The Rainy Season

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Chapter 20: Plans and other ephemeral things.

Just twenty-four hours ago I had explained, who I would be with, for the following three nights. In just this past, single day, all that, has been knocked into a cocked hat.

Considering the hash made of the plans, and regardless of the value achieved by doing so, though it is not time for recriminations, it is, however, time for reflection and a new assessment of what I want out of this newly constituted family.

I want to be with Joy2x and Iay, but that can wait a while.

I want to be with Ann and decide to talk with her about that this morning, but expect she wants a few more days with Belen first.

I need my dear Noime and something tells me that I should include Moon, even though I have just been with her.

Thankfully, other than Ann and Belen, no one else, is home at that moment. Only Angeli will be back before late afternoon.

There are more women and their daughters waiting to meet with me this week at the school, starting tomorrow. Today was to have been Belen and Iay’s day with me at the school. What am I to do with all them? Joy2x will announce that I am back with my wife, but there is a nagging feeling inside that it will not slow these women down. It is an old man’s perfect fantasy. In reality, it is proving to be a bit of a mess. I will talk to Joy2x about it again this evening.

Ann is talking with Belen in the dirty kitchen, as I, distractedly read the newspaper, drink my coffee and chew a few pandesal rolls. The ceiling fans move the air and keeps the room pleasant and comfortable if not cool. It has been a weird weekend. The world as I had known it has been changed, changed so many times, that I am having the emotional equivalent of jet lag.

I am halfway through the Opinion Page when the two of them walk in together.

Good morning Belen.

Good morning Sir Lewis.

You look happy this morning. And indeed she does. Belen’s whole countenance seems relaxed and cheerful. A smile of genuine contentment on her face. Ann shares that same look on her own face.

Yes, thank you Sir. I am happy. Thank you for allowing it!

You are welcome, but you do understand that we are sharing her, correct?

Hehe, yes Sir! I know Ann is your wife and will always be that.

Good. When do you think I can have my wife back with me for a night?

Husband! You not think that you should ask me that question?

Ann, you are being shared between your husband and your lover. I am negotiating with your lover, please be respectful of that! Belen and I need to learn how we will go about sharing you.

Lewis! I…


Ann! Please! Sir Lewis is right! He and I need to learn to talk to each other about you because we share your love. If he never talks to me, but only through you, Lewis and I will become enemies. This way we can be friends. Is that not correct, Sir Lewis?

Yes Belen. That is exactly my view. So when may I have Ann in my bed?

Sir can you give me two more days before you have her back? I think I will be ready then.

Wednesday night then?

Yes, Sir.

OK, it is agreed.

Husband, Belen, do I not get a say in this?

I look at Belen as she looks at me. We both, in our own ways, she with raise eyebrows and me with a nod of the head, indicate Ann does have a say. We both look at Ann and wait.

OK, I agree. It will be Wednesday. But next time, you have to ask me!

And that is done. Having decided I would spend the night with Noime and Moon, there remains the problem of three bedrooms and the need to a fourth. Joy2x will be with Iay. That leaves Rez and her mother without a bed or a bedroom tonight. Much to my regret, I decide to send Angeli to be with Joy2x and Iay. I will have Rez with me and the other two girls. Just what the fuck I will do with those three girls is a mystery to me. The need to add the extra rooms seems to be a pressing matter.

§ § §

Ann has a younger brother who, while he always seems to be gainfully employed, accomplishes it by aggressive freelancing. He never seems to have the same job whenever I meet him, but he is always working. I ask Ann to text Manny and ask him to come to the house.

I text the engineer with whom I had consulted when I built our house and ask him to stop by as soon as he can.

I ask Ann to text her friend who has contacts at the City Planning office. We will need her assistance. Ann asks her to stop by on Thursday.

I then drive to the SM Mall, and visit my BDO bank branch to pull out ₱250,000.00 from an account I have there.

Manny is waiting for me when I return home. I pour two mugs of coffee, adding cream and sugar for Manny. We sit on the terrace with him as I explain what I want him to do. I offer to pay him to be my construction foreman. If he accepts I tell him he will receive a salary from me better by far than what he normally gets, but he is putting his family honor on the line, a point I (and Ann) stress to him. Plus if he does it right, there will be a reward at the end.

We will make the concrete blocks on site. Manny will hire the workers, supervise the washing of the gravel, the screening of the sand, the proportions of the cement to gravel and sand for the blocks to give us a 60 block per bag mix. These blocks will be strong, not like those that fall apart when you look at them, that you so often find in the Philippines. He is to make sure the rebar is the correct type. He is to supervise the building of the walls, with the backfilling of concrete into the blocks, once set on the wall, with the rebar already inserted. He will, in short, watch over the entire construction project in a way that, even though I am there on the property, I would be unable to do as well. He is also to be responsible for being the front man to purchase the cement and rebar. There are two prices in the Philippines. One for the Filipino and one for the foreigner. I want the Filipino price.

Half an hour later, Manny has agreed to take the job and left, on his way to price and then purchase cement and rebar with ₱100,000.00 in his pocket.

Fifteen minutes after that the engineer rings the doorbell. I show the engineer my pencil drawings for the new work. In short order, he leaves, with a promise to return in two days with a drawing we might be able to submit to the city planner.

And so by the time lunch is served, we were underway, the initial actions to get the building project have all started. It will take time, but as we are only building one floor, I have hopes for some speed. There is also the fact that as I don’t have to skimp on workers, we can speed up the project that way. The permitting process will be ‘greased’ by Ann’s friend and the permits will be approved without any problems.

Work and email has piled up, that needs to be addressed, and so I sit down at my desk, and proceed to attend to my normal life’s obligations. I send emails to friends, apologizing for dropping out of sight. The responses are a little dicey to answer as some want to know what is going on that has caused my absence. I plead family business and leave it at that. I make appointments to get together with friends, and even set up a date to play cards. The matter of whether it will be Pinochle, Hearts or Spades, undecided.

It feels liberating. I have my Noime. I have my wife. Neither will leave me. Both were OK with each other. The extra females in my life are an added benefit and I imagine that over the years, I will come to love some of them as I do Ann and Noime, but for now, things are as I need them to be, with the exception of the school issue. Joy2x and I will talk more about that tonight.

Manny texts that we would get delivery of the cement bags and rebar tomorrow. I thank him by return text and tell him to come for supper. He will soon enough learn of the expanded family here. We might as well, break the news now. I told Ann that Manny will be here for the supper meal. She looks frightened, and we talk about it for a while. I have hopes that I have calmed her down in reality, not just the surface stuff she is showing me.

Manny is married, and his coming means, his wife and three-year-old child, will also be here. I don’t need to tell Ann that. It is part of what she is worried about.

I return to my work and am fully engaged when there are taps on both my shoulders simultaneously. Noime is on my left side and Moon my right. How can they have known I wanted the two of them tonight? They didn’t. It is pure luck of the draw. As it is, it is a great way to be distracted. Gathering both in my arms, and sliding my chair back, we kiss and hug. Amid giggling, Noime nibbles my ear. Moon climbs up on my right leg, plays with the hair on my head and proceeds to hump my leg with a wet pussy, while whispering, I want you father.

Girls, the two of you and Rez will be with me tonight. But for now, get your homework done. We will have guests for supper. You will control yourselves while they are here. Understand?

They do understand and scoot off to complete their tasks. I truly love the attention I have just received but this is just not the time to proceed with what will come next.

I finish the task currently open and put the work away for the day.

Joy2x is home and so we sit and talk about tomorrow and the days that will follow at the school. I want a way out of it, but Joy2x is adamant that it should continue for two reasons. The first is practical. If we stop now there may be unwanted blowback from some of the mothers of daughters I do not meet. The second is that she truly feels I can help at least a few with their English. I complain that some will want sex. Her response is, to allow it there, but not bring it home and not allow it to become long term with any of them. That seems a tall order and I say as much. Joy2x leans over and kisses me. Do it for Ann, Noime and Me. And so ends my attempt at ending it.

Manny and his family are to arrive shortly and so Ann and I position ourselves on the terrace. We will intercept them before they enter the house. As we wait we have a chance, for the second time, in the last couple of days, to just talk and muse about the changes in our life together. Ann is enthralled with Belen. She even suggests that, though Belen and I will never engage in sex together, Ann would like us both in bed with her at the same time. I am open to that and so we leave it as a plan to be engaged in at some point.

We are talking about Joy2x and her fascination with Iay, when Manny along with wife and child arrive. Their little one honors me and we ask them to sit for a second. They sit down with us with some trepidation on their faces. Ann quickly tells them there is no problem, but we need to explain something. The faces morph from fear to curiosity. As Ann and I agreed, the initial conversation will be in Tagalog, and as hers is far better than mine, she is the one to start. I will then speak after the basics are understood. In a nutshell, Ann tells them that we now have an expanded family and it is no one's business how we live our lives. They are always welcome in our home, but we expect that there will be no gossip about our lives. Manny assures his sister that it will be so. I turn to his wife, Do you agree? No gossip to anyone? That includes your own family?

Manny looks a little upset but Ann cautions him with a look to be silent. I wait for an answer.

You are paying my husband for the work he does here?

Did he not tell you?

Yes, but you tell me please?

Yes I am paying him.

He will live here?

Yes, I will put a bahay kubo here for him.

Make it for all of us and we will never gossip. I do not want my husband to be gone for so long.

OK, I can do that. Ann and Manny will get a bahay kubo from one of the builders, along the highway to Tupi, tomorrow.

Yes, Ann, my husband and I will go.

I laugh. She is a bargainer, that’s for sure. Still if she is going to live in it for months she has a right to agree to the specific one to be purchased. She is bargaining and promising but has no idea yet what is inside the house that they have yet to see.

The negotiations over, we five enter the house. All inside were aware we have guests coming for the meal, and who they are. Noime is anxious to see her little cousin, tito and tita. She comes running towards them as they enter the house, scooping up the little child and swinging the three-year-old around in glee. Eventually all introductions are made. Those under 18 years of age fill plates, sit on the floor of the Sala, and watch TV, while those of us of an older age sit at the table. The table is laden with lechon liempo, lumpia, pork on skewers , pinakbet, and abobong kangkong. Clearly there is far more food than needed! The females drink Sprite. Manny and I have San Miguel Pilsen beer.

As the meal progresses, Manny’s wife, Coraline, teases out the details of much of what is going on. Her face goes from surprise, to shock, to disbelief, to being sure it is all a big joke and hoax on her, to disgust, to confusion, to fear that her little daughter is at risk, to assurance than the little one is safe, to fear that her husband will be contaminated by the atmosphere, to assurance that, he is also safe, to acceptance. As the meal comes to a slow end, I turn to Caroline, and say, Remember. No gossip to ANYONE. Is that clear?

Yes, Sir. I understand. I will not talk. Promise.

We will see. I am not sure, but there is no simple way to deal with it, and it would have come out to her and her husband, in any case. This is probably the best of all the alternatives. As it is, the kitchen clean up begins.

Once the cleanup is nearing an end, Manny, Coraline and their daughter leave for their home.

All know where, and with whom, they are to be tonight. The showers commence, I, being the last, to get mine.

I enter into my bedroom, which contains: Rez, eager to regain some standing with me; Moon who has attached to me in the most unique of ways; and my sweet Noime, my little and true love. It is the stuff of fantasies and wet dreams. I take a Viagra, both for assurance and because it will delay my cum. My best guess is that I will be in all three pussies. I am not wrong. Both Moon and Noime, insist that I take Rez first, as compensation for the previous night’s activities.

I take off my robe and place it on the bed. Rez looks a little hesitant. Rez, because you and your mother stayed, you are mine forever. You have nothing to fear. Come here and put me inside you. I want to feel your pussy around my cock. With that, Rez, smiles, a faint smile, lifts her eyebrows once and climbs over me, centering her little hairless cunt over my stiff member. But before she can mount me, Noime tells her to wait. Noime has the KY tube in her little hands. She applies some to Rez and me, before whispering in Rez’s ear to proceed.

Once again Rez’s eyebrows raise up, before she lowers herself down slowly onto my cock. The heat of her pussy is stunning, as I fell her encompass my member, millimeter by millimeter. Rez is moaning, eyes closed, her head tilted back, as if looking at the ceiling through her closed eyelids. There is a look of concentration on her face. She appears to be trying to remember the sensation, for all time. Her weight is inconsequential and it hardly is noticeable, when she finally succeeds in enveloping my dick completely, her pubic bone resting on mine. My hands are on her smooth, small legs. Her body squats over mine, fully impaled. Ah, Rez, this is so nice. And it is, ‘so nice.’ Rez, fucks on my member until she has her orgasm. The smile, never leaves her face. Her eyes never open. As her cum dribbles over my loins, Moon and Noime, from opposite sides, kiss her forehead, stroke her nipples and with Rez still impaled, I play with her clit until she, gasping and crying out, has a second orgasm. Rez has been, by any standard, well fucked. She slides off me and lies naked, on the bed, exhausted.

I am about to ask Moon to go next, but Noime climbs on. As I am about to suggest to Noime that she should wait, Noime shushes me! Uncle, I am too young to have a baby. Moon is not and she wants one. Moon goes last.

Noime, Moon is too young!

It matters little. Noime is going to get herself off riding me, while Moon and Rez, play with Noime’s clit and nipples. It doesn’t take long at all for my little sprite to receive the launch code and fire her rockets. For Noime, and I know this, God damn it, it isn’t about sex, as it is about love. Noime loves me. She doesn’t need to go last to achieve her objective. She already has achieved it, me. She is fully aware that she is loved and nothing will change that.

As Noime dismounts my still stiff member, Moon climbs on. Father, give me a baby.

§ § §

Chapter 21