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What it all entails...4

Author's note: These chapters are NOT stand-alones...The story starts here.

What it all entails...5

I am in the bedroom with Jana and Lexi. Jana is not paying any attention to me. She has been engaged almost nonstop via her new cellphone with her family regarding the impending party. This is big stuff.

I am alternatingly wondering if I am ready for all this. Have I made a huge mistake gathering these four girls? Is this going to turn out very badly? Lyn, Mel and Jana have all assured me that there are no problems. These will be happy occasions and I will have fun.

I sure as hell hope they are right. If this was the States, I would be running for the hills right now. No family would think this is OK, but then again, if I was in the States, I would not have these four girls with me.

Jana being busy gives me an opportunity to speak with Lexi and that is something I very much need to do.

Your sister says that your mother wants to come and maybe stay with us? What do you think?

I think this a bad idea, Craig. But, Sir, you know this. Correct?

Well, it seems to me that your mother was opposed to joining your father, so she will be opposed to both of you being with me.

I think, almost, that true. She will say we can both be here but only one yours.

Yes, and your mother will stay to make sure that is the way it is?

That what I think.

So having her here is a bad idea. Correct?

Yes, I think this.

Your father is OK with the two of you being here.

And here I get another surprise.

The father of Mel not the same for me.

Your mother is the same but not the father?


But even with knowing that, Mel’s father is OK with this?

Yes, he is happy for us. Mel tell him everything.

OK. I think I know enough.

What you do?

Your mother can come on Saturday but she cannot stay.

But that the day Mel’s father is here.


Oh… OH! Hala1! She have problem with Mel’s father if she make argue.


Good plan. I not think Mel know why you will want this.

This is why you look out for her?

Maybe, yes.

Fascinating. OK, now do you think we should ignore Jana and make love?

Lexi is giggling. Jana is complaining that she only needs a few more minutes, please. I think the whole damned thing is nuts. But what the heck… OK, Jana I will give you five more minutes and after that we aren’t waiting. … So, Lexi, what was said at school today after I left you?

Ha! They want to come visit. They excited to see you again. I tell them I not think you will allow it. And the girl laughs.

She knows she is having fun with her friends, teasing them but keeping what they want just out of reach. It works for me, and Lexi is getting some rockstar attention from her schoolmates. But will she want to bring them here later to advance her position further, even after her disclaimer?

Jana has put her phone down and is getting out of her clothing. Lexi, seeing this, is getting with the program and telling me that I am a sluggard. I need to catch up!

I might as well.

In no time at all we are skin to skin. I am on my back with an arm around each of them as they lie on either side of me, each of them propped up on an elbow. Lexi has a hand on my package. Jana has a hand on my chest. Each alternately is kissing me. Each kiss a lazy and slow affair, imparting feelings of closeness and intimacy.

It is not hot sex. It is slow, patient, intimate entanglement. These two, the youngest of the four, are giving me, what prior to my arrival on these islands, I would never have thought remotely possible.

It feels like love. Is it? How can I measure such a thing? How is love assayed?

Tongue engages tongue. Fingers entwine hair. Breath mingles with breath. The warmth of one body transmits to its neighbor. Singing, murmuring, gasps, the sound of shifting sheets, the hum of the air conditioner, and the otherwise silence of the room become the sounds of a sanctuary. There is no clock we need to heed. There is no appointment to keep in mind. Tomorrow will surely come and we will be done long before then. But exactly when is of no importance as we just absorb each other’s presence, each other’s needs and attend to them without haste.

I am rigid but nowhere near needing to peak. Each of these girls is beyond wet as they grind cunts into my thighs.

Two small, trim, cute, sweet girls, who would, if in the USA, both still be in high school, are doing for me what every high school boy only dreams of, doubly over.

Is this incongruous? I guess it is in that way. But here, now, it only seems necessary and right.

I roll over onto Lexi and push my dick deep into her small, tight cunt. She is far from complaining. Is she thinking about all her schoolmates who would be happy to take her spot? She appears to be relishing this in a manner that is possibly beyond the expectations of my current slow and methodical performance.

It’s not that I am ignoring her. I am very much not, but I don’t think what I am doing should be getting her off in the manner she seems to be expressing herself. I am happy she is enjoying this, but it must be more about her than it is me.

But as she explodes in what seems to be an earth shattering orgasm, I find that I can, with ego intact, withdraw and mount Jana, who has been more than patient.

Jana leans into my far ear from Lexi and asks in a whisper, What you do to her?

I pull my head back and, as I stroke in and out of Jana’s hot, wet cunt, I shrug and tell her, without whispering but in rhythm with the strokes, I have no idea. Ask her later.

All I get back is a, Uhgh, as she pushes her cunt into my next stroke down against her.

Lexi is gently caressing my back and ass as I continue to earnestly fuck her bedmate.

Perspiration is coating me, and it coats Jana as the fucking continues. She is looking right at me, smiling, her eyebrows going up and down. Urging me to find culmination inside her, her hands now gripping my shoulders, fingers digging in, her legs forcing her cunt and abdomen hard against me. The bed is shaking. The sound of our skin slapping against the other, over and over…

Has she cum? I don’t know. But I have found the place where it must end and my seed cascades deep into her cunt. I am most assuredly done.

Mummm, that was good, she says. I hope it was. It most certainly was for me.

Maybe I should shower, but all I do is roll on my back with a shit-eating grin on my face. This is just too fucking good.

And then, another reason to grin hits me, when I think of the shitstorm I may have kicked up with Lexi’s mom. I am not thinking of anything else, not even the two kids in bed with me, as I drift off.

It has been a good night and I am tired.

By the time I get downstairs for breakfast, Lexi is long gone. But the other three are all here and hanging around me.

Lyn and Jana want to know what my budget is for the karaoke. But I have no clue what they normally cost, so how do I establish a reasonable budget. I need information.

That gets us into a convoluted and frankly frustrating discussion that seems to be going nowhere. Finally I ask, How much does a day’s rental cost?

That they can get an answer to without further hassle. I figure if the cost of the karaoke isn’t more than twenty times the rental fee, the price will be OK.

That piece of business now resolved, I turn to Mel, who needs to know what I have decided about her mother’s interest in a visit. All are still here, and I suspect that is a good thing, as I begin.

Mel, please tell your mother than she is welcome to visit this Saturday, but that, at this time, I do not want anyone else staying here. I am not excluding her alone… I am saying, no one else at all.

What?! Why you do this? My God! No! My father, he be here with his wives! No!

Mel, that is the way it is. She either comes or she cannot visit.

Why, Po2? Why?

Your mother is opposed to what your father does. Correct?

Yes! Why that matter?

How is that different from what I am doing?

But my mother not want to see my father and his wives!

Mel, did you hear my question?


How is what your father has with his wives different from what I am doing?

You want she be your wife?

Lyn, do you understand what I am asking Mel?

Yes, Sir. Let me try.

I nod and wait. There is a prolonged discussion happening, but I don’t understand a lick of it. Finally, Lyn turns to me and says, Mel say her mother will not require them to leave. She sure of that. It best if she not here with Mel’s father.

Yes, I am sure she will not require them to leave, too… but she will say I must pick only one of her two girls. I cannot be with both. Of that I am reasonably sure. That is also why she wants to stay… to make sure it happens that way. I am saying to her, I am not going to accept her way. She accepts me as I am or she is not welcome. I don’t want a fight with her so it is best if she not come, or come when she will not be able to fight. … She comes when Mel’s father is here and does not stay, or she is not to come.

Lyn thinks she understands but asks me to go over the points with her again before returning to Mel and another discussion in which I am a complete bystander, unable to decipher anything said.

Sir, Mel thinks you are wrong. Her mother not that way. But I say, chat her! Find out now. See what she think. She do that now.

Mel is texting. Lyn and Jana, who has been silent throughout all this, wait with me, filling the time asking me what songs I like to sing. It is awkward, as it is a concept that I am unprepared for and so am stumbling a bit.

The conversation moves on to how one orders dirty ice cream and where one finds karaoke machines. None of the answers are completely edifying. They are having a problem explaining how these things are done, and the frustration in their eyes is clear to me. They have English, but lack a way to describe practice and custom. I don’t know why, but it is the way it is. I don’t push it.

Nothing is going smoothly for me right now, but I gather it isn’t going any smoother for Mel in her chat with her mother. She has just slammed the phone down on the table.

I do not say a word. Lyn and Jana are silent. Mel is also not saying a word. She just gets up from the table and moves off to some unseen destination in the house.

It is unclear whether Mel is upset with me, with her mother, with both of us, or if it is something else entirely. It is just as unclear if I will ever learn what has transpired. I don’t think Mel is leaving, but even that is unclear.

Five minutes later, Mel reappears with an umbrella in hand and announces that she is going out to order the dirty ice cream.  She is saying nothing more. Lyn and Jana jump up and ask her to wait. They will all go together and look for Karaoke systems, as well as check rental prices.

And with that, and in three minutes, I am for the first time since Sunday evening, with the exception of the ride from Lexi’s school to the house, quite on my own.

Being at will, I decide to leave the house and look around my neighborhood. I have not done so up to now. It is time to do a little exploring.

The main street, which our street crosses, isn’t much of a street to speak of. It is a two-lane affair and it is charitable to call it paved. It appears to be tar-bound macadam paving with as many potholes as there is macadam. There are very few private vehicles to be seen. It is mostly tricycles, motorcycles and bicycles, plus plenty of folk afoot. This main street is filled with commerce of sorts, but the commerce is done from seven foot wide shanties with corrugated steel lean-to roofs. All manner of things are for sale, though few are of interest to me.

I don’t see the beggars here, as I did in the downtown area. It isn’t that this is a wealthy region, but here there are residences and shops. These may be the working poor, but the operative word is ‘working.’

I am attracting glances of curiosity for the most part. Maybe foreigners are more common close to the hotel, but here I really do seem to stand out, a pink giraffe as it were. Not dangerous, not valuable, just weird and definitely out of place.

As I ramble up north, away from downtown, I am seeing more and more kids in school uniforms. These are not the same as Lexi’s. Gone are the pink skirts and sailor style blouses. Here the skirts are a muted blue plaid, simple white blouses and blue plaid feminine ties.

Clearly, the school is close by and I am here as the school day is about to start. This is a public high school. You might think it’s just like the one Lexi is attending, but I get a sense that these kids have at least a couple more pesos to rub together.

It’s not that they look affluent. They most assuredly don’t, but they don’t look as down at the heels as did many of the kids in Calumpang. It’s funny, I guess, but I am always looking at things via the economics of life. I am not saying it’s a good thing to do. It is just how I function.

Maybe these girls are approachable, if that’s what I wanted, and I don’t, but there is a different vibe here and they don’t seem as ready as did the pink-skirted ones.

OK, so that is what I thought thirty seconds ago. At this moment there are three school girls standing in a clump as I am intending just to walk past but, I hear, Good morning, Sir! How are you, today?

I am somewhat stumped. I do not really want to engage with these clearly underage kids at all, but quite certainly I don’t want to do it with an audience of other youngsters all around.

I am not sure I have been fumbling long enough for anyone to notice, when I hear a boy too far away saying something about the girls practicing their English.

Whether that is what they were up to in reality, I use it as an excuse to play along with the English lesson and, in a more robust voice than I might have otherwise used, say, Good morning to all of you. I am fine today. How are you girls today?

They seem delighted with the response and, one at a time, each one tells me she is fine. The last one then asks, Sir, why are you here this morning?

I have moved into a house close to here and have just decided to take a walk this morning.

Oh! That is very good, Sir. This last one says in a very exaggerated manner, trying to enunciate clearly, as she has been taught in school. Sir, may we know your name?

I figure, what’s the harm? All seem to know these kids have grabbed the opportunity to work on their English. I don’t think I am in any jeopardy.

My name is Craig. May I know your names?

Yes, Sir Craig. I am Jocelyn, this is my friend Katrina and this is May.

What wonderful names. I am pleased to know you three. Well, I am sure your classes will start soon, and I need to continue with my walk.

Yes, Sir. But, Sir, before you go, may I ask what is your wife’s name?

Well, I’ll be damned. This little kid is trying to figure out if I am taken. All three seem to be hanging on, waiting to hear the answer. Oh, hell, no harm done. I decide to play a game on them.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am not married.

Sir? If you not married, why are you here?

I am trying to decide if I should retire here.

Truly, maybe you will stay here?

Yes, truly. That is what I am here to decide.

These girls are having a hard time containing their excitement. It’s cute, if way beyond weird.

Sir, maybe we could be your girlfriends?

§ § §

1 -Beware or Watch out. In this case it refers to her mother’s need to beware, as I have laid a trap for her.
2 - Sir.

§ § §

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