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The way forward...2

It is entirely possible to get eight of us on three motorcycles. I don’t like it, but that seems to be beside the point. Behind me I have Jocelyn and May. Behind Lyn there are Jana and Katrina.  Behind Mel is Lexi.

We are just riding around an area a bit north of the house. The girls tell me the place is within the city limits but called San Isidero. I am sure, I am not sure. I don’t yet understand how things are done here.

I gather the city is divided up into smaller portions but when I mention this to Lyn, she tells me that these smaller sections also exist outside the city. So, like I said, I am sure, I am not sure.

The land rises slowly the farther north you go from the bay. Being higher seems to be a good thing as far as the temps and breezes are concerned. If I wanted beach front property, this option would be no good. But I have no need to be on the beach. Plus the girls tell me that this land will be less expensive. That sounds good to me. Cheaper and cooler, what’s not to like?

There are no ‘for sale’ signs, but I gather you just never know. We have been stopping as we go, asking folks about who owns what and how to get in contact with owners. Often we come up dry. The person we speak with most often doesn’t have a clue. But we do end up collecting a bunch of information.

We are at this all Saturday. For those potential owners of land for whom we have cell phone numbers, we send texts asking if they have any land for sale. Once again, we don’t get positive responses from all we text, but we do get a few positive replies.

And so, on Sunday afternoon we arrange to meet some of these folks at the land they will consider selling. I will not be at these meetings, as all insist that it will drive the cost of the land way up.

Some landowners want to meet on Sunday morning but that is not an option because of my church-going contingent. And Mel needs to be at the meetings along with Lyn and maybe Jana and Lexi.

I am not happy about not being there as I am concerned about the details, but Lyn insists, I must not be there, promising that no commitments will be made. They will find out exactly what is up for sale and what the asking price will be. I can, later, then take a good look at the properties, giving Lyn instructions about whether a piece of land will work and, if it will, what our counter offer should be.

Not all go after Church. But we really want Mel going.

My three younger ones stay with me. Dido has hopes for some playtime in bed, but Li2x rains on her parade. She explains to her friend that I will be getting cell phone calls all afternoon from Lyn and Lexi.

I don’t trust the four, who are looking at the properties, to remember all the details of all the places by the end of the day. So after each stop, I want a call with all the details. There are four stops, four properties, four sellers, with four different asking prices.

I ask all four to note the answers to a series of questions I have. If Lyn fails to ask a question, then Mel should. If neither asks about a specific thing, one of the other two should. I think, they think I am being a little excessive. So be it. I don’t care. I want the answers to the questions.

I have told the girls to make it clear to each potential seller that we are looking at four properties. Inflated prices will not be entertained. If the seller doubts that claim, the girls are free to disclose where else we are looking. At the same time, they are to make it clear that when we buy it will be a cash sale, and the cash is already here. It probably is, unless I am buying something incredibly expensive, which I don’t think will happen, but even if there isn’t enough in the bank now, it will be by the time we are ready to sign any papers.

The girls have some rags attached to wooden stakes. I want them to find the corners of each property and stake them. That will allow me to go back out and take a look tomorrow.

It is a long afternoon and it is dark by the time the girls get back to the house, but I have pages of notes.

The prices on the land range from fifty pesos per square meter to one hundred and fifteen pesos per square meter. The smallest piece of land is one thousand square meters and the largest is two hectares.1

The two hectare plot is the one going for fifty pesos per square meter. The location is a way back from any main road, but there is legal access from what the girls tell me. I will look at it tomorrow. Even if I don’t get a better price, and I will definitely try, my cost at one million pesos works out to be less than twenty-three thousand dollars. For what amounts to five acres of land inside the city limits, I figure, at that price, it is a good deal.

Of the four properties, only this one and one other is of any interest to me, but if neither pan out I will just look some more. There is no pressure to buy the first ones we see. If the lot proves to have issues as to siting a house, I will take a pass, as I don’t have a plan yet.

So tomorrow, we go back out to look at the property. If I like it, I will offer forty-five pesos per square meter. But I am done for tonight. There is nothing more to do with property matters until the morning.

I slept alone Friday night, after bedding two of the girls during the day. I was going to sleep alone last night as well, but Lexi joined me and spent the better part of an hour explaining why I want to meet her friends. If she could be a pain in the ass about that, I decided I could return the favor and we spent a fair bit of time with Lexi learning how to give really good head. As a reward, I ate her out, only to hear complaints that she way prefers being fucked good and hard.

Now I am being asked who I will be with tonight.

Mel, will you join me tonight?

She will and so it is done. The others will clean up the kitchen as Mel joins me on the two flight climb up the stairs.

Lexi worries about Mel and I guess I can see why, but now that Mel is attached to me, most of those concerns are resolved. No, not all, but most. As far as being good to me, and good for me, there is not a damned thing wrong with Mel.

There is no pressure on us tonight. There is no one else in bed with us and it is not late yet. We have time and I decide to use that time to get playful with the girl. Just like last night with Lexi, I want Mel to give me head just the way I like it.

We work on this for maybe ten minutes, but Mel is gagging as I am pushing her to take it as far as she can. She really wants to give it a break for now. I guess we should.

As a reward I decide to go down on her, except she doesn’t see it as a reward. First Lexi and now Mel!

Having my mouth on her pussy freaks her out. I get a little pissed off and tell her to shut the fuck up and relax. Nothing bad is going to happen. Like I said, there are still a few things about Mel that need work. 

Once she accepts my eating her cunt, she seems to get with the program. I can’t really prove it as I really ordered her to knock off the crap, but she seems to be responding positively to the stimulation.

From my end, there is nothing wrong with her cunt. It doesn’t smell or taste bad. I have a good time sucking on her clit for a bit while fingering her cunt. She is arching her back and shoving her cunt up to me. I am facing no resistance and seemingly I am receiving encouragement.

My jaw can only take so much of this and it is time to give the kid a good fucking anyway.

I slide up on her, my cheeks soaking from her fluids. Her eyes are wide open and she is really looking totally freaked out. I ignore it, wipe my face on a pillow case and plow into her cunt with a very hard cock.

She still looks to be in shock as I start to slam repeatedly into her cunt. She is responding, but the oral stuff may have really not been copasetic with her. It’s not like I am fucking a block of wood. I hear grunts, moans, gasps. Her cunt is awash, and though her passage is a tight one, I hear the sloshing of her juices on my cock.

Has she cum? I am not sure. I think she has and sure as hell don’t want to ask her anything right now. I pound her cunt on and on, staying inside my own head. Thinking about making Mel pregnant. If I do, just what the fuck can her mother do then?

Weird as it is, that sends me over the edge and I cum deep and long inside Mel.

Mel, as soon as you are pregnant, your mother can come and visit.



Why you change your mind?

I am not sure I have. What will be different is that both you and Lexi will have my children. There is no way she can demand I choose one of you and leave the other alone.

Oh… Oh! Fuck me again! Ha! Yes, make me pregnant! Then my mother can come!

Uh-huh, yes, this is weird shit and I am not going to try to deal with it other than note it has happened.

I gather her up in my arms, kiss her deeply and then settle down for the evening’s sleep.

Monday morning means looking at the two hectares. We will need a legal survey of the land, but if it surveys even close to how it is staked out, I am OK with it. There is no city water here. I will have to drill a well. There is no electric service here, but there are poles close by.

Next I will need to get a title search done along with the survey. If everything is OK following that, I will make the offer through Lyn.

I am not sure how to take care of these things and ride over to the attorney’s office. Maybe they can guide me. I get there right after lunch but Trujillo is not there and the secretary has no idea when he will return.

I explain what it is I need assistance with, only to be directed by the secretary to contact a woman who for a ‘consideration’ will handle everything for us. I ask, How much of a consideration?

I think she will do everything for maybe three thousand pesos. But you must call Ate Rena. I will text her now and tell her to expect your call. 

Lyn is the one who texts this Rena. A text comes back almost immediately. A cellphone call follows and then a decision to take her to the land we are considering, tomorrow. We will do so after I get the van.

I was going to ask the secretary if the paperwork Trujillo was working on for me was done, but Lyn told me that would be pushing and to just wait. She giggled and called it ‘Filipino time.’

It is mid-afternoon on Monday and I am done for the day. It occurs to me that I never asked Lyn to contact the Belgian. I do so now. We are still downtown and, if by any chance he is too, this is as good a time as any.

It turns out that this is not a good time, but the text turns into a call.

The guy is amazed I have returned. He turns the phone over to his long-time girlfriend. Lyn and the gal get to chatting for so long I am about to get irritated. Maybe Lyn sees this in my countenance, as she wraps of the call.

For me a call is a short thing. You deal with an issue and hang up! Here every call seems to become a social event.

Craig, why you angry?

I am not angry, but why have a long social call when we are standing out on the street? If you want to socialize, why not wait for a better time?

This not social! I tell Stefan you want to see many homes here and what people say about their homes. He asks why so I begin to tell him but he is busy so he give the phone to Mona. She want all the details!

And that couldn’t have waited?

But she need that before she say she will call others.

I can tell I am just going to lose this no matter what I say. So to get some kind of closure I just change the subject a little. So the Belgian’s name is Stefan and his girlfriend is Mona?

Yes, of course!

OK, and what happens now?

We go to their house for dinner tomorrow. She will call others and we will make more plans about them tomorrow when we see them.2

My brain is not able to absorb this. It makes no sense! But for now I just give up. I think I am about to get a headache.

Tomorrow! Lyn, I have to pick up the van and then meet with this Rena. Do we really have time to meet with Stefan and Mona tomorrow?

I think, yes.

How many of us go to Stefan’s?


All? Really?

Yes. They know.

Oh? All? What did you tell them?

That you have seven with you.

All this was necessary as we stood out on the street? Why was much of it necessary, ever? Now, I am sure, I am getting a headache. I keep my mouth shut.

The rest of the day is a blur. My head is pounding. There doesn’t seem to be any aspirin in this city. Lyn buys something called Biogesic.3 I start to take two. Lyn is insisting I should only take one. I look at her.

You only take one, right?

Yes! So that all you need.

No, if one works for you I will need at least two! You are less than half my size. I will need more medicine.

Lyn isn’t happy but I take two of the tablets.

It’s late and I am intending to go to bed right now, but the girls insist I eat something first. What they give me is a combination of thin noodles in a thin chicken broth with chopped green onion, an egg stirred in plus rice. It tastes fine and I suspect it can’t hurt.

After eating it I am not feeling any worse and maybe a bit better, but I still decide just to sack out alone for the night.

Tuesday morning arrives and I find the headache is gone. I feel fine.

I ride down to the Toyota dealer with Mel behind me. She can ride the bike back to the house while I drive the van back.

There is only one problem. The van is not ready.

Why? How many days do you need?

Sir, we not expect you to pay so quickly! I am not sure what still must be done, Sir. I only know it is not here right now.

Well, I recommend you find it right now and tell me what remains to be done.

Yes, Sir, please wait a while. I will check!

Mel is sitting with me. I am most likely riding back home with her behind me.

We have been waiting for a good forty minutes. Twice the guy has come by to say they are still checking. Finally, he appears with an expression that I suspect indicates he has some news.

Sir, the van is here now! You can take it.

Mel stands up, kisses me on the cheek and leaves. She will ride the bike back alone.

However, if I thought I could drive back right now, I am very wrong. The van is here, but they want to check me out on it. They want to walk me through the owner’s manual. They want to instruct me about what to do and who to call if there are any problems so that I don’t void the warranty.

I burn through another two hours before I can drive the vehicle off the lot. All the while I am getting texts from Lyn. Rena is waiting!

It is almost lunchtime when I am finally on the road. I ask Lyn to offer to buy Rena lunch before we go to the site. It seems to mollify hurt feelings and so I swing by the house, pick everyone up before driving off to pick up Rena. Lyn has the instructions necessary for finding the gal’s place. Without that I am absolutely sure we never would have found her at all.

When we do find her she is not alone. She has a fellow with her whom she says needs to come with us. OK, so there is one more for lunch. I am not worried about that and there is room in the van so, why not?

Rena is probably in her fifties. She may be the fattest Filipino I have ever seen. She clearly has enough to eat. Is this type of work how she supports herself?

The guy she is bringing along is her son. When she needs to come back to the property in the future, he will be the one to drive her in a tricycle. That is why he is with us today. He needs to see where we are going.

There is a Mang Inasal on the National Highway. It seems that’s where Rena wants to go.

During lunch, we give Rena all the information we have on the land. That includes a copy of a surveyor’s filing, a photocopy of the title, the owner’s name and cell number. We share the asking price and I propose a counter offer. Rena thinks my offer is an insult.

I don’t figure Rena is going to be a good person for us to work with. Lyn sees that in my face and asks Rena what the problem is.

Rena has some English and she is letting me know that now.

He will not sell it for that!

So, he can come back with another number.

Oh! So you are bargaining?


Oh! OK, yes. I think he will settle for forty-eight pesos.

Try to get him to forty-seven-fifty.

Sir, maybe you were a businessman in your country?

Yes, I was. Why do you ask?

You know to bargain. Many foreigners, I think, they not understand. Yes, I think we can do this. But I must check to make sure he really own the land! Sometimes they not tell the truth. Sometimes others own the land or the taxes not paid. Let us also survey it ourselves. Never trust another’s survey! First, let us look at this property!

OK, so maybe this Rena will work out.

There are ten of us in the van as we leave to roll down the road again. I sure as hell needed a van.

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1 - A Hectare equals ten thousand square meters. An acre is about four thousand square meters. (It is actually 4046.86 square meters. So two hectares is damned close to five acres (4.94211).)
2 - The use of pronouns when there are multiple subjects and no clarity is just part and parcel of life in the Philippines!
3 - A brand name paracetamol.

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