Bayan Na

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Chapter 8:

Jana, this is where you belong. Not in some other room.

No, she needed her time with you.

OK, maybe, but, not again. I do not want to be separated from my wife like that.

Why? You love her. I know you do. She is pretty. She understands what you do. She is smart. And Gordon she loves you.

Jana, you are my wife. I love you. No one and nothing can change that. Not ever.

Oh, how can you say that? How many other girls will you fuck, Gordon? How many? Two, three, four module managers? Maids if I hire some pretty ones? How can you tell me you love me like this?

Have I ever left you?

No. I know you want me to be here with you but, I am not enough. You embarrass me. You take another woman, you know my family. They say something wrong. I will deal with it, about Eve. I will stay with you. You are my husband, for better or worse. Gordon this is worse. I do not like this. I put on a good face for others but, I tell you the truth.

What do you want to do?

I think maybe I go back to the States but, I not sure. I am your wife and I am supposed to be with you. I don't know. I need to think more.

I try pulling Jana close to me but, she pulls away. Not now Gordon. I need time to think.

I settle in to my side of the bed and go to sleep.

§ § §

In the morning, Eve and I ask for a meeting with Mitch. There are texts between Mitch and Eve for part of an hour, following which, Eve announces that both Mitch and Abbey are coming to the house. Jana hears this and asks why we are not meeting them at the office?

I don't know and Eve only says that they will install a device here and there is no need for them to go to the office yet. Jana is not keen on entertaining business folks at home and grumbles, while tidying the place up a bit.

Abbey and Mitch are young. They are in their twenties. These are no seasoned IT hands. And yet they exude a confidence way beyond their years. I gather Mitch is actually the business end of the team. Abbey is the primary tech. While Mitch, Eve and I sit down and discuss what we need in the coming weeks, Abbey has spoken with Jana and is evidently installing a second Cisco ASA device here. I have no idea where they have gone, as I sit, going over details. Eventually Abbey reappears and asks Mitch for a sidebar. After which Abbey joins us to talk about how the network she has just installed here will work, and Mitch wanders off, whereabouts unknown.

§ § §

We now have both a secure wireless network that will connect up to the server room at the office that they will install tomorrow, and we have an open guest WiFi network for the devices and people who don't need to be in the secure network. My laptop has been set up to see the secure side and we have instructions on how to set up Eve's. They have been here for a good three hours before they leave and we are finally the three of us again.

Jana is fidgeting and that is not normal. I look at her as to ask a question but, she anticipates me by speaking up. You know about those girls?

What do you mean, Jana?

Gordon, you know how they related to Jake?

No. We only know that they have taken over his business.

Eve, they tell you?

No, Ate. What are you talking about?

Ha! I know more than the two of you! This may be the only time in my life! Do you know how old they are?

Both of us look at Jana, as cluelessly as we are at the moment.

Mitch is 24 and Abbey is 23. You know how many children they have?

No, Jana I do not. How many?

Three each! You know how young they are when they have their first little ones?

No Jana, how old?

Fourteen and thirteen. ... Do you know who the father is?

Oh shit, Jana. Are you going to tell me Jake?

Yes! Yes I am! They are mistresses of Jake and they have been for ten years. You know what else?

God, I am afraid to ask. What?

They come in and see what is happening here with the three of us without a word told to them. They see I am not truly happy and they talk to me. They talk like older sisters to me. They treat me like a young one! This Jake, he has many, many mistresses. But Abbey's mother, she is like a wife to Jake. Both Abbey and Mitch say, any can leave Jake. He will be sad but, they can leave. But if Abbey's mother leaves, they not know how he will live another day. They tell me that some men are just like that. They have many women and they love these women but, there is always one. Both tell me I am that one. Gordon, you swear to God that you have nothing to do with this?

Yes! Jana all I know is that this Jake is supposed to be weird. I do not know why. I swear I have nothing to do with this.

Eve, is this because of you?

No Ate. You are the one who hear of Jake, not us. Gordon not know them. I go to MSU with them but not know them personally. This is the first we meet them since you contact Mitch. Here, look at my cell phone. I am the one who has been texting them.

They want me to meet Abbey's mother. Gordon, I am going there now. Maybe I come back, maybe not. I am confused about many things.

Jeez, this is not good. Eve is in a real panic, crying. She is begging Jana to either not go or at least promise to return. It seems to be working. Jana is promising to return as she walks out the door, gets into the car and leaves.

I am not OK. I am just sitting and thinking of how bad I have screwed up. I do not want to lose my wife. Eve is trying to comfort me. I am not pushing her away, only because I do not want to hurt her feelings but, I just want to be alone.

§ § §

Jana has been gone for four hours, when she finally returns home. For part of the time, Eve has been busy with work related things but, I have just been sitting. I know what the world says I am supposed to be like, what I am to do, and to want. But it doesn't work that way inside me. What I want, what I do, what I need. If I promise Jana something that is not in me, I will just be lying. But I do not want her to leave. I love her so deeply it hurts. I am scared of what will happen, and then she finally does walk in the door.

Gordon, have you eaten?


Ate, he hasn't moved since you left.


Yes Ate.

Gordon what do you want to eat?

I am not hungry, thank you.

Gordon, I am not leaving, Eve is not leaving, and you are going to get your maids to fuck. Now, husband, what do you want to eat.

Honest Jana, I do not have any appetite.

OK I make you some pancit canton and itlog1. You say you are not hungry but, I know you will eat this. Eve you want this too?

Yes, thank you Ate.

When Jana re-enters from the dirty-kitchen2, and puts the dishes of food down on the table, it is Eve who starts a conversation with Jana.

Ate, what happened?

I meet Joy and Jake. It take a long time, because they ask me many questions and I have to explain so much. They want to know a lot about you Gordon. They ask about you, Eve, but, not as much. Then Joy tell me how she meet Jake. She tell me about what her life like and what Jake mean to her when she meet him. She tell me that Abbey and Mitch being with Jake is her idea, not his. She tell me why. I believe her. She tells me the truth. I find out that Jake is a lot like you, Gordon, except he act on his inside needs for years before you do and he not married to the woman he love when he do. He say, if he already with Joy when he got the way you are now, he not sure how he would handle it. Joy tell me that she love him and maybe if she married to him then, maybe she not really understand it. Jake say men, like you, they come to a place in their life when this must happen. It is not a choice. It must happen. Joy say, if I really love you, I be proud of you, and the world you have made for me. If anyone say anything, I should laugh at them. What man do for them, what you do for me? She tell me that if I am scared or sad, I should call her. She say, you will not have young girls, if I do not put them in your bed. I should not worry about that. Gordon, I was surprised. I find that Jake did not want all his mistresses. He would have been happy with just two mistresses and no wife. He tell, in front of Joy, that he ask Joy to marry him and she say no. I look at her and she say that true. But I know now, in her heart, Jake is married to Joy, as much as you are married to me.

Holy shit. Jana, are you saying that we are OK now? You will not leave?

Yes, I know now. I not understand you before. I understand. We OK.

And it appears that Jana means it. After I finish the meal, she pulls me into our bedroom and all but rips my clothing off me and pushes me on to the bed. Then Jana does something for the second time in three days that she hasn't done in quite a while. She goes down on me. Jana has always been good at this when she does it. She just hasn't done it this often in a long time. She is still fully dressed, as she kneels on the bed, taking me in a way that Eve has no clue of how to do, even after the internet video lessons. Jana takes me to a place, where it is almost the land of no return, and then she stops and clamps me off. I am now threatening to get a bad case of blue balls. Jana strips off her leggings and panties, before mounting me fairly unceremoniously. Jana is riding me but good, and she isn't 'getting off.' She is talking. You know what else Joy tell me? The more girls I put in your bed, the more you will want me. She say to me, do not be afraid of losing him. You will not be able to make him go! The more there are, the more he is yours. So you ready, Gordon? I am going to make sure there are so many, you can't count. We see if Joy is right. I get two maids! I want to see you fuck them!

I can't hold it any longer. The concept that my wife is pimping for me has me way out of control. I cum and cum. Jana giggles.

§ § §

We emerge from the bedroom a little later to a bemused Eve. Gordon, it looks like Ate has taken what is hers. You poor dear, I think Ate and I need to feed you again so you can get your energy back. You are going to be very busy these next few weeks.

I am now the butt of some fairly crude humor. The Joy and Jake meeting is recounted in even greater detail with Eve asking questions. I must say I have my eyes opened to why Jake doesn't want to socialize. We decide to order a Yellow Cab pizza delivered to the house. Tonight I will be with both Jana and Eve again. The mood is light and there is an ease between the three of us.

Tomorrow, Eve will be getting a laptop of her own, Abbey is installing the Cisco at the office, and has agreed to put the server there while we 'burn it in.' Having an IP address that is live, according to Abbey, makes the deployment of hand-held scanners easier and allows her to deploy three fixed base PC's in a way that she can be sure, will be able to see the server when we put the code on it. I am not sure I get the small details but, I get the large picture.

Abby has pointed out that we need Cisco ASA units at the remote warehouses and the other store. These sites do not need static IP but do need DSL connections. We have ordered them and I gather they will be installed this week. I guess we need to build in the cost of these to each store and warehouse we roll-out from now on.

It also means that Jonathan will be seeing real activity. That is good. But tonight, I am attending to other things.

For the second time, there are three of us in the bed. I have been with Jana already this afternoon. I am feeling more playful than randy. This time there is less drama in the lead up. We are all showered and the bedroom lights are still on. Cell phones are plugged in to charge for the night, before the lights are turned off. All three of us get under the covers.

I pull Eve close to me and whisper in her ear, Eat Jana's pussy until she cums.

Eve scoots down and Jana while surprised, allows the intrusion, grabbing me and pulling me in for a kiss. And then another kiss. And then a kiss that does not seem to end as Jana tries to eat my face off my skull. As Jana cums, she is holding on to me so hard it almost hurts. Her breathing is in short patches. I whisper in Jana's ear. Do Eve.

Jana pulls Eve up, gives the girl a brief kiss on cunt soaked lips, before sliding down on Eve. Eve is trying to pull me in for a kiss but, I get below Eve and slide into Jana's hot wet cunt. Jana doesn't take long before she is cumming on my rod.

Leaving her cunt after her last orgasm, I position myself behind Eve as Jana continues to eat the girl's cunt. My tool is wet, and Eve's bottom, from front to back, is awash with female juices. I center my rod on her rosebud and push in to an incredibly tight ass. I can feel Jana's chin slap against my ball sack as we both attack Eve. Eve is going nuts: screaming, begging, promising, cussing, and praying. I reach around Eve and squeeze a breast. Eve lets out an ear shattering scream and cums very hard. I dump cum in her ass and Jana pulls back.

We realign on the bed. I am in the middle, directly on top of the wettest spot, I guess. Jana is on one side, with Eve on the other. Just so we are clear. Neither of you are to leave me, ever. Are we clear on that?

I get two, yes's.

§ § §

When morning arrives, we are all in serious need of showers. I get mine first.

Later as I sit down with my laptop, I find my email is heavy with the detritus one gets as soon as you start a project like this. Some of it is useful, much of it is not. Eve is busy with Abbey at the office. Janna has gone to the lot and may be there all day. I have been sent eighteen résumés that Eve has collected and Jonathan has approved for me to review as possible candidates for open positions.

The first thing I notice is that all are female and all are under the age of twenty-three. I tap out a text to Eve about that and her answer is succinct.

If you want unattached staff who do not have conflicts with home life, this is what you get.

In other words, I had created the result by my definition of who will be considered. It is Sir Arthur Eddington's 'Fisherman's Net' writ small.

And so I work my way through the group of résumés. Each is only one page long. Each has a scanned photo connected with the page. Each of these girls attended the same school, MSU. I am getting the idea that Eve has collected these résumés from girls she knows from school. I send another text to Eve and she replies...

Yes they are all from MSU

she is confident that each will be OK.

Don't you want to be sure that the girls will be good for us? How can I be sure of the ones I send you, except for the fact that 'we' already know them?

OK I am a little concerned that we are leaving some significant talent out by this process. I do see her point.

I will be filling in more positions later, I am going to fill two now. And these two are ones who need to have a great deal on the ball now. They will be trainers later. But if I pick the very best now, how weak are the ones that will follow? Do I save the best applicants for later and pick some slightly weaker ones? I text Eve again. Her answer makes me chuckle.

Pick the best. I did not send all.

I text back.

There are some secondary positions. I was going to see if we should fill them in with current employees. What do you think about using some of the weaker ones here for those positions?

Yes, maybe we can use them. Current employees may not be able to be pulled away for this and may not do as you want. We need one at each invoice desk (3), one in receiving at each current location (5) and one in the warehouse at each location(5). Plus the two module managers.

That's fifteen of the eighteen!


Eve, some of these may be 'temp' positions.


We'll talk about this later. I will pre-select fifteen. But I am not ready to take on fifteen right away, and I think I want to see if we can use some of the local staff before we take on all fifteen.

OK. Text me the names of the two you want for the managers as soon as you decide.


So I am going through the eighteen. There are three eighteen and eight nineteen-year-old's in the group. They cannot be considered for the two top positions. That leaves seven to be considered. Of those, two are missing some language skills. Three have a degree which I don't find helpful for the positions. And that leaves just two for the top two. One girl is twenty and the other a year older. I see nothing in their résumés that causes a concern but I want to see their college transcripts. I know I did not look at Eve's, and maybe I just got lucky there but, Eve was already a known person to Jonathan, these girls are not. I have their cell phone numbers. I send the two the same text.

You are being seriously considered for a manager position in the IT roll-out at Bayan Na. Please scan and send a true copy of your MSU transcript to:

I let Eve know where I am in the process. All I get back is a...


They must have had their transcripts, because less than an hour later I am looking at two perfect top grade transcripts, a 1.0 for each girl. I am sure Eve must have known this.

I text Eve that the two I indicated earlier are my first choices. I ask her feedback.

I agree. You want to meet one of them?

Yes. You need to be present. We will meet each one at the house. This is a daytime meet and we do not want to do this at the office in daytime.

I see, I think. OK.

You telling Jana or me?

Ha! Gordon I think I will text her. She at the lot right?


OK she need to know. It is OK. I her girl now! ;-)


How about 3PM.


§ § §

And so I sit here at the house, a few minutes to 3PM now. Neither Eve nor the first girl we are going to interview, Delores, has arrived. But Filipino time may mean that neither will show up for an hour or two. I hope that is not the case, even though it is something you just live with here. I make myself an iced tea and relax with the newspaper.

It's 3:30 now and a tricycle comes to the gate. Eve is climbing out along with another girl. This must be Delores. Eve brings the girl in to the house and introduces her to me. Eve gives me a kiss and tells me she will be back in half an hour. Something has come up. Well, OK, I have wanted Eve to be with me at the interview but, whatever. I say OK, offer Delores something to drink, including water, and that is what she takes.

We sit down to talk. Delores is a good looking twenty-one-year-old. She is nicely dressed and has a good bearing. Her smile is confident. I start in.

I see by your transcript that you were a star student. How many other students did you tutor?


Well, you know your subjects very well. Is this correct?

Yes, Sir!

And others were struggling in those classes. True?

Of course!

How many of them did you help?

None! Why should I? That their problem!

I see. OK. Have you ever been assigned to work in a team?


I imagine you must have found that frustrating. True?

Yes! You are very right. It is so hard because the others, they hold one back.

Yes I can imagine how you feel. Tell me about what you look forward to getting from your employment career.

At which point I just let her talk for a good long time, asking questions to make sure she knows I am listening to her and that I understand her mind. She at some point mentions that it was so nice to talk with someone who understands her. She turns the tables and tries to ask me some questions. I am waiting for Eve to come back, and so I am drawing it out. Finally Eve does come back. I circle back to the beginning and mention that I remember her saying that she saw no point in tutoring others at school and let her run her mouth, in front of Eve on the subject. Then just to make sure we put a nail in her coffin I mention that, much of the initial work would be done late at night with me, alone. Was that a problem?

Yes, that would not work. I would never put myself in a position where such a thing was possible.

No matter the job opportunity, is that right?

Yes! Surely there is another way!

I thank her for her time and tell her it was a pleasure meeting her.

When does the job start, Sir?

Oh, Delores, I am sorry but it doesn't, for you. We will not be able to hire you. But it was a pleasure meeting you.

Why? What is wrong?

Delores, your credentials are excellent but, we are looking for some things, for which you do not appear to be well suited. However, because the interviews with others have not ended, I do not want to discuss which things these are exactly. All I can say is that you are just not a good fit for the position we are trying to fill. Once again thank you for taking the time to interview with us.

Eve shows her out and helps her catch a tricycle.

§ § §

Gordon, I had no idea! God. She is absolutely wrong for us.

Yeh, she is. When do we see the next one?

She comes here at 9AM. Who else do you want to look at?

I review the three with the other degrees, which I had excluded, and choose one of them. I text the girl asking for her transcript via email. I also ask if she will be available at 2PM tomorrow for an interview. I get a text back. I will get the transcripts tonight and she will see us tomorrow.

Eve, Delores will not be the only one we will exclude. She is only the first.

§ § §

1 - Egg.
2 - A second or open air kitchen where cooking that requires heat is done. In a tropical climate putting heat from cooking in the home, is something to be avoided. The inside kitchen is used to cold preparation and simple things like making a cup of tea using the hot water dispenser on the safe water dispenser.

§ § §

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