingly, and said: ”Daddy. Will you fuck me now?”

    He didn't say anything. He gently pushed her onto her back and spread her legs. He drew her up to him until his cock was right next to her pussy. Then he put it barely in her. He began pushing it in a little farther with each fucking stroke. Soon his cock was going half way in, and he started fucking faster. Janice was looking innocently up into her daddy's eyes as he fucked her, faster and faster, and deeper and deeper.

    "Lick my cunt! Make me cum, bitch!“ Marsha was starting to orgasm. Bonny came up for a quick breath and then went back to work, until Marsha screamed: “I'm cumming. Aaaah!”

    Jared was now jacking off in earnest. He was on his knees beside Bonny and Marsha. He wanked faster, until he was ready, and he squirted his cum all over the two females.. Marsha reached over and pulled him on top of them, and they all collapsed together.

    A little later, Mark and Janice were about to orgasm too. Janice felt the pleasure building inside her, better than it had ever felt before. It was more than a good ticklish feeling. Something bigger was building up inside her. Then it happened. She moaned and shook, as waves of pleasurable throbbing took over her body. Mark held her in his arms, as she rode out the continuous throes of pleasure. He pulled his cock out of her, and stroked a couple times as he ejaculated. His hot cum went squirting way up to Janice's neck and all over her titties and belly. He finished pulling the last of the cum out of his cock, letting it fall onto her pussy. Janice had seen it all squirt out and onto her young body. So had the others. By that time, the other three were standing over them, watching. Marsha and Bonny reached down and rubbed his cum all over Janice. Bonny put her finger in her mouth, and sucked some of the cum off of it. She held another finger out to Jared, and surprisingly he put it in his mouth and tasted his dad's cum too. Nobody said anything. They relaxed for awhile, looking at each other.

    Janice had a big smile on her face. She had lost her virginity to her daddy, and had had her first real orgasm. She was truly satisfied.

    Jared felt as if he were in paradise. His fantasies were all coming to pass. In fact, he was experiencing more than he'd ever imagined before.

    Marsha was happy too. She never thought she'd really have the nerve to do what she did to make all this happen. She really hadn't planned it ahead of time, but when opportunity arose, she did what she subconsciously had wanted to do for a long time.

    Mark was in a dither. He had mixed feelings. He felt guilty, and at the same time, he was glad he'd done what he'd done. It was very satisfying. He knew things had changed. He hoped it was a change for the better.

    Bonny was extremely pleased. She came here instead of going to grandpa's, and thought she'd have to do without sex for two weeks. But, when she'd seen Jared looking at her the way he did, she saw the opportunity to make things happen. She didn't know if she could get the whole family to join in the fun, but taking it one step at a time, she was able to get the best out of everyone. Now how could she increase the pleasure, make it more intense, shocking or surprising, to make it more satisfying? She looked around at everyone again and smiled, then giggled, and then outright laughed. It was contagious. All the others started smiling and laughing too. She said: ”What a fucking great family you are!”

    Mark said: ”I think you are the fucking cunt who started it all. Now lets all shower and get cleaned up.”

    They all laughed, before heading their separate ways to clean up, and finally to go to bed.

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