Bayan Na

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Chapter 6:

OK, let's start with the hardest and most awkward — sleeping arrangements. How does this work? Do you both expect that I will shuttle between the two of you? Each of you maintaining your own bedroom?

Gordon, Eve and I talk about that. Tonight we will try the three of us in the bed. If she or I decide that this does not work, we will do something different.

And you expect me to be intimate with one of you while the other one is right there? Really?

Yes. Better we see it, we not be afraid, and we know what is happening.

Eve, you agree with this?

Gordon, yes, but, may I ask another question?

Yes, what is it?

Well, I know you say you not love me. Do I have an equal say here? I not know if I do. I do not want to cause a problem.

Ah, OK. Eve, I deeply care for you. I am not sure it is true love yet but, caring is very much in my heart. Yes I think you must have an equal say. That is why I asked Jana before to speak now, or never speak again. Yes in this house, for me, you have equal rights and I expect you to do your part completely. No holding back. So you really agree with the three of us being in bed together?

Yes, very much. I will be part of the marriage bed. That is more than I dream I will have. This is good. I am happy you can love your wife with me right next to you. It mean, I am really in your real life, not just a little play thing.

Jana, did Eve tell you she has gotten an IUD inserted?

Yes, we talked about this. I ask her to take it out if you tell her you love her.

O, K, really?


Huh. Well, I've gotta think about that. I guess that brings me to a side question. Eve, do you want to work for Bayan Na, if I fall in love with you? You won't have to. You could train your replacement.

Who can do what I do? No, I want to do this. It will be exciting. I am wanting to see you do the things you told Cynthia we will do. Do we really need four equal managers? Can't there be two primary managers and two managers below them?

Yes, but, tell me how you think I should organize it. Sorry to be talking shop Jana, but, Eve and I are going to do that a lot.

Gordon, I am glad that you do this in front of me. I like it.

OK. How would you do it Eve?

Inventory should have shipping, receiving, ordering and value added jobbing under it. The back office accounting should have inside and outside sales attached to it. And because of the larger number of employees on the floor and outside sales, HR too. Accounting has to determine discounts and credit terms for the sales staff. It is a better fit. I control things, accounting controls sales, profits and marketing.

OK, now Jana, you have been with me a long time. You say you don't understand what I do but, I think you know how I see things. What do you think I will tell Eve? Jana is laughing. Eve is wide eyed, once again.

Eve, you have just pronounced the world of business organization as per Gordon. That's exactly what he wants but, most business owners just don't see it that way. They want every module to be an equal management center. It drives Gordon crazy.

Gordon, I have it right? Is Jana correct?

Yes Eve, that's the way I will try to organize it.

So I will have four managers answering to me?

Yes. Eventually, maybe five managers.


Uh-huh. Shipping may be really shipping by truck and shipping by ship. I think we will need to split that out to separate modules. They have separate paper trails, and very different process needs. We will own our own trucks and we may end up owning our own ships. That means that HR is going to be split or at least finessed a bit. I have some ideas about personnel in the trucks and on the ships. We can talk about that when the time is ripe.

So Gordon, do I train these managers?

No, not the first time. The first time, we train them together. Remember that each of these modules are going to be built for us and, on this, we will be working with San Jose many nights.

OK so here's an awkward question for you, dearest. Are you going to fuck all of them?

No, Eve. First, all of them will not be women. I don't fuck men. It is not my thing. Second, I don't fuck married women but, it is true that I don't think Jonathan will send us a married woman. But if you are asking will I fuck another assistant, let me remind you that you will be there the whole time. Anything I do with these assistants, you need to do too. It is to you they will need to have allegiance, not me.

Gordon, you didn't answer Eve's question.

Oh, I think I did. What do you think, Eve?

Yes. I am not sure how it will work but, yes I know what he means. I have never been with a woman but, you and I will be together tonight. Gordon is saying that if he takes a girl, I will be right there when he does it. He is saying that they need to have allegiance to me and not him. So it will be different? Di ba1, Gordon?

OK the two of you, I guess I am bobo2. I do not understand.

He expects me to fuck these women, if he fucks them.

Gordon! Eve is not a lesbian!

Eve, tell me, is this about love?

No, it's about power.

Gordon is that what it was supposed to be with Eve?

No, but, I didn't expect Eve to fall in love with me initially either. In the very beginning I saw it as an inevitable office romance that would spin off as she became a full time manager but, for a number of reasons, that quickly became untenable. By having Eve there, with any other girl, it will be OK.

It hardly seems OK to me, Gordon!

Jana, Gordon may be right. He is asking people to do things in the jobs, and I am talking about business processes, that their entire life they believe is wrong, or can't be done. If they are not powerfully attached to Gordon, or Gordon and me, well, maybe things will not get done correctly. I think it will be better if there are no male managers.

I see your brain is working again, Eve. I had doubts about that an hour ago.

Thank you, but, Jana and I have one problem, the Accounting Manager. When you train her, I will not be there.

But that will be Jonathan. What's to worry about?

Ohhh. You don't know.

Know what?

Jonathan, he is the face of the company but, he is not the real power.

Who is, Eve?

His wife, Zelle. The power, the dynasty is her family. You meet her!

Really? I have met her?

Of course, she was there when you meet the family. She handles money behind the counter along with others there. She is chin-noy3. To save face, the man stands in front but, she is the power. She really runs things. And that's a real problem. She is married and you will need to train her at night.

That assumes she will be the one to be trained.

You wait. She will be the one!

Well, we don't have to worry about that for a while. Let's concentrate on your modules.

Gordon, how will I learn how to be with women? I have never done this!

Practice with Jana.

Both in unison, Gordon! No!

Well, why not? We will all be in the same bed!

Gordon Jameson, if you think your mistress and I are going to be lesbians, you are missing the reason why we are both in your bed!

I think that given a day or two, you are going to have to convince Eve that you are right, because even now, I can see the wheels turning in her head. OK enough about work. When do we go to bed? I am actually tired. Eve and I have had some very difficult days.

Go shower. Eve and I will clean up the kitchen first.

My desire for sleep is genuine. My sleep cycle has suffered a major kick in the teeth. I do not look forward to the repeats of it that are most assuredly coming. The shower feels good. I shave. Somehow going to bed with my two lovelies with a scratchy face seems so wrong. And while I am thinking about it, Jana alluded to the suggestion that she was no longer attractive. That is pure bunk. The years have been very good to my wife. I can honestly say that she remains a looker. I hear enough comments from others in this regard that I know my eyes are not simply clouded by my love for the woman.

I must have fallen asleep before my two angels come to bed, because all I know is that one of them is now sucking on my rod, which for some reason has rigidity in it. I moan and I hear Eve in my ear whispering, Do you like how she is doing this? She say she will teach me to do this right.

With one hand I reach down and stroke my wife's hair. With the other, behind Eve's head, I pull the girl in for a kiss. Jana is giving me all the pleasure any man might ever ask for. My cock is fully rigid now. All the pleasure centers are firing. Eve is making sure I feel her love. I do. I do know she really believes it is love. Am I wrong to think it is too soon to be real? It feels real right now. Equally right now, I either want to fuck my wife's throat, or I had better pull her up and fuck her properly.

I pull Jana up, breaking free from Eve. I put Jana on her knees and enter my wife from behind. My rod is working my wife with a good regular stroke, allowing her to build her own need. Eve lays by Jana's side, not doing anything. I start fingering Eve. Eve reaches up to Jana's face and caresses my wife's cheek. It is not a sexual thing. It is more a gentle sign of caring and support. Jana moves her head and kisses Eve's fingers.

Eve's fingers now trace Jana's lips. Jana licks Eve's fingers. And then she starts to suck Eve's middle finger. Eve starts moving that finger in and out of Jana's mouth as if to fuck my wife's mouth with her finger. Jana is getting very wet on my rod. And then as she sucks Eve's finger all the way into her mouth, Jana cums hard on me. I fuck right through it. Jana opens her mouth screams loudly, Fuck Yes! And cums again before collapsing below me, her face just millimeters from Eve's face.

I am still hard and in need. I move over to Eve, spread her legs just a bit before plunging in missionary style. I grab Eve's ankles and push her legs up in the air bringing her cunt up a bit for the best penetration. I am randy as hell and am pounding the girl. Eve licks her lips, puts her hands on Jana's head and goes in for a kiss. Jana is kissing back. The girls wrap their arms around each other and I fuck my way to an orgasm. I see Eve playing with Jana's nipples and breasts. Jana is responding. This is just too damned much and I blow my load, sending cum deep into Eve, just as the girl hits tilt on her own table.

No one is moving. Eve and Jana are still lip locked. I am still inside Eve, though just barely, as I am limp. I am breathing a bit heavily. Jana's hand is clenching a lock of Eve's hair. Eve still has a hand on Jana's breast. The room is still. The aircon4 hums on a low setting. A gecko is chirping outside, tooockoe, tooockoe, tooockoe, tooockoe, tooockoe.

I slip out of Eve. Eve moans, breaking the lip lock. Jana gives Eve one more serious but short kiss. Eve squeezes, Jana's breast, which gets Jana to respond with yet another kiss. I roll off Eve. Eve rolls on her side, pushes Jana on to her back and then runs her hand down to Jana's cunt. Jana's hands find Eve's head, once again. A kiss ensues, while at the same time three of Eve's fingers disappear in Jana's cunt.

I am a spectator with a limp dick as Eve proceeds to bring Jana off in a major way. When all is quiet again, Eve turns to me, fingers still in my wife's cunt and tells me, I think this will work just fine Gordon. And Gordon, you damned well better fall in love with me, right Jana? She asks and she evidently pops my wife's G-spot, because what I hear from Jana is a short raspy, Yes!, as her ass rises way off the mattress.

§ § §

When I awaken in the morning Jana is gone from the bed. Eve is completely sacked out. I let her sleep, take a shower, dress and leave the bedroom. When I enter the kitchen, I find Jana just sitting there with a coffee in front of her but, she is just staring off into space. I grab a clean cup and make some tea. I am about to walk back to the table. Jana has not moved and I am not sure she even knows I am here when she speaks. My God, Gordon. Is she always like that? Does she always just rip your heart out and tell you it is hers?

Is that what she did to you?

Don't you know it? You were there! She do that to you?

Sort of. When she did that before, she told me she is mine forever. But if you mean, does she rock my world, then I have to say, yes.

Gordon, I don't think it is an act. I think she means it.

Oh, I agree. But Jana, will it last? Is this really a forever?

Ah, you mean, because it is so intense?


Gordon, I think the intensity will go away but, yes, it will last. She is not a lesbian and I am not a lesbian but, we love each other because we both love you so much. I am sure of that.

You sure she isn't just practicing for what she will do with the other assistants?

Hala!5 No! Not unless she is going to tell them she will love them for the rest of their lives, just please let her stay! She say that to me.

Huh. OK, well if it is the three of us from now on, she and you need to rethink the new house and how it will work. And if you really want her pregnant, then don't you think someone should ask me what I want?

But Gordon, she is young. It is important that you give her children. Better now, before you are too old to enjoy them.

I must be inhaling my tea. The cup is empty. I get up to make a new cup. My back is turned to the room when Jana greets Eve. Good morning!

OMG, what do I call you now? Saying Ms Jana no longer seems good.

Oh, just Jana.

OK if I call you Ate6?

Yes, of course, yes.

Ah then, magandang umaga7, Ate. Ate, is everything OK with you and me?

Yes little sister! You do that to me again and I will forget you are here for Gordon and think it is me you want! Wow, that was something last night.

So it OK that we always be together?

Yes I think it is fine. Eve, I want you to come to the new house we are building today. It is now our house and we need to talk about any changes we need to make. It is the three of us now.

Oh! I not think of that! So now I am getting 'free' things from Bayan Na for my own home! This is weird.

Yes, truly sister. Gordon will you come with us?

Yes, sure. I haven't been there in a week.

The lot, where we are building the new home, is 4KM from the place we live now. We have been at it for the better part of seven months and while we are not done, the basic structure is up.

That meant a vast amount of cement, sand, gravel, ready-mix, coco-lumber for forms and scaffolding, deformed rebar, nails (both common and for concrete), tie wire, tools and hollow block forms, sanitary pipe, ppr water pipe, electrical entrance cable, roofing, steel for rafters, welding rod, gutters, excavation and fill. Most of those days are over, now we will be dealing with studs and Shera board for the interior walls, tile (ceramic, porcelain, and granite), plumbing fixtures, ceilings, interior electrical, doors, windows, banisters and grillwork.

There are many, many choices to be made. I have been responsible for the overall structure. Jana is the one to pick out what you will see, as far as design, color and such. At least that was the plan prior to Eve. I have no idea how Eve fits into this.

We have all the plans for the house, black and white large format renditions of the blueprints, attached to a wall on a construction shed at the lot. So the first stop is to show Eve what, she sees in mid-construction, is to become when complete. We talk about how each room is intended to be used, and Jana talks about her ideas for color and features. Eve, listens, asks some nonthreatening questions and just simply pays attention to what she is being shown.

Next we walk through the building. The act is not without meaning. The drawing does not allow you to get a feel for the scale of the structure. The rooms are large by Filipino standards. But as the rooms are all proportional to each other in the drawing, it is only when you are inside the building does the scale really present itself.

I see a few things that need correcting and I talk to one of our foremen about them. Other than that, things are OK. Jana has done a good job riding herd on the activity here. Jana finally turns to Eve, who has not said a word of either criticism or desire through the entire process, Well, what are your thoughts? What do we need to change?

Nothing, Ate. I love it. There is enough room for me to be with you here. I want to add a desk to Gordon's office. That is all. But Ate you need to build a separate maid's quarters. This house is too big for you and I will be working most days outside the house. I think you need two maids.

Jana looks at me. I look back and answer the unstated accusation, I didn't say a word to her!

And I hadn't. Just as it is clear to me that this place is way too big for Jana to keep up by herself, it is equally clear to Eve. Jana has had her feet planted firmly in the mud, because she was afraid I would be fucking the maid. Well, now, that is sort of a non-issue, or so I think. Exactly what Jana thinks, is well, we are about to find out. … or not, as she announces, I will think about it.

Jana and Eve talk about closet space and kitchen cabinets. I am looking at the plumbing and the electrical junction boxes, making sure all is OK before we put up the double walls. Finally we leave and the girls decide that this is a good day to stop at a roadside stand for some balut. They get five. Two for each of them and one for me. Theirs are 18 day eggs and mine is 16. Eve is amazed I eat it. Jana knows I do and is having an animated conversation about it. When we get back to the house, they have theirs with vinegar. I have mine with some Sriracha. There's no rooster on the bottle and I suspect it's not the real deal I know from the States but, the term is not a trademark and refers to a type of sauce. This one comes from Thailand. The name, Sriracha, is displayed in small type under a label that says Hot Sauce but, Jana and I like it and our current bottle is almost empty.

We are relaxing at home. Eve asks permission to use my laptop, as she normally goes to an Internet cafe to check her email. I am nodding when Jana asks her if she would prefer to use Jana's Samsung tablet.

Ate, you OK with this?

Of course, yes. I rarely use it. Just a moment I will get it.

About ten minutes later, I note that Eve is totally focused on the tablet. I ask her if there is a problem.

Yes and no. Cynthia and a programmer are waiting on an answer from me regarding how we do some government mandated reports. It is complicated, so I am working my way through the explanation.

Uh-huh... on a touch screen of a tablet. Eve save your draft and log back in with my computer. You need a real keyboard. Tablets are good for sales staff, not us. I will have Bayan Na get you a laptop of your own.

A little later, Eve is giggling. Both Jana and I look over at Eve, who smiles, and rolling her eyes, announces that, Cynthia want tsismis about the three of us. Should I tell her to mind her own business?

Hala! Gordon, this one is a devil. What we do?

Oh Jana, I don't think she is evil. Eve, give Cynthia, Jana's email address and tell Cynthia, to ask her.

Gordon that is so bad! Giggling. Ate, what is your email address?

We decide to go out to an early dinner. The choice for the night is the Original Savory restaurant, and we are back home by 7PM. As we walk into the house, we are trying to figure out what happens next. Jana asks Eve, Little Sister, you know tong-its8?

Yes! Yes, we play this at home. Who we play with? It is a three player game!

I am a little humorously put out. Hey, Eve! Am I invisible?

Gordon? You play tong-its? Ganun?9

Yes, maybe not as well as you want but, yes. Why do you think Jana asks? When we are just two, we can't play but, now that you are here, we can.

Ate, this is true?

Jana is laughing. Yes Eve, it is why I ask. When it is just the two of us, maybe we watch TV and use a computer. But now we can play. OK for you?


And so for the next two hours I proceed to minimize my losses to something that isn't completely humiliating. At 9PM Jana has won the last pot. She gathers up the cards and coins while announcing that it is time for bed. Jana and I normally wait another hour before going to bed but, I sense that this has more to do with Jana and Eve. No one is arguing with the pronouncement. I am told to wait in the living room while the females use the shower first. I will be called when they are ready for me to shower.

I turn on the TV and find myself in the middle of an old episode of Law and Order. About half an hour later I get the word.

Kissing both females briefly, I enter the CR. I take a bit longer again to shave, before entering the bedroom. The lights are out. A candle burns on a night stand. My eyes adjust to the dim light as I put my robe on the hook. And then I notice, Jana is not in the room. Eve is here alone.

§ § §

1 - Is this correct? [Pronounced: Dee-BAH]
2 - Stupid.
3 - Ethnically Chinese Filipino. Pinoy is a nickname for Filipinos. This is a concatenation of Chinese and Pinoy.
4 - Air conditioner
5 - Watch out or Beware.
6 - a-TAY: older respect sister or at times unrelated older but respected female. The 'a' sound is the same as in 'and'. The TAY sound is the 'TAY' sounds the same as in 'take'. The second syllable gets the emphasis.
7 - Good morning or literally 'beautiful morning'.
8 - A card game.
9 - Is this true?

§ § §

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