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The Life and Times of Old Uncle Jim

Down by the Pool: Sheila, Part 3



It was middle of the morning when Lela finally awoke and came to enough to get out of bed. Sheila and I had already wandered down to the pool, but we had left a note Lela found on the kitchen table which said, "Gone to the pool. Come on down," so after showering and cleaning up, Lela came looking for us.

Opening the pool gate, Lela could see a half dozen kids or more splashing about the pool, and looking to the deck area, she saw me engrossed in conversation with three younger mothers around one of the patio tables. As she closed the gate and began coming over, I saw her and standing to wave, walked to meet her just before she reached out table.

"Good morning, sleepy head," I said with a laugh, giving her a warm hug, which caused a slightly surprised look as she returned the hug with her usual smile. With an arm around her, we came up to the table and I said, "Ladies, at long last, meet my Aunt Lela." Lela glanced up at me with odd look, but quickly recovered to flash a warm smile for the young ladies rising from their chairs to greet her. To Lela I added, "I've just been telling these ladies about you, and they've already met Sheila."

To the nearest lady, I said, "Lela, this is Jan. She's the mother of Joanie," pointing Joanie out in the pool, "and Jody," pointing him out, as well.

Lela gave Jan her warm smile as she reached to take Jan's hand in greeting. "Hi, Jan. I'm pleased to meet you," she said in her low, gravelly voice.

"Well, I am certainly happy to meet you," Jan effused. She was a very gregarious lady. "That granddaughter of yours is absolutely stunning," she added, glancing toward the pool before returning her attention to Lela. "We all know and love Jim, but we didn't know he's been staying with you," she laughed.

"Hey, I wasn't hiding you, Lela," I laughed as I brought up a chair from a surrounding table for Lela. "For whatever reason, it just never came up. Nobody ever asked, and I never thought to say." Lela was looking a little confused as she listened to Jan and then me, but she was smiling and nodding.

"No matter," Jan said. "We are all happy to make your acquaintance and think it's wonderful that you have Sheila while your daughter gets resettled." Lela laughed and nodded agreeably.

Moving on as Jan sat back down, I said, "And this is Sandy," indicating a pretty little girl in her mid-twenties who extended her hand to Lela with a charming smile. "Sandy is mother of that cute little 2nd grader, Annie, you see over there," pointing toward a lively little girl whose wet hair belied how blond it was when dry. Sandy had not been around long, and I had yet to get into Annie's panties, but planned to soon. Perhaps her mother's, as well, but time would tell about that. "Sandy looks so young she seems more like Annie's big sister than her mother, doesn't she?" I laughed.

Lela greeted her warmly as well, flushing a little as she did. Perhaps Lela would not mind getting into Sandy's panties as well?

"And this is Julie, Lela," I said, as Julie stretched out her hand with a warm greeting. "Julie is Ginger's mom, the little girl I've been telling you about. That's Ginger there playing with Sheila and Joanie," I said, pointing out cute little Ginger. "Is she a doll or what? I told you she was." With a fresh thought, I added, "I'm going to be taking care of Ginger this weekend, Lela. I don't think I've mentioned that. I was just telling Julie that Sheila could stay with me and Ginger at her apartment Friday night, but I thought it would be fun for Ginger to stay with us Saturday night. Is that fine with you? I know you have to work Saturday night."

Lela was slightly wide eyed at all this new information, but she handled it quickly. "Well, certainly it is," she said. "Of course."

I laughed again. "We were also thinking of seeing if Annie wanted to join us Saturday night," I added, "sort of a girl's night. Annie hasn't been here that long and that will give her and Ginger a chance to play and get to know each other."

Lela blinked at me a moment, and then looking toward Sandy said, "I think that sounds like a fun idea, don't you?"

Sandy giggled effusively as she said, "I think it is just so wonderful. I worry about Annie whenever she and I have to move, but she will absolutely love living here with all these wonderful kids."

Laughing Julie said to Sandy, "With Jim around, you're going to love it, too." Glancing up toward me, she added with a giggle, "If you're really nice to him, maybe he'll look after Annie for you so you can get it out yourself once in awhile, too."

Sandy joined Julie's giggle as she looked up at me hopefully. "Shoot, I'm looking forward to taking care of Annie," I said with a chuckle. "She looks absolutely delightful to me, and she's cute enough to eat." Sandy giggled as she said, looking around the table, "Have I gone to heaven or what?" and all the young mothers laughed with her, with Lela joining in.

Lela and I walked back from the pool for lunch with Sheila and Joanie, who was joining Sheila for lunch, following along behind, giggling and laughing like old friends even though they had just met in the pool. Lela had been thinking as we walked. Looking up to me, she finally asked in her low, husky voice, "Are you using all those kids to get to their mothers?" I laughed. "I'm serious, tell me. I mean, did you use Sheila so you could get to me? Is that what you're doing with those young moms?"

I laughed again. "Lela, it's Sheila I wanted."

Lela stopped, looking up to me with her mouth agape. Noticing us stop, the girls naturally stopped behind us, continuing their animated, little girl conversation. "Sheila?" Lela asked, her face showing bewilderment. Glancing toward the girls, she said, "You wanted to have sex with that little child?"

Again I laughed. "I have had sex with that little girl," I said, adding, "And don't forget, so have you, Lela."

Lela looked dumfounded as she stared at me. Laughing I took her arm to guide her out of the middle of the drive to lean against a car parked nearby. "You look like you need something to lean on, Lela," I laughed. Lela shook her head, trying to get a grasp on the situation. "So you're saying it's the children you want, not the moms?" she asked, trying to understand.

"Yes, Lela," I said. "You know yourself how sexy little girls are. I think they are, too, so I enjoy playing sex games with them."

This seemed almost too much for Lela to absorb. "Jim, that's wrong to do to children," she said.

Laughing again, I said, "Lela, I don't 'do' anything to children. But if a little girl 'wants' to play sex, then I sure as hell want to help her do it."

Lela shook her head and dropped her chin to her chest, lifting her fingers to massage her temples as she absorbed what she was hearing. I suspected her head was not feeling too well to start with after the previous night. I laughed again. "Look, Lela, let me show you something," I said. Calling back to the girls, I said, "Hey, Joanie, come over here. You haven't had a chance to say hello to Lela."

Glancing down to Lela, I said, "Look at them," and she turned her head to watch the little girls coming to us.

The girls were hopping and walking along in their little girl style. Sheila was her usual stunning self in her two-piece swimsuit. Joanie was only slightly shorter than Sheila, but her frame and size were larger, and she was slightly more developed, both in her hips and her budding breasts. In her tight little two-piece swimsuit which showed off her very shapely figure quite well, she looked scrumptious, her short, thick, curly brown hair surrounding her round little face with its lively brown eyes, all capped off by an obviously friendly, outgoing personality. Without hesitating, Joanie came up to Lela with a huge, friendly smile, extending her hand to say, "Hi, Lela, I'm Joanie."

"Hi, Joanie," Lela said, automatically returning Joanie's warmth as she took her hand, "I'm Lela."

"You girls go on ahead now," I said, "and we'll catch up." And away the girls went, walking on up toward the apartment, chatting and giggling and enjoying each other's company.

As the girls walked away, I said to Lela, "Look at them." Lela's eyes followed the retreating girls bouncy gait, their hips swinging carefree and innocent as they laughed and chatted. "Look at Joanie," I said. "Did you get a good look at Joanie? Tell me what you think of Joanie."

"She's darling," Lela said. "She's a darling girl."

"She is," I agreed. "She's a pure joy to be around. But she's also hot." Looking back to Lela, I said, "I look at her and I can't help wanting her, wanting her sexually. I bet you feel the same way, Lela. Tell me Joanie doesn't turn you on, Lela."

Lela stared after the girls with their awkward, fun gait and their lively, joyful little animated bodies. After a moment, she dropped her chin again, shaking her head. "God, I'm an awful person," she sighed. I laughed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. "Let me tell you something, Lela," I said. "After lunch, you're going to fuck that cute little girl."

Lela's wide eyes shot up to mine. "What?" she exclaimed. "I can't do that!"

Again I laughed. "No, no, Lela," I explained, hugging her tightly. "What I mean to say is, Joanie is going to 'want' to play with you in bed." Giving her shoulders a small shake, I said with a chuckle, "Are you going to tell her you don't want to play with her?" Laughing down at Lela's wide questioning eyes, I added, "I don't think you're going to tell her that, are you, Lela?"

Lela watched the girls several moments, and then stared up at me as the concept infiltrated her brain. Suddenly a quiver ran through her, and her wide eyes staring up at me began to show wild excitement. I laughed, watching her face as I held her shoulders. "Your panties just got wet, didn't they, Lela?"

Like many girls who become mothers at an early age, Sandy was not averse to having little Annie in bed with us, and the sight of her little girl orgasming as my tongue flicked across her swollen little clit sent Sandy into paroxysms of total sexual frenzy. I love it when that happens. I invited Sandy and Annie to join us for dinner the following Saturday night and told Lela that we had guests coming for dinner, and that I had a little present I wanted to give her that evening.

Sheila and I managed to keep our mystery guests a secret all week, so when Lela answered the door to see Sandy and Annie standing there she was totally flabbergasted. At Sandy's insistence, I had invited them early so she could help with the preparation of our simple spaghetti and meat sauce dinner.

Besides Lela, all the girls wore normal summer nylon shorts, tight and short, and close fitting, stretchy fabric tank tops. Lela wore fitted cotton shorts over a buttoned shirt top tied in a knot above her waist, the usual top buttons undone revealing the top of yet another lacy bra. As usual, for a woman her age with her weathered, somewhat hard looking face, she looked pretty damned sexy.

Sheila and I joined her at the door, and as Sandy came in I took her hands to admire her, giving her a look up and down. "Wow, you look good tonight, Sandy," I said, and as she giggled I pulled her close to give her a warm kiss as my hand squeezed into the smooth fabric over her firm, young butt cheek. With her still in my arms, I looked up to Lela. "Is this one hot looking young lady or what, Lela?"

"She certainly is," Lela laughed.

As we headed for the kitchen, Sheila picked up little Annie to carry on her arm, tickling and teasing with her. As the kitchen activities got back under way, I sat at the table surveying the females. "How lucky am I?" I asked rhetorically. "A house full of gorgeous, sexy looking girls."

Lela glanced around the kitchen. "They certainly are," she said, expanding her comment on Sandy.

"Oh no," I laughed, getting up to walk up to wrap my arms around Lela from behind. "I meant you, too, Lela," I said, reaching around her head to kiss her cheek. With my hands on her bare waist holding her in front of me, I said laughing, "Tell me, Sandy, is this not one hot, sexy woman?"

"You are, Lela," Sandy said giggling.

Lela laughed her gravelly laugh, saying, "No, I'm the old woman. You're the sexy young thing."

Sandy looked her up and down, and said giggling, "Uh-huh, Lela, you've got a great figure and you do look really, really hot."

I laughed. "Told you, Lela," I said, still holding her waist as I looked down at her over her shoulder. Grabbing her butt cheek and squeezing my fingers deep into the flesh, I said, "You should feel the ass on this woman, Sandy. Firm and full as a teenager's." As everyone laughed, I added, cupping a hand over a breast, "And I can promise these tits of hers would make any teenager jealous." Lela blushed brilliantly as she pushed me away with a laugh as all the girls giggled their heads off.

The ladies finished getting our dinner prepared and we all sat down to eat, enjoying a banter of good conversation. We continued to chat as we finished our meal, and Sheila got up to gather dishes, carrying them to the sink to rinse and put into the dishwasher. Sandy's eyes kept glancing at her, and at a pause in the conversation, she said to Lela, "That granddaughter of yours is just breathtakingly pretty and look what a good girl she is, cleaning up for us like that."

Lela chuckled. "She is a good girl," she agreed.

Sheila, of course, listened to herself being discussed, and closing the dishwasher, walked up to wrap an arm around Sandy's shoulder as she leaned against her, looking down to say, "I think you are so pretty, too, Sandy."

Sandy smiled up at her, wrapping an arm around to rest her hand on Sheila's hip, "You're such a sweetie, Sheila," and looking back toward the table, we continued on with our conversation, Sheila listening in and occasionally commenting. Sandy's arm stayed wrapped around Sheila's hips, and Sheila very naturally lifted a knee to lay a lower leg across Sandy's bare lap, her hips rotating more into her as she did. There was nothing eye-catching at all in the movement, but again I thought about how much Sheila reminded me of my tricky niece Lexi. Sure enough, I noticed Sandy's arm tightening around Sheila's hips as we continued to talk, and Sheila's hand, resting on Sandy's far shoulder slipped slowly back for her fingers to gently stroke the side of Sandy's neck and face as our conversation continued. I could see it was not bothering Sandy at all.

Standing, I picked up Annie on my arm and said, "Let's go into the living room where it's more comfortable. As I sat down in one of the easy chairs and Lela headed for the other, I saw Sheila lead Sandy by the hand to sit on the couch. As Sandy sat down, Sheila plopped down little girl style beside her with a leg pulled up and laid over Sandy's lap, which Sandy's hand naturally went up to hold, and her hand again circled behind Sandy's shoulders for her fingers to resume stroking her neck and face. My hand lay on Annie's leg with my fingers massaging high on the inside of her thigh, and by her squirming I could sense I was getting her hot as my fingers worked their way up under her shorts to stroke her crotch. She was whimpering softly as her little hand pulled mine into her; she wanted to feel some sexual release.

Laughing I said, "Lela, you've got to see this." Looking down, I said, "Annie, show everyone how you can kiss."

Prissy little 8-year old show-off that she was, Annie was more than happy to get center stage and make the most of it. Giggling, she hopped around to straddle me, her knees by my hips, a coquettish sexy look on her face and her arms around my neck tightening, drawing herself slowly into me, little hips pressing her crotch against my chest, making the whole scene as drawn out and theatrical as she could before her lips met mine, and I felt her tongue slip inside. The little devil was good at it, and in no time my hand clutched her humping firm, little butt, pulling it into my fingers stuck up inside her nylon covered crotch, stroking her little slit for all I was worth as both our chests heaved in heat.

Bringing my head back, I laughed, looking around to see all eyes had been transfixed on us. Sandy was licking her lips, now with both hands on Sheila's leg, her fingers massaging high on her inner thigh, stroking further and further up toward Sheila's crotch. Lela's mouth hung partially open as she stared, and lifting the little girl up, I sat her on the floor, saying, "Annie, go show Aunt Lela how you can kiss."

Little Annie, now hot enough to hump a post, jumped to Lela's lap and without ado, wrapped her arms around Lela's neck and plunged her little tongue into her, humping her little hips into Lela's chest reflexively. As with me, it took no time for Lela to respond, and soon her hands were all over the little girl's crotch. "Pull her pants down and finger her, Lela," I said. "She needs an orgasm."

Getting up I moved over to sit by Sheila on the couch. As Annie's little fingers clawed into Lela's tits, Lela got her shorts and panties down enough to allow her finger inside the little girl's naked slit, sending her into ecstatic orgasm. "Sheila, show Sandy how you can kiss," I said softly, and with her hands Sheila, already hot herself, turned Sandy's face to hers and met Sandy's ready, hot lips. Sandy was on fire, and tore into the little girl with a fever.

After a couple of minutes, I reached under Sheila's shoulder and began dragging her out from under Sandy, forcing her hand out Sheila's panties. Lifting Sheila up in my arms, I said, "Come back here so Sheila and I can show you what we like to do." Sheila began giggling. "Lela, you too," I said looking toward Lela holding little Annie, now collapsed on her shoulder, her little chest heaving hard as she tried to regain her breath following her nice little orgasm.

As they came into Lela's bedroom, Annie still in Lela's arms, Sheila stood in the floor waiting while I was stripping. "Sit on the bed and watch," I said, pitching my shorts and underwear over my shirt on the chair. My cock throbbed hard as I sat down on the end of the bed and drew Sheila to me. As my hands began traveling over her body, I glanced back to see the two women sitting on the edge of the bed watching. "Get on top of the bed, goddamn it," I said, and both turned toward us, pulling their legs up to sit cross-legged as they scooted more toward the middle of the bed.

Pulling off her top, I let the women watch my fingers toy with the puffy nipples, and then suck them one by one into my mouth to play with them with my tongue. Sheila's hot eyes were on the women as she began to breathe harder through her mouth, her hands wrapping my head. I pulled down her shorts, revealing her fancy blue nylon panties, lowering my head to crush my face into her lower tummy through the panties, my hand coming up into the crotch of the panties for my fingers to press up into her slit. Sheila watched the women as she spread out a knee to allow my hand, and inhaled sharply at the feel of my fingers pushing into the slit and beginning to stroke.

Pulling down her panties, I shifted Sheila a little to my side, making sure the women had a good view, before slipping my finger inside the hot, wet slit and beginning to stroke it. Sheila continued watching the women's faces focused on her crotch as again she spread a knee out to give more access to her pussy, and again she inhaled sharply as my fingers crossed her swollen little clit and began working it. I wanted the women thinking about how that must feel to Sheila.

With my hands on her butt cheeks pulling Sheila to me, I lay back on the bed, holding her on top, and scooted up the bed to roll her over with her head on the pillow as I suckled her puffy nipples once more before raising myself to lift her knees, letting her wrap her legs around my head as I lowered my face into her crotch, kissing her pussy before spreading the lips for my tongue to enter her. She gasped as my tongue crossed her clit, and reaching out, pulled Sandy down to kiss her again as I licked her. As their tongues fucked, Sheila pulled up Sandy's top, Sandy breaking the kiss to allow Sheila to pull it on off and toss it aside. As the passion went up, I raised back up to unhook and remove Sandy's bra, saying, "Get naked, Lela." Lela sprang off the bed, shedding her clothes, her eyes on fire with lust. "Stretch her out and get her shorts and panties off," I directed, and Lela began stretching out Sandy's legs to get the rest of her clothes off of her as Sheila and Sandy continued their tongue fuck, pawing at one another's bodies. We were all now working Sandy over, the object of the day's attention.

Sandy willingly lifted her knee for Lela's probing finger, and she groaned loudly as Lela's fingers found her stiff, swollen clit and began to work it. Moving up beside her, I lifted Sandy into a sitting position and looking into her eyes glazed in lust, I lowered my lips on to hers and began to tongue fuck her as I massaged the hard nipples of her pert breasts. I have always liked breasts like Sandy's, small and pert with nipples that poke out hard when they are excited. I also knew she would love Lela's bigger breasts.

Breaking the kiss, I leaned into her left ear so Sandy could watch Lela's hand inside her pussy and whispered, "Look at Lela's body, Sandy." Reaching my hand out, I took one of Lela's breast and held it out for Sandy to see. "Feel her breasts, Sandy, they feel so good," I whispered, and Sandy reached her fingers out to take Lela's breast into her hand and crush her fingers into its flesh. Looking back into Sandy's eyes, I could see the lust in them as they focused on Lela's body. Leaning into her ear again, I whispered, "Lela's going to fuck you, Sandy." Her breath inhaled sharply. I whispered, "Lela's going to fuck you while Annie watches you get fucked." Sandy's eyes shot up to Annie, sitting on a pillow watching with her excited wide eyes, her little hand stroking her little pussy fast as she watched. Looking toward Lela, I said, "Come take her, Lela, she's all yours." Feeling Lela's arms encircling her waist, Sandy's arms grabbed out to wrap around Lela's neck and jerk herself toward her, wild with lust. "Fuck her good, Lela," I said as they fell to the bed in each other's arms, "do a good job on her and you can have her little cunt whenever you want it."

Sheila and I sat watching the two women roll and squirm into each other, hands clutching and pawing all over each other as their tongues fucked and legs pushed up hard into one another's crotch, the tops of the legs becoming glistening wet from all the fluids pouring from their pussies.

"God, this is really making me hot!" Sheila said, her eyes transfixed on the two writhing, squirming women enwrapped in each other.

"Me, too," I laughed propping my back on to a pillow to lean back against. "Get up on me and let's fuck while we watch." Her eyes remained transfixed on the fucking women as she crawled up on me to fit my cock into her hole and sink down its shaft, burying it deep inside her.

Sandy began to scream as her orgasm seized her, and I looked up to see it was scaring Annie. "Come here, honey," I said, reaching to drag her by the arm close as Sheila continued to fuck. "Mommy's just feeling really, really good," I said. "It's like your orgasms only way, way bigger, can you see?"

She was sniffling as she looked into her mommy's face, contorted in agony as another scream erupted, but then she could see her mommy really was in orgasm, and she smiled again and kind of giggled. "Wow, mommy's feeling really, really good, huh?" she said excitedly. Even Sheila, already sweating from her rising orgasm, had to fall over giggling.

Lela and Sandy slept together that night while Annie and I slept with Sheila in her bed. The next morning I was still naked when I entered Lela's room to find Sandy's head between Lela's legs, her tongue working her cunt as Lela held her head in place. Sliding down the bed beside Lela, I asked, "Have you done her yet?"

"Not yet," Lela gasped, and I could see her chest was heaving and her body wet with sweat.

"Fuck, you're about to go, Lela," I said.

"Yeah," Lela gasped, breathing hard and shallow. "I want to do her after me," she panted.

"That's a good thinking, Lela," I said, "so she'll be good and..." But Lela went into orgasm at that point. I watched and listened to her go for awhile, and then went back in to get the kids up for breakfast.

The kids and I were eating from a big skillet full of scrambled eggs when the women finally came out to get a cup of coffee and sit down with us. Looking toward Sandy, I said, "I told Lela she could come fuck you whenever she wanted, and you know you can come fuck Lela whenever you want."

Both women blushed deeply and looked at their coffee. "Hey," I said, "this doesn't make either one of you Lezzies or anything. You both know you're both straight. It's just play sex, same as me and Sheila have, or me and Annie, for that matter." Annie giggled and squirmed. "Shit, Sandy," I continued, "the orgasm you had last night was so big it scared Annie for a minute, didn't it, Annie? You are as sexy straight as any woman I know, but let me ask you, did you ever in your life have that good an orgasm with a man?" She looked down at her coffee. "Seriously, did you?" I asked again.

Sandy had to giggle then. "No," she admitted.

I laughed. "Remember the huge orgasm when we were fucking?" I said. "And I bet you've been dying for me to give you another one just like it, right?" She laughed, glancing up toward me. "Well, Lela just gave you an even better one, so you can bet you're going to be wanting another one of those, too. It has nothing to do with your sexuality. You're both perfectly straight women. It has to do with pleasure, right?"

She laughed and Lela joined in. "So fuck each other once in awhile," I said. "Believe me, you'll both still want the feel of a hard dick filling your pussy, but once in awhile when you just want to blow off steam with a good orgasm without having to find some worthless man to fuck, help each other out, okay?"

Both women laughed. "Okay," they both agreed, and went to get themselves a big plateful of eggs. Suddenly, they were hungry as hell from all the exercise.

When Sheila moved in with me, Lela asked what she should tell her mother when she called. "How often does she call?" I asked.

"Every week or two," Lela answered.

"Jesus," I thought. "Just give her my number," I said. "She isn't going to give anyone shit, not after what she let her boyfriends do to Sheila."

It was a good arrangement. Lela had her apartment back to herself like she was used to, and Sheila was tickled to death to be living in the nice townhouse with her own bathroom, closets and bedroom, even though she always slept with me. We still saw Lela several times a week and spent time with her, plus Lela would come to my house for dinner and movies whenever she had the night off, giving her a chance to kick back and rest while Sheila and I did the cooking and clean-up. When school started, we had to do a little tap dancing to get her into the school near me, but it was not that complicated.

When her mother took her back a couple of years later, I always thought she would be back, sooner or later, but she never was. We talked often by phone after that, and Sheila did well. She is now married to a very nice fellow and living in Houston with a couple of kids of her own.

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