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What it all entails...1

There are a number of things to do here before I go back, and go back I must.

I need a bank account here. Bank to bank wire transfers get the very best exchange rates. The handling fee is higher, but if the amount transferred is great enough, it is well worth it. Though I have not done this yet here in the Philippines, life experience with business banking issues has taught me some simple facts of life when it comes to money.

I don't need to go to Immigration this time as I will not exceed the visa I have, but I do need to investigate what my options are. I decide to drop in to the local Immigration office and see what I can learn. It may be a wasted trip, but so what? It can't hurt.

I need my own transportation. My limited experience with tricycles has left me rather unimpressed. Filipinos might be OK with them. I am not. I have always enjoyed motorcycles, but in Boston, much of the year, they were of no use. Not so here. I don't need a powerful one as there are no Interstate highways. The roads are two-lane affairs, badly paved, and going is slow.

So, while I don't want to be underpowered, excessive power seems like both a waste and something that can get you into a lot of trouble. I am not looking for some huge thing to put between my legs to compensate for feelings of inadequacy and to protect my ego. There is a Yamaha dealer downtown I saw as we were driving around. I will look to see what is available.

But that is for tomorrow. Lyn is being patient. She hasn't left my side as my mind ran down alleyways. She has just waited for me to return to the present.

Where do you go? You here, but not here.

I was just thinking.

That good? I worry.

I'm not sure how to answer. I guess sometimes you would call it good. Sometimes maybe you would say it doesn't matter. Maybe sometimes you would say, why do you think that? I was thinking that in a very short amount of time, one, two or three things have happened. — Either: I captured you and the other three; or you and the other three captured me; or we captured each other because this is for the best for all. ... And, I was thinking that it is just because maybe I was not looking where other men look that I ended up here like this. ... And, I was thinking about bank accounts, motorcycles, and visas. So, is that something to worry about?

That it? That where you go?

Yes. That was where I was.

Why it matter about us? We good for you, you good for us. Same, same. Correct?

Yes, it seems that way to me.


I reach out and bring her to me. I don't have to pull. All that is needed is the encouragement of a gentle touch and she is connected to me.

There is something about Lyn that I find soothing. She is not a hot babe. She is not a fool, nor a scold. She watches, she listens, she knows what to do and, without fanfare, she does it. There are no hiccups with her. She brought me Jana without complaint and she didn't complain about Mel, but was smart enough to know Lexi, as we learned about her initially, presented a problem she didn't know how to solve. She didn't try, she just presented me with the facts and allowed me to figure out how I wanted to proceed. Right or wrong, the way she operates works for me.

I would just as soon spend the night with her.

But now is probably not the time. It is the time for me to repair back to my bedroom. I have an assignation with Mel tonight.

Once back on the third floor, I push open the heavy, solid wood door with its double locks. I am expecting to either be alone in the bedroom or perhaps to find Mel here.

Mel is here, but so is Lexi.

I am sure there is a reason for this, just as I am sure I don't have a clue as to what it is. I am not going to ask. Let them tell me.

There are no chairs in the bedroom, though I guess I could bring them in from the balcony. But, no, let the chairs stay where they are. That being the case, sitting on the bed is really the only option. I get on the bed, prop up with my back against the headboard, and wait.

It is Mel who speaks. Sir, we want to be together with you tonight. I know, nothing happens this time because you already have Lexi. It OK, we just want to be close.

I see. Did I say that nothing would happen later, or in the middle of the night or in the early morning?


You heard me, Mel.

But I thought...

Yes, I gather you clearly did think I was done for a good twenty hours or so. My question was, did I tell you that was the case?

No, Sir, you not say that.

OK, would you like to reconsider your decision now?

There is some unspoken communication occurring between these two. I really don't care how this resolves. As long as they understand what may well happen, it can be played however they want it.

They have decided and Mel informs me, It OK. No change.

That works for me. In a weird way it may be working for me more than I thought it would. I bring the two of them to either side of me and give them each a serious kiss. Mel first, and then Lexi, before returning to Mel and taking her in my arms.

I tease her lips with my lips. I run a hand over her ass, grabbing a globe and squeezing. She really was not expecting this! The kissing continues as I roll her on her back and slide a hand up to her crotch. She has a skirt. I am now under the skirt and I push her panties to the side as I finger her cunt.

She is a bit panicky as she pulls her mouth off mine as asks, Now? We do it now?

I guess so. And I press on her clit. I guess I need to undress and so do you.

Mel looks over at Lexi but all Mel sees is a big smile.

I get with it, shedding my clothing, but Mel is a little slow and Lexi is just sitting there fully clothed. I turn to the girls. Get your clothing off, Mel, and you too, Lexi. If you are here, you had better be naked. Move it.

That does it. Both girls are on the bed and naked in no time. I take Mel back into my arms and take her lips again with mine. Once again, my hand finds her cunt. She might not be flowing, but she is wet.

But I have another hand, and it finds Lexi's cunt. Knuckles on the mattress and thumb in the cunt each of the sisters, I extend one finger underneath each, find their rosebuds and snake the finger in.

I am between them, holding each as if my grip is of a two-fingered bowling ball. I hear no complaints. I slide the finger in Lexi's ass deeper. Still no complaints, and the thumb in Lexi's cunt is getting a real bath.

Repositioning, I pull my hand from Mel and put her below me. There are no complaints and no complaints as I run my cock onto her cunt while one of my hands is deep inside her sister.

No, no complaints. She is urging me on. That's nice, as I am hard and glad I am giving her a good ride, but there is no way I am going to cum right now.

Lexi is still getting attention. I still have a thumb up her cunt and a finger up her ass.

I am just watching Mel, as I continue to fuck her. Her legs are locked around me. Her hands are on my arms, the fingers digging in tight. She is staring at me and I am, for want of a better expression, staring back. She and I, locked in this thing. Fucking without consummation. Me giving, she taking. A contract between the two of us. Each stroke sealing and resealing an agreement.

And then her eyes snap shut, her back arches, her legs wrapped around me push down on me, and her cunt spasms on my cock. She gasps, and then all her muscles release at once.

I kiss her forehead and back out of her, still hard. Mel moans softly.

I pull my digits from Lexi and move over her. Her eyes have been closed, but they open now as I mount her. She is also watching now, just as her sister had before.

I am slick with her sister's fluids and Lexi is slick from my thumb. There is no impediment as I push into her. I fit here nicely. This is the second time tonight I have been here. It is something Lexi was not expecting; the fact that I didn't expect it either, she will never learn.

Lexi is ready for me from the moment I slide in, and she is letting me know in many little ways. She does her best to tilt her pelvis up for the best penetration. She drags a finger between my lips, gathers my saliva and returns it to her mouth, where she sucks on her own finger.

God almighty, are all fifteen-year-olds like this? Lexi is the very definition of a sexual being, and everything in me is being drawn out by her actions.

If I didn't think I was ready to cum before, I am not nearly so sure now. There is an urgency in my loins that was not there just a few minutes ago. But Lexi has already received my cum. I jerk back, pulling out of Lexi, mount Mel in a damned rush and pound the girl in a way she was sure as hell not expecting, bringing forth a new orgasm just as my cum enters her cunt. And in that knowing moment, yet again, something passes between us.

I can't name it, but it matters and will last.

Lexi leans over and says, Take a shower, Sir. Cool off and then come back to us. We know, we yours now. I know. Ate, she knows too. We will take care of you.

A shower seems like a good idea. They don't seem to want one, but they sense I do. How that is, I do not know. A shower and then sleep between these two girls.

Right now it is 10PM here; It is 9AM in Dorchester... Nine AM at the Eire Pub. There are men already drinking beers there, pissing and moaning about what life is like for them.

Yes, and here I am between two impossibly young girls who seem delighted to be mine after each of them having received a deposit of cum.

So, here's a simple truth. The world is not fair.

It just isn't. There are winners and losers, and the winners are not always the ones who you were thinking were going to be the winners.

Here's the next truth.

Nothing is ever going to stay the same. Everything changes. I am lucky tonight. I really don't know about tomorrow. I don't and you don't. Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes it is all roses. You don't have to roll the dice. All you have to do is breathe.

Morning comes quickly. It seems I just shut my eyes and open them to find the sun is up.

I have slept only two nights in this city. One night in a hotel and one night in a place that is now my home. The first night I had two girls. The second night I had four. This is only the morning of the second full day I have been here... and yet, this is now my home.

Things have happened in a way that I surely was not prepared for. I can think of endless metaphors from a vortex to a chemical reaction between unstable compounds. They all fit. But now is not the time to get lost in my thoughts, though it happens all too often and not by preplanning.

I have limited time on this trip and I have to get things done before I leave. Of the number of things I want to do, getting my own transportation will make the rest all far easier. And so, it is time for a motorcycle.

Lyn tasks Jana and Mel with stocking the kitchen.

Sitting down with Lyn, I go over what we need to purchase and what the related costs are. Based on that, I provide four thousand pesos.

Lyn thinks it is too much, so we have another conversation about what we need to run the house efficiently. The concept of efficiency as opposed to what can be afforded this day, is something she never considered before. She was never in possession of the money to consider what might be more efficient.

The concept that she can now purchase a 25 kilo sack of rice which will cost about one thousand pesos rather than buying every day or so by the kilo is a revelation to her; she begins to understand why the money I supplied might be more right than she thought.

As the lesson sinks in a smile emerges, replacing the earlier frustration she was feeling.

And as new frustration creeps in and, now, as the concept of controlling how much to give those who are making purchases becomes a question of not 'what can we afford?' but, rather, 'how much do we need to complete the list of things we need?' her job has become that much harder!

Before, she took all she had and got what she could. Now we can get everything, but don't want to be carrying more cash than is needed.

I gather Jana and Mel will be making multiple trips. The rice vendor is one, the palengke is another. A trip to a supermarket will be a third. There they will get canned goods, more cleaning supplies, and other things not available at the palengke.

Lexi is to start with the laundry. She is provided some pesos to purchase soap and such from a neighborhood store they call a sari-sari.

Lyn comes with me to the Yamaha dealer via yet another tricycle. The tricycle we choose dies half the way there and we have to flag down another one to complete the trip.

The Yamaha dealer has a boatload of underpowered rides but few with anything like what I want. I don't want a rocket, but for crying out loud, I don't want a tiny put-put. I really want something more powerful than what we put on a lawnmower back in the States. I was hoping for a 350cc engine. That seemed a sensible engine spec.

This place doesn't have one. But they do have an XJR400. I buy it using a Visa credit card. I have to call the international number for the bank to authorize the payment but, though it adds 30 minutes to the deal, it is of no real significance.

I now have a ride and can operate the bike on my Massachusetts license while I am here during this trip. Once I return I can use it again for another ninety days before getting a local license, of which I am told will be no problem.

I never would have considered a 400cc bike as a big one, but Lyn comments that she has never been on such a big bike. And then she hops on behind me without any fuss as we ride to the bank she recommends, BPI, Bank of the Philippine Islands.

I do something this day that, if I were a later arrival here, would no longer be possible. I open a bank account with only a tourist visa1. But on this day, there is no problem, other than the mountain of paperwork and the number of signatures required from me. In any case, I now have a passbook savings account.

Lyn and I have burned through the morning and grab a lunch at a restaurant on the national highway, not far from the Immigration office, my next stop. But I have an extra task for Lyn. I give her the keys and ask for five sets of the seven-tumbler keys and two sets of everything else.

She tells me this will take a while and I will be done long before her. She suggests that I might want to check out the supermarket in the mall, pretty much across the street from Immigration. Maybe there are things I want to eat that Mel and Jana would not know about. I figure, why not try.

But first, the Immigration office.

Immigration isn't all that helpful. These are process people, not information folks. If you need something done which they can do, you are in luck. But asking for guidance, not so much. I will have to do my research in other ways.

Lyn's suggestion of the mall ends up to be a brilliant idea. I do meet two expats and from them I get a bunch of useful information regarding visas. I also learn that the visa office here is staffed with corrupt individuals. Once again, in later years, this changes, but as of now, the place is a problem.

I learn of two long term visa options. One requires marriage and, while it has real benefits, it also creates real problems. The second is a retirement visa. There are also limitations with it, but it does not create the drawbacks the marriage one presents.

I can also just stay on a visitor/tourist visa, renewing every sixty days (which is a hassle) and having to leave and come back once every year. I decide to just think about the options for now.

The other reason the Mall is a good idea is that I find ground coffee, a coffee maker, paper filters, and a bookstore. Life just got better.

I also purchase two cheap cellphones with prepaid SIM cards for one of the local cell service providers, plus loads for the service provider that will carry me and Jana through the time I am here this trip.

I know Mel has a phone and I don't know about Lexi. I will deal with their needs once I figure more of this out. Lyn already has the extra load based on what I did yesterday.

It seems to me that communicating between the five of us is critical.

I had written down Lyn's cellphone number and now I text her with my new phone.

This is Craig. Just got this phone at the mall. Done now. How are you doing?

All OK. Done soon I think. There a Dunkin Donut. I will meet you there when I am done.

OK. I know where it is. See you there. No hurry. I have a book to read.

When I do see Lyn she warns me that I will not be happy with how much the new keys cost us, but when I learn of the total, I only smile. It's fine. I get another one of those undecipherable looks from the girl, before she gets up and orders a donut.

Our tasks complete, it is time to go home, try out the new keys, and relax.

Moving through the roads here on a motorcycle is far easier than riding in a tricycle. We are able to move about town quickly, and getting home takes maybe a fourth as long. This bike has more power than I really need here, but better to have a little more than needed rather than not enough. Yes, sure I was worried about a bike with too much power. Those are not sold here, from what I can see.

Soon enough we arrive at the house, with Lyn holding onto the coffeemaker, coffee, filters and two books. The bike might fit through the manhole but I opt for the big gate. We are home.

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1 - In later years, an ACR-I card (alien certificate of registration) is required.

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