Playing Doctor

a Short Story by Varangian

Fall, 2005




Cheryl was a knock-out.  Too many twelve year old girls are scrawny or heavily out of shape.  Some, like Cheryl, are gorgeous, and she was the best I’d ever seen.  Apart from the pretty blondness of her hair and skin tone, she possessed exquisite, well-fleshed limbs in prefect proportion to the rest of her.  Her tummy bulged delightfully.  I remembered all that from my first examination of her two months previously.  Now she appeared complaining of a vaginal infection.

“Do you itch?” I asked.

“All the time, doctor,” she said with a coy glance at me.

“We’ll have to take a look at it, of course, but I think a salve will solve the problem.  Lie back.”

She reclined on the examination table without concern, because I was a physician, not just a guy.  Was she mistaken!

The nurse, who would normally have attended such an examination, was busy elsewhere.  I had seen to that, when I noticed Cheryl’s name on my schedule.  The girl had not yet experienced menarche, although it was due shortly.

“Infections can become serious,” I said, “so I’ll have to examine you thoroughly.

She nodded in understanding and did not flinch when I spread apart the hospital gown.  She had pronounced, pointy tits of a decent size but still immature.  I yearned to suck them both, but of course, I did not risk that.  Still, I palmed each and fingered them in a seemingly professional manner.

“Do you feel discomfort?” I asked, fondling the left one.

“There’s a tingling in my privates,” she replied.

“Aha!” I exclaimed.  “I think we’re getting to the bottom of this.”

I moved my hands down her body, relishing the feel of her pale, young flesh  She was straight as a ruler, lacking hips, which excited me.  I pressed professionally at her soft tummy and lingered at the task for a while, murmuring ‘ahs’ as I did so.  Then I reached her exquisite, sleek thighs.

“Do you experience cramps or discomfort in your legs?” I asked, running two hands up and down a shapely, downy calf.

“No,” she answered.

I spread her legs gently to examine her pussy that was just beginning to sprout hair.  Her clit hood protruded between puffy labia, and she started when I brushed it with a finger.

“Did that hurt?” I asked.

She grinned.  “No,” she answered.

“Do you touch yourself here often?” I asked, pressing a finger lightly at the pleasure spot.  “That might be the problem.”

“I suppose,” she answered, hunching her shoulders.

“You suppose what?”

“I rub myself there in bed before I go to sleep.”

“Aha!  You probably do it without sufficient lubrication.”

“I suppose.”

“I’ll have to look closer.  I need to sniff and taste you to be sure.”

Her lips twisted in a devilish smirk.

With hands on the pretty girl’s lovely, soft thighs I lowered my face to her groin to breathe deeply her feminine aroma.  I desperately wanted to slather an inner thigh of exciting freshness, but that would have been perceived as being unprofessional.  Instead, I extended a tongue to taste her young twat.  She squirmed against my face.

“Did that hurt?” I asked, looking up at the pretty face.

“No, doctor.  It felt good.”

“I can’t be certain, Cheryl.  I’ll have to do it some more.”

Over the next five minutes or so I licked her to a powerful orgasm.  She bucked and cried out.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said.  “Medical procedures can be discomforting at times.”

“It didn’t hurt!” she exclaimed.

“Have you ever felt anything like that before?”

“No!  It was awesome!”

“Then you won’t be distressed as I continue this examination.”

I returned my face to her pussy, grazing a soft inner thigh with my cheek.  I spread her labia and was delighted to learn that she lacked a hymen.

“Are you sexually active?” I asked, raising my head to look at her.

Again that smirk.  She was on to me but enjoyed the play acting.

“I’ve fooled around with a couple of boys, but they were too young.  They didn’t know what to do. Actually, I hurt myself in gymnastics last year,” she finally explained.

“You speak well, Cheryl.  No slang or kid talk.”

“Mom is very strict about language, and she won’t let me date.”

“You want to, of course.”

“Don’t you think I’m old enough, doctor?”

“You seem rather grown up for your age,” I said.  “Now back to the examination.  The problem may be inside you.”

I inserted two fingers then three.  I finger fucked her as my thumb rubbed her clit hood.

“Does this hurt?” I asked with face close to her pretty one.

She stared at me wide-eyed as she humped against my fingers.  I pinched a nipple gently.

“Oh!” she cried as a spasm shook her young body.

The orgasm lasted at least ten or more seconds.

I stood back and looked at her soberly with fingers on chin.

“I can’t detect the cause of this irritation,” I said.  “Perhaps I should examine you even more closely.”

“I’d like that, doctor.  Will you have to cut me open?”

“No, no, darling.  We don’t have to go to such lengths.  I’ll merely have to probe you.”

She grinned.  “I’ve never been probed before.”

“Come.  Lift your fanny to the edge of the table.”

She glided down, beautiful legs dangling over the edge of the examination table.  I stepped between them and unzipped my fly.

“Relax completely, Cheryl,” I said and brought forth my hard cock.

“This is a new medical procedure,” I explained, rubbing my cock up and down her wet slit.  “It was reported a few months ago in The Lancet.”

“I think I’ve heard of that procedure, doctor.”

“Now relax,” I said as I pushed forward into her virgin passage.

“Oh!” she cried.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No.  I feel filled up.  It’s what I’ve wanted for the longest time.”

“Now I’ll give you the salve you need,” I said, perhaps in a ragged voice.

I fucked the child and she responded with groans then a sharp cry.  I looked down at her pretty, young face and suddenly spewed in ecstasy.

“I think that should do it,” I said, wiping her clean with a cloth then zipping up.  “Get dressed and check in with Nurse Smedley before you leave.  Of course I insist on medical privacy.”

“I understand, doctor,” she responded with a knowing grin.  “But it still itches.”

“Come back in a couple of days,” I said after she dressed.  “I’ll arrange with your mother for a follow up visit.  But first take this pill.  It will overcome any complications of the procedure I just used.”

She seemed about to say something, but changed her mind.  She placed a hand on my chest, leaned up to kiss my lips briefly then rushed from the room.


* * *


Shortly afterwards, Nurse Smedley entered the examination room.

“You gave that young girl a vaginal examination without my presence,” she said, scowling.

“It was unavoidable.”

“She was grinning from ear to ear, doctor.  One could suspect the worst.”

“I suppose in nursing school you were taught to suspect improprieties.”

“That was thirty years ago, doctor, and they taught us a lot of garbage about the libidos of physicians.”

“Thirty years ago?  Although I know you’re over fifty, it’s hard to imagine that you’re not younger.  You’re gracefully preserved, quite attractive in fact.”

“Don’t bullshit me, doctor.  I don’t care what you’ve done or intend to do with that girl.  The fact is in nursing school I was not instructed about how to handle my own libido after menopause.”

“I see, Nurse Smedley.  You too are suffering intolerable itches.”

“You’re very perceptive.  I don’t have a man at present, and I’m tired of scratching myself.”

“Perhaps we could, ah, discuss your problem this evening over dinner?”

She stepped close, grabbed me around the waist then gave me a solid kiss on the lips.

“My house at seven, Jim.  We might even find time to eat.”

“I’ll be there, Clara.  I’m certain that we’ll engage in a deep exploration of your problem.”

“God!  I love guys your age — mature and fit but not entirely experienced.

“I won’t disappoint you, Clara.”

“I hope not, but even a hapless performance will do.  By the way, the kid, Cheryl, will be back on Wednesday, when you don’t usually see patients.”


* * *


I had never before experienced anal intercourse, but Clara taught me how to do it right, and she cried out in orgasm beneath me.  I then probed her rectum in long, slow strokes, relishing the feel of her sumptuous buttocks and thighs against my flesh before gaining my own release.

The woman was not too bulky.  Indeed, she possessed nice legs.  I fondled the near thigh then fingered her hairy groin that was very moist..

“Are you ready again so soon?” she asked, kissing me.  “Not that I’m complaining.”

“In a few moments, Clara.  I dearly wish to alleviate your itch.”

“It’s raging, doc, but I can wait, knowing that relief is on the way.  How about a drink?”

We soon sat on the couch, naked, with glasses of vodka in hand.  She was indeed an attractive woman despite drooping breasts and a small roll of flesh at her tummy.

“You prefer pubescent girls?”  she asked.

“I admit to it, but I also enjoy mature women.”

“You have to be careful, Jim.  People are alert to doctors, especially young ones, who treat girls and boys.”

“I’m not into boys, Clara, although I appreciate the prettiness of some of them.”

“You got lucky with Cheryl.  She’s a horny kid, and I doubt she’ll snitch.  But I suggest you keep your hands off others.  At least let me vet them for you.  I know the signs.”

“I trust you to keep me safe.  Did you start early?”

“I was only ten the first time I fucked.  It was a horrid experience, but I soon came to love having a cock poked into me and the feel of a lad in my arms.”

“The boys must have considered you a treasure.”

“I got a slutty reputation by age twelve.  Then I turned to grown men.”

“An even more precious treasure!”

“Yeah.  Those guys were really grateful.  I preferred men your age.  It’s like old times tonight.”

I reached over to cup an abundant tit.  We then kissed with growing excitement.

“Not yet!” she insisted, pushing me back.  “Let’s take a shower first and wash your shitty cock.”


* * *


On Wednesday afternoon I sat alone in the waiting room eagerly anticipating Cheryl’s arrival.  Clara had suggested that the girl was the sort who craved sex but also worried about her reputation.

“She’ll want to try everything, Jim,” the woman had said the previous evening.  “It’s all new to her.  But don’t imagine she has a crush on you.  You’re just a safe and available guy.”

Shortly after three the door opened and Cheryl entered.  She looked surprised to see only me.

“Hi,” I said from across the room.  “We’ll be alone today.  Please lock the door.”

The unusual request signaled unambiguously my intent, and it also gave her an opportunity to reconsider and flee.  She grinned beautifully then locked the door.  She was clad in a school uniform, the skirt of which she had outgrown.  Her legs were stunning.

She remained at the door, grinning then biting her lower lip.  She emitted a nervous laugh.  When I opened my arms to her, she slowly stepped closer, finally into my embrace.  We kissed thoroughly, with tongues engaged, but without passion.

“How long can you stay?” I asked.

“A couple of hours, doctor.  Mom gets home around six.”

“Call me Jim, sweetheart.”

“Will it be a long examination, Jim?” she asked coyly.

“If you want me to teach you everything, additional visits shall be required.”

“Yes!  I want to learn everything!”

I unbuttoned her white blouse and removed it.  Then I fondled her shoulders and well-fleshed upper arms as I gazed at her smiling, unblemished young face.  She was so pretty!

I reached behind her to unclasp the bra.  The pale, immature breasts did not jiggle when she moved to kick off her pumps.

“Take off your skirt,” I said, ogling her.

“Will you get undressed too, Jim?”

“Of course.  We’ll be naked together.  I have a bed in another room.”

The skirt fell to around her ankles.  She stepped out of them then stooped to remove her socks.  She stood proudly before me in her panties, well aware of her absolute physical perfection.

She watched me undress, and when I pushed down my underpants she gasped at the sight of my erect cock.

“You’ve never seen one before?” I asked.

“Not really, only in books.  I didn’t get a glimpse of yours the other day.  I was too dazed.”

“It’s very common for a girl to suck her boy friend’s cock,” I said.

“You’re not my boy friend,” she retorted with a grin.

“But I’m the guy who’s supposed to teach you about sex so you’ll be ready for a boy friend when one comes along.”

“I’m just teasing, Jim.  I’ll suck on you.  Like I said, I want to try everything.”

Over the next couple of hours I taught her to suck my cock properly.  She didn’t gag when I came into her mouth, nor did she mind the taste of my spunk.  I, of course, explored her marvelous, young body with mouth and hands then ate her out three times.  We fucked twice, once in the missionary position and the other time with her on top.  When it was time for her to leave, I had her swallow a morning after pill.  We arranged to meet the following Wednesday.


* * *


“I assumed you enjoyed yourself yesterday, Jim,” Clara said the next morning.

Patients had not started arriving at my clinic, so she and I enjoyed coffee together.

“I’ve had young girls a couple of times in the past, but never one so young and pretty.  Like you said, she’s just using me to learn about sex.  She’s friendly but not affectionate.”

“I’ve never been attracted to youngsters, although I can understand the allure of those like Cheryl.  She has great legs and a marvelous skin tone.  Would you care to share some of the details, Jim?

“I can tell you that she’s a natural born cocksucker  All I had to do was ask her to do it and give a few instructions.  She proceeded from there and received a mouthful of semen without complaint.”

“The first guy I sucked was so young that he didn’t squirt yet.  He had such lovely, soft legs.”

“So does Cheryl.  She’s soft all over.  I ate her out a few times then we fucked twice.  Although she’s not exactly a screamer, she’s very responsive.”

“You must be careful, Jim.  When your late dad was running this clinic, he almost got caught with a sixteen year old girl.”

“I didn’t know that about him.”

“Really, Jim!  Your dad was a guy just like you.  If you’re going to see Cheryl again, I suggest you make it your last time.”

“I must admit, Carol, that despite the girl’s physical appeal, she’s boring.  You’re far more interesting.  Did, ah, Dad, ever have ‘supper’ with you?”

“Yeah.  He began visiting me a couple of years after your mom died.  We had a lovely year together before he passed on.”

“He never mentioned it.”

“He wouldn’t.  Oops!  Here’s your first patient.”


* * *


“That seems unnatural, Jim,” Cheryl complained the following Wednesday afternoon.

“Then we won’t do it, sweetheart.”

“But I want to learn everything.”

“Make up your mind.”

I had eaten her out to several orgasms.  Now it was my turn.  She had offered to suck me and expected a fuck, but I had suggested anal intercourse.

“I can’t imagine it will feel good,” she groused.

“Let’s do something you’re more comfortable with, Cheryl.”

“Do people really do this?”

“It’s common.”

“Then I’ll have to try it.”

“You must relax completely, sweetheart.  You natural reaction to my penetration will be to tighten your muscles.”

“I’ve read about that.”


“On a web page.  It was all about female sexual response.”

“Then you know that you should rub yourself.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll use a lot of lubrication.  In the future don’t let a boy enter you dry.”

She rolled onto her stomach.  The backs of her thighs and perky buttocks looked so soft looking and arousing.  I spent some time caressing and kissing that flesh.  A disturbing thought then crossed my mind — the hipless beauty beside me could have been that of a boy.

“Are you going to do it?” she finally asked.

“Yes, darling. In a minute.

I slathered my cock and her anus with KY jelly then spread her legs and climbed between them.  She grunted with my penetration but did not otherwise complain.  She endured me until the tightness on my cock and the feel of her flesh against mine brought me off.  It had been better with Clara, I concluded.  At least the woman had enjoyed the experience.

“That wasn’t much fun, Jim.”

“Many women don’t like anal intercourse, Cheryl.  You must be one of them.  Now you’ll know what to expect when a boy asks for it.”

“I’ll tell him no!”

“As you should.”



“I’ve met a boy.  He’s fourteen and really cute.  Mom won’t let me date, but I think I’ll sneak around with him.”

“I suggest that you limit yourselves to oral sex.  You don’t want to get knocked up.”

“He says he has rubbers.  Is that safe enough?”

“Oral sex is safest, sweetheart.”

“I know, but I’d miss, you know, having a guy inside me.”

“You’ll have to work that matter out yourself.  I think I’m done teaching you.”

“I know.  Thanks, Jim.”


* * *


“So, she’s out of your life,” Clara said.  “Good!”

“Except when she visits me as a patient.  I don’t know what I will do then.”

“Just cop a feel, but keep your britches zippered.”

“I’m relieved that it’s over, Clara, but I’m going to miss that beautiful, young body.”

“You were teetering dangerously on a precipice, Jim.  You’re lucky she’s gone on to a boy more her age.  Find yourself a girl much older than she and much younger than me, although I’m always ready to help you over rough spots.”

“Like with my dad?”

“Exactly.  Now roll over.  I want to taste our combined flavors.”



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