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Chapter 13: The Age of Consent

Cheri and I are alone. This is different. Maricar is with Imee in the nursery. Ikay and Jovelyn are lying together in their shared bedroom. Ann, Laarni… all the rest are elsewhere. I am alone with this small girl. Cheri is not trembling. She is not nervous. She seems sure of herself now. I decide we should shower together first. Cheri has never had a warm shower in her life and this will be an event. She just doesn’t know it. We cannot run out of hot water, as this is a poor man’s on demand system, in a matter of speaking. The water heater being electric and sitting on the shower wall with the showerhead attached to it, we can shower for as long as we want.  The cost of this extravagance was ₱7000 at Supreme hardware… that’s $175.00. I could have purchased a less expensive one, but what the heck, I splurged.

I want the shower for two reasons. I am not sure what the hygiene of a twelve year old is and it will give us a chance to get used to each other’s bodies in a non-sexually charged way. Cheri is surprised by how warm and comfortable it is to take a warm water shower. We play around, soaping each other up and rinsing each other off. I have a chance to explore Cheri’s body. She is exploring my ball sack with some thoroughness.

By the end of 25 minutes, there are two things I can say for certain. We are both clean and there will be no nervousness about touching when we get to bed. And that is our next stop as we finish drying off and step out of the bathroom.

You sleep in this huge bed alone Sir Lawrence?

No Cheri, I am almost never alone! But it is a large bed, isn’t it?

Yes Sir, it is the biggest bed I have ever seen. How many can sleep on it?

You mean, how many pretty Filipina’s can sleep on it if I am not in it? Oh, I don’t know, seven or eight I guess.

How many with you each night, Sir?

Two or three, plus me, sleep here each night normally.

But tonight it will be only you and me, Sir?

Yes Cheri, just you and me. Is that a problem for you?

No Sir! No, I am just curious. I think it is nice that you like me enough to have only me here.

Cheri, do you know what we will do tonight?

I think I do, Sir. My mother and sister tell me things. But I don’t think you will suck my breasts, because I have none! [giggle] They say there will be a little pain when you put your penis inside me, but I will forget the pain quickly. I hope that is true. They also say I need to learn to suck your penis, Sir. Is that right, or were they teasing me? They say I should suck it until stuff comes out of it and that I should swallow. I am really supposed to swallow your pee, Sir?

It is not pee, Cheri. It is the thing that makes babies when I put it inside your pussy. It is healthy for you to drink.

I pick up Cheri and place her on the bed. Am I one lucky guy, or one sick bastard? Is it possible to be both and for the same reason? I know what I am doing is wrong. I am supposed to be scarring this girl for life, but for the life of me, I do not see how. From what I have seen of Jake’s girls, none seem scarred. Maybe I am just going through a rationalization so that I don’t feel so guilty. Cheri is too young to even be considered jail bait.

I hold her close to me and she is holding on to me too. I kiss her forehead. I kiss her cheeks. It is my skin against her skin. We have no clothing on as we lie on the bed covers. The room is warm and we are comfortable. I play with Cheri’s little puffy nipples. At first, she giggles, but the giggles give way to moans in quick order. And that is just my fingers. I decide to show Cheri that she does have something worth sucking on and I move down on the girl and place my mouth over her right nipple. I suck it in to my mouth. That does it! Now she understands how good it can feel.

I do not want to confuse the girl with what she will see as ‘delaying tactics’ even though I would prefer more foreplay, she needs resolution to her quest. The foreplay can and will come after the fact. I use KY to prepare Cheri. I get on my back and position her above me. With my hand, I push my cock up and down over the gash of her labia, transferring KY to the required area.

With my cock centered at her love tunnel, my hands are now at the top of her hips, and I pull her down onto my pole. The initial resistance is her hymen, which quickly gives way as she impales herself on my dick. No matter how many times I experience a tight pussy, the feeling never loses its majesty for me. Cheri is perfect and the loss of her virginity seems to be something to celebrate not to mourn.

There is blood on my shaft as the little one continues to pound her pussy on my pole. I am doing very little as Cheri rides me. Still I am getting highly stimulated. Cheri’s tight cunt is driving me crazy.

Evidently, word has slipped out to Maricar and Imee that I am with Cheri. They appear at the bedroom door in their colorful silk wraps and slippers. They approach the bed, losing the wraps in the process, slippers shed as they climb on to the mattress.

Cheri, who has been pummeling my pole, suspends and shows fear.

It is Maricar who speaks and she is speaking to Cheri, Calm yourself child! We are not here to hurt you or stop you. Does he feel good inside you?


Good! Good! Keep going. We will help you feel even better! And with that Cheri commences her pounding. Imee and Maricar position themselves on either side of Cheri. Each takes a little puffy nipple in her mouth while Imee starts playing with the child’s clit as the child continues to pump the pole. A week ago I did not think a twelve year old could orgasm. I know better now. But Cheri’s orgasm takes me to a place I have never experienced before and my gonads demand release. Beyond that I can’t say I remember much.

§ § §

I can’t say that life has settled down. With the new daughters and their mothers, of whom Merlee is included, added to Imee, Jovelyn, Ikay and my wife, life at home is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Luckily, the little children are a huge distraction for the females and my girl’s demands for my time are relatively minimal. What I am supposed to do with such a large brood, I have not a clue.

On top of that, Eve is pregnant, so her issue with bring Nicca, is now a non-issue. She is staying.

I find that I am spending most of my time and many of my nights with Ann, Nicca and Cheri. Maricar is indulgent in this matter. (In fact, Maricar is spending most of her time in the nursery these evenings.)

Throughout Ann's pregnancy, I kept her close to me. Now, Ann is about to turn fifteen next week. It is less than three months since she gave birth. She is asking for a birthday fuck without birth control. It is too soon.

I spend most nights with some girl from the dorm.

§ § §

We now have the four apartment buildings, and as a consequence, we have plenty of cash to meet any, and all, contingencies. There comes a time when the cost per kid becomes a marginal issue because of hand-me-downs and other matters of scale. With all the female help, we have no coverage issues.

§ § §

I continue to see my friends. One of them has taken a mistress and the wife… one of the fat ones… cannot handle the competition. She has left to live with her mother, and so this guy was left with just the mistress at home. His response was to add another mistress. Now his wife is even more royally pissed, than she was before.

Two other guys have taken mistresses and their wives are staying, at least for now. I gather things are a bit awkward in each home, but they are making an effort to make it work. Both my girls and Jake’s have reached out to the wives and mistresses to help them learn how to be with each other. Jake and I are providing guidance for the guys. Jake has far more experience, than I have, but his taste for the very young makes him less a comfortable fit for my friends.

§ § §

It is now six months since the last of my nine new teen mothers, and adult mothers have given birth, and they all gave me a child, five girls and four boys. Imee, Ikay, and Jovelyn gave me eight more! So that was bad enough, but Merlee gave me a child. Eighteen! Eve is still pregnant. I am not the human version of Secretariat, but I am treated as if I am.

Imee, Joy, Maricar and Rose approach Jake and me individually to ask if we might have another party. This time it will include those other couples who have added mistresses and my one friend who has lost his wife and is now with mistresses only. Jakes is fine with it so long as we hold the party here. I make the following alteration. Five of the six couples who have not added mistresses will be contacted. These five include John and Susan. The same Susan that Maricar wrote about earlier. The sixth, Howard and Flor can’t, as Flor died nine months before the last party. Howard has let me know he isn’t interested in getting out socially just yet.

We will inform the five extra couples that while, they are invited, if they choose to not come, we will understand. I will continue my friendship with the husband but not when the women are present.

To our surprise, all five of the other couples accept.

Susan tells Maricar that Maricar should contact Howard’s new girlfriend Nene and provides Maricar with Nene’s cell number. Within minutes of the first text message between Maricar and Nene, there is an acceptance, however it will not be just the two of them, it will be three of them: Howard, Nene and Nita. This will surely be interesting.

The party gets even more interesting when Jake shows up with his contingent. This time Abbey and Mitch are in tow. They then insist that Ikay and Jovelyn be at the party too. What the hell. I acquiesce. Time to raise more eyebrows.  I am just happy that Jake didn’t bring Rosemarie and Anabel. I sure as hell don’t want little Ann at the party right now. This is dicey enough.

At this point, the three guys who have moved into new relationships, and their girls, are all aware of Jake’s girls and mine too.  Introductions are made between the five couples who haven’t added anyone, to the new mistresses of the three men and then of course, to Jovelyn, Ikay, Abbey and Mitch. But the real surprise is when Howard walks in with his girls entrain. There is fifteen year old Nene and seventeen year old Nita.

All these things happen at the same time. Joy texts Rosemarie and Anabel to get a tricycle to come here immediately. Ikay and Jovelyn dash off to round up all my other mistresses including little Ann. (Luckily, they know better than to include Nicca and Cheri!) The other mistresses are surrounding Nene and Nita, wanting details. Evidently, Susan and Jasmine take on the role of bodyguards and assistants for these two waifs. They must know the girls. My other male friends, except Bill and John, surround Howard and want to know what’s up. These two have been holding out on me.

When Jake’s young ones and my young ones enter the scene, more pandemonium ensues. Jake drifts over to me at one point and quietly says, Where, pray tell are your two precious ones? Cheri and Nicca?

Do you really think the rest of these folks are ready for that?

No, I don’t and it is good they are not here. It is good for both of us. The young ones are a wonderful, but others will not see it that way and make trouble for us.

Exactly, and that is why they are not here.

During the evening, Susan approaches me. Lawrence, last time I was appalled at what you were doing to Maricar. I apologize. I have honestly never seen her so happy. And if it weren’t for you, maybe I would not have been able to accept Howard’s situation, but Nene is a blessing to him. It was Nene, who pleaded with Howard to add Nita. I would not have understood that either, if it had not been for you. I told John that he could add another girl if he really wanted that. I felt guilty keeping him from what his friends have and I must admit I sort of am jealous of the friendship these girls have. John does not want it. So we are ‘just us’ because John wants it that way, not because I tell him he can’t. I am not afraid for my marriage any more. At which point, she kisses me on the cheek and walks off, smiling.

§ § §

It’s evening. Last night’s party was a big success. Everyone seemed to have a ball and the fact that all my mistresses, not just the adult ones, were able to attend, has engendered extra goodwill within the household.

Tonight, four females surround me. Only one of them is over fifteen years of age and two are thirteen.  My cock has been at least briefly in each of them. Blessed be Viagra. I can stay hard and it delays orgasm. There is tickling, laughing, snuggling, kissing, fucking, sucking, licking, and there is love. There is real love.

You ask, 'how can that be?' I tell you, I do not know. All I can do is point out that two of these girls is a mother of one of my children. They now share a bond with me that can never be broken. To both I owe my loyalty as they owe the same back to me. The tether that holds us all together cannot be broken. The other two? I took them so young, and yet they were so willing that I cannot understand what goes on in their brains. All I do know is that they are attached to me deeply and completely.

And now, if little Nicca would please remove her big toe from my ass, I might be able to save my load for a few more minutes. If she doesn’t, Ann is about to get it all. It is the middle of Ann’s cycle. I really do not need any more children and this is too soon for her. She needs more time between children, even if she is to have more.

I have been trying to cum in their mouths or their asses. For fear of additional pregnancies. God forbid a thirteen year old gets pregnant. It can’t be good for them and though Jake tells me he has a discrete midwife we can use, I just don’t want to take the chance. Further, I can’t believe giving these young ones birth control is a good idea either. Unfortunately, these girls want to get pregnant and so it is a challenge to make sure the cum goes only where I want it.

Right now, I am a few heartbeats away from drowning a pussy with cum. I am partially on my back but Nicca has her ankle and foot underneath me. She has wiggled a toe up my ass. Cheri is kneeling over me and squatting her pussy down on my face. The problem is that her legs have my shoulders pinned down. The only one who is not aiding abetting Ann is Corrine, as she is above my head and messaging my temples. The only problem is that it tends to make me come ‘compliant.’ It sort of like causes me to zone out. And so she isn’t helping either.

Nicca wiggles her toe just as Ann slams her tight, well lubricated, and by now, experienced pussy down on me once again. It’s too late to stop now. Ann gets her cum. I grunt, Ann whoops! Corrine keeps on massaging.

§ § §

I have not had a stream of twelve year olds. Yes I did take Nicca and Cheri, but there was no one after that. Rose’s talk did have the desired effect. The twelve year olds are now thirteen and some will be fourteen soon. So the girls I said no to before will start entering my bed soon.

Rose texted me just a few minutes ago. She and Joy would like to meet with me without anyone knowing. Can I meet them at the food court at Robinsons? Yes, that will be a good place, as no one here likes the place so it is unlikely we will be seen.

§ § §

OK I’m here. What do you want to talk about?

Does Maricar know you love many of the women in the dorm?

Rose, what makes you think that?

Joy and me, we talk to the women. They tell us about what you are like with them. They tell us you go to the dorm and spend time with them. You play tong-its1 with them. Instead of staying away or asking someone else to do it, you care for them when they get sick.

I don’t hide anything from my wife. You should know that.

Lawrence, Rose does not say you are lying to Maricar. She asks if Maricar knows. There is a difference. We see Maricar. She is always in the Nursery. She is always with the children. She spends very little time with you. That is not your fault. We do not say you do anything wrong. But we know you fall in love with women in the dorm. This is true.

Joy, these are good women. They work hard and their life has not been easy. Yes I care for them.

Lawrence, are you lying to yourself? Do you not know? You more than care for them.

So you two think I am in love with some of the women?


How many of them you think I love, Rose?

Five. You love five. I know them. Do you want me to name them to you?

Huh. I guess not. I will have to think about this. What do you expect me to do?

First, you must tell Maricar. Then you must tell the women. All five of them. They love you Lawrence. You need to tell them that you love them too. But with Gloria, there is more than that. You know what it is.

No, I am not going to do that Rose.

You love Gloria and Corrine. Corrine is constantly with you. With the exception of Merlee, who as had your child, Gloria is with you more than any of the other mothers. Gloria wants you to. Corrine wants you to. Lisa wants you to, even though she waited until she was almost fourteen before you took her. They all know Alissa wants you to take her.

No. I will not. The child is barely eleven!

The difference between Alissa and Nicca when you took her is ten months. Remember when Rose and me tell you that you would start taking the younger ones?


We wrong?


Lawrence, we not wrong now. Gloria and her family, they yours except Alissa. Alissa knows this. She needs to feel your love. Gloria needs to hear you tell her you love her. She is without a baby and is depressed that she will lose you. Tell her. Tell the others. Tell Rosa! She one too! Di ba? She afraid she lose you, even though you take Cheri. ... But first, tell your wife. She needs to understand that she should be with you more. It is good she loves the children, but she needs to be with you more and the children less. You cannot tell her that, but she needs to understand that things are happening while she not with you.

Yes. I understand. Please say hello to Jake for me.

§ § §

1 - A card game.

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