Stories about Bob and Jeanette Brennan

The series begins on their wedding night and has progressed into their second decade of marriage. More stories are planned.

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The number of words in each story is listed in {braces} after the story-code. This is an indication of the length of the download, but does not -- of course -- include the "frame" which is just about the same for each story.

"Forever" (MF rom 1st wl) {1,753} :
First posted June 1996. Their wedding night.

"Forest" (MF rom wl) {3,185} :
First posted June 1996. This and the next story take place on their honeymoon. They walk the Appalachian trail.

"Forecast" (MF rom wl) {2,678} :
First posted October 1996

"Forestalling" (MF rom wl safe) {731} :
First posted July 1996. Their honeymoon is (literally) over, and they are starting their new life in their new home with their new diaphragm.

"Foreplay" (MF rom wl oral) {6,062} :
First posted July 1996

"For Him" (MF rom wl) {8,819} :
First posted October 1996

"Forks" (MF cons wl) {2,154} :
First posted April 1997

"Forthright" (MF rom cons oral wl) {817} :
First posted October 1996

"For These Gifts" (MF wl rom cons oral) {5,558} :
First posted November 1996

"For Now" (MF mf fsolo cons pett voy) {18,437} :
First posted December 1996. They come home for their first Christmas as a couple. The story is told from the viewpoint of Vi, Bob's sister.

"Fortuitous" (MF wl cons) {9,153} :
First posted January 1997

"Voortrekkers" (MF mf pett rom cons wl) {11,547} :
First posted March 1997. They move to Boston where Bob will attend grad school.

"Formidable" (MF rom wl cons) {5,515} :
First posted February 2000

"Fourth" (MF rom wl) {4,978} :
First posted June 2003. Their fourth wedding anniversary.

"Foretaste" (MF rom wl) {5,637} :
First posted May 1997. Bob is teaching in Michigan, and they decide to start a baby.

"For Effort" (MF wl rom) {4,304} :
First posted May 1997

"'Forgiven'" (MF preg wl cons) {2,079} :
First posted June 1997

"Foretold" (MF rom preg wl) {6,926} :
First posted December 1999

"For Bearing" (MF preg wl rom) {604} :
First posted July 1997

"Fortissimo" (MF wl cons lac) {1,652} :
First posted August 1997
The first appearance of The Kitten, "The cutest baby in the whole world."
The term "lac" up there in the parentheses is a story code indicating that Jeanette is nursing The Kitten -- and occasionally Bob. More information on story codes is found at:
FAQ: Story codes for readers

"Forays" (MF cons lac wl) {8,392} :
First posted November 1997

"Forlorn" (MF wl rom lac) {6,972} :
First posted December 1997.

"For Elise" (MF rom wl voy lac) {23,558} :
First posted December 1999

"Forget All That" (MF rom cons lac wl) :
First posted December 1997
Parts 1-3 {10,517}
Parts 4-6 {11,630}
Parts 7-9 {16,619}
Parts 10-12 {13,356}

"Four and a Half" (MF rom oral wl) {17,753} : First posted January 2004
Bob and Jeanette visit his parents for Christmas, bringing along their daughter, aged 4 1/2.

"Forgive the Delay" (MF wl) {5,072} : First posted December 2009
The Brennan clan, with one significant omission, gathers in Bob and Jeanette's apartment for Christmas.

"Formez vos Bataillons" (MF MF wl) {46,896} : First posted July 2010
The Brennan clan discusses intelligent selfishness, and two couples experiment with it.

"Form a More Perfect Union" (MF wl) {7,951} : First posted October 2010
Kathleen and Charles like their marriage, but they figure that they can improve it, even so.

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