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Chapter 36: My enemy, my friend.

Twins. They really are identical. Dress them up the same, apply the same nail polish and brush their hair the same way and I challenge you to tell them apart. But the fact is that they don't tend to dress the same way, they part their hair a little differently. One likes green and blue nail polish while the other uses reds.

On any given day, it is clear which one is Joriz and which one is Jonalyn. But not right now. They have decided to make it a little hard on us. All polish has been removed. Both have hair pulled back in a ponytail, something that neither of them normally wear. Both are naked. We are all stumped.

The twins are not speaking. They grab me, pull me onto the bed. One gets behind me and one in front of me. The others are standing around not knowing what is going on as the one behind has her face on my ass and her ankles locked around my neck. I am on top of her. I must be crushing her, but there are no complaints. The one in front presses her cunt into my face. Her sister's ankles push into her belly. Her arms spread my legs and her mouth covers my cock. And now I think I know who is who.

I figure I am about to be the white double stuff between two tan thin wafers. At that I am not disappointed when Joriz takes me fully deep throat humming as she goes while her sister runs her tongue up my ass and wiggles her tongue.

This is completely unfair, but the others watch with what I guess is a bit of amusement.

Joriz's cunt is pushed up against my nose and the pheromones must actually have an effect on my brain. I have gone from zero to sixty in no time at all. Joriz comes up for breath and then back down on me humming and stroking. Jonalyn's tongue is poking my butt, driving into it, retreating and attacking again. Joriz has my balls in a vise. Her chin on my belly and my cock down her throat. The humming continues and my cum explodes. Damn, they have me for dessert.

Once I am disposed of, they grab their mother and do her in as well, with the audience providing encouragement. Emelyn is double penetrated with eggplants, face planted on cunt and having her breasts mauled. She is not long for the world before the twins have their second prize of the evening.

When they grab Ros, Pearl decides that four can play at this game, which encourages the others. What results is something that I will always think of as the onion. The twins form a clam shell around Ros repeating the double penetration and the face plant. But their cunts and assess are now the target for my stalwart four and that results in six eggplants in motion as the clam shell gets surrounded and royally fucked.

In the end we all agree that the purpose of the evening has been satisfied and all troop off to bed leaving the twins with me. We got you. You know that right?

Well, Joriz, you certainly took me down tonight, if that is what you mean.

No, not that! The mind game we played.

You didn't!

Yes we did. We got you to swap Pearl with us so we would be the last and everyone would be there when we did you! We wanted to be the last and the question was, could we fool you into thinking that we were hustling you and get you to punish us into being last!

So I have been had?

By the best! It only works if you can see the first hustle and not see the goal. And it was so worth it!

And they are only fourteen. Dear god, what will they be like in a few years?

Morning brings no more clarity than I had yesterday. I have no idea who I can trust. It brings no clarity of what I am to do with Sarah or my grandkids.

The twins have left the bedroom for school with, I assume, Tamal in tow. Elvie has breakfast on the table and a look on her face that I cannot decipher.

There are two senorita bananas, a basket of pandesal, a glass of cantaloupe shake, some Nescafé coffee packets and a thermal carafe of hot water for me as I sit down.

Are you OK Elvie?

Not sure. I think this a dangerous time.

I agree.

What you going to do?

I don't know. I need some time to think.


Yes. Please.

We think you already know.


Because Tamal is now going to be yours. Because Jenny will be her nanay.

She needs to feel like she will be OK. I don't want her worrying about something she can't do anything about. She will be here for six days. It is best she not live in fear.

That all? You lie to protect her?

Let's not call it a lie. Maybe it will work out.

I think I always know what you think. Now I not know. I not understand what you doing. I think you are not telling me things. Tell me, what you going to do with Sarah? She not respect you like she should.

I know. She has always been that way.

That not work here.

I know.

You have a plan for that?

Not yet.

You have to do what you have Emelyn do. You have to teach her to be good. She must learn fast.

Yes. OK. Elvie, I need quiet time today.

Who tonight?


In truth the next two days are a blur as I turn over my options on two intractable problems. Either threatens to derail my world all on its own. I talked big to Sarah in an effort to get her to change her mind, but in reality, I will have to do just as I have been threatening to do, if she really comes. It's either that or tell her she can't come, that she will not be allowed to stay and that may derail things with my girls here anyway, as I would not be treating them equally.

What am I to make of Delia Cortez? Is she an ally or an enemy? What is her real role in the potential abduction of two girls from the orphanage? Does she know what Mahinay is planning? Has her 'friendship' be a ruse, or is she in mortal danger?

Should I believe Tamal, or is she a ringer Mahinay is using to catch me in my real activities here? Am I already sunk based on what k'Ren and Pearl had told her before she even arrived yesterday?

I spend the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday just sitting and thinking. k'Ren does join me but we only hold each other before sleeping.

I do little else before walking down for dinner on Wednesday night. When I do join the family in the dining room, I see Judith and Czaren standing on the other side of the room. I wave at them just as Mahinay enters the house.

Supper proceeds without incident. There is some gentle kidding around the table. Even though all my school girls know Mahinay is a rat fucking, shit eating, scum bag, they don't show a damned thing at all that might tip the bastard off.

These girls are beyond amazing. Tamal is equally the picture of a sweet soul, without a worry in the world. How they all are pulling it off is hard for me to fathom. Judith on the other hand is squirming. Luckily Mahinay takes it to mean that Judith is uncomfortable with a public display of her love for Czaren. And so Judith's behavior sets off no alarms.

After dinner Mahinay begs off early as he has work to see to. Judith also says she and Czaren must get back to the orphanage and take their leave.

Elvie knows I am alone tonight and no one asks about it. I get to bed early. Susan and I leave in the morning.

Morning comes and with it the shower, the dressing room, breakfast, and Elvie. This time Susan is here too. The three of us have breakfast together. If Elvie is hoping for clarity, but I have nothing to offer, before Susan and I ride in the van driven to the ferry by Ros, who is also taking the kids to school this morning.

All four of us, Mahinay, Cortez, Susan and I, are on the ferry in the morning. It is no surprise as it is the only one that will get us to Iloilo today. Likewise we are on the same plane to Manila. But we split up when we get to NAIA1 terminal 3 in Manila.

Susan and I check into the Traders and enjoy a pleasant meal on the concierge floor. She is marveling at the view of the bay at night. I am marveling at her.

I get a complimentary brandy over ice. Susan takes a mango and passion fruit shake.

She isn't showing yet as her pregnancy is not far along. At twenty years of age, and my more advanced state, I think some are not sure if she isn't an escort bought and paid for. I ignore it and I don't think Susan notices until we get back to the room and she starts laughing. How much do you think, they think you paid for me?

More than I can afford, I am sure.

Ron, you have a plan, don't you.


About the traffickers. You have a plan.

Why do you think that?

Because you have added Tamal.

Yes, well I needed to give her hope. I didn't want her fretting all weekend.

You didn't answer. Is there a plan?

As far as I know at this moment there is only one plan and it is the one the traffickers have. There is no other plan.

In the morning I leave for the Bureau of Immigration before the mall is open. Susan has a fair amount of cash in her pocket and will travel to the mall later.

I arrive at the office a bit before the others and climb the stairs inside to the third floor. I sit on a bench in the hall and wait. In this case there are six others. Each of my travelling companions is now accompanied by two from the Manila offices, whom I assume are of higher rank or station.

This is a dog and pony show, but both the supervisor who assures us this is all behind us and the terrier who has been barking at my heels are in the room.

By the time, I get to speak, the terrier has been bloodied pretty damned well. I proceed to explain that not only did I not seek employment, I actively attempted to reject any attempt for a variety of reasons including it was not legal. Supporting email from Cortez to Manila is produced to support my claim. I note that it was my rejection of the job, partially based on the visa issue that caused the contact with this office. That contact was made to see what might be done to convince me I could actually take the assignment.

The fact that I have been hounded for that exact reason was and remains irritating, frustrating and confounding. If I had agreed to break the law, we would not be having this meeting because the issue of how to fix it would never have occurred.

I turn to the Terrier, You tried to build a career on my back even though I am innocent. That is very much unacceptable. I want you held responsible for that breach of your duty.

The supervisor acknowledges that under the circumstances, he will see that there is recompense. He apologizes to all and the rest leave, though I linger. All but the supervisor and the Terrier are gone, and the Terrier is exiting. I exit with him. We need to talk, right now and in private.

I stand a foot taller than him and pack a good sixty more pounds at least. He does not like it, but agrees and we enter a conference room.

I take a good look at him. He is pissed with me for ruining his career. I get that.

Pull out some note paper and write down what I will tell you in a minute. First I am going to give you background. My girlfriend's daughter goes to the same school as the orphans go to. Some of those kids know me and trust me, because I am good to their friend. I am going to give you information that is both true and will likely do more than save your career. It may make you a hero. I don't want to help you one bit. But two children and probably far more kids will be hurt if I don't tell you what I have been told. OK here goes...

We spend the better part of an hour discussing the ins and outs of this. I make it clear that the names of the places and the names of the people mean nothing to me. They are only what was passed to me. What I make sure he knows is that anyone local cannot be trusted. While I really am innocent, there really is, as he thought, something wrong going on there.

In the end, the Terrier is confused. He wanted to be angry with me, but I may be the one guy who is on his side. I have done all I can do. I leave, hoping it is enough. This thing is going down in forty-eight hours.

I never had a plan. I had an idea. Someone else needed to come up with the plan. Will they?

This is a nation where to some extent the incompetent in government are ruled over by the corrupt. There are no honest players. At the lowest level employees spout the rules as if they are automatons, incapable of receiving information that does not fit the cookie cutter mold of input they expect. And so talking to them is like trying to teach a pig to sing.

Those above are corrupt and won't do shit without monetary inducement. However on occasion, those seeking to advance to a new level of corruption, accept useful intelligence, to help advance their careers. The question is which person that is, and whether that person will use the intelligence to help, or make the shit worse.

As I walk out of the Bureau of Immigration I see a little school girl. She can't be more than five or six. There are two ribbons attached to her school uniform. One says, Best in Obedience. The other says, Most Friendly. I wonder how that type of training at that age affects adults later in life. Is that why corruption is unquashed? Is obedience to the powerful and authority the issue?

Before I catch a taxi, I text Susan. Where are U?

MOA2 near Bo's Coffee. Want some?

Yes, I do. But next stop is the PRA.

I won't go into details, but the PRA process is easy if you have covered all the requirements and filled out the paperwork. I am in and out sooner than I thought I would be.

I text Susan again. OK done. On my way.

Good, lunch?

Yeh! I will catch a taxi and text when I get there.


There is little about a huge mall that I find comforting or worth noting, other than you can get shin splints just circumambulating the fucking place, it is so damned large. But to Susan who has never seen such a thing in her entire life, I gather it is mind blowing. While I am in the taxi, she texts me. There is an IMAX theater there. Will I take her? I gather the concept of going alone into the bowels of the theater was not an option.

About forty minutes later, I am at the mall and the next challenge is to find Bo's Coffee. That will be a good place to start. I definitely need a cup.

There is a walk / pedestrian road on the bay side of the mall next to a high seawall. Along the other side of this pedestrian thoroughfare are restaurants, bars and such. With the exception of the hour at the IMAX, I have walked my legs off with Susan this afternoon. The sun is setting and we walk past option upon option for a nice dinner. We have yet to choose. The ships in the bay with their running lights lit against a darkening sky gives me a little peace in my heart. I hope what I have done will save lives and not cost souls.

There is a little breeze now, and we select a table where we can still look out on the bay, as we enjoy a meal, just the two of us. I am so happy to be with Susan. I wanted her from the moment I saw her and fell in love with her soon afterward. Now she is mine and I am one lucky bastard.



Why you look so funny?

Just happy, I guess.


You. Happy we are together.

Me too. I am a lucky girl!

The ride back to the hotel takes too long but Manila traffic is one of the experiences that if you can miss it, you should. It is no fun. We stop in our room. We both shower and then go up to the concierge floor for some drinks and pastries as we look out from on high and in air conditioning.

We haven't had a lot of one on one alone time. This afternoon and evening has been needed. So is holding her in my arms tonight; and the gentle loving that we are engaged in at the moment.

Susan wants to be in my arms. She wants to know that the man who has fathered the child inside her wants to be with her. Tonight I show her my passion for her. It is far from an act. It is real, as is her response.

We can't stop touching each other. Both of us need to feel as connected to the other as we can tonight. Right through the love making and deep into the night, we hold each other. Holding on to that life preserver without which we might drift away and be lost, alone and confused. Our bodies giving and receiving assurance of safe passage through the dark and into the light of the dawn that greets us still holding on.

Today will be another day of walking. The zoo and the gardens. Tonight we watch a PBA basketball game at the Araneta Coliseum. Rain or Shine plays against Ginebra. Tomorrow there is an UAAP volleyball tournament we will see at the MOA Sports Arena. That is when my legs are given a chance to recover. It is also when the crime is going to go down. Tomorrow will be shadowed by my concern. I will be fully obsessed with what may be occurring.

I look outside and it is drizzling. The rain will not force us indoors but does not auger for a day outside either. We decide to try the gardens for a bit. Susan has never been on a train. So I decide on a trip on the elevated LRT or maybe the MRT down to the Ayala station, which allows direct access to the Glorietta 1, 2, 3, and 4, Malls and takes you eventually all the way to the GreenBelt Mall. It may be just the adventure we need.

It is, and we have a wonderful afternoon meal at the GreenBelt before leaving for the Araneta Coliseum, and a walk around the Gateway mall before a nice pizza at a Pizza Hut that has white linen table cloths before the game. Ginebra wins it and Susan is beaming. These three days she tells me are the best ones of her life. From flying in an Airbus 321A to a ride on an elevated train, to all the wonderful things she has seen, she tells me she feels really special.

Back at the Trader's for the evening. We have a nice but late dinner in the Latitude Restaurant, but skip dessert. Instead we go up to the top floor for drinks and little pastries on the concierge floor and once again enjoy a view of the harbor as we talk about the sights and experiences of the day.

The Glorieta structures (malls) span many city blocks. You traverse in linear fashion from one mall to the next and never go outside. You are literally walking through the city and end up far from your starting point as you walk out in the sun and enter the Starbucks in the GreenBelt Mall. The simple size of it all is something that is banging around in Susan's head as so improbable as to be hard to fathom, even though she experienced it. It produces amazement, giggles and shakes of the head. It feels like a weird dream because surely such a thing is not possible, right?

All this while I drink a brandy, she a hot Milo3, and we both nibble on the far too sweet pastries.

It is getting close to eleven. We are both a little tired as we enter our room. But tired or not, I can't keep from reaching out and pulling Susan in to me. She is remarkable, and I am very happy. If it weren't for the even younger ones back home, I would describe her as impossibly young. She is amazingly pretty. Her smile is genuine. It can warm or break your heart.

She comes into my arms, and as improbable as it all is, whispers, Thank you.

Yeh, you just can't top that. You can't explain it, but there it is. Here she is, in my arms. In an instant I decide I want to spend a good half hour or so licking and sucking that sweet cunt. I take her to the shower with me. If I try to have her before she is clean from the day's activities, she will refuse. But once clean, I have her on her back as I tell her that it is my turn to thank her. She is arguing that I don't need to do that. I tell her to shush! before going about enjoying her hairless and freshly washed cunt.

I am having a good time, driving her nuts as I torture her cunt, suck her clit into my mouth and flick the end with my tongue. I wonder what Torquemada Coteaz4 would have learned from the women he tortured, if he had used my technique and not thumb screws and the rack. Right now, Susan will say or do anything, as she rides the waves of stimulation and orgasms.

Eventually my jaw starts to ache and her cunt is a little raw from the activity and she comes down to a soft landing.

Five minutes later she wrestles me onto my back and tells me it is her turn before going down on me.

She has me hard and I am definitely enjoying her efforts when she pops her head up. Ron, how Joriz do it?

You mean take me in deep?

Yes. How she do it?

I know there are techniques, but I don't know them. You will have to ask her.

What I do, OK? It not good like what she do. It OK?

OK, so bear with me here. This is a beautiful twenty year old. She is naked. One hand is gently holding my cock. The other hand has my balls in it. I am hard as a proverbial rock, and she is asking, Is this OK? What the fuck?

Yes, sweetheart. It is very good. Just different. That is all.

But you not cum fast like when Joriz do it.

Yes and maybe that is good. I enjoy it far longer your way.

Oh! I not think of that. Good! And she returns to making me a happy man.

1 - Ninoy Aquino National Airport [NAIA is pronounced: na-EE-ah].
2 - Mall of Asia.
3 - A Chocolate and malt drink.
4 - The Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition. And yes I know that he is not known for the rack or the thumb screws, but it sort of works here!

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