The Rainy Season

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Chapter 23: Static

I awake to my cell phone going nuts with text messages.

One guy says I am a pervert and he will never speak to me again. He is saying I am going to Hell, unless I abandon my evil ways and accept Jesus as my personal savior. Well, I guess we will have to find a replacement for him at the card table.

Three guys are saying the equivalent of, if they tried this, their wives would cut their nuts off… just how did I get away with it?

Another guy is saying,

Hey, I just heard the craziest thing from my wife, do you have some time today? I’ve got to get the straight story, because what she has said, makes no sense.

The last text was simply,

Damn bro, u r my hero!

As I put the cellphone back on my night stand, Ann rolls over and gives me a kiss. I whisper in her ear, I am going to fuck your wife again.

Good, because I like sucking your cum from her pussy! We are so wicked, husband! And she kisses me again while sliding over me, giving me access more directly to Belen. Ann has grabbed the KY from the nightstand and anoints my cock. Belen is sleeping face down on the bed, legs spread akimbo. I get between her legs, slide my member up and down on her gash. I put my hands under her hips and pull up as I push in. Belen awakens to my penetration. Hoy! What you doing?

You know what I am doing! I am ramming her cunt hard with my morning wood. Ann is kissing her, stroking her hair as I nail the girl to the mattress. I snake my hand under her hips and find her clit. With my other hand I find Ann’s pussy and run two fingers into her. Ann is bucking against my hand. The bed is making a lot of noise. Belen is cumming hard and cussing up a storm in Visayan. I unload in her cunt. I kiss Ann again.

Time for a shit, shower and shave.

§ § §

Saturday means a full house. The TV will be blaring volleyball. Though none of them have been to these schools, they will be rooting for Anteneo, or Adamson, or FEU, or La Salle, or UP… I admit, watching these young female athletes (between 16 and 20 years of age) in their short shorts, is not hard on the eyes. It beats watching Pete Rose or, (and I sure am sorry to hear what happened to him later but) Lyle Alzado, on the TV. There is lots of food remaining from last night. So there will be no cooking other than a huge bowl of garlic fried rice. The little ones want to go to the Mall in the late morning and will watch a movie there this afternoon.

All the older girls are on the terrace, reliving last night while giving each other manicures and pedicures. For three of them, last night was an elevation in social status. They have formally moved into the ranks of the affluent females they see in the Mall, but never belonged with. Last night, they were recast as card carrying mistresses of an American. They no longer live in a bahay kubo. They don’t have to purchase clothing from what amounts to one step up from an 'ukay ykay'1. They now live in a real house, we have a real vehicle, there is a 50 kilo sack of rice in the house and should we need another one… walang problema2!

Ann is enjoying it, as she relives her experience of some years ago, through these girls. She knows what they are feeling. She takes pride that she is part of making them feel the way they do this morning, until… Belen asks, Will they hate us? They were nice to us last night, Ate, but will they hate us now?

It is a fair question. They are not wives, or girlfriends of single men. They are mistresses and there is a complex response to mistresses here. Wives tend to hate them and use the term as an epithet. Spitting the word out like some type of disease. Still there are times when all accept the term as the rightful place of a woman by her man, whom she cannot, for whatever reason, marry. As they were there, with the blessing and friendship of the ‘wife,’ what the fallout will be is far from clear.

I ask, Does it really matter, Belen? You four have each other.

Yes, Lewis, it matter. I don’t want bad talk about me. I sure that Ann do not want bad talk. Ask her.

OK, I guess, this is a cultural difference. I am wrong.

Oo, you are. You do not understand. It is important.

I left them there on the terrace and retreated to my desk and work.

§ § §

There are three threads that are emerging essentially simultaneously. I am not a skilled writer and do not know how to explain this, but I will try to do my best. Before I begin, I guess you need to know that all the Filipinas I know, live lives trifucated: in the Real World, via texting and via Facebook. The meanest of those three, is the Facebook world. Face to face, they are invariably nice to each other. It is a play of manners. However, whoever is missing may be the subject of ‘Tsismis’, gossip. Texts fall in the middle, passing the tsismis around, warning others about issues and spreading ill-will, lies, healing and friendship.

With many Filipinas, their universe is proscribed by their extended family. And so the Facebook meanness is dampened, the texts are more of the healing, and cautionary type. But among the wives of the expats, they have both the extended familial world and the worlds of the expat wives. It is in this second universe that the knives can come out. As these women have deep connections to many diverse elements to some of the influential players in the city, ill will within this group, can have consequences far beyond the immediate group. I really did not anticipate that. This was my own hubris that had generated, the ‘who the fuck cares’ comment to Belen.

As the women are sitting on the terrace, all three threads come alive. Two of them via the cell phones each has permanently attached to their bodies. Each of them seems to have a Facebook app running; each is receiving texts; and they now have two visitors who have come through the gate.

The Facebook comments from one of the women are snooty, caustic, and simply unpleasant. Names are excluded, but the meaning is clear. Ann tells the girls to ignore the posts. Texts come into Ann from other friends, wanting to know how they can help. Ann and the two friends who have joined them on the terrace, asks those who have texted Ann, to all unfriend the woman, something that Ann has already done. Three of the women do that. That evidently sets off a real war.

Three women text one of the ‘friends’ who is here. The import of the messages, is one of, pick your side. Chose to be with the whores or reject the whores and join the women who will not put up with that. Texts are flying in all directions. No one is calming down. Other Filipinas who were not at the party are being fed lies and told they have to choose. Others are texting these women and telling them that there is no reason to have to choose. My girls are in high dudgeon. Some of Ann’s friends are sticking to her, which gives her a sense of hope, but there is damage.

About four hours into this mess, I get a call on my PLDT landline from one of the guys. Hey Lewis, I guess we are going to have to back out of future card parties. Man, you shouldn’t be whoring around.

Who said I was, Eddie?

My wife, says you had three whores at the party.

Well, I will miss you, but as for your wife, who I am sure you love, you can choose to tell her this or not, but as far as I am concerned she has a filthy mind and a filthy mouth. I have no whores. I do have a loving wife and three loving mistresses, who respect each other and strive to make my life better than I ever hoped it might be.

No shit?

No shit. You can also tell her, anyone who calls my girls whores, is a sorry bitch.

Look man, there is no way I can deal with this.

I know.

OK, well, … bye

I am pretty worked up myself at this point. I pour myself a San Miguel Pilsen Pale and try to calm down.

The phone rings again. Lewis, I just talked to Eddie. What the fuck is going on?

You tell me Harry. What do you think is going on?

You got girls over there?

We all have girls. What are you asking?

Damn it man, you know what the fuck I am asking. What’s this about whores or mistresses?

You jealous Harry?

What the fuck?

I asked if you are jealous. What’s it yours or anyone’s business, who gets under the sheet with me? What I do when all you are gone, is my business. If I want to have a wife and some mistresses, and if my wife is cool with it, why is it anyone’s damn business? Why is it necessary to call my girls whores? Who the fuck gives these self-righteous married sluts the right to cast ill words on my girls?

You calling my wife a slut?

Don’t know that I did. Did your wife call my girls whores?

Harry hung up the phone.

Eddie called back. You called my wife a slut?

Did I? Oh yeh, she called my girls, whores, right? Then yup, sure did.

Fuck you man. And Eddie hung up.

Five minutes later the phone rings again. I need another beer, but pick up the phone instead.

Lewis, man you sure have Eddie and Harry pissed. I can’t blame you for being angry, but just what happen?

Blaine, they said that their wives had called my girls whores. I took umbrage at that. I said anyone of these females that said that, was a self-righteous married slut.

No shit? You called them ‘married sluts’?

Sure did.

Holy shit. OK I guess I see your point. Sure they married us old farts for the stability, financial security, and found a way to love us as part of the bargain. So I guess, if they are going to call your mistresses, whores, then they are self-righteous married sluts. Still that was a little harsh, don’t ya think?

What’s not harsh about ‘whores?’

Ya gotta point there pardner. OK, well, I don’t have any problem with you or your girls. My wife says they are nice and good girls. I guess, Willie’s wife is with my wife over there and feels the same way. So there are three of us who are OK, anyway, but it sure it a shame to have to lose Harry and Eddie.

Why do you have to lose them? I don’t get it. It’s me they have problems with.

They say we have to choose. It’s a bunch of shit, but I guess it’s coming from the girls.

Sorry, look I will understand if you want to stay with them.

No, that isn’t going to happen, Lewis. You ain’t done nothing wrong. I ain’t interested in having a harem, myself, but got no problem with you for having one. Willie feels the same way. We don’t like the mean talk from those guys. Maybe they will cool off. I ain’t going to tell them to fuck off, but I ain’t going to walk away from one friend just because another wants me to do that.

Thanks, Blaine, and thank Willie for me.

Will do. You going to be OK?

Yeh, I think I will be now.

It is passed time for that second beer. I get one.

The women are still on the terrace. I walk outside to see what is happening and am greeted by volleys of laughter. Ann is just about rolling on the floor and pissing herself silly, unable to even catch a breath. Belen looks at me in amazement, Lewis, what you call those women? Please, what was it?

What do you mean?

Willie called here and told Anna you called them something, and they are really angry, what you call them?

Ah, OK, I called them self-righteous married sluts.

Oh my God. Talaga?

Yes, truly, because that is what they are.

Well, we texted them and said that unless they stop posting and texting others, we would post and text what you call them! Lewis all their texts stop! Now no one is talking to anyone on other side.

Ann has regained her composure and looks at me, with a smile that tells me I must have done something right. Husband, you and I know that you speak the truth. Maybe your other girls here, they don’t fully understand, but as your wife, and hopefully not a self-righteous one, I understand and agree. You and I know why these women marry you guys. We do not seek you out for love. We learn to love you, truly, but that is not why we find you. You know this. I know this. To say otherwise is to lie. Yes, they are what you call them. Married or not, if we are with you, and if you hold us as your own, then we are here for the same reason. Yes each of us will learn to love you if we do not in the beginning. You and I know the truth of this. These mean hearted women are foolish and stupid. I am proud of you, husband. You defend us, even me.

I hug and kiss my four, and verbally thank their two friends, the wives of Blaine and Willie, before I re-enter the house.

Over the next few hours, Blaine and Willie find their way here, probably because their wives tell them that this is where supper will be served. I run out for more beer and all in all have a nice balance of the evening. Our little ones are in evidence, but no one thinks a thing about that. All have seen Noime many times before. The others are described as daughters of my mistresses. As the evening progresses, other girlfriends are texting Ann, and the other two wives, that are here. There seems to be a cabal forming. Eight of them in total will be here tomorrow to talk about reorganizing as a social group with rotating parties between the homes. Harry and Eddie’s wives plus the wife of the guy who texted me in the morning, with the negative comments, are excluded from the group by consensus. The general tone is, good riddance to them. My girl’s spirits are flying high.

The guys are relieved as we will have enough for cards.

By the time Saturday evening comes to a close at 11:30PM, all those who do not belong here, have left the house. We are exhausted. The little ones have all gone to bed. I send Ann and Belen to their own room. Joy2x and Angeli are with me, as we close the bedroom door.

Boss, what both Ann and you say tonight, teach me a lesson about people. We really are yours. I guess I wanted to hope it was true in my heart. I wanted to believe we were not just playing make believe. Tonight, it was like a formal wedding. This is not make believe. We, Belen, Angeli and me, we truly are your girls. Just as much your girls as Ann. Do I understand correctly?

Yes, Joy2x, you do. You two are just as much part of my life until I die as is Ann. I cannot make you stay, and I guess it is easier to go since there is no marriage, but Ann could leave too, even though there is a marriage. I am not leaving you four. As far as I am concerned, you are all here for good.

Joy2x grabs me and hugs me, but Angeli collapses on the bed and is sobbing. I break from Joy2x and go to Angeli, pulling her up, and asking her what is the problems. She is shaking her head. Walang problema, walang problema.

Then why are you crying?

Lewis! Two weeks ago I live in squatters shack. Not even proper bahay kubo. I wished for such a thing, but will not have it ever. I get clothing for Rez and me from stall in the palengke, where are piles of very, very used clothing, almost rags. We not have enough rice to eat. We pick gulay3 from the side of the road to eat with the rice. We very poor. You know this. Today, you make me successful woman. I have good clothes, food to eat, nice home, soft beds, and all the rice I want. I go to parties, my nails done as I sit! Not be bad for not working every minute. Before I understand all, you change me forever. Now, you prove, it not just until you tired of me. You prove you love for me, for us. You prove that this our home. You make me a princess! Ha! I am princess! You are Prince Charming! Yes it true. This why I cry. Every girl dream this. I get it.

Everything Angeli has said is true. I know and fully understand the awesome change I have made in her life, and in the lives of all who live here now. It is why there are so many mothers with daughters who have queued up to get into my ‘English’ classes. None of this has been a mystery to me. But even though I know it, they can’t be sure I am not just fucking with them and will dispose of them later. I had no reason to believe that what I did today would be seen as an affirmation that they were here forever, and it may have something to do with separate messages that Ann gave, but the realization that this is forever, at least in Angeli’s heart, has sunk in.

I have no intention of throwing any of them out, ever.

But right now, I am not thinking about that. I am thinking how it will feel to fuck a woman who finally, truly knows, she is here forever.

Angeli, how do you want me to take you sexually tonight?

Take my ass, Lewis. You own my ass. Take it. Tomorrow take Rez’s ass. We will do anything for you. Just ask.

And so, having removed my clothing, I put some KY on my cock, and on Angeli’s ass. I have Joy2x get on her back below Angeli so that Angeli can eat the girl’s pussy as I corn-hole the proffered ass. Joy2x appreciates getting some girl-girl action and decides to finger Angeli’s cunt, as I drive into the optional hole.

Angeli is letting a stream of bawdy epithets fly between mouthfuls of pussy. I guess I am still a bit worked up about the phone crap earlier today, because I pound the crap out of Angeli’s incredibly tight ass, before shooting my cum where it does no damn good.

§ § §

1 - used clothes dealer, but the clothes are often close to rags.
2 - no problem.
3 - vegetables.

§ § §

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