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Chapter 40: Foreign Affairs.

This is it. The ferry is approaching and my heart feels like someone is sitting on it. The first time she and her kids came, she was ready to get me killed for far less than what she is asking for now.

What she wanted then was not going to fly. What she wants now goes against everything I am. Yeh, sure I am fucking four fourteen-year-olds and now a thirteen-year-old. It isn't the ages. Shit Sarah is pretty much the same age as my oldest loves.

No, it isn't the ages. With the other, it is the mother daughter thing, as is pretty clear. I get off on that.

But no, the fact that this is my daughter makes it very different. This is one whose diapers I changed. There is something disruptive about fucking your daughter. Yeh, sure I know in one of the Jake stories he does it a lot. Well, I ain't Jake.

Jonalyn slides under my left arm and hugs me tightly. It's going to be OK Ron. She has been your daughter for thirty-six years. Now she is going to be your lover. She will never leave you and she would rather die than hurt you. You will see. It is going to be fine. I mean, think about it. What's the worst that can happen... she's a lousy lay?

Now that cracks me up. I mean really sets me going I can barely breathe I am laughing so hard. The rest want to know what has happened but I am laughing so much I can't tell them. I point to Jonalyn and she explains. Ros screams, You didn't really say that to him, did you? Jonalyn smiles back. Joriz is jumping up and down. She wants to know why she didn't think of that. Pearl is simply bemused. The concept is not all that funny to her it seems. She murmers that it might well be true!

Elvie is shaking her head. Evidently it had not occurred to her, and now that it has, well, we will just have to see.

It has lightened the mood. We are all indebted to our village sage. It is pure Jonalyn. She is the one who turns everything over and looks at things from different angles.

Tamal inches up to my right side and asks, What will you do if she isn't any good in bed?

I have no idea. Her mom was no fun at all.

But we are all good?

Yes you all are.

Even me?

Yes Tamal, even you.

Am I a good man? I guess it depends on who you ask. Czaren thinks I am. The guy in Manila, thinks I am.

The girls and women who live with me? I am not sure if they would call me 'good.' Maybe I am 'good to them.'

I suspect Judith fears me more than anything. Men are dead because of what I did. Though we will never discuss that, she sees the result of what I did. Two nights ago she bent her will to the world, as I explained it to her, without defending her actions.

My daughter can't possibly think I am a good man. I have no idea what she thinks. Clearly the last trip here, ripped her cultural moorings out of their fixed positions. Is she adrift? Just why is she doing this? I get it that she accepts my argument that she has lived in a propaganda bubble. But is this the answer to that? I am confused.

Still there she is, walking towards me, with a big smile on her face. She is rested, as they spent the night on Iloilo before continuing on with their journey.

Maybe it is time to really push her buttons and see what happens. She comes to me, putting her arms around me and attempting to kiss my cheek. Fuck that. I put my hand under her chin, bring her lips to mine, hold her tight and tongue fuck her mouth. I guess you might call it French Kissing but, it was not what she had in mind and it is a little on the domination side of the ledger.

I wait for her to fight back. She doesn't. She releases all resistance and submits. She isn't kissing back as much as allowing herself to be used.

I feel a welling up of a need to enslave her, to make her the obedient girl. It is totally fucked up but, there it is. It is what I am feeling. I pull back and look at her. Her eyes look at me with fear and submission in them. You had better be a good fuck Sarah. There is competition for my bed. If you can't cut it, I will give you to the boys around here to play with as a whore. Is that what you want?

I will be a good fuck, I promise.

I whisper in her ear. We will see. You are a damned fool to do this. What will you do with my child inside you? Have you considered that?

She whispers back, Yes! Yes! I dream of it. Do it.

Oh, fuck. Well, pushing her buttons didn't exactly go the way I had planned.

Sarah looks around and spies Tamal. Who is she?

She may be one of those whose cunt you will eat tonight in front of your daughters before I fuck you in front of them. She is now part of my house and family. That is all you need to know.

If I think she is going to scream or run away, what I don't expect is what she does. She grabs me and pushes her tongue into me while grinding her cunt into my left thigh. It is time we take this to a bedroom and get off the wharf.

The trip home puts me in the second row of benches. Emelyn is driving. Things lighten up and the details of the trip are discussed. Sarah has brought presents with her. Some are distributed now, others will be at the house.

I am still wanting to push Sarah as far as I can. I whisper to Joriz, Open Sarah's blouse, pop out a tit and start sucking.

That all?

No. Do as much as you want.

I get a knowing smile. The next thing I know, Sarah is being pushed back on the bench seat. Her blouse is completely open, her tits are exposed. Pearl and Tamal both have a mouthful and Joriz is pulling down Sarah's panties and going in for the cunt. Melissa and Aubrey are for a brief moment spectators but, Jenny and Susan each take one of the girls. They start undressing my grandkids and finger fucking clits. It's a goddamned orgy in the van as Emelyn drives on.

I watch as Sarah gets off a few times, and Melissa has her first one. I gather that this will not be Aubrey's first. Sarah's breasts are large. I have never seen them before. Her nipples are large and puffy. Her cunt is hairy. I sure as hell have never seen her cunt before.

It is surreal. It challenges me to understand these three, not as roles they have been for me but, as three females, with whom I will have a new and complex relationship. I see Sarah, as she comes down from yet another orgasm. She is looking at me. I see her, and yet I no longer know her. Who is she? I will fuck her today but, who is she and what does she want?

Pulling in through the gate, only slows the orgy down. The grandkids are pulled into bedrooms. Sarah however is stripped naked and literally tossed on the dining room table. The girls call me to fuck her. No. I won't fuck a hairy cunt. Get that crap off her.

While the other girls keep Sarah occupied, Elvie runs for a razor, a large bowl, soap and a towel.

I decide to pour myself a brandy over the rocks and watch the show. Sarah looks at me again and seemingly nods her head.

The cunt looks smooth. Tamal slides her tongue between the labia and gives me a thumbs up. Sarah is ready to be fucked, I guess.

I am unbuttoning my shirt. But I guess I am not doing it fast enough for the girls because Ros and Jenny start on my slacks. In short order I am in the buff with my cock inches away from Sarah as she lies on the table. Tamal whispers something to her.

Fuck me Daddy. Please fuck me Daddy. Did Tamal tell her to say that?

Cock in hand, I move the glans up and down a few times across the labia, collecting her wetness and bringing my wetness forth. Sarah is dripping. I push in. She is not as tight as my girls but, it isn't a swimming pool. I can feel the sides if not the bottom.

I pull back a bit and pound in again. Sarah grunts. I grab a tit and pinch a nipple. I feel a spasm on my cock. Pinching the nipple hard once again, I start pounding her cunt over and over. We are sloppy wet as I continue to fuck my daughter. She is swallowing and gulping air, cussing quietly... shit... shit oh shit... oh damn... shit.

I am not near ready to cum but, Sarah starts whimpering. Daddy, please daddy. Of shit, Daddy. Oh fuck Daddy.... I'll be good Daddy. Please Daddy.... Daddeeeee...

And something deep inside me flips a switch. I cum inside my daughter. It is not a small amount. I feel like I cannot stop cumming.

I am still inside her. She is looking at me. She cocks her head to one side, gathers something deep inside her up, and Well, Dad, from this moment on, I am a wife and a daughter to you. I expect to carry our children. I will make you fuck me as often as I can. We clear?

Yes, I think we are, Sarah. From now on, you will keep your cunt shaved. You will do as Elvie tells you to do. You cannot leave. I will not permit it. Clear daughter?

Yes, Sir.

She is still lying on the table. I lean over her, grab a handful of hair and pull her head to me for a rough kiss, while I shove three fingers up her cunt and press against what is without a doubt a G-spot. In an instant she cums again, shooting some of my cum and her juices over my hand.

I break the kiss and stick my cunt juice and cum covered fingers into her mouth. Suck it Sarah. Suck and swallow.

She does and then I grab my clothing and leave the room. It's time for the girls to clean her up before we can have supper.

Susan and Karen accompany me up the stairs. They are quiet until we enter my bedroom. Susan pulls me around, puts her arms around my neck and gives me a gentle kiss. Why you do angry sex with Sarah.

Susan, I told her not to come here. I am not going to make it easy on her. OK, she is here. She was my daughter. Now she is a cunt I fuck and may get pregnant. I can't fuck my daughter. I can fuck a girl named Sarah, who wants to be my sex toy.

You not treat us like that.

You were not my daughter.

You still want Melissa tonight?

Yeh, I have a Viagra. I want Melissa and Sarah here at nine.

Why Sarah. I think you not do that.

I will have Sarah push my cock into Melissa. When I am done with Melissa, Sarah can lick Melissa clean.

I think you are very angry with her. Will she do what you say?

We will see.

The sisters leave and I take a shower. Susan is right. I am very angry. I take a Viagra and sit with the netbook. There's an email from Harvey. He has been bugging me about the girls. I am not sure if he is jealous or is trying to build up the courage to come. I am in a weird mood. I tell him to get his ass on a plane and stop whimpering like a damned ass. I send the email and almost wish I hadn't. I am too wired to be sending email. I am too tight, too wired and I just can't settle down. I text Elvie.

Send Sarah to me.

Three minutes later Sarah enters the room.

She has redressed but looks a bit confused.

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

This isn't how I expect I would have sex with him. This isn't the loving sweet sex I imagined.

No, this is very different. He isn't acting like Dad. He is taking ownership of me. This isn't what I thought it would be like when I told him I wanted to join him. This isn't my sweet Dad. This man isn't sweet at all. He is powerful but, not sweet. He has already taken me. Why am I here now? What does he want? Oh God, what I have gotten the girls into? What have I gotten into?

Take your clothing off, Sarah.


Take them off.

OK, if that's what he wants. OK. OK now, Dad?

He comes over to me and bends me over the edge of the bed. What is he doing? What is he applying to my ass? Dad? What's happening?

Quiet, Sarah. Be quiet and do as I tell you.


Sarah, call me Sir.


You heard me.

Yes, OK.

Yes, OK what?

Sir? I am supposed to say Yes, OK, Sir?

That's exactly what you are supposed to say, Sarah. Now spread your legs, girl.

I do and he inserts a finger in my ass. God! What is he doing? Oh! Noooo. He's got two in me and I think he is applying some KY or something. Gaaah this is so wrong! I think he has three fingers in me. Why is he doing this? What? What? Shit, he has a vibrator shoved up my pussy. God! What has he set the damned thing on? Extra high speed?

Oh! Thank god he has removed his fingers from my ass. OK I can handle the vibrator... No! NOOOO! Oh my god No! He's fucking my ass and the vibrator is fucking my pussy. Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my GOD!!! Oh shit! I'm cumming! I'm going to shit on his cock! I can't control, oh my god. What has he done to me? He's making me cum again! I can't stop! What is he doing to me? Aaaaagh! Fuuuuck! Oh,... Oh,... Oh. Damn he has stopped. He is out but, my legs are shaking. I can't move. What's he saying? He is saying something... What? What?

I own you, Sarah. You are mine to do with as I please. You daughters are no different. You wanted to be mine. Now you are. I will fuck you any way I want. Anywhere I want. You want to get pregnant? You will. I own you now. You are not in the USA anymore. Here, you are mine. Is that clear to you?


Yes, what?

Yes, Sir.

Good. Go get cleaned up and bring your youngest one to me now. Make sure she is here in under ten minutes. Got it?

Yes, Sir. Sir, are you going to fuck her ass?

No I am going to cum in her unprotected cunt. Now hurry.

I can barely walk. My leg muscles are not working right. I look at his penis. There is no shit on it, so I guess that went OK. Screw the underwear. I just put my dress on and go for Melissa. Why am I doing this? I should be running away. But I can't. I can't. Oh God I can't. What's he going to do with my baby?

Where is she? I find Ros. She gives me an odd look. I ignore it. Where's Melissa?

She is waiting for you in your room.

I have a moment of panic. Where is my room? Oh, right, with Elvie. OK I know where to go.

Mom? You OK?

Yes. Sure. Come now, hurry. Poppop is waiting for you!

I knock once and enter his bedroom.

Sarah remove that dress and remove Melissa's clothing.

In the last two years, my little one has bloomed into a beauty. She is no longer wearing starter bras. Right now she is a 32 B cup. It's close to what I wore at her age. Her hips flair out now. As I remove her panties, I can see that she has far more than peach fuzz on her pubes. What will Dad do?

Sarah, take her into the bathroom here. There is a razor and shaving soap on the counter. Teach her to shave herself. From now on and forever, you girls are to stay shaved.

I take Melissa by the hand. She is frightened. Sure, she thought this would all be fun and games before we came here. What does she think now?

I really don't know how to do this. But I give it my best shot. I will have to enlist one of the others to really teach us. God, I have never touched Melissa down there since she was five or six! This is so weird.

I move my fingers over her to make sure I get the stubble off her and, damn it, she moans. That is so, what I do not want!

She is ready. I bring her back into the bedroom. Dad puts her on her back on the edge of the bed. God I do not want to see this.

Sarah, use your tongue and get Melissa's cunt good and wet.

You want me to do what?

What did you say, Sarah?

You want me to do what, Sir?

You heard me. Do it. You wanted to be here. This is part of it. Ask Emelyn. Later. Now do as I tell you to do.

My God! I can't believe I am doing this! I am going to perform oral sex on my daughter! But goddamn it. He is right. This was exactly what the issue was with Emelyn. He told me it would be the same with me. Was I just blocking the reality out?

He has thrown a pillow on the floor. I kneel on it and start eating out my daughter's pussy. It's a little sticky. I think some hygiene lessons might be called for later. Still, I am getting her good and wet. I feel little quakes from her body on my face. I think, Oh God, I am making my own daughter cum! Oh, it is happening again. She is grabbing the back of my head and pushing me into her pussy. What is happening? I send her off again. I hear and feel it. I am getting her off and it is exciting me! This ... is... so... wrong! I back off. Sir she is ready.

Good, take my cock and shove it into her cunt.

Me? Sorry... Me, Sir?

Are you having hearing problems?

No, Sir. OK.

So I am going to be the one to assure my daughter is deflowered. Is this an object lesson in being careful what I ask for? I take his penis. It is rock hard. He didn't cum into my ass. So there is cum for Melissa. God! What if she gets pregnant?

I do as Dad tells me to. Melissa flexes her pelvis up to accept his penis. After all the stimulation, she wants it. Maybe she needs it. Whatever it is, she is getting it. Dad's penis moves into her. I see it disappear into my daughter's body. She moans and sighs. She locks her legs around him and is not going to let go. She wants my father, her grandfather to fuck her.

She is saying something like paa paapop. He whispers back to her. Call me Ron, Melissa. I am your husband, Ron. And then he rams his penis hard into her. My little Melissa looks straight at Dad and in a clear voice tells him, Fuck me good Ron. Fuck me hard. Fuck me!

Chapter 41