Mf: Older Men and Younger Women

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These stories turn on the contrast between an experienced older man and a young virgin. The code (f) is technically supposed to denote a girl of 13 to 17. These stories actually have two girls of 16, and one each of 17, 18 and 19.

"Flights of Fancy" (Mf voy pett 1st) {9,727} : First posted February 2000
Leslie won't be legal (in New York) for the several months until her seventeenth birthday. Rick wants to wait, and tries to make the wait interesting to Leslie with stories about how it will be.
(Also listed under "Games")

"The Ownership Society" (Mf nc 1st oral anal) {4,344} : First posted October 2009 Gretchen has got used to being a slave, Then she learned to be a bed slave, and then. . . .

"Problems of Utilitarianism" (MF 1st pett oral) : {11,519} First posted November 1998
Johanna had been too young in high school and college for the social life of her classmates. Now, as an 18 year-old graduate student, she feels that she is ready for somebody to sweep her off her feet. Especially if it is somebody whom she can respect intellectually. Her father disagrees. So she goes to Jeramy Bentham for arbitration.
(Also listed under "Games")

"Rampant" (Mf hist 1st wl) {30,911} : First posted July 1998
Elizabeth is only a few years younger than her new husband, Karl. She is, however, as inexperienced as thirteenth century people expected of a baron's daughter; he has the experience that they expected of a knight.
(Also listed under "Wedded Lust")

Tutelage "Tutelage" (MF) {1,173} : First posted August 2010
He appreciates her youth. She appreciates his knowledge.

"A Time to Gather Stones Together" (Mf hist 1st) {8,610} : First posted February 2004
Deborah found Father David's interest in her a great compliment.

"Quilt" (Mf 1st hist) {2,383} : First posted August 2010

"Trust" (Mf M-solo f-solo rom 1st) {17,819} : First posted June 1999
Sarah has cared for Jim's twin boys since they were newborns. She wishes that Jim would notice that she has turned into a woman in the intervening years. Jim is powerfully attracted to his high-school senior babysitter, but he can't betray her trust by revealing his lust.

"The Viscount Visits" (Mf hist 1st) {3,710}
Young Abigail saw the nobles seldom and only from a distance. But when her parents sent her to be a maidservant at Castle Clavius, she got to see one of them very closely indeed.
Also listed under Games.

"White" (Mf wl oral 1st) {4,989} : First posted June 2010

"Wrapped Attention" (MF rom 1st) {11,798} : First posted December 1996
Tabitha gives Alex a very special Christmas present, and he takes his own sweet time opening it.

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