Cutters Creek
(Mdom/F, mc, preg)
By Homer Vargas


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Some of you may have been following the goings on over in Fertile Valley. I hope so. My good buddy, Jimmy Davis, has been trying to keep you up to date about all those BIG bellies being made over there. But Fertile Valley's not the only place where strange things are happening. I was talking to Jimmy the other day, and even he had not heard about Cutters Creek, about five miles up the mountain from Fertile Valley. So I thought *I*'d better tell you folks about that.

"I say that we've got to DO something. They're a bunch of ignorant savages and their unchecked breeding is costing the state millions," Cindy had just exclaimed. "If we don't, soon we'll be as bad off as the ignoramuses down in Fertile Valley."

"It's not that simple. You don't know what you're talking about, you silly twit," Alexi replied.

The friction that was developing between Cindy and Alexi did neither of them any good. Why couldn't the two women see that it was circumstances, not the other's fault. They had a problem and needed to work together. Still, it was understandable; both women had been under a lot of strain recently.

Cindy Morrow had just taken over as the new head of the Welfare Department when she started to see happen here in Cutter's Creek what she had heard about down in Fertile Valley. A population explosion! Not just young wives -- thought Cindy guessed there wasn't a married woman under fifty that wasn't expecting -- but girls as young as 10, most of the few single professional women in town, and many older women, some over sixty five were starting to show big bellies.

Alexi Carpenter had been sent to Cutters Creek by the state Health Department to set up a clinic on an emergency basis. What was happening made no sense to her or anyone else. It wasn't just the sudden change in the little community's demographics -- that girls who were "way" too young and matrons who were "way" too old were having babies for the first time or for the first time in many years. The change in the women themselves was equally amazing. Alexi remembered a typical case of not long ago. A young woman had come to her with her two teen-age daughter, begging for contraceptives, "the strongest you've got," to protect them from an unwanted pregnancy. Nevertheless, a few weeks later when both mother and daughters appeared at Alexi's clinic, their bellies already starting to show, they were blissfully happy with the babies, even talking about having more. Well, she had thought it strange then.

"I don't dispute your arithmetic, Ms Morrow," Alexi said, her voice dripping with irony. "You hand out the welfare checks. They may be breeding like minxes, but ignorant they are not. Someone is behind all this and they were smart enough to get to me, or hadn't you noticed," she smirked casting her eyes down at the noticeable little bulge in her own belly. "You'll mind your own business, if you know what's good for you or you'll wind up looking like this," she warned.

"Oh!" said Cindy somewhat embarrassed by Alexi's open mention of sex. For a social worker, Cindy was surprisingly uptight. "I thought that you and your fiance just, er, got a little head start on the wedding plans during your last visit back to the city."

"In his dreams!" Alexi snorted. "Ralph has been wanting to get me knocked up for two years so I'd marry him, but, oh, no, I was `too smart,'" she laughed ironically at herself. "I was a 'career girl.' No man was going to get me pregnant and turn me into his little housewife! No, the visit was to inform my EX-fiance of my `condition.'"

"You don't mean it? The bastard dumped you just because of that? I'm so sorry," Cindy commiserated.

"Hell no!" Alexi scoffed. "Oh, Ralph was a little upset at first that someone else beat him to the punch, but I wasn't worried. I knew once I got him on his back and his prick stuffed up in my hot little box, I could reconcile him to my little eight pound 'mistake.' But after that first night, I realized I could never marry him. I fucked him as hard as I could, but nothing happened. I had forgotten what an inadequate prick he has, barely seven inches. And he could only come for me three times, four if you count the farewell ride the next morning. After what I had gotten used to here, I knew it would be unfair to both of us to go on. He begged and cried, but I told him it was better this way. Otherwise he would end up like those men on the Dark Wanderer site, constantly watching his horny wife get fucked and bearing children of better endowed men."

"'After what you were used to?' I don't understand." Cindy asked, puzzled. "You mean some man here in Cutter's Creek made you pregnant?"

"Did I say it was a man?" Alexi laughed. "Oh well, I guess you should know just what happened to me - to know what you're up against."

"I had only been in town a few months when Zeb showed up in my clinic on Friday afternoon when my Rosa had already gone home to nurse her triplets."

"Zeb? Zebulin Deeks?" exclaimed Cindy. "Why we suspect that boy of being responsible for knocking up six of the girls in Cutter Creek Jr. High and one of the teachers!"

"Probably true," Alexi nodded. "In fact that was the `problem' he ostensibly came to discuss with me. I know now that it was all set up, but at the time I didn't think anything of it. Don't interrupt, and let me tell you how it happened."

"Just what kind of a problem do you mean?" I asked the skinny kid standing shyly before me.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Miz Carpenter. It seems like every time I'm around some purdy girl, I gits her preggers. Sometimes it's just one, but usually I puts two or three young'ens in her."

"Well, that's what having unprotected sex will do to a girl." I laughed. "But `every time?' That is rather unusual. Women can only get pregnant on a few days during each month."

"I know that Miz Carpenter. It's like I can tell when they's ready, you know, smell it or somthin'. I just ... my gosh. Miz Carpenter, you's got that smell."

I could have been offended, but I knew he wasn't talking about body odor. Apparently the boy could detect the subtle pheromones that women emit when they are fertile. I guess I should have been worried that he had `sniffed me out.' For amazingly, he was right; I probably *was* ovulating that day. Since I moved to Cutters Creek I had noticed that my contraceptive pills did not seem to be working. I took them on the 28 day cycle as I had been taught, but after the first month here, my periods started to come and go on their own quick-time schedule. I was about two weeks into this one. I am enough of a nurse to recognize the change in pussy mucus that signals "egg-on-the-way." That morning I had noticed I was stickier than usual and, looking at this overgrown boy grinning in front of me, I realized I was hornier than usual, as well.

"And what happens when you detect a woman in this state," I asked, trying to maintain my professional air.

"Well..." he grinned. Gosh, his bashfulness was making me want to give him a big hug!

"I starts thinkin' about how purdy she'd look with a big belly sticking out of their tight pants. You'd shor be purdy that way, Miz Carpenter. You ever think about havin' a baby?"

"Well, I do want to have children, someday, Zeb, but back to your `problem,'" I said, trying to ignore the wetness I felt growing between my legs. "What happens next?"

"Somethin' I cain't help, Miz Carpenter - my old thang starts getting big and hard."

I gasped as my gaze fell into his lap. Clearly evident between his legs under his loose shorts was the biggest bulge I had ever seen. I like men with big cocks and my boyfriends have never been pikers, but this was a phenomenon. I was transfixed.

"Gosh, Miz Carpenter, you're lookin' at it the same as Amy Lou Stricklin did when I pregged her. Her eyes was as big as yours. And she started pantin' when she see'd my thang git big."

"'Do... do you... do anything when this happens?" I forced my self to ask, trying to gain control over my breathing.

"Not really, I just tells'er how purdy her titties are, all hard and round and how cute her nipples are poking out through her blouse. Cuz when they sees my thang, their titties get real hard, just like yours are, Miz Carpenter. When I sees a big purdy set `o titties round and hard, I jus wants to reach out an' give 'em a tweak."

What I feared and what I wanted. Putting work to his words, he stood up and came over up to me. For a minute he just looked down at my boobs that seemed to be getting bigger and harder by the second. "You's got bigger tits than Any Lou," he told me. Then he reached down and unbuttoned my blouse and popped my tits out of the bra. He did more than tweak; he began feeling me up like a pro. "You like this, don't you Miz Carpenter. All the girls do."

"'Zeb, please, stop. You're making me so wet."

"Yup, all the girls gets wet between the legs when I feel up their titties, but they like it and don't make me stop. You don't want me to stop playing with your big ole boobies, do you, Miz Carpenter?" I was afraid of what was happening, but all I could do was shake my head, no.

"Lemme see just how wet you are Miz Carpenter." I could only moan. If he was asking permission to run his had up my dress, push aside my panties and start fingering my pussy, he didn't need it. The boy had me so horny, I would have let him do anything.

"You're a lot wetter that Amy Lou was, Miz Carpenter and she was really leakin'. You're really messin' up your dress. Is it because you hasn't gotten fucked in a while."

I nodded helplessly.

"I'm sorry Miz Carpenter, but when I sees a woman as hot as you and needin' a good fuckin' as bad as you, I've just got to get out my thang."

I had closed my eyes as he played with my pussy but opened them enough to see him drop his shorts and display a cock longer and thicker than I have ever dreamed of. "Ohmygod, Zeb!" I exclaimed."

"You're gonna have to take your skirt off for me to git this in you, Miz Carpenter,' he said matter-of- factly There was no question about what I was going to do. I wanted to `git' his cock in me and I would do anything for it. I shucked my dress in a flash.

"You look real sexy in them panties, but you'd better take `em off."

The panties joined my skirt on the floor. I stood naked before him, waiting to be told what to do.

"You got a good place for me to fuck you?" he asked."

"The examination table, Zeb. You can fuck me on the examination table!" I cried and pulled him into the next room."

"That's good," he said as he lay me back on the table and pulled my knees up to spread my legs. `Jus' the right height,' he observed and eased his cock into me. I should tell you that it was too big, that it hurt, but that would be a lie. I was so horny, that monster cock slid right in with no trouble at all. Then he took me by the hips and began to fuck the shit out of me.

"You're a lot looser that Amy Lou, Miz Carpenter. I guess that's because you's a growled-up woman," he remarked after a few minutes of hard pounding. "Prob'bly easier to knock you up, too, huh?"

I was just coming down from my second or third orgasm, but I heard a request for my professional opinion.

"Yeah, I'll be a lot easier to get pregnant than a little girl,' I confirmed."

"I guess you're happy about that aren't you, Miz Carpenter? You want me to fuck you and come in you and to make you pregnant?"

"Oh, yes, Zeb, please!" I heard myself say.

"You want me to put a whole bunch of babyjuice in your pussy so you can get a big tummy?"

"'Yes, Zeb, honey! Just fuck me. I want a baby, I want YOUR baby. Come in me! Come in ME!" I screamed as I felt about a gallon of hot boyspunk flood my fertile pussy and set off the biggest orgasm of my life. I passed out.

"Ohmygod! That's terrible. Almost rape," Trudy exclaimed sympathetically, but perhaps a little turned on, too, and happy it hadn't been she. "Poor thing, getting pregnant from one quick fuck. How unlucky."

"There was noting quick about it and who said anything about just one?" Alexi sniffed. "When I came to Zeb was fumbling to get some pillows under my ass.

"Mamma says when a girl's just been fucked, I should get a girl's ass up in the air to help the baby juice stay in her pussy where it will do the most good." I lifted my butt cooperatively. Who was I to make a boy to disobey his mamma? "She says that getting a girl off a few time after she's been fucked helps, too. It's going to be a little while before I can fuck you again, but I can eat you, if you'd like. Mamma has teached me good, cuz now that she's so big, I can hardly get it in her deep enough to `make her happy.'"

The boy might be uneducated, but he was surely polite and well bred. He looked at me funny when I giggled, reflecting that it was *I* who was being well bred. I didn't explain. Time he found out that women are mysterious creatures. Fortunately he took my giggles as consent and promptly stuffed his face in my muff.

Oh mamma! Or somebody had taught the boy how to eat a pussy. He immediately fell into a delightful rhythm of long slow licks of my sensitive labia punctuated by unpredictable little attacks on my clit. The urge to come was almost overpowering, but he wouldn't quite push me over the edge. "Zeb, baby, please! Make me come, honey. Let me come." I felt rather than saw him grin before he finally latched onto my clit and draw it between his lips to flick it with his tongue! All the fireworks of the Fourth of July exploded in my pussy and the shockwave rolled up my spine and out to the tips of my fingers. When it reached my eyelids, I went out like a light."

I was awakened by Zeb sliding his re-engorged cock into my cunt again, but I didn't retain consciousness too long. "Mamma says its best to put in two good loads at the first, OK?' I gave him a silly little grin. I was going to have to meet this mamma some time, I reflected just as Zeb put a stop to all higher brain functions by filling me with enough sperm to float a small freighter.

"I'm kind of hungry, Miz Carpenter. You got any food back at your trailer?" was the next thing I heard when I woke up.

"My `trailer!" Isn't that precious? It was dark, so no one saw a partly dressed and obviously just-fucked State Health Department nurse of 35 leading a grinning boy of twelve from the clinic. I pushed him into the driver's side of my car. In my condition, I'd smile at a tree and expect it to move out of the way. I knew letting a twelve year old drive was illegal, but so too, was letting a twelve year old fuck your brains out. As he was backing out of the parking lot, I was lowering my mouth around that heavenly dick.

By the time we got to the efficiency I rent in those new apartments on the edge of town, I had taken two delicious loads of boy-spunk in my mouth and swallowed most of it. (Nobody's perfect!) Even though he had just screwed me twice, I was hot to get this little fucker's donkey dick in me again. I wasn't keen on everybody seeing, but when he put his finger in my twat, it felt so good, I let him take me inside that way.

Not being a domestic type, I didn't have much in the apartment to refuel him with. "High energy, High protein" claimed the label of my breakfast drink. That should do the trick, I thought. Zeb had just given me two, thousand-calorie fucks I reckoned and he needed the energy. And he had also lost quite a bit of protein, a lot of which was even then soaking into the upholstery of my car where it had leaked out of me on the ride over. (I never have been able to get that stain out, Dammit!) And I could use the energy too. I've never seen it on an exercise chart, but I figure that with the spasming of my pussy, the bucking of my hips, the flailing of my arms, and the tossing of my head from side to side, an orgasm must be worth at least three flights of stairs. If so, I had been on a Stairmaster for three hours.

We chug-a-lugged two cans each and I led Zeb by the hand to my bed to teach the boy some of the fine points of foreplay. He didn't disappoint. If I had a complaint, it was that he revived too soon and had me roaring to go before I got properly eaten again. I don't guess you need more play by play action. Zeb kept me on my back and full of his fuck all weekend. I hated for Monday morning to come around, but he promised to be at the clinic that afternoon so he could "make me happy" again that night.

He kept him promise! (The neighbors complained about me screaming all night long) He came again on Tuesday night, too (as did *I*) but only every day or two after that. I guess he figured I was either knocked up or I couldn't be for another month so there was no use keeping me full to the brim. I was disappointed, but I understood. He had a number of women to service and I couldn't expect him to spend all his time with me. As it turned out, he didn't need a return engagement. Three weeks later, I bought a home pregnancy test kit and got the news. Alexi Carpenter, professional nurse, had been seduced and knocked up during that wild weekend fling a boy more than twenty years younger than I.

"I can't believe you let him do that," said Cindy with a snort. "Are you a pervert?"

"I was in some kind of rut. I knew he was going to make me pregnant, but I couldn't stop him. I wanted him give me his baby. So you know why I say be careful or your little smarty pants may be getting at tight as mine are" Alexi retorted.

"If you hadn't already been such a cockhound, maybe it wouldn't have happened. I'd never let a twelve year old BOY fuck me!"

"Spoken like a woman who's gotten laid at all. You'll sing a different tune if you even get that precious little pussy of yours filled with a twelve inch dick!"

"Never!" Cindy replied with a smirk. "Now I see why you don't want to help me. You intend to maintain your illicit relation with that overgrown child."

"I'm going to keep letting Zeb fuck me, if that's what you mean."

"I'm going to get to the bottom of this and I know where to go to find the answers -- the Church of the Spirit."

"You're probably right about that, but I warn you, Cindy. Stay away from the whole Church of the Spirit crowd."

"Nonsense! I'll have it out that charlatan preacher, Rev. Daniels!

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

A while back I wrote to tell everyone about things in Cutters' Creek. To really understand what's going on, you really ought to read not only "Cutters Creek," but Jimmy Davis's yarns about "Fertile Valley," because Cutter's Creek is just up the mountain from there. In the first chapter we learned that practically all the females from 10 to 70 are either have newborns, are pregnant or are about to be. In Chapter 1 Alexi, the Public Health nurse in Cutters Creek, told her stuffy friend Cindy, the Welfare Department representative, how she let herself get knocked up, too, not that she could have done much to help it. She also warned her younger colleague to mind her own business. Let's see what has happened since.

Several weeks had passed since Alexi's tension-filled conversation with Cindy. Alexi hoped that her headstrong young friend would take her advice to steer clear of the Church of the Spirit crowd, but she hadn't been able to keep much in touch.

Partly it was work. The day after her talk with Cindy, both of the Meador twins had their triplets on the very SAME DAY. Sally Mae and Ruthie Joe, the girls who normally helped Alexi at the clinic, were both out that day with morning sickness and Alexi wasn't as nimble as she used to be with her own little bulge getting bigger by the day. To say she had her hands full was an understatement!

And the delivery was only the beginning of the problem. Soon Alexi had six hungry babies and only four milk-filled titties - huge, well-supplied titties, but still only four. Fortunately the twins' older sisters had just given birth, too, and they had had only one baby each. A quick call got the two new aunts down at the clinic and soon four happy women were being sucked by eight happy babies.

The story had a happy ending in another way, too. The near crisis finally convinced the State Health Department to send Alexi some help. She almost jumped for joy when she saw the reinforcements that turned up the next Monday morning.

Dr. Carlos Gonzalez was a hunk. Alexi grinned almost hungrily as she took in the curly black hair, the smooth olive skin and the piercing blue eyes of the young doctor. Actually, Carlos wasn't quite yet a doctor. The Department sent him to Cutters Creek as part of his internship. Although Alexi was happy about it, Carlos was not. He let it be known that he would rather be back in the state capital at the university teaching hospital doing research. But he had a commitment to the state and had to fill in during the emergency. Carlos also let everyone know that Becca, his hot, blonde, society-girl fiancee, wasn't too happy about not having her Latin lover to keep her satisfied morning and night, either.

Neither of these facts unduly concerned Alexi. She was pretty sure what seeing dozens of pregnant young females would do to the young man. She intended to be the one to reap the benefits. Carlos might not intend to be unfaithful to Becca, but Alexi had some ideas about how to change his mind.

By Wednesday afternoon things were quieted down and Alexi and Carlos were taking a rare break. Carlos was still in shock about why so many women and girls in Cutter's Creek were pregnant. Trying to be casual, Carlos asked Alexi about her own pregnancy.

Alexi grinned. This was going to be her chance. "You know I'm not married, don't you? I guess you think that makes me a 'bad girl.'"

"Of course not, Alexi. I see plenty of cases of unwanted pregnancy. Contraception is never 100% certain."

"Would you think differently if I told you it was a twelve year old boy who knocked me up?" she grinned.


"Yep! A scrawny kid with a donkey dick. And while he had it in me, there was nothing I wanted more than him to put his baby in me."

"You WANTED to let a twelve year old boy make you pregnant?" Carlos asked incredulously.

"I'd better tell you the whole story."

[See Chapter 1 for Alexi's story.]

"And that the way I got my belly full of babies," Alexi sighed.

"Babies?" Carlos gasped, still trying to absorb Alexi's tale.

"Yeah he pumped me so full of jiz it put two in me," Alexi patted her pregnant paunch and grinned as Carlos's eyes fastened on it. She could see what hearing about her experience was doing to him and she smiled. "Did you like my story?"

"It - er -- demonstrates a different dimension of the phenomenon. We'll need to go deeper to find out what's really going on," Carlos stammered.

"But I mean, you 'enjoyed' hearing how that donkey-horse- hung boy knocked me up, didn't you?"

"It was... er, edifying."

"So," she snorted, "your prick was 'edified' hearing how that boy got me so horny I let him put a baby in me?"

"Alexi, it's not that at all..."

"Isn't it? I saw you get that big hard on when I talked about getting a big pregnant belly. Don't you enjoy thinking about getting women pregnant? I'll bet you're looking forward to making your fiancee's tummy swell, aren't you?"

"Yes, but..."

Carlos couldn't speak both from the arousal he felt and some guilt about his conduct with Becca. Both as her fiancee and her gynecologist, he hadn't been totally ethical. Child bearing was very important to Carlos. He had ten little brothers and sisters. He could hardly remember his mother NOT having a big belly. Carlos wanted a houseful of kids, himself. He was concerned that Becca would not be able to have children; several female relatives of hers had not. Besides, he figured her father couldn't object to their getting married if he knew his daughter was pregnant. Therefore, without her knowing it, he had switched Becca's contraceptives for fertility pills. If he were back home, he would be waiting for the rabbit to die.

"And what about afterwards?" Alexi's amused voice brought him back from is reverie "Once you've got your sweetie's belly huge and pregnant, do you intend to keep fucking her?"

"Of course. The orgasms are very good for both mother and baby." Carlos replied, happy to be clinical and have a moment to think, not that it did him much good.

"Would you prescribe the same treatment for me?" Alexi grinned and rubbed her belly.

"Alexi, don't..."

"Don't what, Carlos? Don't pull up my smock and show you how smooth and tight my baby filled belly is already? Don't show you how wet and pouty my pussy is? Surely you know that pregnancy makes some women really horny, don't you?

"Er, yes."

"Ever eaten the dripping pussy of a horny woman with a bulging belly?"

"Er, no," he admitted.

By now Alexi was standing in front of the gaping galen. Slowly she lifted higher the hem of her ridiculously short maternity dress. "But if you had the opportunity to get your mouth on the juicy cunt of a knocked-up woman, you'd take it, right?" she said, sticking her belly in his face. The aroma of her overheated twat hit him like opening an oven. He fought it for as many nanoseconds as he could, then plunged his face into her moist muff.

It didn't take Carlos long to have Alexi screaming in one orgasm after another. His skill at pleasuring Becca with his mouth was one of the reasons she had chosen Carlos over many richer suitors. But -- surprise, surprise -- soon neither Alexi or Carlos were satisfied with eating and getting eaten. "I've got to get fucked, you wonderful cuntlicker. I want you cock in my pregnant pussy."

"Alexi?" he pleaded.

Without saying a word, she bent over and offered him her ass.

That was too much. Carlos lunged for her, but Alexi broke for the examination room. In moments she had clambered onto the low table and dropped to her elbows. "Woof, woof!" she grinned back at him, raising her ass in the air. God what a sexy bitch though Carlos as he bunched her maternity smock above the now noticeable bulge in her tummy. "Babies love it when Mommy cums," she cooed. "Make my baby happy, Carlos. Make Mommy happy! Make Mommy come with that beautiful cock of yours!" she cried, quite unnecessarily now, as Carlos had her firmly by the hips and was pounding her vigorously.

"Yes, baby! Fuck me. Oh, shit, I need it! Fuckkkk meeeeieieieiei!" she screamed over the excited man's grunts, coming hard as Carlos unloaded enough spunk in the rutting woman to impregnate fifty fertile nurses. His pecker didn't know she'd already been done and continued pumping jism into her hot pleasure hole. Not that Alexi minded. She loved it and loved knowing she'd be getting a lot more of this from now on.

A few days later Alexi called Cindy to ask if she could bring Carlos along to the next Health/Welfare inter- departmental meeting. Cindy seemed rather distracted, but agreed to the usual time at her office. Alexi and Carlos's arrival together was not a coincidence; they had spent the afternoon together. Yeah, doing exactly what you are thinking. Since she had seduced him that first week, Alexi spent every night and as many odd hours as possible with Carlos's prick in her.

Alexi was shocked at the change she saw at Cindy's office. The gray walls had been redone in pinks and blues. Gone were annual reports of the Welfare Department and the pamphlets on how to get a job. In their place were magazines and books about pregnancy and childbearing.

As she and Carlos waited, Alexi began idly thumbing through "Single Mother." To her surprise, the magazine did not deal with the financial and emotional problems of bringing up a child alone. Rather, it was dedicated to advising single women how to get pregnant even if their boyfriends did not want to father a child. It even included a humorous story by Homer Vargas, one of Alexi's favorite internet pornwriters. "Principles" was about how a woman tricks her husband into getting her pregnant time after time after time. She grinned, seeing that pages of near nude women with paunches of varying sizes in "Pregnancy Today" had given Carlos a hard on. She suspected that dinner might be later than usual that night.

Alexi and Carlos were so engrossed in these strange periodicals they hardly heard Cindy waltzed in. When they looked up, Alexi was stunned! Gone was the slightly sourpuss expression she had seen in weeks past. Cindy was radiantly happy. Her clothing showed it. Rather than faded jeans and baggy sweaters, Cindy had on a cute little sundress cut four or five inches above her knee and a surprisingly translucent blouse. Her usual gym shoes had given way to smart white pumps.

Alexi and Carlos looked at each other in astonishment. "She's not wearing a bra!" Carlos' eyes said to Alexi.

"Hell, she's not even wearing panties!" Alexi's eyes replied.

"Well, I guess we can get started," Cindy sighed, "Although I can't see what you people are so worried about. Folks around here are just having babies." Did Alexi hear correctly? Three weeks ago Cindy had been incensed about the 'animalistic behavior" of the "savages" here. Now she found noting out of line?

"What do you mean, Cindy?"

"I went to see Rev. Daniels and now I understand everything," she replied angelically.

"Cindy! You didn't really go see that man, did you?" Alexi asked apprehensively.

"Of course I did. I said I would and I'm glad I did. Jack really straightened something out between us."

Alexi and Carlos exchanged glances but Cindy was bubbling over and proceeded with her story.

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

Cindy's Story:

Cindy had decided she would just ignore the silly Alexi's "warning." She wasn't going to be dissuaded by a woman with such little control of her own slutty desires as to let a sixth-grade boy make her pregnant. No, she was determined to have it out with the source of all the trouble here in Cutters Creek, that ignorant, benighted preacher of the Church of the Spirit. From what she could tell, it was even worse that the Unity Church of Fertile Valley of which it was an offshoot. The local preacher, John Daniels, was apparently the little brother of Luke Daniels of Fertile Valley.

"Hi, Miz Morrow" came the cheery greeting as Cindy walked into the Church office.

"Lou Ann! What are you doing here?" Cindy asked, surprised. "You should be in school." Lou Ann Harris and her mother were one of the few bright spots in Cindy's work recently. She had convinced Peggy Harris to leave her, ne'er do well husband and use the money she used to give him for beer to help Lou Ann to stay in school.

"Oh, I don't need to go to school, no more Elmer Baxter told me it was alright to drop out. I can make us some money."

"And why would you be doing something just because Elmer Baxter told you to?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, me and Elmer are gonna to get married," the girl gushed "Least I hope he'll marry me. I'm a little pregnant."

"Pregnant? But how, Lou Ann? Don't you remember talking about not letting any boys have sex with you?"

"And I didn't, 'least I didn't know what we were doing was 'havin' sex.' Elmer said he wanted to show me something he learned at the Boys Auxiliary from Church. I asked him what but he wouldn't tell me. He said he would show me, but I had to pull up my dress and pull down my panties. I didn't want to do it, but I figured if he learned it in Church it must be OK."

"It was better than O.K., Miz Morrow He got down on his knees and started licking me, right between the legs. I got real wet, you know, like when I play with myself. Elmer said I tasted real good. He kept licking and kissing me and made me feel real good. I got sorta trembly, so Elmer said I should sit on the couch but keep my legs spread wide open."

"He went back to licking me but then he started sucking on something he called my 'zlitty' and that made me feel even better. Pretty soon I was buckin' and shakin' all over. I didn't even feel it when he put is big ole prick in me and by the time I felt him shoving in and out, it felt too good to make him stop. He did that a bunch of times that night and sure enough three weeks later I missed my period."

"But how could that happen, Lou Ann? I thought you and your mother were both going on the Pill 'in case.'

"Well," she grinned, "I reckon Elmer and Daddy just have really strong baby juice."

"'And Daddy?'" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, one night a few weeks after me and Elmer started going at it, Daddy came over to visit me like Mom promised him. Daddy started lookin' at my breasts and Momma got real mad at him. "I cain't help it Peggy, you know how I love seein' the titties of a pregnant girl." They got to arguing. Mom said I wasn't pregnant (I hadn't told her) and Daddy said she shouldn't be jealous, 'cause she had bigger, prettier tits than I did and he wanted to see them. Momma was still mad and was trying to keep Daddy from getting his hand in her blouse. I guess she didn't try hard enough because I heard her start to giggle. When I peeked in at them, Daddy had Momma down on her back playing with the nipple of one or her big old boobies while he was sucking on the other one. Then Momma go to enjoying it. She had one hand holding Daddy's head to her breast and was fingering herself with the other one. I guess Mom already knew about her 'zlitty.''"

"Then Daddy whispered something about showing her what he had learned a Men's Fellowship. Oops! I knew what that was, but Momma didn't. Soon Daddy was licking her between the legs and he must have found her zlitty, too, 'cause Momma started bucking and moanin' just like I had with Elmer. I knew what was about to happen and kind of wanted to warn Momma, but when I saw Daddy pull that big prick out and start to shove it up in Momma, I could tell it was too late. And besides I was playing with myself to beat the band. Then Momma started screaming for him to fuck her, fuck her good. I guess he did, 'cause Momma shore made a lot of racket that night. Daddy came over a few more nights to fuck her some more and she turned up pregnant again a couple of week after I missed my period."

Although Cindy' wanted to find out more about Lou Ann and her mother, the time for her appointment was long past. "Who is taking so long in there with Rev. Daniels, anyway? she asked.

"Judge Finster," Lou Ann replied

Cindy almost laugher out loud. This was worth waiting for! Ruth Finster was Rev. Daniels's nemesis on the County Board. Whether it was zoning for a bigger parking lot or tax exemptions on Church businesses, Ruth fought the Church at every turn. "This is not Rev. Daniels's day, she remarked with a grin. "Here I am waiting to give him an earful and Judge Finster must be in there doing the same.'"

"No, I don't think so. I believe it's a prayer meetin' or sumpin'," Lou Ann said seriously.

Now Cindy 'really felt like laughing. Ruth Finster was a friend of hers - on of the few professional women in the county -- and a very reserved Episcopalian. She was not likely to be in prayer with a Holy Roller. "You must be mistaken, Lou Ann."

I don't think so, Ma'am. I was listening to then before you came in. Wanna here?" she replied and turned on the intercom.

"Oh, Lord! Yes! Oh yes! Give me more. Oh, God! I need it! Fill me with the spirit. Fill me again!" Ruth was screaming.

"Didn't I tell you?" Lou Ann announced. "Judge Finster is praying."

Cindy wasn't so sure. Her doubts only increased fifteen minutes later when the Judge wandered out of the preacher's study with a big dreamy smile on her face. She didn't seem to hear Cindy's greeting at first. Her blouse was buttoned up crooked and half of her bra was hanging out of her purse. She didn't seem to care that her skirt was turned sideways. Fortunately, Cindy didn't notice and something white and slimy was trickling down the inside of her thigh.

"I hope you gave him a piece of your mind, Ruth" Cindy said uncertainly.

"Oh, did he ever get a piece … of my mind." The judge grinned weakly.

"You can go in now," Lou Ann smiled.

The Reverend John "Jack" Daniels looked exactly as Cindy expected -- 100% TV evangelist. His expensive cream suit, string tie, long slicked-back hair and soft low heel boots confirmed him as an oily charlatan in Cindy's eyes. "Well, if it isn't the pretty Miss Morrow from the Welfare Department. What can I do for you ma'am? How have you been?"

"I'm fine thank you, but I didn't come to chat," Cindy replied, none too politely.

"Sure thing, Miss. Can I offer you some iced tea?" Cindy was a Diet Coke fan and had never gotten into iced tea that most people in Cutter's Creek drank constantly. Most women, anyway. The men mainly drank beer.

"I don't think ..." The preacher reached across the desk and was already pouring her a big glass. "Oh, I guess so. Thank you. This isn't a social call, Rev. Daniels."

"Any visit from a pretty woman is call for Cutters Creek hospitality, Ma'mn. Especially a lady who is helping so many or our flock in need" he smiled, looking at Cindy and the tall glass.

Seeing no way to avoid the local ceremoniousness, Cindy took a sip of the tea. "That's exactly what I came to talk about Rev. Daniels. You see, …"

"How do you like it?"

"Hmm. An … interesting flavor," Cindy admitted, trying to turn the conversation to business.

"Made with our own Font of Blessing Springs water," the preacher explained. The Church has been bottling it for about a year now."

"That's very nice," Cindy replied, taking a larger sip of the beverage.

"So what bring you here, ma'am?" the Reverend smiled.

Cindy took another sip. Surprisingly good stuff, she thought. No wonder so many women drank it. Anyway, down to business. Reverend Daniels might be a little backward in his social views, but he was certainly polite. And kind of cute, now that she noticed. She realized that she no longer felt quite the ire as when she walked in. "Reverend Daniels, I have come to speak with you about your spreading of these absurd and retrograde notions about the place of women. How can you preach that a woman's highest duty is to propagate. Surly you can see the results. You are turning the community into a rabbit hutch and welfare rolls are expanding obscenely like ..." Cindy stopped. She was about to blurt out "like the belly of a pregnant twelve year old." It was just the first thing that popped into her mind, but it did seem a little harsh.

"Now I don't believe that you mean that, Cindy. Can I call you Cindy?" he smiled.

Cindy was about to object but Jack's devilish smile made her stop. "Sure, uh, … Jack." She said, somewhat unnerved by the man. She took another drink from the glass to steady her.

"Thank you, Cindy. You need to look at it from the believer's perspective. We at the Church of the Spirit are just proclaiming our faith. We believe Motherhood is the highest calling for a woman and bearing children is a sign of the spirit's favor. Many have heard our message and have been blessed by our work."

"Excuse me, Rev... er, Jack, but the things you preach just sound like outworn justifications for keeping women home in sackcloth, barefoot, and pregnant."

"That's not true, Cindy. We realize many women need to work out side the home. Given the economy around here, in fact, most women are the principle breadwinners for their families. And we do NOT want our women wearing sackcloth. A woman's body is the most beautiful object in Creation. She honors it by allowing others to see as much of it as possible."

"I was speaking metaphorically, Jack. Indeed, the clothes that I see women wearing to church are practically obscene. Why most can hardly walk in those high heels and short, tight skirts. And the blouses! They leave little to the imagination."

"Why encourage vain imaginings, Cindy? We just encourage the ladies to make the most of their endowments. And fortunately, around here, most women are pretty well endowed." Jack grinned. "If you attended Services, you would understand that Church women mainly use short skirts or long skirts with a high slit for a reason. During the sermon, many good church women often feel the stirrings of the spirit. When they do, they like to be able to commune with their font of desire, or better still, have their husband or boyfriend do it for them."

Cindy was astounded. This slick-talking Neanderthal - - a damned handsome Neanderthal -- was practically admitting that he encouraged women to go around in short skirts and no panties so they could get themselves off anytime they got the urge or let some man finger then to orgasm at the drop of a hat. Of course Cindy could see the advantage in that. She rather wished she could get to her pussy for a little relief right now. Suddenly aware of how inconvenient her baggy slacks and pantyhose were. And the sneakers! How dowdy she must look to Jack. Well, she could change that. In a mini and sheer blouse, she'd knock his socks off! Wait, she was getting off track.

"Well, yes, but the pregnancies..." she sputtered, gulping more tea.

"That's true. We teach there is no higher form of praise than for a husband and wife to create new life. What can be more beautiful that a woman's flat tummy starting to swell, her breast grow round and full"

Cindy shifted uncomfortably, unable to stifle a thought of what she would look like with a baby or two growing within her. This man and his retrograde notions was menace. Too bad he was so cute, Cindy thought. If I got him in bed, maybe I could enlighten him. No! She took another swig of tea and forced her self to continue. "If the couple can afford it, Jack! Many can't and they're forced onto welfare, especially when it’s a fourth or fifth or sixth child. And besides, it's not just husbands and wives that have 'heard your message.' The out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate here is astounding."

"The Church does not condemn that, Cindy. We understand that unmarried women, too, may find themselves moved by the spirit to join in the great work of co-creation. When we see the Signs a Churchman will eagerly lend himself to the Work."

"What do you mean, 'Signs'" Cindy asked a little fear cracking her voice?

"I think you know what I mean, Cindy. I feel the spirit moving here today. I see those signs."

"No!" Cindy gasped.

"Yes, Cindy. The spirit is at work. Even beneath those unsightly clothes, I can tell your body feels the inspiration. Your breasts, breast made to suckle new life, Cindy, are they not getting hard?"

"Of course no..." she hesitated, realizing her breasts were hard as rocks. If only she could reach in and give then the kind of good squeeze they needed.

"Do not resist the will of the spirit, Cindy. Are you ready for the laying on of hands?

"Of hands?" the confused woman asked.

"Hands!" Jack Daniels had now left his desk and was standing behind Cindy. "Yield to the urgings of the spirit, Cindy. Let the Work begin," he whispered, blowing in her ear as his hands found their way inside her sweat top and magically released her bra. "You have wonderful breasts, Cindy, breasts made to nurture babies. Do you not want that blessing?" He had now come around to stand in from of the speechless young woman. Smiling down at her, he removed her top completely and leaned down so his mouth could begin to tease one of Cindy's engorged nipples.

"Blessing, blessing!" she gasped.

"I think you are, Cindy" he whispered as he made it his business to find out. Quickly, the preacher's hands unbuttoned her baggy jeans and slipped into her pussy.

"Taste and prove," he whispered and dropped to his knees, lowering his mouth to her dripping sex. Proceeding slowly at first he licked her inflamed thighs as he stealthily approached her lips -- the other ones. Cindy moaned as his tongue found its way into her steaming hole, lapping methodically, making it impossible for her to think. Suddenly her body was wracked in orgasm but the sprit-worker's tongue kept up its delicious assault.

"Thy cup overflotheth, Cindy. Your promised land is filled with milk and honey," he mumbled into her muff as he drank from the writhing woman's pussy. Drank and tasted and smelled. Was such a marvelous coincidence possible?

Cindy lurched with disappointment when she felt his mouth leave her pussy just seconds before she felt one and two and three fingers being re-inserted. Continuing a gentle friging, Rev. Daniels kissed her breast and whispered "Cindy my child, you may be truly blessed this day. Tell me, what day is it for you?"

"What day... huh?" the dazed woman could hardly speak.

"You are so open to the spirit, Cindy; the spirit is flowing. When did you have your period last?"

"Dunno... two, yeah, two weeks agooooo," she moaned again in orgasm as Jack accelerated his persistent manipulation of her clit.

"As I suspected. And an upright unmarried woman like you wouldn't be on the Pill would you?"

"No, no, oh yesssss," she gasped, coming again.

"Then Cindy you can not only receive the spirit, you may be filled with the sprit this very day. Do you want it? Do you wish to be filled?" His mouth had found her clit again and begun sucking and flicking it.

"Yes. Oh fill me! Fill me!" she screamed as a final orgasm washed away her little remaining consciousness.

Gazing down at the vacant smile on Cindy, Jack reached for the intercom. "Lou Ann, come in here and help me get Miss Morrow onto the daybed next to my office. She has had a religious experience and need to recover for a while. Better bring another pitcher of tea as well. Oh... and then call all the deacons to tell them there will be a special meeting of the Board this afternoon. We will hold a special rite of initiation for the newest member of the Church."

Alexi and Carlos couldn’t speak for a few seconds after hearing Cindy's tale. "Cindy, you little twerp, do you mean to tell me that less than a half hour after walking into that preacher's office you were on your back letting him fuck your lights out?"

"Well, I wasn't on my back the whole time." Cindy protested "Several of the men said I should get down on my elbows and a couple of them liked it when I sat in their laps."

"So you pulled a train for the entire Board of Deacons?"

"Uh, I guess so. Jack talked about a train, a soul train or something. But I couldn't pay much attention. Every time another man laid hands on me, I felt the spirit move again and... it was wonderful! I don't know how many times I received the spirit that afternoon."

"This is terrible, Cindy. I hope you haven't had any further contact with the church crowd."

"Crowd?" Cindy giggled. "I guess it was a little crowded with all the deacons standing around in Jack's office, waiting to help initiate me. But no, since then I just have to go over to Jack's office every evening for my private catechism."

"I'm afraid to ask what goes on," Alexi said, rolling her eyes.

"I don't remember much about it either, but Jack says he doesn't think I'll need many more classes. He just wants to continue until he sees signs I have been blessed with a 'filling with the spirit.' Did I say something wrong?"

Alexi and Carlos just looked at each other. "Cindy, don't you know what happens to women who get "filled" without protection, or in this place, even with it?"

Cindy was silent for a minute, then she smiled broadly. "Oh, Alexi, Jack said that I might find favor. Do you really think I might be blessed with a baby?"

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

The further she drove into the backcountry that hot July afternoon, the less Alice Wells liked the task she had imposed on herself. The map showed Cutters Creek a mere 95 miles from her office in the state capital, but on roads like these - some no more than mountain tracks - it could as well be half a continent away. It even felt like she was going back in time. For the last hour she had seen few other motor vehicles, although she had passed several horse-drawn wagons.

The State Superintended of Education had not wanted to have to investigate personally the disturbing situation in Cutters Creek, and especially not to have to take four weeks of accumulated leave to do so, but there appeared to be no alternative. Sending emissaries had resulted in nothing - in less than nothing.

She still shook her head at what had happened at last year to Annie Boone, one of the most reliable civil servants of the Department of Education. You couldn't ask for a more levelheaded woman. Annie was unmarried; some might even call her a spinster, although at forty-five, still slim and attractive, who was to say she might not still decide to get married. Annie lived with her slightly younger sister Jenny, also unmarried. Alice had been sure that if anyone could get to the bottom of the problems that had made Cutters Creek a black hole for the Department's budget, Annie could.

She was there for the opening of school. The first reports sent back merely gave additional details about the state of the disaster. The school age population in Cutters Creek was exploding but practically no girls were finishing high school. Not many were even entering. Fifth and sixth graders were getting pregnant and by age sixteen or seventeen most girls were far too busy with three or four or more children to think about further education.

What scandalized Annie most was who the fathers of the babies were. Although she could not get proof that would stand up in court, Annie was sure that in many cases the girl's own father knocked her up the first time or two before a brother or an uncle would put another bulge in her tummy. Finally, when she was fourteen or fifteen, she would marry someone from outside the family and start making babies with HIM. You could hardly blame the girls given the example set by their mothers and grandmothers. Annie wrote that it was not uncommon for grandmother, mother and daughter to have children in the same school grade and each to be expecting again. Apparently there in Cutters Creek, women as old as sixty five and seventy were still getting pregnant.

Not only were the locals breeding like rabbits, Annie said, there was an influx of outsiders - or rather, of the trickle of outsiders who stayed in Cutter's Creek for long, few ever left. Most of young men sent to build the new schools and day care facilities that were eating so heavily into Alice's budget decided to stay on when one (or more) of their girlfriends - and the Cutters Creek girls were VERY friendly - turned up pregnant. And as for the phalanx of young women the Department had to recruit each year to teach in Cutter Creek's burgeoning Elementary, Kindergartens, and Pre-school classes, few made it through the year.

Most seemed to get pregnant within weeks of arriving and by Christmas all had bellies that were slowing them down. By the end of the term they were ready to go on State-paid maternity leave. The lucky ones were planning June weddings with the man that knocked them up (if they knew who it was!), but most had to settle for moving in with the man and his other wives, or, more often than not, the boy and his parents. Junior high boys seemed to have no difficulty getting their late twenties teachers to drop their pants and let the little fuckers impregnate them.

By the second week Annie's messages had become less frequent and the shocked tone disappeared. At the end of her scheduled three-week stay, she sent word that she would be taking a few weeks of vacation before returning.

The woman who re-appeared in Alice's office six weeks from her departure was hardly recognizable. The formerly serious, conservative matron was now smiling and outgoing. Her hair had been cut, colored and curled, giving her a much more youthful appearance. Little by little Alice noticed a change in Annie's wardrobe, too. Baggy trousers loose, mid-calf skirts in somber colors that Annie used to favor gave way to tight pants and shrink-wrap miniskirts. Sensible flats were abandoned for flashy, strappy 4" heels. Suddenly country and western music could be heard coming from Annie's office instead of Vivaldi and Pochable. Perhaps it was the frilly blouses she had started wearing, but Alice had the impression that Annie's bust size had increased rather considerably.

Naturally all the girls in her office speculated about the causes of the boss's transformation. Everyone suspected a new man (the first man, as far as any of them knew) in Annie's life, but no one had met him. It was Alice who accidentally uncovered the secret. One evening when she was working late, she suddenly remembered a report she had left in Annie's office. Finding the door closed, she knocked. She heard grunts and moans as Annie gasped, "Yes, oh yes! I'm coming. I'm coming!" When Annie opened the door several minutes later, she was flushed and disheveled. Her tiny skirt was a mess, the frilly blouse was half-buttoned wrongly, and only one stocking had been pulled hastily into place. A blond giant was grinning sheepishly and fastening up his overalls. Alice's shock only deepened when she realized the man Annie had been fucking was in fact a boy of no more than 15.

Annie saw Alice staring at her young swain. "This is my, er, friend, Clem," Annie said breathlessly by way of introduction.

"Mighty proud to meet yah, ma'am," the boy drawled, offering her his huge callused hand.

Suddenly, everything became clear. Annie had become infatuated with this boy, spent three weeks shacked up with him in Cutters Creek, and brought him home with her. He was the cause of the youthful behavior, the sexy dress, and the silly grin plastered on Annie's face when she arrived each morning. Alice had never imagined Annie was capable of such things but as she stared at the boy, she got an inkling of what had happened. Notwithstanding his age, he exuded a powerful masculinity. He was beautiful, clear skin, broad shoulders, narrow waist and even through the overalls it was clear he had a massive cock. No wonder Annie had been screaming in ecstasy; Clem probably had her bent over screwing her silly! Alice felt her heart begin to pound and an unfamiliar wetness invade her pussy. What was she thinking? Turning, she fled to the safety of her office.

A few weeks later Annie's wardrobe underwent another and more ominous change. She still wore her skirts short, but now they were becoming looser, just hanging from her definitely expanding chest. When it was already evident, Annie confirmed that indeed she was expecting a baby in June. "Right on schedule," Alice though ironically. From then on, Alice could see it was a matter of time. Annie slowly lost all interest in her job. She arrived happily late, rushed away early. She did little work; hardly able to talk about anything but the baby Clem had given her. Just before Christmas, her belly already bloated enormously, Annie confirmed that she was taking early retirement the first of the year. "The cost of living is so low in Cutters Creek, my pension will go a long way and Jenny has her savings, too."

"Jenny?" Alice asked, knowing Annie's sister had been elected Sate Prosecutor at a by-election last summer.

"Yeah, she's about six week behind me, but she's coming with us. Clem wants us to bring the babies up together. Besides," she grinned, "Clem is eager to start us on a couple more as soon as these two are born."

The sight of a young man standing out in a field brought Alice back to the present. He looked a lot like Clem: blond, tall, barrel-chested but with slim hips. She realized he had noticed her staring at him and he waved. She wondered it she was getting close to Cutters Creek.

Around the next bend was her answer. Alice had to brake abruptly for the wagon in front of her. As she drove by carefully, very carefully on the narrow road, she had plenty of time to observe the occupants. In the middle, holding the reins was a man of maybe no more than 25 with a young woman, presumably his wife snuggled close to his side. Wait, at his other side was another woman who looked like the twin of the first and she was sitting just as close as the other woman and looking just as wifely and just as pregnant - hugely pregnant. If Alice wasn't mistaken, they were wanking him. In the back were their offspring. The phrase "children having children" popped into Alice's mind as she saw two gawky boys energetically fucking away at two younger and very pregnant girls.

A little farther along she came to the outskirts of the little town. Pulling her Lexis into a dilapidated filling station complete with rusting tin roof, unpainted plank walls, and ancient pick-up truck upon blocks over to one side, Alice inquired about lodging. "Do you have a Marriott Courtyard, or Best Western in town?" she asked the man filling her tank. The blank look was answer enough. "Or maybe a Days Inn or Red Roof?"

"If them's hoe-tels or moe-tels, we ain't got none hereabouts," the grizzled old-timer replied.

"Where do visitors stay, in that case?"

"Mainly they stays with kinfolks, 'cept the couples that comes to spend time in the Honeymoon Heaven. You got yourself a man? People that stays with at Honeymoon Heaven always leaves happy," he leered.

"Oh! Is that some sort of a bed and breakfast," Alice remarked, trying not to feel put off.

"Don't know about no breakfast," he smirked, "but they shore must have some good beds over there. Most of the wimen are startin' to get big bellies 'time they leaves." The man gave her another look that made Alice uncomfortable, as if he was sizing her up for some purpose. "You looks pretty hot, ma'am. Can I gitcha somethin' to drank?"

Alice ignored the no doubt unintentional double entedre and smiled at this backwoods courtesy, although she wished now she had not worn the skirt that was clinging to her hips rather revealingly. "Why, yes, thank you. I'll have a Perrier lemon." The man's blank look indicated another misstep.

"We's got some mighty fine Spirit Springs water, bottled right over in Fertile Valley. Lemme gitcha some. Emmy Lou," he shouted, "git some water fer the lady." Moments later a girl appeared with a frosty glass of water and a large unopened plastic bottle. Alice almost dropped it, as she gaped at the largest, most over-stretched belly she had ever seen on such a small girl; she couldn't be more than twelve. "Emmy Lou, gonna give us 'nother set o' twins, purdy soon," the man announced proudly, pulling up the little girl's dress to caress her tightly stretched belly.

"Why this IS delicious," Alice agreed taking a sip to avoid staring at the girl's down-covered pussy. She had not realized how thirsty she was; she drank the entire glass. "Thank you. How much do I owe you for the gasoline and the bottled water."

"Eighteen fifty for the gas. The water is free. The Church distributes Spirit Springs water fer free. It's part of their evangelization work."

Alice smiled. She didn't need evangelizing, but the water was good. She supposed these crackpot religious groups did do SOME good. She got back into her car feeling distinctly better than before she had stopped. Most of the bottle of water was gone by the time she found Honeymoon Heaven.

The establishment was larger than Alice would have thought. It was newly built but of logs in a faux-rustic style. A large front veranda greeted visitors. Apparently this was a pretty slow day; two women, probably the proprietors were sitting in rocking chairs near the entrance. Alice could see their happy expressions as she walked up; then she saw why. Both women had their blouses open and were nursing babies from their enormous tits. Then she did a double take; it was Annie and Jenny Boone. Annie's baby was larger than Jenny's, but even the younger child seemed too large for it's age. If Alice remember correctly, Annie's due date was only about two months ago. These babies looked like they were four or six months old. The explanation, slightly obscene, came to her in a flash. "No wonder the children are overgrown; look a the size of the udder's on those women. Those babies must be gorging on breast milk."

"Alice! Alice Wells as I live and breath," exclaimed Annie, shifting the baby around to allow her to stand up. That gave Alice her second shock. Annie was very obviously pregnant again! "Come up here and set a spell." Alice was amazed at how quickly Annie was picking up the hillbilly dialect.

"Hi, Alice," Jenny added. Although not so obvious, Alice was pretty sure the bulge under Jenny's skirt also meant a baby on the way.

"Mary Lou, Angie Mae," Jenny called out, "y'all hep Miz Alice with her bags."

Almost immediately two large blond girls that looked amazingly like Clem appeared. "Yes'am Aunt Annie," they said as they hefted Alice's bags inside, apparently unconcerned they might harm the child each was so obviously carrying.

"I's pleased as..." Annie seemed to catch herself. "I mean how nice you decided to drop in on us, Alice. What brings you all the way out here to Cutters Creek?"

"Annie! Look at yourself, at your sister, at those two girls. Do you have to ask why I came? I've got to find out what is going on here and put a stop to it. This little town is going to bankrupt the State."

"But Alice, I explained all that in my final report. The people here are just extremely healthy, probably because of the pristine environment, and attractive. What is so strange about them having babies?

"Annie! You can't mean that. We're talking girls of 12 and 13 and even of 9 and 10 having babies, not mention..." Alice caught herself before she said "women your age," and continued diplomatically, "older women."

"Alice, let's not discuss this right now. You've had a long trip. Let's get you to your room so you can relax. Then you come right back down here at suppertime and we can talk all you want. What do you say you stay with us at no charge? THAT will help the State's budget that you are so worried about, won't it?" Annie laughed.

Alice had to agree. She was tired. One of the double-name blondes appeared again to take her to the room. "This way, Miz Alice, " she smiled. As the pregnant girl led Alice along the narrow corridors, her feminine aroma filled the confined spaces. Alice could smell the girl's arousal and it affected her as well. She had heard that some women became incredibly horny when they were pregnant. This one must be a little minx. Probably as soon as she was finished here, she would rush off to find the man that gave her the baby to beg him to pour more cum into her ravenous pleasure chute. Alice wondered if she would be constantly aroused and in need of constant sex when she was pregnant, when her belly was as blown up as this girl. And how big would HER tits get? If a dried- up, flat-chested wisp like Annie Boone could develop the set of knockers she had, her own would be gargantuan, Alice thought.

"Your room, Miz Alice."

Alice was shocked to realize she had been following the girl like a zombie, lost in an obscene daydream. How could she be even thinking about being pregnant? She had no husband or boyfriend and had never wanted one. How could she be fantasizing about childbearing? The warm wetness between her legs that such thoughts produced was even more disturbing.

The room with a nice bucolic view was surprisingly comfortable for such a hick town. A throne-like bed was the centerpiece, of course, but there was a television with VCR player, a well-stocked mini-bar and even a small bookshelf with a few books. Alice was picked up one of the Honeymoon Heaven brochure she found in the room. The establishment promoted itself as a place where couples who were having trouble conceiving could come for help. According to the literature, the peace and quite of Cutters Creek, the clean air and water, and the friendly surroundings would help relieve stress that prevented pregnancy in so many cases. Some of the references quoted were incredible.

Dear Honeymoon Heaven,

"Mable and I had two children when we were first married, but then she decided to return to work and postpone having more babies for a while. The "while" turned into twenty years and I was becoming more and more concerned about her ability to have more children, although her fertility was not being seriously tested. She was making sure we only made love for a day or two during her safest period each month and always insisted that I wear a condom. I had the impression that the infrequent sex was not as much of a torture to her as it was to me."

"Then I heard of Honeymoon Heaven. It wasn't easy to persuade her to come. She wasn't too keen on a "second honeymoon" considering she got pregnant on the first one. Your rates are a little steep, but was it worth it! By Tuesday night she didn't push me away when I cuddled up to her and on Wednesday night she rubbed up against me and asked me to make love to her. I put on a condom and she seemed to enjoy it very much. Thursday night she was even more eager and told me to 'fuck her.' She enjoyed that even more. On Friday night she was almost crazy and wanted me to 'fuck her brains out.' On Saturday night she ripped the condom right off and pleaded with me to 'fuck her pregnant.'"

"For the next two weeks Mable hardly wanted to get out of bed. When I couldn't get it up (and we were both pleasantly surprised how often I could), she let me eat her, something she had always refused me up until then. To make a long story short, by the time we left, Mable's tits were already getting bigger and she had acquired that delightful little bulge in her tummy that I thought took a lot longer to appear. Moreover, I'm happy to say, her horniness did not decrease we got home. She demanded hot frequent sex right up until the day our daughter was born. Since then we've had three more children and yesterday Mable told me she's expecting again."

"Thank you, thank you, Honeymoon Haven


Satisfied Husband

Thanks, too, for persuading us to sign up for the monthly shipments of Spirit Springs water. Mable just loves it!"

Other letters told of husbands whose virility miraculously returned when wives finally got hubby to Honeymoon Heaven, shy wives who became sexual athletes, and grandmothers producing little aunts and uncles for their grandchildren to baby-sit. It was all very strange and it is made Alice very hot.

She decided to seek to cool off with some light reading. To her horror she but found that the books on the shelves all dealt with pregnancy themes, "Mother Times Two" (about the birth of twins to a happy single woman) "He Didn't Want Children!" (trials and tribulations of a woman who has difficulty persuading her husband to make her pregnant), and worst of all, "The Vargas Reader" (a collection of stories by an obscure internet porwriter in which virtually every woman character in every story gets pregnant).

Switching on the TV, she found that there was no reception this far from the city and there was no cable. Fortunately there was quite a collection of videotapes. But on closer inspection they were all of a very particular self-help kind: advice to women on the best ways to get pregnant (positions, foods, fertility cycles, overcoming hubby's reluctance), sex during pregnancy (scene after scene of hugely pregnant women enjoying sex - and were they enjoying it! -- in different positions and venues) and exercises during pregnancy (which led to more sex during pregnancy, see above).

By now Alice was frantic. Was there nothing in this room that didn't have to do with pregnancy? Thankfully she remembered the mini-bar. She found it open and found with relief that in addition to the ever-present Spirit Springs water, there was collection of wines and liquor, although they were local brands she had never heard of. The beer and the liquor proudly proclaimed being brewed with Spirit Springs water ("Life-giving Water") and the wines were a product of Church of the Spirit wineries. Deciding she needed something stronger than water, Alice opened a bottle of "New Life" whisky, pored herself a double over ice and tossed it down.

Alice was sitting, admittedly in a better frame of mind after a second double whisky, wondering what kind of a place she had come to when there was a knock at the door. It was the one of the blondes. "Aunt Jenny said bring this to you. She said it would help you relax.," the girl smiled handing Alice a box tied with a large bow.

"Thank you," Alice replied, taking the box and waiting for the girl to leave. Instead, she just stood there, smiling.

"Aunt Jenny said maybe I could help."


"With the box."

Alice stared at the bow and began to untie it. The lid of the box opened easily. Alice's eyes grew wide with astonishment. There in carefully laid out rows were a series of dildos of various sizes and textures. Alice tried to re-close the lid rapidly, but her fingers didn't coordinate well enough as she turned beet red. "I, er, I don't need any help" she said, trembling slightly.

"If you say so," the girl smiled.

Alice had heard of things like this, but had never even though about using one. Only occasionally did she masturbate to orgasm. But she realized she needed to. This crazy day, the boy who waved at her, the husband and wives and the children fucking in the wagon, the aroma of the pregnant girl, and all the bizarre things in the room had Alice in a frenzy. She looked at the objects in the box and selected a medium size phallus-shaped dildo. Shuddering, she replaced it - and picked up the longest, thickest, knobbiest of the lot.

"Why am I so fucking HORNY?" she moaned. Alice didn't bother to remove her dress; she just pulled down her panties, lay back on the bed and slid the artificial cock into her amazingly well lubricated snatch. It felt s much better than any man she's ever had, not that there had been many. Her fingers flew in and out, quickly establishing a rhythm that would slowly bring her to CLIMAX! Her body was wracked by orgasm almost as soon as she inserted the device. Panting, she began again.

A half hour later Alice was bathed in sweat and profoundly asleep, her legs splayed and the dildo between her limp fingers still in her pussy. "Guess she DIDN'T need no help," the blond girl thought when she looked in on the new guest. Moving silently, she switched on the radio. She didn't want the older woman to miss Rev. Breed's "Evening Reflections."

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

Alice barely heard the chime that signaled supper in a half hour. Sluggishly she opened her eyes. She was embarrassed to realize the dildo still in her moist twat. Slowly and a bit reluctantly -- it did feel good -- she removed it. How could she have gotten so horny as to fuck herself into a stupor? She was vaguely aware of an excitement but not the overpowering arousal that had sent her to her bed to seek release from a sex toy. Her head clearing, Alice opened her suitcase to find something to put on. She regretted her choice in the clothes she packed; most of them seemed to conservative for the informal atmosphere of the Bed &Breakfast. Her eye fell on a short summer frock. She smiled as she picked it up.

Alice couldn't believe all the food she had eaten. True, she had only had a half tuna sandwich and diet coke for lunch. But did that explain her putting down three pieces of fried chicken, a plate of black-eye peas with cornbread, a helping of turnip greens, and two ears of corn dripping with butter? Plus she washed it down with huge glasses of the local buttermilk. On top of that she had said yes to an enormous slice of pecan pie with ice cream on top. She had been ravenous, but part of the explanation was trying to stay busy and avoid embarrassed stares at the goings on around her.

Clem sat at the head of the table like a minor prince flanked by Jennie and Annie on either side. Farther away, the Prentice sisters (as Alice had learned who the two blond girls were) sat next to their new "aunts." The big boy said little, basking in the rapt adoration of four women for the man who had given each the baby she was carrying. Jennie and Annie were like schoolgirls on a date, giggling and whispering things to in Clem's ear, clearly vying for his attention. Occasionally Alice noticed one of the sisters close her eyes and purse her lips in a way that told Alice the boy had just fingered her to orgasm. And the aunties, in turn, were keeping the girls at their sides happy with a finger or two where a horny pregnant teen needs it most. The smell of sex was unmistakable.

"I guess it's the healthy country air," Annie had explained when Alice expressed her concern about her appetite."

"But I'll explode if I keep eating like this! How do you manage?"

"Oh we don't worry about THAT!" Jennie laughed. Men her like their girls on the chubby side, even when they don't have us eating for two."

Alice could not keep from noticing the change in the two sisters. While "dried up" was perhaps unkind, back in the city both women had been quite thin, especially upstairs. Alice supposed it was the pregnancies, but each woman now must wear at least a D cup. Their hips had become wider and more womanly as well. Both were radiant with health.

"With all the walking up and down the hills around here, you won't have any trouble keeping your figure at least you won't get fat from overeating, right Clem darling?" Annie replied.

Alice could see him reach over and put his large hand on Annie's new bulge. "You's got the kinnda figger Ah likes, Miz Annie," he said. Noticing a flicker of hurt in her eyes, Clem diplomatically patted Jennie's smaller belly and added, "Yore's , too, Miz Jennie." Alice would have sworn the two women orgasmed slightly at his expression of approval.

When her eyed uncrossed, Annie looked to her two "nieces." "Mary Lou and Angie Mae, could you hep Clem out back fer a spell; Your Aunt Jennie and me needs to talk to Miz Alice."

Hearing this backwoods diction come out of the mouth of a woman with two masters degrees astounded Alice. Clem beamed as the two girls jumped up and skipped over to their brother's chair. "Sure'uf, Aunt Annie, we'll help Clem REAL good."

"Now you be careful how you 'help' Clem," Annie joked. I don't want him geittin' you girls any more pregnant that you are already"

"What's wrong, Aunt Annie," one giggled. "You jealous 'cause Clem ain't give you twins yet like he done us?"

Alice rolled her eyes at these "McCoy-esque" attempts at humor as the two girls led Clem away, stroking the bulge in his pants. She was pretty sure he wouldn't have it much longer. Those two minxes would fuck the poor boy until he was a noodle. Now if SHE were taking care of hi... My god! What was she thinking?

"I suppose you want to talk, Alice," Annie said turning to her former boss who was watching Clem disappear with a hand under the dress of each of the girls.

"Huh? Oh... talk... yes," Alice stuttered.

"Well, shall we go to the parlor? Jennie, honey, bring a bottle of 'Sprit d'Val and we'll have a nice girl to girl chat." Before she could react, Annie had taken Alice's arm and was leading her from the table. She still felt a bit slow and stuffed with food when Alice drew her down onto the sofa. Moments later Jennie was standing before her with a bottle and three glass of wine.

"We bottle it her from local grapes," Jennie announced cheerily. "It's really good."

Alice wasn't convinced, but took a glass for politeness. Jennie slipped in beside her, closer than Alice was used to.

"So, Alice, what do you need to know that wasn't in the reports I sent back?"

"Why, everything, Annie." Alice managed to reply, collecting her thoughts. "You told us WHAT was happening, but not why? Why do girls of 11 and 12 get pregnant? Why do women in their fifties and sixties start having babies again? Why do the teachers who come here... why did YOU give up a career to rusticate in this backwater? Do you have any explanation?" Alice's voice was rising in pitch.

"Calm down Alice, girl, we can explain everything. Take your wine; we have all night."

Jennie passed lifted her the glass and smiled. "To life?"

Annie raised her glass in agreement. "Yes, to new life."

Alice took as sip, but Annie and Jennie poured back as good slug. Alice had to admit the wine was good. She took another sip. The sisters sat on either side of her and smiled. "You knew I never married, never had had a boyfriend, didn't you?" Annie asked

Alice nodded.

"And you knew Jennie and I lived together, too? Did you think we were celibate?"

Alice's jaw dropped.

"We thought we didn't need men; we had each other," Jennie added, giving her older sister a squeeze. "We shared everything, including our bodies. I was as shocked and astounded as you when Annie told me she had met a man in Cutters Creek."

"Exactly, Annie!" Alice exclaimed. "You had a good job and a stable life, why give it up for this...BOY?"

"You say my life was stable, Alice? How about boring?" Annie replied "I was a single, middle age, sexually frustrated woman. My chances of marriage and children was less than of being struck by lightning. I found comfort in Jennie's arms, but even then, I knew something was missing. I was getting old, Alice. Now look at me! I feel years younger, and more of a woman than I've ever been. I'm nursing a beautiful baby daughter and have another baby on the way. After Catherine was born and Clem did this to me," Annie stopped, grinned, and patted her belly, "my waist measure had shrunk by two inches, but my hips and bust had expanded by four. I'm a damn sexy woman and I have a horny sixteen-year-old boy fucking my lights out every day to prove it."

"And he's got enough left over to keep me plenty satisfied, too," sighed Jennie.

"I get more sex in a day, Alice, than most women get in a month! When I go up to bed tonight, Clem will be there waiting for me. He may be asleep, but his cock won't be. When I pull back the covers to get in with him, my pussy will get wet just to see that hard young body and those delightful blond curls. Hell, my pussy's wet right now just thinking about him. Although it really isn't necessary, I'll give his half-hard cock a kiss to stiffen him up. I love the taste of that little drop of precum that's always on the time of that wonderful woman- pleaser. Then I'll lower myself onto him, feeling him fill me up, stretch me with his manhood. Even though those slutty Prentice sisters have had him filling their greedy little pussies for hours, Clem always has enough for me. I can fuck myself to orgasm after orgasm on his sweet cock and then he'll reward me with a blast of semen."

"Tomorrow morning I'll wake up with his head between my legs. He'll climax me at least twice before he craws on top of me and blasts me full of his thick delicious come. I'll still be leaking boy spunk at noon."

"You gave up everything, just for sex?" Alice asked incredulously.

"Just?" Annie smiled.

"I understand, Alice" Jennie interjected. "I asked almost the same thing. For a couple of weeks after she moved Clem in with us, I turned up my nose at my 'sex-crazed' big sister. I tried to ignore the cries of ecstasy every night coming from her room. I pretended not to notice my sister's happy, satisfied face every morning and the semen running down her leg. When I found out she was pregnant, I had a fit. I tried to confront her, then Clem. He had no idea why I wouldn't be overjoyed that my forty-year-old sister was going to have a baby with a high-school boy she wasn't married to. And looking at them, both so happy, I couldn't think of any reason not to be. A few days later I was in bed with Annie kissing my titties while Clem fucked me silly. We like to think he got me pregnant that first time se fucked."

Alice was terrified by these tales, but her flowing pussy reminded her that she was excited, as well. "I can't understand. It can't be!" she cried. "It makes no sense!"

"It's a lot to absorb in one day, Alice," Annie said sympathetically. "Look around Creek for yourself. Talk to people. Relax and enjoy the scenery and the friendly folks here in Cutters Creek. Now, if you will excuse me, there is a sixteen-year-old boy upstairs who is waiting to fuck my brains out" Annie grinned and winked at Jennie.

"Yes, I know you must be very tiered. Have a good night's sleep. It'll all make better sense in the morning," Jennie added.

That was the first sensible thing anyone had said all night. Alice realized just how sleepy she was from the food and - had she really drunk three glasses of wine? The slightly tipsy State Superintendent of Education stood up to make her way back to her room and fall into bed.

"Let me help you," Jennie smiled and slipped her arm around the older woman. Somehow, it felt good. The air was heavy with the scent of night-blooming flowers as Jennie guided Alice unsteadily toward her bungalow. The radio was on to some religious broadcast when they reached the room, but Alice was too sleepy to pay much attention. She stood and looked around the room as if not knowing what to do next.

"You've had a long hard day, Alice," Jennie whispered. You must be very sleepy." Gently she began to unbutton the blouse of the dazed woman.

"No, 'salright," Alice slurred.

"Of course it'll be alright, honey," Jennie purred and she continued to disrobe the older woman. "All that wine and talk about Clem fucking us so good and giving us babies just has you aroused. I'll help you relax so you can really sleep." Jennie was kissing Alice's neck as she unclasped her bra.

"'s Kay, Jennie, but I don't need..."

Jennie's kiss full in the mouth stopped Alice's protest even as the young woman began to feel up her older companion. "Yes, you DO need. Such beautiful breasts, baby. So much bigger than Annie's or mine were before. These will plump up really nicely." She was toying with Alice's nipples now. "And already quite sensitive. You're going to love it here."

Something was wrong, Alice knew. Everything! She had been horny since she arrived at this benighted backwater. She had fucked herself silly with an artificial cock before supper and now was letting this young bisexual seduce her. But if it was wrong, why did it feel so good? Jennie's hands were making her breasts glow with pleasure. Involuntarily, she relaxed into the young woman's arms.

"Poor horny baby," Jennie cooed. "Need to come so bad. Let's get these off of you." Alice had been unaware when Jennie had removed her dress and her own. She just realized they were both stripped down to nothing but their panties Jennies hand was in hers. Alice attempted briefly to struggle, but Jennie calmed her with a quick brush of her clit. "That's a good baby." She felt her last remaining protection fall to her ankles. "Step, honey. Don't want to trip." Amazingly, Alice obeyed.

Jennie was kissing her again and her fingers were playing wonderful games in her pussy. "So wet for me, aren't you? Let's get you in bed so I can give this juicy puss the loving she needs!" Effortlessly, Jennie guided Alice to the bed. Kissing her again, she and lay her out, gently spreading her legs and opening her to Jennie's attention. "What a beautiful pussy you have Alice, hot and wet, the kind men like. You're going to make someone very happy, darling, but me first!"

Alice had never felt a woman's lips on her sex before, but the jolt of pleasure almost made her pass out. She felt her pussy clench and an orgasm took her! Jennie stopped to admire. Alice was as beautiful as Annie had told her, especially her pussy. There was nothing that makes a woman more special than her pussy, Jennie thought. She had seen and tasted plenty of them. They came in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some were tucked inside like a little girl's cunnie and some had thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some were nested in bushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz. She appreciated Alice's wild, unused qualities and told her, although not in those words.

Jennie knew women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during lovemaking. Clem could make her come just by telling her what he was about to do. "Oh, Alice, baby. You have the cutest pussy. Let me make it wetter for you, so wet," she whispered all the time she was petting and stroking the woman. "That's it, honey, let me love your beautiful quim."

Gently Jennie pulled the lips apart and nosed Alice's inner lips, giving them their first, playful lick The older woman shuddered. Next Jennie spread the tops of Alice's unvisited pussy until she found her clit. She blew it a soft salute, but avoided touching her there yet. Jennie would work up to that slowly. Before she had Alice sufficiently aroused, her clit would be too delicate to be handled. Cooing endearments, Jennie stalked Alice's pussy slowly, knowing that women, even more so than men, love to be teased. She zeroed in on the inner part of her victim-lover's thigh, a most tender spot. She licked it, kissed it, made designs on it with the tip of her tongue. Jennie came maddeningly close to Alice's pussy, then floated away. She never let Alice know just when she would strike.

Suddenly Jennie was licking the crease where Alice's leg joined her pussy. She felt Alice quiver as she nuzzled her face into Alice's untamed bush. Brushing her lips over Alice's now flowing slit without pressing down further excited the inexperienced woman. Jennie knew she had her! Soon Alice was bucking up from the bed, straining to get more of Jennie to her. It was time. Jennie put her lips right on top of Alice's slit.

Gently, Jennie kissed her sex, then harder. With her tongue, Jennie separated Alice's pussy lips and when she opened up, her seductress ran her tongue up and down between the layers of Alice's pussy flesh. God she loved the taste of a horny pussy! Almost as much as having her own tasted. Gently she spread Alice's unresisting legs a little more with her hands.

Gently, ever so gently, Jennie began to tongue-fuck the woman. Alice's moans of arousal and frustration told her she was teasing her partner unmercifully. Now, far from rejecting the sweet manipulation of her sex as degrading or perverted, Alice was dying for some attention her clit. Jennie took a quick look. Alice's clit had gotten hard enough to peek out of it's covering. Alice wailed when Jennie licked it and again when she licked harder, pressing into her skin.

Pulling the pussy lips gently aside, Jennie flicked her tongue against Alice's uncovered bud. She did it quickly. Alice's legs shuddered. Sensing that Alice was approaching orgasm, Jennie made her lips into an O and took the sensitive flesh into her mouth. Starting to suck gently, Jennie looked up at Alice's face for her reaction. She could handle it so she began to suck harder. Alice was responding enthusiastically. "Typical," thought Jennie. The frigid ones are always the hottest, once you cracked their shell. She sucked he clit harder. Alice lifted her pelvis into the air with the tension of her rising orgasm. Jennie hung on, keeping her hot mouth on Alice's clit. "Don't stop. Please! Don't ever stop!" Alice wailed.

Jennie had no intention of stopping. She was pleased with Alice so far but she wanted to do something else to intensify the na‹ve woman's pleasure. She began to finger-fuck Alice who was enjoying her teacher's cunt- licking talents. Jennie made for the sensitive area at the roof of her vagina. This is what drove Jennie crazy when Clem fucked her. Well, there was no cock handy so her fingers would have to do the fucking.

Wetting them with Alice's flow, Jennie slipped one then two fingers into her pussy. She slid them inside, rubbing slowly at first, then a little faster, massaging Alice's G spot rhythmically with a "come here" motion. Paying careful attention to Alice's responses, Jennie speeded up only when her pupil did. Alice's ragged breathing told the young woman what to do. Sucking her clit and finger- fucking her at the same time, Jennie was giving Alice far more stimulation than any man could with a cock alone. She could feel Alice's almost uncontainable excitement build. The aroused State Superintendent of Education turned red and began to tremble.

Even when Alice's orgasm broke, Jennie didn't let go of her clit, hanging on for the duration. When Alice started to come down from the first come, Jennie pressed her tongue along the underside of Alice's clit, leaving her lips covering the top. Gently, she moved her tongue in and out of her cunt. Her fingers were still inside and she began to move them a little too, gently though, knowing how sensitive Alice would be just now. Bingo! Alice was off towards another orgasm.

Not content just to make her lover come, Jennie wanted to make Alice a love-slave. She didn't leave her leave her alone for a second. She talked to Alice, stroked her body, caressed her breasts, pinched her nipples. She continued making love to her quietly until Alice had floated all the way down into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Jennie was tired, too and gathered the post-orgasmic woman in her arms. They would nap for a while before their next session when she hoped to show Alice how to return a favor. Jennie reached over to adjust the volume of Rev. Breed's "Nocturnal Reflections." The program always helped her sleep. She knew it would help Alice even more.

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

Thanks to Billy Breed for the inspiration and the used of one very hot scene.

It was a struggle for Alice to get up the next morning. She and Jennie had made love - well, Jennie had done most of the making -- for most of the night. Now Jennie was lying curled in the bed they had shared, tuckered from her exertions. Alice had never been with a woman before, but it had been wonderful. Her younger companion's long years with Annie had taught her just how to please a woman. Alice had never come so many times in one night. She was tempted to awaken Jennie and start again, but reason prevailed. She had come to Cutters Creek for a purpose, not to let this beautiful bisexual woman fuck her silly.

She had to get to the bottom of the absurd behavior of everyone in this crazy town. No reason to beat around the bush. Alice decided to go to inspect the school first. She really didn't have time for a big breakfast but allowed the Prentice sisters to prepare her a "little sump'n." That turned out to be a mountain of waffles drowned in thick strawberry syrup and served with pounds of the local cream cheese, platters of bacon, over easy eggs and a pitcher of freshly-squeezed orange juice spiced just right, although Alice didn't know it, with several slugs of the brandy. By the time she pushed herself away from the table, Alice was feeling sleepy and - amazingly, considering how she had spent the night - horny again.

The school LOOKED normal enough, set back on the top of a hill, circular drive and flagpole out front. Alice though she might find out more if she did not announce herself to the principal. She strolled through the halls as if she were the mother of a student there. There was only one distinctive thing about Alice, although she was not aware of it: she was the only woman who was not pregnant or nursing or both. Poking her head into several classrooms, she saw sums being done, maps being explained and spelling words written on blackboards. Nothing looked out of the ordinary until she reached what appeared to be a sex education class.

On these walls were large posters showing in rather more detail than Alice thought necessary, the parts of the human reproductive system with the female erogenous zones well marked. Even more shocking were other posters showing couples actually Doing It. Each lifelike picture was labeled, "Missionary," "Doggie," "Riding St. George," "Ankles-to-Ceiling," "Shoulder Drape," and numerous other positions Alice had never heard off. Were they using the Kama Sutra as a text, she wondered. Another wall had drawings of a nude young woman - a girl really - in various stages of pregnancy. Neither the instructor, a handsome young man in his late twenties or the normally rowdy students seemed to be paying much attention to the lewd images on the wall.

"Settle down now students," announced the instructor. "Today we are going to have a class on making a baby."

Alice was so astonished she was not sure she had heard correctly.

"Aw, Mr. Johnston. We did that last year," complained one boy.

"Yeah, we know all 'bout makin' babies," a girl added. Everyone giggled as she patted her own bulging tummy. "See!"

Even having read all the reports that Annie had send in, Alice was still not prepared to see a young girl so enormously pregnant. The child was HUGE. Alice didn't know how the girl could stand with a distended belly poking so far in from of her. Why, the size of her tits alone would have unbalanced a larger woman.

"Just because you got yourself knocked up, Molly, doesn't mean even YOU know all about it. Besides, not everyone has a couple of uncles and a brother in the house to show them how, like you do. For example, who knows how to tell on which day a woman is most likely to get a baby in her tummy?

"That's easy, Mr. Johnson," a tall boy answered raising his hand.

"Alright, Ebeneezer, tell us"

"The day she gets a man to put his thang in'er and fill'er up with baby juice."

The class exploded in laughter and Mr. Johnson looked a little cross with himself at having set up the smart- Alec's reply. "Yes, and how does a man decide which day to do that, Ebeneezer?" the teacher tried to recover.

"'Which day?' I don't know what you mean, Mr. Johnson. Sally May says I gotta do it every day a couple of times at least. I guess she don't want to take no chances." A nervous titter from a pretty pregnant girl in the back of the class confirmed the boy's surmise.

"That's all very well, Ebeneezer, when you've got just two or three wives or sisters or girlfriends and you can keep all of them filled up, but when you get older, you may have dozens of women that you will want to keep knocked up. You can't fuck them all every day, can you?"

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, I never though about that," the boy admitted as the other students giggled at his embarrassment.

"So you have to be able to tell when a woman is 'fertile,' you can fuck each one on the best day and make them all pregnant."

"Wow!" exclaimed a thin little girl, thin except for her belly and rack, that is. "And I thought Pa was just lucky with me, and Ma and my twelve sisters."

"You see, class; that's why you go to school, to learn thing that will help you when you grow up. Now who can tell me what 'fertile' means?" he paused to write the word on the blackboard.

A lanky boy in the front row grinned and raised his hand, "Does it mean a guy can preg up a girl the very first time you do her, like I did Emmy Lou?"

"No, Elmer, I believe you are thinking about 'virile.'" Mr. Johnson wrote V-I-R-I-L-E on the board, too. "Anybody else?"

"Ah knows," a young giant from the back said. "It's when a boy's pecker gets real big and hard anytime it's near a good pussy. Like mine when I'm with Bonny. You want us to show you, Mr. Johnson?" A tiny girl beside him with the merest hint of a belly brightened at the thought.

"Er, no, Jeremiah, that won't be necessary during this lesson. The condition that Jeremiah is describing is called 'potency.'" P-O-T-E-N-C-Y was added to the list.

"I remember you told us that a boy and girl can make a baby when the boy fucks his baby juice into the girl's pussy and his sperms find her eggs," a blond girl said. "So I guess 'fertile' is when her eggs are in the best place to get found."

"Very good, Cindy Dee! Did you know that you were fertile the day you got pregnant?"

"No, sir. it just kinda happened. A few months ago Jody came into us girls' room one night purdy soon after we heard Ma start getting' it from Pa. Jody said Pa was gonna fuck another baby into Ma and he wanted to fuck one into me. His pecker was so big and hard I just opened up my legs and let him put it in me. Didn't hurt 'cept a little the first time. Then it shore did feel good! We've been doin' it every night since. Seems me and Ma caught 'bout the same time."

Alice was in a state of shock hearing this class and, to tell the truth, she was getting rather turned on by it.

"You see, class, neither Cindy nor Jody really knew how to make a baby because they didn't know which day Cindy was..." he paused.

"Fer-tile!" the class chorused.

"Very good! OK so now we know WHY it's important to find out when a girl is 'fertile.' Now what girl would like to volunteer to help me show us HOW to tell she is 'fertile?'"

Suspecting that this might result in having their handsome Sex-Ed teacher's reportedly very large prick in them, all the girls tried to jostle their way forward. "Juanita, Linda Sue, Becky Jane, ya'll just step back," the teacher admonished. "You know you're already pregnant."

To a disappointed chorus of "Aw, Mr. Johnson!" most of the eager girls returned to their seats. Only two remained, looking quite uncomfortable.

"Well, Jill Finch and Sarah Reiley," he smiled. "I guess it's no surprise that you girls who have not been in Cutters Creek long would have some "catching up" to do. Neither one of you are pregnant are you?"

Both girls shook their heads.

"But you have been fucking, haven't you?"

"Oh, yes Mr. Johnson!" Sarah exclaimed excitedly. "Jason Miller did me on the hayride last week and he's..."

"That's alright Sarah. We can all imagine what Jason has been doing to you without your telling us. What about you Jill?"

Jill shook her head, to the surprise and dismay of the class. "I'll do'er," rang out a voice from the back of the class, but the teacher ignored the interruption.

"Well, this is a little out of the ordinary. We usually cover deflowering virgins in the elementary school classes, but I guess a review of that topic wouldn't be out of order. Is that alright with you dear," Mr. Johnson asked kindly.

Jill didn't know what to think but her friend Sarah was mouthing "Yes." She nodded.

Mr. Johnson pulled the young teen into his lap while continuing to face the class. "Well, the preliminaries are all the same, whether you want to check a girl's fertility or you already know you are going to fuck her. The first thing is to arouse her," he instructed.

"Why, Mr. Johnson? Shit, my Francine is 'roused all the time, anyhow," Abe Stoval remarked.

"Yes, Abe, but you have Francine already knocked up. Not all girls and women are that horny, at least not all the time." Johnson sensed some incredulity at this last statement and indeed it did seem rather hypothetical here in Cutters Creek where all the women WERE horny all the time. But he continued on "by the book."

"Do you have any special erogenous zones, Jill, honey?"

The excited girl looked at him uncomprehendingly.

"I mean what really turns you on?"

"I don't know," Jill said, not entirely truthfully. Lately almost everything turned her on, especially Cliff Cooper. Jill liked Cliff, but she didn't have a chance with him. He already had a girlfriend named Mandy whom Cliff had knocked up recently and the pregnancy had given the girl huge tits. Jill envied those tits; all the boys in school stared at the girls with big tits. Hers had grown from an A to a C since she moved here, but they were still a lot smaller than Mandy's or most of the other girls.

"Well, what to you do when you masturbate?" Her teacher's question brought her back from her reverie. "Where do you touch yourself to get off, you know, to please yourself?"

Jill turned bright red. "I don't DO that, Mr. Johnson! Mamma always told me..."

Jill's words were immediately drowned out by a roar of disbelief. Cat calls of "No, way!" and "Liar, Liar, Pants on fire" filled the room.

"Class! Class!" Johnson spoke up to restore order. "Is that anyway to behave with a new student? Jill isn't from around here and outlanders have some funny beliefs about sex and trying NOT to make babies. Jill just hasn't been in Cutters Creek long enough to lean our ways. You all studied masturbation in third grade. Outlanders let their children learn from other children and sometime the girls don't learn until they are fourteen or fifteen!"

This revelation left the class thunder struck, as they briefly tried, unsuccessfully, to imagine how a girl could have survived without masturbating several times daily since she was were nine or ten. Derision was instantly replaced by sympathy for the poor girl sitting in Mr. Johnson's lap.

"OK honey we'll take this nice and slow. You've go a lot to learn today," Mr. Johnson whispered as he began to lick Jill's ear as his fingers started removing the girl's blouse.

"One of the most important erogenous zones for most women is their breasts." Johnson continued as the girl's bra fell away and he cupped her modest tits in both hands. He sensed a bit of surprise at how small they were, probably no more than a C cup, but her areola were large and dark and promised fuller development later. Jill's eyes were closed as she absorbed the strange wonderful feeling of a man's hands on her boobs.

"Breasts are very sensitive and should be felt up gently, at least initially. Although women enjoy having a man's hands on their breasts felt, especially the nipples," Johnson paused as Jill moaned and wiggled her little butt in response to her teacher's fingers pinching and twisting her nipples, "it's much better to kiss and suck them with your mouth."

The class watched intently as Johnson buried his face in the girl's breasts and began alternately to kiss and lick and suck each firm globe as the hand continued to stimulate other. Jill didn't surprise anyone when she started moaning more loudly. When she began to buck and cry out, however, they were impressed.

"Wow, Mr. Johnson's making her come just by working on her boobies!" one boy remarked

"What a little hotie SHE's gonna be," Jody Wren remarked in admiration.

"Maybe I could be a hotie, too!" Cindy Dee spat. "Why ain't you never gone nice and slow and made ME come like that Jody?" Several other girls likewise frowned at their boyfriends in agreement.

By now, however Mr. Johnson was ready for the next segment of the lesson. This was so much fun, Johnson considered requesting a transfer back to sixth grade where this was a regular part of the curriculum.

"We'll have to remove you skirt and panties for this part honey," her teacher whispered to the still post-orgasmic girl. Jill was too blissed out to resist when her skirt fell to the floor and her white cotton panties were pulled down over her slowly spreading hips and dropped to her ankles.

"A girl who has been properly felt up and had her titties well sucked, should be quite wet here," Johnson explained as he slipped a finger into Jill's pussy, which spasmed in gratitude. "But even if she's already come before, it's still nice to let a girl you like have another orgasm or two on your fingers." Mr. Johnson had hardly said the words when Jill began to bray and buck and babble about wanting to get fucked. It was tempting to skip ahead in the lesson, but Johnson's pedagogical training served him in good stead as he gently lifted the delirious girl and lay her on the bed that was part of the standard equipment of the Sex-Ed class.

"Making the woman come repeatedly before you actually fuck her is very important, whether you intend to breed her that day or just want to make sure she will be willing when you do. Direct stimulation of her pussy, especially the clit, with tongue or lips is the surest way to make a woman come and come and come" he explained.

Jill's howls of ecstasy as soon as Mr. Johnson's mouth touched her hot little pussy proved their teacher's point to the delighted class. Jill was getting close again and didn't care who heard her this time. But suddenly the tongue was removed, leaving only the fingers in her pussy to please her. Although they were nice, the orgasm that had been building began to fade. Distantly she heard the voice of her Sex Ed teacher speaking.

"Ok everyone gather around. You see she's almost ready." The fingers moved up to circle her clit. "You all know the parts of the pussy, so we won't need to go over that." There was a round of chuckles. Then the teacher's voice continued, "Boys I want you to get a whiff of her scent. Does it smell different than other pussies you've smelled before?" There was a general murmur of ascent. "Can anyone tell me why?"

The skilled fingers were driving Jill back toward orgasm; she concentrated on the sensations and heard the voices as if from far off. "She's ready to accept the spirit today?" a strong young voice replied. Distantly Jill recognized the voice as belonging to Cliff Cooper.

"That's right," the gym teacher's voice replied. "But, them, you should know; you already knocked up Mandy didn't you?" Again there were chuckles. "I'd say Jill is mid-way through her cycle and probably dropped an egg last night."

"Gosh, Mr. Johnson, you can tell that just from sniffing her pussy?" an amazed boy asked.

"When you've had as much experience as I have, almost, especially if it's a woman you're used to fucking. The smell and the taste," Johnson smiled as he dramatically licked a drop of Jill's pussy juice that clung to his lips "is so much sweeter when woman's ready for a baby. But that's not the only way. Look here." Briefly the teacher removed his finger from Jill's dripping fuck hole and touched it to his thumb and then drew them apart. "What do you notice about her juice?" he asked.

"It's THICK!" someone responded.

"That's right. Sort of makes you think about "egg" white doesn't it?" There was a giggled murmur. "But that's not all. Put your finger in here." The teacher moved so that several of the boys and two or three of the girls could run their fingers in Jill's gushing pussy. "How does it feel?"

"Oh, it feels soo good, Jill moaned."

"Not you, honey," Johnson shushed. "What about it, class?"

"She's really slick," a girl said.

"That's right. He pussy has made her juice especially slick so the man's prick can slide in extra deep and dump all those sperm as close to her womb as possible. Now did anyone notice anything else about Jill today?"


"Does anyone remember what happened as soon as I put my finger in her?"

"Yeah, she started coming in no time," a girl laughed.

"That's it; her climax was very quick. So ... Remember. When a girl is ready have a baby, her cum is thicker, slicker and quicker!"

The class was laughed, but Johnson was loosing interest in them. There was a beautiful, aroused, fertile girl with her legs spread before him. He was going to nail her! "Move to where you can see, I'm going to give a demonstration of how to knock a girl up."

There was the sound of people moving around and the fingers left Jill's pussy. She opened her eyes to watch the teacher climb on top of her. Jill had always admired her Sex Ed teacher's thin muscular frame with blond hair and enchanting blue eyes. Jill liked the idea of him putting a baby in her. "Everyone move so you can see my cock entering her. See how I stretch her vaginal opening?"

Again there was the sound of general assent, but this time Jill heard a girl give a high moan. Mr. Jackson must have heard it to because he said, "what's the matter Miss Reiley?"

"Ooh nothing, nothing's wrong sir," Sarah gasped. "Ooh God yes! Jacob was standing behind me and I guess he liked the demonstration so much he just got so turned on he had to shove his cock in me." The girl then dissolved into a series of low moans and grunts.

Alice, who was observing everything, knew she ought to do something to stop this obscene perversion of public education. A minor girl was about to be fucked and impregnated in a classroom SHE supervised! But she was so turned on herself, she could do nothing. Quite without her realizing when, her right hand had found its way under her skirt and into her panties and was softly stroking her clit while her left had was inside her blouse teasing her right breast. Her breath had become ragged as her orgasm approached.

The teacher chuckled under his breath. "There are always a few who get so turned on they can't wait," he said to Jill under his breath. Then he began shoving his massive cock inside Jill, inch after delightful inch stretching her wider and wider. When she felt his massive balls slap against her ass Jill's world exploded in a massive orgasm.

"Some very fertile women are so ready for impregnation they orgasm as soon as they're fully penetrated," the teacher commented casually as he began working his massive tool in and out of Jill's tight cleft. "Remember, the more she orgasms the more easily she'll be impregnated, so take your time and make her enjoy it. Some times all it takes to make her cum again is to point out what is happening to her."

Mr. Jackson brought his face close to Jill's right breast and his tongue snaked out to tease her nipple. "If I come in you, honey, pretty soon my baby will be doing this. Would you like that, like to have a big baby-filled tummy and nice milky tits" he whispered. Jill convulsed in another orgasm. The teacher pulled his face from back and continued pumping as Jill recovered from her back to back orgasms.

After a minute or so he said, "Another good way to ensure repeated orgasm is to change her position." With that he pulled Jill's legs from around his waist up to his shoulders and began pumping furiously. Within seconds Jill was cumming with a delighted yell. As she came down Mr. Jackson casually asked, "How do you want it for your first one?"

Jill hadn't thought about that, she'd only found out she was getting a first baby during the demonstration. Looking at Sarah writhing as Jacob pounded her from behind she cried, "Doggy style, Mr. Johnson. I want you to put a baby in me doggy style!"

Mr. Jackson grinned as he flipped her over and sank his man meat into her again. Soon Jill was groaning again as she felt her teacher's cock swell within her. She joined him in his orgasm, squirming and panting as sperm filled her cervix. It was the hardest cum in the young girl's life, and she wondered if this was how other women felt as they had new life poured into them.

A panting Alice Walker, who had slid to the floor outside the classroom, having just experienced four of the hardest orgasms of her life, was thinking the same thing.

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

The obscene spectacle of a young teen being bred in a Sex Ed class as a "demonstration" of how to make a baby shocked the Superintendent of Education deeply. Even harder for her to understand, however, was her own reaction to it. Instead of rushing in to prevent this outrage, Alice had been so aroused, she thrust her own hand into her snatch and brought herself to three powerful climaxes. Even as she attempted to sneak away in shame, she was immobilized by the final act in the obscene drama.

"Did you come good for me honey?" the teacher asked with concern as he at last withdrew his massive cock from the girl's grasping pussy. The dazed teen nodded wordlessly, grinning vacantly up at the man who had just filled her fertile cunt with his seed, making her come as never in her life and. "That's good honey. Good comes help the sperm go deep into you and make that little tummy swell and get this filled up with milk." He gently tweaked the girl's still hard nipple.

"Cindy Dee," he addressed one of the girls who had gathered around to watch, "would you bring Jill a little pillow for her butt. We want to keep all the sperm, where?" He turned didactically to the class.

"Where it'll do the most good," the class replied in unison. Soon Jill's slim ass was propped higher than her head and, sure enough, only a few globs of her teacher's thick sperm were leaking from her puffy slit.

Mr. Johnson kissed the girl and said, "We have to continue with the class honey, but Linda Sue and Bonny will keep you coming a while longer to help you catch. And you be sure to come to see me after school; I want to put another load or two in you, just to be on the safe side, OK?"

As Alice at last tore herself away from the scene, one of Jill's pregnant classmates was sucking on one tit and worrying the other while the other girl, who's tummy was just as big, was slowly fucking the moaning girl with a huge curving dildo that looked remarkably like the teacher's cock.

By now it was early lunch period and, surprisingly, Alice already felt hungry, notwithstanding the gargantuan breakfast she had devoured. Perhaps she might regain her composure by visiting the cafeteria. Here, at least things looked normal. Laughing, noisy students were packed in rows on each side of long tables, their plates piled with wholesome-looking food. Boys and girls alike were scarfing burgers and fries and washing it all down with large glasses of milk.

The quantities of food were enormous and reminded Alice of the huge amounts the State was spending on lunch subsidies in the county. But it was obviously necessary. All the boys were big and amazingly well-build, broad shoulders and firm, narrow waists. Alice was thinking they probably had had great asses and huge cocks, too, when she caught herself. And of course many of the girls were "eating for two."

But when she began to take notice of the snippets of the children's conversations, all semblance of normalcy evaporated.

"Hey, Martha Nell, guess what? I Did my EPT last night," said one girl who looked no more than 11. "Looks like I got another baby coming."

"Well good for you, Lindy Lou, but I did mine last week. Looks like I beat you again," her companion replied a little cattily.

"Yeah, but I got this on is from a real boyfriend, not one of my little brothers, like you," Lindy spat back.

"Not my brother's," Martha Nell replied defensively, "Paw did me this time."

At this point Alice's attention was drawn away to a commotion at another table where a teacher was trying to restore order. "Elmer, you know the rules. You can't bring out your penis and masturbate at the table; you know it just makes the girls around you want to suck you off."

"It's not fair Miz Purdy. Ellie May was rubbing me under the table and telling me she was O-view-latin' and I could fuck her this afternoon after school."

"Ellie May is that true?" the teacher asked, then looked around. Ellie May? Ellie May, where are you?

The question was answered when the boy suddenly went rigid and bellowed in obvious climax. Moments later the grinning, semen-coated face of a pretty blonde senior appeared from beneath the table. "I couldn't help it Miz Purdy. Elmer's just sooo yummy!"

"That's no excuse, Ellie May, all the boys are yummy." The teacher paused, realizing she had let something slip. "This is the third time this week you've blown someone during lunch period. You have to learn better self- control. I'm going to have to put you on detention."

"Really?" the excited girl replied. "I hope it's with Coach Smuthers. He knocked me up during a detention my sophomore year!"

"As a matter of fact it is, not that you should be concerned about that in your condition," the teacher remarked eyeing the girl's small but evident bulge.

"Don't matter; he's a good titty fucker, too," replied the girl, cupping a huge set of jugs to make her point.

Alice decided she had seen enough in the cafeteria. Hurriedly she finished her second burger and gulped another glass of the delicious local buttermilk. As she walked back toward the classrooms, she heard voices coming from the bushes. "Oh Donny, Donny you're making me come againnnnn!" We've go to stop. You promised you were just going to "help me out" while by boyfriend was away on the field triiiipppp," a girl's voice moaned, obviously in the throes of orgasm.

"I know, Janey I was just goin' to eat you, but when I tasted how sweet you were and how thick and sticky your cum was, I just knew you had to be O-view-latin'. If Sammy really loved you, he wouldn't have gone off and left you where you were ready to make a baby! And you'd be so beautiful with my baby stretching your belly this time."

Alice was already walking away when she heard the girl screaming her surrender. "Yesssss! Give it to me Oh, fuck, I want a baby. Give me your baby Donny, your babeeeeee!"

The State Superintendent of Education had never really recovered from what she saw in the Sex Ed class, then the outrageous scenes in the cafeteria, and now she had overheard another school girl getting her lights fucked out and likely knocked up. Alice was boiling. In the main building now, she ducked into the toilet in the teachers' lounge for some relief, momentarily regretting she had not brought along that long thick vibrator she had used the first afternoon. Fortunately, no one was around; quickly she entered stall and dropped her skirt. Moments later she was sitting with her panties around her ankles and three fingers thrust deep into her gushy, throbbing cunt. The first orgasm took her almost immediately and she settled back for a next more leisurely one, wondering briefly why she had chosen to wear the panties. They just got in your way when you needed to get off in a hurry. She unbuttoned her blouse, unclasped her bra, which seemed very tight, and got down to business.

After a fourth come, Alice was breathing hard but starting to feel more levelheaded. Why was she so horny all of a sudden? She almost never masturbated back in the city; here, she could hardly go more than a few hours without needing to climax. She was about to get back into her clothes, when she heard giggling female voices. At first Alice thought they were schoolgirls who had sneaked into the teachers' lounge, but no, it seemed to be two of the new teachers. She decided to listen.

Voice 1: "God! Seems like I have to pee between every class now." A soft swish of liquid confirmed this.

Voice 2: "I know. It's all of that delicious bottled water they have here. I just can't get enough."

Voice 1 "Yeah! And that's not all you can't get enough of, is it, Martha?. You'd better watch out, honey. If you keep fucking Coach Roidan, you'll be peeing all the time for another reason."

Martha: "I try, June, believe me. I heard what happened to the teachers who came here last year; not a one of them finished the year without getting knocked up. But Johnny he's so much bigger than my boyfriend from back home, I just can't help it. And he cums buckets and never wants to use a condom. That's why I'm taking my pills without fail."

June: "Well, it's not just the girls from last year, honey; haven't you heard? Joyce Field told me she is pregnant and she swears up and down she hadn't missed a pill when the paper turned blue."

Martha: "Wow! Who is the father?"

June: "She isn't saying, but her whole senior biology class is boys, every one of them a hunk. They must have been screwing her eyeballs out! Not that I blame her. Every time I see those boys I get wet! I hear she took them on a field trip and came back having let each one fuck her three times."

Martha: "It's those cow tits she's developed. Have you seen her? She had just exploded upstairs. And those mini- skirts! She wears them without panties and it drives the little studs crazy!"

June: "Who are you to talk about 'cow tits?' You must have increased two cup sizes since school started, yourself."

"Martha: "I have! I was happy with my 34Bs. Now I'm a 35D and my damn bra is getting tight again."

June: "I know, and that's not the worst part. The bigger mine get, the more sensitive they are. Why, all Billy has to do..."

Martha: "June! You're not letting Billy Suggs fuck you! He's only eleven and in your class!"

June: "Well, it was an accident. I made him stay after school for staring at me and he was so cute and sincere standing there with this huge, painful looking erection, telling me how I turned him on, I just had to ease his discomfort. I intended just to give him a blow job, but he tasted so yummy and I got so horny when he came in my mouth, I ended up bent over my desk with him giving me a delightful reaming from behind. He's been sneaking over to my house every night since to do me."

Martha: "Let me guess; you don't make him use a condom."

June: "Do they sell them here? I'm glad I'm teaching fifth graders. I can almost believe Joyce was protected. Those twelfth grade stallions look like they could pump enough semen into you, your little white pill would just surrender."

Martha: "Better not be overconfident. I've seen your class; there are some nice big bulges between the legs of those darling little boys. They say that little Joshua Gauntt in your class knocked up his mother."

June: "I know! Oh, shit, I'd better get off before I go back to class or I'll fuck one of those budding little studs in from of everyone; I'm dripping!

Martha: "Me, too. Ahhhh, that feels good." Alice heard the soft hum of a, no of two of vibrators begin.

The two women's orgasmic cries signaled Alice, who had her own hand back in her twat, that it was safe to leave. On a whim, Alice stepped out of her cum-soaked panties and stuffed them in her purse. Much more convenient with her pussy uncovered, the thought. Again, shamed by her inability to do anything but watch, Alice slinked away back to her car.

One of Clem's sisters was on the veranda of the little B&B when Alice drove up. She tried to ignore the cheery greeting of the girl who looked up from nursing a huge infant. Alice felt too ashamed of her self to be with anyone. And if truth be told, she was eager to get to her room, have a drink and plug a vibrator in her sopping pussy. Although she must have come a dozen times today, she was randy as hell.

An eventful day, what? And I probably don't need to tell you about Alice's night? You'd only get bored if I described how Annie and Jennie got Alice drunk again and, it being Jennie's night with Clem, how Annie spent the night with her ex-boss. You no doubt can imagine how Annie reaped the fruit of her sister's having taught the older woman about muff munching and how the two friends made love to each other all that night and half the next day. No, I'm sure you'd much rather hear about Alice's visit to Judge Finster.

How about a side trip to "Meanwhile at Cutters Creek?"

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (NEW)

Thanks to EBC for ideas and encouragement.

Alice was feeling guilty. She had arrived in Cutter's Creek too many days ago and was no closer than ever to understanding what was costing her half-forgotten Department of Education a fortune in the strange little town. Well, she understood the "what" but not the "why." It was evident WHAT was going on: every female for miles around was pregnant or nursing or both. How could any female be otherwise, being in almost perpetual rut? And, men being men, they took advantage of the inevitable result of unrestrained feminine lust to flood willing, fertile wombs with gallons of baby-making sperm. The result was bulging bellies everywhere Alice looked.

Apparently women - whether they were horny little girls or lusty crones -- when they were around a Cutters Creek man, could never pass up a chance to have their fertile pussies filled with plenty of baby juice. Moreover, they were unable to insist that their partner use any protection. If yesterday's conversation was correct, even the Pill after a while didn't do any good. Worse, the women even seemed to want to get pregnant as much as the men wanted to knock them up.

Her ex-employee Annie and her sister Jennie sure did. Sent by Alice earlier, Annie had come to the little town to investigate and had fallen in lust with a local boy -- indeed he didn't appear to be out of junior high school -- and taken him back to the city with her. Soon her younger sister was equally besotted with the youngster and, when the boy had both women pregnant, they had thrown away their independence and well paying jobs in the city to come back to Cutter's Creek. Now they lived with him and with his older twin sisters who had already made babies for him.

This brought her mind back to why she wasn't making progress. Alice was starting to feel the same perpetual rut herself. A few days ago she had been unable to restrain herself from watching lustfully as a girl in sex education class was bred in a classroom demonstration. Worse, she had masturbated herself silly as she looked on. She knew she was spending far too many hours every day -- and night -- satisfying her own needs. The change in her own sexuality was frightening.

Back in the city, she had seldom masturbated. Here, she found her hand or a sex toy between her legs at the slightest provocation -- and the provocations were not slight! Even stranger, aside from some experimentation in college, she had never had sex with a woman. Her first night in Cutters Creek, however, she had let herself be petted and fondled and taken to bed by Annie's sister while her ex-colleague was having her lights screwed out by the local boy who had given her one baby and had her pregnant with the next one. Well, that was excusable; Alice had eaten too much and gotten tipsy; she was unprepared. But the following night was worse.

It had been Jennie's night with Clem and the young woman had been insane with arousal during dinner. Alice thought Jennie was going to mount the boy at the table. She pressed her self against him and kept his finger in her twat, getting herself off again and again while she fed him in preparation for the strenuous night she evidently was expecting. Somehow the next part of the evening had been a replay of the first night with Alice again finding herself tipsy and on the couch with Annie this time playing with her titties and nuzzling her ear until she was insanely horny. She had put up no resistance as Alice's hand found its way under her skirt and pushed aside her already soaked panties.

Later, after Annie brought her friend to several soft orgasms with her hand, she had explained to Alice why Jennie was so sex-crazy that night. "She's fertile for the first time since her baby, so she's planning for Clem to get her pregnant again tonight. She says he doesn't know, but I'm sure he does. Men here do; we just get delirious knowing we're about to get knocked up again. I remember the state I was in the night Clem gave me MY second," Annie explained patting her paunch. "He'll do her good, too. He'll keep her filled tonight and most of tomorrow and give her plenty of orgasms to make sure she catches."

That was shocking enough, but a few climaxes later Alice was too sated to react when Annie, giggling, suggested they go up to watch. Alice half protested, but Annie assured her, "She'll love it. Since the first time Clem's dong went in her, my little sister's gotten real kinky. Not that she's likely to notice, however, as far gone as she'll be."

"Far gone" was an understatement. Jennie's shrieks of delight could be heard from far down the long hall even as the two women approached. When Alice peeked through the bedroom door she saw a thirteen year-old boy-man grunting and pounding away steadily at an incoherent young woman who was screaming in ecstasy, her arms grasped tightly around his neck and legs locked around his torso, in a delirium of desire. His piston seemed to be churning a froth of the white goop that must have represented at least one load of jizz already.

The pungent smell of sex boiling off the sweating bodies of the rutting pair made Alice dizzy. The boy's business-like copulation had sent the panting young woman far beyond the familiar four dimensions of space-time to a transcendental realm of reproductive lust. "Clem, baby! Yes, fuck me deep, baby... Baby! I want another baby, Clem... I want your babieeeeeee," the sex-demented woman howled as the boy's body stiffened and readied itself to comply with her pleas.

The sight of the formerly sophisticated young woman sent into a mindless breeding frenzy by the backwoods boy's cock naturally got Alice wound up. She would no doubt have slipped a finger into her needful slit, but Annie's was already there. "Yes, Alice, sweetheart. Isn't it sexy seeing him put another baby in her?" Annie cooed as **she** worked her ex-boss into a lather. "I can tell how horny it's making you, sweetie. Need to come, don't you? You're so wet, honey. You need it bad. Let me help you."

Gently Annie guided Alice away for the scene of Clem collapsing onto the comatose young woman, his half turgid cock still stuffed into Jennie's distended pussy plugging her and holding in a massive charge of fertilizing sperm in her willing, vulnerable womb. Alice was too dazed by orgasm to know that Annie was accompanying her to her room to spend the night reaping the benefits of her little sister's instruction the night before of the State Superintendent of Education in the fine art of rug munching.

That explained part of the delay, but why had Alice been unable to turn down one of Clem's sisters who came with breakfast yesterday but didn't leave until she and Alice had eaten each other silly and Alice was dozing again? The rest of the day had been a blur. The sister who had just fucked her - or was it her twin? -- Alice couldn't tell the two pregnant beauties apart - was there when she awoke. Amazingly she had allowed the girl to "help" her dress which led to comments about how well her breasts were developing and some touching to be sure that had until Alice was panting for another pussy-lapping sixty nine session.

After lunch - mountains of fried chicken, black-eyed peas, turnip greens, corn bread, peach cobblers and pitchers of iced tea - Alice had been too stuffed and drowsy to say no to the suggestion that she should be taken to buy new bras. The morning's breast examination, before it degenerated into a hot session of girl-woman lust, had indeed revealed that Alice no longer fit into the C-cup bras she had brought with her.

Clem drove silently while his sisters in the back seat with Alice were unable to keep their hands off the newcomer and Alice was totally incapable of fending off the kisses and caresses that had her in a lather when the girls led her into the shop. The sight that greeted her was astounding. Women were milling about, trying on bras and panties necessitated by newly expanding bellies and exploding breasts. Apparently there was no changing room and the pregnant beauties preened unashamedly around the shop. The only women who were fully, if scantily, dressed were the mothers of the little girls who were being fitted with maternity lingerie. A strong musk of feminine arousal pervaded the air.

If Alice had not been in too much of a sexual daze, she might have picked up some information about what was going on from the conversation between the shop owner, a pretty young woman of maybe eighteen with a huge belly, and her young daughter. The little girl wanted to know why a grown-up woman like her -- she pointed at Alice -- didn't have regular "boom boom's" like mommy and other women had. "I don't want to grow up like HER!" showing disdain for Alice's inadequate headlights. The child need not have worried about herself; two firm lemons were already poking through her thin dress. "Don't be rude, Lizzy Lynn. She's new in town and don't have no baby in her yet. She'll be OK soon."

This explanation only led Lizzy Lynn to ask incredulously why the "funny woman" did NOT have a baby in her. "Don't she have no daddy or brothers to give her babies like you do Mommy? Alice did not get to hear that answer as the inquisitive child Lynn was scooted off to the care of an aunt of maybe eleven, whose lemons had turned to grapefruit and whose tummy showed signs that she DID have a daddy or a brother like mommy.

The sisters opined and the shopkeeper agreed that all Alice needed was "sumpin' temp'rary, 'cause her tits IS growin' purdy fast fer a outlander." It wasn't clear to Alice why she needed to be totally nude to be fitted for a new bra or why it was necessary for the shop owner and the twins to fondle her and tweak her breasts - and play with her sex -- so deliciously -- while they decided on lingerie for her, but she was past caring; the attention had her squirming. Still, it was a bit of a shock when the young woman apologized for "getting' ya so hot and bothered, Ma'am" and offering to "hep ya out." Just watching the fitting had apparently already had a similar effect on the pregnant twins who had dropped their thin dresses and had their heads happily buried in each other's blonde crotches. Evidently, clients getting 'hot and bothered" was a frequent problem, for the shop woman pulled back a curtain atone end of the shop to reveal a bed, no two.

On one bed the eleven-year old aunt who was supposed to be "seeing after" the Lizzy Lynn was herself being "seen after." On her knees, face to the pillow, the girl was moaning with pleasure while a boy who looked enough like her to be her twin was fucking away madly. The Lizzy Lynn, unattended, was happily playing with her naked Barbie who she had bent into the same position as her oblivious aunt. Lizzy Lynn was rapidly moving a Ken doll with a oversized penis in and out of the anatomically, if not politically correct Barbie. "Do her good, Ken! Your sister wants another baby," the child giggled. "She wants to get another big belly just like Zeekie gived Ruthie May."

As if to confirm the child's words, Ruthie was moaning, "Oh, yes, Zeekie, give it to me, brother. Give me another one!"

Drunk with desire, however, Alice hardly registered the scene around her and let the shop owner lay her down on the other bed before crawling in with her. Between kisses and caresses the young woman assured Alice that she'd soon have "fine baby-feedin'" breasts and praised her for their sensitivity. The praises stopped when the woman had kissed her way to Alice's now dripping bush and began to tease Alice's hot sex with her tongue. The twins were yelping in mutually induced ecstasy when Alice's first orgasm exploded and melted into another and another. When a warm wet pussy appeared in her face, Alice was more than eager to return the favor to its owner and be rewarded with a gush of tasty girl sex juice.

Just as Alice slipped into a post-orgasmic slumber she heard Lizzy Lynn exclaim, "That's good Ken. You knocked Barbie up real good, I reckon. Now you keep her good and plugged up so all that baby juice will stay in where it'll do her the most good."

Alice and the twins were so exhausted on the way home with their purchases, they didn't even make out, just dozed cuddled together.

That night's dinner was different as it was the twins' nights with Clem, which left both Annie and Jennie more time for Alice. Jennie was beside herself with excitement, certain that Clem had indeed given her another baby. Annie was happy for her sister, but couldn't suppress the smugness of being sure SHE was already pregnant by their boy lover. In the relative calm Alice was able to extract a promise to help her talk to Judge Finster the next day. She felt that the Judge could help her solve the mystery of the little town if any woman could, though she was coming to doubt anyone wanted to.

Seduction no longer being necessary -- Alice knew she'd be sleeping with one of the sister that night and was looking forward to it -- they sipped wine and talked almost normally. Normally, except for the topic of conversation: how hunky the local men were, the enormous sizes of their penises, and the total satisfaction the combination produced in a horny woman. Both Annie and Jennie, though semi-officially mated to Clem, had many stories of sex with other men and boys, stories that got progressively more hilarious as the second bottle of wine disappeared.

The sisters disagreed about whether Clem's oldest brother or Clem's daddy had the bigger cock, but they agreed that one of these days they'd like to have a baby with each of the men. Alice's only surprise came when Jennie and Annie let her know that both would be coming to her room that night and from learning the fun of three-way all girl sex.

Well, that was last night. Today was going to be different. Jennie and Annie had arisen early to attend to chores around the little establishment and the twins were presumably still playing pretend "knock-me-up" with their brother. After a short session with one of the vibrators, Alice dressed alone, marveling how snuggly the new larger bra fit her evidently larger breasts, and made her way down for an almost reasonable size breakfast.

On the way downstairs Alice passed by Clem's bedroom and wasn't fazed to find the door open and chairs setup in the hallway for anyone who wanted could stop and watch. It seemed that watching people fuck was almost like a spectator's sport around the house. Peering into the room, she could see all three in a tangle of arms and legs. It looked as if one of the twins was passed out on her back and Clem was hovering over her on all fours. Her sister was helping by aiming Clem's dick at the gaping snatch below. It looked like she was pointing a hose gushing milk into a cup that was already full. Clem just kept grunting as his sister pumped his prick in time with each spurt. "You fill'er up, brother, and I'll eat her out," she giggled. Alice just wondered off downstairs for something to eat herself.

Several cup of coffee had left her with a bit of a buzz, but at least she wasn't feeling groggy as she made her way to the Courthouse. Alice could make out muffled cries as she tapped on the inner office door marked "Judge Ruth Finster." "Yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Oh, OH, OOOOOH." Even back in the city Alice would have recognized this as the sound of a woman getting vigorously and satisfyingly pleasured. Here in Cutter's Creek she shouldn't have been surprised. The only thing odd was her own action: to try the door, find it unlocked and to peek in. There she saw a pretty forty-something woman lying on her back, a judicial robe rucked up around her waist, knees bent and high-heel sandals planted firmly among the legal papers on her office desk, being serviced by a teen with an absolutely monster cock. "FUCK me you little scamp! Yes! YES! Is one enough for you? Come in my pregnant pussy and give me octuplets!!!!"

Alice knew that was impossible -- at least it was impossible anywhere but Cutters Creek -- but the boy seemed to be willing to try. He bellowed like a bull inseminating a heifer as his body shook in orgasm in a final desperate lunge. The middle aged woman howled with delight as she felt the boys hot seed spew deep into her womb. The boy grasped her round hips and held his cock in her as if holding in a massive load of baby-making sperm.

To her surprise, Alice's scientific observation of how the Cutters Creek judiciary prepared for court was interrupted by her own orgasm. Somehow, without her knowing it, Alice's hand had had found it way to her own excited cunt. A mere brush of her engorged clit had sent her over the edge. Fortunately, the far more kinetic sex of the mis-matched couple before her covered her own grunts and gave Alice time to withdraw to the waiting room.

When at last Alice found herself with a still flushed Judge Finster and a smirking teen sitting in a corner, she wasn't sure if she was supposed to pretend belief of the judge's explanation of her delay. "I was getting a... er... brief from Jethro, my... uhh... clerk." Whatever Judge Ruth Finster had been getting from Jethro, Alice thought, it certainly had not been brief. After she withdrew Alice had heard the pair start over again, this time with the matronly, if still curvy woman on top.

After some initial attempts at denial Judge Finster seemed to change her mind and decide to take Alice into her confidence. For the first time Alice heard the story of how a few years ago Rev. Daniels had come to Cutters Creek from Fertile Valley. At the time Judge Finster had not heard of the strange goings on in Fertile Valley and was unconcerned about one more hick preacher trying to start a new church in this Bible belt hinterland town. Soon thereafter the explosion of pregnancies began. "I think it's something in the water, though I suspect it's in the dairy products and local wines the Church sells," Ruth had confided. Alice blanched thinking of the gallons of wine, water, and milk she must have drunk since arriving. "By itself, it just makes the women unnaturally horny and physically transforms both genders into the other's fantasy ideal. Women grow wider of hips and bust but narrower of waist. Girls enter puberty earlier, having womanly proportions by the time they are ten or eleven and menopause seems to be delayed indefinitely. Men and boys develop classic stud physiques, as you must have noticed," she grinned at Alice who has been glancing, furtively she thought, at Jethro whose own appreciation of Alice was anything but disguised.

"And fertility and virility went through the roof. It seems that women get pregnant EVERY time they get fucked at even approximately the "right" time. The pill looses it effectiveness within a few weeks of exposure to the water. Still that does not explain the positive urge to have babies that they -- well, we -- have. Yes I'm as hooked as the silliest schoolgirl. That comes only after you've been bred by a Cutters Creek man. One fuck and there's no turning back. After that, you can't get enough cock. I don't believe that "go fourth and multiply" shit that Rev. Daniels preaches. I don't know if he does. But after I visited him once and let the sexy bastard fill me up with more cum than I'd ever dreamed of, I sure as Hell practice what HE preaches. He only did me once, the bastard, so I don't know if he put this baby in me or if Jethro did. I guess I don't really care. I just know I want to get fucked with a big sperm-spewing cock every chance I get. Yes, and when I've got one in me, I want it to make me pregnant. It's like my body wants to reward the prick that's driving me crazy with pleasure, with a baby."

"Ruth, that's horrible!" Alice exclaimed in sympathy.

"Yes, I guess that's what I'd have said before it happened to me. But is it really so bad? I'm also going to be a mother after thinking for years that I never would be, I have a hard-dicked boy who keeps me fucked silly and I have a well-paying job to support as many babies as Jethro can give me. What more could a woman want?"

"But this town, the population explosion, it can't go on!"

"I know. At least I know it when I don't have a big cock in me, making it impossible to think about anything else" the judge grinned. "I guess that's why I confided in you. Maybe you can help me figure out what I, what we can do. You haven't been "converted" yet. Have you?"

Alice confirmed that she had not had sex with a Cutters Creek man, thought she admitted feeling the effects of the water in her bodily measurements and her urges. "Jennie and Annie, yes, the schemers! They are probably trying to get you softened up for Clem, building up your craving for sex and waiting until the pill wears off. We have to keep our suspicions secret from them until we find a solution."

"Jennie, Annie?"

"'Fraid so. Like most wives, they want to please their man and know that the way to do that is to let him impregnate as many women as possible. They are hopeless. You and I know the outside world and that Cutters Creek cannot go on as it is. Sooner of later it'll be stopped. It must be stopped, though I don't want to see it."

"You don't?"

"Not at a personal level. My brain has already been fried and my libido hopelessly corrupted. I can't go without getting fucked silly several times a day and breeding babies, but something has to be done."

"But what?" Alice asked.

"That's what you've got to help me figure out. But not now. I've got court. Why don't you sit in? It should be amusing. And maybe you'll learn something. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready. Jethro, come here you little fucker! I've got to sit in front of scores of Cutters Creek men for hours with noting but a vibrator up my cunt to keep me going. I need some more of the real thing to tide me over!"

Cutters Creek
(Mdom/family, preg, inc)
By Homer Vargas


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Thanks to EBC for ideas and encouragement.

Ideas and text from Billy Breed and EBC

Alice sat impatiently in the steamy courtroom, already starting to fidget. Apparently Ruth was letting her "preparations" in the judge's chambers with her hunky young clerk take longer than she had expected. Alice could hardly blame the horny woman; the boy had a prick like a donkey and must fuck like a dream. Her own pussy juiced at the memory of seeing that long, thick cock rapidly disappearing over and over again deep into the hungry wet cunt of his sex-addled older lover. She had seen Ruth swoon in post orgasmic pleasure when the boy unloaded his potent seed into the horny woman. Alice could understand why the judge had a baby in her tummy!

Looking around, Alice noticed that the plaintiff's table was still empty, but the defendant's was already occupied by the husband -- Alice understood this was a contested divorce case -- and his lawyer. The husband, trim, muscular, handsome like all the men of Cutters Creek was looking pretty jaunty. He certainly did not lack for moral support. Behind him sat two sets of twins, two little blondes about twelve and two older ones, fourteen maybe, with red hair. The little girls were beautifully, roundly pregnant; the older girls were barely showing, but they already had a hungry infant each. Not that the babies likely to stay hungry long, not with the boobs on the still delicate bodies of their young mothers! A young blond woman perhaps in her early twenties -- Alice had been in Cutter's Creek long enough to guess she was probably the younger twins' mother -- was nursing a two-year old of her own, resting him on her own growing belly. And from the younger twins? giggles, the older twins? fawning attention, and the young woman's adoring glances at the defendant, it was pretty obvious who had put the seven babies in those five sexy tummies.

Apparently there wasn't much else to do in Cutters Creek and the courtroom was filling up with curious spectators. The crowd just made the courtroom hotter and filled it with the musk of over a hundred perspiring bodies -- an odor that inevitably made Alice think about sex and her own growing horniness. Resisting the urge to finger herself, she wished she had brought one of the vibrators from her room at the Cutters Creek bed and breakfast. She noticed that quite a few of the women were sitting, fairly blessed out, with periodic shudders of delight passing over their faces. These women had not come unprepared as she had, it seemed.

At last a smiling and obviously freshly-fucked Judge Ruth Finster entered the courtroom. Scores of fingers -- masculine and feminine -- were rapidly withdrawn from dozens of soupy pussies as everyone respectfully rose. Dutifully the bailiff read out the case: "Perkins vs. Perkins. Mr. Charles Perkins is represented by Asa Suggs, Esq. Mrs. Cass-An-Dra Perkins is represented by Miss Sheri -- what kinda name is Sher-Eye? -- Rollins."

"I see you got your client to court, Asa. Where is this Mrs. Perkins?" Judge Finster asked.

"Can't rightly say, Y'honor. I move you just dismiss this case. Don't seem right for no outlander wife to take money from a good man who needs it to feed his babies, anyhow."

The older twins sitting behind Charlie Perkins burst out "That's right Judge. Charlie's plannin' on us havin' big families!"

"Order in the court," Ruth gaveled. "You know I don't like divorces, Asa. I hoped we might arrange a reconciliation, but if the plaintiff doesn't appear in court ...?

Suddenly two women stormed through a back door of the courtroom, both scowling. The slightly older one, a blonde and quite attractive, notwithstanding the loose-fitting business suit, wore her hair in a bun. Alice guessed she was Cassandra Perkins, the wife. The other woman, obviously Sheri Rollins, also beautiful with long flowing black hair but wore a knee -length business dress suite, was talking on a cell phone. The two took their seats.

"Are you ready to proceed, Counselor?" Ruth asked.

Sheri held her finger up for one minute. "Yes, Clarence, I'll be in and out of this hillbilly court today. No problem-o, schedule me for a partners meeting tomorrow."

Ruth, obviously irritated, signaled the bailiff over and whispered an order. The bailiff then walked over and took the cell phone out of the lawyer's hand and gave it to the judge. Sheri opened her mouth to protest, but the judge cut her off. "Just because you come from the state capital does not mean you are exempt for courtroom etiquette, Miss Rollins. Another breech and you'll be spending a night in our county jail for misconduct."

"Notwithstanding the bad manners of some people," Ruth glared at Sheri and Cassandra, "courtesy is courtesy. Bailiff Kenrs, see that two ladies have a pitcher of our cold mineral water. And keep it filled. Ruth waited until the water appeared, noting that Sheri eyed it dismissively. "It's not Perrier, Honey, but it's what we drink here," the judge admonished. Chastened, both women poured small amounts and drank. Surprised by the taste, they filled their glasses and drank heartily. Judge Finster smiled and nodded for Sheri to begin.

"This divorce case should be open and shut," the young lawyer declared, a harsh tone in her voice. "My client's husband took a supposedly temporary job in Cutters Creek as a middle school teacher. Instead of returning home after the two months, he remained in the town over a year and began an adulterous cohabitation with two of his students, minors and their families! Indeed, he has the temerity to bring them to this very courtroom!" Sheri pointed accusingly at the smiling defendant and the five happy women behind him. "Such a gross violation of the sanctity of matrimony demanded an immediate divorce and settlement of all the couple's property on her client."

"Does your client have anything to say, Asa?"

Asa nodded to Charlie.

"Your Honor, I love my wife very much and this is all a misunderstanding. I had been trying to get her to come visit me for a long time. She finally did come unexpectedly, before I could get everything ready for her. She completely misunderstood the relationship with the young ladies who were just taking care of me and the house."

"Yeah, and he tooked good care of us, too, see?" blurted one of the red-haired twins, lifting her short maternity dress to expose her pregnant tummy."

"Outrageous, Your Honor!" shouted Sheri. "What more needs to be said? The obscene outburst from this underage hussy shows clearly that my client is entitled to her demands!"

"Objection. The Spencer girls are not on trial, Y'Honor. The plaintiff's lawyer is just badgering them."

"Sustained," the judge said coolly. "Call your first witness, Miss Rollins."

Sheri started to protest but thought better of it. Wiping perspiration from her forehead and taking another long refreshing drink of water she said, "I call Cassandra Perkins."

After the swearing in, Sheri got right down to business. "Ms Perkins, would you tell the court what you found when you made a visit to your husband's residence in Cutters Creek?"

"It was depraved! A Saturnaila! An orgy of the most perverse degeneracy! It was?"

"Objection, Y'Honor. The witness is giving her opinion 'bout what was goin' on, not tellin' us what she saw."

"Sustained. You are going to have to be more specific Mrs. Perkins," Ruth said, a sly smile escaping her lips. "Describe in detail what you saw. And since you found it 'vulgar' perhaps you should use common, Anglo-Saxon words in your description. I remind you that you swore to tell the whole truth."

Cassandra blushed furiously, looked hopelessly at Sheri, took a long drink of water and began her tale. "It was late afternoon and no one was at the train station to meet me. With some difficulty I found someone to explain how to WALK to the hovel my husband was living in. At the door I stopped, hearing moaning from inside. Fearing that my husband was sick (thereby explaining why he did not pick me up at the station), I rushed right in. The sight stopped me cold in my tracks. There in the living room I saw the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed."

"She ain't tellin' the juicy de-tails, Judge," Asa objected.

"I do not want to instruct you again Mrs. Perkins to refrain from judgmental terms like 'disgusting.' Please stick to the facts."

Defeated, Cassandra closed her eyes for a moment, took another drink of water and started again. "I found a girl, one of those," she pointed to one of the fourteen-year twins who stuck her tongue out at her, "sitting on the floor nude with her back against the foot of a long couch. The girl was breast-feeding a baby I assumed was hers. Between her outstretched legs was her twin sister on all fours performing cun ... er, eating out her sister's snatch. Her sister was also nude and while she was eating out her twin, she was also hovering over a small baby that was lying on its back. The baby was reaching up playing and also breastfeeding on the boobs that the girl was dangling overhead. The baby didn't seem to mind the milk dripping onto its face while it was playing with the thumb sized teat." Cassandra shuddered and continued.

"Sitting on the couch was a nude man whose face was blocked by one of those pregnant girls," she pointed at the twelve year olds, "who were also nude. She was in his lap, impaled on his dick and riding him, facing outward. The man was reaching around the girl, feeling up her breasts and swollen belly. Like two rutting animals, they also had their legs spread apart and, crammed between them, was the other blond girl. She was lapping the place where the man and girl were joined. Each time the riding girl rose up and then down, a loud squishing sound would erupt and the lapping girl would dive in at all of the fluids that were leaking out of fucking girl."

"It was then I broke from my shock and screamed for everyone to stop. Only then did the man on the couch look around the girl thrashing in his lap and I saw it was my husband!"

"In the middle of the commotion, that woman," Cassandra pointed to the younger twins' mother, "walked into the living room from the kitchen wearing nothing but a skimpy apron and high heels, carrying a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade. 'Charlie, honey, you and the girls is gonna need some refreshment if you keep that up,' she said as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.?

"Then she noticed me and asked who I was. I told her indignantly I was Charles's lawful wife. She just grinned and said, 'Welcome, ma'am. You're one lucky woman. We're just Charles's natural wives, but your Charlie here sure can fuck! And he don't shoot no blanks neither." I must have looked at her quizzically and she patted her belly and said, "I was so proud when he put babies first into my nieces Polly and Molly and then even into my little Jennie and Nanny -- pert near the first time he did 'em, too -- I talked Pa into letting him give me a baby, too.'"

"At that point I stormed out with my luggage to the nearest motel. I could hear the moaning start up as soon as I walked out. The animals inside obviously couldn't control themselves."

Ruth almost admonished Cassandra again about her language, but just allowed Sheri to call her next witness.

"Miss Lucy Spencer. May I remind you that you have sworn to tell the truth?"

"Sure, Ma'am. I always tells the truth."

"Good. Are you the mother of those girls?" she asked, pointing at the blonde twins.

"Yes, Ma'am. Ain't they pretty? Specially with their baby bellies!"

Sheri ignored this. "Mrs. Perkins testified that you seemed to approve of your daughters and nieces living with Charlie Perkins and 'takin' car of him and the house.' Would you tell the court how you five whor' er how the five of you came to live with Mr. Perkins?"

"How can I 'tell the court?' The court ain't got ears?" The young woman asked innocently. Guffaws broke the silence of the courtroom.

"I mean, tell everybody in the courtroom." Shari replied icily.

"Oh, sure, Ma'am. Well Charlie was spendin' so much time driving between the MaCabe's cabin to fuck Polly and Molly and then over to Ma and Pa's to fuck me and my girls, it just made more sense for us to all move in with him. That way we could all get fucked more often with less work on poor Charlie. 'Sides," she admitted, "I saw Ma giving him the eye and I didn't want to share him any more'n I already was. 'Tween my girls and my nieces, he hardly had time to fuck me more'n two or three times a day over at Ma and Pa's place. I love Ma and Pa and all, but I just needed more cock than that, Ma'am. You're a woman; I'm sure you understand."

"Hardly!" Shari gasped. "Uh... maybe you could you just start from the beginning, anyway?"

"Sure 'nuf, Ma'am. I first heard about Mr. Perkins, Charlie, cause he's the 7th grade teacher for my sister May's oldest daughters. That's Polly and Molly, like I said. Well, you know how girls that age are. They've already gotten babies from their Pa or their brothers, maybe an uncle r two, but at that age they start to get interested in BOYS! And all the little girls in Charlie's class were goin' ape over a sexy outlander man in town without a woman."

"Do you mean that Mr. Perkins did not disclose that he was married?"

"Oh, I guess ever'body knowed he was married, but they could see he didn't have his own woman with him, givin' him what ever' man needs, so the girls figgered he was 'up for grabs.' They were on him like flies, doing all the things little girls do at that age to get fucked, running around without panties, flashing him their hairless little cunnies, bumping him with their newly developed tits. But my Polly and Molly were smart. They had heard that outlanders are not used to fucking little girls and that he wouldn't be horny enough to do it for two or three weeks, so they just pretended to be serious students and didn't join in the teasing. 'Sides, they had to make sure they made their move at the right time for them, too."

"When their time was right they showed up at his room after school one Friday afternoon. They said his eyes bulged when he saw them in their little cheerleader cunni-skirts and big boobs on their little bodies, jigglin' braless under their short tops. But that's not all the little scamps were countin' on. They'd just come from cheerleadin' practice and the prancin' and jumpin' and flashin' their pussies had both the girls worked up. I can tell you, the girl juice of a horny teen pussy gives off a real aroma! So when they stood on both sides of him with their thin blouses plastered to their sweaty young boobies, ole Charlie didn't stand a chance," she giggled. "Before they got through asking some phony question about their homework, they saw Charlie's prick get big and hard in his pants."

"'Oh Mr. Perkins, is that for us?' Molly said reaching down to rub Charlie's hard-on." "'We were afraid you didn't LIKE little girls,?' Polly added as her hand joined her sister's. 'You ain't been fucking none of us?'"

"'Girls! Polly, Molly, please stop that. I..?'"

"'Why should we stop, Mr. Perkins? Nobody's showed you how Cutters Creek girls make a man feel welcome.' Molly said as her sister unbuttoned Charlie's pants."

"'Well? Welcome?' Charlie sputtered."

"'Sure Mr. Perkins,' Polly told him 'the Reverend says that a good girl should respect her elders and welcome his seed into her body every day.' She done pushed Molly's head down onto Charlie's rod, now that it was stiff enough to stick out of his pants. 'It'd be an honor to welcome our teacher the proper way.' Charlie was a fussin, but he sure didn't stop Molly from suckin him hard. Molly stood up real proud that she was able to get him goin enuf that she could taste a tad of spunk already. He protested that it ain't proper to touch girls that way, but Polly bein the older one said it aint proper lettin his wild willy go uncovered like that. Charlie agreed, and said that it should be covered right away. He just didn't understand HOW she was planin to cover it. My little Polly took his agreement as approval and hopped into his lap, she said he done slid all the way up her cunny in the first thrust. He was worried that he hurt her and asked if she ever done it before. Molly just laughed and told our silly Charlie that they both do it everyday with their dad and all weekend long with their dad and uncle, my pa."

"Charlie was still objectin with his mouth but argreein with his hips as he bucked into Polly while she rode him. He asked sum'tin silly like if their ma would get mad about them doin' that with their dad or doin' him. Polly was too far gone thrasin in his lap with one of her big old squirty climaxes cumin on to answer anything strait. Molly just told him that their ma would be mad if they didn't help release pa every day and do the lord's work by makin' as many babies as possible like the preacher teaches all of us. Shucks, their ma's always braggin' about how those two girls can get a guy to fire off more times that most gals their age. Anyway, Polly's cunny clamps down like a raccoon trap when she cums and squirts like a garden hose, so when she started there was no way Charlie wasn't gonna go off himself."

"Polly was proud as a prize hen that she got a load in her from her new teacher and Molly noticed that it must have been a long time for poor old Charlie, he was still rock hard, even with stream of jizz running out of his pecker hole. So she jumped aboard and Polly just shut up Charlie by stickin her boobs in his face for him to suck on. They told him afterwards that they could all go back to their house and their ma would let him fuck all day if they wanted!"

"Charlie was such a ninny back then that he got scared, but Polly and Molly both lickin him to attention was changin his ways. When they told him that their ma would be so proud to have a teacher's baby in the family that she would even suck him hard after bangin' the girls so he could be sure to fill im up all weekend long."

"Well, after gettin' fucked by those two little minxes there in the schoolroom, Charlie was in a kinda daze and let the girls guide him to his car. Molly drove while Polly sat in his lap with his prick up in her and letting him suck her tits. When they got him home they took him to their room to spend the weekend fucking him some more. Bob and Eileen were so happy their daughters had landed the new teacher and knowing it was the right time of the month for them to make babies, they just shut the bedroom door and brought them food and lots of our good Spirit Springs water all weekend, sure that by Monday morning their daughters would be making babies again."

"I guess Charlie was a little bit embarrassed to be fucking two of his students, but he didn't stop goin' home with them every day. Maybe he was a little afraid when he found out in a couple of weeks that he had made them both preggers, but Bob and Eileen told him they were real happy their girls to welcome him to Cutters Creek by giving him babies. Eileen was so happy she took him aside one afternoon and told him she was about ready for another baby and though it would be a good joke on Bob if Charlie put this on in her. He tried to object, but had no better luck with the mom than with the daughters and soon Eileen had a pussy full of Charlie's baby making sunk. Still Charlie tried to keep it quiet, but it didn't do no good. You know little girls, liking to brag when they've got a new boy fucking 'em. They just had to tell my girls."

"Well once Janny and Nanny found out not only that their 'big cousins' had their teacher fucking them but that they were going to have his babies too, my girls just had to do the same thing. They begged and begged 'til one weekend Polly and Molly let 'em come over for a 'sleepover' with Charlie. They said he was a little bashful, but when he saw all four of 'em nekkid, Molly eating Jenny and Polly eatin't Nanny and telling Charlie how good and juicy their little cunnies were and how he could probab'ly put a baby in those tight little bellies that night, his cock just took over and he fucked 'em again and again. Well, 'fore you know it my babies were knocked up with babies of their own. Then, when I saw my little girls with the beginnings of a cute little tummy bulge I was so happy I just had to let Charlie give me one too, purdy soon after we moved in with him, like I said." "Is there sumpin' wrong for a woman to want to stay close to the man that gave her the baby she's carryin' in her belly?"

Sheri just shook her head and motioned the young woman to step down. Alice noticed that shocked young lawyer was almost in a sex daze from hearing the story. If fact, she thought she could see a thin stream of pussy juice running down her stockinged leg. Glancing over at Cassandra, she noticed the story had had a similar effect on the wife, who was fingering herself.

Ruth had noticed this as well. "If you have no further questions, Counselor, I suggest you sit down before you spoil our carpet." Blinking and blushing furiously, Shari, leaking girl juice, scurried to the wooden bench beside Cassandra. Calling the bailiff over she said, "Cassias, can you turn these fans up higher? It's gittin' purdy hot in here, 'specially after Mrs. Perkins's and Lucy's testimonies. I think we'd better all take a little break. I notice some of us are getting a little antsy in the pantsy," she grinned.

Alice could hardly believe the judge was calling a recess so she could go out to get laid, but it was understandable. That's sure what she would do, if she had a hard young dick waiting for her the way Ruth did. She could tell from the sighs of relief from the other women in the room, they felt the same way as the judge, even the ones she was sure had vibrators.

Alice followed Ruth to the judge's chambers. Muttering, "God, that bitch made me horny," the moment Ruth walked through the door, she lifted her robe and jumped the nude young aid waiting for her in her chair and started riding him like crazy. "That 's it you little fucker! Give it to me good with that fat woman pleaser of yours. Shit I needed this!" Alice offered to leave them in peace. "Don't bother. I just need to get off a couple of times. I know how to hurry him up," she grinned.

"Come on, Jethro, baby. Mommy's pussy needs her little boy's cock. You like putting it into your Mommy's horny cunt, don't you sweetie?" From the way the lad groaned, Alice guessed this was a familiar game. "But you better be careful not to go shootin' Mommy full of your potent boy juice, y'hear? You know Mommy is fertile. If you're not careful you could make a baby in your Mommy. You don't want to make Mommy pregnant do you? You wouldn't want to come in Mommy and make Mommy's belly big with your bastard baby, would you?" The boy only grunted and slammed into the teasing woman more vigorously. "Oh, you bad boy! You're not only fucking your Mommy, you're tryin' to put a baby in her too!" Immediately the boy began to moan and grunt and the judge let out an ear-piercing yelp.

Catching her breath after a second climax, the judge stood up and straightened her robe as if nothing happened. "Sorry about that, Alice but hearing about Charlie putting babies first into those MaCabe twins and then those adorable little Spencer girls AND their pretty young mother, just got me hotter than a brush fire in August. Now that I've got a pussy full of fresh spunk, I can think straight again. Let me help you out."

Before Alice could react Ruth was on her hands and knees pushing her tongue into Alice's admittedly needy pussy. Seeing his older lover with her ass so provocatively displayed, the boy grasped the judge by the hips and began to ram his cock into her all over again, pumping another load of spunk into the judge just as her tongue brought Alice to a delicious climax.


On return to the courtroom a relieved Alice saw Cassandra and Sheri obediently waiting at their table, their water pitchers empty. Somehow, they looked different, no longer quite so hard and sure of themselves. They were fidgeting distractedly. Charlie, Asa, and the women, however are still on recess. "Cassius, better go round up the defendant. He's re-cessed enough, I reckon," Ruth chuckled.

Eventually the bailiff returned with a slightly glassy-eyed Charles and a pretty happy Asa with the smiling gals in tow. Alice noticed that the mother was helping the two younger twins zip up the back of their dresses while the older pair tried to fix their mussed hair and manage the squirming babies in their arms at the same time. They'd had the harder ride, from the looks of it. One was wearing a man's shirt without buttons that was tied up under her hefty cleavage. The other's shirt looked like in might be inside out.

The mother, when done with the younger girls, wiped something from her forehead, smelled her hand, and grinned. Offering her hand to the nearest daughter, she let the girl suck her fingers. Her twin leaned forward and also started sucking on Mommy's fingers alongside her sister. The twins had licked their Mother's hand clean and switched to French kissing each other when the judge called order in the court. Alice forced herself to focus her attention on the trail as it started up again.

"Well, I hope we are all feeling better. I sure as Hell am," the judge grinned. "Asa, your witness."

After a second's shuffling papers (and a quick glance at the exposed breasts of the MaCabe twins who were nursing their babies again and licking their lips) Asa called the now somewhat confused-looking Cassandra back to the witness stand. "I ask you to recall your testimony, Mrs. Perkins. During the scene you described, did you see anyone in bodily pain at my client's residence?" Asa asked mildly.

"Pain? Well, no," Cassandra admitted.

"Was anyone suffering? In mental anguish?"


"Did the persons involved, just maybe, appear to be enjoying themselves?" Asa grinned.

"Enjoying them selves? Gee, I guess. It was, what do you call it, an orgy in there. Everyone but the mother was having sex! That's wrong, isn't it?"

Asa cocked a brow and smiled. "It depends, Cassandra. You found your husband and these ladies at home having a good time, not harming any one and yet you became angry and left?"

"Not doing any harm? My husband was CHEATING on me with four school girls and her!" Cassandra almost sobbed.

"Cheatin' you say? Now that's a mighty serious charge," Asa harrumphed. "I don't know what you city folks mean by 'cheatin,' but here in Cutters Creek we mean using sneaky, low-down tricks to take sumpin' 'way from somebody it rightly b'longs to."

"That's exactly what I mean. My husband was having, had been having, sex with those girls. He's not supposed to have sex with anyone but me."

"Oh, I understand. You were frustrated to see my client's big hard dick up in the pretty little cunt of the girl, when you wanted it in yours?"

"Of course I didn't! And I was furious, not 'frustrated.'"

"You mean you did NOT want your husband's dick in you?"


"And because you didn't want to get fucked you didn't strip down and try to get him to fuck you instead of the girl?"

"Of course not!"

"Then seems to me he weren't takin' nothin' 'way from you that was yours. So he waddn't cheatin!'"

"But I've always been faithful to him. That was no way to repay me."

"Tell me, Miz Perkins, have you ever considered that your way of being 'faithful' might have driven him to 'cheat?'"

"I object!" Sheri declared springing to her feet so quickly she spilled part of the large bottle of water she had been drinking.

"Overruled," the judge said quickly, "I want to see where the defense is going with this."

Cassandra took another long swallow from her own bottle of water then answered, "I don't see what I could have done to cause my husband to take to cavorting with four school girls. I've always been a good wife."

"Hmmm a 'good wife.' I suppose you know, then, what it takes for a woman to be a 'good wife.'"

"Of course I do!"

"May I ask you, Mrs. Perkins, is the way you are dressed now, typical for you?"

"Yes," she admitted cautiously.

"Did your husband specifically ask you to wear loose-fitting trousers, bulky sweaters and flats?"

"Well, no. If he had his way, I would be dressed all the time in short tight skirts, frilly, see-through blouses, and high heels," Cassandra replied as if to name the hateful garments was argument enough.

"And as far as you know your husband is healthy and has normal eyesight?"

"Yes, but I don't see the point of..?"

"Mrs. Perkins, may I say you have a spectacular figure."

Judge Finster gaveled Cassandra's lawyer back to her seat before the indignant young attorney could object.

"You had to realize the effect your refusing to show off your body would having on a healthy male. Was that being a 'good wife?'"

"I don't see what the way I dress has to do with it," Cassandra replied uncertainly.

"You don't? May I ask you, Mrs. Perkins, do you posses a tank top?"

"Of course not!" she replied. "Only whores wear such things." This affirmation did not go down well with a substantial number of women in the courtroom wearing tank tops.

"A see-through blouse?"

"Don't be absurd!

"Do you ever go without a bra?"

"Do I look like hussy?" the indignant wife spat back.

"Have you never thought was a shame it was to cover up such big beautiful ti-, er I mean you must realize how frustrating it was for your husband when you dress in such unrevealing clothes. Does that sound like a "good wife?'"

The young wife squirmed in her seat, clearly uncomfortable with the topic and looked toward her lawyer for support, but Sheri was absent mindfully sucking on her Mont Blanc, moving the pen in and out of her mouth. "I don't see how wearing sensible clothes is not being a 'good wife.'"

The lawyer turned to face the courtroom and said, "The plaintiff wants you to believe she is ignorant about what a torment it is for a healthy man to see his 'good wife's sexy body hidden from him and others." A sympathetic moan went up from the onlookers.

"Objection, your honor" Sheri interjected, quickly putting away the pen. "I see no purpose in this line of question except to embarrass my client."

"Your honor," responded Asa, "the plaintiff has affirmed she is a "good wife.' I am attempting to show that the witness has no conception of what it means to be a 'good wife.'"

"Objection overruled," Judge Finster smiled, enjoying seeing the uptight young woman put on the spot.

"Mrs. Perkins, do you ever purchase clothes for your husband?"

"Of course. I buy his shirts, ties, trousers, everything. I have to make sure he looks professional."

"And does he always agree with these purchases?"

"Well, no. If I left it to him, he would buy the most garish ties and loud shirts." A murmur from men wearing purple shirts with yellow polka dots and red and green ties rippled through the sultry air.

"And did your husband ever purchase garments for you or make known his preferences in the clothes you purchased?"

"Well, only the usual things. He used to bring home ridiculously revealing night wear and obscene lingerie; I always took it back of course. He was a typical male pig! If I'd followed his suggestions, I'd be tarted up in culi-skirts, six inch heels, brightly painted finger and toenails, bangles, anklets and loopy earrings. I'd look like a prostitute!" Sheri cringed at this outburst, much as she sympathized, as Cassandra was describing most of the women in the courtroom.

"I see," concluded Asa. "You insist that your husband follow your taste in his clothes, but as a 'good wife' you refuse to accommodate his preferences in your attire. May we turn to socializing. Did you and your husband go out a lot as a couple?"

Cassandra paused, not liking this line of questioning. "No, not often," she admitted.

"And was this because your husband didn't want to take you out? I understand that is a common complaint from outland women."

"Well, no. He wanted to go out all the time, but he had totally inappropriate ideas of what was proper for married couples."

"I see! The plaintiff is an expert not only in being a 'good wife', but also in what is and is not 'proper' for married couples, perhaps she could elaborate," Asa smirked.

Cassandra glanced around nervously. This wasn't going as she had expected. Shari had the pen back in her mouth. "Well, he wanted... to go for candlelight dinners and dancing and parties -- but his only reason was to get me hot. All he really wanted to do was have SEX all the time!" she concluded in a huff.

Asa turned back to Cassandra with a little smirk. "Very interesting, Mrs. Perkins, how often does a 'good wife' have sex with her husband?"

"What?" Cassandra shouted standing up. "That's none of your damn business!"

The judge rapped her gavel stoutly and said, "Counsel is trying to determine the level of frustration your husband might have be suffering. Answer the question!"

Cassandra looked to her lawyer, clearly in search of direction. But her lawyer was sitting limply with her eyes closed sucking on her pen as if resigned to losing the case. "I' I guess I let him have a normal amount of sex under the circumstances, about once a month." Another collective gasp was heard throughout the courtroom. "Well, after a while he didn't complain much, at least until he started working in Cutter's Creek. When he came for visits, he was obsessed; he wanted it all the time, every DAY, sometimes more!" Even Cassandra could see that this revelation didn't win her much sympathy. "I HAD to start dressing more conservatively or he would have been pestering me for sex every time I turned around."

"Well who can blame him with the pretty ass you've?" Ruth gaveled Asa to silence even as she smiled.

A wave of mutters ran through the crowd. "A frigid bitch, and with those tits!" she heard a man in the front row grumble.

Speaking of tits, Alice noticed the distraught wife had removed her jacket. The heat of the courtroom, or could it be something else, Alice thought, must be getting the better of her. Her lawyer had done the same. It was clear their nipples were hard, looking like thumbs sticking out of melons under their blouses.

The judge leaned down from her bench and fixed Cassandra with an icy frown. "Do you mean to tell me that you have been denying your husband sex and then you blame HIM for getting a little on the side?" The judge looked scandalized. "Don't you realize healthy men need sex several times a day?"

"Huh? Several times?" Cassandra was having trouble concentrating.

"How long have you been married, Mrs. Perkins?" Asa asked, resuming his questioning.

"Four years."

"And how many children do you have?"

"We have no children."

"You may not have none, sister, but our Charlie does. Two nursin' and five more in the oven!" the twins' mother burst out, patting her tummy.

"Order!" Ruth gaveled, but smiled at the indignant young woman. "Don't talk out of turn Lucy," she admonished in a kindly voice.

"Do you have some medical condition that prevents you from conceiving?" Asa asked.

"Objection!" Sheri shouted. "That's prying."

"Not at all Y'honor. I reckon we can see that Charlie wants to have babies -- a bunch, I guess," Asa chuckled. "And he don't have no trouble getting'em from the looks of it." The courtroom broke out with cheers and whistles.


"I'm trying to find out if the failure of his 'good wife' to give him a houseful of babies like men want is a result of a medical condition," Asa explained.

"Witness will answer the question." Ruth smirked.

Sheri's hands lingered over her bosom while she listened to Asa question Cassandra. It looked to Alice like Sheri was mindlessly rubbing her breasts.

Cassandra shook her head, took a drink of water and replied, "No, I have no medical condition to prevent conception. In fact, I'm extraordinarily fertile and must take extreme precautions to avoid pregnancy. I've been on the Pill since we were married and I always insist that my husband use a condom. Limiting sex to my infertile periods once a month also helps insure that no 'accidents' happen."

"Let the record show that the witness resorts not only to chemical, but also mechanical means to keep from gittin' knocked up. The witness admits she refuses to bear children for her husband!"

An astonished gasp ran through the courtroom.

"How could I NOT refuse?" Cassandra exploded. "I have a career to consider."

"A career?" Asa declared. "Well wanting to contribute to the family income is well and good, but surely you realize that a woman's first obligation to a man is to bear as many children as her husband wishes. I can see that you marital problems stem from your own problems with your body young lady."

Asa turned in exasperation to the judge. Y'honor, I've changed my mind. We will not oppose this divorce. We only ask for a reasonable property settlement. My client will settle for a modest monthly sum to help with child rearing expenses."

"Now hold on, Asa!" Charlie interjected

"I can't do that. It's all or nothing, Asa." The judge shook her head at Cassandra. "I should ALLOW you to divorce your husband. You don't deserve such a loving, horny, virile, and sexy man who, fortunately, has found women who appreciate him. But I am going to take compassion on you, Mrs. Perkins. I believe you were genuinely ignorant of your husband's needs, your own duty as a 'good wife' to fulfill them, and the pleasure you would receive thereby. Therefore, I'm giving you one last opportunity to reconcile with your longsuffering husband. If you insist on divorce, however, I must grant it."

Now Asa was shocked. Sheri suddenly beamed.

"Opportunity?" Cassandra asked, confused. Alice could see that the water the woman had been drinking throughout the trial had taken its toll. She now seemed distracted again, moving her thighs together. Alice knew the feeling and she had the hard tongue of the judge's clerk in HER horny twat at recess. She could imagine what Cassandra must be going through.

"Yes, Mrs. Perkins, I will give you the opportunity to demonstrate that you even having learned what men need, you remain unwilling to passionately satisfy the normal demands of a husband for sex. Mr. Perkins, please drop your pants and approach the plaintiff's table."

"My God! You can't expect me to..."

"No. I'll allow a full reconciliation to be consummated later. Right now, I just want to see how determined you are on this divorce." Ruth Finster nodded to Charlie Perkins.

"I am determined, but..?" Grinning, Charlie took his nine-inch dong out of her pants he approached his wife. "No, no! Not that! No decent woman could ..." Cassandra paused, staring at the huge male organ just inches in front of her eyes. "get that in..." She was staring in fascination at her husband's cock, several times larger than she had ever seen it before.

"Don't do it Cassy! It's disgusting. They're all perverts here!" Sheri shouted.

"Would somebody shut that silly bitch up?" exclaimed the judge.

"Anything you say, Your Honor," a sheriff's deputy replied, springing to his feet and whipping out his prick.

"No... Mmppgh," came from Sheri's mouth as a large hard cock slipped between the lips of the flailing young lawyer.

The commotion had not registered with Cassandra, who was staring transfixed at the cock before her, pre-come forming at its tip. " in her mouth," the young wife said as if in a dream.

"Sure you can, Cassy, baby. Just kiss it. It's leaking love juice for you. Just suck me hard; we can start getting your pregnant later," Charlie replied with a tenderness that brought a tear to Judge Finster's eye. How noble, she thought; despite all the frustration his wife had caused him, Charlie still loveed her enough not only to let her suck his cock, but to give her a baby.

"Suck? Pregnant?" Slowly, Cassandra raised her hand, grasped her husband's penis, and drew it to her mouth.

The courtroom erupted with applause.

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