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Chapter 38: The cherry on top of the cream.

Monday's return is filled with relief. It takes all day to get home but, we make it to a very happy crowd waiting for us at the wharf. In the front of that crowd are Judith and Tamal.

As I approach them Judith comes forward and 'honors'1 me. Tamal follows right behind her with the same gesture.

Karen runs up and hugs me as the others surround me. I gotta say, I have had a lot worse homecomings in my life.

Emelyn announces she is the driver, as we approach the van and I am shoved into the back. Judith gets the front passenger seat. We will drop her off at the orphanage first.

I am sandwiched between Joriz and Tamal. It's not a bad place to be. It occurs to me that while Jenny has adopted Tamal, the girl might not know the consequences of that, and then I do an 'am I that stupid' thought check, and I guess I am. Still I need to wait until Judith is out of the van. She may sort of 'know,' but I am not going to do this in front of Judith.

So I sit quietly as Susan tells about our trip. Ten minutes later Judith is no longer in the van and I can proceed.

Tamal, I am sure the girls have told you that you will have sex with me if you stay here. It was unfair of me to ask you if you wanted to stay, without warning you of what would happen. So, maybe we need to discuss what you really want, before anything else happens.

Jenny jumps over the seat back to take a swing at me. I block the shot but, take her point. Still, the question needs to be asked. Jenny I get it but, I still have to ask! Now cool it. OK Tamal, you can either answer now or wait until we can talk in private.


OK. Go ahead.

I know what we will do. I am staying.

OK, please come to my room tonight. ... Now Joriz, you didn't sit here by accident. What is it?

We hear about the gun battle. We know some are dead. How you do this?

I didn't.

Hala! Do not lie! Yes you must. You say Tamal is staying. Now the Senior Inspector is patay. How you know?

Joriz, there is a saying that no conspiracy remains a secret for long. From what I have heard there were at least seven conspirators. The likelihood of a success in that conspiracy was small. I only hoped that it would work out and I didn't want Tamal to worry all weekend.

We supposed to believe that?

Yes. The better you accept it the better that we are safe. OK?

Oh! OH! OMG! OK, Sorry, sorry, OK!


‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Mom, how are we going to get all our stuff to Poppop's?

I knew there were things I was forgetting. I mean, I know how to get us there and I guess that is all I was thinking about. Damn, OK, baby, hand me the tablet. I will text Jenny and tell her I need to Skype with Dad.

How is Poppop going to help?

Patience, little one. Patience. Your Poppop will know how to send things to him. ... OK. Good. He is going to get his netbook. ... Go get finished dressing. We have a busy day. ... Dad?

Morning, Sarah. What's up?

Dad, we have a bunch of stuff to bring. How do we do it?

You still are intent on coming? Really?

Yes Dad, We are coming. Now stop being difficult and tell me how to do it.

Sweetheart you can each take two bags that weigh up to fifty pounds apiece. That means the three of you can bring three hundred pounds of your stuff with you. The rest you need to ship via a slow boat. The process is called balikbayan and you need some balikbayan boxes. The cost is by the size of the box, not the weight. For each box from Rochester, you can expect to spend about $150. The boxes are about 22" cubes. Some are longer and narrower. But it will be about that. You can send as many as you please. Send them to this address and don't expect to see them for three months.

Who does this here?

Call Alma's Travel and Cargo. You can find the place on the Internet. But Sarah you should pack each box so that it is more likely to explode than be crushed and then wrap the entire thing in clear packing tape. Make sure no cardboard touches air any more. It will hold the box from ripping apart from the over packing, and protect it from liquids. Also put all lotions and liquids inside a double Ziploc bag protection. If you don't, well don't blame me if it leaks inside the box.

OK Dad. We will see you soon.

Sarah, exactly how soon?

Maybe the end of this week. I am not sure but, soon.

Sarah, please rethink ...

Dad! We are coming. Now please just get over it. See you soon!

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Damn. No Goddamnit, double damn! Not only is my 'need to fuck' count going from nine to thirteen but, three of them are my own flesh and blood. This is just not good.

This is way beyond out of control. Jenny, who let me know that Sarah wanted to Skype with me, is still here and she is no dummy. I am frustrated.

Want to talk Ronald?

I am not sure what to say?

How about truth?

I don't want to make Sarah and the girls my lovers.

They willing. Correct?

Yes, they say so. What if I get them pregnant?

I sure Sarah know how to make sure that not happen.

Yeh, you are right. How do I make thirteen women happy and not leave some thinking I am ignoring them?

I think that something we girls need talk about. I understand what you say.

She is right. So I guess I need to leave it at that.

Ronald? Tamal, she thinks you are a saint. You be careful with her.

This sounds like a mother speaking.

Hehe. Yes it is! True! But it is true about how she feels.

OK, I hear you. Anything else?

Yes, I think so. She is still a virgin.

Are you sure?

Yes. Mahinay, he make her suck his cock. That all.


She want to talk to you. You see her now?

Sure. Send her in.

Tamal is a truly special girl. She is smart, perceptive, and emotionally mature for her age. She has had a tough life and she is a survivor. I send her, without knowing it, into the lion's den. So I feel a little crappy about that. On the flip side, she saved some girls and helped get some bad guys killed. Plus it may have cleaned up a problem I had. Lastly it cleaned up a problem for Czaren and Judith. Well, maybe. I haven't asked anyone how Czaren is taking all this. OK, put that on my to-do list for tomorrow.

Sir, may I come in?

Please. Tamal come in. Your mother says you want to speak with me?

Yes, Sir. It true. It also true she like a mother, I think. She worry for me. No one do that for me. Now she do it. Sir, I want to thank you for what you do for my friends.

I didn't do anything, Tamal.

Sir, I know we should say that. I understand you worried someone hurt us. ... I am not stupid. That why I know you do it. I not know how but, you do it.

OK. I am glad your friends are safe. Is that what you wanted to speak with me about?

No, Sir. Sir, I think Miss Judith is lesbian. That true?

Why do you think this?

I know not. I just think it.

OK, and if she is, what is the issue?

Sir, there three girls at the orphanage. They are lesbian. They think Miss Judith is nice but afraid what to do. Maybe you can help?


Is she?

Yeh, she likes girls.

Girls, or women?



Yeh, Tamal, truly.

Tamal hands me a list with three names. Sir, tell her. Please.

I pick up my cell and call Judith, clicking on the speakerphone function .

Ron! Why you call?

A couple of reasons. First, how is Czaren taking the news about her Uncle?

When I tell her, she look at me. She say, 'You sure?' I say yes. She say, 'Good'. That all. We not talk about it anymore.

Huh, OK, I didn't expect that. Next, you want some more bed mates?

What are you talking about?

Three orphans who want to munch on your cunt, Judith. Do you want some of that?

How you know this?

Jesus, Judith, are you that stupid? How the fuck do you think I know this?


Who else could it be?

Yes, OK, Sorry. Who?

I will text you the list that I am holding.

She sure?

I gather that she is positive.

How old these girls?

Judith, I have no idea. You can figure that out. You have their records there.

Yes, sorry. OK. Just surprised. Ron, Czaren wants you to take her virginity.

No, Judith. We have been through this before. No.

OK, OK. But she wants this.

Yeh, I hear you. Enjoy your acolytes.

I end the call and text the list. I turn to Tamal. OK?

Yes, Sir. Thank you. Sir, I need you to take my virginity too.

Yeh, your mother told me. Are you sure you want to give it to me?

Sir, they say if I do it, you are not my father, you are my husband. Is that right?

No, not legally. It is the way I will treat you and think of you. You will be a wife to me. Wives are forever and do not leave if there is a disagreement. Being a wife means we are together forever. But it is not a wife under the law. Is that confusing?

No, Sir. I understand this. My mother is your wife. I will be your wife too. That is what I want. This is my home now until I die! I think that is a very good thing. For the first time in my life, I have a home.

See? Do you see it? She needs stability. I suspect I could be a pink-eyed sea monster and it wouldn't matter much. Yeh, she thinks I am safe and will protect her, and she has a place that will be a real home. Everything else is, well, sort of unimportant.

I take her hand and move her across the room, to the bed. She is wearing a simple tee shirt and shorts. There aren't even flip-flops. She is barefooted. I reach the bottom hem of the tee and pull it over her head. She has a small gray bra on. I remove it, and toss both items onto a chair. Her breasts are small but they do exist. Her nipples are tiny little spots, centered over gentle rises of perfect light brown skin. I unsnap her shorts and remove them along with her panties. She steps out of them and they get tossed over to the chair. I like what I see. She looks up at me for approval. You are very pretty Tamal. I am a lucky man. Now you can undress me.

She gives me a quiet eyebrow and her hands move to my shirt buttons. This goes slowly as she carefully opens each button so as to make sure the button is not pulled away and the thread weakened. I suspect that the loss of a button for her, has been a fear she lived with, each and every day.

The shirt is finally free. She unbuckles my belt, and proceeds to remove my slacks. Finally we are both naked. I climb on the bed and bring Tamal along with me.

I pull her to me and kiss her. Is she really wanting to kiss an old fuck like me? Yeh, I guess she is as we tongue wrestle. My hand moves to her cunt. She is dry. I pull back from a kiss and say, Suck this finger for a few seconds. She looks at me with a quizzical face but, does as I ask. My finger now damp, I return it to her cunt where she gets her answer and I get an Ah!

Slowly I stimulate her cunt as we kiss and get to know each other. Ever so slowly her cunt gets juicy. I put her in missionary position and mount her, centering my cock on her sweet cunt. I know I will hit her cherry and I ram through it, pushing as far as I can go until it gets dry. I pull back and accumulate more juice on my cock for a final assault on the previously virgin cunt.

Tamal is looking at me through knowing eyes. She is seemingly at peace with the world. She looks at me with acceptance and calm. She has given herself to me and I have taken her. It is a bargain for her made in heaven, not hell. The long slog is over. She has survived.

I start fucking her hard and in earnest. Her response is to be my partner, to assist, to be there with me. Her body is responding. Her hands seek me out. Her lower lip is between her teeth as her pelvis flexes up to take me at the best angle. She grunts and locks her legs around me. I pound and pound her cunt. She is gasping air between thrusts.

Her cunt muscles spasm. They form a ring about the base of my cock and send a signal to my balls. As the ring eases, I send my cum deep into her. It is done.

You want me to go to my room now?

No I expect you to spend the night with me, unless you want to leave.

Really, I am with you?

Yeh, really. This is not a game. This is where you live and you are mine now.

Good, I stay.

I waken in the morning to four school girls, doing their damnedest to waken the fifth and get her going. It is a cute sight and sexy as all get out.

Tuesday morning with Elvie is the first time in five days, as I have been gone. Weirdly enough there is little to discuss and I decide I need to make sure Elvie knows how much she means to me, beyond the administrative matters.

I pull her to the bed, bend her over and fuck her hard. This is not a gentle thing. I guess this is me claiming a trophy. It appears Elvie is happy to be the trophy as when I am done cumming inside her, I get a kiss, a giggle and she is gone.

It is weird but we seem to have reached an equilibrium in the house. It will likely only last until Sarah arrives but, there is quiet, and calm. I spend the night with Jenny and the next night with Karen. The painter is done with the outside and has done the first floor inside. We decide that it is enough for now and he is gone.

I haven't heard from Judith for two days and consider that a blessing. Tamal seeks me out every day when she gets home from school to let her husband know that she is back. It is sweet and the other school girls decide it is something they all should be doing. Of course Joriz has her own take on it. She comes up to me, grabs my nuts through the cloth and says, I saw three girls I want to see you fuck today! Before kissing me and walking off. Shit! She is a menace.

On Thursday evening I do finally get a call from Judith. Ron, first I want to say thank you.

You mean for the heads up about the girls? That wasn't me, it was Tamal.

OK, OK. Thank you anyway. Also, Czaren wants to spend the night at your house.


Please, Ron.

No, Judith. Use an eggplant, for Christ's sake.

Not the same.

Yeh, the eggplant is not named Ronald. Use it and stop asking me.

I haven't heard a peep from Sarah. That is neither good nor bad. It just means that she has not bought the tickets yet. But she will. Sarah always did what she said she would do. This will be no different.

Tonight I will have the twins and Pearl with me. I suspect they just want to spend a little time with me and the question of who gets creamed is neither here nor there.

Reinforcement for that assumption is provided by Jenny who says they talked about my concerns and this is their solution. Tomorrow it will be Emelyn and Ros. Then Jenny, Tamal, and Elvie. And then Susan and Karen. I am not sure how it will all work out but, at least they are trying and that helps.

I am in bed with the girls, only to find out that Pearl and Jonalyn have requested Joriz teach them deep throat techniques. That may not be smart as I seem to be unable to last long with this. I say as much and Joriz promises me it will be OK.

She is right as the two are working on me, are not Joriz and they can't quite get it. There is a bunch of gagging, and saliva, and very little that makes me feel very good.

I stay with the program for the better part of forty-five minutes but, enough is enough. I line them up on their knees and plunge into each cunt, one after another for a few minutes, before slicking up Pearl's ass and sending my cum where I can be sure there will be no pregnancy.

1 - To bring my hand to her forehead.

Chapter 39