It was only after ‘that night’ that I discovered what ‘dogging’ was.

It all started on one of the few warm days that we had this summer. Jon had taken me up to the Derbyshire Dales for ‘a day in the country’. It was good, fresh air and sunshine, even if I did feel a bit out of place walking on the hills wearing a miniskirt. Anyway, it’s not the time on the hills that I’m writing about, it was the journey home in the evening.

Not long after we headed for home Jon got me to give him a blow job as he was driving. Before I’d got him to cum he pulled into a car park at the edge of a wood. It was obviously a tourist area as the car park was quite big. Jon parked at one end where there were no other cars.

I finished the blow job and as Jon was zipping up his trousers I said that I needed a pee. Jon told me to get out and have one. As I got out he told me to walk to the centre of that end of the car park, open my legs wide and let rip. I couldn’t see anyone else around so I did as I was told.

I was in mid flow when Jon got out of the car and motioned me to take my skirt off.  It was a wrap-round skirt so I took it off without interrupting the flow. When I’d finished I wiggled my bum in a pointless exercise to shake off any drops of pee that were on my pussy.

I walked back to the car but before I could get in Jon told me to lean back over the front of the car and masturbate. Jon got hard again quite quickly and it wasn’t long before he was on top of me getting his ‘evil way’ (ha!).

As he was fucking me I turned my head to one side and saw something move in one of the bushes. I looked again and realised that there was a man watching us. Now since Jon brought out the ‘real me’ I’ve always enjoyed an audience. I savoured the moment and then told Jon. He just said, “So what!” 

After a minute or so I looked over to the bushes and saw more faces. I smiled at them.

It hadn’t been long since Jon had filled my mouth with cum so I knew that it would be a while before he came again.

After a while the men got a bit braver. They came out into the open and blatantly stared at us. It wasn’t long before 2 men on their own, and 1 male and female couple were standing no more than 10 feet from us. My heart was pounding with the excitement and my pussy was gushing. I could feel my juices starting to run down onto the car. Just after I came Jon filled my pussy with his cum then stood up and looked at the audience.

I started to stand up but Jon told me to get back down. During our session, Jon had pulled my top over my head and I was naked apart from my shoes. I looked over to the audience. One man had his dick out and was openly wanking. The other man had a hand over dick outside his trousers. The man with the woman was behind her with one hand up her blouse and the other up her skirt.

Jon looked down at me then waved the audience over. Jon then told them that they could do what they wanted to me just so long as none of their dicks entered me.

The next half hour was great. I came 5 times as all 4 of them played with my body. I wanked all 3 men (not all at once) and frigged the woman until she came. One of the men produced a dildo and got it very wet in my pussy. The woman used he tongue on me while her man fucked her from behind.

By the time they’d finished I was knackered and covered in sweat and cum. It’s a good job Jon carries a towel in the back of his car.

A couple of days later Jon told me that we’d been ‘dogging’ and that we would definitely go again.



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