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Chapter 41: Father, further, farther.

It's morning. It is a nice room but, I don't see it as mine. I feel isolated and alone.

I think I am lost. I have what I demanded from Dad. He told me over and over, 'Don't come!' But I insisted.

He told me to talk to Emelyn. What better way to understand what would happen? She had been through what I just did with Melissa. I think he will make me do the same with Aubrey.

It was something I knew all about and was totally unprepared for. He didn't lie to me. He didn't do anything that wasn't announced beforehand.

Still, I mean, I watch him cum in my little girl and then tells me to lick her juices and his cum off her when he completes... I want to scream, No! But Emelyn told me before I came here, that he required that of her, and Ros, and Susan. She told me she was fighting that. That is why she does not want to do the thing with Dad. It is why she was told to leave. And yet, she told me that she, in the end, enjoyed it. Yes she felt guilty that she enjoyed it but, the guilt passed.

I am feeling guilty as hell but, though I am afraid to admit it, I enjoyed it too. There is no way I am supposed to get off in getting my daughter off. But I did. I am so confused.

When he took my ass last night, it was like he was taking my independence from me. His penis, was making me his toy. I allowed him. I asked for this. Why?

Why do I want him to dominate me? I never would have allowed Frank to do that. I never allowed anyone to invade my ass. But I allowed Dad. Why? He will do it again. I know it. I will allow it. Why?

I feel like I have taken a step back in time. From a 'fully realized womyn,' I am now a sexual attachment to my father, the man who commands a herd of other females. This is so Neanderthal.

It is weird. When he took me last night, he told me that I am not permitted to leave. On a very basic level, I understand and believe it. I am not leaving.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Sarah went to her room last night. Melissa stayed until Karen retrieved her to go with all our school girls this morning. Aubrey is staying in the house this morning. She is too old for high school here. She will continue her home studies from the USA.

For the past few days, rather than Elvie alone each morning, there has been something of a privy council. It was decided that Sarah would join it. I am toweling off and will dress in a couple of minutes before joining them.

Last night was weird.

I have never before been the asshole I was last night. But I have never had to erase so many years of 'Daddy' to get someone to understand where she stands with me.

Right from the coming here, when I told her to not do that, Sarah's concept of her relationship with me was based on, 'he's my Dad but, I do what I want.' I need to kill that off. I need to make it perfectly clear that by being here she can, no longer, just do as she pleases.

How things play out these next two or three days is completely unclear to me. But last night, I sensed that she will accept my dominance. For all the others here, it is less brutal, than gentle guidance and caring. But there is a hard rock bottom to all this as Emelyn and Elvie learned. When I say no, or do something, I damned well mean it, and it is I who gets the final word. Sarah needs to understand that right up front.

The room is SRO when I enter it, though a chair is awaiting me. Sarah is missing. I look at Susan and at Elvie. It is an unspoken question, Why?

Jenny answers. We tell her we will talk and she is to attend but, she just nod her head and stare out the window. I ask her, 'Sarah, you OK?' She say, yes. But she not come.

What comes next shows me how strong the group is. Susan asks me why I was so hard on Sarah last night. I don't answer, because Jenny snaps back, What you think? She spoiled. You know this from last time. Ronald need to make it clear that she no different from us. You think we would behave to Ronald like she do? No! He need to teach her fast. She have to behave. That why!

I gather that no further comment is needed on the subject.

OK, Elvie, what is on your list?

A new car and maybe a third motorcycle for use as a tricycle? We do this?

I want Sarah here for a discussion about a car as it will probably affect her and possibly her bank account. Elvie, why the request for a motorcycle or tricycle? We have two.

And you have how many of us? A tricycle is good to go to the market. We need it.

OK, Jenny, would you look for one motorcycle we can use as a tricycle? Next?

You are needed at the orphanage. See? You will take the 220. Susan need to go to the bakery. Ros will take the van later for the kids. So nothing left.

OK, OK, but, why am I needed?

I don't know. Your daughter asks for you.

Huh, that is not good. OK, but, she is in school today.

No. She stays home.

Does Judith know about this?

I not know.

OK, next?

When you talk to Sarah about the RFO properties?

Not today. It is too soon.

When she go to Manila? To PRA?

Why the rush, Elvie? We have time.

Sorry. You are right. When you do Aubrey?

When I come back from the orphanage. Next?

We need more plants.

OK take the van and get some. ... And yes I see. OK, Elvie? Next?

Wala na.

The ride to the orphanage isn't bad and I like riding the 220. So all in all, I am in a good mood when I get to the campus. Judith comes out of the administrative building to greet me.

You here to see Czaren?

Yes. You know what this is about?

No. I know she want to see you. I tell her, 'Call him if that want you want.' I not know why. She not tell me.

Everything OK?

I think so. No problems for me.

OK. Where is she?

In my apartment.

OK. Are you OK otherwise?

Yes. Ron, I am good, thank you.

I walk over to the apartment and before I can knock on the door Czaren opens it. As I enter, she 'honors' me. I acknowledge it and suggest we sit down. There is no aircon and the place is warm. But the trees outside keep the open louver windows shaded and a breeze moves through the place.

OK, Czaren, tell me why I am here.

Sir, everything you say will happen, it do. I not have sex with anyone. There is no requirement. I live here and not with the others, even though now I am a real orphan. But Sir, now I am lonely. What I do?

You are lonely because Judith has other lovers now?

Yes, but, also she not comfortable being a mother. She is OK as a girlfriend but, now we not do that. The others here, they not trust me. I am too close to Judith. The new girlfriends, they not want to talk to me.

You have friends in school, don't you?

Your girls, yes they talk to me but, we are busy in school. I didn't see them except in class. Sir there is something else.

I wait to hear what the 'something else' is but I am not hearing anything. We just sit there. Czaren is fidgeting. I wait. She fidgets more. I look at the ceiling. Still nothing.

Czaren, you say there is a problem but, I can't read your mind. What is it?

No one touches me.

I thought you didn't want to be touched. You wanted to stay a virgin. You didn't want sexual touch from Judith. What type of touch are you missing?

I know what I say Sir. It all true but I think it is a problem.


I not understand. I need to be touched.

Ask Judith to hold you.

No, Sir.

Ah, OK, why?

She touch then she want sex. I do not want that with her. I want touch but not sex with a girl.

What do you want me to do about this?

Touch me?

I open my arms and Czaren just about leaps into them. I hold her and she cries. I stroke her hair as she sobs into my chest. We sit like this for a good ten minutes or so. But at some point I am going to have to go. This is not a solution.

The crying abates. Czaren sits on my lap, stroking my cheek with her hand. I need to know someone love me. I need touch. Just not girl touch.

Czaren, maybe you need a boyfriend?

Maybe but I not have this. No one love me. Sir you love me?

Czaren, I am your safe father who is not to have sex with you. Remember?

Yes, I know this, Sir.

You can't live with me.

Yes, Sir. I know we say that.

Do you remember why we say that?

Sir? I think because if I stay there, I have sex with you.

That is exactly correct.

Maybe I am wrong.

Wrong about what?

Wrong that I not want sex. I think maybe I do. Maybe now that I have some sex before with Judith it is hard to stop wanting it. I just do not want it with girls.

Czaren. You are a virgin. Do you want to stay a virgin?

Maybe no, Sir. I am not sure.

She has unbuttoned a few buttons on my shirt and its rubbing my chest.

Czaren, all the girls in my house have sex with the other girls. My house is not a good place for you.

Oh! I not know that! I thought...

Yeh, well that really is how it is, so my house will not work for you.

Her hand is still on my chest. Sir, will you touch me?

I am touching you right now, Czaren.

Not like that, Sir. You know.

Oh, Czaren. You will regret this. You need to wait.

Maybe you play with my breasts? Please touch me. Please?

I slide my hand under her blouse and find a tit where a bra should be but isn't. I play with a nipple and Czaren nibbles on my neck. I am supposed to be the father she doesn't have. But once again, as a father I seem to be unable to keep from going further afield than a father ought to go.

I am feeling moisture on my leg. Czaren is leaking. I pinch the nipple hard and the girl shudders and bites my neck. I may have given her a quick fix but, this is not the answer. I have no idea what the answer will be but, it can't be me.

I spend another half an hour with the girl but, eventually I have to go and no solution is evident. I will take this back to the Privy Council.

I return home before noon. It seems no one is home. The van and Susan's scooter are gone. On a hunch I stop by Elvie's bedroom.

Sarah is sitting in a chair just looking out a window. I don't want to make 'nice' with her. She needs to adjust to this new reality. Come with me. And I leave the room. She follows as I go to my rooms. Once I enter, without looking at her I tell her to, Take off your clothing.

Sarah says nothing. She shows no emotion as she disrobes. I toss a pillow on the floor. Suck me until I tell you to stop.

Sarah really does not know how to give head. She needs instructions but I am in no mood to be her teacher today. I pull her up and put her face down on the bed with her hips at the edge of the mattress. Using some KY which is on the nightstand I tube my cock and push in to Sarah's ass while fingering her clit from underneath. She is not fighting. She is accepting it and grunting as we go.

She freezes and squirts on me and the floor. Sarah has just cum. I pull out of her. I tell her I am going to clean up. She should wipe up the floor and bring Aubrey to me.

I clean up and put on a robe. A few minutes later, Sarah returns with Aubrey.

Take off your clothes, Aubrey. The girl looks at her mother but, her mother is not there. In her place is a woman who was a mother but is now my girl. Aubrey is confused. Sarah looks at the child and says, Do as you are told. You are to call him Sir, or Ron. Do not argue with him. Take off your clothing. You asked to be here. Now you are. Move!

Aubrey is quick about it. She is a beauty. Far nicer out of the clothing than she is in it. We will have to teach her how to dress better later. I turn to Sarah. It is your turn. Get her on the bed, eat her cunt until you feel she is ready for me.

That gets a wild look from Aubrey and one of acceptance from Sarah. Aubrey is handled and put in a position that works for Sarah. Aubrey is resisting Sarah's spreading of her legs. Sarah is ticked. Spread your legs or I will whip you! Aubrey spreads them and Sarah dives in much to Aubrey's astonishment.

I let Sarah's attack on Aubrey to continue for a good while. Aubrey is not getting off but, she is clearly being stimulated. I move to the girl's side and play with her tits. That does it. Aubrey gushes.

I pull Sarah off and tell her to push my cock in, just as she did with Melissa last night. This time there are no questions, not a sound. There is only compliance.

Aubrey's recent cum, has her cunt relaxed and I push in, breaking the hymen, without as much as a whimper. All I really get is a grunt. I tell Sarah to suck a tit and I start fucking Aubrey with good long strokes.

The Aubrey we knew is gone. What is here is a girl who is drifting under multiple assaults. Aubrey cums hard and cums again. I have a thumb up her ass. A cock in her cunt and her mother is sucking on one tit while torturing the other nipple manually. Aubrey is bucking, screaming, and cumming. I keep the attack going for as long as I can before my cum is something I cannot stop. When it hits her, there is a moment's recognition that she has been fertilized and possibly a seed planted and then she screams, Fuck!

I leave Aubrey on the bed, well fucked and take a shower with Sarah. I soap her and she soaps me. As we rinse the soap off under the spray of the shower, I take her chin and move it to my face. I kiss her, warmly and softly. You are now home Sarah. For the rest of our lives together this will be your home. Your father is now your husband. The old Sarah is gone. You are loved and desired. And you will obey your husband, because it brings harmony to the family. The family is everything. The individual is nothing. Your sister wives will depend on you and I will depend on you. Do you understand?

Yes, Sir. I do. It took me a while to understand. But yes. I do. The old Sarah does not belong here. She was wrong to come and she had to go. She had to be replaced with a Sarah who can belong here. Yes, Sir. I get it. My ass is yours, my cunt is yours. Your cock is what I need. My daughters are yours in all ways.

As we towel off, I take a good look at Sarah. And then I shake my head. I am imagining what my ex, her mother, would do about now. Jesus Christ, what a fucking nightmare that would be.

Sarah, this evening get with Joriz. She will teach you to give head. Child, no offense but, you don't have a clue.

She blushes. Frank said I was useless in bed. Am I?

No, you are not but, you do need to learn a few things.

I spend the night with Jenny and Elvie and in truth we talk more than fuck. In the morning those assembled include Aubrey and Sarah. I guess I look a little surprised. Susan states the obvious. If they don't go to school, they are here.

OK. Elvie?

First the car and the motorcycle/tricycle. We need them.

Jenny, do you have any idea on the tricycle?

You can get another 220 like you have. There is a tricycle shell I find that will fit it. It is in good shape. The cost is seven thousand pesos. I think we should get it.

OK. As to the car. Sarah, do you want a car? I have a van and a motorcycle and evidently a tricycle. But no vehicle for you.

Can I get an SUV?

Sure. That makes sense to me but, I don't want to twist your arm on this.

No, it makes sense. How do we get one?

I looked around for you but wasn't sure about what you wanted to do. I think the best one to buy will be the Isuzu mu-X but let's drive around and look at a number of them. You can drive on your license for 90 days before you have to get a local license but, it is easy and cheap.

OK, Elvie, next?

Your meeting with Czaren, yesterday. I think we have a problem. Correct?

I spend a good five minutes going over the matter and then ask for comments, questions and suggestions.

Sarah asks the first one. Since Judith is no longer her lover, is Judith the best place for her to live? Does Judith even want her there, beyond the matter of being a responsible adult?

I suspect if there was an alternative living arrangement, Judith would be happy to step back.

Then she should come here. And that gets six loud, No!'s in response.


Susan, with some exasperation, points out the obvious. She doesn't do girl-on-girl sex. We do. No one can be here if they don't. She isn't for us.

But Sarah isn't giving in. Look none of you are lesbians but you do the lesbian stuff. How can you be sure she won't? She is just confused now. Bring her home.

This is all I need! Another cunt to fuck!

Chapter 42