The Rainy Season

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Chapter 24: Social life

I failed to mention it, but Manny and Coraline have moved in to the bahay kubo, which made it here Thursday. This being Sunday, there will be no work today. We break ground as soon as I get the finished plans, but we can start making the concrete blocks now. Well, maybe not. The rain just doesn’t seem to stop. This may be the longest rainy season in history.

The fallout over the card party continues. I get more text messages from friends. The guy who texted me yesterday asking for me to get back to him, which I didn’t do, texted me again. I got texts from others. I gather a few guys are royally pissed. I just can’t help that and there is nothing to be done about it. Ann has lost two good, and three not so important, friends. That has her sad but not regretful. The gathering of the eight couples will commence in a few hours.

For the purpose of this journal only I will call my four underage loves, the little ones, and the others ‘the girls,’ when I refer to them as a group. That is becoming increasingly necessary as in public I have one wife and three mistresses, (the Girls), and the ‘little ones’ cannot be acknowledged as loves publically. All know about the gathering later today.

Noime, knows most of the kids that belong to the other couples who are coming. She has asked Ann to request that the mothers bring the kids. My little ones will not talk about what happens here, and will have a good time with all these other kids if they show up. If most of those kids do come, it will be a mad house here.

There is still plenty of food and the other women are bringing more, so there is no need to cook, other than to cook lots of rice. Instead of cooking, they are spending the morning dressing well, but tastefully so that none might call it ‘slutty.’

I am trying to stay out of the way and am not needed. Too antsy to sit at my desk, I am wandering around the house, which has everyone else unhappy, so I go for a walk this morning. The rain has stopped, at least, for now. I am walking toward Robinson’s Mall, enjoying a warm but not hot morning. Tricycles offer me rides, which I decline. The goal is not to be there, but to get there. A little before the Socsargen Hospital, a black Mitsubishi Strada four-door pickup, with temporary tags, pulls up beside me. As is common here, all the windows are tinted with a 3M film and it is impossible to see through into the cab.

The front passenger window rolls down and I am looking at Harry’s mug. The guy is laughing as he exclaims, I see she has thrown your sorry ass out! You deserve that and far worse, you sorry bastard!

I smile. I am not angry. I am simply sorry for Harry. Sorry to disabuse you of your sweet fantasy, Harry, but the girls are getting dolled up for a party this afternoon and I was just in the way of their fun. I am just looking at the guy. I have no animus towards him. I don’t fit into his world view and he can’t deal with it, without his moral holier-than-thou world view taking over. I have seen it many times before. It matters little, the religion. The issues will be different, but the reaction is the same. Be they Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu, it’s always the same type of crap.

If I refused to socialize with anyone who might have these tendencies, I would have a very small circle of acquaintances with whom to play cards. As it is, Harry, I suspect, needs me to be pissed with him, or embarrassed or at least not patronizing, which I gather is how he is interpreting my response. He yells that I… have a lot of nerve!... before he drives off. I don’t know. He may be right, that I have a lot of nerve. I will have to think about that.

I decide to deviate from my path and make a loop, eventually returning home. On the way I am passing through entirely residential and squatter areas. As I walk through some areas, children cluster around. They look, gawk, sometimes speak. Sometimes I will stop and talk to some for a bit. I stop to talk to two boys, one tall and one very small. I suspect it is a younger and older brother, years separating them. I discover they are the same age and schoolmates. A little further on I come across a shabbily dressed young girl. I make her to be eleven or twelve. I stop when she looks up, smiles and says hello.

Hello, to you. What is your name?

Grace, Po.

How old are you Grace?

Fifteen, Po.

Wow, really 15?

Yes Po.

You have brothers and sisters?

No Po. I am only one.

You live with nanay1 and tatay2?

Hindi Po. I live with nanay. Tatay is missing.

How long has he been missing?

A year, Po.

How old is nanay, Grace?

Thirty-four. Po.

If I wanted this girl, and maybe her mother, I suspect, they would be mine for the taking. Clearly, as evidenced by this child’s lack of development, this family is living damned close to the edge as far as nutrition goes. The holier-than-thou crowd will say she is lucky I didn’t pursue her. Others will note that my decision to pass the child up, and walk on, is to dash their possibly only hope of a better life. Choose what you wish, as you read this. I can’t rescue everyone here who is in bad circumstances and I don’t need anyone else in my bed. I walk on.

I am a few feet from our front door as the rain starts once more. I get a little damp, but am not soaked.

Lewis, did you have a good walk?

It was OK. You girls ready for this afternoon?

Of course not! Not time yet, husband. We are still busy. You come home too early. Ann kisses me on the cheek and moves on to the continuing preparations. I am moving toward my desk when Moon and Iay grab me. Father, Noime say we find you and bring you to her. Please come.

Moon, what does Noime need?

Father, come!

Each has an arm and they pull me toward my bedroom. I see Angeli out of the corner of my eye, rolling her eyes. I am two steps from entering the bedroom when I see Joy2x exit the CR. She is crying, looks up at me and does all she can do to move away from me as fast as she can. I shake off my young escorts and capture Joy2x before she succeeds in her attempt to flee. I drag her into Noime’s bedroom, which is, as I suspected, empty. Noime is in my bedroom. What has happen?

Leave me alone, Boss!

I will not! What has happened Joy2x?

No, do not ask me!

Are you mine Joy2x?


Are you mine?

Yes, of course, I am.

Then, what has happened?

Boss, I have my monthly. Not pregnant!

That is the problem?


You think it is that easy to get pregnant?

Well, yes, I think you give me your semen. I will get pregnant.

Joy2x! It may take, months, years or never. Bahala na! Stop this crying. When your monthly is over we will try again.

I am stupid. I do not know how to get pregnant!

Oh, bullshit. You know how. It just doesn’t happen every time we try. Kalma ka3. Go clean your face and pull yourself together.

Joy2x returns to the CR and I enter my bedroom to find my little ones sitting there, frightened.

Uncle, is Teacher OK?

Yes child, she was greatly disappointed about something. She felt very bad about it. But I explained to her that is OK. She is better now. So, Noime, why did you send Moon and Iay to bring me here?

Angeli say to Rez that you are to do Rez in her poop place. But with the party, you will not have time to do this. So we decide, you should do it now, before the party.

Once again, I see a problem, when others just see a need to do what someone else says. While it would be easy to just go along with this, I can see all sorts of problems based on the precedent of this if I don’t push back now.

Who decides who I should be with, Noime? Angeli or me?

You Uncle. Of course you.

Did I tell you I would take Rez?

No, Uncle, but Angeli…

Noime! Stop! Angeli has nothing to do with this. Do you understand? She cannot say that, and have me agree. I give no one that permission.

Now they are all scared again. Rez, I do not want to take you the way your mother said. I want to put my cum in your pussy. Would you like that?


Good, then let us have some fun. Noime, Moon, Iay, I do not think you are needed. Do you need them Rez?

No, Sir. But, Sir, it is OK if they are with us.

No, I think not. You girls go now, but get back to my bed tonight.

Three little ones scatter and I am alone with Rez. Do you know why your mother wanted me to take you today?

Yes, Sir. You make it clear to the other women that we are yours and you love us. That means everything to us. Mother wanted you to know that, Sir.

Rez, I already knew you were here for life. You and your mother belong here and did before the party. I do not need proof. But I do want to have love with you. I want to feel your love, not your fear. Tell me Rez, there is no wrong answer. I just want to know, are you too young to feel love?

How do I know it is love I feel, Sir?

I am not sure I know how to answer. But if you feel happy in my arms, safe in my bed, and dream of being with me forever, then I think that is love.

Then, Sir, truly, I love you. Mahal Kita4, my Sir!

I am reclining on the bed and reach out, to bring Rez into my arms. Her head is at my neck. My hands are filled with her long black hair. Her small lithe body tucking in against me. She hugs me and kisses my neck. I rock her back and forth. In truth, if we do nothing more, it’s fine with me. Rez has a different idea. She lowers the fly on my shorts and reaches in to find my member. Grasping the goal of her desire, she starts stroking my cock inside my briefs.

I continue holding her and rocking gently. Rez lets loose of my member, pushes out of my arms, pushes me back so that I am lying flat on the mattress, unbuckles my belt, and proceeds to attempt to remove my shorts. I cooperate.

After getting my clothing off me, Rez stands and undresses herself. I enjoy watching her youthful form as she disrobes and climbs back on the bed. I watch has she opens up the top drawer on the night stand and removes the KY. I watch her as she lubes me and her cunt with the jelly. It is a workmanlike act. She has us ready. Once again Rez returns her attention to my dick and starts stroking me. She is kneeling on my side. I am on my back. It is clear, with my pole fully greased, I will not be getting head. Rez straddles my hips, takes my divining rod and sets forth to see if I can find the treasure that is buried oh so deep.

Rez looks at me, Sir, please always want me. Please, if I am not good enough, teach me. Mother and I want to be in your heart, all your life. I will do anything, Sir, anything. I promise. Mother wants me to have a child. I want that. Please. Anything you want. You just tell me. I do it. She nods her head as to signify that her plea has been completed before she lowers her cunt onto my cock. Slowly, very slowly but without any interruption, the cunt envelops my cock. The hot tight pussy squeezing and cooking my member at the same time. Her lower lip between her teeth, her eyes closed, her breathing shallow, her pubic bone reaches mine. Up to now she has been driving down with me going deeper and deeper. Now, while at the bottom, she moves her hips in a circular motion. And then, removing her lower lip from her teeth, she tips her head back and moans, … yessss.

Up a little, and down, up a little and down. Again up and down. Is this good, Sir? I know we all do this before with you, but do I do this correctly?

I am in heaven. I am looking up at this little love. I am buried in her pussy and she is fucking herself on my cock. How could this not be right, correct? Oh dear God, this is fantastic. Rez is a wonder of loyalty and love. Yes Rez, this is correct. You are doing right.

She works up and down slowly. There is no way she can know that this is exactly what I want right now, but it most certainly is. I want a slow, long, loving fuck. We continue like this for quite a while. Neither of us is searching for orgasm. We are wanting to feel each other’s sexuality. I play with her nipples. She plays with mine. She is lubricating more and more onto my loin as we continue. All of a sudden, during the leisurely fuck, I feel Rez’s pussy spasm. She is cumming. Rez stops breathing for a second or two and then gulps air.

I roll us over and put her in missionary position. Rez’s legs are in the air. They being slung over my arms, my hands placed on the mattress to keep my weight off her. I start slamming my cock into her cunt. Rez moans, hisses, pleads for more, calls me ‘Sir’ over and over, asking ‘Sir’ to fuck her as hard as I can. I feel another orgasm before, I finally cum in Rez without protection.

I roll off Rez as the bedroom door opens and Ann walks in. There is cum oozing out of Rez’s cunt. The child is completely exposed on the bed, as am I, with my limp and cum covered member. Husband, it is time for the party. You need to clean up!

Ann, please clean me up and clean up Rez too. Ann climbs onto the bed and takes my cock into her mouth, licking and sucking me clean. Once done she tells me to get my ass in gear, gets below Rez on the bed, puts the girl’s legs over her shoulders. Ann dives in, to eat out Rez. I am not sure who is getting the better end of this. Ann has already brought Rez, whose eyes are glassy and unfocused and breathing shallow, off twice more and is still going at it when, dressed, I leave the room.

When I enter the sala, I find three couples have already arrived and I am chatting with them as Ann is still doing Rez in the bedroom. They ask, Where is Ann?

She is occupied at the moment. As soon as she can, she will join us.

I break free from our guests to get them some drinks. Angeli walks up to me, Where is Ann?

Her face is planted on your daughter’s cunt.

Ann does eventually emerge, albeit with flushed cheeks. As normal, I spend my time with the guys, while the women huddle in a different area. This is pure Philippine culture. Today, the rum and brandy is out, not the beer. This is, evidently by consensus, simply not a beer type of day. I pour myself a glass of Tanduay Dark Rhum. There is also Fundador Brandy on the table. The guys are relaxed, but not without questions, all of which are directed at me. They will be asking me questions about the females that are of legal age. Thank God, they are not asking about my little ones.

Frank is the one who texted me yesterday morning for details and he can’t wait for the others. I haven’t finished pouring my drink when he asks, What the hell is this about Lewis. My wife claims you live with Ann and three mistresses. That can’t be right.

She’s got it right, Frank. Joy2x, Angeli and Belen are mistresses. They all live here.

But you and Ann have not split. That makes no sense.

Maybe not to you, but that is the way it is.

OK Lewis, I get that they are all living here, but not that you are fucking all of them.

Think what you like. I am not going to fuck them in front of you to prove a point.

Lewis, come on man, level with us!

Frank! Cool it! That is Jimmie and he has been enjoying his brandy, but has had enough of Frank’s dogged unwillingness to take ‘yes’ as an answer. If Lewis says he is doing these girls and they don’t seem to be contradicting him, why can’t you get it in your head that, that’s what’s happening. Lewis has grabbed the gold ring. … Lewis, I have to hand it to you, each of those girls is a beauty. Do they really all get along OK, or is it a little bumpy when we are not all here?

We let the maid we had go, you remember Diana, right? OK well like I said, we let her go. We took on Angeli as a maid. She became more than a maid. I am not going to explain the details how that happened. Our niece’s teacher Joy2x was looking for a place to stay and we got introduced to her. All I can tell you is that we fell in love with her. She joined us for more than a bed spacer. Finally, Belen is one of Angeli’s best friends. She came for a visit and never left. That is the short version. I am not giving you the unabridged version. They all get along fine. There are no fights.

Really? No fights? That is Scotty. He’s the one who texted me that I was his hero.

None Scotty. I had to put my foot down and make sure that decisions are made only after I am consulted. They were starting to act as a cabal. No other problems.

Clearly I am inventing a little, but I have to because I can’t explain what really transpired. The girls know what I have told these guys as we all agreed on a cover story earlier before the card party two days ago. The other women got then, and will get again today, the same story.

Scotty is swirling his brandy over ice cubes, looking at me real hard, before he puts his glass down and asks, How many in your bed at once and what do their daughters think about you fucking all their mothers?

Scotty, Ann has asked me to not talk about that and I will honor her wishes. Let’s just say that what I do with my girls, is between me and them. As to the little ones, their lives were lived close to the edge before, you all understand that. They are happy to be safe.

You know, this is William, have any of you guys noticed that none of you have asked how it could be that these women would want to be with Lewis? We all understand. While no one in the USA would understand, we all do, and all our wives do. And even more clearly, the wives of the guys who are not here understand. Our wives are not threatened by it for whatever reason. Those women, probably, do feel threatened. If any of you guys had a wife who would cooperate, all of you know, in your bones, that any of us could have what Lewis has. Clearly we love our wives and know that they will not agree, that is the show stopper.

Frank interjects, William, Lewis wants this, but I do not. One female is enough for me.

Frank, fair enough. I just meant to say that when it comes to the girls that are Lewis’s mistresses, it is not a secret that, it is entirely understandable that they would sign up for the ride.

William seems to close the interrogation by his, Well, Lewis, allow me to drink to your health and the hope that you don’t die in the saddle too damned soon!

§ § §

1 - Nanay = mother. [Pronounced: nah-NIE]
2 - Tatay = father.[Pronounced: tah-TIE]
3 - Kalma Ka = literally ‘calm yourself’, colloquially, ‘relax.’ [Pronounced: kal-MA KA]
4 - Mahal Kita = I love you. [Pronounced:mah-HAL kee-TAH]

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