The Rainy Season

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Chapter 22: Read my lips; No new pussy!

Ann returns before supper and I ask that Joy2x, she and I talk about the card game and social issues.

What do we need to talk about?

Well, even if we go to someone’s house, just the two of us this time, you know what this is about. We will have them all here for the next party, or the one after that. What have you been telling your friends, Ann?

I tell them we are very busy. This is very confusing Lewis. What we do?

I do not know, but maybe we should have Joy2x with us when we discuss.

No, not just Joy2x. Angeli and Belen too. We will talk after supper.

OK. Did you find a bahay kubo?

Oo. It coming tomorrow. Manny and Coraline come tomorrow too. Lewis, Coraline is afraid Manny will want a mistress. I tell Coraline, maybe that good for her! She thinks I am crazy now.

Supper is good, and the conversation revolves around the bahay kubo and where on our lot it will be placed. Angeli asks, Why build on to the house? All we really need is a bahay kubo to solve our problems!

She is technically correct, but we need more living space and extra CR’s. The bahay kubo maybe even does that! So maybe I am being stupid, but I am also paying the bills.

We talk about Coraline and her fears. Most Filipinas do not accept, do not even understand, bi-sexuality in women. You are either a lesbian or straight. So Coraline’s brain is short circuiting when trying to understand, assimilate what is happening here. If it weren’t for the fact that both Ann and Noime are bi-sexual, none of this would have worked. That is a concept far beyond Coraline’s ken.

My little ones are listening but not participating in the dinner table conversation. I suspect that Coraline will acclimate to all this after they move in here, as the females here are not going to seduce her husband.

Belen, it seems, doesn’t get the message about waiting for the after supper conversation about the other subject and plunges right in, asking me, So, when we meet your friends, are we maids, friends, or mistresses? Ann cannot allow it to be known that she is a lesbian. I think she would rather it be public that you have mistresses than that!

Angeli is looking at Belen with a curious gaze. So friend, you want the world to know you are a mistress to this man? You also not want the world to know you are lesbian maybe?

Oo, talaga. It is also true that I am Sir Lewis’ mistress. I cannot be with Ann without that. Corect Joy2x?

Oo friend. Maybe Angeli not understand this, but you are correct. If you are Ann’s love, you are also a mistress to Lewis. It must be that way. I am lesbian, and I am and will always be mistress to Boss.

I am clearly not going to be able put this off until later, but later is sort of now anyway, as the little ones have all finished eating and have left the table, each giving me a kiss as they depart. So you girls have not decided if you want to be known as maids or mistresses.

Yes, we have! Angeli, answers, Your wife and the two lesbians rather be your mistresses in public, so there no rumors about lesbian maids! Corect friends?

Three pair of eyebrows are raised.

OK, just so I understand this. Not participating in the parties is as bad as participating because it encourages rumors. The only option is to participate and have all think I have a wife and three mistresses?

Now four sets of eyebrows signify agreement. Fucking nuts. I gather the little ones (including Moon) will be explained away as their daughters. God help me if the little ones get pregnant.

§ § §

Being surrounded by four females, all under the age of thirteen, and all no longer virgins, is something that ought never happen, and yet here I am. There are four mouths on me. Moon is sucking on my right nipple. Rez is sucking on the left one. Noime is kissing me and Iay is giving me head. I am as close to heaven as I ever expect to get. The room is dark, the aircon hums low. I can hear rain outside. I have not a real care in the world at this moment.

Iay removes her suction. I am rock hard. I can see nothing due to the darkness and the fact the Noime’s face is plastered onto mine, her black hair falling around my head. I feel Iay’s pussy lowering over and onto my member. The heat of her cunt is intense. The juiciness of her cunt tells me all I need to know about her state of excitement. Then she is withdrawing, as I feel the cool air around the base of my member, following by Iay’s cunt plunging down hard and fast, her butt slamming my hips into the mattress.

Iay is now in pile driver mode and the other three, get rougher and more intense in their personal attacks on my body. Noime sucks my tongue into her mouth and bites. Both Moon and Rez are now biting my nipples. Noime relinquishes my tongue and bites my lower lip. Iay continues her assault on me and the mattress. Noime pulls away from my face, sticks her fingers in my mouth, bites my ear lobe and, releasing it licks, my ear before whispering, I love you Uncle. We all love you.

I hear the door open. Who is there? I do not know. Two new mouths attach to me. They are sucking my toes. How can toes be so sexual? And yet the feeling is incredible. I cum hard.

§ § §

It is Angeli and Joy2x who have joined us and then stay with us. Seven are now in the bed as I am awakened by the flurry of activity on this Wednesday, a school day morning.

Six females are quickly reduced to one, as the others must leave. Angeli and I are alone now and she snuggles in for a bit more shut eye. I hold her close, the scent of her body both arousing and calming me at the same time. I sense her raw sexuality and am sanguine regarding it. She is mine and that is a real commitment. I slide back into sleep with erotic images filling my brain.

§ § §

I am alone in bed and get up to shower and begin my day. Today I will meet a mother and daughter, who by Angeli’s account will not seek out sex with me. The bahay kubo arrives today and all Manny’s family is also arriving. I will write to my friends and suggest that the card game be here on Friday. I might as well bite the bullet and deal with the fallout, whatever it might be, rather than put it off. These are the decisions I make while in the shower, while drying off and dressing.

There is mango for breakfast. The newspaper continues to scream about official corruption as if it isn’t a daily thing that never ends. The sun peaks out but rain fell all night and the air is heavy with the residual humidity. A single orchid blooms from a plant attached to a palm just off the terrace. The deep rich purple of the petals, a promise of fruitful abundance from a frail and unpromising origin.

Life hums, crawls, buzzes, gurgles and is gently moved by breezes wending their way through the branches of the San Francisco bushes outside. Belen, Angeli and Ann are busy with housework and pay no attention to me. This home is their domain and its perfection, in cleanliness and order, their mission. I am, if anything, an imperfection that must be accommodated, and deeply loved, to perfect the rest.

I have no need to interrupt them. I do not need to seek their solicitude. These are my females, my women, my Swiss Guard and yet I am far from a Pope. Might I be the devil incarnate? I don’t feel evil. At least I don’t most of the time.

My mango is long gone. The paper has been partially read and I am ready to put it down as it has failed to provide any new or useful intelligence. My coffee cup needs refilling before I move to the computer. It seems like I have been continually taking stock of my life these last weeks. Events have moved so astonishingly quickly.

Will my friends, and their wives reject Ann and me following the card games? What am I to do with females like Alyssa and Andrea? What do I do if the young ones get pregnant? We have promised Coraline that Manny will not be corrupted. Why did we assume that? How serious is Joy2x about Iay? Does Joy2x understand that Iay is not primarily lesbian, but fixated on me? What will happen to Joy2x, when that reality hits home? What does Belen mean when she says that she is mine?

I awake in a start, from my idle thoughts, sitting in front of my computer. I have been in a daze. My coffee has gotten tepid.

§ § §

Angeli was correct. It was a simple English lesson today. I am back at my computer, but not typing.

Noime is on my lap. She needs some ‘one on one’ time and just wants to be held. I am happy to accommodate her need. My right hand strokes her hair. My left is behind her back, holding her to my chest. Her head rests on my chest. I smell her hair. My eyes are closed. I just want to stay this way for a while. This is my girl. This is my love. I am her world and the captain of her future. It is both the most intense thing I have ever felt and the most awesome responsibility I have ever taken on. There are no rules, no guideposts, no self-help books. I am winging it. I can’t even ask ‘God’ to help me, can I. God, I am quite sure has nothing to do with all this. If I didn’t love Noime so intensely, I would be scared shitless. As it is, I am committed to helping her, and the two of us, to find a good and safe path.

I kiss the top of her head. She murmurs something I cannot hear. I do hear Angeli call out ‘Kumain!’1 from the kitchen. Supper is on the table. Noime launches from my lap.

§ § §

I have allowed this journal to skip the rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday. I did bed Joy2x and Iay on Wednesday night. It was good to be with Joy2x, but Iay was ecstatic to be back with me for the second night in a row. Joy2x had her eyes opened about her young love. I suspect I will be seeing Iay more often and Joy2x will be with Angeli more. But there remains the problem that Joy2x may want me to dip further into the pool of young girls at the school to get her a new ‘young one.’ I hope not, and will speak with Ann about that. Thursday night I spent with Angeli and Joy2x. It was Angeli that got my cum. Joy2x hinted she has missed her period, but it is only three days late. I doubt she is pregnant.

Tonight we have the card party. The young ones are staying out of the way and will not be seen. However Ann, Belen, Angeli and Joy2x will be with me tonight. The three of them, who stay home, have been cooking since early this morning. Wonderful aromas have been plaguing my attempts at equanimity, disinterest and indifference. I am losing the battle. But I am having a different battle, as well. Belen claims she is as much mine as is Angeli. Somehow I doubt that. I also doubt that the way we treat each other will be as convincing to others tonight, in comparison to the other females. My ego tells me I should take her into the bedroom and give her some wood. Should I? There is no one to ask who can give me a good answer. I am thinking with my dick, but it is essentially about my dick anyway. It is about how I relate to a woman I find incredibly lovely but who I have not fucked.

I put away that which I have been working on and decide to take the girl. I approach Ann and tell her that Belen will be busy for a while. I get a look of fear but acceptance. I approach Belen and simply say, Come with me.

Belen responds to me with an admixture of fear and compliance. I bring her to my bedroom, closing the door behind us. Belen’s eyes are open wide and she swallows hard. What do you want, Lewis?

You Belen. You say you belong to me. Before our guests arrive today, we will make that real. When you meet our friends today, you will be mine. You will live and love my wife, but you will be mine and know what that means to you.

Please don’t hurt me.

I am not going to hurt you, girl. I am going to give you, what your wife gets from me, my love and caring. When you are with my wife from now on, you will know what happens to her when she is with me. And, if it is possible for me to give you a child, you will have one for my wife.

Belen, says nothing. Her head is hanging down a bit. She doesn’t want this, but it will not be a rape either. I pull her top, up and over her head, throwing it onto the dresser. I unhook her bra and appreciate once again her marvelous breasts. I tell her to remove her leggings and panties. She does as told. She is standing, shivering. I bring her to the bed and tell her to lay on her back. Close your eyes, spread your legs, Belen, and think about Ann. I can’t tell what she is thinking about but her eyes are closed and her legs are spread. Her pussy is freshly shaved and smooth as an infant’s skin.

I place my head between these sweet thighs and take in the aroma of her pussy. There is not much aroma at all. I spread her labia major and gently lift the hood covering her clit. Belen gasps. I lick her clit. Belen gasps again, pushing her cunt up towards me. I lick, again, slowly. Yes!, she says. I repeat and repeat again. Belen isn’t shaking with fear anymore. She is welcoming the contact. I do not fool myself, that she will turn from lesbian to straight. There is no way that will ever happen. But sex is sex and she likes sex. So long as her body is treated right, regardless of who populates her dreams and fires up her libido, she will respond to stimulation.

I continue to gently pursue her orally. Belen is grinding her cunt against my face. Her hands are entwined in my hair. Her legs pulled up with her heels digging into the mattress, giving her purchase to lift her body up as she responds to my tongue and lips. Belen cums, and slams my face into her pubic bone. It is somewhat painful for me, but I decide to hang in there and bring her off once more the same way. My tongue assaults her clit as I suck it into my mouth. Belen goes off like a rocket a second time.

My jaw is aching. I suspect I will have bruises from her pelvic bone. I move up on her body. I will not kiss Belen. I don’t think that would be wise. Instead I concentrate on lining up old glory with the promised land, and sink in. I whisper, Just think of this as Ann’s real dildo. I get an answer back, Move that fucking dildo, Sir Lewis. I want to feel it in me hard and fast.

That I can do. The two orgasms have made Belen, very wet. Her pussy – having delivered a baby - is not as tight as the others. But it is hot and wet. I am not complaining. I grab her thighs, lift her body up by those sweet thighs and pound her as hard as I can. Belen is cumming and cumming. I growl at her, This will not be the last time I take you, girl. I own your cunt. I will fuck you whenever I want. You understand that?

Yes, I know. I belong to you. I am yours. Now give me a baby!

And I cum deep in her. I am in a mean mood. Go find Ann and tell her to suck my cum from your pussy. But before you do that, suck my cock clean.

Belen has no idea how to give head, but I haven’t asked for that, so it is of no matter. She does clean me up before, with my cum running down her thigh, she goes to find Ann.

I am still on the bed and liking this way too much. I had only wanted Ann and Noime. Now, oh I can’t explain it, it’s just that I like fucking all these girls. If they are in this house, I have to fuck them. At this moment, my thoughts, quite unbidden, flash on Manny’s Coraline. Oh shit. Bad idea.

§ § §

My friends start arriving at 5:30PM. The food is cooked and in abundance, plus the other guy’s wives have also brought food. We are together to play cards, but that will not happen for at least an hour. The guys have not even noticed my extra females, as mime. To them, it’s just extra females and there are frequently extra girls around, be they siblings, maids, yaya’s2 or just other friends. The women are not so complacent. Looking over at them, I can see every possible type of response, from revulsion, to amazement, to curiosity, to wanting all the dirt please. No one has grabbed her husband and walked out, so the worst has not happened.

I will hear the real results via texts tomorrow and the coming days. Tonight we will play Spades. The game is to 500, sloughing is allowed, and taking more than two over the bid, will set the team. It’s a nice, safe and harmless activity. No money changes hands. I can’t say that for the females. After supper there are two card games going among the females. In-Between and Tong-its. Their betting is fierce. They are so noisy, that we guys are playing out on the terrace.

About 30 minutes into our game, one of the guys says, there sure are a lot of beautiful girls here tonight.

The comment goes unanswered.

§ § §

1 - Eat!
2 - Child care giver / nanny / nurse / nursemaid / wet nurse / governess

§ § §

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