The Rainy Season

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Chapter 25: What part of no, don't you understand?

The gathering is over by 9PM and tomorrow is a school day. The little ones are in my bed, they are asleep and will be up and off, before I am moving. The girls are cleaning up the Sala and kitchen while a lively conversation keeps things interesting.

I am just sitting in the Sala, playing Brick-breaker on my phone, as the chatter swirls around me. I do not look up to hear who is talking and can’t even say who is speaking, but am intrigued by what I hear, never the less.

Lilian tell me, her Scotty keeps talking about it. He asking her, how this work. She tell him, ‘How I know this?’ She say she tell him, ‘Ask Lewis.’ He say, he think it a good way to live. Lilian say she tell him, ‘Not with me! I no like it.’

Yes it true, but Agnes, she say she thinks maybe she would, but Frank say ‘No way! Not natural!’

Haha, maybe they switch husbands, then all happy!

You know what Miriam say? She say, she think William has one.

One what?

Mistress, but he not admit it. She say, maybe she tell him to bring her home!

Oh my God. Truly?


Hehe, Lewis, you hear that?


You hear what we talk about?

A little. Why?

You tell William to bring his mistress home. Miriam say she can stay with them.

No way! I am not going to get involved with that! Damn I just lost a life. The conversation continues between the girls.

Why they ask how we do it? All but Miriam say it not going to happen in their home, so way they ask?

Haha, I think they more interested than admit. They too shy to admit.

Maybe, some. Not all.

That true. But Miriam say that Em2x1 knows that Harry had a mistress and she take a knife to the girl. She tell Harry, if he try that again she take the knife to him.



Haha, now I understand why she not want to come anymore.

I’ll be damned. That does explain a lot about Harry. He’s getting it from both ends. His wife is literally threatening to either cut his nuts off or kill him, and I am pulling more shit than he ever tried, ‘walang problema!’ Talk about feeling emasculated! Poor guy. Now I am really sorry for the asshole. But, he is still an asshole.

By 10:30PM I take a shower. The bedroom, as I enter it, is dark. I get into bed. The little ones are all there. All four and bless their hearts, they have left plenty of room for me. Noime is the closest to me and I suspect that is not by accident. Sleep comes easily.

§ § §

I awaken to Noime stroking morning wood. She has a big smile on her face. Good morning, Uncle!

I can only grunt a response. Damn this is good. Noime takes me in her mouth briefly, wetting my member. She is not going for the KY but mounts me without it. Why is she doing this? … Ahhh damn that feels so good. She is wet enough to get me inside her, but I feel her more intensely. If that is what she is after, from my end of the transaction, it works. It takes a while to get me completely inside her, but once done and after a few short strokes, Noime giggles and downshifts, revving up the action and intensifying the power of her strokes. For her, this is not about me, it is about Noime, getting a morning reward, fast and furiously. I am a secondary consideration. I am the man who gives her the freedom to feed the need.

Noime is not looking at me. Her eyes are closed, her jaw is clenched, her head is tilted back. Her body slams into my pelvis, over and over again. A forceful stream of pussy juice squirts on to me and the mattress as her cunt clamps around my cock which sends me off and shooting into the imp. Her eyes fly open, looks at me, as she lets loose sound of startlement and pleasure, followed by a huge grin.

Not a word is said as she dismounts and leaves for the CR. I am alone. My cock is sheathed in cum and pussy juice. With all the females in this house, not one is here to clean me up. I grab a towel.

§ § §

When I get to the kitchen for my coffee and mango, Manny is there and wants to talk. He will build a temporary structure with coconut lumber and corrugated roofing. The concrete can be mixed and the blocks cast under that. I question how large a structure he needs to do that and have room for the blocks to cure afterwards. He thinks that by extending some corrugated sheeting from one side of the roof, we can cure the blocks along the side of the house, giving him plenty of room without a large structure. I am not sure, but give my agreement to move ahead with the plan as we can’t do a damned thing otherwise.

Within minutes I hear Manny’s motorcycle take him off on his trip to secure needed materials.

Ann and Belen have gone to the palengke. Angeli has waxed the floor and is now out in the washroom. All the others have gone to school. I am drinking my coffee, mango already devoured, when Coraline wanders in.

Gud AM, Sir.

Good morning, Coraline.

Sir, it OK if I use your shower?

Yes, of course.

Sir may I ask you a question?

Yes, Coraline. What is your question?

Why you want so many girls?

I didn’t.

Then why you have them?

It is complicated. Ann discovered she wanted a female lover.

Truly? All the reason is because of Ann?

Not entirely. I wanted Noime and Ann. Those two only.

But Noime is too young! Why you want her?

Coraline, I am not going to argue with you. You asked why. I tell you why. I will not argue about that she is too young. She is mine and she wants to be mine.

Yes I know. I do not understand. But I know this.

Anyway, the others are here because of Ann’s needs. It just worked out that way.

Wow! So you be happy if they not here?

No, I did not say that. I am happy with all of them and now that they are here, I do not want to lose them. It is just that we would not have had them, if it had not been for Ann’s need.

Ah, sige. You really have each one as your lover, Sir?

Yes, Coraline. Why you ask?

I think Manny cannot do so many girls! Hehe. Maybe your titi2 is very big! I think Manny’s is maliit3.

Coraline, the size of my penis has nothing to do with this.

Is it big, Sir?

No Coraline. It is not.

I do not believe you! You cannot do all these girls, if you do not have a very big titi.

Well, Coraline, the only girls who will know the truth, are those who I put it in. So you will not know.

Why you not show me? I want to see this special titi.

You want me to fuck you, Coraline?

Why you ask that? That rude!

I tell you that the only females who see my penis are the ones I fuck and still you ask to see my penis.

Bastos ka!4

Ka rin5!

Coraline walks away, evidently deciding against the shower.

§ § §

I am sitting at my desk when Angeli calls me to eat my lunch. I have been trying to write down all that has happened these last few days. My lunch plate is already made up and waiting for me. It holds some pancit bihon, rice, and a tuna dish from last night. As I eat, Angeli sits down next to me.

Lewis, the mother and daughter you meet today, they are new to you and they want to be yours.

Are you sure of this, Angeli?

Yes, Sir, I am sure. I know the mother. She text-chat me this morning.

Do you have any advice for me?

No. No advice. Just you know. OK?

OK. Thank you.

Oh Sir, she ask what you say to the other one last Tuesday, about that the mother and daughter must do. She say, really, is that true. I say it is true.

What did she say after that?

Wala na.6

Huh. OK thanks.

You welcome, Sir Lewis.

Well, I have been warned, but have no plan. I will face the unknown today and another pair tomorrow who want the same thing. Damn.

§ § §

I am in the school room. The aircon is up high for two reasons. It is hot outside and I don’t want to give this mother any incentive to disrobe. Let her be too cold for that.

In walks, what must be, one of the most beautiful females in the Philippines and her mini-me daughter. Both are wearing skirts so short that you have to wonder just how they can do it. I am about to say something when the mother puts her daughter on the couch, kneels in front of the girl, removes the child’s panties and starts eating pussy. The daughter is grabbing her mother’s long black hair and pulling the attached head as tightly in as she can manage.

I am just sitting and watching.

After about five minutes of this action, the daughter blows a gasket and cums hard. Mom stands up, comes over to me. Her face is smeared with adolescent pussy juice as she bends in for a kiss that transfers as much as she can of the residue onto my face. She then grabs my shirt just below the neck and pulls hard enough that I either follow or the shirt will rip.

She pulls me down to her daughter who has remained on the couch. Now pushing me from the back on my head, she pushes me into her daughter’s pussy. Oh hell, I guess I am going to eat pussy. To do otherwise looks like a bad option. I do not need a fight here at the school.

I get to work on the child’s pussy. The mother is not standing by, watching. My shorts are being pulled down, as are my boxers. My rampant member is exposed and the mother strokes me with some real authority.

Am I being raped? It’s an interesting question but not one I really want to pursue at the moment.

What happens next is a little hard to explain. The mother stops stroking and climbs between my knees and the couch. She is kneeling, her head is below her daughter’s cunt, pushed up against the couch. Her cunt is pressing against my member. With a hand, between her own legs, she reaches up, finds my cock and puts it in just the right place. She pushes her cunt back and up. I am now fucking the mother and eating the daughter. Damn!

We have yet to speak to each other and I am about to cum. But before I do, Mom says something and both disengage from me, swapping position in a way that begs the question of how you can choreograph something like that in advance?

I am now inside the daughter and eating the mother. For the first time the mother speaks. My daughter was a virgin. You take her virginity. She is yours now. You know that. You cannot reject her. We join you now. Give my daughter a child. Give her a child!

She is saying that while grabbing what hair I have, keeping my face planted on her cunt. The daughter’s cunt is nirvana and I do cum hard, but remain hard. I am still stroking and the daughter can’t take any more. The mother pulls me off her daughter and gets under me, missionary style. Looking at her again, she is truly beautiful. As I continue to fuck her, I wonder if I can gift her to one of my expat friends. There is no way I can bring her home, but I can’t dump her either.

Having just cum, there is no way I am going to cum again, but I am not getting soft either. She is going into orbit. I don’t care where she is right now as I pound her cunt, and twist her tits.

I call out to the daughter, Sit on your mother’s face, facing me. I want her to eat you again. The child’s pussy is sore, but she does what I say. While she is being eaten out, I pull her face to my face and start sucking tongue with the little one. She is more than willing. She is enthusiastic.

And then the impossible happens. I cum inside mom.

We are just, each of us, just lying there, gathering our wits about us. I am trying to figure out what I am to do now. I grab my cell phone and text Ann, Joy2x, Angeli and Belen all at the same time.

Mother and child team raped me. I am bringing them home. Need help to figure out what to do. Have an idea about Agnes and Frank. Maybe you text Agnes and see how interested she really is. Maybe we give these two to another couple?

Maybe you two would like to introduce yourselves to me? What are your names?

I can see a frightened look in the mother’s face. Angeli not talk to you about us?

I am just frustrated enough about all this that I half lie. She did clearly warn me but had not told me their names. No she didn’t. Why should she?

Oh no! Sorry, sorry! I am Flory and this is Anabel. You take Anabel virginity. She is yours forever. You know this, correct?

We will talk about that. What do you expect to happen now, Flory?

We are your mistresses. We live with you.

I already have too many mistresses. I do not need any more.

But you take us!

No. You rape me.

What!!! How can you say that?

At that point my cell phone pings. I look at it. I see the following from Ann.

Good idea. Bring them. Agnes will be here. Come soon.

I look at Flory, Get dressed, both of you are coming home with me.

It doesn’t take much for me to get dressed. While the females are getting straightened up, I text back,

They are coming. Do I tell the mother she has to do Agnes, when we get there? What do we do with the daughter?

The answer comes from Angeli.

Yes, Flory must do Agnes. Anabel stays here with you, at least for now.

When they are ready, I tell them to sit on the couch. Flory, I do not have room for you in my house. She is about to scream but I silence her and continue, When we get to my house, you will take the wife of friend of ours, Agnes, into a bedroom and do your best to make her love you. If you are successful, she will take you home where you will have to seduce her husband, Frank. He does not think he wants another girl. But Agnes thinks it would be a good thing. It will be up to you to make this happen. Anabel will stay with me. She is mine, unless you can find a way to get Frank to fall for her too. But for now, Agnes must not know that Anabel might join you. Do you understand?

Yes I think so. Does Angeli know this?


OK, I call her now and ask her. OK?


The call between the girls lasts a good five minutes and then Flory declares herself ready. While she is on the phone I text all of my girls, young, and not as young, with a simple message,

When I get there with Flory and Anabel, I want them all there in the Sala, and all clear on the fact that this woman cannot stay with me.

The trip home is quick. When we walk in, Flory and Anabel are looking at two lines. Each little one is standing in front of one of the girls. Noime is in front of Ann. Moon is in front of Joy2x. Rez in front of Angeli. Iay in front of Belen.

Before I can say a word, and instead of Ann speaking, which is what I think will happen, Angeli speaks. Flory, I tell you that you cannot join us. You make big mistake. We will not let you stay with us. I do not know what we do with Anabel, but you cannot stay. Why you so stupid?

You stay here! Why not me?

How many you think want the same thing. Sir Lewis say no more. He mean it. I tell you what he tell us. I do not make rules here! I tell you he will say no. That what he tell you, correct?

I give him my daughter!

I tell you, do not do it! Why you blame us? You are stupid!

I have heard enough. Stop! And both do stop. Ann, is Agnes coming?

Yes, husband. She coming quick now.

What did you tell her?

Angeli tells me this is a pretty one. I tell Agnes that if she really wants to do a little what we do, we have a girl here who will do this. She and Flory will have to seduce Frank. Agnes thinks that he will agree if it all happens right.

Well, Ann, is she pretty enough?

She is beautiful. It is OK, but she need different clothing.

Take her and get her dressed correctly.

They all look like they are going to participate, and I figure that is a bad idea. No! Ann, and Angeli, only! Joy2x, Belen, you entertain Agnes when she comes, if Flory is not ready. When she does come, Flory goes into Joy2x’s bedroom with Agnes. Everyone else, stays away. Anabel, you and my other little ones come with me to Noime’s room, now.

§ § §

1 - Em2x [pronounced: em-EM] a nickname.
2 - Titi [pronounced: tee-TEE] penis.
3 - Maliit [pronounced: mah-LEE-it] small.
4 - The phrase means, ‘you are indecently rude.’
5 - The phrase means, ‘you too.’
6 - nothing else.

§ § §

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