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Chapter 42: Are we there yet?

Czaren is a sweet girl but, as much as this makes sense to Sarah, who has just joined us, I know this is not the right place for her. The question remains, what is the best place?

A second question is what am I going to do with Sarah? As a daughter, questioning a father comes with the territory. But she gave up the 'daughter' status when she asked to join us. I can't have her exercising personal privilege over others here. It will not work.

The meeting is over and the decision has been made to bring Czaren here but, I am really wanting to cancel that decision. There has to be another way.

We will leave to look for the SUVs in an hour.

I open up the netbook to catch up on the news but, I also open up my email and there is a response from Harvey. I forgot I told him to get his ass over here.

According to this email, he's coming. The guy is married but, he says he's coming alone.

The wife hates flying and if he wants to sweat his ass off and swat flies in the tropics, she tells him, he can go right ahead. She'll visit their daughter and the grandkids in Sioux Falls. How she is going to get there without flying is beyond me.

The question I have to answer is, how much to I want do fuck up his marriage of close to forty years, to that cold ass bitch of a wife he has. Did I mention I don't like the woman?

Look, everyone is entitled to be an asshole to someone else. I get that. But when my wife and I split the sheets, Harvey's wife took great delight in causing me real problems during the divorce.

So how pissed am I, now that is that all done and in the past? How much do I want to turn Harvey's world fucking upside down?

Oh, man, well now, I like Harvey. I don't figure he has had a good five minutes of happiness with that bitch for three decades. Maybe I am going to give him a few days of joy. Maybe I turn his world on its ear. But what the fuck. I want to do it.

I put the word out. Czaren is not to come here. I have another idea.

The trip to the car dealers is fun. Sarah doesn't like the Isuzu. She wants the Toyota but, when she learns the warranty is only one year, she... well she tells the salesman to go fuck himself.

I try to tell her, it isn't the guy's fault but, she is incensed. The Mitsubishi dealer has a three year warranty and that isn't great but, I guess it is good enough. She'll purchase a Pajero.

The salesman wants to know if she will need help with the loan. She looks at the guy as if he is the dumbest in a litter of runts. She's paying cash. What is her discount?

Yeh, then the guy does sort'a shits a brick, and excuses himself. Five minutes later another guy comes out and says, they cannot offer a discount until they actually see the money. Now Sarah is beyond steamed. Dad, how far is it to your bank?

It's two minutes down the road, why?

She turns to the guy, Get in the van, we are all going to the bank. Then you will tell me my discount and if I don't like it, you can walk back. You have a lot of nerve to accuse me of lying!

Yeh, this is the Sarah I do not want in my house. So long as it stays out of the house, well, OK maybe. But I doubt she can separate the two.

The guy seems to be a little nonplused but, he gets in the van. We don't have a bank account for Sarah yet. Her money is in my account. It was a lot in dollars but, converted to pesos... it is a scary lot of money. She and Frank have done very well for themselves. If this is half, then Frank ain't hurting.

Anyway we get to the bank and Sarah has me ask the bank manager to confirm that there are sufficient funds to pay full undiscounted pesos for the Pajero. She then turns to the guy from Mitsubishi and I swear, this is what she says. Well, the question is, do you feel lucky today? You have to ask yourself exactly how small a discount I will accept. Cause of you are wrong, I ain't buying and you are walking. So, do you feel lucky? Huh, do ya?

The guy folds. I don't figure he has a large margin but he gives her 13% off and throws in some goodies. Leather seat covers, some extra chrome, a roof rack all gets included. Sarah agrees and the money is withdrawn from my account, and just as fast, deposited in his account in this same bank. That makes me happy. I didn't want to walk out of the bank with stacks and stacks of one thousand peso notes. Even with 100 bills in each bundle giving you one hundred thousand pesos per bundle, it is 27 bundles. That's a lot of cash! Less the 3 bundles for the discount.

Receipts squared away, we ride back to the lot and Sarah gets the next surprise. She bought it but she can't have it. OK now I am laughing. I've been through this before. She has to pick out the 3M tint for the glass. They have to prep the thing... yada yada... she can have it in three days.

OK we are done with that. I decide to look at the tricycle that Jenny has found. I don't like it. Jenny is with us and I guess I look at her crosswise. Did you even see this when you said to get it?

My cousin say it's a good one.

Jenny, this is not going to work. How about a multicab?

I not able to drive it.

Ros and Emelyn will teach you.

I spend the next part of the day finding and buying a white four door multicab. The thing costs less than the discount Sarah got. And guess what? We can drive it home right now.

The rest of the day is spent looking at RFO condos. Sarah is confused. She is living with us. Why does she want these? I explain the SRRV Visa and how an RFO can actually make her money while securing the Visa for her and the kids.

It doesn't take long to get her onboard. The question is which ones? Once again the agents for these places are set up to talk mortgages and downs. Sarah is talking cash price. You can see some heads exploding.

By the time we need to go pick up the kids from school we have a pretty good idea of what the final selection will be. Sarah decides to stay in the van and drive it home as it's an automatic. The multicab is a stick and so I take it with Jenny. Might as well start the lessons now.

Today was a productive day and an expensive one. Tonight will be productive in other ways. Melissa rejoins me with Joriz and Jonalyn. It should be instructive and hopefully fun.

Melissa comes with her friends, and maybe her lovers? I don't know her relationship with the twins but, I suspect that it is more than a simple friendship. I am amused that they have chosen to all dress identically in school uniforms with the pleated skirts, which only heightens the dramatic differences between the Filipina twins and my granddaughter.

My smile freezes when Jonalyn, spins Melissa to a face to face position and brings her in for a kiss, while Joriz slides behind and partially under Melissa, lifts the skirt and starts tonguing Melissa's ass.

My grandkid is moving to give Joriz more access while Jonalyn starts mauling Melissa's tits.

This is quite a show.

Joriz it seems now has her hand up Melissa's cunt while tonguing the ass. The girl is under full assault and it appears to be entirely a voluntary thing.

The twins keep it up until Melissa cums, at which point the show ends.

My grandkid looks a bit dazed at the moment. Joriz has a look of pride on her face as she gets up and excuses herself she for a second to either towel off or wash up or gargle maybe.

Jonalyn and Melissa approach me and I swear to god, kneel down in front of me. Joriz reappears and tosses them two cushions from my easy chairs. Joriz squats down next to Jonalyn, and proceeds to lower the zipper on my slacks.

Ron, tonight I will teach these two how to give you head. Jonalyn is only half good and Sissa is ignorant.

You gave Melissa a nickname?

Oo, Sissa. So we practice tonight, di ba?

Yeh, that's good. By the way, Sarah needs your training too.

I get eyebrows as an acknowledgement.

Sissa, what do you call this man?


No, I told you before. What do you call him?

Ron? Joriz, that is hard! He is my Poppop!

Sissa! You going to fuck your Lolo? No! You fuck a man who your husband! Call him Ron.

Melissa seems a little awkward. I try to help out. Sissa, please call me Ron. I will like it better when we are fucking. OK?

That gets a giggle and an OK, Ron.

The next thing that happens is Joriz demonstrating how she takes me down her throat. She gives Jonalyn something to swallow and then her twin attempts the feat. It smells a little like Chloraseptic.

Jonalyn comes close, getting me a little past the back of the throat before bailing out. She swallows a bit more and presto-bango, she has me all the way down. I fuck Jonalyn's head a bit before she gently pulls out and breathes.

Sissa is next and she swallows the shit three times. It's got to be nasty but, she then centers my cock in her mouth and takes me all the way down. First time. Go fucking figure. I have never even heard of three fucking females who could do that.

Sissa has pulled out. I pull her back and want an encore. I am hard and this is just too good to pass up. She gives me another ride in her head, before I am out. Still hard, I pull Sissa up on the bed and fuck her good. There is nothing special about technique. Her feet are in the air and her legs are on my arms and I pound her cunt before dumping cum inside her.

I am done for the evening and we get into bed and get some rest. Tomorrow is a school day.

The morning meeting starts out with a question from Sarah. Why didn't Czaren come last night?

Because I am saving her for Harvey.

Harvey who, Dad?

You know, Harvey, Sarah. Harvey and Nancy? Right?

No! NO! Dad! ... What? ... When?... How? ... NOOO!

Sarah, let me be very clear to you. Shut the fuck up! Aubrey's eyes get very big. You can express your feelings but I get to make the decisions here. If you have problems with that I can exclude you from these meetings. There is only one person can even argue with me, and not like that. Do you know who that person is?

Yes, Sir. It is Elvie.

Good, that is better.

Now, as I was saying. Harvey will be here in three days. I want to put him up in an apartment, not here. Sarah, are you ready to select one or more apartments?

Yes, Sir.

Good. Are you OK, renting one out to Harvey for a least a bit?

No, no problem.

Good. Harvey has no other girls so it will just be Czaren and him. Maybe he stays and Czaren has her guy, or he leaves but, we have bought some time to figure something else out. I do not want any additions here.

Dad? What about Nancy?

She can go suck off a hippo for all I care. I hate that bitch.

That ends that part of the conversation. We do talk about Sarah's selection of condos. We discuss driving lessons for the multicab for Jenny, Ros and Emelyn. Sarah is not keen on the rig, and besides she is getting her Pajero.

We go over the plantings and the matter of what type of grass they want to put down. There are no more big issues. We end the meeting and all leave except for Elvie and her shadow, Aubrey.

I look at Elvie and indicate that she should speak her mind. She gives me pursed lips pointing to Aubrey.

I shrug. No choice, say what you need to say.

Sarah is not going to work out. She thinks she can decide things. You think fucking her in the ass makes it OK. Maybe for a few hours but, that all.

Elvie is right and I really don't have much if anything to add. I nod, get up from the table and get ready to leave the room.


It sure didn't take Aubrey learn that she was to call me that. Huh, OK, well...What, Aubrey?

You going to kick Mom out?

Looks like it is headed that way. We haven't made any plans but Elvie is seeing what I am seeing. We know there is a problem and neither of us think it can be fixed.

When did you have that conversation?

Huh? Just now. You heard it.

What? I heard Elvie say there was a problem with mom. You didn't say anything. I didn't hear about any attempts to fix it. You just decide like that?

Well, now, I guess we do. And whether you understand it or not, I have been concerned about Sarah since the thing about Czaren, the car dealership and the bank yesterday. Elvie was not with me for the last two things and so she was seeing other things that helped her come to the same conclusion. So yeh, I guess we did just make the decision that way. I trust Elvie and she trusts me.

Ron, may I try?

I look at Elvie and I think she is saying, sure, what can it hurt. I agree with the assessment. Sure give it a try. And I leave the bedroom.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Mom, what are you doing?

What do you mean?

They are going to tell you to leave.

You mean that little issue about Harvey this morning? Oh hun, he will get over it.

No Mom, they decided after you left that you are not working out here. They decided you needed to go. Mom, you are acting like you are an equal here. This isn't your father who is fucking you. This guy runs this place and Elvie is his second in command. You and me, we are at the bottom of the totem pole. Our comments don't mean shit here. You can't be bossy... and Mom, you are always bossy. Ron is seeing that. Elvie is seeing that.

You are calling him Ron?

Yeh, and so should you. That or Sir. You called him Dad. Do you have any idea what a mistake that was? Maybe, maybe, after you had been here for a while, your input would be welcome. But the stuff with Czaren yesterday was a mistake and now this. Mom, I got Ron to give you one more chance. They had already decided you had to go. I don't know if you can do it. I do not know if you want to do it. Sissa and me are staying. Maybe you should go. Maybe Ron and Elvie are right. But you have a reprieve. Don't fuck up again and you get to stay. Be bossy and you are gone. Ron isn't going to put up with your shit. Your job is to help here and do what he wants sexually. That is absolutely all. Buy your buildings, drive your car, do what you want outside of the house but, don't tell him what to do! If I were you, I would not attend the morning meetings. I'd keep my head down and stay out of trouble. Open your mouth once more and I won't be able to stop them.

God, I can't believe I just talked to my mother like that. But here, she isn't my mother. Not like she was. We have roles here. Yeh, this is not a home of liberated females. We are a herd of cows and there is one bull. We don't argue with the bull. Right or wrong, this is the world we chose.

When I asked if I could fix this, I am not sure I had a solution in mind. But now, as we speak, I know exactly why they think she isn't going to work out. And now, I am pretty sure they are right.

I walk out to where we are planting and sit down with Elvie. OK, I see it too. How did you see it and I missed it?

It isn't your job to run this place, so you didn't have reason to see it. Ronald and I see a lot the rest miss. You tell her to keep her mouth shut?


You tell her to be smart and not attend the meetings?

Yes. How did you know?

Because you say you see it now. You tell her she is not the boss here?

Yes! How?

Because she was acting like she was. That a problem.

You tell her and the next time she does that, she is gone?

Yes, Elvie. God you are scary. That is exactly what I told her.

Good, when we tell her to go, you won't be surprised.

No I won't. I expect you will want me to be there when you tell her.

Maybe that a good idea. Had not thought about that. We are not there yet but, when we are. I will tell you.

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