Heart Ball
by Uther Pendragon

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Heart Ball
by Uther Pendragon

Part 13
Continued from Part 12 and concluded.

Steve kissed Shannon again. After all, that's what they'd gone to all this trouble to get. He hugged her to him by her butt. As the kiss went on, he raised his hands up her back under her sweatshirt. She shivered.

He dropped his hands and held her butt again for a moment. When he raised his hands the next time, they were outside her sweatshirt and in front.

She put both hands on his face and held it while her tongue entered his mouth. "Why don't you wash your hands again?" she asked. Good idea. He kissed her on the nose and went into the bathroom. He used the facilities. (She'd been right -- his hand was cold.) Then he washed his hands thoroughly under water as hot as he could stand.

He left the bathroom light on and went around the room closing the drapes. The light from the bathroom -- the light through the drapes, for that matter -- was quite enough. Still, when he was done the room afforded a little more privacy. Shannon thought it looked a little like a cave.

When he came back to her, he held her face for a deep kiss. "Better?" he asked.

"Your kisses still give me goosebumps."

"You're sweet. Silly, but sweet."

"That's my line," she said. "Brosna?"

"Did you look it up?"

"Sure. It's a river."

"A river," he pointed out, "that flows into the Shannon river. Logically, I should have used something which flows out of the Shannon river, but -- even for a fantasy -- I couldn't see naming a kid 'Atlantic.'"

"I'm glad you have some limits." She was laughing.

He kissed along her neck until he reached her earlobe. He pulled her against him while he sucked that in. This time, when his hands slid up under her sweatshirt, she didn't object. She did shiver when he scratched her back lightly, but she also sank against him. At least, she thought, Steve isn't rushing into this.

Remembering his image of post-wedding behavior, he lifted the waistband of her sweatshirt. After a moment, she raised her arms.

He flung the shirt towards a chair. Then he started kissing all the skin he could reach. They had more than three hours for kissing, after all. He figured that he could cover all of her skin in that time. And the critical bit? Would she let him? Probably this wasn't a good day to try. They'd already had a longer argument than he wanted to have this day.

She saw that she'd been right. This kissing of the shoulders and neck was a preparation for intercourse. And, if her own feelings were any guide, an effective preparation. Steve didn't have any more experience than she had, but he seemed to know what he was doing. When his lips reached her stomach, however, her legs felt weak. She pushed him away. He was still fully dressed. She started to unbutton his shirt.

Steve wasn't sure where this was going, but he wasn't about to ask any questions right then. He stood still, except that his hands roved over her shoulders and arms. Anything more would interfere with her actions. When she reached the last button she could, he pulled the rest of his shirt out of his pants. When he'd thrown the shirt towards a chair, he raised his arms for her to remove the t-shirt.

This time the kiss was even better. So much of them touched; only her bra interfered above the waist. The room wasn't really cold, but the warmth of the skin was pleasant, as well as the consciousness that this was Shannon he was touching.

"Turn around," he said as he broke the kiss. There were still parts of her front he hadn't kissed, but he wanted access to those lovely breasts.

He lifted her hair to kiss the back of her neck. Slowly, he kissed her spine down until the bra strap interfered. He unsnapped it and kept on kissing downward. He stopped just above the waist of her jeans.

He straightened and pulled her against him. The skin of her back was warm against his chest. Her abdomen was smooth and firm under his hands. Her breasts were even smoother and so soft. He held them for a minute before his fingers started to tease her nipples. He kissed the back of her head, keeping his lips closed against her hair.

But the tiny bit of her spine wasn't the important part that the bra had covered. He removed the bra completely and dropped it on her other clothes on the chair. At a slight tug on her shoulder, she turned to face him.

Left hand on her clothed butt and right hand on her breast, he kissed her forehead. He skipped her mouth on the way down, but kissed her cheek, neck, and shoulder on the road to her breasts.

He raised his left hand so he could press both breasts against his face as he kissed the valley between them. He kissed up her breast, dropping his left hand to give him access. He stopped just at the line of her areola to look at the nipple straining towards him.

"Oh Shannon," he said. Then he kissed it, sucked it.

Shannon felt fire radiate from that kiss. Her knees felt weak. When he removed his mouth, she stepped back to sit on the bed.

Was she saying 'no'? He looked at her and she opened her arms. He went to the bed, tilted her chin up with one finger, and kissed her thoroughly. He leaned over and kissed each nipple before kneeling in front of her. He took each foot in his hands to untie the sneakers. This didn't reveal anything new, really. She was still wearing socks.

He pushed one leg of her jeans above the sock. He kissed her shin though the panty hose. He pulled off that sock. Then he repeated the process on the other leg. He kissed each ankle through the hose. Shannon had cute feet as feet went. Still, they couldn't compete with her breasts. He looked at those again, but this wasn't the time for that.

He rose back to his feet and held out his arms to her. She took his hands to pull herself up.

He struggled with the jeans for a moment. Why did girls have zippers on the side? She grinned, but didn't offer to help. When they began to come down, he saw the white panties. "Oh, Shannon! " he said. There was some complicated set of equipment underneath the panties. Had she worn a chastity belt? When he got the jeans lower, he saw the separate nylons. "Oh, Shannon! " he said again. "Oh, darling! "

"You like?" She was grinning.

"I like." That wasn't strong enough. She sat down again to allow the jeans to come off completely. He heatedly kissed the skin above the tops of the nylons. The things that attached them were another puzzle, but she still didn't offer any help.

He slowly eased one of the nylons down, kissing her leg as he went. This was too delicate to toss towards the chair; he walked to the chair and draped it over the back. Then, he repeated the same process with the other leg. She leaned over and undid his belt. He held his pants up while he walked to another chair and sat down. He removed his sneakers and socks before stripping off the pants. He left the sneakers on the floor and the rest of his clothes on the chair.

Shannon had intended to undress Steve as he undressed her. She did see, however, that he'd been bright enough to start with her shoes. His jockey shorts didn't hide his erection very well. Her shivers weren't all because the room was rather cool, but that was part of it. She raised the covers and slipped in. The sheets were cold.

Steve lifted covers and looked a question at her.

"Come on in," she said. He slipped into the bed. He kissed her. Their skin was touching almost everywhere.

He could feel her nipples pressing against his chest. "Oh, Shannon," he said. He'd been saying that a lot recently. "I love you."

He was lying over her with his knees on either side of hers. She could feel his hardness press against her thigh as his tongue invaded her mouth. According to the sex-ed classes he was ready, but he didn't seem to be doing anything about it. Instead, he moved off to the side, still touching her, and kissed all over her face. Then he kissed lower, along her neck and then her shoulder.

He kissed each breast alternately. Her nipples ached for his touch before he gave it. Then, it was the lightest lick on her right nipple. By the time he got around to sucking one (the left), she needed it so much that she held his face to it with her right hand. Her left was nearly trapped under him.

Steve felt he was in heaven. When he kissed her mouth, she kissed him back. When he kissed her neck, she wiggled delightfully -- provocatively -- under him. When he kissed her nipple, she held his head in encouragement. Of course, he was totally -- painfully -- erect. But this wasn't about him, this was about them; and his erection wasn't going to be about them until Shannon decided. Maybe it wasn't going to be about them until their wedding night.

Right then, he was ready to make that decision. She was so responsive; he loved her so much. When he could tear his mouth away from her breasts and kissed her belly, she wiggled so erotically.

The room, if it had been a little cool for sitting around almost naked, was still warmer than her room at home. With Steve under the covers with her, she was soon toasty warm. Steve's kisses were heating her up, as well. He ducked his head under the covers when he started kissing her breasts, and he stayed down where she couldn't see him. She could sure feel him, though. He was kissing her everywhere.

Would he want to kiss her there? Would she let him? The books made it sound so nice. Besides, she was done with saying 'no' to Steve. The thought made her writhe in embarrassment. She couldn't decide; she'd let the moment decide for her.

Steve was kissing her belly while she wiggled under him. Wiggling under him, that was so erotic a concept. He came up the bed to kiss her mouth. It opened for him, and her tongue welcomed his. He held a breast in each hand, cupping them, almost as if he were judging their weight. His left hand stroked lower, passed over her quivering belly.

He brushed her panties. White panties! Not that he could see their color like this. His hand continued on to stroke her thighs, stroke the insides of both thighs at once.

The feelings were nearly unbearable. Shannon spread her legs. Suddenly, Steve kissed her; his tongue invaded her mouth and sought hers. While she was dealing with that, his hand clasped her mound through her panties. She spread her legs wider as his fingers began to rub her.

Steve abandoned Shannon's lovely mouth in favor of her even- lovelier breasts. Her nipples were so hard and so responsive. He sucked one and then the other. Shannon was breathing hard, and she was raising her center rhythmically. Her mound pressed several times a minute against his hand.

Shannon delighted in the attention Steve was paying to her body. Every stroke of his fingers, every touch of his lips, warmed her. But she needed more, oh! how she needed something more. And then she got it. A fire shot through her again and again. It was ecstasy; it was too much. And, then, it was over. She clamped her legs together and rolled away from him. She gasped in air, unable to get enough.

Steve was glorying in her response to him, and then she rolled away. The emotional chill was matched by a physical chill on his back; Shannon seemed to have taken the covers with her as she rolled. He readjusted the covers and snuggled against her back.

She didn't do anything to push him away. He lay like that for a moment.

"Shannon, what's wrong?"

She reached back to take his hand. "Nothing's wrong. Everything's wonderful." Then she needed her breath. After a bit, she took his hand and hugged it with both of hers against her breast.

He didn't find her statement very convincing, but the feel of her breasts against his left hand was something he couldn't resist. First he cuddled her top one, and then he stroked the nipple with thumb and index finger.

"Do you mind?" she said. He stopped immediately.

"That's not necessary." How could she put this? His chest felt so nice and warm against her back. His hand felt so good on her breast. She didn't want him to go away, she just wanted that hand to stay. It was just... "Just be very gentle with that. They are sensitive just now."

"Did I hurt them? Did I suck too hard? Is that why you rolled away?"

"No. I don't know. It was just awfully much right then."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I wanted it, and then I didn't." Did Steve want the word 'climax'? "I love you."

He was slowly figuring out that she'd come to an orgasm. It was too bad she'd rolled away, but that wasn't rejecting him. He pulled his arm so he was hugging her arm and body, but his hand wasn't putting pressure on her breast. "I love you, too."

She could feel his arm cuddling her and his hand cuddling her in a different way. She could feel his warmth against her back and his hardness against her butt. According to the sex-ed books, he was ready. At least he wasn't rushing, for which she was grateful. She suddenly suspected that the sex-ed books were damn poor preparation. They didn't teach driver's ed out of books.

Still, he sure felt like he was ready. And she was ready, which she hadn't been a few minutes ago. He was still thoughtful of her, still Steve.

Steve loved the feel of Shannon against his chest, Shannon's breast in his hand, Shannon's legs against his, Shannon's butt separated by only a few pieces of cloth from his raging erection. He began stroking her nipples as gently as his fingers could move. Shannon shivered; he could feel the motion against his entire body.

He missed the feel of her breast in his hand, but he needed to stroke more of her. He caressed her delightful belly, slightly curled in this position, her thighs, her mound covered by panties. They were white panties, lovely panties, panties promising even more delights on a later day. Nice as they were to imagine, pleasant as their feel under his hand, the hair and mound underneath them would be even more arousing. He thought that Shannon might allow him to remove them now. It was, at least, worth a try. He put his fingers under the elastic at her waist and stopped.

Now? Shannon thought. Was this the time? Well, he'd been thoughtful; she'd already had a climax; she was ready for more. But one thing was missing. He'd promised to provide a condom.

Safe time or not, she wasn't going to take that risk.

"Did you bring something?" she asked.

"Something?" Steve hadn't a clue what she could mean.

"In your stories you always provide a contraceptive."

Steve didn't think she could actually mean it. Still, his cock lurched at the thought. Whatever she meant, it was time to get out what he had packed. He climbed out of bed, opened up the suitcase, and brought out the sock-covered box. For good measure, he brought out the paper bag with his other preparations. That he put on the nightstand on what had been his side.

Back in bed, he pulled the box out of the sock and opened it. He tore one packet off, and put the box and the packet on the nightstand. "Is that what you wanted?"

Shannon nodded.

"Then kiss me." She did. Conscious that the brief trip had cooled his hands, he held them between his thighs.

That didn't warm them fast enough to risk touching her. So he broke the kiss, climbed over her, and kissed her again with his chest against her breasts and his legs on both sides of hers. His tongue invaded her mouth; his chest rubbed against her hard nipples and just felt the supporting softness; his erection pressed against her mound. All this contact was tremendously exciting, but he remembered that -- unless he blew it -- he would get even more contact soon.

Shannon was pretty sure that he needed to be between her legs, and her panties -- his underpants for that matter -- needed to be off. Then she figured out that Steve was waiting even longer. That was good... maybe. Anyway, it was a reminder that Steve didn't grab. The kiss was exciting; the reminder was reassuring; so was the prompt surfacing of the protection, for that matter. All in all, she could let herself go. She sure wanted to let herself go. She hugged Steve and returned the kiss with enthusiasm.

Steve kissed all over Shannon's face. He pulled the covers over his head as he moved lower. He spent a lot of time on her breasts, kissing all over her right breast before he reached the nipple. He enjoyed sucking there, but reminded himself that he had to give equal time to the left one. Rolling over to that side took all the covers with him. He solicitously tucked them around Shannon before resuming the kissing.

The flat plane Shannon had lain down on originally had turned into a nest. Partly it was the mattress's indentation under their combined weight. Partly it was the pillows pushed to each side by this time. The culmination was the sheet and blankets Steve had settled around her so carefully. The world, so chilly and blustery this time of year, was banished. She was surrounded by warmth, and Steve was providing much of that warmth. She was damn-near surrounded by Steve, for that matter. And his mouth on her breast was sending shivers through her body.

When he reached for her panties this time, Shannon raised her hips. Getting them off with him entirely under the covers was a bit of a problem, and he had to tuck her in again. Then, though, he could feel all of her. He stroked her silky curls for a minute. He took his hand lower, and then stroked upwards between her thighs. When he got to the juncture, she parted her legs more. He touched her lower lips.

"Oh, Shannon." He moved up in the bed to kiss her again.

Their tongues touched; his fingers were stroking her very lightly. She could feel the excitement rise.

When he parted those lips, he could feel her dampness. She was ready for him! He explored what he had seen only in his dreams, constantly reminding himself to be very careful. This was the ultimate delicacy of his delicate love. His chest was pressed against her in this position, and he could just feel the softness of her breast. Suddenly, he had to kiss it again.

He stroked between her lips while he sucked at the nipple. Her hand came down to grasp his wrist. He'd always stopped when she wanted him to stop; he'd told himself that he always would. Could he stop this time? But she didn't push him away.

Instead, she pulled his hand against her. Grateful, he stroked again, feeling the slickness. He sucked again, tasting the firmness.

She was tremendously aroused by his strokes. She wanted more, more pressure, faster motion. She pulled him against her to increase the sensations, but his motions didn't get harder. She could feel her climax waiting just inches from her. With his gentle motions, though, it stayed inches away. She ached for it, panted for it, but it didn't come.

And then it did.

She soared away into joy. "Ah! " she said.

Shannon was arching against his hand, writhing on the bed. She said something inarticulate. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever.

And then it ended. He dropped his hand and raised his mouth immediately. She lay panting beside him, sounding like she'd run a mile. She was damp with sweat. Scared of the outside air hitting her like that, he carefully tucked the covers around her again. Slowly, her breathing became more normal. She shivered once, and then turned her face towards him.


"Yes. I love you."

"Love you, too. Do you think it's time?"

He'd thought it was time since the summer. But he didn't say that. He pushed down his shorts and reached for the packet. He'd only put on a condom once before, for practice. His hand shook as he eased this one on his tip and rolled it down. It was greasy, and he held the sheet away from it. Getting between her legs like that was a bit clumsy.

Shannon came down a little from her excitement while Steve got into position. His fingers weren't at all as exciting spreading her labia as they had been stroking between them. His covered thing was slippery and a little chilly. "Is it okay?" he asked.

Fine time to ask. Still, he wasn't taking her for granted, even now. She nodded; her decision was made.

He was there! Where he had imagined himself so many times. She nodded. "Oh, Shannon," he said. "I love you." And he loved her more than he ever had, more than he could have imagined possible, as he pushed into her. At first, it wouldn't go. He had to remind himself to be gentle.

And then, something shifted, and he was entering her. The feeling around his cock was a tight clasp and, even through the rubber, warmth. The feeling was exquisite, somehow softer than his grip had ever been, and all around him. He was conscious of a drive to just shove into those warm depths, but he kept himself moving slowly. When he checked her face, she didn't seem to be in pain. She didn't look like she was in any sexual rapture either; more like she was interested.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours -- albeit delightful hours -- of pressing into her, his pubic hair was against hers. "Are you okay?" he asked.

She felt him spreading her as he entered. It was neither the pain nor the sensual delight that different novels had suggested. His fingers had brought more pleasure. Still, they were doing it; that had to count for something.

She shifted under him, spreading her legs and bending them more.

He adjusted himself too. They were still pressed against each other for their entire length. He could still feel her around his cock and against his body. "I am now," she said.

"Can I move?"

"Oh yes."

If anything, the sensations he felt moving outward were more intense. She clasped him at the most sensitive spot just under the head of his cock. Then he went inward again. Soon, he was moving in and out faster and faster. He felt what seemed like an explosion in the back of his head, and then he was thrusting against her trying to go deeper without any progress. "Shannon! " he said. And he was shooting into her, again and again. Then he collapsed onto her softness and gasped. It had never been like that, never.

The sensations she felt started to be more like the excitement his finger had provided. And watching his face gave a real feeling of power. She was the reason he looked like that, the reason he sped up like that, the object of his evident desire as he pressed against her so hard. It did jump within her as it had jumped in her hand. And, then, he dropped onto her and panted in her ear. He was heavy, but even that was nice. If she felt mildly desirous, she felt extremely desired.

Then he was just heavy. As he regained his breath, he shifted to support a little of his weight himself. He kissed her shoulder, hugged various places; but soon he was shrinking out of the rubber. He had to dispose of it and the mess. "I have to go," he said. He grabbed the bag on his way.

She thought he looked a little silly, holding the base against him as he went. But he had taken responsibility. And he had brought her joy. And he had called her name at his climax. Not telling much, she didn't hear as much as some of her friends did. She had heard stories, though. Steve had known who he was with.

They had done it, and she was glad. Still, Steve's worry about check-out time had been wasted. They had done everything, and it couldn't be eleven yet. If what they had done hadn't been dirty, and it had -- a little, she felt a somewhat soiled. She wondered how long she'd have to wait until she could wash up without insulting him. She wondered what they would do afterwards; make out? Making out seemed beside the point.

Steve was half-tempted to dump the thing in the toilet. Still, all his training was against flushing anything that wouldn't dissolve. He tied a knot in the middle, twisted it into a lump, and wrapped it in toilet paper. He dumped it in the wastebasket. He rinsed himself off, used the toilet, and washed his hands with water as hot as he could stand. He brushed his teeth. He rinsed his hands under the hot water again and dried them.

She watched it bob up and down a little bit as he walked back. Both of them looked a little proud of themselves. Maybe they deserved to be. Still, his hands were the only part of him which was even nearly warm enough when he climbed back in the bed. She shivered when he kissed her neck. Then she returned his kiss.

"Toothpaste! " she said.

"I brought a new brush for you." He thought the kiss he got in response was more enthusiastic than any he had received that morning. "It's in the bag. The toothpaste is in the medicine cabinet."

The shape he saw, spreading out from her waist in broad abundance, hadn't been much hidden by swimsuits -- not even by tight skirts and jeans. Still, some of her hair was visible between her legs; enough that he could convince himself that he saw the parting. The clutch and relaxation of muscles was different, too; and the parts shook up and down in a new way as she walked to the door.

Why, he mused as the door closed on her, were girls so sexy from behind? It wasn't that he particularly wanted to thrust himself into her that way. He'd been where he belonged, hoped to return there soon, and regarded anything else as a poor imitation at best. Maybe it was just the spread of their legs, the reminder that there was standing room.

She was already chilled when she closed the door. Still, the lubrication -- welcome at the time -- was starting to feel icky.

She washed her face, a few other critical areas, and down there most carefully of all. She used the toilet, dried herself, and washed her hands. She was chilly by now, and she hadn't brought anything with her, neither makeup nor brush; the robe was at home. She did brush her teeth carefully. She turned off the light and headed back to her place in bed at a fast walk. It was that or get dressed.

She looked so brave then. Sexy, certainly, with her nipples bobbing up and down nearly in synch. Attractive, as her legs scissored together to hide the secrets he had so recently visited, and then apart to reveal their beginning. Beautiful, as he saw the hair on her mound bushed out for the first time, not crushed down as the panties left it. But she looked brave more than any of that; bared to his view, she accepted that bareness.

She walked around the bed to her side; there was another glimpse of that rear-view sexiness.

Then it was pressed against him, and more than a little chilly. He tucked the sheets around her carefully and cuddled her. When she lay curled up like that, she had a bit of a belly to fit into his hand. The big knuckle of his index finger rested against her navel; his pinky just brushed her hair; and the space between fit into his palm. Knowing that she was proud of her slimness, that she would straighten if he mentioned it, he cuddled this little bit of her.

With his foot, he tried to move the last piece of blanket over her leg. When that failed, he moved his hand outside the covers again to flick this bottom part over them both. He kept his leg curled over hers under the blanket. Snaking his arm back inside the warm covers, he tucked everything real tight around them. Then he held her breast. "Y'know?" he whispered. "I love you."

He reached his lips up to kiss the back of her ear.

He held her breast in his hand, supporting its weight, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. He kissed her shoulder and other places he could reach from behind her. His cock grew again, moving itself along the softness of her hips.

Shannon saw that she'd been right. Kissing her breasts was part of making out; kissing the back of her neck was part of making love. And he'd been right, too. They needed this time. With his body heat and his careful tucking of the covers, she was getting quite warm. Even so, she shivered at his next kiss.

"I love you," he said.

She turned so she could face him. "Love you, too." And then she kissed him on the lips. It was a simple kiss, but the follow-up involved tongues and holding. His bottom hand held her right breast, and his other hand tucked her in again. But there was a lot of stroking involved in the tucking in.

There was a pillow behind her waist and another behind his head.

They were breathing each other and the space between as much as the outside air. She could smell him, and a bit of herself, and a strong whiff of what they had done. Under the rubber smell, and she was quite determined not to complain about that, the total was somehow earthy.

She kissed him again, invading his mouth for once. He welcomed her tongue with his, and scratched her back with his free hand. She moved closer to him in response, one breast pressing into his trapped palm, the other brushing against his chest. As his hand passed over her hip, she pressed that toward him as well. Suddenly his penis was pressed between her thighs and moving upward. She froze.

"Sorry," he said.

The kiss was broken already. "Don't be." She moved back enough that it was lying lower on her hip. "What do you call it anyway?"

"My cock, usually. And what do you call yours?" Then, before she could deny having one, "you know what I mean."

"You're going to laugh," she said.

"Tell me! " He could imagine some secret phrase from girl culture.

"My vagina."

"That's fine." Shannon was a class act. Other girls had cunts or pussies; she had a vagina. "But it does leave off the front porch." he caressed over her mound and between her legs. "I like this part a lot.... Not that I don't like the other -- your vagina."

He ducked under the covers to kiss her breasts.

The Jeep was a wonderful vehicle for snowy weather and farmer's back roads. It wasn't so wonderful for hours driving on clear interstates in freezing weather. Roger was chilled and knew that nobody awaited him at home. He pulled over at a diner, used the john, and had lunch with refills on the coffee. He felt much more alert when he got back on the interstate. He decided to meet Steve at the school. They might well not need the jeep; but if they needed it now, they would really need it.

He knocked at the gym door. "I'm looking for Steve Anderson," he told the boy who answered.

"I haven't seen him. Are you sure he's working today?"

"How about Ken Dalton, then?" Ken came over.

"Is Steve here?"

"Not right now."

"I'm driving the Jeep. Do you want me to pick something up?"

"No, thank you, Mr. Anderson. I think we have everything we'll need. We're finishing up right now." Roger could see that. There were wonderful larger-than-life cupids on each side of the entrance into the basketball court. A girl was taping another picture above the door. It was clearly a large heart and -- at the same time -- a basketball going into a hoop. Two kids were holding the ladder for her; several others were watching. Ken wasn't the sort to tolerate that much kibitzing if there were real work still to be done.

"Well, I'll cut on home then. If you see Steve before I do, tell him I'm home and can pick up his mom if he wants."

Steve wasn't home. Where could he be? Ken had said he wasn't there just then; the other boy seemed to say he hadn't seen him at all. On the other hand, the kid simply might not have known Steve. In that case, yelling "Steve Anderson" might have been smarter, but who expects smarts from high-school kids?

Still, Roger wanted to pick up Rachel from work. Well, he could. The worst would be two of them showing up at the same time. He pulled his suitcase out of the Jeep and stripped off his overshoes and coat as soon as he got in the kitchen. He kept his sweater on while he unpacked in the warmth of the house. He set his alarm and took forty winks until it was time to pick up Rachel. If the phone call meant anything, he'd need to be rested that night.

They were both lying on their right sides. Steve was curled around Shannon, talking very softly and occasionally kissing the back of her head. He was erect again, or nearly so, and pressed against her butt. She could dream of a white wedding all she wanted -- if not any more. To him, this was the second most pleasant aspect of his vision of married life. He could hold her while they talked. He could feel her naked skin against him as he drifted off to sleep. At which thought, he jerked himself awake. This was no time for going to sleep; checkout time was one p.m. and it was well after eleven. He raised his arm so he could see the watch, the only thing he was wearing. Eleven twenty-two.

Shannon was enjoying it as well. It was nice to be held, nice to be warm in their little nest when she could see the cold light of the winter day through the drapes. And Steve was still interested in her. He'd been interested in sex, sure. For that matter, so had she. But when the sex was over, he was interested in Shannon.

Steve tried to keep his caresses to the non-sexual parts, but -- for over a week now -- he'd only seen Shannon in school. Soon his hand was on her breasts. When she made no objection, he stroked her there and stroked down to her mound. "Mmmm," Shannon said.

"Let me see it." She turned on her back, and he went under the bedclothes again.

"It is a heart, an upside down heart. Wouldn't the kids like to have that as a decoration for the ball tonight?"

"Steve! " She drew her legs together.

"Well, I only said they'd like it. I didn't say that they should see it. Too bad you can't be there, but you should be properly dressed."

"I was going to buy a new dress." She was going to buy a front-closing bra to go with it, too. Still, she liked being like this more. And he did remember the summer. She let her legs fall apart.

"You don't need a new dress to look pretty. Really, you look best like this. But nobody gets to see you but me." Steve kissed a line from just under her navel to her breasts. Then he kissed all over those -- ending with a sucking kiss on her left nipple. Despite her previous satisfaction, Shannon was starting to feel excited.

When Steve returned to the head of the bed he lay on his side facing her. She turned on her left side to face him. He tucked her back in their nest before beginning a long kiss. His tongue was in her mouth, one of his hands was on her left breast. His other hand roved all over her back, spreading warm feelings wherever it went.

They broke the kiss to lie facing each other. He was inches from her face, breathing in her exhalations, looking into her eyes. When his hand finally stroked between her thighs, she raised her leg a little to allow it access to her center. "I do love you, you know," he said. "Not just here."

"But there most of all?"

"Well, yes. Sorta. You're so lovely down there. It does look like a heart. Did you look in the mirror?"

"Yeah, but I didn't stand on my head."

He laughed, softly as they were inches apart. "You can think of things moving without actually moving them around. Still, I'd like to see you standing on your head dressed like this. But, then, I like you dressed like this, anyway."

"You can't see anything now," she pointed out.

"I like to see you. I like to touch you. I like to taste you."

He kissed her nose. "I like to smell you. I even like to hear you, though that doesn't seem to change when you're undressed."

"Boys are just crazy about being naked. You asked what time I showered. Did you picture me?"

"Some days," he said, hoping she wouldn't ask which ones. That idea had disappeared in the preparation for this day -- and the concern about Amy. "And coming back to bed just now. I could tell you weren't happy about my seeing all of you, but you did it anyhow. You were so brave, so considerate. And wearing the panties and stockings. You were so kind to wear them just to please me."

Now, she thought, he called them gifts to him. Back then, he'd come close to demanding them. Well, that was too strong; he'd said she didn't have to. He had never said that he was getting tired of the way she was always saying no. She just worried that he was getting tired of her, and stopping the 'no' was one way to change that. Anyway, nice kids said "thank you" when they got the stuff they had put on their Christmas lists. Steve was, whatever else he was, nice. And his fingers were being nice in a different sort of way. They were playing with her hair down there and stroking between those lips.

They lay facing each other in silence for minutes. His hand and its actions were hidden by the blankets. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs more. Alarmed, Steve pulled his hand away. Did those sensations annoy her? But she pulled his hand back where it belonged. He was glad, grateful even. He could only show that by kissing her.

It turned into quite a hot kiss. Her tongue responded to his, her hands came up and held his head down in the kiss. When she finally let go, he moved down in the bed so he could kiss her breasts. "Get the covers, will you?" he said. His right hand was under him, and his left hand was occupied with more important matters.

She pulled the sheet and blankets up to her neck. He kissed the near breast, including one sucking kiss to the nipple. He leaned further over -- letting in the outside air to chill his right shoulder as he did so -- to reach her far breast. Soon, he concentrated on that nipple. First, he opened his mouth and sucked the entire peak of her breast into his mouth. Then, he let it escape slowly until he was gripping the nipple as tightly as his lips could without any help from his teeth. Then he licked the areola as well as the nipple. Slowly, he repeated that process as her legs spread by millimeters at a time and her mound rose against his hand. Down here, he could smell her arousal. The aroma was maddening and seemed to grow stronger as he fought himself to remain gentle.

She felt all this stimulation and a growing tension within her. She wanted to clutch his head against her breast, but she wanted to clasp his wonderful hand against her too. She was about to go for the head when her feelings spiraled out of control. She could only grab hold of the bottom sheet as her hips bucked and a shudder ran through her. "Steve! " she said. Then she lost all coherence.

Steve kept stroking and sucking as Shannon moaned. Then she collapsed on the bed. He figured that she didn't want any erotic contact just then, but -- when he'd straightened up to lie beside her -- he kissed her shoulder and held the far side of her ribs.

Slowly, her breathing became more regular.

Shannon came back from bliss into comfort. She was lying beside Steve and in his arms. He, who had provided such ecstasy, was now providing warmth and reassurance. "Steve?"


"What did I do to deserve you?"

"I don't know. It might be your beautiful face. It might be your lovely shape. It might be how you act. It might be your sweet disposition."

She knew it wasn't her disposition. She'd been prickly around him as much as around anybody. Steve was just a nice guy. But then he kissed her, and she forgot her worries.

Their tongues tasted each other. His licked over her lips before investigating the inside of her mouth again. He kissed her cheek and then her ear. She'd been right, the kisses on her ears were part of real sex. He kissed down her neck and, ducking under the covers again, down her torso to her breasts. This time, he gave equal attention to both nipples. He squeezed them between his lips, tongued all over the areolae as well as on the nipples, sucked them each briefly. When he trailed a set of kisses down the underside of her right breast, he didn't stop.

Her belly was so sweet, tensing under his mouth until it felt like velvet covering steel. Before he got to her fur, he could smell her arousal again. He resisted that siren call as long as he could, kissing her mound with its reversed-heart of delicate hair. Then he skipped to her thigh. He broke the kisses to climb between her legs. Here, where he'd entered heaven not so long ago, he got a clear noseful of that maddening scent.

Was he going to do it again, she wondered. Without protection? Without asking? No, he started kissing her again, this time on the insides of her thighs. It felt ticklish, but it felt arousing as well. She knew she wouldn't be excited again, she'd already come, come twice for that matter. Still, this felt nice. It was nice to be kissed anyway, even when it didn't arouse her. And Steve's kisses almost always aroused her.

Still, was he going to kiss her there? That was gross. But she wasn't going to say no to Steve again. (Unless she had to.) And so far the kisses had felt nice. And she wasn't a good girl any more, it hadn't got her anything. And the books made it out to be so grand. She had washed there, but not very well.

Steve kissed up the inside of one thigh and then the other. By now, Shannon was writhing under his ministrations. The light was dim even outside the covers, you could hardly see anything down here. But every time she shifted, there was a tantalizing glimpse of her feminine secrets. He finally used one hand to open her outer lips. The inner ones were two lines of pink moistness. He parted them with two fingers.

There was the hole where he had entered her, looking impossibly small like this. And it had been such a great feeling? Above it, where the lips met, there were folds upon folds, a complex of beauty. Wasn't it just like girls to have so much beauty, so complexly arranged, and so hidden away? In the midst of that, looking darker than the surrounding folds, was a tiny cylinder.

He knew that this was her mystical clitoris. He wanted to kiss that, but he knew from his reading that it was incredibly sensitive. He compromised by kissing her outer lips.

She stiffened. If she was going to kick him out of paradise anyway -- and he knew that she was going to push him away any moment now -- he would at least get one touch on her magic button. He licked the clitoris with just his tongue tip. The touch was electric; the taste was heady. He braced himself for her rejection.

She was in the midst of ambivalence, wishing she had washed more carefully down there, when his lips met her lower ones gently -- gently but fully. She was thrilled, stiffening in near ecstasy.

Then, while she was still reacting to that, she was thrilled even more deeply.

Ready to roll away at her demand, he kissed her once again while he waited. But the demand didn't come. Instead, her knees rose up on either side. Continuing the kiss, he slid his arms under her legs, giving himself better support. The taste had been exquisite, he repeated it by licking slowly up one lip. When that, too, didn't bring rejection, he licked up the other.

She was full of new sensations. His fingers, much less her own, had never delivered feelings like this. The feelings continued, and they escalated. Steve kept kissing her on her lower lips. Then his tongue touched her center again. Warmth, heat really, was spreading through her from the point of contact.

Steve loved having his head where it was, but he didn't like the way he had to hold his body to keep it there. He slid his elbows forward, towards the head of the bed. After a minute, he paused in his kisses. Like this, he should be able to reach her breasts with his hands.

With a little wriggling, he could. He cupped the top of one breast with each hand. The smooth curves filled his palms, and the nipples were between two of his fingers. He rested them there on her glorious softness and returned his attention to his mouth. This was pressed into heaven. He drew it back a half inch and licked one lip very slowly.

Shannon's breasts were being held; her nipples were brushed every time Steve moved --- even every time she breathed; her lower lips were being pressed and stroked and kissed and licked. There must have been some erogenous zones which weren't being pleasured, but that certainly didn't include her mind. Steve cared for her; Steve was caring for her.

Steve finally managed to tear his mouth away from her nectar for a moment. "Oh, Shannon," he said. Then he had to taste again. By this time every breath filled his senses with her aroma.

"Oh, Steve," she answered. He could tell from her tone that she was enjoying this, too. That consciousness redoubled his pleasure. He ventured another lick on her clitoris. "Oh," she said. He pressed his lips on her delicate lips once more.

The warmth of his hands on her breasts was nearly motionless. His mouth touched her everywhere down there, and always in a different place. She could even feel his breath against her. Her feelings spiraled upward.

Steve could feel her legs spread microscopically around him, and her knees rise another inch. He took that as a sign that she welcomed this, enjoyed it in some fraction of his ecstatic enjoyment. He kissed her firmly, and then licked up both lips at once. He stopped when he felt her clitoris, and kissed her again -- as lightly as he could manage.

His mouth was tired, as much as he was enjoying this. He moved back a tiny bit and blew across the lips, moving his head back and forth. In this position, he could see her hair, although the heart shape wasn't apparent. He took another breath -- almost swooning with the headiness of the scent of her arousal -- and blew across her mound. He could see the individual hairs move in reaction.

Pulling back so much strained his neck. He turned his head towards her sweet thigh, and rested his cheek against all that loveliness. Becoming conscious of the breasts in his hands, he rotated his hands on his wrists. He could feel the softness against his palms, the stiffness of her nipples as his fingers brushed across them.

Shannon could no longer feel the mattress and sheet under her back, the covers weighing on her knees. All she could feel was Steve's hands on her breasts and his face pressing everywhere down below. She tensed further, pressing herself against that face.

Steve was enjoying his position, but the lack of movement couldn't be doing anything for Shannon. He rolled his head against her sweetness, until his lips were in position to kiss her again. He had less access than he had had before, but he didn't want to drag his hand all the way back down. He licked her inner lips apart, and then lapped up that heady brew inside.

He kissed her once more before licking upwards in the valley as slowly as possible. He remembered to lessen the pressure of his tongue before it just touched her clitoris.

Shannon's feelings spiraled upwards uncontrollably. It was there; it was fire; it was ecstasy; she couldn't stand it.

Steve's lip was almost bruised when Shannon raised her hard mound against it. He kept the connection, though. He sucked in, a kiss covering all the complexity of the upper part of her valley.

When the mound dropped a millimeter, he licked again. He was ready for the next rise, and he managed to keep his lips from further injury.

Shannon couldn't stand it, but it was still going on. Fire burned within her; fire burned under Steve's mouth. It tore through her forever.

And then it was gone.

Steve knew enough to stop touching her when she relaxed. He removed his hands from her breasts entirely. He couldn't remove his mouth, though he stopped pressing and sucking. His arms were trapped under her legs.

Slowly, he eased his right arm free. Then he used that hand to raise the knee on the other side. His left arm slipped out easily then. Meanwhile, he had been breathing in the maddening scent of her arousal. His erection was so hard that it was painful. He supported himself on his arms and his knees while he moved up her body until his head was in the outer air. He leaned to his left and tucked the covers around her. She looked like she needed them, she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. He looked into her face from inches away.

By the time Steve was right over her, Shannon could gather her attention. She still was breathing hard, though. She could feel Steve's chest lightly brush her nipples, still extra-sensitive from what she had just gone through. She could feel his hardness against her thigh less than an inch from her entrance. Were they going to do it again? Fine, but not without a rubber; and not yet -- she still had to get her breath back.

"Wait," she said.

Steve couldn't figure out what she wanted to delay. Still, he could feel her nakedness all along his full length. He could gladly wait like this until his arms gave out. "Sure," he said. "For what?"

Well, Shannon thought, until she had her breath back. And her attention back. And he had put on another rubber. "For a minute. And don't you need another rubber?"

That was the best suggestion that Steve had ever heard. He kissed her for it, then abandoned her mouth to let her breathe. He kissed everywhere else he could reach in this position, though. Mostly, that was over her face, but it included her neck and her shoulders.

These kisses weren't helping Shannon gather her attention. On the other hand, she was glad Steve was letting her mouth alone. Ordinarily, she wanted his kisses on her mouth; just then, they interfered with her breathing. And she had been right; kisses on her neck and shoulders were part of real sex, going further than making out. And every time that Steve moved his mouth to kiss somewhere else, he moved all of his body. His erection was touching her in critical areas. He still hadn't put on the rubber.

Steve figured that Shannon's "minute" had been fulfilled. He broke off his kisses to lean on his right hand. He'd clearly made a mistake putting the condoms on the nightstand which was now to his left. Still, he reached the box and pulled it under the covers. He leaned over on his right elbow and used Shannon as a table to hold the box. Finally, he had it open, one of the packets torn off the strip, and that packet open. He put everything, including the strip of foil from the end of the packet, back on the nightstand. Then he rested on his left elbow to pull the condom from the packet.

After he had rolled it on, he adjusted the covers again. Somehow, neither the sex-ed books nor his magazines had mentioned that all this motion disturbed the sheets and blankets. Then he disturbed them again to kiss her breasts with the covers around his shoulders but leaving her shoulders bare.

She wasn't quite recovered, but the kisses started to be arousing. Besides, with him further away from her groin, the worry about some sudden -- unprotected -- entrance receded. She ran her hands up his arms and across his back. She didn't think of Steve as muscular, but she could feel tense muscles back there. And she did like his kisses on her breasts, though she wished he would get to the nipples. Then he did.

Steve licked each nipple in turn before he started to suck one. He had to remind himself to be gentle; he didn't want to hurt Shannon, but something was driving him towards hard kisses. Tearing himself away from the sweet, responsive, nipple, he buried his face between her breasts and kissed there as hard as he needed to kiss her.

When that need had been satisfied, another rose to consciousness. "Has it been enough time?" he asked.

Shannon had to think for a minute to figure out what he was asking. Then she nodded. "Do you want to?"

"Oh, yes," Steve answered. That was understating it.

She pulled the covers over his head as he kissed her breasts again. Then he was kissing her mouth and his hand was busy down below. She felt him pressed into her entryway, chilly again. Then he eased inward.

Steve had promised to go slowly, and it was a struggle to keep that promise. But the feelings were worth it. He felt her clasp the head of his cock, and then -- slowly -- more and more of the shaft. When his groin was pushed against hers, he raised his eyes to look into hers. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." It wasn't going to hurt the second time if it didn't hurt the first time. Still, it was considerate of him to ask. And it felt better this time -- not the fire his lips had spread, but a warmth.

Should he ask if he could move? No. In the first place, he wasn't sure he could keep still if she asked him to. But he would watch her face, and try to stop if she looked unhappy. As he moved slowly back and forth, the sensations of his cock were exquisite. He could feel the friction all over the shaft, and the gentle constriction around his head was unlike anything his fist had ever provided. His blood sang.

He'd asked if she was okay. And she was, really. His motions were even arousing. The question was whether he was okay. He was frowning, almost as if he was in pain. But he started to move faster, so he couldn't be. And that faster movement was more exciting; she changed her position slightly to get more benefit from it.

He was in heaven, bothered only by the necessity of going slowly. Then she shifted under him, and the sensations were even more perfect. He couldn't help speeding up, and that speed increased the sensations. He was climbing the hill, more slowly than he ever had before, with more exquisite sensations than he had ever been able to provide for himself. He could feel his orgasm build at the base of his cock.

Unable to resist, he sped up, than sped again. He was pounding in and out of her. Then he thrust against her and deep into her. "Shannon! " he called. He shot, and shot and shot. It seemed to go on forever.

Then it was finished, and so was he.

Shannon's arousal had built, and her enjoyment had built with it. The few seconds of Steve pressed hard against her and throbbing deep within her had been especially exciting. Then he was a heavy blanket sprawled on her and gasping into her ear. At first that was an annoyance. Then she hugged him. He'd been so excited, and excited by her.

She was glad when he moved off her, though. "Are you all right?" he asked.

"I'm fine." Actually, she'd been somewhat aroused, and she could tell that nothing was going to come of that. On the other hand, he did hug her, now. And he had called her name, shouted her name, at his climax. He knew who he was with.

"You're fine. You're more than fine; you're wonderful. You're perfect. But how do you feel?"

"I feel okay. You're sweet."

"Shannon, nothing I say could describe how it feels to be in you."

She turned her back and cuddled against him. He felt the condom almost rub off on her butt. "Oops. This is great, but I'd better take care of some things." He pulled the condom more fully on his much-diminished cock and held it there while he dashed to the bathroom. There, he wrapped this one and put it in the wastebasket with the last one. He took a piss and washed his cock as well as his hands.

Back in bed, he hugged her.

"Brr," she said. "You aren't as warm as you were before."

"But I'm cleaner."

"I should clean up, too. I wonder if I dare use that shower. Aside from going out in this weather with wet hair, mom would notice."

"Yeah. I brought some shower caps. For both of us."

"Steve! You're a genius. I don't care what they say about Ken, you're smarter where it counts." Then she hoped he didn't think that she really knew what Ken would bring on a motel date.

Steve kissed the back of her head. He loved lying in bed cuddling her; he'd enjoyed being in her so much more. What made her day was being able to take a shower without her mom knowing.

Well, give the lady what she wants. He reached over for the bag and pulled out one of the shower caps.

When she took it, he asked, "Want some company?"

She thought about it for a moment. "Not really, Steve. Some things should be done in private." She doubted whether her parents ever shared a shower. They'd been in the bathroom at the same time, sure. She and her mom even did that sometimes. But sharing a shower was something else. Still, he'd asked. And he had thought of the shower caps.

All alone in the bathroom, she thought that over again. Steve would like more intimacy. After what they had done, that was a little silly, but it was reassuring at the same time. And he'd taken no for an answer. He'd thought ahead about the shower cap, too -- and the toothbrush. Steve was a thoughtful guy. He was a thoughtful lover, she realized. It wouldn't make a splashy Hollywood movie, but it was a better basis for their relationship than looking romantically dissolute.

She'd done this because she wanted the relationship to continue, she thought as she stepped under the shower. And now she wasn't sure that it had been necessary. On the other hand, it also looked like the relationship would continue. And she wanted that, wanted it more than ever. The books had been right about the kiss down there. And they had been wrong about the actual sex. Still, the second time had stirred her; she could guess that later times would bring her all the way. And, until then, she wanted what Steve's hands (and Steve's tongue) could bring her. She wasn't ready to shower with him, though.

She dried herself off and wrapped the towel around her waist. She brushed her teeth again. Thoughtful of Steve to think of the toothbrush. Well, she wasn't ready to shower with him, but she was ready for him to see her. After what they had been through, the towel was a little silly. She took it off and went towards the door wearing nothing but the shower cap.

Much as he regretted her leaving his side, Steve had enjoyed the view. He enjoyed the view of her coming towards him even more. All the important parts of her were bare. He could see her breasts sway and bob with the motion of her walk. When she got to the bed, she sat down, pulled off the shower cap and put it on the nightstand. She slipped into bed. When she cuddled next to him her skin was chilly. But it was bare, and it was Shannon. Still, he shivered.

"Sorry," she said. She moved an inch away.

"I'm happy." He moved over to hug her. All that sexy skin.

Well, Shannon thought, he is nice. And he was warm. She relaxed in his arms. She had warmed up nicely when he said, "But I'm dirty. I'll be back in a bit."

Steve figured that he might be able to return one shower cap. Probably not, but why break open the package? He took the cap Shannon had worn. His watch was waterproof, but he wasn't going to test it by wearing it in the shower. He looked at the time when he took it off. Not yet twelve; plenty of time. He handed the watch to Shannon. He was getting chilly; he hurried into the bathroom, which was warmer and still a little steamy.

Shannon couldn't figure out why he'd given her the watch. Did she need to get up now? No. It wasn't noon yet. She put the watch on the nightstand and burrowed deeper into the bed. It was warm, though not as warm as it had been when Steve was there. He'd let her share his warmth, even though he'd shivered. That was nothing compared to what she'd felt earlier this morning. Steve could make her feel glorious, and then he could make her feel comfortable. She looked forward to his coming back. Should she give in to her parents? Would that mean more time feeling comfortable with Steve? More time feeling glorious with Steve?

The problem was that she couldn't tell what they really wanted. Well, they really wanted her to not have met with Steve all those babysitting nights, but that wasn't possible now -- even if she had been willing. And there wasn't all that much chance of having him over in the future -- she'd built the business back up once, she didn't see much possibility of building it back up again with September looming ahead. Parents wanted a babysitter who was going to become a regular part of their kids' lives. Anyway, her mom was holding enough money for her that she didn't need to work before going away to school.

The trouble was that what she wanted was the exact opposite of what they wanted. Sure, she wanted to have some time hanging out with her friends. And her parents would give her that once they got their revenge. But she really wanted time like this with Steve, and that is what they objected to in the first place. So, her only choice was being sneaky; she'd just have to figure out how. In the summer, her mom wouldn't be able to watch her, and there was that lovely field they'd already shared. She wasn't willing to wait that long, though.

Steve came back. He was wearing a towel around his waist. He took it off and draped it over a chair before climbing into bed.

"I'm still a little cold," he said. He stayed on his own side. Thoughtful.

She leaned over so her head was on his pillow and her mouth right next to his. "Keep your hands to yourself," she said. She kissed him. His lips were a little cool, but his tongue was warm.

And the kiss was delightful. When she broke it, she rolled over against him. She pulled the covers from between them. His skin was still cool, but the contact made her warm. He hugged her very gently. She remembered to give him back his watch, and he strapped it on. Then he held her again.

After a couple of minutes, Shannon felt warmer than before. This was definitely an enjoyable feeling. Steve's hand went to her belly. She could feel his thing firming against her butt. Was he insatiable? Still, she had promised herself that she wouldn't say no to him.

"Steve," she asked, "do you want to do it again?"

He doubted that he could get it up again. Was the girl insatiable? "I don't think we have time."

Good! "I don't think we do either. What time is it?"

"Twenty 'til."

"Shouldn't we get dressed?"

Well, he thought, there were all sorts of reasons she shouldn't.

But there was one overwhelming reason they both should. He got up and started to pull on his underwear. He watched as she dressed. Seeing the clothes go on was almost as good as seeing them come off.

"I'll clean up," he said. "You check to make sure I do a thorough job." She checked carefully to see that he had everything back in the suitcase and that all the wrappings from the condoms went in the wastebasket in the bathroom. She brought him his towel.

They had minutes to spare when they had closed the door and put the suitcase in the trunk. There were people ahead of Steve in the office, though. He was prepared to argue that he had been in line at checkout time, but the guy never raised the question. "Halves?" he reminded Shannon when he got behind the wheel. Somehow, the question seemed less important than it had seemed beforehand.

"Halves," she agreed. "But don't give me any coins."

"We still have a little time. Do you want to have lunch?"

She agreed. They sat in a diner, neither willing to discuss the only thing on their minds in the presence of strangers. Steve was afraid Shannon would insist on paying for her own lunch, but she didn't raise the subject.

Once in the car, he headed towards the high school. "Should I drop you off outside the high school, or closer to home?"

"Two blocks from home. If Mom is waiting at the school, missing me would be suspicious, but not near as suspicious as seeing your car drop me off. And there is no sense risking some kid's seeing us and guessing everything."

"I'll bet Ken knows."

"Will he talk?"

"Ken? His left hand is lucky when it knows what his right hand is doing. His idea of social conversation is about Abelian groups. It can be annoying at times, but I'll forgive him everything if he keeps talking about Abelian groups until graduation."

"Never talked about them with me."

"Ken doesn't relax with most kids. Look, enough about Ken. I love you. I want to do this again. Not the motel, exactly, but the rest."

"I do, too." There, she had admitted it.

"Really?" Steve grinned. "We'll have to find a way."

She really did. "Do you think I should give in to my parents?"

"Well.... That's really your decision, but...."

"But you think I should."

"Look, it's seven months."

"And I can stand anything for seven months?"

"Given the alternatives, yes."

"And in seven months we'll be on the same campus. Can you wait seven months?" The look on his face showed he couldn't imagine it. She looked out the windshield. "Turn in here."

"It's a dead end."

"Yep. I can walk from here, and nobody we know is likely to turn in here."

"Look. It's your decision. It always was. You asked what I thought; I told you what I think."

"And I said that it was easier when someone else is doing the giving up. Look, I want to do this again -- the field this summer, but before that, too. I just don't know how."

"They're your family. I don't know them. You'll have to decide. I'll back you."

"Oh, Steve. You're sweet." She kissed him and opened her door. "I'll see you. In school if nowhere else. Don't drive off for a minute." She closed the door and walked briskly away. She wasn't going to turn and look; if she did, she wasn't sure she could keep going.

And she had to keep going. Would her mom go to the school? For that matter, would her mom take one look at her and guess? She hadn't looked any different in the mirror; she had known girls who had done it, and they didn't look different. Still, her mom sometimes knew things without any evidence, and then -- too -- sometimes her mom didn't see things which were painfully clear.

She was different now, whether she looked different or not. She was a woman, now. Not a good girl, not any kind of a girl. And she had a man, odd as it was to think of Steve as her man. Would he still keep liking her? The rest of this year, sure. Steve had wanted her for a year, now, and he had her. But she was going to go to the U of I to be with Steve. Would he be with her there?

Steve wasn't the sort to take a girl and look for his next target. She knew he wasn't planning to dump her. But the future looked cloudier than it had looked in a long while. It would really be a waste, too. When he was inside her, she'd felt something. It hadn't been what he'd obviously been feeling above her, it hadn't been what she had felt under his hand or his mouth. But it had been a beginning. She was sure that she would go on to a climax if they kept doing it.

That was the hard part, finding a way to keep doing it.

Steve watched her walk away. He'd get the suitcase into the house and go pick up his mom. That was the easy part. Getting through the next months would be the hard part. He loved her, more than ever after this afternoon.

Would they be a couple? Soon, they would leave high school. Not soon enough, he'd thought yesterday. But in high school, they'd been a recognized couple. Leaving him would have wrenched Shannon's identity. Soon, they would be going to a big University. Would Shannon want to be a couple with an insignificant freshman? Would she stick with him?

The End
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