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Chapter 14: Nine is enough

Who tonight? Well, there's nothing like clarity I guess and Elvie is all about that.

Ros, will you please join me tonight?

Me alone? I hear there were many more last night!

That was a very special night. Tonight you and I will start our life together.

Yes, Sir Ron, I do it.

Susan has a smile on her face. This was her plan. I don't understand exactly why, other than the first plan was a disaster, and this one fixes the deficiencies of the first one. Is that all there is to it? Is it that simple? Are these five females here because there were five the first time I sent some packing? Is the fact that they are friends of hers and of Karen's simply a convenient thing that allowed her to find a Plan B more quickly?

For what it is worth, Karen is ecstatic that her friends are here. The fact that they will all lose their virginity to me is, it would seem, a mere quibble to her. It either doesn't matter or it does and she likes it. So OK, it might theoretically work for me but, why does it work for her? I don't get it. This is not something I can put into letter form. It is too complicated for me. I wish I could sit down with the damned guy over a few beers and talk this out. Maybe his 'Joy' or 'Rose' could explain it to me. I don't think I have one of these here with me.

I could ask Karen but, she really is fourteen. I don't think her thinking is that subtle that she can even understand all her own motivations. Which gets me to the next speed bump on this mental rollercoaster. If she doesn't have the mental facilities yet, why am I plowing her pussy? Why do I want her?

I know twelve-year-olds are far too young. I don't think a fourteen-year-old can answer, 'why.' So, why do I think they are old enough to fuck? I guess I don't really have to resolve that tonight. Tonight I am with a real, honest-to-god adult. Probably tomorrow will put Emelyn in my bed but, I better have some answers in my noggin after that. There are five flowers here that I have said I will pick. I don't want these questions bouncing around up there while I attempt to pick the bouquet.

Supper is over. Susan tells me that Ros will come to me at nine tonight, as they have evidently discussed this. I nod and start up the stairs to the third floor. By the time I reach the second, Karen has caught up with me. She gives me a kiss and looks right into my eyes before delivering a second one. I am curious. Thank you sweetheart but, was that for something special?

Ron! Of course! First, you really love me and you tell Miss Judith this. I am so proud! Second, you take Ros tonight. This is good. It shows respect for Ros and Emelyn. I know you will be with Emelyn tomorrow, di ba?


See? I know! And then you will take Jonalyn, because she was the one to tell Miss Judith she has a bad mind. It will be her reward. She will be the first. Then you take Joriz, because not fair to take one sister and not the other one next, hehe. Last you take Pearl. But you take her with Jenny? I think she wants that. Then next it is Ate and me! See I know this is what you do.

I can't say I thought that far ahead but, yes, except that I need to spend some time with Elvie.

Oh! Yes I forget that. You right.

Since you are so smart, tell me this my sexy smart k'Ren, why do you want me to fuck, love and live with five more females?

You are bobo sometimes, Ron. How I have friends here? How Susan not be bored? How we be with others in this house, the way we live? This be a secret. So we alone and we not used to being alone. You know Filipinos are like sardines. We need to be many and close. We need noise. We need laughter. You not like that. We know this. We lonely. Now we happy and we make other lives better too! See this is God's plan for us. We not worry about the sex stuff. It not normal but, we all better this way than to be alone and poor.

OK. I get it. Thank you for being as great as you are. And we kiss a third time, before she runs off and I climb the stairs. When I get to my bedroom, there sitting on my bed is Elvie. I can't help but smile at seeing her. She smiles back.

Are you wondering when you get to be with me? Or maybe there is a problem?

No problem, Ronald. You will find time for me. I know this. You tell everyone here you love me and I run the house! Yes I know this. They tell me you think I very special. I want to say, I know I am stupid sometime. I sorry for that. I know this my home forever. I not make mistake like that again. I glad you find the others. This is very good for us. Better than the other girls. You right about that. ... Ronald, when you give me a child? I want this.

When you turn eighteen.

That not for a while.

Elvie it has been far less than a year. Not even two months. And even when August comes, there is no guaranty when you will actually get pregnant.

OK, but, I want this.

I understand. I do too.


Really. Elvie collects a serious tongue invading kiss and evacuates the premises.

In one hour I, sort of, have the answer to the questions that were rolling around it my head. At least at fourteen, Karen does have a clue. She is actually very perceptive regarding the family dynamics and why they wanted more females here. My question about Elvie and her feeling neglected has been resolved.

I fire up the netbook and look at the letters page on my favorite website. There is my post and there is a response.

Hi Transplant!

Welcome to the Philippines.

I am not sure I can be any clearer about how the females tend to take control. Howard of course is the outlier. Even Lawrence has his Imee, who is a serious conniver, though later he does kick a ham-handed conniver out.

As to why they add more girls, if you haven't figured this out by the time you read this reply, here's the reason. They are isolated in a meaningful way. Filipinas live to gossip. They will tell you that they don't like this person or that person because such a person is a tsismosa. Ha! They are all engaged in tsismis. The fact that they are with you limits what they can say, and who they can say it to! They need to build a 'community,' inside your world, so they don't feel isolated. Does that help?

Best regards,


Well, that adds to and does not contradict Karen's explanation. I notice that he is writing as if he is referring to real people and not fictional things. For him, I am no different than Howard and Jake and the others. And to the extent that I am experiencing these things as they did in the stories is a little,... what? How can I understand it? It is a, 'this is the way the world works, didn't you know it?'

No I didn't. I didn't have a fucking clue.

Ros walks in a little after nine. She is in Susan's robe.

Ros, there is one thing I just don't understand about you.

A smile disappears and a look of concern creeps onto her face. Sir, what wrong?

How can a woman as beautiful and as smart as you, be without a good man up to now? I have watched you. I have listened to you. I have paid attention to how you think. I see no reason why I should be so lucky tonight.

Her face clears just a bit but she is still wearing a serious expression. Sir Ron, it is true that maybe I be pleasing to look at. Maybe I be smart. But Filipino men don't want the children of other men unless they cannot have children. Then they will adopt a child. They not marry to get a child they not father. You foreigners, maybe it OK with you but, you not take Jenny's boys. Correct?


So maybe that why. You take me for one reason. That reason is Pearl. I know this. It is mother and daughter you want. You only want me for Pearl.

No, that is not right!

Oh? Why?

I don't want Pearl without you.

I not understand.

It is both, together I want. Not you alone. Not Pearl alone. Together it is both sexy for me and far more stable. Together you will stay. Apart? Maybe, but, probably not. Plus if I love your daughter, and I love you, then we will be sealed in a way that no man can come between.

I not consider what you say but, maybe you are correct. So Sir, you want to love me, not only fuck me?

That is the hope, Ros. Is it a stupid hope?

No, it is a good hope. We start now, Sir?

Yes, come here and teach me about what makes your body happy.

Excuse me? I not understand.

Each of us is different. What feels special to one person is just OK to another. I want to learn what makes you the most happy.

You care about this?


Wow, OK. Now I learn something about you. OK, yes, let us start.

Ros drops the robe. She is naked beneath it. Her breasts are a good B cup and, even at age 35, they look damned good. Her belly is flat. Her cunt is shaved and smooth. There is no fat on her. She just looks incredible at her 5 feet of height. She gets on the bed and lies down on her belly.

Sir, I know this will sound weird but, you say you want to know what we want. I ask you to lick me from here, and she points to the top of the crack on her ass, and then up her backbone to the nape of her neck, to here. And then maybe from here, and she point to the inside of her ankle, drawing a line up through the inside of her thigh, to here?

I smile and say, my pleasure. I get on the bed and position myself to accomplish the first task. I start a little lower, actually invading her crack just a bit before sliding up and ending not at her nape but on the left earlobe. I kiss her cheek and then get low on her to start on the left leg at the ankle. I wet my tongue and work my way up slowly over her calf, and over her thigh, stopping at her labia. I start over, now working on the right ankle, licking up until I push the labia apart and tongue her cunt.

Ros squirms. Nice.

Turn over, Ros. She does and I repeat from the left ankle on up but do not stop at her cunt. My lips move over and through the labia before moving up the belly and coming to rest on a nipple which I suck into my mouth. Ros is a very happy woman. Having given one nipple my full attention for a bit, I move over to the other and move a hand against her cunt for good measure. I think I have Ros's number. She is bucking and whimpering. I don't let up and a dam breaks lose between her legs. Ros is cumming.

I mount Ros in missionary position but pull her legs up for better penetration. Ros is mewing as I push in. She looks at me, maybe stares a bit, and speaks. Long time, Ron. Now yours.

I start fucking her as hard as I can. Ros's cunt has little ripples inside the walls. I go bump, bump, bump, all the way in and back out again. She is wet and there is no problem with friction. Her body is light. To keep her legs up and ass in the air is effortless.

Ros just looks at me, smiling. Then she freezes, arches her back, bucks hard, grunts and says, Again!

She is not using perfume but, the aroma of her body excites me.

We do it again and then again before I can wait no longer and she gets my cum.

I roll off and onto my back. She rolls over me and between kisses, playfully bites my nose, lips, and earlobes. OK Ron, we good together. You not crazy in bed. Nothing dangerous. When you do Pearl?

Not for a few days.

Who next?

And this matters? Why?

Because I want to understand you.

Emelyn next.


And then Jonalyn, followed by Joriz and then Pearl.

I with Pearl then?

No, Jenny will be with her.

Oh! Really?


Huh I not expect you to say that.

It is not my plan. It is Pearl and Jenny's plan. They requested it.

Like me? I request and you do. They request?


So you the boss but listen to our needs?

I try. I can't always agree.

Of course this must be true. Not always. But good! Why you think she ask that?

She first asked for Susan. And Susan had sex with her but, Pearl needed something that Susan cannot do I think. My best guess is that Susan told Pearl that she wants Jenny.

But you take Emelyn before the girls?


Huh. OK. Not what I expect. You want me to leave now?

No. I want you to stay the night with me, unless you prefer to sleep alone.

Really, I can stay?

Yeh. Is that OK with you?

OK if we talk?

Sure. I'd like that.

Good! Tell me where you from. All I hear is USA...

We talk for the better part of two hours before we turn off the lights. I know a great deal more about Ros and she, some more about me.

In the morning she shakes me awake, and kisses me before telling me that it will take ten sticks of dynamite to make her leave me. And then she puts on the robe and is out the door. I get up and take a shower.

Reentering the bedroom, I find breakfast sitting on the table waiting for me and Elvie sitting there too.

Good morning, Ronald. You make Ros very happy. Now everyone is happy. Ros tell Emelyn, they marry a good man. Ronald, you know they will all call you husband now?

No, I did not. What do you think of that?

I like it. I think, yes, you are the husband. Pearl sit with her mother and ask, why her mother so happy? Ros say, 'Your husband's goal is to make you happy. I think he knows a happy wife will make her husband happy! Pearl, I talk with our husband. He cares about you and what will make you happy. You are a weird girl but, you find maybe the only man who is OK with that.' Ronald how you make her so happy?

I listened to her.

That it?

Yeh, that's about it.

We look at each other. Elvie and me. Nothing is more improbable than this seventeen-year-old, master of the house. There are two breakfasts on the table, mine and hers. Mangos, Nescafe coffees, and sweet rolls that Susan brought home last night from the bakery. We look out the windows, we look at each other, we eat our food, and we relax over the coffees.

I am done wanting anything more, (other than the van I need to pick up this afternoon). I have plenty. I have not only more sexual partners than I could ever imagine but, I also have real partners in life. These women and girls mean far more to me than anyone I left behind. In truth, those left back in the States are folks I learned to like and get along with but they weren't tightly woven into my world. They stood outside the circle. These here, are inside the circle. I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Granted, there are five here I barely know. But if they are like the four I do, well, they will be keepers.

Breakfast is complete. Elvie stacks the plates, stands, and announces, OK I go now. More to clean.

I turn on the TV and see what nonsense is grabbing the headlines on the BBC world service news. I decide to flip over to CNN and see how the news compares but, CNN isn't showing any news. It's just crap programming. I flip over to the AXN network and they are playing a rerun of The Blacklist. The 'Fox Crime' channel is showing reruns of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. There are five HBO channels but there is nothing on I want to see.

I log into the website of my favorite author but, he hasn't posted any new stories in a while. The last one posted is Gimme Shelter. Nothing since then. There are no new letters posted.

My personal email is just a ton of spam and junk. I think I need a hobby beyond fucking girls. It's not that I am stuck here and 'what do I do now.' No, I would have faced the same issue if I had stayed in the States. I never was into hobbies. I worked, I came home, watched a little TV, ate my meals and slept. That was my life. OK, so I am not working now. I got the house, I will have the van. I have all the women I will ever want. What now?

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