The Rainy Season

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Chapter 21: Gago Ka!

As much as I am afraid of Moon becoming pregnant, and alternately convinced that I may not be able to make a baby, and if I can, it might be a long shot, and being terrified that I will go to jail if she does give birth, it excites the hell out of me. Moon asking me to impregnate her as her putative father, just sends me to another place entirely.

I have been in Rez and Noime already. I am well on my way when Moon climbs aboard. This stunningly lovely young girl is looking me straight in the eye. She isn’t fantasizing some buff young man while she rides me. She is looking right at me, begging me to take her in the most complete way.

As with all my young charges, her cunt is tight, and hot. I probably cannot distinguish Noime’s, from Rez’s, from Moons. But each does have a different rhythm. Moon’s is less bouncy, more controlled.

She is not smiling. Her gaze is firm. She pushes Rez and Noime away. She wants to feel me and only me. There is a single minded intensity in her that I recognize from the young love of my life, Noime. Moon is just as committed. I see myself falling in love yet again.

In just five minutes I have obliged the girl as best I can. Her response is to lean down, kiss me and simply say, Thank you, Father.

Noime and Rez, clean both Moon and me up, via oral activity, before snuggling in, settling in and falling asleep.

§ § §

I awake to an empty bed. All those who needed to be in school are gone. I arise and take a shower, while thinking about Noime and Moon. How can a man my age love these girls so intensely? I cannot write it off to lust. I just don’t feel this way to all, but I do towards them. Joy2x is special to me, but not like these two girls. Only Ann ranks up there with them and I have at least partially lost Ann. She will always be my wife and I will always love her, but I am not going to be the only love she will love.

All that was running through my head, as I finish toweling off, brushing my hair, and reaching for fresh boxers, when Ann and Belen, both robed and brushed, but not truly dressed, come into the bedroom, sans a knock. And so, other than being clean and brushed, I am naked in front of Belen. That is a little disconcerting.

You won’t be needing those boxers for a while. Come to bed husband. As she says that, she drops her robe and turns to Belen. Pulling the sash loose on Belen’s robe, she then removes that robe. Both women have only sexy small panties on and neither is wearing a bra. Ann reaches for my hand, guiding me back to bed. Belen is climbing on from the opposite side of the mattress. So much for the three days Belen asked for yesterday!

Belen is a stunningly beautiful woman, with large conical breasts that defy gravity. Her hips are more defined than are other Filipinas. Her skin is flawless. I get hard just looking at her. The knowing that I will not have her, is only mollified by the fact that I get to fuck so many females, not having this one, ought not to matter.

Ann pulls my head to hers and seeks my lips. The intensity of her kisses is real and thrilling. But the fact that Belen is at the same moment, eating my wife’s cunt, gives me pause. Is the intensity directed to me or am I just the recipient of the intensity from Belen’s assault on Ann?

Ann reaches her hand out for my cock and strokes it. My hand is on the back of Belen’s head. From that position I sense her connection to my wife’s pussy. Belen does not seem to mind. In my own mind, I perceive that I am orchestrating Belen’s connection to Ann’s cunt by that hand. In some ways it is a justification for feeling OK with the passion I feel from my wife’s lips.

Belen has gotten to Ann. Ann, in the process of cumming, bites down on my lip. And then she goes limp. I am still hard and need release. Fuck it, I guess I’m an asshole. I grab the KY, grease up my pole, get behind Belen and without asking for permission, or getting her ready, I basically rape her in the ass. Belen cries out to Ann, He’s taking me! Oh shit! And ‘Oh shit’ is about right. Ann is panicked but afraid to stop me. Belen is grunting. Ann recovers a little, and reaches under Belen, to play with her clit while at the same time, kissing her female lover.

I reach around and grab one of Belen’s nipples, mauling it.

I figure no one has ever been in Belen’s ass before. Her ass is my virgin territory. I am horny but not near ready to cum, as I continue pounding her ass. Belen starts becoming more and more stimulated by what is going on. She is moaning now. Little orgasms rip through her body. Ann runs her fist into Belen’s cunt. I know because I can feel it with my dick. And that does it for me. I let lose my cum inside the female’s ass. Belen is just a quivering mess underneath me.

Ann looks at me and whispers, Is this another one of your lessons to me and the girls here?

I guess it is. What lesson have you learned?

You are my husband. I belong to you, just as you belong to me. That means Belen belongs to you too.

Then I think we understand each other.

I get up and take another shower.

§ § §

Today, I have the morning open, to do some things at my desk. This afternoon I will be at the school. I am dreading what is going to be many afternoons from now on. But before I go to my desk, I sit in the kitchen with coffee, something to eat and the newspaper. I normally have fruit; a banana or preferably a mango. Today we are out of both. Angeli has gone to the palengke but is not back yet. I scrounge around and find a pack of Skyflakes, a Saltine without the salt. Such is breakfast.

§ § §

Skyflakes consumed, I am at my desk, updating these events. Angeli is back. Ann and Belen are not to be seen. I am not paying attention to any, as I concentrate on my writing.

There is a tap on my right shoulder. It is Angeli. Lewis, my God, what you do to Belen? They not tell me.

Angeli, that is not for you to know. Come, look at this list of the mothers and daughters. Which ones do you know?

She knows about a third of them well and the rest in passing. I am relieved to know that most of these pairs will, by Angeli’s reckoning, not pose a problem for me if I choose to not touch them. There are a few that she warns may want to push things. The bad news, is that today is with one of these few.

§ § §

I am concentrating on my writing again. Angeli is in the washroom with the laundry. There is a tap on my shoulder. It is Ann. I am sorry husband. If I come to our bed, you have a right to my pussy. I give it to Belen. It is my mistake. I will not do that again.

We kiss and then Ann is gone.

§ § §

Lunch is simply boiled saba banana with muscovado. I am still drinking coffee. The impending trip to the school is on my mind, when Manny and his wife arrive. Ann is to go with them to find a bahay kubo. Evidently Ann is ready and out the door she goes. Belen does not go with them but she is in the Sala, kissing Ann as the three leave.

Angeli, having finished with the laundry is sweeping up in the kitchen.

As we hear the gate to our compound rattle to a close, Angeli addresses Belen. You should go with Sir Lewis today. He has Alyssa and her daughter Andrea this afternoon. Best if he not be alone with them.

Bakit1? Why not you?

You don’t get upset if he takes them. Me I will try to cut the girl’s throat. Hehe. You not jealous of him. You just protect him because of Ann. I kill them because he is my guy.

You know what he do to me this morning?

No. He not tell me.

I am not good to go either!


He own me now.

Ganun? [Truly?]

Talaga [really] friend.

OMG. Paano? [How?]

Hindi bale2.[Never mind]

So you are the same as me now?

The eyebrows raise emphatically. Now understand, I am right there. They are talking about me as if I was invisible, but such is most assuredly not the case. I have not missed a thing. I understand the Tagalog.

Both you girls may be mine, but there is a difference. Angeli will happily suck my dick, but you Belen will not. True?

You want me to suck your cock now?

Belen that is not what I said. Let me say it a different way. You do not want to suck my cock. Correct?

I will if you want.

Yes I understand. But is it not true that you do not want to do that?

I do what you say.

Ok, never mind. If you think I am not honestly transcribing this, you are wrong. There are times when it is quite impossible to get an answer regarding personal preference. It runs up against a deep cultural sense of obligation. Belen is obligated and I will never again know her preference if she perceives a conflict with her obligations.

The two girls are looking at each other and do not know how to untangle what they have. I have not asked either of these beauties to go with me. It was Angeli’s idea. So I put an end to the matter by informing both that I am going alone. Angeli is clearly unhappy but has no alternative to offer. She accepts my choice with a resignation and a bahala ka3.’

§ § §

Alyssa and Andrea are waiting for me when I enter the room. Both mother and daughter are diminutive, dark skinned and lovely. I don’t have a problem with any color, though the culture here prefers lighter color skin. If I was looking to fuck a female, these two look like they would be a lot of fun. But I am not looking for cunt. I am here to work on their English. But they are not. I try to ‘stay on task.’ It is not going well.

Alyssa keeps on interrupting me. Is Ma’am truly back with you? It is true you have mistresses too? Is it true that Ma’am allows the mistresses? Is it true Ma’am is lesbian? Is it true, you like young girls? You like my Andrea? How many girls you have? You want children? She is asking all this in English and when I point out that we are here to practice English, Alyssa correctly points out that, this is what she is doing. Have not all the questions been in English? But, I complain, it is Andrea’s English that is most important. Alyssa does not argue. Instead she nudges Andrea to speak.

Sir Lewis, may I suck your penis please? Oh, give me a break. Really? Two can play this game.

Andrea, that is an excellent example of where the proper word does not belong in the sentence. When we go to a doctor’s office we do use the proper word, penis. But when we are talking about having oral sexual contact, we use a slang term. There are many slang terms for Penis. The most common are dick, prick, and cock. There are many, many other terms too. In this case you might ask me, ‘May I suck your cock?’ If I was to ask you about your vagina, unless I was a doctor, I might say, ‘Show me your pussy.’ Pussy is a slang term for vagina.

Sir Lewis, how you say ‘kumantot’ in English?

The word is ‘fuck.’

So I would say ‘Fuck my pussy’?

No, in this case, the word ‘pussy’ is understood. All you would say is ‘Fuck me.’

Ah, this is confusing. So how I ask you to ‘fuck’ both mother and me?

Well, that would be either, ‘Fuck us, or ‘Fuck us both.’

OK, Sir. Please fuck us both!

Andrea! I am lazy. Eat your mother’s pussy?

Why you ask that?

Why did you ask me to fuck both of you?

We want you as our boyfriend.

Well, Andrea, I am not looking for more girls. However, even if I was, you would need to show me that you can and will eat your mother’s pussy, and she eats your pussy, to even be considered.


Yes, truly.

Sir Lewis, mother and I will have to think about this.

Yes I understand. But remember, I am not taking any new mistresses even if you do this thing.

Why you not want us? We not pretty enough?

No Andrea. Both you and your mother are very pretty. I have too many females already. That is all.

Maybe you change your mind. Will you touch us, here?

Why do you want that?

Maybe you give us mestizo4 baby? We would like that.

You are poor. Why do you want another child?

A mestizo child, Sir Lewis, would bring us many good things.

I have heard that many times. I do not believe it.

It is true, Sir! My mother and I both want a mestizo child from you.

You are far too young Andrea!

No, Sir! I am not! Please?

I am not sure I can give you any child. But even if it is possible, I do not think I should. I will think about it. That is the best I can say today.

Thank you for your honest consideration, Sir Lewis. Mother says, all here say you are a good man. Even Sunshine and you took her daughter from her!

OK, are we done with this? Can we get back to the regular work on English?

Sir I think my mother and I are getting nosebleed5. Maybe we stop for today?

§ § §

I arrive home a little earlier than expected. Angeli and Belen are on the terrace. There is a pedicure of Angeli by Belen in progress. A large tray of polishes are present. This is serious work and Belen does not look up. Angeli, whose feet are the object of the attention is not so encumbered and asks why I have returned so soon. I sit down with them and explain a very short version of the session.

It is Belen, though not looking up, who asks, You do that for them?

Why should I?

Because of the mestizo! Gago ka!6

Angeli, is there anything you would like to offer that might be more helpful that Belen’s comment?

Hindi. Corect sha7. Just don’t bring them home and make sure they have no disease first.

Belen raises her eyebrows. Nothing more is said.

Ann is not home yet.

I go inside and turn on the computer, mix a Gin and tonic with Gilbey’s Gin, Schweppes tonic water and a kalamansi. If I could get Bombay Original, I would use it, but have not seen it in the stores here. I know many say Bombay Sapphire is better, to that I say, uh-huh and those are the folks who also use an iPhone, iPad and a Mac Airbook. Yes there are more aromatics in Sapphire and that is the problem. It has gone too far away from a dry London Gin. The bottom line is that with the kalamansi replacing the lime, Gilbey’s is actually a pretty good substitute.

There are a couple of invitations to card parties from friends. I used to attend such things with Ann, but haven’t done so since we added Joy2x. I am not sure how to handle it. I had told some friends yes, just yesterday, now I am having second thoughts. I back burner it for the moment. Maybe I will talk about it with Ann and Joy2x this evening. I open up my journal and commit the dialog from today to writing before I forget it. I will fill in the details later. I am getting better at remembering the exact dialog as I continue working my journal. I am told practice does increase memory retention. I doubted it, but maybe it is true. For whatever reason, I remembered today’s conversations pretty easily.

Once I get the dialog down, I go back and fill in the details around it, to stitch it all together. That is what I am doing when I have a quorum of underage pussy surrounding my desk.

Moon looks at Noime, who signals her approval. The other two are just standing back. Father, Noime and the rest of us all want to be with you tonight. Noime, Rez and I know, that we have just been with you and I have been there a lot in the past few days. Iay has been with Joy2x and she wants back in your bed. Joy2x can be with Angeli tonight. Please can we all be with you?

There is no way I can satisfy all of you! You girls know that.

Oo Father, we know. You will give your true gift to Iay tonight. We just all want to be together with you.

Do you think there is enough room on the bed for all of you?

It is Noime who has had enough of my equivocating and says, Uncle that is our problem, not yours! Just say yes please. We have homework to do and need to go do it.

OK, Yes.

And they are gone, but before I take three sips of the G&T, Joy2x is here with a quizzical look. Is it true that I am with Angeli tonight?

Is that a problem?

No, but I was thinking about asking if Iay and I might join you tonight.

I will be with all the children tonight, Iay included, at their request. You and Iay can join me tomorrow. OK?

Thanks Boss.

Joy2x, I need to talk with you about what happened today with Alyssa and Andrea.

Is it a problem?

Sit here in my chair, read this file I have on the screen, and then we will talk about it.

I get up, take my G&T, allowing Joy2x to review what I have asked her to read. When she is finished, she looks up at me. I ask, What do you think?

I agree with Belen and Angeli. Why you have to ask more?

Huh. OK, never mind.

§ § §

1 - Even though the ‘Why’ is repeated in English, it is not uncommon to start with the Tagalog and follow with the English. Doubling up words is a common practice.
2 - Hindi literally means ‘no.’ Bale means ‘value.’ So the literal translation is ‘no value,’ but it means ‘never mind’.
3 - Whatever you want.
4 - Mixed blood child of any type. However a child of a Caucasian male and a Filipina is presumed by Filipinas to be a child for whom many doors will open, bringing potential good fortune to the entire family. This is both racist as all get out and unfortunately, as much as many I wish it weren’t, true in many cases.
5 - In the Philippines, having a nosebleed is just a slang terminology for a person who is having a serious difficulty conversing in English whenever Filipinos encounter somebody that speaks the language fluently either during conversations or discussions and meetings.
6 - In this case, means, you are being silly.
7 - Taglish for ‘She is correct.’ Taglish is a mash-up of Tagalog and English with a ‘simplified’ spelling.

§ § §

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