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Chapter 15: Changing of the Guard

Gina is in the hall as I exited Rosa’s dorm rooms. She smiles. Did you tell her Lawrence? Do you tell her she is one of us?

One of what, Gina?

Oh you! If I didn’t love you so much! Come into my room and kiss me.

And that is exactly what I do. Gina is on her A game. The kiss, is no little peck. It sends shock waves right through me. As we stop both for air and maybe to talk, I just take a step back and take her all in with my eyes. You know, you can’t appreciate her beauty as well while your faces are smashed together.

So Gina, what do you think is happening?

Uh-uh. It’s you who have something to tell me and I have been waiting to hear it for a long time. Now’s the time. Let’s hear it!

I love you.

That! That! Why did it take you so long? Why did Maricar have to come here and prepare me? I have been waiting for this moment for months Lawrence.

It’s complicated; but at the end, before I told you I loved you, I needed to tell Maricar I loved you.

OK. That I believe. You are the good guy I know you are for doing that… but why did she come first?

Two reasons. So that you understood that you were not cutting in, you are joining… and because there is more than just you. I didn’t know exactly how to deal with that.

You think we do not know about each other? Really? When you are not around, the five of us sit together and cry on each other’s shoulders. We have been supporting each other for months now. Rose and Joy have even been with us. Oh!... You don’t know that? Oh… my… God!

It’s all becoming clear now.

So you know? Ah. Well, we decided, you know, we decided about Alissa. We think you should…

Damn it Gina! She’s too young!

Stop being difficult Lawrence. We all decided. Rose and Joy agree too.

Rose and Joy agreeing is supposed to be an endorsement? Do you know what Jake does? Jesus Christ Gina. Why is everyone so insistent I deflower an eleven year old?

Deflower? What does that mean?

Take the girls virginity.

Ah, OK. Well because she would be the only one you didn't bed. You have taken us five. You have taken our older daughters and the ones who started in school at twelve. Of the five, Gloria is the only one of two with a third daughter and Alissa is the youngest. She will be the only one you have not taken if you take Rosa's. You will take Rosa's? Diba1? You need to take her.

That makes no sense.  … You say you all talk with each other?

Yes. Why?

I want you all to come over to the house at 5:30PM tomorrow. I want you to tell all the rest, except Rosa, who already knows. We are going out to dinner as a group. Bring your daughters.

§ § §

In case you missed the math previously, there are five women and twelve daughters coming to the house and then out to dinner tomorrow, add Maricar, and you have eighteen females. Of the eighteen, I have bedded sixteen. Tonight I will bed Anita and that will bring the number bedded to seventeen. Have I said I live in a lecher's candy store?

Right now, Rosa and her daughters are in my bathroom taking a shower. In walks Gloria. I am in a robe and waiting for Rosa and family to emerge. This is less than a comfortable moment. I am gathering my thoughts and am about to open my mouth when Gina walks in. This can’t be by accident… can it? I am sorting that out in my fevered brain when Mary and Jessica enter. OK this can’t be an accident. Once again I reorder my thoughts and am about to speak when… in walks Alissa, in a robe and clearly recently showered. At about the same moment, Rosa and her girls enter from the bathroom.

I take a deep breath, let it out very slowly and then finally utter the only thing that makes any sense, at the moment. OK, who would like to explain what is going on here?

It is Gina who appears to be in charge. She actually steps forward from the group and puts herself squarely in front of me. Lawrence. We know you are married and Maricar is our boss. But Lawrence, we are your women. We will not be having other children and for the rest of your life, it is we five, who will take care of you. Maricar, Imee and the others, they will see to the children.  We have this talk with Maricar, and she agrees except that she will join us with you sometimes. … She pauses a bit before continuing. … There are two of our girls who you have not bedded yet. That we fix tonight. You love all of us, we will not compete with each other. From now on, we are your team. Tonight, none of the five of us will lay with you. Anita and Alissa will lay with you. We will go back to our dorm rooms tonight. We say this as your forever mistresses.

Do you think I get any say in this? Gina? You think you can just tell me, who I will lie down with? Alissa is a very pretty little girl, but I told all of you that she is too young. She may say she is ready, and she may be ready, but I require her to wait until her next birthday at the earliest. I am not negotiating, I am telling you. I am not Jake. Anita will stay tonight if it is her wish to stay. Regardless of what you, or even Rosa, wants, I require the person I am with, to want to be with me, without any outside pressure. When the rest of you are gone, I will ask Anita. If she shows any hesitation or confusion, I will send her back to Rosa, without touching her. Rosa, you stay for now. The rest of you, go. This is not a good start to things. I am disappointed in each of you. Now go!

What happened next is not a happy scene. It is both insane and sad.

It is insane, simply because these are five of the most exquisitely beautiful women, and I have berated and ordered them out of my room. It is sad because they are crying, terrified and coming apart at the seams. I have enough of this. Stop it! I never said I don’t love you. I do and no one is going to be shut out from that. Being disappointed with a loved one is not the same as saying go away forever. I will see all of you tomorrow. Tomorrow we will discuss how things will work between us. You are all my forever mistresses. Go, but do not be frightened. Just understand that it is not you, who will make final decisions here, it is I, who will be the one to make the final decisions. Only if you fight me on these things and try to work against my wishes will I ask you to leave. I will listen to you, but, if I say no, it is no! Now each of you come here for a kiss before you leave.

They all do leave. That includes Rosa's older daughter. I send Rosa to my office. There are two easy chairs in the master bedroom. I sit Anita, who is in a silk wrap, on one and I sit on the other.

We both know that the rule is, when you turn fourteen I will expect you to join me or leave the dorm. But because I do love your mother, you will never have to leave, even if you do not want to join me. This makes it special for you, and also for Alissa. Neither of you ever needs to join me in my bed. Everything will be perfectly OK if you would like to go back to the dorm. OK?

Do I have to?

Do you have to what?

Do I have to go back to the dorm?

If you do not truly want to share my bed, then yes you do.

But if I do?

If you do what Anita?

Want to be with you?

Do you?


Why? You can stay here without entering my bed.

I know, but I think I should.

Should is a word I wish was not in the dictionary. No Anita, you probably shouldn’t. Go back to the dorm.



Yes! No!

Ah. Why?

I… don’t … know… but I want you to take me to bed. Please.


Go to my office, send you mother in and wait there.

Yes Sir.

The transition from the daughter to the mother in my room takes all of a half a minute. I take a long and appreciative look at Rosa. I am going to tell you what I will tell the rest tomorrow night. Do not tell them what I tell you tonight. Do you understand Rosa?

Yes Lawrence.

Without either Anita or Alissa ever entering my bed, all five of you and your families will no longer be living in the dorm. You will live in this house. Your children will never ‘age out.’ I will treat them as my family and they can go as far as they want in their schooling without financial worry. You will be with me, I hope, forever. There is absolutely no need for Anita to be in my bed. I am asking, not demanding… Will you please send her back to the dorm tonight and stop this campaign to have me take the child? I have no need to add her to the women I lie with.


OK why?

Because she wants to be with you. I cannot take that from her. Are we really moving in here? Maricar knows this?

Yes and Yes. OK bring Anita back in and you stay here with her.

Once again, to me, this is nuts. I have more females than any man might ever want. There is no economic advantage for Anita or her family. There is no quid pro quo. Never the less, Rosa, at my direction, places KY on Anita’s labia and inner lips. I have Rosa give Anita lessons on how to suck my cock. I am remaining passive, and on my back, as mother and daughter collaborate on learning a craft on a canvas of cock. That is not to say I am not rock hard. How could I not be? This is erotic on so many different levels that just to catalog them is enough to get me hard.

Rosa decides it is time to complete the coup de grace and places Anita on my upright member while I continue to lie on my back. Rosa holding my cock amidships, she slides my member from top to bottom and back again between Anita’s labia finally centering in under the girls hymen. Rosa whispers in Anita’s ear and the girl just drops on to my loins, impaling herself in the process. Anita lets out a pained moan and a tear is on her right cheek as she just sits on me, her legs spread wide and probably uncomfortably with her thighs across my hips.

For me, there is no pain. I am being squeezed incredibly tight. Anita’s pussy is hot and the KY has made what is probably a dry tunnel, well lubricated. I swear I feel her cervix on the end of my member. I am looking up at small but real breasts and a lovely girl about to be fourteen soon. There are only small hints of childhood. This is very different from Alissa who is only a few months into her eleventh year. This pre-woman, this young teen has nothing to be ashamed about in the ‘looks’ category. I am enjoying the view, but sad for the girl as she is clearly uncomfortable.

Rosa whispers again. Was it encouragement? Was it instructions? I do not know. Anita pulls up, pauses, and slides back down. I see blood on my cock. Anita wipes a tear from her face and her expression changes from discomfort to a question. She repeats the motion and a little smile begins to emerge. With each of these movements, my cock is getting maximum, tight but not painful stimulation.

Anita begins fucking my member in earnest. I reach up and pull the girls face down to mine. I start kissing the girl. I roll her over. Still kissing the little beauty, I start my fucking of her as she wraps her legs as best she can around me. The KY is just a memory now as vaginal liquids flow over my member and onto Anita’s thighs.

Anita starts biting my lower lip. She is bucking her pubes into me as I pound down on her. Her hands are on the back of my head, her fingers entwined with and pulling my hair.

I am ready to cum and decide not to try to hold back. I do not want to make Anita sore, this being her first time. My cum fills the girl, and squeezes out of her pussy as I continue to fuck through the experience. Finally, we are at rest. Anita’s arms encircle me. Her lips pressed to mine. Her tongue is in my mouth. I feel her warm breath. Happy Anita?

Yes Sir.

Call me Lawrence please.

OK Lawrence.

You will be sore for a while, but it will go away.

I am not sore.

Yes I know, but you will be soon.


Yes. Do you want to spend the rest of the night here, or back in your bed.

I can spend it here?


Then I want to be here. And with that, Anita slides around so that her head is pointing away from the headboard, her ass is pushed upward with feet are propped up on the bedstead. I ask her why she is doing this.

Joy tells me I should do this to get pregnant.

It will not work and besides, I do not want you to get pregnant.

I will do what Joy says and I do want to get pregnant.

Since it will have no effect, I decide to leave the matter alone. Pulling Rosa to my other side, I drift off to sleep.

§ § §

I awaken to Anita giving me head. Rosa is by my side, watching. I pull Rosa in for a kiss and hold her there as the kiss lengthens into a deep sensual session, my emotions flowing out into her mouth, as my cock is being worked; milked, of its emotions, by her daughter. I am not thinking. I am only feeling, and then I am cumming. It is an interesting way to start the day.

§ § §

Barako coffee has its own unique flavor. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I find it enjoyable. There is no half and half in the stores here2 and so I mix heavy cream with milk for my own version of the substance. It’s probably a little more cream than a real Half and Half, but what the heck, it works. There is a bowl of fried rice on the table that others are taking portions of as their morning meal, but I am having a fresh mango, and slice of cassava cake.

I am relaxing and proceeding at a leisurely pace through my morning meal when Maricar joins me. How did it go last night?

What portion?

Ah. The portion with Anita.

I see. I gather you know I sent the rest back to their rooms?

[giggle] Yes. You were right, but they are scared.

I tried to send Anita back too.


She insisted she wanted to stay. Rosa was not in the room when I questioned the girl and she still insisted. I let her stay. Everything is OK with her and Rosa.

OK, good. I will be with you tonight, husband.

Good! I am glad for that. What do we do with the five tonight?

You will see! I have an idea.

Maricar, I would like to go visit Howard this morning. Would you like to come with me?

She does and off we go, getting out of the house and away from all. Just the two of us. I need that this morning. The good lord knows, I still love my wife.

Howard lives about 5KM from our home. There was a time when all the roads between us were under construction at one time and getting there was a real chore. But now, with the new roads, it is quite easy and quick. As we pull up to his gate, I give a brief honk with my horn, Nita appears, and opens the gate. We pull in and park as Nita closes the gate behind us. I have not been here since before Flor passed away. Maricar and I loved Flor. She and Howard had been a good pairing. Neither pulled the other along. They had been in harness together. When Flor passed, I tried a dozen times to reach out to Howard, but he just wouldn’t have it. Now things are different. Howard is different. You can see, this is Howard without Flor. I can see that Nene and Nita both adore Howard. Howard clearly loves the two girls, but they are not in harness with him. They circle around him, making sure he is OK. He loves the comfort they afford him, but you can see it in his eyes. Those eyes still look for Flor.

Maricar is talking to Howard about replacing his refrigerator. They are deep in conversation. I turn to Nene but before I can say anything, it is Nene who speaks: Can you see it?

Yes. I think I can. But Nene, he is not unhappy with you.

I know. I know he loves me. I think he loves Nita too. I do not think he will ever get over losing Flor. Was she as good as Howard thinks in his heart?

Yes Nene, I think she was. But it is in a way that does not compete with you. I think it will take years for the loss to stop hurting so much. You and Nita are doing a good job and Howard’s hurt will lesson. May I ask a personal question?

Maybe. What is it?

Do both of you lie with Howard? Or is Nita a maid?

Ah. We both lie with our Howard. We are both his maids.

Susan and John tell me you are not a maid. They say you are like a wife to Howard.

Maybe I am, but there is not a legal marriage. I am here because Howard allows it.

You can marry him when you are eighteen. Ask him. I bet he will say yes.

Nita becomes eighteen two years sooner. For her it is only next year

I know, but you ask him tonight if he will wait for you to turn eighteen and see what he says.

I can’t ask that!


It would be rude! If he wants, he will ask.

The morning drifts into a lunchtime meal that Nene and Nita prepare as Marciar and I continue to visit with Howard. For all I see in Howard’s eyes, it is also perfectly clear he is happy and his life is back on track. I am not worried about being rude. I have known Howard way too long for that and so out of the hearing of his girls, I ask: Howard, are you going to marry Nene?

Howard is not offended by the question at all. He smiles. This is something he clearly has given some thought to and his answer shows it: Yes, if I am still alive when she turns twenty-one and if she still wants me.

Why not eighteen? I am sure her parents will approve.

Lawrence, her father is dead and the whereabouts of her mother is unknown. She must have parental consent prior to age twenty-one. You know the law here. There is no way to get it.

You can get an exception. In the case where neither parents are known, or not alive and the same is true for the grandparents, you can get a judge to act in place of a parent. Nene will still need to get ‘marriage counselling’ from a minister, but I believe from what Jake told me, he has a ‘counselor’ available for such situations and will refer you to a helpful judge. All you need to know is in Executive order Number 209. 

I’ll be damned. So I can marry her in a little under three years?

Yes you can. Why don’t you ask her if she wants to marry you? I bet you will make her the happiest girl in town.

§ § §

1 - Is this not so?
2 - Half and Half is a North American product. There was nothing approaching an equivalent but you can mix milk with cream to create your own.

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