The Stories of Varangian


Sex between couples of long standing is less tasty to a reader than eating an apple and hardly more titillating.  Varangian finds scenes of unexpected or first time sex, or relief after a long drought, to be far more compelling.  His stories adhere to such themes without regard to age and gender.


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New story: An Elevator Story



The Subterfuge Series

An 18-year-old man with the build and appearance of a pretty, 13-year-old boy has a real advantage in some quarters when he adopts a subterfuge proposed by his bi-sexual uncle.


Abby’s Conquests

At 14 getting men to cooperate might not be easy as it ought to be, especially when your uncle leans the wrong way, but everything improves with practice.  5200 words


(Notice: these are not the same Abbies.  I happen to like that name.  V.)

Abby Unfolds

Abby enjoys her postpubescent opportunities.  3900 words


"What did he see in her?" is a common question.  Sometimes the answer has nothing to do with optics.  3100 words

Ben, in Deep Shit

The moral of this little tale is if you hope to smell like a rose after falling in the deep stuff, you had better be prepared!  2800 words

The Best Honeymoon

An orphaned niece can become much more than a foster daughter.  3800 words

The Blonde Twins

Though self-taught in sexual matters, the fraternal girl and boy found their step-father’s instruction far more thorough and enduring.  3300 words

The Bookstore Girl

Nancy, unsatisfied by her young lover, turns to Tony, a professor she meets in a bookstore, with educational consequences.  4400 words


When menarche proved a giant step towards womanhood for pretty Christine, her older sister pushed her own boyfriend to finish the job.  4000 words

The Cove

 Fated to enter college a virgin in the fall, Fred runs across Norma and her pubescent brother, who relieve his condition on a summer island.  3600 words

Delivering Lilly

When her father charged his young lawyer with delivering Lilly to her freshman class in another city, she was thrilled that fate seemed to choose a more personal destination.  4700 words

Denial of Something Obvious

Androgyny should perhaps extend to names.  But when it doesn't, look out!  2000 words

Doris at her New School

Having studied hard after school at her old one, the virginal-seeming beauty knows how to find exactly what she wants at the new one.  9300 words

Double Duty

With one girl setting the pace for the other, Christopher found himself doing double duty. 3600 words

An Elevator Story

Pre-arranging your ride in one can realize opportunities.  2100 words


Harley succeeded all too well when he picked up a teenage stud to pacify his lover’s insatiable preteen daughter — until the lad revealed his secret.  4500 words

Family Ad Hoc

Bachelor Sam saw two little girls shivering in the rain, warmed them up, took them home and fed them.  Wouldn’t any man with feelings?  3800 words

The First Time

As the old man fondly recalls, kids before television were free to make their own discoveries among boy, boy and ex-tomboy.  2200 words

Foster Care

Pubescent Lily, pure of heart despite her incarcerated slut and drug-dealer of a mother, found a foster home where she fitted right in — and vice-versa.  3100 words

Found Girls

Jack, an admitted pedophile, rescues two prepubescent girls from a worse fate.  To his dismay responsibility creeps into the relationship.  4300 words

Friendship with Favors

When the teacher catches Sandra with the opposite of egg on her face, she suffers the opposite of punishment, even though a slight pain is involved.  2300 words

Fugitive Woman

May to September has its problems, especially on the run, that can be instructive even to a realistic thinker like Fred.  4500 words

The Garden Hose

The 18-year-old male sitter for a 12-year-old “baby” could hardly avoid teaching her something pleasurable — but with a garden hose?  1900 words

Girly Boy

Simon knew already that prejudice can leave you dangling.  1800 words

Glenn and the Girls at Jackson High

Coming of age in the American high school is always a time of trial and opportunity, even more so when you are suspected of swinging the wrong way. 9300 words

The Insolvent Client

Jack, the crusty PI, usually works on marriage problems, but when a lovely young thing offers herself as the retainer to find her twin brother, he can't say no.  2800 words


A pubescent girl can be available for non-obvious reasons.  3300 words


Consolation is sometimes preferable to reconciliation, even from mother to daughter.  4200 words

Learning How

Twelve-year-old Tom has many adult teachers to explain the world around him, but a slightly older girl on the lakeshore introduces him to the best mystery. 2800 words


Could you deny a pretty refugee whose upbringing in an alien culture has convinced her that she belongs, heart, soul and eager smile, to the man of the house?  2700 words

Little Dora

A situation may indeed be "too good to be true," especially when you're thrown into it. 1500 words

Love as an Occupational Hazard

Audrey lands a job that, although repetitious and boring, is lucrative beyond dreams — until she falls in love.  11800 words

Mystery Boy

A twelve-year-old amnesiac foundling first seduces his nurse then an eleven-year-old neighbor, to be followed by all her friends.  When the truth emerges, his talent is not so implausible.  5200 words

My Teacher, Age 10

An orphan niece shows uncle and aunt what they’ve missed in life.  3300 words

The New Life of Gerald Dancy

To Dancy a moment of unlikely charity returns one last fling at those indulgences the world condemns. 9100 words

One into Two

Toby, a virgin sophomore, studies anatomy under Lesbian lovers, one technically also a virgin, to everyone’s benefit.  Too bad it doesn't happen this way more often!  4700 words

Orphan Girl

The child welfare inspector finds himself a new orphan, 12 years old and perfection to his tastes — except for the small matter of her total hostility.  5500 words

Playing Doctor

When kids play doctor and nurse, their objective is not medical.  Neither is a real doctor’s when playing “kids,” but he still needs a good nurse.  3100 words

Pleasing an Old Man

When Tommy advertises for a girl to please an old man, one applicant succeeds all too well. 5300 words

Pretty Picture

After viewing a prepubescent sex video nightly for months, Ted met the girl, married her mother and undertook to comfort the victim.  3100 words

Private Lessons

Private tutors also have private risks that are not always what they seem.  4600 words

The Prostitute’s Daughter

A virgin may also have a mind of her own.  6000 words

The Reluctant Host

Out of basic humanity John invites three stranded and desperate people ― a woman with male and female teenagers ― into his desert home, where they repay his hospitality beyond dreams. 10700 words

The Ripe Girl

She was sweetly ripe and about to fall, but seduction can be hazardous to both parties.  5300 words

The Ripe Girl, Part 2

Environment has a lot to do with how fast fruit ripens, especially after plucking.  4600 words

Roger's Cock

Girls and women respond differently to Roger’s one exceptional quality.  4100 words


He has the temperament, money and opportunity to buy ownership of the pubescent girl next door.  She also thinks it’s a good deal.  3100 words

Sarah Redux

She is Sarah, his lost first love, reborn only too well.  2800 words

The Seduction of Mia

What’s a guy to do when his lover leaves her daughter, innocent, curious and lushly pubescent, in his care while off to Europe on business?  6000 words

The Shut-In

Was it merely his personal charm that caused a guy’s neighbor to offer herself for practice in the seduction of her own step-daughter?  Virgin Mike never thought to ask.  3800 words

Sister and Daughter

His combination daughter, niece and lover described it: “We’re a weird family” and it was about to get more so!  5000 words

Spring Break

Plunging into a situation of different strokes, Jack discovers that "getting laid" can take on an entirely different meaning even when it doesn't quite happen. 5200 words

An Unwelcome Surprise

Paraphrasing Jimmy Walker, Fred knew of no “woman ruined by a photo album,” but he found one that could ruin a good lay, in this sequel to Fugitive Woman.  4500 words

The Unsought Diversion

Late-maturing Alice knew what she wanted: her mother’s boyfriend.  But to him she was only a pleasant diversion — at first.  6000 words

Virgin Summer

The slick new friend from California took over Marshall's sexual education ― until a house full of girls turned the tables. 15800 words

Weekend Pass

Tim had $30 and a weekend pass. Sandra, twice his age, had a need. When she picked him up, she offered a high-powered weekend of excitement and wealth that would tempt any man to betray his trust. 8000 words